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(Sun, Moon and Rising)

I have a message for our Air placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) 🌬, but I feel like some of our Water placements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) ☔, might need this reminder as well ✨

Why do I feel like you’re pretending to be someone you are not? You might be trying to protect yourself and your feelings, but for who? The people around you love and care about you and you know that as well. They want to see the real you, and you want to see the real you as well, you know this doesn’t feel right.

Maybe you think the real you isn’t good enough and you need to be different to be worthy. Love, let me tell you: you are So Good, the way you are. There is no need to change yourself: who you truly are is worth SO much and it saddens me to see that you can’t see that.

I do feel like the people around you can help you realize your worth: talk to them, with your REAL voice, not the one you made up.

Embrace who you are: you are learning and growing as a person every day. You’ll get where you want to be. Of course there are bumps in the road, but you made this bump yourself. You can overcome it easily, though: step over it and walk further as YOU, leave the fake mask on the ground; we don’t need that. You want to know why?

You are already worth enough.

Your feelings are valid.

The person you are MATTERS: there’s no need to pretend to be someone you are not 💜

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A letter to the one who needs it 💜

Do you also feel like today is a bit off? Not that it’s a bad day, but there’s this certain vibe, something strange is in the air.

Things can go pretty well today, but then the universe throws some negativity our way again. It feels like we have to refind our balance.

I think that at moments like these, it’s important to reconnect with who you are: listen to your favorite playlist, do the activity you love doing, facetime a close friend or be with nature for a while.

We have weird days sometimes and you feel off, but that’s because we need to reset once in a while. It’s the universe telling us we need to find ourselves again, to not lose the path we’ve been following.

Keep your eyes open to the little things today: are there certain things that bring up an old, small, specific memory? That’s your soul trying to find you! Don’t push this away, embrace it.

If you feel like you’ve been wandering around in darkness for a while: please take a moment to reconnect with your soul.

You’ll find the way again, and the sky will clear 💜

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Oh my darling, what a joy yesterday. I received your letter when I got home in the evening. I had spent the day in the Vaucluse mountain, on a wild plateau, crisp with heat, cicadas and dry bushes. When I came home I thought maybe your letter was waiting for me (the postman comes by at noon). I found a bunch of business letters and when I flipped through them quickly I didn’t see yours. At that moment, I felt that this long day of walking had made me very tired and that I too was experiencing a kind of dryness. And then I went back to my office, and I discovered what I was waiting for. Your handwriting has decreased a little. I was waiting for the hectic jambs of the old days.

And here is a formed, tight handwriting, carried from one end of the envelope to the other, with a little determined air. My heart jumped. Alone in this quiet office with all the noises of the night coming through the window, I devoured these pages. Sometimes my heart stopped. Other times he ran with yours, beating with the same blood, the same warmth, the same deep joy. Naturally, I wanted to write to you right away to ask you for some explanations, about the passages that blocked everything in me. But this morning I realize that we must not do it by letter. When we meet again, I will reread these pages in front of you and ask you for an explanation word for word like in high school. What remains this morning of the whole night when I slept very badly, stirring up your sentences in me, is a deep, liberated, grateful joy. My love… but I want to answer without delay to at least one thing that depends on me. You tell me your joy because I told you about that part of my life that you thought was forbidden. My darling, there are no walls or secret gardens in me for you. You have the keys to all the doors. If I hadn’t spoken to you before, it was for two reasons. The first is that this part of my life is heavy to carry and I didn’t want to complain. Appearances are such that there’s a little indecency in talking about me in this case. That night, I realized that I could say anything in front of you and now I feel more free.

The other reason concerns you. I thought it might be painful for you and that you would prefer that we remove this subject from our conversations. This fear of hurting you has not yet disappeared. Only you can deliver me from it. I will tell you more about it when we meet again and if I can, with less excitement than the other night. I would like you to know me completely, with clarity and trust, and to know how much you can rely on me, to count on everything that is me. As long as you want it, and whatever it is between us, you won’t be alone. The best of my heart will always be with you.

I am worried about what you tell me about your father, and I am also worried about your concern. Shouldn’t this worsening be attributed to adaptation to a new climate? I hope so. Anyway, tell me if there’s a better way. There’s no shortage of them. I like what you like and I’m really worried.

How angry I am at myself too for making things worse and leaving you with no news all these days. I know what it is and to the joy that has been in me since last night I realize the stagnation where I was until then, and I rage to have left you in the same state out of clumsiness, whereas I had done everything to make you feel my thoughts accompany you. Because I would like and want to help you as you ask me, although many things (escaping the wheel of society) depend on you too. And not leaving you alone for a few weeks was my first concern. Don’t forget to ask Angèle to forward your mail. There must be another letter addressed to rue de Vaugirard (the one where I thanked you for this splendid gift. My quick answer to Michel on this subject was a way to acknowledge receipt, since I was also writing to you).

This letter is getting longer. I’ll answer other points in yours. Right now I accept your system. I’ll write to ask you to send me the rest. Let’s walk for fifty hours out of seventy. But you have to understand that my need for you does not suffer from compromise. I’m thinking of you too, in the flesh, hectic. Your frigate look, the black ropes of your hair… you see, I’m starting. But I melt as I write this to you, a sea of sweetness drowns me. My little Maria, my darling, it is true that words regain their meaning, and life itself. If only I had your hands on my shoulders…

See you soon, darling, see you soon. September is coming, it’s the spring of Paris, we are the kings of this city, the secret and happy kings, transported, if you still want it. Goodbye, Black Queen, I kiss you with all my heart.


Here’s some thyme I picked from the mountain yesterday to send to you. It’s the smell of the air I breathe every day.

— Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, Correspondance, August 12, 1948 [#28]

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Don’t go into the blue room.

The one with velvet curtain.

It is unfinished, drywall bear.

Bodies hang from the rafters.

There is a man under the floor,

He calls to me in empty hollows.

There is a green chair in the corner,

Where my mother would sing,

sweet lullaby’s of the dead and forgotten.

Wish me love, sweet jubilant care.

For there is no love, in this air.

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Such a beautiful day to be out in my element ☀️🌿

Have you ever had one of those irresistible moments where you just felt the elements calling for you to join them? I just had to be outside. I sat in the grass and soaked in the sun, let the wind whip through my hair, and felt the dewy grass and dirt beneath me. I even took a crystal out to be grounded in the soil, and it was just a beautiful, much needed experience ❤️

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Smog in Warsaw - Warsaw is far from Poland’s worst city when it comes to air quality. A staggering 33 out of the 50 most polluted cities in Europe are in Poland, according to the World Health Organization; people in the industrial south of the country have been living in dangerous levels of smog for years.

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Lucretius, De Rerum Natura
Mother of Rome, delight of Gods and men,
Dear Venus that beneath the gliding stars
Makest to teem the many-voyaged main
And fruitful lands- for all of living things
Through thee alone are evermore conceived,
Through thee are risen to visit the great sun-
Before thee, Goddess, and thy coming on,
Flee stormy wind and massy cloud away,
For thee the daedal Earth bears scented flowers,
For thee waters of the unvexed deep
Smile, and the hollows of the serene sky
Glow with diffused radiance for thee!
For soon as comes the springtime face of day,
And procreant gales blow from the West unbarred,
First fowls of air, smit to the heart by thee,
Foretoken thy approach, O thou Divine,
And leap the wild herds round the happy fields
Or swim the bounding torrents. Thus amain,
Seized with the spell, all creatures follow thee
Whithersoever thou walkest forth to lead,
And thence through seas and mountains and swift streams,
Through leafy homes of birds and greening plains,
Kindling the lure of love in every breast,
Thou bringest the eternal generations forth,
Kind after kind. And since ‘tis thou alone
Guidest the Cosmos, and without thee naught
Is risen to reach the shining shores of light,
Nor aught of joyful or of lovely born,
Thee do I crave co-partner in that verse
Which I presume on Nature to compose
For Memmius mine, whom thou hast willed to be
Peerless in every grace at every hour-
Wherefore indeed, Divine one, give my words
Immortal charm.
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Virgos are interesting to me. my observation of them is that they are all very hard on themselves. They have big goals but sometimes get lost during their journey. They always find their way back tho. Also, Virgos can be shady as hell and they don’t like when you tell them about themselves. They love hard, but will cut you off if necessary. They’re EXCELLENT at ignoring tf outta you and they know how to hide their feelings very well (some don’t tho lol) .Sometimes Virgos stay in situations longer than they should, but they’re smart and usually find a way out. Some of the closest people to me are/were Virgos so the love is strong but I cant stand them sometimes either lol

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Air: “Wow! It’s been a long time! I’m glad to be posting again!

Mimi: “Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to post for the last few months. Now, we hope to return to doing weekly updates.”

Air: “Yeah, hopefully Sealand won’t break our camera again” :P

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