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viejospellejos · a day ago
Ahora vas y la buscas
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hollow-jack · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
my friend and i went to the arcade yesterday and i was overcome with the urge to draw them playing airhockey... and then i ended up drawing the whole scene.
emmet will lose, because he plays too aggressively, and ingo plays a solid defence. emmet will smash the puck, it will fly into the wall, and bounce back into his goal at least twice
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talos-stims · a month ago
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glow in the dark mini golf | source
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larrylimericks · 9 months ago
The Husbands Are Sore Losers Edition Though H was out-rock-paper-scissored, TBSL remains undelivered. And post-air hockey loss At an L.A. hotspot, “This is shit!” Lou said, cute and embittered.
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sillydegu · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Degus playing air hockey by Pawlove
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scavengedluxury · 11 months ago
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Air hockey. Budapest, 1975. From the Budapest Municipal Photography Company archive.
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lizard-spams-your-dash-too · 9 months ago
Death note but they play air hockey instead of tennis
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voice-of-illogical-sense · a month ago
Stuff I see at the Manchester Airport terminal...
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...what IS this place?
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reefdestro · 3 months ago
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IG ReefDestro
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qr-closet · a year ago
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air hockey table 🕹
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approvedtrash · 6 months ago
Headcannon that you take shoto to an arcade and he really likes air hockey because he thinks he has an advantage since it's based off ice 😂
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ourladyofomega · a year ago
Tumblr media
Somewhere in Queens, New York.
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swsh-shorts-archive · a year ago
Headcanon that Melony has a air hokey table in her basement that she uses to destroy her kids in game (bc she's a queen)
She will not hold back for the kids she will e n d them (in-game)
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seanmcart · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Brocktober Day 23: Air Brockey
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marlinspirkhall · a year ago
I'd heard about Picard being stabbed through the heart, but the fact that it happened over an air hockey game was unexpectedly hilarious
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posthumanwanderings · a year ago
[Lustair Air Hockey CM w/Yoshino Kimura]
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ask-luciavampire · a year ago
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look the new guy meting the other vampires
ask fet by @asklightningshadowbolt
also fet @anideterm3
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vintage-brass-tc · a year ago
Thinking about hi[M]
Tumblr media
My family recently bought an air hockey table, and it instantly made me think about something that happened in the past(2019?), back when he taught me.
The band was having an annual event where we(the kids and directors combined) raided an arcade joint and played games for a while.
I was doing my thing, walking around and playing games, then I saw M trying to play one of those ball-dropper games. You know the one.
He kept getting really close to winning before the timer ran out. I and someone else watched him and laughed.
He wasn't there for long, and we didn't say much, but I remember offering to swipe my card for him. He declined politely and let me try the game instead of him, walking away soon after.
Fast forward some time, and I hear screaming and cheering. I walk over and, low and behold, M was at the air hockey table. It seemed like there was a crowd watching him play against other band kids.
As I observed him, I noticed he was super competitive. He would make really quick, percise movements, rarely missing the puck. His eyes were widening the whole time as the game progressed, and so was his smirk.
He was on a winning streak. Every round, he would end up victorious, then start the next one against someone else. I tried to play against him, but I wasn't able to. It's not a problem, though, since I could watch him.
Finally, one guy rose up to challenge him. M gave him a smug look and took him up on that offer. The game started with equal standing; nobody was beating each other by much.
I think it was at the moment where they each were at five points when the opponent started to gain more and more points.
With each higher mark on the opposite end, M's eyes got wider, his smirk more wicked, and his movements more desperate. He started making desperate movements, no longer thinking as much as he did before.
I think he let out little growls of frustration as well. Haha, it was great.
When the kid ended up victorious, M took the loss, begrudgingly, and decided to stop playing after that. I noticed his quick breathing by the rise and fall of his illuminated white T-shirt. It was hilarious how much adrenaline this gave him.
Anywho, yeah. That's my memory.
Imagine playing air hockey with your TC.
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I love the sounds of sports
The rumble of a bowling ball as it rolls down the lane, the heavy clatter as it strikes the pins
The wooden crack of a baseball bat, the leathery smack of a fastball hitting a mitt
The metallic pong of a dodgeball, the squeak of sneakers on a gym floor
The hiss is ice skates, the spray of slush when they skid to slow down
The satisfying clack of a clean break in billiards, the eraser-like squeak of chalking a cue
The hum of an air hockey table, the plastic-on-metal clink an out of control puck
The spinning rumble of foosball, the thump of the poles being jerked back and forth
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stardestroyerss · a year ago
I used to all but break my knuckles with this game.
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