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#all the muc basically
cheekblush8 months ago
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#it's only january 5th and i already want to d*e#found out that i don't have health insurance anymore today and i have to pay them back A LOT of money which i absolutely don't have#2021 thanks for the warm welcome girl love you too 馃檭#so much for finally getting therapy now i don't even have insurance to cover it#and i have to cancel the appointment i had with a psychiatrist this week bc my insurance card doesn't work anymore#love how they forgot to contact me and now i have to pay a huge amount of money for their negligence and incompetence#it's sickening how everything costs money like you have to pay for your right to live for basic human needs.... i despise capitalism so muc#everyone always assumes that poor / homeless people are huge failures who wasted all their money when in reality one unpaid bill..#.. or little mistake can land you on the streets... if it wasn't for my parents i would be homeless rn...#and i feel like a fucking leech that sucks all the money blood soul health and energy out of their bodies#i hate how much i still depend on them and how i'm basically sitting on their backs i am such a burden#i wish i was never born... or that i could just disappear without causing any more pain#if i could at least work again but we're still on lockdown 馃槶馃槶馃槶#and i have absolutely no clue where i'm even headed in life i wish i could turn back time i would've never gone to university#so much wasted money time and health...#and god it just hit me i'm turning 25 in 2 weeks.............. i truly am the biggest disappointment and failure#i never even thought i'd reach 25 and yeah i'm still here but at what cost??? you can barely call this a life..#i'm just a burden and nuisance to everyone#i wish just one just ONE aspect of my life would be working out but everything is literally in shambles#no job no friends no partner no mental health no money#鈽侊笍#i will regret oversharing all of this but 2021 already has me laying face down in the dirt
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thecosmicsen12 months ago
鈽 bonjour id like one disaster pls
send me 鈥樷槒鈥 for a voicemail my muse would leave yours. +聽聽ALWAYS ACCEPTING 聽 //聽 聽@infernoath鈥
鈥溌 Oliver . . .聽 Oliver . . .聽 聽Oliver . . .聽 聽[聽 cue faked static noises and an exceedingly raspy tone聽聽]聽 聽I am something people love or hate. I change peoples appearances and thoughts.聽 if a person takes care of themself,聽 I will go up even higher.聽 to some people,聽 I will fool them.聽 to others,聽 I am a mystery.聽 some people might want to try and hide me but I will show.聽 no matter how hard people try,聽 I will never go down.聽 鈥
鈥溌 counted all my mistakes and there's only one standing out from the list of the things I've done.聽 all the rest of my crimes don't come close to the look on your face when I let you go.聽 so I built you a house from a broken home and I wrote you a song with the words you spoke.聽 yeah, it took me some time but I figured out how to fix up a heart that I let down.聽 now I'm searching every lonely place,聽 every corner calling out your name,聽 tryna find you but I just don't know . . .聽 WHERE DO BROKENNNN HEARTS GOOOO聽 ?!?!聽 WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTSSSS GOOOO聽 ?!?!聽 鈥
鈥 聽Oliver . . .聽 it can't be seen,聽 can't be felt,聽 can't be heard,聽 and can't be smelt.聽 it lies behind stars and under hills and empty holes it fills.聽 it comes first and follows after,聽 ends life and kills laughter.聽 what is it聽 ??聽 聽what is coming聽 ??聽 鈥
鈥 聽Oli what the hell are you seriously not going to call me back after hearing all of that聽 ?!聽 I taught you how you should check your voicemail in case there is an emergency聽 !!聽 what if I was in dire need of your help or there was BIG BIG money to make but your unreliable airhead ass doesn鈥檛 show up like who else is going to be threatening the others and going berserk on them for some real answers聽 ?!聽 I鈥檓 SO disappointed right now,聽 is your fucking ringtone on聽 ?!聽 I told you to keep it on full volume for me聽 !!聽 if I end up EXORCISED or making billions without you,聽 you know it was because you didn鈥檛 check your voicemail聽 !!聽 anyway I love you so much call me back before I come over to see you without warning.聽 by the way,聽 what do you think of my singing聽 ??聽 maybe we should go for karaoke sometime soon as a celebration of you being the world鈥檚 biggest idiot聽 !!聽 at least you still got your looks even though you refuse to take a decent selfie with me which is depriving us of more money but you do you Oli.聽 to come to think of it,聽 I have never heard you sing.聽 come on let鈥檚 do karaoke tonight.聽 maybe if we go viral online for our amazing vocals we can start charging customers more,聽 hmm.聽 can you listen to my other voicemails please聽 ??聽 I sing in one of them and I need you to rate me on a scale on 0 to 10,聽 10 being that I was destined to be a vocalist of a top idol boy group聽 !!聽 anyway,聽 soooo if you don鈥檛 call me back soon,聽 you know what鈥檚 coming聽 !!聽 your favourite ghost boy聽 !!聽 聽[ insert a long cacophony of mischievous cackling till the line cuts his voice off ]聽聽鈥斺斺斅 鈥
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imstunning2 years ago
I鈥檝e had a bad week mentally like having breakdowns and being in the absolute worst mood and tbh I鈥檓 so close to ruining my own life from like displaced anger
#like idk why i am so angry but like i am So Angry#I'm going to go home and deep clean my house and probably cry#my boss pissed me off like ya i made a mistake but it wasn't a big deal and I have way too many responsibilites here and its just so#ridiculous#basically anything nobody doesn't want to do I have to do and its p muc everyday#and like one thing I didn't even know I had to do I hae to do? and I did it half assed#and like it shouldn't be my responsibility it shouldve been either the person who set up the event or the people going to do#not mine to prepare the stuff like you guys get the shit done#I have shit to do!!#like I have real responsiblities anad then I haev like office managment bullshit which is so frustrating because the jobs I do in a day are#like individual jobs people would do as their job but I'm doing multiple#and like its just frustrating#like I know I made a mistake but like#im pissed that I had to do it in the first place when like there are other people#also if he wasnt so cheap he could hire more people to do shit so everything is done wel#we allll talk about how we are all spread too thin and there are these unrealistic expectations#and its just like#the most frustrating thing evER#anyway im staying late at work like i do every single day#and dont get paid extra or anything but I'm trying to do my best here#when I go home I am turning on music very loudly and I am deep cleaning until I feel better#which will be never#also this is like the tipping point u know like u ever feel that#the tinest thing just makes u ready to rip faces off
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botwstoriesandsuch3 months ago
Big question. I need your opinion on something. If Mipha was never saved, and Vah Ruta was never calmed, what effect would it have on Hyrule. We know that it will flood, however I doubt the Shiekah would have the ability to create water from nothing (like to gods) so I just assume they are teleporting so the ocean won't rise. With this in mind, none of the major settlements would really be affected. Gerudo Town is far enough out of the path that the river would take through lake Hylia, Riti Village is also out of the way, and not only does it have a natural moat (if you could call it that) but also a canyon in the way. Korok Forest has magic and a moat and is also out of the way, Goron City is also to high up and out of the way, Tarrey Town is really highup and out of tge way, Zoras domain has pretty good drainage and it will probably go through the several other exits to not cause that muc damage, Kakariko Village is safe in the mountains, Hateno Town is safe and out of the way, and Lurelin Village is also out of the way and won't be damaged unless the ocean floods.
**Zelda meter is the meter system of, but in accordance with previous posts I'm gonna convert it later to "actual" meters that I think is more realistic. You鈥檒l see why later.
So, East Reservoir Lake is 545 zelda meters long (light blue) and 340 zelda meters wide (blue)
Or if we want to see it as more of a circle, it has a radius of 239 zelda meters
Tumblr media
Rutala Dam itself is 30 zelda meters wide and 140 zelda meters across. (see purple)
Tumblr media
Taking a picture and using an online ruler, I found that the damn is roughly 123 zelda meters tall. (1 cm equal to 17.5 zelda meters by using the 140zm measurement)
Tumblr media
Technically speaking, the dam's depth is infinite in the game, so we'll just use this damn's height as the depth.
And before you tell me that I should count the height of the rocks that the damn sits on top of as part of the depth, I'm gonna say not because dams typically block preexisting waterfalls, and given the rounded erosion of the rocks here, I would say that is also the case. Therefore, this was a waterfall that fed into the Rutala River and is not counted for the reservoir's depth.
So, in summary:
Reservoir Length: 545zm
Reservoir Width: 340zm
LW Reservoir Surface Area: 185,300zm (That is only 0.1 zelda kilometer. For comparison, the 45th largest reservoir in the world, Capivera Dam [last place on Wikipedia list] is still 515 square kilometers. The largest ones being in the 60k areas. I鈥檒l come back to this point later.)
Reservoir Radius: 239zm
(pi)r^2 Reservoir Surface Area: 179,451zm2 (179zkm2) [Just got these numbers of surface areas to demonstrate they're practically the same whether you see it as circular or rectangular. I think the circle will be more accurate so going forward I will be using it as my basis for calculations]
Dam Length: 140zm
Dam Height: 123zm
Dam Width: 30zm
The Total Water Rutala Dam Holds Back: 22,072,473zm3 [Instead of just using the sphere volume formula or the LWH formula, I used my more accurate surface area made with the the radius and multiplied by the dam height(is that the,,,cylinder formula? I think so)]
Rutala Dam is supposed to be the largest reservoir in Hyrule, shown very prominently on the map. The largest reservoir(by surface area) in our world is Lake Winnipeg, with a surface area of 24,514 km2, (but only has a depth of 12 meters.)
But here it is on a map of Canada:
Tumblr media
To reiterate, Lake Winnipeg has an area of 24,514km, and with zelda meters, East Reservoir Lake has an area of 179.
Ok, so comparing the reservoir to one of the the largest, if not THE largest, settlements in the game, Zora鈥檚 Domain, we can see that the reservoir is several times it鈥檚 size.
Tumblr media
But you鈥檒l also note that Zora鈥檚 Domain has a diameter of 234zm. That, the entire city, the entire DOMAIN of Zora. 234 zelda meters. Manhattan is 21,100 meters long. Manhattan, by the way, is a fifth fraction of the New York County, which is the smallest county in the United States of America.
234 zelda meters, that鈥檚 an area of 43,005zm2. Do you know what else is aobut 40k meters squared in real life? Your nearest Walmart. Just a bit bigger than your local Tesco. Supposedly the entire Zora population, that has been untouched by the 100 year apocalypse and arguably had room to GROW over this time, is living in a Trader Joes.
So I hope this illustrates why I鈥檓 converting the zelda meters used on the website to something that I think would be more realistic in the realm of Hyrule. You can find my very loud and kinda embarrassing but factual! and old post about the conversion here, same link as at the top, but essentially just trust me on the conversation that 1zm is equal to 30 real-life meters.
New Realistic Measurements:
Reservoir Length: 16,350m or 16.35km
Reservoir Width: 10,200m or 10.2km
LW Reservoir Surface Area: 166,770km2
Reservoir Radius: 7170m or 7.17km
(pi)r^2 Reservoir Surface Area: 5,383,530m2 or 5382.53km2
Dam Length: 4200m
Dam Height: 3690m
Dam Width: 900m
The Total Water Rutala Dam Holds Back: 19,865,225,700m3 or 19.8 million cubic kilometers of water AKA 19.8 billion kiloliters AKA 5.2 trillion gallons o鈥 agua
Now THAT sounds more like the biggest dam in all of Hyrule. In fact, it adds up with the stats of the largest dam in our world(by gallons held), that is, the Three Gorges Dam.
The Three Gorges Dam, located in China, ALSO holds back 5 trillion gallons of water/19 billion cubic meters. Although it is a lot shorter than Rutala鈥檚 measurements--I think the amount of water that it holds back will be a perfect guide to see the devastation that Rutala鈥檚 potential breakage could cause on Hyrule.
There actually is a simulation online about what would happen if the Three Gorges Dam collapsed but I鈥檓 not gonna link it cause it might be a bit too distressing, but just know that I based this on that simulation.
Firstly, the biggest sigh of relief comes from the Samasa Plain.
Tumblr media
The plain is very very low and slopes down into the Lanayru Bay, so a lot of the water would empty into there. However, the plain would then be totally submerged, so RIP to the shrines and ruins around there. Areas in red as submerged and areas in green would become islands or marshes.
And with that, the water level of Lanayru Bay would rise drastically. Blue is the new water level, dark green are islands, and light green are potential wetlandish areas that would form as time passed.
Tumblr media
But basically, Rutala river would have a new branch that spills directly into the Lanayru Bay.
So now you may be thinking,
And you鈥檇 be half right.
Yes, a lot of the water is going to spill out over Samasa Plain and yes, Lanayru Bay will house a lot of it. But here鈥檚 the kicker.
It鈥檚 a bay.
Not an ocean.
It would take 1.25zkm or 30km for the water to make it鈥檚 way to the ocean, and the water will be traveling SUPER fast--about 100 kilometers per hour.
And that water wants to move, it wants to flow, and Lanayru Bay cannot help all that water flower because:聽 It鈥檚 shallow as fuck.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This chest shows the deepest point in all of Lanayru Bay.
I dropped a windcleaver down in the water: and using a generous GENEROUS estimate of 2 feet per second given the conditions of the still water in the bay--It took 5 seconds for it to float to the bottom. 10 feet. 3 meters. That鈥檚 just barely deeper than the deep end of a backyard swimming pool.
But even being extra EXTRA generous and using a real world estimate: Bays would be around 14 feet deep, roughly 4 meter. And we can be even more generous and say the sounding mountains can accommodate 30 feet of height. 9 meters. 9 + 4 = 14 meter height times 30km by 10km(width) = That鈥檚 4.2 cubic kilometers, or 4.2 billion kiloliters of the 19.8 billion kiloliters in total.
uh oh. wheres the other 15.6 billion kiloliters of water gonna go?
It鈥檚 like taking a firehose, and filling up a bathtub. Yeah, the tub鈥檚 gonna catch a lot of that water, but that firehose has way, way, way, more water than that tub can hold, and when the tub can have a leak or hole on it, but the rate that that hose is going is astronomically faster than the rate the tub can expel water, so it鈥檚 just gonna overflow and water will still spill everywhere
[And this isn鈥檛 even taking into the account that Rutala Dam is SIGNIFICANTLY higher that it鈥檚 surrounding landscape, and would pour into the river with such a force that it could cause a giant tidal wave and break through the rocky boundaries of the pre-existing Rutala River causing even more water to flow into the bay]
Lanayru Bay would be occupied with a lot of water, and since the other 15.6 billion kiloliters of water can鈥檛 immediately flow into it, it鈥檚 gonna take the scenic route through Rutala River. It鈥檚 high mountains on either side basically just make it a death funnel.
Here鈥檚 how that would look:
Tumblr media
This is the new water level for the Lanayru Wetlands. MAn they weren鈥檛 lying, those lands do be wet.
so yeah everything is submerged in between 10 to 20 meters of water and you might be thinking
Well, bestie, here鈥檚 the thing. This length of land is 3 zelda kilometers long. AKA 90 kilometers long. And you might recall, I said, that this, 3000 meter tall聽 wall of water was traveler at 100km per hour. Well the good news is, my calculations are a lot easier for this as this large stretch of flat Lanayru Wetlands land lines up perfectly with the flat areas of Yichange, (which was actually traveling at twice the speed compared to Rutala because it didn鈥檛 have Lanayru Bay to open up into)聽聽
But the bad news is, the video is five minutes long, and this is just the first 50 seconds. This water is destined to travel 400 kilometers. That鈥檚 about half of the country of Wales, by the way. The entire length of the state of Virginia.
Here鈥檚 the rough path of the total flooding that other 16 billion kiloliters from Rutala Dam
Tumblr media
Oh, and what鈥檚 worse is that the rivers in central Hyrule? Yeah they鈥檙e like HALF the depth of Lanayru Bay so the flooding will be even WORSE :D
So here鈥檚 the new waterlevel map!
Tumblr media
Overtime, a lot of the water is gonna spill onto the paths through Central Hyrule, new swamplands, creeks, etc. etc. The path to the Gerudo Desert will be fin initially, as the water as slowed to the point where it won鈥檛 put immediate damage since the bridge is so high. But that new water level plus the influx of water from the River of the Dead is definetly gonna erode that over time and maybe possibly will just collapse and prevent anyone from leaving or entering the desert.
Hyrule Castle will be even more of an island, as the two islands to the left and right of it will be moslty submerged. Also the entire path through Eldin is just fucking done. Everyone in Akkala and Eldin? You鈥檙e trapped there. It鈥檚 basically a new Lake Hylia but no bridge. Sorry Robbie.
Oh, and also these rapid waters are carrying the debris of it鈥檚 destruction, whether the corpses of travelers or giant rocks that it broke off from the side of mountains. So everything is a mess, and depending on the amount of debris, it could completly alter water paths to go even more in land. The rivers are shallow enough, so just pilling in more rocks and dam metal and dirt just makes things shallower
Lake Hylia will be fine, the mini islands are gone, but as a whole, the bridge and the height of the surrounding ridges will keep the water in there. Although a lot of Necluda is basically a goner, and the bridge on either end of Dueling Peaks is totally decimated.
So what did we learn?
All of Hyrule鈥檚 economy is fucked. Every major trading path--gone. It鈥檚 basically gonna breed even more ethnocentricism, and a bunch of wildlife and sources for food are gone. And not to mention the climate, that鈥檚 gonna be fucked too as years pass. Rito and Zora will probably be the most fine? Hylians are fucked though, we destroyed like five stables and basically every river setllement there is. Oh and that influx of water is gonna fuck with the fishes so Hateno and Lurelin aren鈥檛 totally out of it either!
Gerudo? Well good thing they鈥檙e all lesbians because they sure aren鈥檛 going out to woe anybody once those stone pillars holding the bridge give way to the new water levels. Gorons will actually not even know anything鈥檚 wrong if I鈥檓 being honest. Sheikah? Well that point by Eagus Bridge and Sarhasra slope is gonna connect into a river at some point so I guess they can be a fishing village now.
Oh an RAIN I didn鈥檛 even think about that, yeah people are totally gonna die. And if Ruta CONTINUES to pump water into Hyrule (because again, this is only from an INITIAL burst of the damn. Well...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zora鈥檚 Domain will be gone within the year. Water levels will just continue to rise, probably take on Central Hyrule first, but then after that the Gerudo Canyon. Also if flooding in Zora鈥檚 Domain REALLY continue it would probably spill over and destroy Tarrey Town. So not good all around!
But I think the main takeaway that we can all settle with is that the Flower Lady and her garden are absolutely, positively, dead.
Tumblr media
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magena-galaxy2 months ago
*proceeds to request more Basil angst since there isnt muc h* just basically a Reader getting into a fight with either Basil orrr with somebody else idk, I like agnghsorsl
I've been wanting to write more Omori angst, in fact I have a draft for HeroxReader angst oneshot, but IDK if the fandom would be fine with angst especially with some of the angst topics I'm not put off by. :/
Tumblr media
Hehe also started getting fancy and doing these edits for my blogs now.
~When you fight, Basil x Reader~
Basil would definitely be in panic mode if you ever fought with anyone at all, including him. It鈥檇 make him absolutely worry about you without a doubt. Yandere Basil or not, he wouldn鈥檛 want you getting hurt at all.
If he saw you fighting with someone he鈥檇 freak out and try to run over to you as fast as he could . Now he might not be able to put up a fight in front of you, but he鈥檒l definitely do something to grab your attention and try to convince you to remove yourself from the fight.
If you immediately run to him all like ,鈥 what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 He鈥檒l definitely be clinging onto you as you give whoever you were fighting with dirty glares. 鈥淪top it, please! I don鈥檛 care who started it, I don鈥檛 wanna lose you Y/N!,鈥 is all he鈥檒l say as he hold you close looking at whoever it is you鈥檙e throwing hands with. Now depending on who you鈥檙e fighting that might not stop taunting you, but if they鈥檙e able to realize this is your boyfriend coming to aid you but he can鈥檛 fight they鈥檙e definitely going to hurl insults at him. Basil would probably be a little relieved knowing you鈥檙e willing to defend him if these insults anger you and make you wanna fight more, but he鈥檚 still not letting go.
If you can鈥檛 run to him he鈥檚 just gonna bite the bullet and force himself to fight for you. Now, if it鈥檚 yandere Basil, he won鈥檛 hesitate to fight for you, he鈥檚 already in protective mode, but normal Basil? He鈥檚 only fighting if he feels like he absolutely must do so. Normal Basil might not be that good at fighting but he鈥檚 trying his best! Yan!Basil on the other hand would definitely have a weapon in his pocket and be armed, ready to protcc and ready to attacc. Unfortunately normal Basil wouldn鈥檛 be able to do much, unarmed and would probably end up crouched in the fetal position, stomach on the ground as he screams. Even if it takes someone else stepping in to stop the fighting he鈥檚 definitely going to rush over to you and give you the biggest hug he can when it鈥檚 finally done.
If you were fighting with Basil however, he鈥檇 be a storm of emotions he鈥檚 unable to process all at once.
It doesn鈥檛 matter which version of him you鈥檙e fighting with, he鈥檚 definitely going to start off panicking about why you鈥檙e getting so aggressive at him. Then he鈥檇 get frustrated at any insults thrown at him in his confusion. Eventually he鈥檒l turn depressed in the aftermath of the fight, when it finally sits in his swirling head.
He鈥檒l only verbally fight back if it鈥檚 bad enough, but he鈥檚 never putting his hands on you, ever. Regardless of how much you put your hands on him, he鈥檒l never hit you, he doesn鈥檛 want to!If it ends in you storming off to lock yourself in a room , he鈥檚 definitely going to start crying over the things you鈥檝e said. Those words hurt like hell! Surely you didn鈥檛 truly mean them, right?
Basil is definitely going to vent about the fight to his friends, unsure what to do as he鈥檚 likely shaking and crying as he texts them. It鈥檚 definitely going to take a lot to calm him down, but eventually Hero鈥檚 able to convince him that you didn鈥檛 mean the words you said and fights happen. Hero would also be trying to get your side, like what got you heated and if it鈥檚 the first fight and do you two fight regularly.
Hopefully Hero can help you two make up, especially if this was a first fight that鈥檚 ever happened. He鈥檚 definitely the 鈥淒ad鈥 of the group and is absolutely going to worry about his friend鈥檚 relationships if there鈥檚 a fight, just keeping an eye on on things to make sure the relationship doesn鈥檛 turn toxic or worse, dysfunctional for a lack of a better word. When you make up to Basil he鈥檒l definitely hold you and beg that you talk to him more about your emotions and problems, cause he鈥檒l talk about his with you, is there something keeping you from talking about yours? Was the past weighing down on you so bad it was difficult to talk to him? Oh please speak to him more, he doesn鈥檛 like insulting you!
After any fight, between him or not, Basil will definitely be having a mini panic attack as he demands to be by your side, holding you tightly. He hates it when your hurt! Please be careful, cause he鈥檚 definitely going to start worrying about fights for now on and you getting hurt in them!
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rf-times9 days ago
The Marriage Myth
Men historically have always loved to frame marriage as something created for the benefit of women, an ultimate natural union. The myth looks something like this:
鈥淢arriage underpins society as the most natural and basic social unit. It especially benefits women as without the institution of marriage, women are without resources and defenseless. They would probably have to become prostitutes to support themselves with prostitution being the oldest profession as it is the simplest exchange a woman can make with her natural resource: her body. Meanwhile, men benefit without marriage as they are free to express their virility with many women and spread their genes. Men put aside their natural advantage for marriage where they are forced to provide and for which women should be grateful.鈥
This is all bullshit of course.
- The most natural and basic social unit is the mother and her children (and her own mother)
For most of human prehistory and history, men had very little way of knowing which child was theirs and it might have been a while until they had even realised they had a role in reproduction. The only people who could know who their children were, were mothers. This is why even if not matriarchal per say, many prehistoric societies show evidence of being matrilineal, with families and societies based around the female line. The connection between mothers and daughters formed a deeply important social and genetic chain that men were naturally excluded from.
- Without marriage, men had a precarious social and reproductive role
In prehistoric societies, good communication and trust would have been important for the group鈥檚 survival and evidence suggests hunting was a group activity involving sometimes even whole communities. Aggressive, individualistic men would have put the group at risk rather than being desirable. But regardless, a man is at a disadvantage if he doesn鈥檛 know who his children are, he is either cut off from future generations or must care for children he doesn鈥檛 know are his.
- Women鈥檚 dependency on men, including prostitution, is man-made
Women are not inherently weak and without resources, evidence continues to suggest the wide variety of roles and tasks prehistoric women took on. The vast majority of the prehistoric diet, for instance, was based on foraging. With strong social connections to their mothers and grandmothers, women would have had access to resources without being reliant on men for millennia. Prostitution can only exist if men as a class withhold resources from women as a class.
- The creation of marriage
Marriage is a creation of patriarchy so that men could ensure their property was passed down only to their children. But why would any woman agree to this? It was probably a result of the agricultural revolution that men were able to seize control of resources (which became more plentiful but far less varied) and thus were able to withhold resources from women who did not provide 鈥渟ervices鈥, meaning women who weren鈥檛 attached to a particular man would fall through the cracks.
- Marriage was made by men for men based on their reproductive envy and paranoia, and also their envy of women鈥檚 natural lineages and legacies
Considering women their property, man was now convinced that he was the source of all life and woman only an incubator for his creation. We begin to see phallocentric religions emerge. Jealous of women鈥檚 biological certainty and natural lineages, men used violence and social structures to separate women from each other, tortured women to be certain of their (even potential) children鈥檚 paternity and dubbed any child born outside of a marriage 鈥渋llegitimate鈥 as if it is a man鈥檚 acknowledgement that gives a child life and validity.
- Marriage is a trap for women
Women are coerced into marriage in the first place because of a lack of resources and have faced dismal prospects without it. Women are trapped into providing never-ending labour for men and studies continue to show how much work women provide in a marriage and how marriage benefits men far more than women. Divorce courts continue to favour men.
Anyway, this is one of the greatest patriarchal reversals and deserves to be highlighted and recognised as such.
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pan-fangirl-3454 months ago
Books Bring People Together
Summary: A frustrated and stuck Kaminari comes to you for help, and it somehow blooms into something else along the way.
TW: I made Kaminari ADHD, so I'm sorry if there's anything wrong, I went off what my ADHD friends do and what a medical site told me. I myself am not ADHD, so again, I apologize if there's anything wrong with this. Small swears, and Mineta, which should be a warning in and of itself.
A/N: I have had this half-baked idea stuck in my head for months and I wanted it out, so I am giving you all this!
"Hey, um, (Y/L/N), can I ask you something?" Kaminari asked, sliding into the chair across from you at the common room table.
"Sure, what's up?" you asked, setting your pencil down on the paragraph you were reading.
"Um, this is kind of embarrassing," Kaminari admitted. "But, um, I'm having a really hard time with English right now, and I know that you're right behind Bakugou in grades."
"Where are you going with this Kaminari?" you asked, crossing your arms in front of your chest.
You had heard things about Kaminari, and after meeting Mineta and knowing that Kaminari hung around with him, you didn't have the best impression of him. You had just been placed in Class 2-A, and so far you had mostly hung around with what the other students were calling the 'Dekusquad'.
"I need someone to tutor me," he admitted. "Normally English isn't all that hard for me, but Shakespeare is whack and I don't understand half of it."
"You want me," you started, "to tutor you. Why not ask Bakugou? Isn't he your friend?"
"Yeah, but . . . Bakugou has . . . harsh methods, and I need someone who won't treat me like an idiot," Kaminari confessed.
"Alright," you relented. "Why don't we get started now? Do you have anything going on?"
"No, this takes precedent," Kaminari said, rushing to grab his things.
"Alright, here's my question for you," you said when he propped his book open. "Why don't you understand?" You saw the look on his face change and you winced. "Sorry, sometimes I have a hard time controlling the tone of my voice. Let me rephrase that question." You paused for a moment, thinking of the right words before you said, "What about this don't you understand? What's the one thing about this that trips you up?"
"The formatting for one thing," Kaminari grumbled. "Why the hell is printed like that?"
You chuckled, brushing hair out of your face. You had thought the same thing the first time you had read Shakespeare.
"Alright, how about you just read, and then you can ask me any questions while I work on my own stuff, alright?"
"That sounds like it might work," he admitted.
"If that doesn't work, feel free to let me know," you told him. "This is about what helps you remember the material better."
"No, like I said, normally this is really easy for me," Kaminari said. "Let's try it."
"Alright, and remember, if you have any questions, I'm right here."
"Thanks (Y/L/N)," he mumbled.
"Of course, I wouldn't be much of a hero if I couldn't help people, right?" you mused, smiling at him.
"R-Right!" he chirped, grinning back at you.
You both worked in silence for a little bit before Kaminari leaned back in his chair, rubbing at him eyes.
"You okay?" you asked.
"Yeah, sorry, I'm ADHD, so sitting still and trying to read this is a little hard," he confessed. "And I might be dyslexic, I've never been tested but sometimes reading is hard for me."
You frowned, biting the inside of your lip, running the situation through your head.
"What if I read it to you?" you asked, looking up from your chemistry homework.
"How? It's a play," Kaminari said.
"I used to be in a drama club in middle school," you told him. "It's set up like a script, or if we don't have the energy to act it out, it's not hard to pretend that it's a regular story."
Kaminari stared at you for a moment before he nodded.
"Yeah, yeah I think that might work a little bit better than me staring at the same paragraph for fifteen minutes without actually reading anything."
"What part are you on?" you asked Kaminari, moving to glance over his shoulder at the page.
"Portia is trying to convince Brutus to tell her what's going on in her house. I think."
"Oh, I adore this part," you muttered, mostly to yourself. "Alright, what has you stuck?"
"This part. 'I grant I am a woman; but withal A woman well-reputed, Cato's daughter. Think you I am no stronger than my sex, Being so father'd and so husbanded? Tell me your counsels, I will not disclose 'em: I have made strong proof of my constancy, Giving myself a voluntary wound Here, in the thigh: can I bear that with patience. And not my husband's secrets?' I don't entirely understand what she's saying."
Wow, English must've been his thing, he didn't mess up a single word, and he was able to read it fairly fluently, everything considered. It might have taken him a little longer than normal, but he had nailed it.
"Okay, so she's basically telling Brutus that she won't tell his secrets if he tells her what's going on, it doesn't matter if she's a woman or not."
"What was with the voluntary wound thing?"
"So, it depends. Sometimes, in plays, the women playing Portia will have a fake knife and stab themselves in the thigh, other times they pretend to slice themselves, depends on the director," you told him. "She basically cut herself on the thigh and said, 'If I can handle this I can handle whatever's going on inside your head.' Do you understand?"
"Yeah, but damn, this woman is a badass," Kaminari said, staring down at the pages."
"Right? Some people read that as psychotic, but it's Shakespeare," you told him, "everything in Shakespeare is psychotic to some extent."
"That's fair. Thank you for explaining that to me," he said.
"Of course, that is why you came to me," you replied, laying a hand on his shoulder for a moment before you moved back to your seat.
Kaminari, despite the things you had heard, was actually quite intelligent, it just took him a little longer to get the answer sometimes.
"Thank you so much for helping me," Kaminari murmured. "You were super helpful."
"Of course, I actually enjoyed helping you," you told him. "And if you need any more help, please, let me know."
"I will, thank you so much (Y/L/N)," Kaminari repeated.
"Have a good night Kaminari," you told him.
"You too!" he chirped before he headed up to his room.
You sat down at the table again, staring at the chemical formula in front of you.
So, if zinc only had one charge, positive two, and it was combined with thiosulfate, that meant that there shouldn't be the need for two of the zinc atoms, they would make the charge neutral.
You wrote the answer down, checking the textbook to make sure you were right. Polyatomic ions were a little more complicated than monoatomic ions.
There were only a few more questions, and then you could go to bed too, and you just hoped that there were no trick questions.
You were the last one in the common room, as usual, despite assuring Iida that you were right behind him when he went to bed an hour ago.
"Alright (Y/F/N), time for some good sleep," you muttered, shutting your book and gathering your supplies.
You had been tutoring Kaminari for about six weeks, and he was definitely smarter than people gave him credit for. Sometimes he just needed a few minutes to think, or he needed something explained to him in a different way than everyone else.
Sero had been joining your little tutoring sessions too, and you had started doing them in Sero's room, since there were things Kaminari could mess with while he studied, and it was an environment where he didn't feel the need to prove himself.
"Hey, (Y/L/N), can you help me with this problem?" Sero asked, waving you over.
"Of course, what are we working on?" you inquired.
"Polyatomic ions, again," Sero said. "I need this extra credit."
"Alright, which one are you stuck on?"
"How do I figure out which Roman numeral goes here? Gold has multiple charges."
"You work backwards," you told him. "When you look at the formula, you need to figure out what charge dihydrogen phosphate has."
You gestured to the chemical formula.
"It has a negative one charge. Right?" Sero inquired, checking the list of common ions that the teacher had given them at the beginning of the unit.
"Right, and you have three of those ions, right?"
"Yeah, because there's a subscripted three outside the parentheses."
"So you have three of those, which means that those three together have a negative three charge."
"So now you just have to figure out which gold variant has the right charge to cancel that one out."
"Well, there's only one gold atom, so it's gold three right?"
"Bingo, you got it."
"Oh, that makes it so much easier than what I was doing," he muttered, erasing the math he had been doing, writing down the way you had just shown him.
"(Y/L/N), can you come read through this essay for me?" Kaminari asked. "I think it's okay, but I need another eye on this."
"Sure, hand it over," you told him, taking the papers that he had handed to you.
You grabbed one of your signature blue pens and uncapped it, ready to mark anything you thought he could do better.
There wasn't as much as you were expecting. While Kaminari had a hard time interpreting things, once he understood, he was golden. He had a way with words, you noticed as you scanned through the paper he needed to hand in next class. You assumed that it gave him time to think about the right phrasing of things.
Other than a few grammatical and spelling errors, the paper was well written, and there was nothing major that needed fixing.
"Good job Kami, this is really good," you told him, ruffling his hair lightly.
He responded well to physical affection and praise, you had also noticed, and he made it easy.
Once you got past the typical shield he threw up, he was a nice guy with insecurities, just like everyone else.
He chuckled, leaning into your hand.
You noticed that the others didn't touch Kaminari as much as you did, despite having known him for much longer. They were worried about getting shocked, Sero had told you.
"Why though? He's never shocked me," you had told him.
"He can't control it sometimes, it builds up in his body and it needs an out."
"Well, that still no reason to stop touching him," you had mused. "If he shocks me he shocks me, it's really no big deal."
Kaminari had only shocked you once, during a thunderstorm when there had been a lot of lightning outside. He had gotten excited about getting a 90 on one of his tests, and had hugged you, giving you a slight shock.
He had apologized profusely, but you had waved his apologies off.
"It's okay Kaminari," you told him. "It happens to all of us sometimes."
You were finding yourself thinking about him more than you should've. You had become good friends with both him and Sero, and the other students had started coming to you when they had a question, but Kaminari was a little different.
It had started out with the flirty comments, but slowly those had turned into real compliments. He had been keeping Mineta away from you more and more, and he had even started laying off the perving with the grape rat.
He was a good guy, he really was, despite the playboy attitude. He was sweet, and he was just like every other person in the world.
"Thanks for tutoring us both," Kaminari said as the session was coming to a close.
"Yeah, you're really saving our asses," Sero agreed.
"Of course, come to me any time," you told them both, smiling as you made to head back to your own room.
"Hey, um, (Y/L/N), can I ask you something?" Kaminari asked.
"Sure. You know how much I love questions," you teased, smiling at him. Then you noticed his expression. "Kami?"
"Will . . . will you-" he chuckled awkwardly, messing with the seam of his pant leg. "Can you read something to me?"
"Yeah, of course," you said. "What is it?"
He handed you the book, and you smiled.
"My dad used to read this to me when I was little. I think that's why I love books so much," you admitted. "That was before . . . well, it doesn't matter now. Come on, we can head down to the common room if you want. Or your room, it doesn't really matter to me."
You had visited Kaminari's room on more than one occasion to return things to him, he tended to be a little forgetful, and he had often left things with you.
Despite the fact that everything you had learned about society told you that you should avoid being alone in a room with a boy, you trusted Kaminari enough to be alone in a room with him.
"I really like to read too," he confessed. "But sometimes my brain doesn't like to let me do it."
"I understand, it's okay," you told him, touching his arm lightly. "Are you sure that you'll be able to sit still long enough for me to get through any of it?"
Kaminari, after spending so much time with you over the last few weeks, had figured out how your voice worked, and he rarely got offended by your tone of voice anymore, which you were thankful for.
"Yeah, I like the sound of your voice, it helps calm me down. I think I might pay attention more if you read it to me."
"Alright, sure, let's go," you said, holding the book to your chest.
You knew this book like the back of your hand, and you had a feeling that Kaminari was telling the truth when he said he would be able to pay attention.
Kaminari followed you into the common room of the dorms, trailing just slightly behind, but he was in front of you the moment Mineta tried to get to you.
It amazed you how fast he could move sometimes, when he really wanted to.
"Get lost Mineta," you said. "I have nothing to say to you."
Mineta opened his mouth but a raised brow from Kaminari had him shutting it and heading to his own room so he could think his pervy thoughts in peace.
"I can't believe I was ever friends with that perv," Kaminari whispered. "I think I owe a lot of the girls apologies."
Kaminari glanced over his shoulder, and you smiled at him, linking your hands together.
You were proud of him, he had really grown lately, and you were glad that he was seeing how uncomfortable he had made the girls.
"I'm proud of you," you told him, and he beamed.
He responded well to praise, and being told that he had done a good job.
"Come on, we'll have to go to bed soon if we don't want Iida to lecture us again," you said, sitting down on one of the couches.
Kaminari sat down next to you, leaning his head on your shoulder as your propped the book open.
You didn't mind the fact that Kaminari was a little clingy, the contact was nice, and he always radiated warmth, though whether that was his normal body temperature or he ran hot because of his quirk, you didn't know.
You started the book off, barely having to look at the words as you read, changing your voice as necessary, stopping every once in a while to explain a word to Kaminari that he didn't understand, or to answer a question that he had.
It was nice, spending time with him like this, simply because he wanted to, not because he was going to fail a subject.
Somehow he had ended up with his head on your thighs, and you had one hand buried in his hair, brushing it away from his face, your fingers carding through it softly.
He was making a content noise in the back of his throat, and you smiled down at him, finishing up a chapter.
"Do you want to go to bed?" you asked softly, not wanting to disturb him too much, he had enough trouble sleeping as it was.
He hummed softly, leaning into your hands, and you smiled down at him softly.
You had never been one for crushes, they had seemed pointless, and there had never been a person who had caught your attention like this.
You had thought about it, of course, what it would be like to be in a relationship, but you had never thought that you would have to worry about it.
Well now you were worrying about it.
That nameless, faceless person that had been with you in those daydreams was starting to look frighteningly like Kaminari.
You had panicked when it had first started happening, until you realized that it would probably fade. You had had a friend in middle school who had a new crush every week, and you had assumed that it would fade with time.
It hadn't. That uneasiness that had popped up around him slowly melted into a nice warmth whenever he was close. You had started to stop worrying about whether he would like this, or hate that, and had started to show your true colors.
He had seemed to like you even more when you had started doing that, and you were glad.
But the only bad thing was that now you were noticing other things. His hands lingered a little longer than necessary when he helped you during training, his smile always seemed brighter when you made him laugh. His eyes always seemed to follow you around the common room, and he sometimes appeared at your side when you walked in.
You weren't sure if you just overthinking things or if he might like you back.
But this wasn't a simple crush anymore. You weren't sure what it was. It was a little too early to be love (even though it was just a rush of chemicals in the brain meant for human survival), but it was way past a simple crush.
Was there another step between a crush and love? Was this going to end with your heart breaking? Was there even a chance that he might like you back?
These were things that you kept in the back of your mind until you were alone in your room. Worrying about them in his presence made him worry about you, and you didn't want him to worry about you if he didn't need to.
"Kami, seriously, you need to go to bed."
"If I do, so do you," he told you, making you chuckle.
"I'll go to bed if you will. You are in my lap after all," you teased, pulling your hands away.
"That's fair," he murmured, stifling a yawn.
"Go to bed Kami," you whispered, standing up as soon as your legs were free.
They had fallen asleep a while ago, but you hadn't had the heart to move him.
"Alright," he mumbled, stumbling towards his dorm room.
You smiled softly, heading for yours.
You weren't sure what woke you up hours later. Maybe it was the three glasses of water you had drank before bed, or maybe it was the fact that your brain hated you almost as much as Kaminari's hated him.
You stretched, pulling a hoodie on over the tank top and shorts that you had gone to bed in, heading for the common room.
You weren't going back to bed any time soon, so you might as well get some studying done with a nice cup of tea or something.
You were almost surprised to see Kaminari sitting at the common room table with his books out.
"Denki? What are you doing?" you mumbled, wandering over.
"(Y/L/N)? What are you doing up?"
"I could ask you the same thing," you murmured, plopping into the seat next to him.
"Couldn't sleep, my brain went into overdrive the minute I tried to fall asleep."
"I at least got a good four or five hours in," you replied. "But it's Friday night, I should be sleeping in."
"What woke you up?" he asked, laying a hand on your thigh.
Kaminari, you had noticed, liked having his hands on you.
Not in the perverted way you had expected though. He liked having a hand on your thigh or on the small of your back. He liked an arm around your shoulders or his arm linked with yours when you all took class outings. He liked being close to you.
"No idea. It might've been a nightmare," you admitted. "I remember faint flashes, but it might've been something else."
"Are you going to be able to go back to bed?"
"Nah, I'll be up for a good while," you told him, leaning into his shoulder.
"Anything I can do to help?" he asked.
"Can you just . . . talk to me?" you inquired. "I like listening to you talk about things. Calms me down."
"What do you want to know about?"
"Anything. Everything. You."
"Did you know that I have a cat named Marshmellow?"
"What? No," you said, perking up a little bit. You had always been an animal person.
"Yeah. He's the spawn of the devil, but I didn't know that when I named him. All white, pretty blue eyes. Pure fucking evil," Kaminari told you, taking his phone out to show you a photo.
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah, he absolutely despises me," Kaminari said, handing his phone over to you. "Loves my sister though, so he isn't a complete psychopath."
"He's a cat, can animals even be psychopaths?" you asked, moving your seat closer to his.
"No idea, but it wouldn't surprise me if he is," Kaminari said, chuckling.
"You're right, he is pretty," you murmured, flipping through the photos quickly.
Kaminari hummed, but when you glanced up he was looking at you.
He had that look on his face, the look that he sometimes got when he looked at you. It was one of the reasons you wondered if he liked you or not. He looked like he was in pain when gave you that look.
"Denki?" you inquired softly.
"Why are you looking at me like that? Like you're in pain? Like you're hurt?" you asked.
You didn't like the way your voice sounded. That little hint of insecurity snuck in, your voice had that clogged sound it got when you tried not to cry.
You weren't sure whether you could handle his response to that, but you needed to know if being around you caused him pain. You needed to know if there was any chance that he hated being in your presence.
(Kaminari's POV)
Pain, huh?
Yeah, this was definitely pain, seeing her like this, swaddled in a hoodie he had left in her room accidently a week ago, covering her shorts, making her legs look a mile long.
He had tried to ignore it, tried to ignore the feeling in his chest every time he looked at her, tried to ignore the blatant male pride that came with seeing her draped in his hoodie, but he was only human after all.
Denki, after spending so much time with a girl that didn't tend to pull her punches, he knew how uncomfortable he had made the girls with all of his comments. He now knew how it made them feel when he said some of the things he had.
Denki never wanted her or any of the other girls to feel like that again, and he wanted to ignore some of the things that were running through his head, but she was making it hard when she looked at him like that, when she said his name the way that she just had.
"Denks?" she asked softly, moving to get a better look at his face.
Denki had never had a crush, not a real one anyway. He had had his eyes on Jirou first year, but that had been fleeting.
He was flirty, it was just his nature, but this feeling whenever he looked at her . . . that was completely new on him.
"Denki, are you okay?" she asked, putting her hands on his face lightly, making him look at her.
"Do you have any idea what you do to me?" Denki asked, placing his hands over hers. "I wasn't sure whether you felt the same way and I didn't want to mess anything up."
"Denki? What are you saying?" she asked, eyes bright with hope as she looked at him, running her thumb over his cheek softly, almost absentmindedly.
"I like you, (Y/F/N), I like you a lot, and this isn't some . . . three A.M. spur of the moment confession, but . . . it kind of is. The point is that you're smart, and all kinds of gorgeous, and there's so many things about you I wish I could list, but words aren't my thing, and I know that I'm rambling, but I really can't stop 'cause I'm terrified of what your response is gonna be and I don't want to fuck anything up and-"
"Denki," she cut in, smiling at him the way she did when she was fondly exasperated with him. "You have nothing to worry about. Absolutely nothing. I like you too."
Even Denki was surprised by the amount of confusion in his own voice.
"Because you're a dork," she stated. "Because you're smart, even if people don't always see it right away. Because you want to be a hero, because you like to make a difference. Because in the end, you're a good guy, when you get past the playboy attitude and shitty pickup lines. Because you're cute and all kinds of soft. Because apparently I have a thing for hyperactive morons with screwed up hair."
"Rude," he muttered, but she smiled at him even wider, and he knew that it was worth it.
"Am I wrong?" she asked softly, swinging her legs around to get closer to him.
"No, but that doesn't mean that I'm happy about it," he mumbled, pouting slightly.
She gave a small giggle, something that rarely happened, and Denki smiled, wide and unburdened.
"So, what do you say about going on a date?" he asked, tucking her hair behind her ear to get a better look at his face.
"I think that's the smartest thing you've ever said to me," she teased.
Denki pouted again and she touched his nose lightly, making it crinkle in response.
"That wasn't a no," she told him, wrapping her arms around his neck softly.
"You know, this looks good on you," he whispered, touching the hem of the hoodie carefully. "And it looks very familiar."
"It does?" She pulled away to look down at it and her eyes went wide. "I didn't even know it was yours. I just threw it on on my way down here. When did you even . . . .?"
"I left in there like a week ago," Denki informed her. "I thought you had just kept it."
"I didn't know it was in there," she admitted. "But I'm not sorry that I'm in it, it's very comfortable."
"We can share custody," he murmured.
"We'll have to," she agreed. "I don't think I can deal with never wearing this again. You actually have good taste in hoodies."
"Why are you so surprised by this?" he asked.
"Because most of the time your style seems all over the place," she replied. "But that's not a bad thing. It makes you unique."
"Normal is overrated."
"A normal sleep schedule is not," she said, standing up. She grabbed his hands, pulling him to his feet. "Come on, we can chill in my room if you want to."
"You aren't nervous about having me in there?" Denki asked.
"No, because I know that if you try anything I can knock you on your ass. I also trust you," she told him, linking their fingers together softly. "Is this okay?"
"More than okay," he breathed, stepping close enough to brush their shoulders together.
He could get used to this.
(Your POV)
It was a rare day when you and Denki got a day off together. Being heroes was tiring, and schedules were always weird, so when you both got a day off together, you always spent them together.
"You're up early," Denki murmured, slipping in behind you from where you were sitting on the window seat of your apartment.
He wrapped his arms around your waist, burying his face in your neck.
"The baby woke me up," you said.
Said baby padded into the roof, tail high in the air, a smug look on that cute furry face as he jumped up onto the seat, curling up in your lap.
"Marshmellow, don't lay on my book," you muttered, pulling the book out.
"Told you, he's fuckin' evil," Denki murmured, kissing your shoulder lightly.
His shirt was slipping off your shoulder, and Denki treated uncovered skin like a target, regardless.
"How long have you been up?" he asked.
"Only an hour or two, and you looked so peaceful, I felt bad waking you up. I know that you've been getting more action than I have these last few weeks," you murmured, taking one of his hands, kissing his palms softly, leaning back into his warmth.
"I love you," Denki hummed.
"I love you too Denks," you told him.
"Read to me?" he requested, and you smiled.
"Always," you replied, finding your spot in your book again.
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pinkweirdsunsets6 months ago
lol i found your blog and masterlist ultimate guided to levihan. i found this story Mimetic Desire by Noixdepapaye. I love to think the interactions between of Levi x Hanji x Zeke. Lol. kind of love triangle waaatttt.
hi, i am glad that my post could help you and i love that story so much too!!!! its so well-written and the interactions between zeke and hange??!!! they are so good!??!
zekehan is probably my favourite crack ship and the fact that it has barely any fics/art/doujin just hurts so much.
it is also a very interesting ship and the dynamic bw levi, hange and zeke? beautiful.
UPDATE : this headcannon is a fic now!
as i am a sucker for childhood levihan friends au, i will be dropping some headcannons related to them and zeke so ~
levi and hange met when they were like 5. it was an accident really. oh, and also hange has a pet lizard called sawney and one day she loses sawney in a garden.
basically she gets all worried coz she can't find sawney and then she spots levi who was there just minding his business and latches on to him, begging him to help her find sawney.
obviously levi refuses and ignores her, and his face switches into a big scowl when he realises that hange is getting mud on his shoes and clothes.
and then hange out of nowhere collapses and is knocked out into a deep sleep coz she has been trying to find sawney for an entire day and she is tired af.
levi glares at her and is experiencing an inner conflict where he can't decide whether he should just leave her there or not, and then he looks over his shoulder and sees a fucking lizard perched on top there with its beady eyes staring holes into levi and-
he shrieks. a high pitched shriek.
ever since that day hanji decided that levi is her best friend and they are gonna be stuck to each other for the rest of thier lives. she thinks like this because in her eyes Levi is that hero who reunited her with sawney.
levi, however, doesn't feel the same. at all.
in the early days of their friendship, levi ignores each and every attempt hange makes to hang out with him. she annoys him to no ends and he dislikes her greatly (also he is never gonna forgive her for the sawney incident)
hange tries many times and then slowly, she loses hope, and that's when levi kinda starts missing her constant nagging? and he feels bad? cos hange actually doesn't have any friends. she is just that weird lonely kid who hangs around with two lizards (sawney and bean) also, even though levi prefers to be left alone most of the time, he still has a friend (erwin is levi's neighbour and levi can somewhat tolerate him most of the time)
one day, when levi is going back home after school, he sees hange sitting all alone in a sandpark in their school's play area (whatever shit primary schools have) and seeing her just sitting there alone lowkey breaks levi's heart.
because hanji looks so smol wrapped in her oversized clothes as she hugs her knees to her chest. she has a tea party set up and has all those toys kept in front of her, and the only two attendees of her tea party are those two fucking lizards. the worst part is that hange is not smiling and just staring at sawney and bean. AND THAT'S NOT FINE COZ HANGE IS ALWAYS SMILING.
after seeing that sight, levi remembers all those other girls who play tea party together and he feels bad af and before he can stop himself, he has already reached where hange is sitting.
he sits next to her and very subtly nudges her saying, "hurry up and make me a good cup of tea or else i won't play this shitty game with you."
needless to say, Hange is ecstatic.
since that day, hange and levi have tea parties everyday and she would drag him along everywhere and he would just follow her around like a puppy, there are times when he would refuse but hange's big brown eyes do the trick every damn time, and ever since that day Levi can officially never see his shitty four eyes sad again.
its not long before levi gets attached to hange and also becomes fiercely protective over her. hange becomes his little sunshine and seeing her happy and smiling is what levi looks forward to daily.
Levi subconsciously always carries two handkerchiefs, some clips and rubber bands and an extra tiffin to school daily. hange always finds way to get herself dirty so he needs to wipe off the mud from her face and he always does it so gently
"leviii, look at this! it is the frog i was telling you about last night. i think it wants to become friends with sawney," hange jumps over to levi with a frog resting in her palm.
levi glares at the shitty frog as he fishes out his extra handkerchief (he calls it the hange handkerchief) "let go off that thing right now, four eyes," he spits out, his voice laced with disgust as he cleans the dirt off hange's cheeks.
hange would get distracted with a new frog or something and she always forgets to bring her tiffin so levi has to forcibly feed her as she tries to run away from him.
levi watches hange's eyes widen as they catch another shitty frog and she crawls after it, completely ignoring Levi. He grabs her by the back of her collar and stuffs a spoon of food inside her mouth, "eat, four eyes."
hange makes flower crowns for levi and places them on top of his head before planting a soft kiss on his cheek, "I love Levi the most in this world, more than sawney and bean too!" she grins hugging him tighter from the back.
Levi blushes like crazy and becomes a flustered mess in no time.
levi would braid and comb hange's hair, putting in small shitty flowers in between the crosses.
hange makes little drawings for levi and she doodles a smiley on his hand every day. he hates it at first but slowly gets used to it.
levi once fell sick (AND LEVI NEVER FALLS SICK) and was bedridden for three days. hange tried to visit numerous times but she couldn't coz mama kuchel was afraid hange will catch Levi's sickness too.
so the next day hange climbed a tree right next to levi's room and jumped in inside from the window. she brought her whole tea party set and a flower crown for Levi. At first, levi was mad coz he didn't want hange to get sick too but in the end they played together and hange once again put the flower crown over his head and kissed his cheek.
Hange then snuggled under the blankets with levi and told him that cuddling makes all kinds of cold go away. because levi is not a fan of physical contact, he refuses but then eventually agrees (coz its hange duh) and they cuddle together under his blankets.
the last thing Levi remembers before falling asleep is the small smiley hange makes on his hand.
meanwhile, erwin moves away to another town (he actually transfers a long time back, right before levi and hange become friends)
FINALLY AFTER 6282535288228 years, let's come to zeke ~
zeke is a new student and they are now in middle school (grade 6 maybe) and he is in the baseball team.
Levi plays for the soccer team so he never gets to meet zeke well except for one time......
the first time levi meets zeke, he already hates him coz zeke laughs too loudly, makes very lame jokes and tops math (which is btw the subject levi always tops in)
and then finally when they first meet, zeke puts his arm around levi and laughs loudly in his ear talking about how Levi isn't popular with girls at all and that he should take advice from zeke as he already has a whole fanclub dedicated to him.
yelena leads that fanclub btw
oh, and zeke kinda (not much) likes petra (don't ask me why, its for the plot 馃槀)
and as zeke is laughing out loud (also trying to lowkey impress petra) levi is this close to beheading the monkey, oh and this whole thing is happening in front of the whole cafeteria
thank god hange is absent
but then suddenly petra gets up and slaps zeke saying that levi is indeed very popular among girls
and some more random girls stand up nodding in agreement
levi has never felt this smug in his life before
zeke has never felt this embarrassed in his life before
the next day now ~
okay, so quick explanation but every day after school is over, hange would come running to levi, calling out his name (exactly how she does in junior high) and start rambling on about something
Levi knows something is wrong when he doesn't hear that familiar voice
he looks around and then his eyes widen so fast coz hange is right there some distance away from him, and she is .... blushing?
and motherfucking zeke is standing next to her
flashback time
"that levi," zeke gritted his teeth, running a hand through his golden locks, "i need to get back at him."
"well..." Pieck started, "there is this one person levi ackerman keeps really close to his heart."
levi watches as zeke tucks back some strands of chestnut hair behind hange's ears, his fingers lingering near the skin of her earlobe. Levi clenches his jaw so tight he is afraid he might break his teeth. And then zeke offers his hand to hange and she draws a small smiley on it.
that was all it took
done it's all over now
zeke's life i mean
rip monke
Levi Ackerman saw red.
before zeke could blink, levi's seething face was infront of him and he was ripped away from hange with such force he never thought he could fathom
zeke wanted to retort or fight or do anything back, but as soon as his eyes met levi's, his blood ran cold.
levi stood infront of hange, shielding her away from zeke, "do not," he started, "come near shitty glasses," his eyes were emotionless and blank, with only specks of something like blood-curdling murder in them.
levi's cool moment was interrupted
hange pushed him away and kneeled next to zeke helping him stand up, "what's wrong with you levi ?" she glared at him accusingly, "i finally made a friend, and this is how you treat him."
levi had never gasped louder (or felt more betrayed) in his life before.
okay now, this is all i can think for now haha. this is my first time writing a headcannon so it won't be that nice, but i actually really enjoyed this!?!! if you all have any other ideas or something, hit me up? because this is so much fun.
i have written a bunch of fanfics in my life before but never one for levihan and after getting a push from tundrainafrica, i did start one and it was heavy on angst, and now i am having a hard time completing it coz I can't do angst at all.
also i will be turning this entire headcannon into a multi-chap fic coz this whole idea has been in my mind for a very long time now. my fic would prolly cover the above headcannon in the first two chapters and then continue from where this hc ended.
also i made erwin transfer for a reason, ofcrs he is gonna comeback (*whispers eruhan*)
anyways i hope this isn't actually weird af and you all enjoyed it even a little bit haha 馃挌馃挏
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emily-junka month ago
the bellas + zodiac signs
i have been learning a lot about astrology, so here is a super niche post abt the bellas and their big three placements (and my reasoning behind it). some are canonical, some are not (because let鈥檚 be real--they def just picked random ass birthdays for these bitches).聽
***for anyone who doesn鈥檛 understand astrology here is the basic rundown
sun sign: your core identity
moon sign: your inner self
rising sign: your social personality
virgo sun: it took me awhile to decide whether or not i thought beca was a virgo sun or rising but i do agree with canon that she is a virgo because virgos are perfectionists at heart. we see this especially in pp2 and pp3 when beca is super critical of herself and feels as though she is not good enough and none of her projects are good enough and overthinks her talent. virgos are also natural leaders, and beca gravitates towards leadership in the bellas. beca is also a very reliable friend which is another good trait of a virgo sun.聽
aquarius moon: beca, like most aquarius moons, likes to run away from her problems instead of facing them. she is socially awkward, especially when it comes to dealing with her emotions and the emotions of others around her because feelings make her uncomfortable. lunar aquarians are also very creative people and will do anything to try and set themselves apart and seem unique, which is something we see a lot of in the first movie with her聽鈥渋鈥檓 not like other girls鈥 way of dressing and actions. they are very witty. they are also typically loners and really enjoy their space and alone time, but when they do have people in their close inner circles they are not afraid to be their weird selves.聽
capricorn rising:聽beca is all about the grind and most of her focus is on being a successful musician. she is motivated by her music and anything that might possibly help promote her as an artist or take her places. capricorns are most known for their dedication and passion towards their careers. capricorn can also be very emotionally closed off and may feel awkward about sharing their emotions (much like beca).
pisces sun: canonically, chloe is a gemini sun, but like brittany snow, i feel like she acts like more of a pisces. pisces are very creative and have a big imagination which is displayed by chloe鈥檚 efforts in creating the bellas choreography and designing their costumes (because let鈥檚 be really--it was definitely not beca picking out their outfits for performances). pisces are known for being compassionate souls and for their patience. they can also be incredibly dramatic and sensitive, as shown by chloe鈥檚 frequent emotional outbursts.聽
libra moon:聽chloe is a very wishy-washy person so it would make sense for her to have libra, one of the most indecisive signs, in her personal planets. chloe is afraid of change and making a commitment whether it be relationships or a career path--girl never seems to know what she wants or what she鈥檚 doing. while libras are indecisive, they thrive in partnerships and as we all know chloe just聽鈥渓oves love鈥. libra moons are also very social, charming, and creative, all traits that chloe has.聽
leo rising: leo risings are just noticable and so hard to ignore. they also have very obvious hair and聽 chloe with her bright red hair and bubbly personality is so hard to miss. leo risings are incredibly over the top and dramatic, and people are naturally drawn to them and their friendly nature. they are great conversationalists and the聽鈥渂right and shiny鈥 of the rising signs, and chloe beale is possibly the most sunshiney person ever.
virgo sun: like beca, aubrey is also very much a perfectionist. she is incredibly nitpicky of herself and others, and always feels as though there is a way to do better. she is very competitve, must always be right, and must always be in control--some typical, more negative traits of a virgo. on the flipside, aubrey is also a very loyal member of the bellas and virgos are often lauded for their loyalty. aubrey, much like a good virgo, also focuses a lot on her image and how she appears to others. she is very self-conscious of her appearance and how others perceive her.
capricorn moon: aubrey has a hard time with expressing her emotions to others and being open about them. the most messy and emotional that we ever see her is the bar scene in pp3 when she expresses how she feels her life is a mess and her sadness over the dynamic between her father. most capricorns have trouble opening up to people unless they are very close with them, so it would make sense that it would take aubrey literal years to open up this much to the rest of the girls. when aubrey speaks about her father, we are often left to read between the lines as she never comes outright and says how she feels until the third movie, instead dancing around wistful quotes from her father and hinting at her sadness over their distant relationship. she is also very embarrassed by pukegate which makes sense with both her virgo and capricorn placements because both of those signs are focused on the grind and how they can put themselves in the best possible light. capricorns, like virgos, are also very heavy on tradition and following what is expected, which is what aubrey is obsessed with in the first movie.聽
aries rising: much like amy, aubrey is very opinionated and very bossy. she likes things done her way and craves control. aries are leaders, and combined with aubrey鈥檚 other big three placements, this just adds a cherry on top to what is already there.聽
leo sun: leo suns are very sunshiney personality. they are friendly and confident in their abilites. while emily鈥檚 confidence in herself does waver from time to time, with encouragement from the rest of the bellas, she begins to feel very confident in herself as a performer, singer, and songwriter. sometimes, leos, while proud of their talents and abilities, need that extra ego boost to reach peak confidence. in pp3, emily also is the one who thinks that they are performing, looking, and sounding great and is super confident in the bellas abilities to succeed at winning the uso tour. while her other two placements seem to balance this out, emily is still very ambitious--in the third movie she mentions having to take the GRE to aubrey which shows that she鈥檚 ambitious enough to want to commit to grad school. in the second movie, she has clear cut ambitions to be a barden bella and to get them to like her--something that she remains persistent with throughout the movie.
libra moon: while libras are known for being indecisive, they are also known for being the voice of reason and the neutral party who signals unity. several times in pp2 and pp3, emily serves as the voice of reason for the girls (though she is often spoken over by the louder personalities and voices in the room)--unfortunately, they don鈥檛 always seem to listen.聽
pisces rising: pisces risings are very creative and intuitive souls. they are gentle and compassionate, and very easy to get along with, much like emily. pisces are also described as聽鈥渓ost-looking鈥 and while emily seems to have gained her footing a bit more in pp3, this is definitely noticable in pp2 as she tries to navigate her way through being a part of the bellas and starting her first year of college.
fat amy
*amy is so chaotic there is no way that she is not a triple fire sign
sagittarius sun: sagittarians are known for their spontaneity and amy is probably the most carefree and spontaneous of the bellas. sagitarrians are known for their humor (amy is comedic relief) and love of freedom (which is shown by her fear of committing to her relationship to bumper and inability to hold down a consistent job or a job like at all). they are also good storytellers, and amy is known for her hilariously captivating stories about her life in australia.
leo moon: as we all know, leo鈥檚 are very dramatic (and so is amy). moon in leo is usually characterized as the聽鈥渃hildish鈥 moon sign, and amy does tend to act very childish at times. though she is chaotic, leo placements also exude leadership abilities, and while she is never an official leader of the bellas, she does seem to hold some sway in the group especially in social situations. amy also feels as though she deserves more recognition for her talent and anything else that she does, and leo moons often feel as though they are underappreciated and not recognized for their efforts and abilities as they feel they are god鈥檚 gift to the either.聽
aries rising: aries risings are very brave, opinionated and independent--three qualities that definitely describe amy. she is adventurous to the point that she gets herself (and her friends) into trouble, has strong opinions, and is a self-described聽鈥渇ree-range pony who doesn鈥檛 want to be tied down鈥.聽
***i realize this is an incomplete list i need some more time to deliberate on the others so i will add another part to this post when that鈥檚 finished!***
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wannabemobwife4 months ago
Guns, Glamour, Goodfellas - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: An Offer He Can鈥檛 Refuse
Dad!Mob!Tom Holland x Mom!Mob!Reader
-Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader, Rosie Holland x Henry Osterfield, Parker Holland x Platonic!Henry Osterfield
-Warnings: Language, small smut, always a lot of dialogue, idk if there is anything else.
-Words: 3.2K
Tumblr media
Author note: The driving test thing actually happened to me. I failed twice and then passed 3rd time. Feel free to leave comments or message me directly your feelings while reading the chapter. Always love hearing from you guys.
Chapter 6: An Offer He Can鈥檛 Refuse
Words: 3.2K
The Holland household was about to retire for the night. The lights of the rooms had been flipped off and the exit and entrance doors locked. When, SLAM, the sound of the front door shutting echoed through the house. It shook the pictures on the walls and knocked over a vase, spilling the delicate flowers.
Parker couldn鈥檛 stay in that house a minute longer, not after what he just learned, what he just overheard. Tom was in his office along with you, contemplating what to do next.
鈥淲hat the hell was that?鈥 You questioned as you sat on Tom鈥檚 lap.
鈥淪ir?鈥 William entered out of breath. 鈥淲hat is it William?鈥 Tom asked, sounding concerned. 鈥淧arker just left.鈥 鈥淗e what?鈥 You asked. 鈥淗e walked out of here,鈥 William explained.
鈥淲hy the fuck didn鈥檛 you stop him.鈥 Tom yelled, steam basically coming out of his ears. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know what I was supposed to.鈥 鈥淭om, come on. We have to go find him鈥 you screamed, rushing out of the room.
鈥淚鈥檒l deal with you later,鈥 Tom said sternly, pointing his finger at William as he fled to get his car keys.
Driving around aimlessly on the streets of London. You were scared for the safety of your son. Parker coming home today with bloody knuckles showed you a glimpse of his future. A life of unapologetic dealings, making him question his morals once in a blue moon. You wanted more for your son. You would be proud of him regardless but, you wanted him to be happy.
Tom, in the past, suffered from nightmares, ever since your kidnapping. He would wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night screaming your name.
鈥淵/N? Y/N!?! NOOOO,鈥 Tom screamed in his sleep.
鈥淭om? What鈥檚 wrong?鈥
鈥淵/N? Y/N! You鈥檙e.. you鈥檙e鈥,鈥 Tom gasped, coming out of his sleep
鈥淭ommy, shh, I鈥檓 right here. I鈥檓 right here,鈥 you whispered trying to calm him down. 鈥淵/N, thank god you are okay. I thought I lost you,鈥 Tom exasperated, trying to calm down his harsh breathing. 鈥淚鈥檓 right here, it was just a nightmare.鈥
鈥淐an I just hold you for a little while?鈥 鈥淥f course, Tommy鈥 you said as Tom started to fall asleep in her arms. You could feel his soft tiny breaths on her neck. And all was right with the world.
That euphoric feeling was associated with being in love. You were happy your son got to experience it for as brief a time. You didn鈥檛 know Charlotte all that well, be she made Parker happy. He had to grow up so fast, it wasn鈥檛 fair.
鈥淵/N were not going to find him, we should just go back home.鈥 Tom said to you. 鈥淣o, we鈥檙e gonna keep looking,鈥 you replied, you couldn鈥檛 leave your son out in the cold all night.
鈥淲ait, Tom stop the car. STOP THE CAR!鈥 You thundered.
鈥淚t鈥檚 Parker,鈥 you said, hopping out of the car.
鈥淧arker? What are you doing?鈥 You questioned as he kept his strides, moving away from you.
鈥淕et in the car, let鈥檚 go home,鈥 Tom explained.
鈥淣o. I鈥檓 not going anywhere with you,鈥 Parker yelled, continuing to walk away. 鈥淧arker stop fucking around and get in the car!鈥 Tom yelled.
鈥淔uck you, dad. I鈥檓 done. When were you going to tell me that you are the reason. SHE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!鈥 Parker raged, pointing fingers left and right. 鈥淧arker get in the car and we can talk this out,鈥 you pleaded. 鈥淣o, mom. I love you and I鈥檓 sorry. Don鈥檛 worry about me I鈥檓 staying at uncle Haz鈥檚 tonight.鈥
鈥淧ARKER GET BACK HERE!鈥 Tom screamed.
鈥淟et him go Tom. He鈥檒l be back, I know he will,鈥 you said, holding Tom back.
In this moment, Tom felt like he lost Parker for good. They had a good relationship but, were growing closer because of the mob. Finally something to bond over.
The night had fallen a few hours later and Parker was walking through the deserted streets of southwest London. Coming up upon a house he had known all too familiar, Henry and Harrison鈥檚 abode. After a few knocks, he was surprised anyone answered the door at this ungodly hour.
鈥淧arker? What are you doing here?鈥 Henry answered half asleep. 鈥淐an I stay here tonight?鈥 Parker asked directly, not inviting anymore questions.
鈥淵eah, of course,鈥 Henry agreed. 鈥淗enry who the fuck is it?鈥 Harrison yelled, coming down the stairs. 鈥淥h, Parker鈥 Do your parents know you are here?鈥 Harrison asked, surprised to see the boy on his doorstep. 鈥淵eah, I just can鈥檛 go back there, not tonight,鈥 Parker explained. 鈥淎lright then, you can sleep on the couch,鈥 Harrison said. 鈥淭hank you sir,鈥 Parker said. He didn鈥檛 sleep well. It wasn鈥檛 the couch, the couch was rather comfy, it was all the thoughts running amuck in his mind.
Why the fuck would his family arrange the death of girlfriend? Why would his dad put on a show of pretending to look for her killer? Who the fuck were his parents? Mrs Owens, Charlotte鈥檚 mom, was right he and his family are in the business of ending lives and Parker had already gone too deep.
He was woken up by Henry coming down for morning coffee. 鈥淗ey. How鈥檇 you sleep?鈥 Henry asked lowly. 鈥淪hitty,鈥 Parker replied. 鈥淗enry I swear to god are you shagging my sister?鈥 Parker screamed, addressing the invisible elephant in the room. 鈥淲hat she told you?鈥 鈥淢aybe. How the fuck could you do that. She鈥檚 my sister!鈥 鈥淢ate you got it all wrong. We aren鈥檛 shagging, just dating. Ok?鈥 Henry explained.
鈥淎lright, I can鈥檛 believe you didn鈥檛 tell me though. Also don鈥檛 break her heart or I will hurt you,鈥 Parker said only to be returned with chuckles from Henry. 鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 dream of it, she鈥檚 amazing. I think falling in love with her. By the way, that was a shitty threat. You鈥檙e a mobster and that鈥檚 the best you could come up with,鈥 Henry ridiculed.
鈥淔uck you. Can I have some coffee?鈥 Parker proposed. 鈥淪ure, but you gotta tell me what happened last night. Never in a million years have you ran away from home,鈥 Henry asked, genuinely concerned. 鈥淚 overheard my dad on the phone, he said 鈥渋t was Dom who arranged the hit.鈥 I have never met a Dom, never seen him around the house. I don鈥檛 think he is the one who pulled the trigger but, if he鈥檚 the one who gave up my location he might as well have,鈥 Parker exclaimed. 鈥淛esus, Parker. This is some fucked up shit. It sounds like your dad didn鈥檛 have anything to do with it anyway.鈥 Henry mumbled, not to deliberately defend Tom
鈥淚 know he did. I鈥檓 done talking about this.鈥 Parker asserted and Henry just nodded in response.
鈥淥h shit! Is today the 23rd?鈥 Parker asked, afraid it was. 鈥淵eah, why?鈥 Henry replied, confused by the look of terror on Parker鈥檚 face.
鈥淚 have my drivers test today and I can鈥檛 believe I have to see my dad. Ugh!鈥 Parker exclaimed.
Parker was doing his best to avoid the estate. He didn鈥檛 have a change of clothes or a toothbrush, he鈥檇 have to go back at some point. The fact that his driving license exam was today majorly screwed up his plans of ignoring Tom.
He was ready to get his license and had been practicing quite a lot. He stopped after his accident cause it hurt to drive but, getting a license was the first step in becoming an adult and earning more freedom, something he desperately needed.
What he needed the most was to get out. He wasn鈥檛 bred for this type of life. Killing, torturing and breaking the law took a loose morality that he didn鈥檛 know if he had. Parker was hurting and Tom was responsible. Parker felt like he needed to make Tom pay but, how could he hurt his own father. He couldn鈥檛, he wasn鈥檛 some villain in a movie, he was only kid.
Deep down Parker loved Tom but, it was hard to love the person responsible for the bomb that blew up your life. Parker had to hit Tom where it hurts. Parker wouldn鈥檛 dream of hurting you but mobsters were brutal. He had heard the stories in the past of mobster鈥檚 hurting you to get to Tom. People would think rival mobs would want to come after him and not you. On the contrary, people associated with the mob were heartless, spineless creatures. They loved watching someone beg for their life and someone fall apart, knowing everything has been stripped away from them. Leaving them vulnerable and utterly alone.
The thing Tom loved most in this world, but he would never admit it, was his mob. Being apart of the mob gave Tom purpose. He didn鈥檛 know what he would be without it. He was too devious to be a wall street guy and too adventurous to be a stay at home dad. Tom didn鈥檛 run the mob for money, it was simply pleasure.
Devising the plan to take Tom down from the inside out required more planning than ever imagined. Parker鈥檚 main focus was to find the person that despised Tom the most. Someone who could make Tom鈥檚 blood boil at the utterance of his or her name.
Parker had Harrison drive him to the DMV, fully expecting to see you, but his heart stopped when he saw Tom. Barely acknowledging him, only nodding when Tom muttered something. Rosie was there also, taking her test at the same time. She hadn鈥檛 practiced as much as Parker but was confident in her driving ability.
Just like the driving license exam, Parker was the first to go. He waited in driver鈥檚 seat, in line, on the side of DMV. Trying to not let his nerves get the best of him. The examiner instructed Parker to start the car, do his hand signals and make his way out of the parking lot to begin the test. The entire process was routine. The whole thing only spanning about 20 mins, then it was Rosie鈥檚 turn.
Parker came out of the car, thrusting the paper that signified his passing in the air.
鈥淚 passed! I passed! You鈥檙e looking at the newest driver of the Hollands,鈥 Parker exclaimed, extremely giddy.
鈥淩osie Holland?鈥 Called out the driving test examiner. Rosie stood up and took a much needed long breath.
She wasn鈥檛 one for cracking under the pressure but, did have trouble being judged. As a child Rosie used to participate in gymnastics, she gave it up as she grew more and more self conscious with age. Later switching to a mix of after-school activities celebrating the arts. She very much enjoyed choir and drama, occasionally dance. 鈥淚 know you鈥檒l do great honey,鈥 Tom reassured her. 鈥淭hanks, dad,鈥 Rosie murmured, ready to face her biggest fear, judgment.
The exam was the same as Parkers. The examiner asked for her to show all the buttons in the car, the hand signals and exit the parking lot safely. The test also only took 20 mins, however when they pulled up she wasn鈥檛 as ecstatic as Parker was.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 pass,鈥 she mumbled, trying to not let tears fall. 鈥淥h baby, I鈥檓 so sorry. You can always take the test again. Parker, can you take her to the car while I run to the restroom,鈥 Tom said, bring his daughter into a warm embrace. Parker nodded in return and led the way. Now, it was only Tom making his way into the DMV to give the examiner an offer he can鈥檛 refuse.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry sir, I heard that you didn鈥檛 pass my daughter but you passed my son. I鈥檇 like to hear your reasoning for such a grave error. I don鈥檛 understand they are both excellent drivers, I鈥檝e been driving with them for months.鈥 Tom asked, he wasn鈥檛 going to let his baby girl cry over something so basic as a driving test.
鈥淪he only turned her signal on at 100 feet before the light and not at 150 feet before,鈥 he explained. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 complete and utter bullshit and you know it. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to pass my daughter, Rosie Holland, as in Tom Holland. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e not as stupid as I think you are. Am I right?鈥 Tom threatened.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, sir, I wasn鈥檛 aware of who she鈥 who you are,鈥 pleaded the examiner. 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, just consider it a warning. Now, should I call my daughter back in here so you can give her her license?鈥 Tom asked as the examiner nodded, almost fearful for his life. Tom鈥檚 reputation preceded him everywhere he went. What good was his reputation if it couldn鈥檛 put a smile on Rosie鈥檚 face?
Tom quickly sent a text to Parker saying 鈥淐ome inside with Rosie.鈥 In a few minutes they were there and the examiner apologized for the confusion and passed her.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe I passed! Dad can you drop me off at Henry鈥檚? I want to tell him the good news,鈥 Rosie cheered.
鈥淪ure darling. Parker, are you staying there tonight?鈥 Asked Tom. 鈥淣o, I need new clothes,鈥 Parker mumbled.
鈥淕ood. Your mother misses you,鈥 Tom responded. Tom didn鈥檛 know how to address everything. Everything had gotten so screwed up. How was he supposed to explain to his son that his grandfather is the reason Charlotte was dead?
Pulling up to Henry鈥檚 house, Rosie practically jumped out of the car. She couldn鈥檛 contain her excitement to see the person who made life worthwhile. Just looking at his greenish hazel eyes gave her butterflies.
鈥淗enry, I passed! Wanna go for a drive?鈥 Rosie asked, twirling his keys on her fingers. 鈥淪ure, let鈥檚 get some dinner.鈥
They went to a nice restaurant in downtown London. Henry had the whole night planned out. Take Rosie to a lovely dinner, go on the London Eye, confess his true feelings and drive back to spend the night with his girl.
Love was new to both of them. Just learning the fact that when you are in love, you become half of a whole. The dinner was lovely, they went to a little Italian restaurant called Casa Nostra and fell in love with the ambiance. Rosie order a shrimp scampi and Henry ordered a pizza. She made fun of him for taking her to such a classy place and only ordering pizza. Not even a luxury pizza with truffles or sausage, just classic pepperoni.
After dinner, they made their way to the London Eye. Rosie and Henry had both been there before, but they enjoyed watching the city from that height. As they reached the top, Henry pulled Rosie close. How did he get this lucky to have her in his arms. He wouldn鈥檛 know what he鈥檇 do without her.
鈥淩osie, I have something for you. Hold out your hands,鈥 Henry said, pulling out silver a necklace with a H and a R on it.
鈥淥h my god, Henry. It鈥檚 beautiful,鈥 Rosie exclaimed admiring the dainty jewelry. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e beautiful,鈥 he responded, causing Rosie to blush.
After a few moments of silence along with staring deeply into each other鈥檚 eyes, Henry chimed in, 鈥淩oo, I think I鈥檓 falling in love with you.鈥
鈥淗enry, I know I鈥檓 falling in love you.鈥 Smiles both envelop their faces as they pressed into a kiss.
They made their way back to Henry鈥檚 house and found comfort on the couch. Rosie and Henry put on a movie but barely paid attention to it as they were both too consumed in each other.
As the movie played in the background, clothes were discarded one after the other. First Rosie鈥檚 shirt and Henry鈥檚 was soon to follow.
鈥淕od, you鈥檙e so beautiful,鈥 Henry whispered nuzzling himself between her breasts.
鈥淗enry,鈥 Rosie hummed as his hand traveled to the waistband of her jeans. He started to fiddle with the button and zipper, ready to take this love fest further.
Rosie was not ready for that. God she loved him but Rosie wanted it to be more special. Especially since the last time she almost inadvertently lost her virginity was at that party.
鈥淗enry... stop,鈥 Rosie said, trying to hide her timid tone. He immediately pulled away, halting all movements.
鈥淩oo, what鈥檚 wrong?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry but I want to wait. Is that ok?鈥
鈥淩osie, of course. I never want you to feel pressured. We鈥檒l wait as long as you want,鈥 Henry assured.
鈥淭hank you. Now that that鈥檚 out of the way. Can we go back to kissing?鈥 Rosie questioned, missing the taste of his lips.
鈥淥f course, baby.鈥 He chuckled, smiling into the kiss.
Henry placed his hands on her hips and brought her into a loving kiss. She immediately kissed back, opening her mouth wider to allow entrance for his tongue, deepening the kiss. Nothing could get more perfect than this moment.
Meanwhile, Parker was having an awkward dinner with you and Tom. Tom had refused to talk to his son and you were giving Tom the cold shoulder because of it.
鈥淭hanks for dinner. I鈥檓 going out,鈥 said Parker as he exited the dining room. 鈥淲here are you going?鈥 Tom asked, tired of all his games. 鈥淟ike I said out,鈥 Parker exclaimed, leaving without a single goodbye.
Parker drove to hotel and casino downtown called Aurelia. He had contacted a fairly new friend for information on Tom鈥檚 rival. Jazz, aka Jasmine Ramsey a contract killer, was starting to become quite the informant to Parker. She enjoyed bouncing around even though her allegiance with always be with Tom secondly, after herself. She didn鈥檛 become a master assassin by not playing on both teams. The valets parked his car as he walked toward the hotel.
Coming up to concierge to ask 鈥淚鈥檓 here to see some guy called Wilson.鈥 鈥淚s he expecting you?鈥 asked the concierge. 鈥淒oubt it, tell him a Holland needs to talk to him. I鈥檒l wait,鈥 Parker said, really coming into this new role.
鈥淩ight this way Mr. Holland,鈥 Parker was escorted to the 11th floor, almost like a penthouse.
鈥淭ommy boy, what鈥檚 this concerning? You have some balls showing up. I could have you dead on the spot.鈥 Spoke the mysterious mobster, from his dim office. Parker stood in the doorway, this was his last chance, he could leave right now and not screw over his father. But it was too late.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not Tom. I hear you hate my old man. Something we have in common. I鈥檓 here to offer my services,鈥 Parker said, confidence fading.
Swallowing the lump in his throat and hiding the sweat marks on his face, those were all huge tells of lying. He could be dead in 5 seconds flat if they thought his motives weren鈥檛 pure. 鈥淲hat the fuck do you think you have to offer me?鈥 replied the cunning mobster. 鈥淚鈥檓 Tom Holland鈥檚 son, anything. Take your pick Wilson.鈥 Parker concluded.
That was it. There is no going back now. Parker was what they would call a double agent, only if he was a spy. Nope, he is a mobster and he is now a rat. People have been killed in front of their family for far less.
Betrayal is the ultimate crime, having someone you trust just turn their back on them. Whatever Parker just did, changed everything. He could never go back. He started a war and this was just the beginning.
Guns, Glamour and Goodfellas Masterlist
Taglist: @thenoddingbunny-blog @adriannauni @dummiesshort
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fa-by4 months ago
Hellooo babies and dear Anons 馃憢馃徏馃 Welcome to a new 鈥楺&A鈥 post. Enjoy 馃檭
Tumblr media
Here, dear Anon. I spoke and gave my interpretation of Find U Again here: (sixth question).
Tumblr media
Here, dear Anon. I talked about Michael Clifford here: (Point n掳 2).
Tumblr media
Nope and nope, dear Anon. Camila was in a relationship before they got together. May I advise you to listen to their songs with a little more attention, dear?
Tumblr media
They were certainly more distant, dear Anon. As for the not speaking, it was a bit impossible not to do it work-wise speaking, but they certainly didn't talk about them and their situation. Not until Laur finally got her head out of her ass.
Tumblr media
1) Of course I do, dear Anon. 2) She didn't hide it very well as you say. 3) Yes, because Lauren, but also Camila, are anything but subtle when they're jealous.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much, dear Anon 馃 and forgive me, but I don't think I understood what you mean. Do you mean if they were angry at each other? Because if they were angry at each other, then I don't think they shared a room 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧鈥
Tumblr media
Hiii to you too, baby CS 馃憢馃徏馃槃 Lauren created her Tumblr at 14, so, no, I'm sorry, dear. It has nothing to do with Camila.
Tumblr media
Hello to you too, dear Anon 馃憢馃徏馃槃 When they stopped communicating again. It became painful when they stopped sharing with each other moments, situations, feelings, desires, opinions, fears, and everything that is enclosed in communication. But this happened after their first breakup. Their real first breakup lasted very little and led to their rings, dear. Sooo.
Tumblr media
No, dear Anon, they weren't fighting. That was a soundcheck, not the concert. Can't you see they didn't have their white stage costumes? Can't you see they were all lazily rehearsing the steps? And then, I'm sorry, dear, but have you ever seen Camila angry? Does it look like she's angry here?
Tumblr media
That's just Mila being Mila, dear Anon 馃ぃ
Tumblr media
No, dear Anon. That rumor was created as soon as the video of Camila singing the 鈥楾he Hills/Crazy in Love鈥 mashup cover came out on July 3, 2015. It's just that. A cover like many others she's done. Mila at the time still didn't have the possibility and the access to record in a professional studio outside of 5H, so let alone if she could write and sell a song. And another proof I can give you about this is the fact that she hadn't even written I Know What You Did Last Summer yet. Camila, Ally, and Troy (Ally's ex-boyfriend) went to Taylor's 鈥1989 Tour鈥 concert on July 10, 2015 (Shiseido was one of the opening acts, and that was the day 鈥榯hey wrote鈥, sure, Jane, a part of IKWDLS backstage). Exactly 7 days after that video. So, dear Anon, my answer is no. I don't believe at all in the possibility that it happened.
Tumblr media
Hello to you too, dear Anon 馃憢馃徏馃槃 Yes, I read it, and no, dear. The story was written in 2014, so even though we can find coincidences today, it means absolutely nothing. They're just that: coincidences. The girl who wrote it, Jazmin, is from Germany, and that alone should make you realize she's not an insider. She's just a really talented and brilliant girl who has been able to write stories like Do I Wanna Know, CC7, and LJ10.
Tumblr media
Of course I've seen/heard that video, dear Anon. I also talked about it in my last post, about the kiss more specifically. And to answer your questions:
1) neither. You can hear someone say: 鈥淭his is weird. I missed you so much鈥. And honestly? I find this part of the audio so incredibly strange. You wanna know why? Because the video starts with screaming fans, right? One of them even screaming Lauren鈥檚 name. Then there's this sentence said at the same time as the kiss. That alone proves they didn't say it, but that鈥檚 not even what makes that sentence weird for me. It's the fact that I believe it was inserted into the video. I mean, I can't hear what Lucy and Nando are saying who are much closer to the camera than Camren, but I can clearly hear this sentence which is should supposedly have been said by one of them in a low voice from inside the van? Like, whaaaat? Come on, now. Look and listen for yourself if you don't believe me:
2) Surprised by what? And why are you so sure they slept together?
I hope you're having a good day too, dear Anon.
Tumblr media
Hello to you too, dear Anon 馃憢馃徏馃槃 To me, Camila explains in a brilliantly sarcastic and sassy way, how she doesn't need a guy. Like 鈥淐inderella never asked for a prince鈥, in this case, her.
If you think about it, all Disney princesses are beautiful, well-dressed, thin, with long hair, often na茂ve, and especially in the first movies, white. And all of them always follow the same basic model: they wait for the intervention of prince charming to solve the problems of their existence. Disney has luckily evolved over the years, but do you realize that they鈥檝e made us grow up with the idea that to save us from our troubles and to change our lives, will be the encounter with 鈥榯he right man鈥? That finding the love of one's life is the goal for a woman, and that beauty is the means to conquer it?
Disney movies, undoubtedly, convey a lot of positive messages. They can spur us on to being altruistic and optimistic, to commit ourselves to what we do, to try to change our own destiny, etc., etc. But they also have negative aspects and messages like, indeed, a Cinderella. The poor and beautiful maid, forced to work as a scullery maid by her stepmother and evil stepsisters, envious of her beauty. An unhappy housewife who doesn鈥檛 lift a finger to change the bad situation she鈥檚 in. And what's the only way her life changes? When the handsome and rich prince she met for only five minutes, marries her. I mean, what? Sis, you danced for a couple of hours at a party with him! You basically know nothing about him, but you marry him? Okay...
Disney animated movies are rites of passage, and although it may not seem from what I said, I really love animated movies. Although they have messages that may or may not adversely affect, they're also beautiful and fun. I grew up seeing them, and I am who I am today. I watched the videotapes every day and knew them all by heart. But then growing up, I realized that not everything they show is right. So, I advise you, dear Anon, and whoever is reading this, if you have a little sister, a little cousin, or are dealing with little girls, please, explain the differences to them as you watch those movies with them. Explain to them that beauty isn't everything. Explain to them that they don't need to be blonde and blue-eyed like Cinderella. Because they are and will be beautiful as they are, and that especially when they're older, this will not have to become a requirement to be socially accepted.
But anyway. Sorry if I dwelt, dear Anon 馃槄 I believe Camila used this song as her own unique way to dispel the stereotype of the classic Disney princess. Sentences like 鈥淪he said 鈥榓 dream is a wish your heart makes鈥, and he's a sad reality鈥, 鈥淯s twenty first century girls need chivalry too鈥, and 鈥淚'm still a damn princess to you鈥 make us understand this. She didn't need a guy, and that's all the song stands for. Hope you have a good day too, dear 馃槉
Aaand I'm done 馃槢 I hope I was helpful in this case too 馃檭 Thank you all for your asks and as usual, know that I'm available for those who have questions, so feel free to ask 馃槉
Always remember to be kind, to others and to yourselves. Be a good example. Be patient. Be safe and take care of yourselves. Don't let our ship sink. Keep shipping them, but please respectfully 馃檹馃徏 Sending you virtual love and hugs 馃馃馃 I love you, babies. Always with love,聽F聽鉂わ笍
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SNK characters and technology/internet in the modern AU
聽Eren: know鈥檚 how to use technology like phones etc. but doesn鈥檛 know how they function. Uses some social media.
Mikasa: also know how technology works but knows basic coding because she had to make a website for her small online busines (she sells self made earrings)
Armin: the one that taught Mikasa basic coding and helped her a lot. He ahs other hobbies but knows a lot about coding. Uses a bunch of social media but isn鈥檛 an internet person. Also knows a good bit about PC parts and helps people building the est possible PC.
Jean: Uses instagram to post shirtless pictures and look at pretty girls. Is not an internet person nescesarily but understands some simple memes. Also has a twitter where he posts literally everything that happens in his life. He has a laptp but doesn鈥檛 know shit about stuff and needs help with anything, he accidentally put on flight mode on and had to ccall armin to fix it since he didn鈥檛 know whats wrong.
Connie: is a gamer and understands memes. Knows basic stuff about computers and is聽 often the kid that has to asist a techer when they don鈥檛 know how a computer works.
Sasha: also a gamer but joined the IT club and know som stuff about coding. If there鈥檚 a problem she just tries around until she finds a solutions, if she can鈥檛 find one she calls Armin.
Reiner: has instagram to post pictures of himself. He wouldn鈥檛 be able to turn on a PC if Armin hadn鈥檛 shown him. he once accidentally put on a screensaver and thought had had destroyed the whole PC.
Bertold: knows about as muc as Armin but noone realizes. Spends his free time coding websites for sompanies to make some extra money. the only social media he uses is Reddit, he doesn鈥檛 post mostly and just looks at memes.
Annie: doesn鈥檛 really care about social media, possibly uses tumblr. Knows how to navigate a computer.
Ymir: Knows a lot about internet culture and knows basically everything you need about PCs, smatphones etc. doesn#t really to care how exactly they work.
Historia: has a Mac Pc but basically only knows how to google and how to watc hvideos on Youtube. She uses instagram a lot but Ymir often has to explain memes to her.
Erwin: doesn鈥檛 know shit about either the internet nor technology in genral. He uses Facebook and takes these weird boomer selfies. He also asked students to add him on facebook multiple times to be more up to date, Ymir tried to explain instagram and Rddit to him so they have less time for the actual subject suring the lesson. I worked, she spent the entire lesson explaining it to him and he found it very intresting, still didn鈥檛 understnad the appea though.
Levi: doesn鈥檛 care about about social media, has a faceless instagram account though, to look at expensive tea cups and cats. He can navigate the internet and a PC in general, always has to help Erwin in doing so. Also he doesn鈥檛 own a smartphone, he uses instagram on his laptop.
Hange: very knowledgable on everything. At first they had no problem with telling students about their instagram and Snap but it fot weird and they made their instagram private and blocked all studenst on snap. Knows everything you need to know about the internet and computers. I also think they would be a linux user.
Moblit: generaly prefers books over anything that has a screen but ownsa smartphone and uses Hanges PC every now and then. Definitely not an internet person but has no problem navigating a PC.
Pieck: has instagram and a secret Reddit account, is a meme and internet person but doesn鈥檛 seem like one. If she鈥檚 18 she also has an only fans. Took and It course and know basic things aboutcoding. Knows how to work a computer and could probably also be teperson that always has to help the teachers.
Porco: the most he can do on PC is open a browser. He posts cringy straight boy selfies on instagram and sencd shirtless snaps to girls he doesn鈥檛 know.
Zeke: does have an instagram account but doesn鈥檛 use it. pretty good at navigating a PC but probably couldn鈥檛 tell you how to buid one and knows next to nothing about programming.
Yelena: not a classicl internet person but spends a lot of time on forums. Probably built her PC herself if she has one.
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rodeoxqueen8 months ago
Hi hi!! I was wondering if you could do hcs of DMC boys spending times with their kids at the amusement park and at the end they take pictures with each other thank you so muc ^^
Howdy Howdy,
Of course I can, gorgeous.聽
鈥淜ids! Wake up, wake up, we鈥檙e going to the amusement park!鈥 He screams as he kicks the door down. The kids aren鈥檛 expecting it but they were overjoyed regardless.聽
Just as excited as his kids to go to amusement parks. He drives them the whole way over talking about which rides they should go on. They miss their turns several times.聽
Daddy Dante got the full dad in amusement park attire. Hawaiian shirt, board shorts, and flamingo socks with sandals.聽
It helps to be super strong, he holds all their stuff.聽
He races the kids to the lines. He basically lets them do what they want but he wants to go on the scary rides. Good thing it鈥檚 not their turn with the Sparda brain cell, they fear nothing.聽
鈥淲ow, they say this ride is not suitable for sick people, pregnant women, old people, and people with common sense and self-respect. Well kids, it鈥檚 good that鈥檚 not any of us.鈥澛
鈥淒ad, you鈥檙e pretty old.鈥澛
鈥淒o you want to ride this death trap or not?鈥澛
鈥淣evermind, you don鈥檛 look a day over twenty, dad.鈥澛
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what I thought.鈥澛
He wins them all the prizes. One of his kids runs around with the largest unicorn known to man while the vendor tells Dante that no, he cannot use Ebony and Ivory to win anymore stuffed animals.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 so fluffy I鈥檓 gonna die!!鈥澛
鈥淜iddo, can that wait? We still have several rides to go on.鈥澛
Dante even has the dinky cameras with the photos you get developed at the print store. All of them are blurred or one of the kids makes a weird face in it. He wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way.聽
You know those punching bags they have that measure your strength? Well, Dante is super cocky stepping up to punch the daylights out of it.聽
The goofy dad misses, his fist going straight through the machine and lifting it out of the cement. His kids cheer as he realizes what he鈥檚 done.聽
鈥淒id I win?鈥澛
鈥淪ir, you need to pay for that.鈥澛
鈥淜ids, book it and scatter! They can鈥檛 catch all of us.鈥澛
They are banned from that park. No regrets.聽
They go home, sunburnt, faces sticky with candy and all sorts of fried foods, and arms fulls of prizes. They don鈥檛 even make it to their rooms before they all pass out in the living room.聽
Dante buys so many pictures they took from the rides. They join the rest of his wallet photos.聽
Lady and Trish are mad he spent so much on one excursion, but seeing how happy he was with his kids, they don鈥檛 say anything.聽
It isn鈥檛 until his kids plead and whine to him for weeks that he will open a portal to this 鈥渁musement park.鈥澛
鈥淏ut Father, all the other kids get to go!鈥澛
鈥淚t is a frivolous waste of time.鈥澛
鈥淯ncle Dante is so cool, our cousins got to go-鈥澛
鈥淲here is it.鈥澛
He鈥檒l be damned before his brother is considered 鈥渃ooler鈥 to his own children.
He鈥檚 the dad that doesn鈥檛 want to be there but relented for his kids. Another unamused dad stands next to him as they watch their kids go feral.聽
鈥淵ou too, huh?鈥澛
鈥淒on鈥檛 talk to me.鈥澛
He stands next to them in the long lines to ensure their safety. He glares at anyone who tries to cut in line.聽
鈥淐ut in line in front of my children again. Try it. I will cut you.鈥澛
His kids get first in line since no one wants to stand behind Vergil. When the ride takes their photos, employees are shocked to see he is stone-faced the whole ride.聽
鈥淗ell had better drops than this.鈥澛
His kids win prizes by themselves, Vergil once again relenting and handing them bills.聽
They run over to him with their own prizes and he pats them on the head.聽
鈥淚 expected nothing less.鈥澛
Vergil does not want his kids to get sick from all the sweets they wish to consume. He lets them choose a few things and then he cuts them off.聽
He sits down in the shade as his kids continue to play and run around.聽
It isn鈥檛 until they point to the strength tester that Vergil gets up again. He knows it鈥檚 rigged. He initially refuses, but when someone calls him a wuss he removes his jacket and snatches the hammer from the vendor.聽
Vergil hits the scale so hard that the puck flies straight off the scale and enters the stratosphere.聽
鈥淎re we done now?鈥澛
He is handed an armful of tickets. His kids praise their father while he smugly smirks at the people who taunted him.聽
The pictures booth is thoroughly stuffed with all of his kids and their toys and stuffed animals. He is literally shoved into the background, all the weight on his lap as he tries not to asphyxiate. When the photos come out, you can only see the top part of his face.聽
They all go home, thoroughly entertained. Vergil acts like he doesn鈥檛 care and that the trip was mundane. But only he knows, he was smiling in all of the booth photos. Good thing he鈥檒l take that to the grave.聽
His children see the posters around town for the amusement parks when he takes them out on afternoon strolls to the park. He鈥檚 an observant father, who notices how his kin gathers around the idea of this 鈥渁musement park.鈥澛
鈥淒ad, can we please go?鈥 They shyly ask.聽
鈥淏ut of course.鈥 He says.聽
He is not prepared for the chaotic nature of these crowded social events. It鈥檚 hot, he鈥檚 sweating, everything is so expensive, it鈥檚 loud鈥︹
Since he is unnaturally pale, he always applies sunscreen. His kids are also slathered in it before they go running about.聽
Bless him. He tries so hard to keep up in the sweltering heat. His kids notice he鈥檚 lagging behind so they decide to stay in one place so he can sit and observe.聽
At least the burgers and fries are good here. His kids run about, asking him to try what deep-fried and sugary creations they have found. He鈥檚 very fond of cotton candy and how it disappears on his tongue.聽
Shadow tries to eat garbage and Griffon is heckling the street performers.聽
V鈥檚 children beg him to come with them and practically drag him to the rides. He pales at the screams of other people.聽
He relents and he goes on the rides. His kids feel awful after he throws up after the third repeat of the most infamous attraction.聽
They leave him alone after that, letting him recover at a table. His familiars follow his children around to make sure nothing bad happens.
It鈥檚 not his scene, however鈥.
He鈥檚 the new champ of guessing how many things are in a jar. He rests his head on his cane as he observes each marble, each little figurine before he guesses an incredibly close number.聽
His children are shocked to come back to him and find the piles of tickets he鈥檚 won.聽
His kids get themselves giant chicken and cat plushies.聽
鈥淗ey, V! Not funny!鈥 Griffon declares in indignance at the chicken plushies his master鈥檚 children run about with. Shadow is quite a fan, keeping one in her mouth.聽
Finally, it has gotten late and they all decide to take pictures. You know damn well that Griffon and Shadow wish to partake in this.聽
V keeps the photos tucked in his book.聽
Despite the literal spiraling rollercoaster that is amusement parks, he would do it all over again to see his children so overjoyed.聽
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tianphupha8 months ago
Rules: It鈥檚 time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 (or so) favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. Tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works. I was tagged by @yibobibo aamna thank u so muc and I鈥檓 so sorry this is so latenfkskkfd
@yibobibo aamnaaaaa!! You鈥檙e always so so wonderful and nice esp when you send me cute little messages I completely adore you and how you鈥檙e always tagging me in stuff! Thank you so much and I鈥檓 sorry I鈥檓 so lazygnskd but I appreciate it all so so much! You鈥檙e so talented as well i love everything you post and all your wonderful cql/yibo content makes me so happy esp when ur going off in the tags! I love this (it鈥檚 just so jc and wwx and it makes me so so sad) and this (ur tags said it well it鈥檚 very sexy) and lastly, this one (it鈥檚 just?? So powerful and I love that scene so so much) I鈥檓 sending u lots of love for the new year and I hope u have a wonderful year ahead 馃グ馃槡
@gremlinmetawin ayeshaaaaaaaa!! Despite what you may thinkhjdkdkd I do actually love u very much 馃檮 even when ur being mean to me. I love everything you put on my dash and when ur watching stuff, despite how long you take, I always love that you flood my dash with gifs bc it makes me feel like I鈥檓 watching right along with u. Also I know I make fun of u for tkaing so long to watch stuff but I love hearing your thots on everything and you always manage to pick up on the little details that I always end up missing. I also love how extra you can be gjskkfkdd your font for ayeshas thot still makes me laughfjkskd Anyways I鈥檓 so so glad to have gotten to know you this year and I appreciate you so so much and I just love screaming about all the shows we鈥檙e watching together 馃ズ I Ioce u and appreciate u and I hope that next year is rlly good to u 馃槡馃槡馃グ
@teh-ohaew taayyy!! Like I said with Ayesha despite what guys think i do actually love u too even tho you favour Ayesha over me sighhh but seriously I鈥檓 so glad we鈥檝e gotten close over the few months (2gs impact huh) and that we get to scream over the same shit to each other. I also love how u don鈥檛 post shit for days and then u comeback and rb everythinggnsmmd and ur thirsty tags 馃檮 always interesting to read. Oh and I鈥檝e told u this multiple times but this this and this all of the edits are so good and all the detail you鈥檝e put into them?? I love it so so much I also rlly love this all of the quotes you chose and the scenes?? To quote you, Britney gif yeah 馃槱 okay that鈥檚 it I love u and appreciate u and I hope next year is really really good to u 馃槡馃槡馃グ
@yioh yuraaaaaa!!! I always feel so warm and happy whenever I see your stuff on my dash. I love hearing your thoughts on every show you鈥檙e watching or reading and I always find myself adding stuff to my recs. Also I love how you鈥檙e always so energetic and kind to everyone and you just excude love and warmth. You鈥檙e so talented I just love all of your artwork so so much esp this (the concept is just so good? What we could鈥檝e had 馃様) and this (bc obvs they鈥檙e both happy and living together) and lastly this (ngl I鈥檝e gone back and read this so many times bc it just?? Hurts so much??) hope u have a great year ahead and u get to be surrounded by cats and everything u love!! 馃グ馃槡馃槡
@metawwin aliiiiiiii!!! I鈥檓 so happy that we鈥檝e gotten the chance to get to know one another this year and I absolutely adore you. You鈥檙e always so so kind and give off such positive energy and I just feel so happy whenever I see your stuff on my dash. And I鈥檝e said this before but I love your gifs and it shows how much work you put into them and I love everything about your blog. I esp love this (ngl I lost my shit bc hands??? It鈥檚 such a pretty set and I always come back to it) and this (god I love this quote so much and I just love the scenes you鈥檝e chosen and just everything is just so them) and lastly this (i love how u pick up on the smallest details and parallels and this set.. I just appreciate it so so much) I lov u and miss u I hope u have a great year ahead , sending u lots of love 馃グ馃槡馃槡
@taytawan nuriaaa!! you鈥檙e so kind and you and your blog just give off such warmth idk how to explain it. I love all of your content, you make some of the prettiest gifs ive ever seen they鈥檙e always so warm and so clear and pretty. I esp love this one (idk how to explain it but it鈥檚 just?? So pretty and it鈥檚 one of my fav gifs of Tine out there ugh he just looks so good and the colouring just makes it so so much better) and all of your heart-eyes sets (ahhvhdjjdd they鈥檙e all just so nice and they just sum up their relationship so well??? These sets always make me so so happy) and lastly this (ngl I sat there for 5 minutes just being in awe bc?? I鈥檝e never thought about this and I about lost it because???? Yeah it was never about the phone 馃槱 and that just adds so much to the show) I hope you have the best year ahead, sending u lots of love! 馃グ馃槡馃槡
@morksuns sumaayaaa!! You鈥檙e so wonderful and kind and i just love how much you love the handmaiden?? And you have such great taste in shows and movies and I just love when you rb it on my dash. I absolutely love this mb it鈥檚 just so pretty and so soft?? And they鈥檙e girlfriends and everything about it is just so so warm and nice and the quotes.. yeah 馃槱) I also really love this mb (all of the pictures you鈥檝e chosen are just so wonderful and they just fit?? That yellow sweater? The headphones? Scrubb? 鈥淗i I鈥檓 bi鈥 jfkskfk I just find so much comfort in it) and lastly this mb (it just screams home to me and it鈥檚 just so soft and wonderful? & the soulmate definition? Yeah ..yeah ) I hope u have a wonderful year ahead, sending u lots of love馃グ馃槡
@fushiguroo lasyaaa!! You鈥檙e so so kind and lovely to talk to. You just give off so much warmth and you always seem so positive. I also really love all the sky/landscape pictures you post they鈥檙e always so pretty and ur just so talented. You also make such pretty gifs I just love all of your itsay gifs esp this (all the yellows and it just looks so warm and pretty?? And you giffed some of my favourite scenes from the episode 馃ズ) and this (once again you鈥檝e chosen some of the prettiest scenes the first one in the water?? God it鈥檚 so pretty and the last gif from that set of the sunset???! It鈥檚 just so nice??? I love it so so much) I hope you have a great year ahead, sending u lots of love!! 馃グ馃槡
@gigiesarocha cataaa!! I want to say thank u for putting Jeff satur on my dash because?? He鈥檚 so beautiful?! and I鈥檓 always tempted everyday by your ingredients gifs but I don鈥檛 have the patience so I鈥檓 waiting till it ends but your gifs of the show are always so pretty I can鈥檛 wait until I can sit down and watch it all and go through ur tag fjskkfd And I love all the kdramas you put on my dash bc I always end up adding more stuff to my watch list bc of it. I love this set so so much you have no idea it鈥檚 just so pretty and I love flowers so much and the flowers you鈥檝e chosen to describe them both is just so spot on. I also really love this thank u for making this and blessing us all!! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead sending lots of love 馃グ馃槡馃槡
@brightwin jelllyyyy!! You鈥檙e one the warmest kindest people I鈥檝e talked to. You鈥檙e alway so kind to everyone and always spreading positivity and it鈥檚 just so nice to see you on my dash. Your gifs are always so so pretty esp the colouring you always manage to make them look so warm and clear and it just makes them so nice to look at. I love all of your content but I esp love this the scenes you鈥檝e chosen are so wonderful and the quote is just.. so them it鈥檚 just so pretty. I also love this it just makes me miss them so much seeing how far they鈥檝e come in their journey?? And ugh your colouring is always so beautiful. Also this is so pretty so basically all of ur lyric/quote sets because they鈥檙e so wonderful and you always make them look so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, sending you lots of love! 馃グ馃グ馃槡
@tichawongtipkanon diraaa!! You鈥檙e always so so kind and everytime I see you on my dash it always makes me so happy just reading your tags. Even tho I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever seen ticha in anything (I think?? I don鈥檛 rmr gkskkfkd) I always love seeing your gifs because she鈥檚 absolutely gorgeous?? I also really like this gjskkfkskkfd it always makes me laugh bc yeah he rlly is a mess and the fact that these gifs can capture him just being an idiot is so funny and I also really like this the quote and the scenes you鈥檝e chosen??? Yeahhhfnskkd sarawatine soulmates!! I hope u have a wonderful year ahead sending u lots of love!! 馃グ馃槡馃槡
@b-iconpearl roseee! youre so so kind and I appreciate you messaging me just to wish me a good day!! I also love all the pnd content you put on my dash even tho I haven鈥檛 had the chance to catch up but all of ur gifs of esp Pearl?? And Alex? Yeahhhh I esp love this bc Pearl is just??? So beautiful I just love this set of her sm she looks so good and also this I gasped out loud when I first saw this??? Alex looks so good and the gif is just so pretty and warm. Also I really love this the movie is just so dear to my heart and I love it so much and your set is just so so so beautiful and the lyrics yeahhhh so good! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead! Sending you lots of love 馃グ馃槡
@pangwave dawnnn!! I love seeing you on my dash you鈥檙e always so kind and I love hearing your thoughts on the shows ur watching. Also ur gifs are always so pretty esp the recent morksun au you did, it was so interesting and I just loved it so much. I also really like this it鈥檚 so pretty and I love all the scenes you鈥檝e chosen and the quote... yeah and the colouring is so warm and lovely. I also really like this god it鈥檚 one of my fav scenes from the show and I just love it so much. I also really like this it was such a small moment but handholding is just so...good and the set just looks so soft I love it I hope you have a wonderful year ahead! 馃グ馃槡
@khaotungthanawat sammm!! Idk if I鈥檝e mentioned this before but you make some of the best sets ever especially when it comes to finding parallels between shows. And you鈥檙e so creative and it鈥檚 so clear that you put so much work into ur gifs and they always look so so good! I especially love this it鈥檚 just so creative and looks so beautiful and how each weather just perfectly describes them? Just amazing and this one bc I had no idea there were so many reflections and I saw ur set and just had to take a moment and this one the colouring is just so pretty and it鈥檚 one of my favourite scenes ever and I just love it so much. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!! 馃グ
@teepakornaekaranwong orthyy!! I love how ur still keeping the 2g tag alive and that you鈥檙e always rb them on my dash. I esp love this you really combines the show scenes with the song and just made it so much more impactful?? And i just love all the scenes you鈥檝e chosen it鈥檚 so beautiful. I also really like this and all the other ones in the set because they鈥檙e so funnygkkskfd and also this + all the other ones they always make me laugh bc you really did choose such perfect text post for each scene/character! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!! 馃グ
@asianmelodrama faizaaa!! I think this goes without saying that your content is always so beautiful and wonderful. And you have such a way with words as well, I just love reading your answers, posts and tags and it just feels so warm and safe . This has to be one of my favourite posts ever because there was so much potential?? So many hints?? And we could鈥檝e had it all and I just love this set so much. I also really like this because their friendships were really so beautiful and I just wish we鈥檇 gotten to see more of it but what we did see, it was just beautiful. I also really like this (it鈥檚 so beautiful and I love winteam so much)and this bc jackzhaozi were so good. I love the character studies you did on tine and sarawat they were so raw and beautiful, like I said you just have such a way with words it was just so beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you!! 馃グ
@toptaps zeeyyy!! You make some of the prettiest content ever and you鈥檙e just such a nice presence on my dash and you just seem so kind and warm. This has to be my favourite thing out there because when I heard that like, all of their scenes were just playing in my head and this set just captures everything we could鈥檝e had :(( I also really like this the way you鈥檝e morphed the gifs, the text and colouring of it, it鈥檚 all just so pretty. I also really really love this once again it鈥檚 so beautiful?? The way you鈥檝e morphed them together and the quote you鈥檝e used and the font and earnpear really is superior. Especially that first gif it looks like earns so taken aback by pear :((( and it鈥檚 so nice. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!! 馃グ
@soulmatelines jo!! You鈥檙e so kind and it鈥檚 always been so nice to see you on my dash even though I know you must be busy rn I hope you鈥檙e still taking care of yourself. You also make such amazing content, I especially love this everything about this set is so good we go from tender to raw feelings and it鈥檚 just so so beautiful. I also really like this bc I love love all of kurosawas thoughts and all the little insecurities he has about himself god it just makes him that much more real. I also really like this it鈥檚 just so pretty and I just love the whole concept of it it鈥檚 so well done. I hope you have a great year ahead of you!! 馃グ
@gunsatthaphan Doreeennn!! you鈥檙e so so nice and lovely and I lose reading your thoughts on things. Also thank u for always tagging me in stuff and im so sorry im always late to it. But you鈥檙e always a delight on my dash and I just love all of your content. I especially love this parallel just bc of how significant this line was in the whole show and I just love the coloring on it and everything about it. I also really love this bc OhmFong are so cute and I missed Fong鈥檚 little jumps when I was watching it but them I saw your gifset and cried over how cute he is. Lastly, this one... i love this one so so much bc it was just so powerful and beautifully said and it was just so so good and its one of my fav scenes. Oh and bonus this one because I love wyel so much and tht quote.... just adds everything to that scene and ugh everything about that set is just so wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, sending lots of love!馃グ馃槡
@wjmild kyliieeee!! anytime I think of you I always think of tsoa or lee thanatnfkkfd which thank u for always putting him on my dash bc I love looking at him. It鈥檚 always so nice seeing you on my dash and reading your tags and thoughts on things and you鈥檙e such a great content creator. I love this so much thank u for compiling all of their little moments together, they鈥檙e just so cute. I also really love this wyel is so superior and I just love them both so much and this scene was just so cute. I also really love this even tho I haven鈥檛 seen all the shows, i love handholding and you just hit the spot with this and this set is just everything it鈥檚 so beautiful. I hope you have a great year ahead of u, sending lots of love! 馃グ
@cherryysundae monicaaa!! I absolutely love all of your content and you鈥檙e so kind and such a wonderful presence on my dash. you also make such pretty gifs. I especially love this everything about this scene was just so so beautiful and you made it even more beautiful with your wonderful colouring I just love how the shades of flower reflect on wwx and lwj (idk if that makes sense but gjskkfkd). I also really love this ngl made me really really sad especially with all the wwx and yanli scenes :(( but this trio was literally everything and you just compiled all of their beautiful scenes together and heartbreaking scenes. I also really love this that gif of jc smiling?? So precious and just all the purples and the zidian? I just love it so much. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!! 馃グ
@leoyunxi ashiraa!! your content is always so so beautiful and I especially love your colouring it鈥檚 so beautiful and just gives makes the gifs seem so warm. I especially really love this wwx looks so pretty here and the colouring just makes it so so much better. I also really like this, this scene was just everything?? And the way they just glance at each other and I just love how warm the gifs look. I also really like this one of my favourite posts of them, you managed to gif all the wonderful scenes of them that I absolutely adore and they just look so good?? I can always tell that it鈥檚 your gifs because you have such a distinct colouring style and it鈥檚 always so so wonderful to see on my dash. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!! 馃グ
@bright-vachirawit mariii! I hope you鈥檙e feeling better now and that you鈥檙e staying safe! You鈥檙e always such a wonderful presence on my dash esp bc I find we鈥檙e more or less usually watching the same shows and I just love all the content you create for it. I especially love this it鈥檚 one of my favourite scenes and it came out so clear and just I love how vibrant the red is and it鈥檚 just so pretty. I also really like this I also really love this scene and just the colouring is so so pretty and I just love that you added the caption because it just ties it all together and it鈥檚 just so wonderful. I also really like this it鈥檚 really pretty and I love the fond you used. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead! 馃グ
@sarawatine nicoleee!! it鈥檚 always a delight seeing you on my dash and I just love all of your content. I especially love this that you paired up each of the lyrics with the scenes from the mv and it鈥檚 just so so wonderful and it looks so pretty. I also really like this Idk how many times I鈥檝e screamed over this but this post just confirms that sarawatine soulmates honestly and yeah that last line I could cry. I also really like this I鈥檓 a sucker for parallels and this one was just so cute and I just love how soft this set looks. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead! 馃グ
@brightwinfilm nath!!! I love all of your content, all your wonderful 2g/bw content and it just makes me so happy. I really love this that you鈥檝e giffed all of their scenes at their home and they鈥檙e just being so domestic and cute together it鈥檚 so wonderful. I also really like this one gjskkfkd it makes me laugh because they鈥檙e so dramatic and your caption just makes it so much better but yeah this was really nice. I also really like this the tension in this gifset but they鈥檙e also colored so nicely and I just love everything about it. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!!馃グ
@kimmonv violet!! I absolutely love all of your gifs and all the content you put on my dash. I especially love this honestly a whole ass mood and it made me really excited for the special!鈥 I also really like this i love the handholding and this scene was just... so beautiful and the dialogue and oh鈥檚 surprised face? This scene was everything and I just love this so much.and lastly this this scene was so funny gjskkfkd and I love how you adding the bonus scenes it makes it so much better!! I also love all of you gen y gifs!! They鈥檙e always so pretty and always look so clear and colourful. I hope you have a great year ahead!!馃グ
@vihokratanas meeel!! You鈥檙e always such a delight on my dash and I love seeing your content. I especially love this it just looks so pretty and and I love this scene as well! This definitely is one of the best locations just look at the beach. I also really love this the scenes you鈥檝e chosen just go with the song so well and it just ties it all together. It鈥檚 all just so wonderful and I love it so much. I also really love this this scene was just so good and the way you鈥檝e coloured it just makes it so much warmer and prettier and the gifs are so so clear!! Absolute favourite! I hope you have a great year ahead!! 馃グ
@atpgun doraaa!! I love your content and I absolutely love all of your itsay gifs. I especially love this one, the colouring is so so pretty and this scene is just so good and so underappreciated. It鈥檚 just so clear and I love how warm the gif looks and their relationship is just so good. I also really like this one bc I鈥檓 a sucker for parallels and these two?? And I love that you decided to include vlads little thumbs up so cute 馃ズ I also really like this one it just makes me laugh bc pp looks so evil jfkskfkskd and I think ur one of the few people that giffed the documentary so thank you! I hope you have a great year ahead!! 馃グ
@jbums kaaaay!! I hope ur doing well I haven鈥檛 seen you around in a while but I still absolutely love all ur content. I loved loved ur wyel gifs they were always so warm and you made them look so beautiful with your colouring. I also really like this like I said your colouring is always so so pretty and this was just so funny and their matching shirts so cute. And I also really like this one sangha looks so cute it reminds me of that gif you made of tae joo where he slams the spoon downfjskjdd but I hope ur doing well and I hope you have a wonderful year! 馃グ
聽 @musicdramalove hiii we recently became mutuals but I鈥檓 so glad we did. I love all your saifahzon content and your gifs are always so wonderful. I really like this one I haven鈥檛 watched it yet but this set really knocked this up in my list and I cant wait to watch it bc it loooks so lovely. I also really like this one, two of my favourite shows paralleled ugjjdks I love it so much and yes hugs.. the hugs I love it so much. I also really like this one the two of them just talking about the others smile and just admiring the other?? These scenes were just so good. I hope you have a great year ahead! 馃グ
@planthusbands (cass -I absolutely love ur writing and thank u so much for writing me the wonderful fic I absolutely adore it and it had everything I liked in terms of tropes. I hope you have a wonderful year! 馃グ)
@itoldsunset (dawy -thank u so so much for ur wonderful translations for itsay interviews god all of them just add so much depth into the show and I just love them all so much. I hope you have a wonderful year!! 馃グ
@wirapong aishi!!! I absolutely love love this set of yours, pear looks so beautiful in it and your colouring just makes her look so so lovely. This set just makes me so happy bc look at her jumping with joy ah I love it. I also really like this one god this quote... was so impactful and I just love how you used all the scenes of them dancing with each other it鈥檚 just so so good. I also really like this one you cna really see the wonder and awe in Karl鈥檚 face and I love this scene so much and them. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead 馃グ
@kurosawadachi angeeel!! i absolutely love this little set of film please she is so cute and her little smile ahhh!! i love it so much and the coloring in that set?? beautiful. I also really like this it just sums up itsay and oh man.. i just love all the scenes you鈥檝e chosen and the gifs are just so so pretty and wonderful. I also really love this one im a sucker for food scenes and this really was one of the most wholesome scene in the series oh it was so wonderful. I hope you have a great year ahead!!聽馃グ
Other mutuals that I admire: @earthkatsamonnat (Bea) @janeramida 聽@gooseras (kay) @gunsmiles (Amanda)@thaitheseries (Lisa) @87s-main @87s (min!! I鈥檓 tagging both just in case) - I hope all of you have a wonderful year!!聽馃グ馃帀
This is alrdy too long so I鈥檓 just going to skip on tagging my own work聽
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packconfig5 months ago
Tumblr media
LOADOUT: Bullet Carry
Here鈥檚 a superbly organised collection of gear that Modchop uses for his everyday work carry, which includes his thoughts on the GORUCK 15L pack.
Starting with the pack itself; the pack is a GORUCK 鈥楤ullet 15鈥 (made in the USA) and has a capacity of 15 litres which has become my favoured capacity for general every day carry.
I鈥檝e always taken a modular approach to loading my packs so that the load can be easily and quickly transferred to another pack if required and also so that the items can change according to need.
The pack itself is fairly simple in construction being quite plain on the outside except for three horizontal rows of PALS webbing (three rows by six columns) across the lower front and a front zippered pocket.
There is a substantial grab handle on the top and generously padded shoulder straps. Also on the front is a 2鈥漻 3鈥 Velcro panel for morale patches with a reversed American flag stitching detail.
Inside the pack it has a simple slip pocket on the back panel for a hydration bladder or documents. A pass-through for a hydration hose is directly below the grab handle and a simple D ring allows a bladder to be suspended if needed.
The pack opens full clamshell and on the inside of the front panel are two pockets; a small solid pouch at the top, handy for quick access items and a larger mesh pocket directly below. It should be noted that neither of these pockets have much volume of their own so are best suited to thin/slimmer items.
A quick note on the build quality of these packs; believe the hype! They are totally overbuilt and the materials, construction and attention to detail are pretty much flawless.
Moving to the contents starting top middle is a 5.11 UCR IFAK pouch the contents of which will cover most things from major trauma to a paper cut.
Top right is my Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker in its travel case.
Directory below that is a black Multicam pouch made by @firefly15_hanks and holds a Victorinox Explorer Plus, antibacterial hand gel and wipes, a knife, fork & spoon set, spare batteries, reading glasses and usually a few snacks for the day.
The Velcro front panel is home to various morale patches that get switched out as and when.
Moving back to the centre and directly below the IFAK is a Muc Off Essentials case that holds a few basic tools including a Leatherman Wave and bit set, Maratac scissors and a small brass ruler.
Bottom left is a Vans pencil case that holds an Anker 10000 mah powerbank, Lightning lead and wall plug plus a couple of other leads, USB3/USB Micro etc.
Right of that is my ever faithful 20 Dollar Bandit 鈥楳icro Pouch鈥 wearing a rather nice Mudhorn patch.
It currently contains several plasters, some cash, AAA Streamlight, spare AAA battery, prybar, lighter and a Leatherman PS4 multitool.
Moving right again is a small MCB pouch, again made by Firefly15 Hanks which contains some wired Apple earphones.
Right of that is my long serving LED Lenser P7 which has given many years of reliable service to date.
Moving to the right once again is my Recycled Firefighter notebook cover which currently holds a standard Field Notes notebook (dot grid) with a Zebra stainless steel F-701.
Finally above the notebook are my Soundcore/Anker Liberty Air 2 ear pods in their wireless rechargeable case.
All of the above fits within the pack while still leaving space for an extra layer of clothing, one litre water bottle, snacks and a hat and sunglasses.
More loadouts on
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fantastic-bbya year ago
GOT7 vs. jealousy
Word count: 1.5k
Warnings: -聽
Requested: Yep
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly I feel like Jaebeom would try to hide if he was jealous. He seems like the kind of person who would try and make excuses in his mind to distract himself from actually thinking about his jealousy. But, Jaebeom also seems like the kind of person who would make it obvious when he can鈥檛 control it anymore. There鈥檚 a limit that he would have to hit before he actually does something about it, and when he does it鈥檚 very handsy and touchy with you to make everyone know that you鈥檙e taken.聽
He would notice from across the room that you were talking with a particular person that was being too nice with you. The way you giggled lightly and tucked your hair behind your ear just makes him feel a little irritated. Jaebeom would have to excuse himself from whoever he鈥檚 talking to so that he could make his way over to you.聽
He would snake his arm around your waist and press a kiss to your temple to grab your attention. 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 time we head home,鈥 he would suggest softly while glaring daggers at the man you were talking to.聽
Tumblr media
Mark also strikes me as the type who wouldn鈥檛 want to make it obvious that he鈥檚 jealous. Of course, if he saw you talking to someone he didn鈥檛 trust or someone who was being a bit too friendly, he wouldn鈥檛 exactly do nothing either. He would be more subtle than Jaebeom would be but that鈥檚 if he鈥檚 able to control himself. We鈥檙e all aware of the whole laptop incident and the air con incident, but honestly I don鈥檛 think Mark is a violent person. Maybe he has some issues with handling his anger, but I don鈥檛 think he would take it too far.聽
When Mark sees you talking to someone he doesn鈥檛 like, he would get a bit pissed. He would probably wonder why you wouldn鈥檛 want to talk to someone who鈥檚 more likeable. Silently, Mark would sneak away from his own conversation to make his way over to you. On the outside, he would stay on the more nonchalant side, but he would still make it obvious to you that he doesn鈥檛 like the situation.聽
He would hold onto your hand and force a smile at the man. If he gets too upset, he would lower his head to your ear and whisper a soft, 鈥淐an we leave? Please?鈥 He wouldn鈥檛 want to show his anger or any kind of negative emotions if you could get involved. Mark would just want you both to leave so that he could have your attention.聽
Tumblr media
Oof, okay, Jackson would be very obvious part 1. He would wonder why out of the entire room, you would choose to talk to that person. The moment he would realise who you were talking to, his mood would make a complete 180 degree flip. I鈥檓 not saying that he is a very jealous person, I feel like jealousy would be an emotion that he doesn鈥檛 feel that much...?? Does that make sense?? Jackson doesn鈥檛 seem like the type of person to be overly jealous. I don鈥檛 know if it makes sense. Either way, if he鈥檚 jealous, he would probably act on it rather than just pushing it away.聽
Jackson would make it extremely obvious that he wouldn鈥檛 like how close the guy is getting to you. Whether it be him calling you from across the room or him suddenly showing up behind you, Jackson would show that guy that you're his and his only.聽
He would pop up behind you and snake an arm around your waist, twirling you around so that you were facing him. You鈥檇 look up at him with wide eyes from the sudden gesture, but he鈥檇 smile cheekily as he kisses you. 鈥淟et鈥檚 head home,鈥 he would pull you away from the man and turn around, glaring at him as you leave.聽
Tumblr media
I don鈥檛 know why I find this funny to imagine, but Jinyoung seems like he would not stand being jealous for even a second. The moment he sees you talking to someone he doesn鈥檛 like, it鈥檚 an automatic flick of a switch in his mind that says: Get. By. My. Side. Now, I don鈥檛 think Jinyoung is possessive, but I do think he鈥檚 protective. He knows which people he trusts and who he doesn鈥檛, and it鈥檚 not that he doesn鈥檛 trust you, it鈥檚 that he doesn鈥檛 trust the man you鈥檙e talking to.
And it鈥檚 an immediate reaction. He鈥檚 by your side within seconds of noticing you talking to this person. Jinyoung鈥檚 arm would be around your waist and he would pull you tighter against him while he takes over the conversation instead before pulling you away from the man as politely as he can.聽
Of course, you would be very confused and mildly irritated that Jinyoung would pull you out of a conversation so suddenly. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think you need to talk to him,鈥 he鈥檇 shrug with a smug smile on his face.聽
Tumblr media
Aww, little baby Youngjae. I love him and he鈥檚 always so precious in my eyes. I feel like jealousy might make him feel more sad rather than angry. He probably wouldn鈥檛 like to make it obvious either. Like Mark, he would stay on the more subtle and quiet side. Youngjae most likely wouldn鈥檛 act on it unless he absolutely cannot bear it anymore. This would most likely mean that he would just watch you for a really long time before he actually does anything about it. Even if he would, it would be very subtle because he wouldn鈥檛 want to cause anything that could get you involved.聽
Youngjae would tap your shoulder and give you a smile as he holds your hand, glancing over at the person you鈥檙e talking to. If he feels more compelled to make it obvious you鈥檙e his partner, he would snake his arm around your waist and press a soft kiss to your cheek. He would stick by your side for the rest of the night.聽
That is, until he decides that he can鈥檛 stand being around that person anymore and he urges you to leave. Youngjae would pull you away the moment the guy turns his attention away, even if it鈥檚 for a split second. 鈥淟et鈥檚 go home, please.鈥澛
Tumblr media
Welcome to very obvious part 2. We all know that BamBam鈥檚 flirty and cocky as fuck. Let鈥檚 just multiply that by ten if he鈥檚 jealous. He would probably get sulky at first and wonder why you aren鈥檛 talking to him instead. I see Bam as someone who would not only be very obvious, but he would also make it more public that you are his partner. He might make it obvious to the whole room with a loud, 鈥淗ey! It鈥檚 the love of my life!鈥 or maybe a, 鈥淢y baby!鈥 Just to ward off any lurking eyes that were interested in you.聽
So if he were to see you talking to someone who鈥檚 being too touchy with you, trust that he would be by your side in a split second. BamBam would not tolerate that person for a second if he doesn鈥檛 trust them around you. He would not hesitate to make it obvious that you鈥檙e taken by him and that the other guy should back off.聽
BamBam would pull you away without much thought and while he鈥檚 dragging you away, he鈥檇 most likely smack your little booty while the other guy鈥檚 watching just to give him more of a warning. As surprised as you鈥檇 be, he wouldn鈥檛 really give you much of an explanation other than, 鈥淒on鈥檛 really like that dude.鈥 And give you a pretty cheeky smirk when you鈥檇 blush at how handsy he would be.
Tumblr media
Tiny baby part 2. Yugyeom鈥檚 so...I love him so muc homg jhsdjsh he鈥檚 such a baby (this is so unprofessional I鈥檓 so sorry). But like I鈥檓 not sure why I can鈥檛 really pinpoint exactly how I鈥檇 see Yugyeom acting if he gets jealous. I feel like he鈥檚 a mix between acting sweet and subtle like Youngjae but also pretty cocky like BamBam (only because those two share like one single braincell sometimes). But I do feel like since he鈥檚 a scorpio, he might act a bit more on the distant/angery side.聽
If he saw someone he didn鈥檛 like trying to talk to you or flirting with you, he would probably get a bit pissed off. I have this really strong feeling that he would act more passive aggressive and more angry. Most likely, Yugyeom would try and find ways to grab your attention first; arm around the waist, kissing your temple softly, whispering stuff in your ear, etc. to basically get your attention. If you still weren鈥檛 paying enough attention to him, then he would get a bit sulky and try a bit more to get your attention.聽
Yugyeom might get a bit more handsy if it鈥檚 a dark place, but if it鈥檚 in a well lit area where people could see where his hands are, then he might whisper in your ear. 鈥淚f we head home now, we can spend the whole night with just the two of us.鈥 It might be a bit less Yugyeom, but this is how I鈥檇 imagine he would react. He just wants you to be with him only. If his mood is dampened by another person, then most likely he would want you to have your attention solely on him.
Tumblr media
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fandom-necromancer8 months ago
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
This was prompted by a wonderful anon! I hope you enjoy! Also big thanks to @headfulloffantasy for giving me the idea to make this about birds!
Fandom: Detroit become human | Ship: Reed900 [Part2]聽 聽[Part3]
It was one of the first sunny days of spring and after being holed up in the house the entire winter, Gavin enjoyed sitting on the perch of their house. The sun had just risen, and it was still cold, but as soon as the first light would hit them, he knew he wouldn鈥檛 need his jacket anymore. He smiled as he heard footsteps and a cup of coffee entered his field of vision. He smiled as he looked up in the android鈥檚 face and scooted to the side a bit to make room for Nines to join him on the bench. 鈥榊ou are a life saver鈥, Gavin moaned, taking the first sip of his coffee. 鈥楶retty sure indulging your caffeine addiction does the exact opposite鈥, Nines commented. 鈥楾ake the damn compliment.鈥
They watched the sun rise over their neighbour鈥檚 houses and Gavin had to blink as it finally hit his eyes. He had never thought to leave his shitty apartment and definitely never had thought to move into some suburban neighbourhood with orderly lawns and driveways that looked the same with every house. All thanks to the massive departure of people getting to safety during the revolution. He doubted he could afford such a house otherwise, even when they were both working for it. Still he was glad. He leaned back, enjoying the view 鈥 Nines next to him more so than the other houses. He smiled as the android seemed fixed on a specific point. He knew from how his brows furrowed, he would soon share his discovery with him.
鈥楲ook, there is a nest over there. A bird鈥檚 nest.鈥 Gavin followed his finger and indeed saw a small nest sitting on a second storey windowsill of the house. 鈥榊eah, isn鈥檛 that one abandoned? Water damage I think the saleslady told us.鈥 Nines nodded, and Gavin shrugged. 鈥榃ell, at least it鈥檚 undisturbed then.鈥 鈥楢s long as they don鈥檛 decide to demolish it鈥, the android mumbled. 鈥榊eah, but who knows. The company probably still struggling with the fact they need to pay their working androids now. Could take months. When they start, the birds will be long gone.鈥 鈥業 hope so鈥, Nines said and stood up. 鈥業鈥檒l go check in with Connor. He wanted to talk with me about a case, best to get it out of the way so we can enjoy our free day.鈥 鈥楧o that, I鈥檒l sit here and do nothing as I do best.鈥 Nines smiled at him and pressed a kiss on his forehead. 鈥榃e both know that鈥檚 a lie.鈥
It was evening about two weeks later and the sky looked like it would start to rain any moment as Nines drove home from a crime-scene he had been called to. He was ready to go straight to bed and enter stasis with his human next to him. Instead he frowned as he found the street partly obstructed by construction fences and machinery. He drove past, watching humans and androids walk about, holding tablets and preparing everything to demolish the building. He was surprised it had happened so quickly, but he guessed some bureaucracy could solve itself quite fast if humans were embarrassed about their past actions. He was about to drive past and park the car as usually when his HUD highlighted something in the second storey. The nest was still there, the brooding bird nowhere to be seen. Likely abandoning the eggs due to the sudden activity and noise. It was something that happened every day, he shouldn鈥檛 care about something like that. But鈥 But he did care. He had a soft spot for animals, he wasn鈥檛 gonna lie about it. All living things held an absurd fascination for him, a being of metal and plastic. So, he parked the car on the pathway and stepped out, approaching the construction workers.
鈥楬ello. Are you aware there is a bird nest on the windowsill?鈥, he asked someone standing in front of a foldable table that looked important. The man turned around and looked him up and down. 鈥楢nd?鈥 鈥楢re you going to demolish a building with it still in place?鈥 鈥業t鈥檚 just pigeons. Little pests are everywhere.鈥 Nines stared at him highly doubting he had understood him correctly. He thought about starting to argue with him, but decided it would be wasted time anyways, so he just bolted for the house. A perfectly preconstructed jump against the pillars supporting the roof over the porch followed by another push in the right direction brought him up to the second story windowsill, where he held onto the rim and a drainage pipe before carefully lifting up the nest with three intact eggs. Only then he allowed himself to exit preconstruction mode and slid down the pipe to the ground.
Disregarding the construction workers, he held the nest in his hands like the most fragile treasure and walked back to their home. He rung the bell with his elbow and hoped Gavin wouldn鈥檛 be too angry. 鈥楬ey Nines! Long day? How- what the phck?鈥 鈥業 couldn鈥檛 let them be destroyed鈥, Nines stated and pushed past him before Gavin could say anything. 鈥榊eah, okay, but鈥︹ The man closed the door and followed Nines to the kitchen table where he carefully put down the nest. 鈥楤ut what are you going to do with them now? I know jack shit about birds. I always had cats, birds were a no go most of the time. What kind of bird is it even?鈥 鈥楶igeon鈥, Nines answered, holding his hands over the nest and heating them up. Who knows how long the mother had been gone already. 鈥楽eriously? You rescued some pigeon eggs?鈥 鈥榊es. They deserve to live like any other being.鈥 Nines looked up at Gavin, challenging him to say anything different. 鈥業- well鈥 Aren鈥檛 they carriers for diseases?鈥 鈥楢 myth. Very little diseases the could carry are affecting humans.鈥 鈥極kay, but they shit everywhere.鈥 鈥楢ll birds do.鈥 鈥楶hck, Nines, I鈥檓 not raising wild animals in our house!鈥 鈥楥ity pigeons aren鈥檛 wild animals. They are leftover pets you didn鈥檛 want anymore. And don鈥檛 worry, you won鈥檛 be raising them. I am!鈥 With that Nines stood up, the nest still in his hands and left to a secluded corner in their living room where he set up an improvised heating via an old hot-water bottle. He didn鈥檛 care that Gavin likely was still staring at him, thinking of new arguments, but he was done. He had made his decision when driving by and he would stand up for it.
That night he didn鈥檛 enter stasis, as planned, but sat with the eggs, watching over them.
He still sat there watching over them the next day, when Gavin came down from their bedroom. He made himself coffee and looked at Nines completely invested. He sighed. He still couldn鈥檛 understand why it was so important for the android, but it was. He felt a bit bad about how he had reacted. He still didn鈥檛 think this was a good idea, but who knew if the eggs were even fertilized. If anything he didn鈥檛 want their argument from the day before to linger. So when he drove off to work, leaving the android behind, he had a plan how to make it up to him.
鈥楴ines, I鈥檓 home!鈥 He pulled the key out of the lock and struggled to close the door with the huge box in his arms. He didn鈥檛 get an answer, but found Nines in his corner like before, exchanging the hot-water bottle. He sighed shaking his head and toed off his shoes before walking towards him. 鈥楬ey, tin-can, you set up all this stuff and I鈥檒l get the coffee table.鈥 He basically dropped the box in his lap and walked off. The android frowned and opened the box. 鈥楪avin, what is this?鈥 鈥楨verything the clerk from the pet-store said you needed to hatch birds. Incubator, lamp, food and litter.鈥 鈥榃hy did you get all this?鈥 鈥楲isten, I鈥檓 still not convinced of this. I don鈥檛 want some featherbrains flapping around the house shitting everywhere. And you won鈥檛 see me anywhere near the eggs. But it鈥檚 important to you, so I got you the stuff you need.鈥 Nines looked down on the box, then back up to Gavin, who was already pulling the table over. 鈥楾hank you.鈥 鈥楧on鈥檛 stress it.鈥
A few hours later the incubator sat neatly on the coffee table in the corner, eggs placed inside and heated to the perfect temperature. Nines and Gavin sat in front of it and looked through the glass. 鈥楧o you know if they are even fertilized?鈥 鈥楾wo are鈥, Nines answered. 鈥楢nd quite far in development, too. They could still die; I don鈥檛 know how long they鈥檝e been sitting in the cold.鈥 鈥業 really don鈥檛 know a thing about pigeons鈥, Gavin sighed. 鈥楾hey are very intelligent鈥, Nines said softly. 鈥楾hey can pass the mirror test and distinguish different humans. They are outstanding at navigation and mate for life. Also, both parents equally care for their young.鈥 Gavin huffed. 鈥榃ell, they will have to do with a single dad I guess.鈥 鈥榃hy don鈥檛 you like them?鈥 鈥業 don鈥檛 know. I just never thought about it, I guess. Likely would phck it up.鈥 Nines smirked and laid an arm around Gavin, pulling him close. 鈥業 think you already did a great job.鈥
鈥楪avin! Gavin, I need your help.鈥 Gavin blinked his eyes open and cursed. He was sleeping on the couch for quite a while now since Nines was sitting next to the incubator night and day. 鈥榃hat is it?鈥, he asked sleepily. 鈥楩owler just called, I have to go.鈥 鈥業 thought you were on vacation?鈥 鈥楴ew lead to a cold case, I have to go. But if they are quick, the eggs could hatch today already! I don鈥檛 think so, but it is possible, and I can鈥檛 watch over them! I-鈥 鈥榊eah, yeah!鈥 Gavin sat up, holding his head. 鈥楪o, I鈥檒l watch over the stupid eggs.鈥 鈥楾hank you, I鈥檒l hurry!鈥 Gavin looked after the android that basically ran out of the house, then turned towards the incubator, throwing back his blanket to drape it over his shoulders instead. 鈥楽orry, need coffee first.鈥
He made himself a cup and walked back to the incubator. The eggs still laid there completely motionless. 鈥榃ell, nothing鈥檚 changed so far. Maybe you鈥檙e not even alive. At least that would solve my problems, hmm?鈥 Although the next thought was Nines鈥 reaction to that. All that work for nothing. He wanted to see his husband happy, that was a large part of his motivation in life now. Well, he couldn鈥檛 do much else than sitting there watching them and drinking his coffee. 鈥楬ope you like metal鈥, he mumbled, switching on his radio to let the time pass quicker. An hour later he was lost in his phone playing stupid games and reading the news. His stomach demanded for instant noodles after another hour and he caved in.
As he came back, he almost didn鈥檛 recognise the change. Only as an egg moved, he looked up and saw the cracks. 鈥極h, you gotta be kidding me! Your damn father isn鈥檛 home yet!鈥 He put the bowl down untouched and scooted closer. The cracks centred around a patch of shell that was soon lifted up. A beak became visible as the cracks widened and spread, slowly circling around its breadth. Gavin stared in fascination at the pink flashing between the shells, moving and breathing. There was something alive in there.
Only when the shell was being pushed open, he thought to grab his phone and call Nines. 鈥榊es?鈥, came the immediate answer. 鈥榃hat鈥檚 happening? Are they-鈥 鈥榊es鈥, Gavin answered. 鈥榊es, they are hatching. One is getting out of the egg. The other one is moving.鈥 鈥業鈥檒l come home immediately!鈥 Gavin smiled without noticing. 鈥楥ongrats, Nines. Guess you are a dad now.鈥 鈥楢s are you鈥, the android answered before hastily ending the call.
Nines was sure to break some speed regulations, but he didn鈥檛 care. Of course, he had to miss the eggs hatching. He had had a feeling this would happen from the very beginning. At least Gavin was there. But he hadn鈥檛 been on board raising these baby pigeons from the beginning. What if鈥 No, he would care for them surely. Still Nines didn鈥檛 put any effort in parking neatly, jumping out as soon as the engine was killed, and the break pulled. He unlocked the door and ran in, searching in panic for a while as the chair in front of the incubator was deserted.
He found Gavin sitting on the couch then, holding a blanket with the hot-water bottle underneath in his lap and smiling as he kept his hands on two tiny baby pigeons. 鈥楲ook at our two bastard children鈥, Gavin cooed lovingly and Nines carefully sat down next to him. 鈥楾hey are beautiful鈥, Nines nodded. 鈥楴o they are not鈥, Gavin chuckled, gently petting one of them with a finger, the grey-yellowish hairs not even close to covering the tiny fleshy body with overly big eyes.
鈥楤ut I love them.鈥
[>next part]
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ophie-writesa month ago
NSFW ALPHABET鈥擳RIXIE (Pirates of Levaithan)
馃挏Ok, homies, hwg! This is my first post on this acc, and Ik I鈥檓 gonna be inconsistent, but be patient with me!! This was a little Dimension 20 writing exercise, and I hope y鈥檃ll like it!馃挏
Warnings: should be pretty self explanatory, but it鈥檚 just 26 paragraphs of smut. Mention of degradation, overstimulation, threesomes, futanari, sex work (woohoo), and lots of bondage.
Tumblr media
A=Aftercare (what they鈥檙e like after sex)
depends on how much you pay. if you鈥檙e a client, it鈥檚 most likely a one and done deal unless you鈥檝e specified what you need/want. The resident Dominatrix of the Gold Gardens makes BANK, so if you want the whole night with her, you better be willing to pay up. if you鈥檙e a friend/partner, or you do happen to spend the night with her through the morning, however, I鈥檇 say it鈥檚 a lot of praise, telling you how good you did, and ordering whatever you want to the room and making sure you have whatever you need to sleep well that night. if you鈥檙e close, she鈥檚 definitely one to cuddle! big spoon of the century, my guy.
B= Body Part (their favorite body part of theirs, and also their partner鈥檚)
Trixie LOVES her thighs! she has plenty of plush, and she knows how to use it! she adores the way they look in anything she wears, and seeing people squirm underneath said thighs when she鈥檚 riding their face is a wonderful perk of the job.
Trixie鈥檚 favorite of what you have to offer your whole upper body. chest, breasts, torso, stomach, the whole deal. anywhere she can grip, bite, suck, scratch, or leave marks of any kind. seeing her work all over you when you take your shirt off for the next half week drives her crazy.
C=Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Trixie loves seeing her own release on anyone else. there鈥檚 something about seeing someone she鈥檚 tied down to the bed become an absolute mess. I鈥檝e mentioned this before, but she loves finishing on your face. the way you look once she lets you catch your breath. all flushed and with her cum all over your mouth, and dripping down your chin. you bet your ass she鈥檚 gonna tease you about it, and lick it off your neck.
Dirty Secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
there鈥檚 not a lot that Trixie doesn鈥檛 tell you. she鈥檚 a pretty open person, especially sexually, since it what she does for a living. but you鈥檙e the ONLY person she鈥檚 comfortable being degraded by Trixie trusts you with her whole heart, and that鈥檚 not something she gives to just anyone.
E= Experience (how experienced are they? Do they know what they鈥檙e doing?)
Our girl is a sex worker on a pirate island. I鈥檇 say she鈥檚 P R E T T Y experienced.
F= Favorite Position (this goes without saying)
anywhere where she can see all of you. as long as Trixie knows how you鈥檙e reacting, and what can push you over the edge, she knows she鈥檚 doing something right. However, a fav of Trixie鈥檚 is when you鈥檙e on your knees on the bed with your writs restrained above you, and she鈥檚 underneath you gripping your hips as she sucks you off or eats you out.
G= Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Once again, this differs between partners and clients. to be fair, Trixie is a very charismatic dom in the first place, but she means business. she鈥檒l have fun, but she鈥檚 more likely to be more light hearted or crack a joke or two during sex if you鈥檙e in a relationship.
H= Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Trixie is a tiefling, so she has naturally purple hair down there, but it鈥檚 fully shaved, so not that you鈥檇 tell anyway.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Trixie is an incredibly intimate and personal lover, so you鈥檙e gonna get a lot of check-ins, praise, and passionate kisses in between rough play. she鈥檒l compliment your every feature, and pay special attention to every part of your body before fucking you into oblivion.
J= Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Trixie has pretty much anything at her disposal if she wants to get off, but she doesn鈥檛 really need to very often because she鈥檚 usually with a client, or has someone like you, Garthy, Bob (or the three of you) to help her relieve some of her own tension between shifts.
K= Kink (one or more of their Kinks)
Trixie has most likely gone through most kinks in the book. again, pirate island. her room is equipped with anything you鈥檙e into. bondage equipment, toys, pretty much anything you can think of, and she loves using all of it, but she prefers using magic to give herself a cock rather than using a toy on you when opting for penetration. also Mistress Ma鈥檃m and Mommy kink.
L= Location (favorite places to do the do)
Trixie doesn鈥檛 leave the Gold Gardens very much, and she also lives there. like I said before, she has a comfy sex room. Garthy鈥檚 room is pretty great though.
M= Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
BEGGING! Trixie likes being the one in control, but when you鈥檙e pleading for more, or asking to come undone, she鈥檒l instantly indulge you bc it goes straight to her head and her clit
N= No (something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs)
any client who thinks they can overstep any boundary she sets up ahead of time, or doesn鈥檛 take her seriously. she鈥檚 not one for switch ups in bed, and Trixie DEFINITELY doesn鈥檛 take well to anyone who thinks they can get more than what they pay for. she鈥檒l kick your ass all the way to the Bilge in two seconds flat if you even THINK of pulling anything on her.
O= Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Trixie is a GODDESS with her mouth. it鈥檚 hard to say what she prefers because she loves seeing your reactions when she鈥檚 working you from below. she鈥檒l make the most of every hitched breath, whimper, or groan she can pry from you, and she鈥檒l revel in it. however, feeling your tongue against her slit while she threads her hands in your hair and guides your head closer is something that鈥檚 hard to beat sensation wise.
P= Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
she鈥檒l do whatever you鈥檙e comfortable with, but alternating between rough thrusts vs pounding you hard, but just slow enough so that you鈥檙e just seconds away from an orgasm you can鈥檛 quite reach. she has fun with you ;)
Q= Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Trixie can and will fuck you any time and anywhere you want, she can get you off in mere minutes. she鈥檚 pretty used to clients having to book short time slots for any reason, so she鈥檚 no stranger to a good quickie.
R= Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
as long as you鈥檙e not in any real danger, she鈥檒l do anything! she鈥檚 a bit of an exhibitionist though, and the idea of doing whatever she wanted to you, making you squirm until you鈥檙e screaming her name like a broken record while sprawled out in the lounge during a show, or at the bar in front of patrons is something she鈥檚 VERY partial to
S= Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Trixie only likes just one or two orgasms per go. she鈥檚 a lot more focused on your pleasure, and will happily overstimulate you until god knows how long.
T= Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Trixie has plenty of toys. tying you down and using everything at her disposal wherever you鈥檙e most sensitive is one of her favorite pastimes馃グ
U= Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Trixie is a massive tease. if there鈥檚 more people in the room, and you鈥檙e the one subbing, get ready for a loooong night. she is absolutely not afraid to edge you, and leave you in a position where you鈥檙e able to watch her bring someone else to a climax. if there鈥檚 someone else you trust with her like garthy, the both of them are talking about you like you鈥檙e not even there. asking each other whether they should let you come, or talking about how good you are for them.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Trixie is pretty loud when she鈥檚 on the receiving end of pleasure. plenty of curses and fast, breathy moans.
W= Wild card (a random headcanon for the character
the amount of taunting and dirty talk that come out of this woman鈥檚 mouth makes pirates go full submissive on the regular. think about that.
X= X-ray (let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on under those clothes)
she鈥檚 a bigger gal, so she has larger breasts, a squishy stomach. and plush thighs. also Nipple piercings, along with a Christina style clit piercing
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Trixie doesn鈥檛 really get worn out or exhausted. sex is just her job, and when she needs to de-stress, she鈥檚 having sex with someone she cares about. it鈥檚 an important and intimate thing for her.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
she鈥檚 always the last to sleep because she鈥檚 always up later watching you drift off. she鈥檒l feel your chest going up and down while her arms are wrapped around you, and will just lie there for a while with her head resting near your shoulder, careful not to tangle her horns in your hair. as she eventually lets her eyes close, Trixie whispers how much she loves and cares for you regardless of whether or not you can hear. she鈥檒l do anything for you, and feels like the luckiest woman alive to know you trust her so much.
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