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dailytechnologynews · 2 days ago
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Researchers have developed a jelly-like material that can withstand the equivalent of an elephant standing on it and completely recover to its original shape, even though it’s 80% water. The soft-yet-strong material looks and feels like a squishy jelly but acts like an ultra-hard, shatterproof glass
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vanishingsydney · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tiny house. One half of a now rare late-19th century duplex that's somehow been missed by development. Newtown.
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jshung888 · 4 months ago
Calamvale Brand New Nottingham Road Townhouse Pre-Settlement Inspection - from $440k.
Calamvale Brand New Nottingham Road Townhouse Pre-Settlement Inspection – from $440k.
Calamvale Brand New Nottingham Road Townhouse Pre-Settlement Inspection – from $440k. Calamvale: Property Purchase Enquiry Form: Property Purchase Projects Info & Process:
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michaelbogild · a month ago
Perfectionism most often leads to procrastination, not progress.
In trying to not make mistakes we don't get to make the mistakes whose lessons will take us to the next level.
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justocrphelp · 3 months ago
Headcanon A-Z
A - Advocate - How do they show their support for others? Are there any causes that they publicly support? Why? B - Boy/Girl - What is their gender? What's their relationship with their gender? Has this changed over time? How does their gender identify relate to their gender expression? C - Caregiver - How do they give/receive care best? Do they care for everyone or just a small number of people? How do they react to someone in need? D - Director - How much do they feel the need to have control over their life? Do they spend a lot of time telling others what to do or and they more likely to be more obedient to others? E - Entrepreneur - How do they make money? Are they willing to take financial risks? How do they approach making deals with others? F - Friend - What kind of friend are they? How do they judge potential friends? Where do they draw the line between platonic and romantic relationships? How far would they go for a friend? How do they handle conflict in relationships? G - Growing - How have they changed over time? How has their self-image changed? Are they more or less of a risk-taker? Has their approach to romance changed? H - Hero - What makes someone a hero in their eyes? Who is their biggest hero in life? Why? Do they consider themselves to be heroic? I - Inventor - How creative is their thinking? Do they seek out the opinions of others or rely on their own ideas? What's their problem solving approach? J - Joker - What's their sense of humour like? Do they enjoy slapstick comedy? What kind of humour do they enjoy in others? K - Know It All - Are they a Know-it-All? Do they actively seek out new knowledge? How do they behave around others how have a great amount of knowledge on a topic? L - Lover - How do they show love? Do they love themselves? Do they believe that all you need is love? M - Miracle Worker - Who or what do they consider to be a miracle? Do they believe in magic? N - Navigator - What's their sense of direction like? Do they have a set path in life that they're planning on following? What do they do if they're knocked off course? O - Organiser - How organised are they? Do they have any unusual organisation systems? What would cause them to be uncharacteristically (dis-)organised? P - Philosopher - Are they particularly philosophic? What do they believe is the purpose of life? Do they have any particularly strong convictions or ideologies? Q - Queen - What kind of leader are they? Are they entitled? What have they inherited from their parents? How powerful are they? Do they act superior towards others? R - Rebel - Do they follow rules, bend or break them? Do they find rebelliousness in others attractive? S - Seeker - How do they go in search of new information? Do they accept ideas on faith or do they need to test out information for themselves? T - Teacher - How often do they have to teach others? How do they go about it? How do they learn best? Do they dive in first and reflect later or study the theory of something new before putting it into practice? U - Ugly - What traits to they find unattractive in others? Do they have any of those traits themselves? V - Visionary - Do they have a plan for their future? How imaginative or creative are they? Do they have vivid dreams? W - Witness - What do they consider the best thing they have ever seen? What would they most like to see in their life? X - Xceptional - Who is the most exceptional person in their life? Are there any rules that they have notable exceptions to? What gets them excited in life? Y - Yes! - Do they believe in luck? What makes them feel lucky/grateful? Z - Zoo - What's the favourite animal? Do they ever behave animalistically? If they were an animal, what animal would they be? Why?
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dailytechnologynews · a day ago
Tumblr media
Plastic made from DNA is renewable, requires little energy to make and is easy to recycle or break down. A plastic made from DNA and vegetable oil may be the most sustainable plastic developed yet and could be used in packaging and electronic devices.
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gravityfallsrockz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Remember the first time Luz flied Owlbert she bumped into trees constantly?
Now she's flying it perfectly and even doing cool moves on it!!
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dragonofanagod · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Rudimentary, but it's helping me figure out who went where. And I can stick my star and export the image for world anvil.
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kropotkindersurprise · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
November, 2020 - Police are violently removing forest defenders who have been occupying the trees from Dannenröder forest in Germany. The people occupying the forest are trying to prevent it being cut down to make way for another new highway. Police have already injured one occupier by cutting their safety rope, causing them to plunge to the ground, and another almost died when police cut down the tree that they were still attached to. [video]/[video]/[article]
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ananyatotheworld · 4 months ago
The indicators that effect the standard of living in a country.
The 2 types of indicators that affect the standard of living in a country are the Economic indicators and the social indicators. The two economic indicators are wealth and jobs. These have a large effect on the standard of living since if a country has a large amount of money [wealth] They will have more money to spend on the well-being of their citizens. If a country has a large amount of wealth will also contribute to having more opportunities of finding jobs in that country. And the more jobs there are, the more wealthy the country will be.
The three social indicators are Health, Education and Equality. Health matters a lot, because the population depends on health. For example, higher life expectancy indicates that the country has more hospitals and health measures. And it also indicates that people live a better quality of life. Like higher life expectancy, the death rate, birth rate, and infant mortality are taken note of and are also a part of indication that the county has a good standard of living. Education affects the development of a country a lot, so without education a country cannot work properly. People cannot get jobs if they don't have education, nor can they provide quality service to the country. Equality is something that can affect the growth of a country. For example, with equality everyone can vote for their leader, meaning the leader that will be chosen might be better since there are more opinions unlike if there weren't equality.
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philosophybits · a month ago
Intellectual alienation is a creation of bourgeois society. And for me bourgeois society is any society that becomes ossified in a predetermined mold, stifling any development, progress, or discovery. For me bourgeois society is a closed society where it’s not good to be alive, where the air is rotten and ideas and people are putrefying. And I believe that a man who takes a stand against this living death is in a way a revolutionary.
Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks
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the-ephemeral-ethereal · a month ago
No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of the machine/human interface, there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind, the very future of humankind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals.
from Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert
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mdrambles · 5 months ago
“Ice Cream Spray”
The other day I saw a 4-year-old boy with some mild gastroenteritis symptoms and poor oral intake for about 12 hours. He was otherwise well, but we checked a urinalysis on him because he described some vague discomfort with voiding.
The urine came back positive for a surprisingly high amount of ketones, but otherwise no concern for infection. This can be pretty common in these young kiddos who haven’t eaten much in several hours, but I had to check a blood sugar to ensure he wasn’t this ketotic because of hypoglycemia.
Unfortunately, one of my nursing colleagues had gone in to attempt to get a point-of-care blood glucose but this little man was feisty and after she did the skin prick he was able to turn the room upside-down getting away from the glucometer, so she wasn’t able to get the sample. When she told me this, I went in with her so we could get the sample together.
When I walked in, little man was immediately highly suspicious.
“What are you gonna do?” he asked, eyes narrowed.
“I am going to talk to your mom a bit, kiddo.”
I discussed the urine findings with his mom, and the rationale for checking the blood glucose. Mom was completely understanding, but looked reasonably nervous about trying to prick her little guy again.
I turned to my patient and said, “Okay my friend, I know you haven’t been feeling well for a while, so there is a test we need to do to make sure you are safe and healthy.”
At the word “test”, he immediately started screaming and crying. “I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!”
I sat in front of him and said, “My friend, I promise I would not do this test if we did not need to.”
He sniffled and nodded but was still trying to climb behind his mom.
“So I have a couple of questions for you.”
“Like what?” he asked, peeking out behind his mom’s shoulder.
“Okay, first question: do you like popsicles?”
He gave me a “meh” face and a shrug.
“Alright, do you like... ice cream?”
“Yeah!” he said, interest piqued. He clambered out from behind his mom.
“I like ice cream too!”
“So... if I do this test I get ice cream after?”
I chuckled and looked at his mom, who was laughing and nodding. “Yeah, buddy, we can definitely have ice cream after.”
He looked a little more open to the suggestion.
“So my friend, we have this special ice cream spray that feels like ice cream!”
“Yeah, can we show you?”
So we brought out the spray, but he also saw the glucometer and started losing it. We showed him what the spray looked like by spraying on his mom’s hand, but he was still crying.
“No, no! I don’t want it. I don’t want the test!”
I met his eyes. “My friend, I know you don’t want the test, but we need to keep you safe and healthy. But it’s your body, so I want you to choose, okay? You can get the mosquito bite [i.e. the lancet], or you can have the ice cream spray. Which one do you choose?” (I learned this protip from my child life colleagues during residency: you give the kids choice of how they want the test or procedure, but not whether they want the test/procedure done. It helps give them control and autonomy while also doing what’s in their best interest when they are developmentally unable to consent.)
“No! I don’t want either. I don’t want any of them!”
“I know, buddy, but we need you to pick so we can take care of you.”
He cried and sniffled for another few seconds, until finally he conceded.
“Okay, I want the ice cream spray.”
I nodded at my nursing colleague, who grabbed everything for the test. He still recoiled at the sight of the glucometer, so we positioned his ID band and let him press the scan button, which he actually kind of enjoyed (haha kids love buttons). Then I held his hands out, like he was going to receive scoops of ice cream in his palms.
“I’m going to help you hold your hands for the ice cream spray, okay? I want you to close your eyes and think of your favourite flavour.”
“I like chocolate,” he said, obediently closing his eyes tight. His mom covered his eyes with her hands.
“Me too!” I told him as I held his fingers extended for the nurse. She swabbed him with ethanol. “Keep thinking about your favourite flavour.”
“I like chocolate,” he said, sounding a bit more anxious. 
“You’re doing great buddy, keep thinking about chocolate! Say it faster!”
“I like chocolate! I LIKE CHOCOLATE!” he repeated over and over as we sprayed his fingers.
“ACK! That’s cold!”
“I know, that’s the ice cream spray! Still gotta think about your chocolate ice cream, bud!”
“I LIKE CHOCOLATE!” he repeated again as the nurse lanced his finger. He squealed and tried to retract his hand but I held it steady while the nurse collected the sample.
“You’re doing so good buddy, the ice cream spray will melt off soon. What flavour are you gonna get?”
“Chocolate,” he said again. “I’m gonna get chocolate.”
We placed a band-aid and let him go. He seemed surprised.
“You’re all done, my friend!”
“Oh...” he said, looking at his hands. “You know... that really did feel like holding ice cream.”
The nurse laughed as she put everything away--glucose was normal.
“Buddy, you did SUCH a good job. I think you deserve a treat now, what do you think?” 
He nodded enthusiastically.
“Let’s see what kind of treat to get you, okay?”
He nodded again. I told him, “Let me check your ears--there are clues in there for what kind of toy you might like!”
I looked. “Well this ear is a little waxy... it means you must like squishy things!”
“And this ear... wow, it’s fuzzy! Do you like soft fuzzy things?” 
“Hm... let’s check your tummy to find out what kind of soft fuzzy toy. Your tummy feels pretty squishy... do you like stuffies?”
“Yes! I really like stuffies!!”
I finished the rest of my exam and told the little man we’d grab him a freezie to keep up his PO intake and also grab him a treat from our treasure box (a stuffie, of course). As I was about to head out to grab these things, he said, “Actually... I would be happy with just one treat. I don’t need both.”
I smiled. “Well my friend, that is very thoughtful of you wanting to make sure we have enough treats for all our little friends here, but I promise we can get you both and still have enough treats for everyone, okay?”
Predictably, this little man ate his freezie in record time and he really loved the teddy bear we grabbed him from the Child Life stash. After they were officially discharged, my little friend’s mom stopped me as I was about to head out of the room.
“I just want to thank you,” she said. “Your bedside manner went such a long way for him today. He has to get blood tests done at least every year for his [other unrelated condition], and I think the ice cream spray is going to make such a huge difference for him in making the tests less traumatic.”
“Thank you,” I said, a little flustered. “I’m really glad we could make this better for him in some way!”
“No, really. You were a game changer for him today.”
Little things can go a long way. If you can... be a game-changer for your patient. They might not realize it, and you may not realize it... but doing what you can to make things better makes all the difference. Anything we can do to provide the best care for our patients will always be worth it.
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