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Was just doing some writing and realized that no, I can’t make a remark in my fic that Jenny and Mike look like Michael Knight, because Michael Knight’s face is different now and they wouldn’t have inherited that from him.

However I can say that they resemble Michael Long, if they find any pictures of him to look at, so that’s fun.

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> have room to myself

> know I’m gonna get scared

> record a comforting tape that says things like “don’t be scared, you’re safe” etc.

> put it on repeat

> go to bed

> wake up in the middle of the night

> realize my pillow’s fallen off the bed

> reach down to get it

> grab pillow

”I’m here”

> very creepy whisper

> nearly shit my pants

> bang my head on the bed above me

> run out of the room

> remember the comforting tape

> turn off comforting tape

> don’t sleep for the rest of the night

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10 Fandoms, 10 Characters, 10 Tags

Rules: make a new post, and post your fave 10 characters from 10 different fandoms

tagged by @your-neighbor-bear (ur always tagging me in things, I appreciate it!)

This list is pretty subjective and probably changes depending on my feelings.

  1. Percy Jackson - PJO( books 1-5 specifically.) My water son whom I love dearly. He’s everything Middle school me wanted to be. Early tumblr and PJO was a nightmare of bad takes and **ness but it was still pretty fun.
  2. Echo Pine - Danganronpa:Lapse. Can I say I kin Echo? Because I kinda kin Echo. They’re so sweet they’re constantly trying their best, I’m pretty sure they’re ace, wear large hoodies like constantly like…that’s just me but with shorter hair. Also please play DRL so we can cry about it together.
  3. Allen Walker - D.Grey Man The only thing I can really say about Allen is that he’s British, he’s super sweet, he’s trans(hc), and just wants to help people. DGM has taken lots of twists and turns but Allen is still consistently my favorite, also the mangaka had like such a huge level up in artistic skill and her style is beautiful! Beautiful!
  4. Rimuru Tempest - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I don’t know if I would truly say Rimuru is good non-binary/genderfluid rep–mainly because he’s a slime and that kind of falls into the theme of non binary folk being considered non human. However I do think, as a character, he’s pretty great and one of my favorite male identifying fictional characters. I would recommend reading it yourselves (don’t watch the anime it has the worst designs) While the series does fall into some rather annoying anime traps, it doesn’t build its around them and aren’t very common. He’s not a bad slime I promise.
  5. The Tokyo Team - Jujutsu Kaisen. This is technically cheating because it’s more than one person but listen, they are my children and I love them and the new chapters make me want to scream and I just really wanna talk about them honestly. They’re so good, so nice, so pure. The dude with the long white hair is a bitch, we don’t stan.
  6. Catra - She-ra(2018). Take me back to earlier this year when the final season of She-Ra came out and all I wanted to do was look at Catra again. Gosh I miss the series so much and Catra the most. People would say she’s mean, a war criminal, a cat, evil, full of hate and I’d just go Yeah🥰🥰 She’s just the best and has some of the better writing in the show.
  7. Ruby Rose - RWBY. If you don’t like Ruby I don’t like you /j. She’s honestly just the sweetest, doing her best in the middle of an apocalypse. The show itself might have a lot of problems but Ruby isn’t one of them
  8. Cassandra - Tangled The Series. Sometimes in life all you really need is a sapphic swordswoman who is painfully in love with her best friend, trying their best to be needed and important so that they don’t get abandoned again. Cassandra is great and sarcastic and a little needy and kind of mean but really really great.
  9. Lena De Spell - Ducktales(2017) Sometimes all you need in life is a traumatized shadow duck girl who is fueled by the magic of friendship and sarcasm. When she first showed up in season one is when I know i had to stan. My magic duck daughter.
  10. Yuuki Konno/Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online. These two are literally two of the only good characters in sword art imo. I will not elaborate.

Thanks for the tag!

Also @grlpockets @amitylesbian @onebiencell @themilfhouse @theowlady @4afs @shirouogaymi @annaki @biluz and anyone else who wants to hop in. Of course no one has to do this at all, I just finally had some people in mind to tag.

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Y’all. Muscle memory is a fuckin’ trip.

If you asked me to sing IDK. Mary had a little lamb? I’d be out of key. It’d be terrible.

But ask me to sing a song that I’ve sung so many times that I can’t get it wrong?

Apparently. I can bust it out perfectly.

Anyway. Here’s Taylor the Latte Boy, which is my favourite song to prove to myself I haven’t lost the ability to sing, I’ve just lost practice.

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update: idk i am addicted to moomin humour and my relatability to snuffkin’s one-liners. 

another update:  my favourite mitski song right now, (again,) is strawberry blonde.  i only wish it were longer so it could continuously support my daily fantasies 

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