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[Image description: Walter Strickler is a middle-aged man with light olive skin, green eyes, and grey hair in a pompadour. He wears a dark teal turtleneck, a brown jacket with lapels, and a yellow-green facemask. His facemask has a smiling mouth embroidered onto it, with two small pointy fangs on either side. Behind him is a green background.]

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As mentioned in Trollhunters, Morgana originally created Changelings with dark magicks — hence her nickname, “The Mother of Monsters.” After her defeat, the Gumm-Gumms were forced to find a way to do it without her, in hopes of using them as spies to slip through the fetch and find a way to reopen Killahead Bridge. Over their centuries in exile, Gunmar and his forces eventually found a means of replicating the process (albeit in a ramshackle, inferior way) by harnessing the energy of the Darklands itself, and binding them to human spirits at infancy as a shortcut. Without the Darklands, there’s no magic to sustain the changeling’s familiar link to the babies — and the spell is broken.

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A sketch idea of Eterniy

I always had it in my head that she wouldn’t look “human” but she wouldn’t look fully “troll” either. She’s kinda mix of things

Deer like antlers

An unnatural skin tone that’s tough as stone and even as actual stone growing out of it (look to her forehead) and maybe covered in “stars”

Her nose is troll like and she maybe has hooves

No irises

Pointed ears

Facial/body markings

Natural height is 90ft but she can shrink down

She can shapeshift to have any other appearance she wants

Her body isn’t exactly strong looking but do not be deceived she is much stronger than she may look.

Markings glow like Celena’s if they become dark run, she is angry and she tends to destroy things when she’s angry.


Bonus info

Is mates with a shadow troll a.k.a Frode. They have two children. One was created full grown (Celena) the second (Amaris) Eternity became pregnant with.

She created everything.

She has no clue how Orion and Gunmar managed to come about the way they did.

Wants to murder Morgana and Merlin for their misdeeds

Is not related to the other gods but she did create them.

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