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Etherealki, the Order of Summoners: Squallers, can manipulate air pressure, raising or lowering the degree of atmospheric pressure to create and control storm systems, wind patterns and isolated weather events like rainstorms and gusts of air. Their abilities also permit them to manipulate objects and field of sight, allowing them to create optical illusions, that among other things, can render things invisible to the eye. The keftas worn by Squallers are blue those worn by all Etherealki but with silver embroidery to signify their specific skill within the order itself, 1/?

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So How the High King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories came out today and I have it on audible if someone wants me to email them the link??? Its a free, permanent copy but can only be shared once though so if you want it lmk

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  • Casteel Da’Neer, Prince of Atlantia- 1
  • Kieran Contou- 1
  • Poppy Balfour- 1, 2, 3, 4
  • The Maiden- 1, 2

An Insider’s Guide to Blood and Ash

  • Castle Teerman in Masadonia- 1
  • Map of the Kingdom of Solis and the Kingdom of Atlantia- 1
  • Poppy Balfour and Prince Casteel Da’Neer- 1, 2
  • Poppy in Britta’s Borrowed Cloak- 1
  • Poppy’s Rooms at Castle Teerman- 1
  • The Stroud Sea on the Shores of the Pensdurth in Solis- 1
  • The Weeping Willow in the Queen’s Garden at Castle Teerman- 1

Blood and Ash Series x Designer Collections

  • Elie Saab Fall 2019 Couture- 1
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An Insider’s Guide to Blood and Ash: The Weeping Willow in the Queen’s Garden at Castle Teerman, 1/?

“Because this whole thing makes no sense.” Frustration rose swiftly through me, and I started to stand, but the hand on my hip stopped me. Or I let it stop me. I wasn’t sure. And that was even more irritating. “You could be spending time with anyone, Hawke- any number of people you wouldn’t have to hide in a willow tree to be with.”

“And yet, I’m here with you. And before you even begin to think it’s because of my duty to you, It’s not. I could’ve just walked you back to your room and stayed out in the hall.”

“That’s my point. It makes no sense. You can have a slew of willing participants in… whatever this is. It would be easy,” I said. Pretty Britta came to mind. I was sure he’d had her. “You can’t have me. I’m… I’m un-have-able.”

“I’m confident that’s not even a word.”

“That’s not the point. I’m not allowed to do this. Any of this. I shouldn’t have done what I did at the Red Pearl,” I continued. “It doesn’t matter if I want-”

“And you do want.” His whisper danced over my cheek. “What you want is me.”

My breath caught. “That doesn’t matter.”

“What you want should always matter.”

- Chapter 24, From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Have you collected any Serpent and Dove? xx

I haven’t yet! It’s in the works but I’m in the middle of finals week right now and that’s really thrown a wrench in my plans to get Serpent and Dove content up sooner rather than later! I’m so sorry!!!!

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I don’t know if this qualifies as creeping and I’m exposing myself but one of my greatest joys in life is reading people’s tags on my posts when they reblog them… it brings me so much happiness 

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