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#Julie and the Phantoms

I often think about the time that the guys were rehearsing lines and Owen goes

“it tingles…in weird places…like charlie at our couple massages”

and then Charlie says his line with the most straight face and get to the part where he says

“you know what else we have”

and Jeremy says

“couple massages”


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Y’all I finished the fic I have been working on for the past week and I am so excited to post it!!! It should be up tomorrow ahhh I am so excited for you to read it!! Its a Luke x Reader fic and my first Luke x reader fic! Like I am so excited, I have to go through and edit it and everything but it should be up tomorrow!

Let me know if you want me to add you to the taglist!

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I posted this on a group chat but I felt I had to actually post it here.

Okay so here me out, Outer Banks was like a big hit when it came out

Literally everyone was making TikToks and memes and everyone was shouting for a s2 .

It came out on April 15th and was renewed for a s2 on July 24th

Then Babysitter’s club came out July 3rd. Again, big hit with a 100% rotten tomatoes and slot of people acc liked it then they were just renewed today. October 28th

If I’m doing the math right, Outer Banks had 4 months before renewal: Apr 15- July 24th. Babysitters Club had 4 months too: July 3rd- October 28th

Now JATP is obv a big hit rn with a 92% rotten tomatoes score and with literally millions of streams on Spotify. It’s obviously doing pretty well for it’s first 2 months

So I’m thinking we should wait till Christmas to wait for some news of renewal. Because it’ll be 4 months and maybe we might get an answer.

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Here are a list of Luke’s headcanons and Alex’s headcanon list will be up soon! If I tag you, don’t feel as you have to read them if you don’t want too: @sevenseashigh, @pearlseleganciess, @dr-rigatoni, @julie-and-the-phantoms-stan, and @freshlybakedfandoms! Enjoy!

⦁ One of the rings he wears is a gift from his grandfather, and it’s the same ring Julie wears around her neck as a necklace
⦁ He had a good relationship with both his parents (until his dream of being in a rock band caused a rift between them)
⦁ One of the flannels he wears belonged to his dad
⦁ He has a hyperfixation on certain things (music, what was in Julie’s box, and getting back at Trevor/Bobby)
⦁ Luke always wears his watch and feels ‘naked’ if he doesn’t wear it and looks at it for the time (he knows cell-phones show the time, but he likes using his watch more than them)
⦁ He is neurodivergent (he also has autism and has ADHD like Reggie and Flynn)
⦁ Listens to bands such as Green Day, Simple Plan and Blink-182
⦁ He wrote two songs about Julie called Loved You First and No Idea
⦁ Just like Reggie and Alex, he considers Carlos as a little brother
⦁ He had Julie go with him when he went back to his parents’ house after she lifted Caleb’s curse because he was scared about how they would react and Julie was a calming presence for him
⦁ Even before Julie lifted the curse, he still went over to his parents’ house quite often, even when it wasn’t his birthday

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n me sinto bem falando sobre isso em nenhuma outra rede social então vou falar aqui… eu tenho 19 anos, n tenho emprego e os meus planos de estudos pra esse ano foi por água baixo por conta da pandemia, semana passada eu estava muito mal e jatp me deu uma felicidade q eu n sentia a muito tempo. Cada detalizinho da série é especial no meu coração e eu amo ela demais. Só queria agradecer mesmo 💖💘💗❤

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