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I draw tons of stuff. Anime stuff here, Cartoon stuff there(Steven Universe stuff especially). And my own stuff as well. Enjoy.

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xanderxciv·a month agoText

Another redraw, but also a redesign. Looking back at my old drawings, I drew mainly Hedgehog characters, and I know why, Sonic, Shadow & even Silver were the best ones in the games. Tails & the rest never had super forms, or not these days in Tails & Knuckles’ case.

Then there’s Sonic Flash videos, especially ones from back in the day like Trolls Unleashed(they’re still around, and TU’s creator, supershadow124, aka Double S Animations, still makes such vids), they all had Hedgehogs be op.

I barely drew OCs based on the other animals. That will change & alot of the time I may have to draw a design from scratch like this wolf SonicOC, because the comics dont have them.

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xanderxciv·4 months agoText

As promised. When I made that post, I noticed that it was almost the 16th, so I finished it in time. Its been 3 years since I drew that…..true form of my Gemsona, and 4 years since I started drawing Gemsona stuff. No story to add on my Gemsona here, because its nothing new. I guess its an understatement that the show’s later events kinda mess with the ideas I had for my Gemsona. I drew my Gemsona stuff back when the show had hiatuses, and before it turned out that Rose is Pink Diamond(I recall some theories people had, but they were just that).

Speaking of the show, I like that Jasper is just Picocolo now. And damn, Rose/Pink Diamond is becoming more & more unlikable. I thought Pearl had issues because the STILL hasnt moved on, but Rose kept doing more sins that Steven has to be pay for.

What’s next? If male Gems officially exist, but it turns out that either Pink Diamond had them nearly wiped out due to them being sent on planets to conquer for her back when she was spoiled, but were just cannon fodder, or Rose unintentionally got tons of them shattered during the war due to making bad decisions, I would not be surprised.

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xanderxciv·4 months agoText

I’ve been seeing in my notifications that I’m getting more follwers here lately. Idk what I’ve done different, but thanks. I don’t usually give a heads up on what I’ll work on next, but this is definitely an exception:

Next post will be my Gemsona. I’ve been meaning to get back to drawing Steven Universe stuff. And now, Season 6 is around.

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