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#anyway here's my favorite gals
emile-hides · 11 months ago
What’s up I’ve been playing Junkenstein endless for two hours straight to try an memorize the boss pattern and now my brain is Junkenmush.
Anyway here’s a Junkenstein Meihem fic I’ve wanted to write for a full year.
Consider this part of Vamptober.
“A wot?” Junkenstein pushed his goggles from his eyes with the bottom of his palm, his gloves and apron soaked in blood.
“A Jiangshi,” The Witch of the Wilds repeated, slower than the first, “it’s a type of vampire zombie thing from a country to the east.”
Jamie pulled off his blood gloves, tossing them onto the table with his current specimen splayed atop, “And what about it?”
“I need you to kill it.” The witch spoke bluntly, “It’s in my territory and is honestly being a nuisance.”
“Why do I have to do it?? You got other servants!” Jamison huffed, pulling his goggles back over his face, only for the witch to pinch his cheek, tugging at him.
“Yes, but none of them have as much free time as you do. In fact most of them are busy successfully killing kings and taking over castles.” She pulled his cheek rather painfully.
Jamison whined and struggled, “Alright! Alright I’ll get right on it!!”
The witch released Jamison’s cheek, smiling at her victory, “That’s a good little doctor. You’re free to do with her corpse whatever you like~”
Jamie blinked, “Wha- Her?? You didn’t say anything about a sheila, witch!” Of course, when he turned back to the witch, she was gone. The doctor sighed and rubbed his cheek, “Dammit...” He muttered, slumping from the room to get to work on some traps.
“Damn witch thinks she can boss me around...” Jamison muttered as he dragged himself though the wood surrounding Adlersbrunn. Large spike mouth bear traps hung over his shoulders, explosives clanked carelessly off his hip, the danger of setting one off no where near the front of Jamison’s mind.
“”Junkenstien, you’re an ultra smart inventor, go do menial labor tasks for me because you sooooooo owe me for that spark of life”” He mocked the witch in a silly girlish voice that sounded nothing like her, but it made him feel better.
He huffed as he came to a short clearing, glaring up at the moon, as if blaming it for his suffering, “I could be home right now. Working on Hayseed, or spending time with Hoggy. Maybe makin’ a huge Zomnic to beat the Witch to death!” Jamie broke out in a maniacal laugh, throwing and detonating one of land mines, just to see the small destruction it’d cause to the tree it stuck to.
“Damn Witch, next time I see her I’ll...” Jamison’s thought trailed off as he caught sight of movement across the clearing. Something struggling under the tree he’d blown down.
The doctor quickly rushed over to see if it was an animal, as long as it wasn’t a wild pig, it was a free meal.
But now. It wasn’t an animal. Under the tree, struggling to get herself out, was a pale girl. Her hair was long and black, pulled apart into two bunches in the back. On the ground in front of her was a tall purple hat with a talisman on it, supposedly knocked off her head in the crash.
Jamison glared down at the girl. He cared very little for the townspeople of Adlersbrunn, for many reasons. And if she was dumb enough to be in the Wilds during a full moon, then she would have ended up dead anyway.
He turned to leave, grumbling to himself, wishing he’d brought Hoggy with him. She would have made a rather convenient dinner for the picky beast.
“幫幫我!!” A language unknown to the doctor cried out from under the tree. His instincts forcing his halt as, what he assumed to be, cries for help pleaded from behind him.
“幫幫我! 請幫我!!” The girl under the tree cried helplessly, kicking her large boots as she dug at the dirt, desperate to get out.
Whatever humanity was left in Junkenstein after his countless deaths bled for the trapped girl. He groaned and whined and scratched at his scalp, hating his still beating heart.
“FINE!” He snapped, marching back over to her, “But do NOT tell ANYONE about this, you understand?!” He glared down at her. The girl’s large, deep brown eyes shined up at him, causing a flush of what he passed of annoyance to cover the Doctor’s face.
Is the Doctor secretly as strong as his monster? Did he risk blowing himself and the girl up to destroy the rest of the tree? Did they spend hours digging her out? We’ll leave that to your imagination.
However he did it, the girl was free. She cheered, “謝謝! 非常感謝你!” As she happily pulled herself up.
Jamison huffed, smart enough to realize she was thanking her. The doctor dusted himself off and began to dismiss, “Yeah, like I said, don’t tell anyone I helped ya or-”
His words caught in his throat as the girl was suddenly on him, her body pressed to his lanky form, her arms tightly wrapped around him, pulling him close. Despite the layers she clearly wore, she was cold, like a corpse. Her clawed hands gripped onto his coat, holding him in place.
Blood rushed to Jamison’s face as he froze in place, his arms pinned to his sides, unable to return her embrace.
“你聞到 可口...” She spoke lowly, her breath hot onto his neck as she pulled herself up to be more level with the tall doctor.
Jamison’s brain finally stopped short circuiting, he flailed and screeched, waving his arms and leg wildly to shake her off. Both he and the mystery girl collapsed, Jamie quickly scuttled backwards.
“Y-You’re wELCome!” Screeched from the beet red form of Doctor Jamison Junkenstein as he imploded at a distance.
The girl blinked at him, “你確定是活潑的. 好可愛.” Her giggled rung though Jamison’s ears, sending shocks of euphoria though his body.
“I-I, uhm...” He cleared his throat, stumbling back onto his feet, legs shaking, “I-It’s la-ate, a-a lady l-like yourself sh-shouldn’t be, uhm, in the woods all alone...” He stuttered, leaving his traps on bombs on the ground, “S-So, ah, ma-ay I walk you... w-well not home, b-but maybe.. t-to... my-my place?? F-For dinner a-and a safe place to sleep??”
Internally Junkenstein begged for death he would not be revived out of as his words uselessly tumbled from his mouth, forming a pile of pure vomited garbage at his feet.
The girl giggled again and got herself up once more, dusting off her outfit she smiled. Jamison’s heart pounded in her chest as the woman didn’t walk, but hopped to him.
Yes. That was a little weird. But her rosy red cheeks and shining brown eyes and sharp toothed smile outweighed the strange hop and cold skin. Junkenstein assumed perhaps she’s hurt her leg when the tree crushed her.
Taking her movement to him as an acceptance of his invitation, Jamison began to lead the hopping girl back to his home. Hopefully on the way he could find something for dinner.
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milk-hate-account · 7 days ago
....fine I'll promote my a03 more.
This fic is one of my more ambitious fics ngl. It follows the servers reaction to c!Wilbur being revived. It had tons of different POVs (my favorite being c!Jack Manifold obviously) and it almost feels like a string of one-shots tied together.
I've been trying to make each chapter feel completely different and I like focusing on the less focused on characters of the dsmp. Right now, I'm working c!Slime and man it's hard lmao
Anyway here.
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𝑰 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒎𝒆𝒏 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒉𝒆 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒎𝒆.....
Tumblr media
𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒑𝒕:
I want to sit on the kitchen floor eating pizza at 3am with you and talk about our hopes and dreams
𝑾𝑨𝑹𝑵𝑰𝑵𝑮: 𝒏𝒖𝒅𝒊𝒕𝒚 𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈
You could feel his eyes on you From across the room. A small smile creeped up on your face as you peered up at Chris from your book. He quickly snapped his eyes from you acting as if he wasn't looking at you. You chuckled. "I saw you."
You shut your book, sitting it beside you. You walked over to him; he was sitting on the couch across from you so it wasn't that far of a walk.
You straddled his waist, the first thing you did was kiss him, your fingers running through his hair. Chris Chuckled softly running his finger over your cheek. "I'm so in love with you." Chris whispered. He looked into your eyes with his blue eyes. His eyes were scrunched from the smile that was on his face. Chris wasn't lying when he said he was in love with you. He's been in love with you for years and he honestly didn't remember a time when he didn't.
To him, you were an angel. He's been waiting years to find you and when he did, god he was on cloud 9. Everything about you was flawless. Your smile, your laugh, your humor, your beauty, everything.
Just like Chris was there for you, you were there for him. Panic attacks, need help with something like killing a spider, cuddles, you both had each other's backs. It was like you both were meant for each other
Chris, He couldn't comprehend a world with you, but he didn't have to worry because a world without you wasn't going to happen any time soon.
"I'm so in love you too." You kissed him again before pulling away with with a chuckle. "So what do you want to do today?" You ran your finger up and down through his hair as you waited for an answer.
Chris sucked in his breath, "um I was thinking we can stay at home, go get in the pool, look up at the stars, and later come in and watch a movie while eating pizza. What do you think love?"
You smiled at him. "I think that's a good idea." You gave him one more kiss before getting off of his lap. "I'll finish reading until later when the sun has settled behind the mountains." You sat back down on the other couch, grabbing your book.
"sounds great babe."
Those few hours flew by in a heartbeat. Before you knew it, you and Chris were in your swimwear and on your ways to the pool.
As you walked outside the cool night air hit you. You shivered as you tiptoed the pool. Chris was right behind you as you waddled into the pool. Just as you imagined the pool way cold too. You weren't planning on staying in it for long though.
Chris got in with you, quickly wrapping his arms around your you. "It's a little cold, but it's very nice." Chris looked up at the sky. "The stars are twinkling, the moon is high in the sky, and I'm with my best gal. Nothing is more perfect." He looked back at you before kissing you.
You pulled away smiling. "I feel a lot warmer when I'm in your arms." You said pressing your head into his shoulder. Chris rubbed his hands up and down your bare back. "Same."
You both stayed like that for a little whil, no words being spoken until you pulled away. You looked up at Chris, he had his eyes closed. "What are you doing Chris?"
Chris opened his eyes, "making a wish." You laughed, "what did you wish for?"
"can't tell you, if I do it won't come true." You raised your eyebrows, "okay." You snuck in a chuckle before you pulled away from him fully, "well I'm going to go back in, it's getting really cold." You turned around climbing up the little ladder.
You wrapped yourself in the towel on the lounge chair and walked inside leaving Chris by himself.
You went straight into the bathroom, discarding your clothes so you can take a shower. Opening the glass door, you turned on the water, wait till it was hot before you got in.
As the fresh warm water ran down your body, you sighed. Your head was empty, you just allowed the water to fall over your body.
Your peace didn't last long; Chris opened the shower door a few minutes later. He was shivering,"is there room for two in here?"
You laughed, moving back so he could join you. He quickly got in under the warm water. "Ahh, that's much better."
You shook your head, a smile on your face. Chris turned to you, "so you want me to lather you up or not?" Chris asked. "Sure, just don't do anything weird."
You picked up your towel and handed it to him. Chris began covering you in soap. He managed to make it none sexual which was nice. Showers with him always ended with doing it.
When he was finished, you returned the favor and soaped him up. Once everything was rinsed off you and Chris got out.
The both of you put on some warm clothes. Chris some sweats and you put on some panties and one of his oversized shirts.
Now you were sitting on the couch, dodgers head in your lap as he slept and Chris who was on the phone with his favorite pizza place.
You watched as he made the phone call in the kitchen. You remembered thinking to yourself he was so handsome pacing back and forth as he talked to the man on the other side of the phone. You thought he wouldn't notice your eyes but he did, and when he looked your way you stared into space like you weren't looking.
"I saw you." He said as he walked over to you. "You saw nothing." You said giving him an angry looked which to Chris was freaking adorable. "Okay fine, I saw nothing." He sat down beside you and gave dodger some pets.
"pizza Will be here in about 30 minutes so we can watch a movie until then." Chris leaned over a grabbed the romote control off the coffee table. "Whatcha wanna watch babe?" Chris asked as he turned on disney plus. "Hmmm, Lilo & stitch."
Chris laughed, "okay." He turned on the film and you both began to watch it.
That lasted for 30 minutes before the doorbell rung. "I got it." Chris got up and went to answer the door.
Dodger lifted his head and looked up at you. "Pizzas here buddy." You said, getting up. Dodger followed you to the kitchen where you pulled out two plates for you and Chris. Chris returned this time with the pizza. He sat it on the counter and opened the box. The amazing smell of pizza filled your nostrils causing you to moan. "It smells so good. I don't think I'm going to make it to the couch."
You sinked down on the floor. Chris looked down at you confused, "what are you doing?" "I'm eating on the floor. Join me, it's great down here." Chris shook his head but joined anyways.
"you're right, it is nice down here." He took a bite of his pizza with a raised eyebrows. You both sat on the floor until you were full. The small conversation you were both having quickly blossomed into a conversation about both of your futures together.
"I would like to live on a farm." You said as you hugged your knees. Chris nodded, "yeah, I always wanted one too." There was a brief silence before Chris spoke again. "Maybe we can have that farm one day. You know when we have kids."
Chris was nervous as he said that. You both talked about kids before but never really went into depts.
"I mean yeah. We can have 3 or 4 kids on a farm with a few chickens, and maybe a goat or cow. But we're just living our best life; I want that." You smiled at Chris. He smiled back at you. "Yeah, I want that too."
You both stayed quiet again before Chris blurted out a few words. "Marry me."
You turned to him shocked but confused. "I'm sorry?" Chris exhaled softly, fully turning to you. "Marry me. I don't have the ring with me now, it's a ma's house, but I really want to spend the rest of my life with you." He reached out and grabbed your hands, "so marry me."
Your heart skipped a beat in your chest, you weren't expecting this at all. "Yes, I'll marry you!"
You chuckled before hugging Chris. Chris felt relived, he thought that was going to be hard but nope, it was simple and he was happy with the outcome.
You pulled away looking at him, "I love you Chris."
"I love you too." Chris took your face and gave you a kiss on the lips. he couldn't wait to make you his.
Hope you enjoyed, feedback welcome!
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mathysphere · 2 months ago
Tech Patterns, circa '98
(heads-up: this is long. I fell down a rabbit hole.)
Found a really cool vintage pattern while poking around Ebay (I’m ~1100 patterns in, it’s for a project, give me another month or two) and found this absolute banger of a pattern:
Tumblr media
Earth Rise by LORRAC designs, circa 1998. It says it’s part of their ‘Science & Technology Series’, and as soon as I saw it I knew I’d give my left and right thumbs to get to see what the rest of those look like-- we talking astronomy? Chemistry? CRT monitors and the shiny newfangled Windows 98? 
A quick google brings up old listings or photos for three more astronomy patterns from the series (The Solar System, Moons of Saturn, and Jupiter), plus a single bit of technology: Anita at posted a photo of one of her finished LORRAC patterns back in 2004, and check it out! It slaps, too!
Tumblr media
It is so good! I’ve never seen a cross stitch pattern like it! I’ve been sorting through Santas and floral borders and Precious Moments Angels this whole project and this smashed computer feels life-changing. (of course, it’s also uh... probably 1am this is going down? once it hits 2:00 the tumblr ads will start looking pretty profound, too)
Googling doesn’t bring up any central collections, and the only contact info on Earth Rise is a residential address in Louisiana (not even an artist’s name!). Doesn’t help that most of the photos are pretty bad-- heck, the computer one’s almost old enough to vote-- but the pic for Moons of Saturn is legible, and it’s got something new at the bottom: a website address. doesn’t go much of anywhere anymore, but pop it in the Wayback machine, and---
Tumblr media
We are golden!! And they even archived the gif of a cute little dog!
From this archive snapshot I’m able to slide forward all the way up to 2003 and their second website, still only exists in the archive, and not all the images work, but the ones they have are magnificent.
And there are a LOT of technology ones.
Guys gals and pals, feast your eyes on Office Beanies:
Tumblr media
You Have MAIL!!
Tumblr media
WWW Logo (”Show the world that you are a Web Surfer with this WWW logo. Finish it as a magnet or pin and display it proudly.” heck yeah I would! I am a web surfer!)
Tumblr media
Computer Kid
Tumblr media
Evil Computer
Tumblr media
and my absolute favorite, Please Logoff:
Tumblr media
…and this last one’s a freebie, too! The PDF download is long gone, but the list of floss colors is still up. Between this image and the list I should be able to reconstruct the pattern... so wish me luck! 🤞
Only one mystery remains, then... who was the artist behind LORRAC? I can’t find a name anywhere, not on the whole site. I wonder who they were, what they were like-- they made some really funny and unique patterns, and beautiful ones, too. The pattern themes make me think that the artist was a young adult then, twenty years ago, so odds are that they’re still out there stitching somewhere. I wish I could tell them how much I like their old art. But hey, that’s the internet for you. 🥂
Anyway if you’d like to check out some really unique patterns and also feel nostalgic for the ancient internet, the LORRAC site archive is here. While exploring I also found a fully-intact Angelfire page listing dozens of other cross-stitch sites from the same era-- some may still be up, others might be archived, either way: if you need a rabbit hole, check them out! :)
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reidgraygubler · 4 months ago
caught in the nets (spencer reid/reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: caught in the nets
Requested: no
Couple: spencer reid/fem!reader
Category: smut, fluff
Content Warning: SEXUAL CONTENT (penetrive sex, unsafe sex, public sex (public bathroom), fingering, handjob, grinding, groping, heavy petting, fucking with fishnets on, tipsy sex, possessive), hand on jaw/neck (no pressure), swearing, drinking, mentions of a gun, mentions of casework, friends to lovers
Word Count: 3,944
Summary: Spencer loves what reader is wearing while out at a bar with the team
A/N: hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Here’s another thing i wrote. this is another thing I was super excited to write. AND I wrote it for one of my bestest friends @spencer-reid-in-a-pool for pom’s server fic swap. I wrote it in literally two days bc I had a week to write it. But it does have a prompt and a few other things she likes in it! also quick shout out to @newportonmymind for proofreading this!! i really appreciate you! I really hope you guys enjoy this piece! Thank you all so much for the love and support! I appreciate it and you! Check out my masterlist!
Rough cases will always be the worst. Sometimes they felt hopeless, like we weren’t able to figure out how to save a victim. In the end we were able to save the victim and arrest the unsub. But it was still rough.
So drinks were a must when it came to the end of rough cases. I know it’s a bad thing to turn to drinking in a rough time. But sometimes nothing helped more than a drink. It was easier to relax with a little liquor in your system. Well, it was easier for me to relax with a little liquor. I couldn’t say about the rest of the team.
I was the one who offered up the idea of going to a bar when we returned home. I just needed a little something to help me unwind. Luke, Penelope and Tara were the next to say they’d be coming. After some light convincing, Emily, JJ, and Matt agreed. David was quick to leave before we could get to him about it.
Which left Spencer. At first he put up a fight, arguing that he had to go home. Home to what? We have the same situation. Eventually Penelope wore him down and got him to go.
“Okay, I’ll meet you guys there. I need to change out of these clothes.” I looked down at the business attire I had worn on the plane. I really wished I had changed out of them too, and into something more comfortable.
“Sounds good, Sweetness! See you in a bit.” Penelope looked at me with a smile. I returned the smile before collecting my things from my desk, and leaving.
Part of me wanted to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants. But I also wanted to wear jeans and a tee-shirt, just to be comfortable. I also wanted to wear something more… party like. Mostly because we’re going to a bar, where there were going to be lots of people. Mmm…
I went with the latter. My outfit ended up consisting of a plain black top, paired with short-shorts and a “comfortable” pair of heels. Under the shorts I wore one of my favorite clothing items, a pair of black fishnets. They were one of my favorite things because I always gained the attention of someone. And I usually enjoyed that attention. I just don’t know whose attention I wanted.
Once I was satisfied with how I looked, I grabbed my bag and left for the bar. I was the first to leave the BAU, but the last to show up to the bar. Even Spencer was there before me, which was a rarity.
“Hey sorry I’m late. Traffic was nuts… And I just wanted to look nice,” I laughed nervously as I looked down before sitting beside Penelope. Everyone’s eyes were on me, and I tried to avoid the feeling of the stares. At first I tried to not be self-conscious, after all I was the one who wanted to dress a little more… sexy and get the attention of others.
“What are you wearing?” Luke asked after he took a sip of his beer. I looked down at my attire and shrugged.
“Wanted someone’s attention. Figured I’d get it here.” I gestured around the room towards the many groups of people. “Already got yours, Lukey-poo,” I cooed as I looked at him. He looked back at me with a weird look in his eyes. “Where’s Spence?”
“He went to get a drink.” JJ nodded towards the bar before sipping her drink. I looked over my shoulder and towards the bar. My eyes quickly identified the lanky and awkward body of Spencer standing beside the bar as he waited for a drink.
“Has the bartender been flirting with him the whole time?” I looked back at the team with wide eyes. Tara looked over at JJ with a smug smile before nodding. “No ones gonna save him?” “Figured we’d give him a try first.” Matt shrugged as he looked back at me. I let out a mildly annoyed sigh before standing up.
“Where are you going?” Emily asked as she looked at me. I smiled as her eyes very slowly lingered down my body. There was an obvious struggle, and I liked that. I was definitely getting the attention I craved tonight. Even though it’s from my superior.
“Gonna go save boy wonder from inevitable embarrassment that he will probably succumb to.” I rested my hand on the table as I looked at the team. JJ and Emily shared a knowing glance. “And I’m getting myself a drink.” I shrugged before shoving my hands in my small pockets and walked towards the bar and Spencer.
“Hey Spence!” I exclaimed as I looked at him. He looked away from the bartender and smiled. His smile, however, quickly melted away and a hungry look took over his eyes.
“H-hey,” he mumbled before looking back at the bartender. She looked between me and Spencer before muttering a few profanities and walking away. I smirked before taking the space up beside Spencer.
“You seeing something you like, Reid?” I asked as soon as I noticed him staring at me again. I leaned over the bar beside him and smiled.
“I.. Uh, I…” He cleared his throat before looking away from me and down at the counter. Well, maybe I did know whose attention I wanted…
“Anyways, I’ve come to save you.”
“Save me?”
“The bartender…” I whispered before nodding in her direction. Spencer looked down at her and we both caught her looking between us before dropping her gaze.
“The bartender?”
“Just get your drink and come on,” I laughed before standing up and away from the counter. Spencer looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. He was obviously confused as to what I was talking about. But I’ll honestly save him the embarrassment. “Oh, wait. I want a drink too!” I exclaimed as I leaned over the counter.
Once we both had our drinks, I silently led him back to the table. I enjoyed the feeling of people’s eyes on me as I walked by them. I could even sense Spencer staring at me. To be fair, my shorts were a little on the shorter side…
Maybe the attention I was getting was from the person I wanted it from the most…
Spencer and I returned to the table, and we were quick to join into whatever conversation they were having. The entertaining stories that Matt told about his kids made everyone go into a fit of laughter.
The laughter only grew the more drinks that everyone had consumed. We weren’t exactly drunk, well some of us weren’t drunk. But when someone in the bar orders a round of drinks for the table, it’s hard to say no.
JJ, Spencer and Matt were the only ‘mostly sober’ ones. Followed by Tara and me being tipsy, but sober enough to know what was happening. Penelope, Luke and Emily had enough to drink and had left the table to go dance with each other and random people in the bar.
“I wanna dance,” I muttered as I looked down at the table. Matt cleared his throat, causing me to look up at him. He was nodding a Spencer, who was looking around the room at all the other people. A small smile grew across my lips before I jumped from my seat. Spencer and JJ both looked at me with shock on their faces.
I looked right at Spencer and smiled. “You.” I pointed at him. “Me.” Then I pointed at myself. “We’re dancing,” I spoke as I jerked my thumb behind me. Spencer’s face fell slightly as he watched me walk to stand in front of him. I smiled as his eyes lingered on my body for a brief moment before landing on my face. “Come on. Let’s leave mom and dad alone.” I lifted a hand for him to take. He looked at it for a moment before hesitantly placing his hand into mine.
Once he stood, I dragged him over to the dance floor, where we both stood still. I didn’t know what was going through his head, but I wished I did. His body wasn’t tense, in fact I could tell he liked that I was being daring and the close proximity I was in.
We, and by we I mean me, hardly danced. It was mostly just me. And my dance moves consisted of me grinding on him. Which seemed to rile him up enough to entertain me. I enjoyed it more when he rested his hands on my hips and held me in front of him.
I looked around the room at all the people, watching as they continued dancing with their friends and people. Then I looked back at Spencer before grabbing his hand. His once hazel eyes were blown out black and a look of hunger and lust was settled in them. He looked like he knew what he wanted, and he was about to do anything in his power to get it too.
I looked away from him and around the room, again, looking for a familiar face. It wasn’t that I needed someone to save me from this moment. No. I needed to make sure none of our friends saw what I was about to do next.
I turned to face Spencer again and pressed my chest to his. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled them flush against his. The breath was knocked from my lungs when I felt how hard he was through his slacks and my shorts.
I grabbed his wrist and turned away from him before dragging him out of the bar and towards the bathrooms. He didn’t say anything when I pulled him into the women’s bathroom and into a stall. I’ll forever be grateful for that too because I don’t know where else we would go to.
I pulled him into a stall and locked it before pushing him against the door. His lips quickly attached to mine, and before I knew it his teeth grazed across my lower lip. And just like before, when we were out in the bar, his hands fell back to my hips and he pulled me against him. He rolled his hips to mine, pressing his bulge into my body.
“I can’t believe you,” Spencer groaned against my mouth. I looked up at him and smirked. “Why’s that? What makes me so unbelievable?” I whispered as I pressed a hand to his front. Spencer’s body froze and a hiss came from his lips.
“You coming to this bar, dressed like that, acting like you own the place,” his voice was low as he spoke. I smiled before I looked for his belt. “Acting like you aren’t arousing every man-- and woman-- here. That’s right, I saw the way Emily looked at you,” he continued as he looked at me.
“I just wanted attention from someone. But I’m sure happy that it’s your attention that I’m getting, Spencer,” I whispered before I pressed my hips against his.
“Well… I don’t think you’ll be getting attention from anyone else other than mine from now on.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’re mine now, Sweetness,” he mildly mocked the pet name Penelope had given me earlier today. I stared at him, my breathing growing shallow. “And no one else’s.” Goosebumps grew like fire across my skin once I realized the honesty and reality of his words. Or, well, I should say his possessiveness. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted or believed what he said, but a moment passed and I realized… I wanted it so bad.
We both fell into a silent stare down. My hands, however, kept busy as they looked for his belt. But then a smirk grew across my lips the second I realized he still had a hard on waiting for me.
I was quick as I tried undoing his belt buckle, hoping he wouldn’t notice. But he obviously did when I began struggling and fumbling for a moment.
“Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me, Reid?” I whispered as I carefully slipped my hand into his pants and briefs. My question was otherwise rhetorical. I knew for a fact it was a gun. But I also knew it wasn’t a gun.
Spencer took a deep breath of air once my hand was wrapped around his length. I smiled as I slowly moved my hand back and forth, gently applying pressure.
“It’s a gun,” Spencer returned, keeping his voice low, “But I’m more than happy to see you. Trust me.” I could tell he was trying to be sly with his words. Because when he started talking his voice was deep and a little rough, but as he continued on talking, they got a little shaky and a little bit higher. I wanted to mock him, but I knew better than to do that.
“Oh… I do,” I whispered as I quickened my pace. My lips were hovering over his. His breath fanned across my face, and I could just barely smell the gin and tonic he had drank earlier.
My heart was beating hard in my chest because I was about to fuck my co-worker in the bathroom at fucking bar. I wondered if his was doing the same thing. I wondered if his thought process was the same as mine too.
I also wondered if he felt the same way. Maybe I’ve always wanted the attention from Spencer. He was right there, and always has been, and always will be. Plus we’ve known each other for years. So what’s the harm? Maybe he felt the same?
The grip Spencer held on my hips started to tighten as I continued to stroke his length. I could feel his tension growing the longer I went. My lips slowly curled at the corners as I realized how much I was going to enjoy this.
Then it happened. Spencer flipped our positions so I was pressed against the door. Both of my wrists were in one of his hands, held above my head. His other hand was already messing with the button of my shorts.
“You think you’re the only one who can do that, Sweetness,” he whispered before pressing his lips to my neck. It was his turn to grind his hips against mine, easily taking my breath away again.
“Spence…” I gasped once his hand was finally down the front of my shorts. I tried hard to pull my hands from his hand, but his grip only tightened.
“See, two can play at this game,” he spoke softly as he swiped a finger up my slit. I bit my lips together as he gently moved his finger around the sensitive nub between my thighs. “But unlike you I’m going to let you finish.”
“I was go-oh…” I whimpered as my knees buckled down causing my hips to grind on his hand. He smiled before carefully pushing a finger into my entrance. It was suddenly hard to concentrate as he curled his fingers just right.
“That’s what I thought,” Spencer murmured against my ear before moving his mouth to the corner of my mouth, then to my neck. A small moan fell from my mouth as he sucked a spot onto the base of my neck.
I stayed silent as Spencer continued whispering dirty things in my ear. Part of me almost forgot who I was with. Not because of what was happening, but because of what he was saying. I had no clue Spencer could say such dirty things. My train of thought was all over the place, derailing the moment I would gain a coherent thought.
Once I did eventually finish on his fingers, he pulled his hand from my shorts and looked down at me. It was a silent moment of a stare down. I was quiet because I was sure of what was about to happen. I was about to fuck Spencer Reid. I was willing to bet Spencer was calculating how long the events of everything would take. I didn’t care, I just wanted it and I wanted it now.
I broke the stare down, looking down at his slacks and the bulge that was still pressing against the fabric. I silently undid the button and zipper and pushed his pants down.
Spencer stopped me before I could do anything else. I looked up at him, my eyes staying on his face as he pushed down my shorts. Then it happened. I was expecting sex to happen like normal. Half naked.
I furrowed my eyebrows when he started getting ready. My tights were still on me properly. He didn’t forget. Man has the best mind in the world. He wouldn’t forget about my tights.
“Wait,” I whispered as I went to pull my tights off, but Spencer stopped me. His hand wrapped around my wrist before he pulled it away. “I gotta take my tights off if we-Oh…”I looked up at him with wide eyes once I realized what he wanted.
“Keep them on,” he whispered so softly I almost didn’t hear him. I nodded lightly. Truth be told, I could see the appeal in it. I did wear the fishnets for a reason. And I knew how I looked in them.
“I can do that.”
Spencer hoisted one of my legs around his waist and pressed my body against the wall. I stared at him, my arms wrapped around his neck to keep me up right. He also helped keep me up by keeping his hands on my hips. Once I was steady, Spencer ripped a hole in the crotch of my tights.
My teeth bit down on my lower lip as he dragged the head of his cock down my pussy. I almost couldn’t handle the way he teased my entrance. I wondered if he could see how frustrated I was starting to get. He’s a profiler. He should just know already how much I needed this.
“I swear to-” ‘God, Spencer.’ My words were cut off with a moan as he pressed into me all at once. It was hard to keep my head up right, and I fought for a moment before finally dropping it to rest on his shoulder. I brought my hand to my mouth and bit down.
Spencer moved a hand around to rest on my bottom. My mouth fell as his hand began massaging my flesh. That, paired with the way he began moving his hips started becoming too much for me.
He looked down at me, sweat beginning to mat down his hair to his forehead. His eyebrows were furrowed together as he picked up his pace. My leg around his waist pulled him closer to me.
“Don’t stop, please, please don’t stop,” I whined as he finally moved closer to me. My body began moving up and down the door. The cloth of my tank top had started riding up, and my hot skin was instantly touching the cool steel door.
Spencer lifted a hand to my head, placing it on the backside before pulling my face to his. His lips pressed everywhere on my face, not one spot was ignored. I pulled my hands away from his neck and grasped his shirt and tie, keeping him in his spot.
“You could’ve worn anything and I still would have wanted to fuck you. Sweatpants and oversized tee-shirt, that pencil skirt you wore back in Oklahoma… But the fishnets really do take the cake.”
“I-I knew someone would like them.” I tried to keep my voice steady. But it was so hard when pressure began growing in my stomach and between my legs.
“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted this? You here, looking like this,” his voice was almost a growl. My chest began heaving with each word he said and each movement he made. “Too damn long, that’s how long.”
Spencer removed his hand from the back of my head and dropped it to between my legs, resting it high on my thigh. His thumb moved back and forth on my leg, over the material of the fishnets. The look in his eyes drove me wild, and I loved it so, so much.
“Better me than anyone else. I’m not willing to share.” Spencer actually growled as he moved his finger to the crest of my legs. He smiled when I looked up at him with a mildly panicked look in my eyes. “Do you understand why, Sweetness?”
“As I told you earlier, you’re mine,” he struggled as he tried to hold back a moan.
“Fuck,” I cried as my head dropped back down to his shoulder. I pressed a hand to the wall beside me. I gasped for air as the pressure in my stomach grew to the point of exploding.
“Only I can make you feel like this. You got that, Sweetness?” Spencer groaned, which quickly caused me to nod.
It was impossible to stay quiet as the pressure built up more. The situation was pushed more as soon as Spencer started moaning more into my ear. It was so overwhelming the second he said my name.
And then it happened. I finished before him. But it wasn’t too long after that a familiar warmth spread throughout me.
Spencer dropped his head to my shoulder, and we were both left in panting, breathless messes. My eyes were stuck open as I tried recollecting myself.
“I waited a long time for that too, Spencer,” I whispered, breaking the silence after a few minutes passed. He laughed and nodded.
“Yeah, I know.”
“Of course you do.” I shook my head and pushed his body off mine. He looked down at me with a smirk. “What… What does this mean?”
“Could mean anything. We let things happen naturally, or we pretend nothing happened at all. I’d prefer the former, if I’m going to be honest with you.” He gently lifted a hand and rested it on my face. My nose twitched as soon as I felt something rolling down my thigh. Then my eyes widened.
“N-naturally… Yeah,” I whispered, mostly to myself, as I reached for a wad of toilet paper. I quickly cleaned up the mess that was between my legs and shook my head.
“We should go. Get you properly cleaned.” Spencer spoke up once I was done cleaning myself a bit.
“Well now we gotta go out there and pretend like nothing happened,” I whispered as I looked up at him. Spencer shrugged like it was no big deal. “Where did this sudden cockines come from?”
“When I realized you could have any guy in the bar… And you chose me.” He smiled before wrapping an arm around my waist. I widened my eyes as we exited the bathroom and entered the crowd of people together. People stared at us as we walked by, but I couldn’t tell if it was both of us they were staring at or just me. Spencer’s grip around my waist tightened as he pulled me closer to him. “Remember, Sweetness… I don’t like sharing what’s mine,” his voice was low. My body stiffened once the reality of his words hit me. His.
“Where were you guys?” Emily looked between Spencer and I. I looked at her with wide eyes, my expression telling her (and the rest of the team) everything they needed to know. I’m sure I looked like a hot fucking mess.
“Sweetness here was outside not feeling too well. So I brought her to the bathroom and helped her out a little bit,” Spencer lied with a smile.
Even he knew the lie was useless. But I think everyone would rather believe the obvious lie than rather just know the truth. To be fair, I’d rather tell them all a useless lie rather than the truth. “She still doesn’t feel too well. So I’m going to take her home.”
“Oh! Bummer! I hope you feel better!” Penelope was the first to speak up. I was thankful too that she played along because I really couldn’t handle that embarrassment…
“I will.. Hopefully by morning… I’ve got the best doctor I know taking care of me.” I smiled softly as I looked up at Spencer. He glanced back at me with a smile.
“Have a nice rest of the night.” Spencer nodded to the team before guiding me away from the table and towards the front doors.
“My place or yours?” I looked back at him once we were finally outside and walking towards his car.
if you want to be a part of a taglist (lmk if ur 18+ for smut) or have any comments about this one-shot, let me know here
taglist: @thebluetint​ @muffin-cup​ @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto​ @spencersmagic @90spumkin​ @jareids​ @broken-stardust​
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hagelpaimon · 3 months ago
Hey I kinda wanna make a request (don't know if I have already)
13:I’m not wearing anything under this
26:Don’t make me pull over - that’s it
29:Scream for me. I want everyone to know how good I make you feel
Praise Kink
Over-stimulation kink
With the loveable nerd donnie?
If this isn't possible I understand, love all your work by the way
I have never seen a more perfect set up. Friend you’ve got it!
Rated Explicit (18+ only)
Tumblr media
He exactly knew what you were trying to do from the moment you climbed into the truck in that frilly little sun dress. In fact he would bet a kidney that the choice of wardrobe on the hot summers night was catered to distract him to the point of muttering to himself.
Donnie was and is, a safe driver.
But that stupid dress had mysteriously ridden up your thighs when he hit a pothole somewhere into his drive through Manhattan. It was a fun little activity the two of you did all the time, a means of getting away, AC on high and privacy you both didn’t get often.
But you had intentions.
Intentions that hopefully would lead to the a very good outcome. So when Donnie saw your hands smooth over the tops of your thighs, his eye would twitch. Never mind when you crossed your legs and that defiant flimsy fabric just allowed more skin to show.
“-could you believe the nerve of that guy? Anyways my boss fired him, good riddance honestly. What about you babe? How was your day?” Donnie had absorbed cero information for the first time in his life, he was at a red light, big brown eyes blinking at you.
You smirked, uncrossing your legs, crossing them the opposite way you had previously.
“What’s your game plan here?” He asked, you almost snorted.
“Whatever are you saying my dearest? Can a gal know how her man’s day has been?” Oh you were a clever sneak but your eyes always betrayed you and when the corners of your mouth shot up in a fit of laughter, Donnie frowned. “My day is great! Just somewhat distracted by a certain someone, you know if we crash it’s totally your fault” He honked when the guy in front of him didn’t move at the green light.
Wanting to make things even more savory, you played with the hem of your dress. “I love when I distract you, it’s a favorite past time of mine” You lifted it and reveled in Donnie almost cracking his neck to see what you were doing and then back to the road ahead.
“I’m not wearing anything under this” You spoke, a sultry hint to your words. You were in fact bare, with every intention of teasing him into having to do something about it.
He bit his lip and shook his head, this was so not happening right now and you sure as hell weren’t...
“Y/n...” Your name sounded like a demand the moment he saw your palm run over the hood of your sex. He kept a good handle of driving and sneaking glances at your lap. Your legs spread enough for you to slide a finger in between your folds and to Donnie’s pure teasing realization he heard how wet you were. You relaxed back, soft touches working you up and Donnie soft little churrs picking up volume. When you pushed that digit inside of yourself, he gripped the steering wheel. “Don’t make me pull over” It was that stern voice he used on occasion.
With another turn on a less trafficked street, you turned to him, digit slowly pumping in and out of you and said, “Or what?” You grinned mischievously. “-That’s it”
Donnie parked the car by the sidewalk, not really caring that even if it was relatively late pedestrians were still passing by here and there. He reclined your chair, enjoying the little yelp that exited your mouth. Pushing your hand away he popped his own digit into his mouth before teasing it at your entrance. “Have you been walking around this city with no underwear? Answer me” You stifled a giggle by biting your lip but that quickly melted into a moan when he pushed his much larger digit inside of you. Your thighs shook with the delightfully stuffed sensation it brought.
“You haven’t answered my question” He thrusted his finger, moving just the way he knew that could illicit the best response.
“So what if I did?” Defiant words for somebody in a precarious position. Donnie had that little twinkle in his eye, the one you knew all too well.
“Nobody, and I do mean nobody, has or will have the right to see this” He emphasized the last word with a harsher thrust of his finger that made you choke. “I guess that only leaves one other option, reminding you exactly who you belong to” That sentence was enough to make you want to scream internally, pushing the usually chill terrapin to these extents wasn’t the easiest. Sometimes one had to play dirty, which you we never opposed to doing so.
Somewhere between a moan and a full body shiver you felt Donnie crook his finger. That first release whenever sought out like this, always made you just a little dizzy, made your joints protest from tensing so much. Your hands flew to his chest, the firmness of his plates grounding you back from your high.
“Say ‘thank you, Donnie’, come on baby, use your words” He swelled with pride seeing your mouth start to move but nothing resembling the words coming out.
So naturally, he started up again.
You squished your thighs together, trapping his hand when the oversensitivity hit but he only ‘tsk’d’ his disapprovement and gave your thighs a soft slap. “Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze” Trembling thighs obeyed and separated enough for him to continue his strokes, thumb circling over your clit with enough pressure to make your hand fly up to your mouth.
Just like that he pulled another orgasm out of you, but did not stop his motions over your clit.
You started to squirm, breath hitching into embarrassing squeaks and all the more he glued those precious brown orbs of his to you.
“Well?” He barely sounded strained, he was hardly even breaking a sweat.
“Thank you! Thank you!” You shut your eyes when he didn’t stop, every nerve in your body felt over exposed, saturated with the constant onslaught to your sensitive nub.
One more, yanked from your body, hard enough you felt a rush of something in your brain and that jelly like feeling hit your limbs. He fucked his finger slowly in and out, bringing you down into a somewhat false sense of security. Your hazy vision found the window on your side, a few pedestrians passing and the idea that somebody could’ve heard...
Pulling out his digit, Donnie popped it into his mouth. “I had a very nice date planned out, but then again this isn’t far off from the original plan” He pulled you up into a sitting position but maneuvered you onto your knees to face the car window. He bunched up your dress and nudged you forward to rest your hands on the glass. “You like making a spectacle? Walking around with nothing under your dress?” Donnie spoke those words against the back of your head, he enjoyed the scent of your hair. Gripping your hips he pushed you against the prominent bulge.
Oh how your thighs shook. Your breath fogged up the glass as you heard him unzip. “Dee-ohfuck” He ran the length of his cock through your folds, squeezing your thighs for the right pressure for the teasing friction. “Aren’t I a nice guy? See how good I treat you?” He hunched over you, chin resting on your shoulder. A large three fingered hand landed on the glass next to yours, it gutted him to see the contrast in size, to see your pinky wrap around his much thicker digit. “Tell me how it feels, when I push into you” He whispered against your shoulder, slowly sliding in and stretching you out.
It was tricky, the space wasn’t too small but between both seats he found a good spot to stand (or more so bend) and give you the first thrust that left your mouth hanging open. “So so so good,” You muttered with a shaky voice. “And? What else?” He loved the way you swallowed letters the moment he thrusted just a little harder. “You’re so fucking big, you do this so good, god Donnie nobody’s fucked me like you before” There was deep rumbling churr against your neck, he tasted salt and your perfume when he licked it.
“You’re the best, you’re the fucking best!” You moaned out, loud enough you felt embarrassment as somebody passed by. Naturally Donnie noticed, smirking against your neck. “Now we’re shy? Now you want to be a good girl?” He hooked an arm around your waist and absolutely threw caution to the god damn wind.
He sped up, deep thrusts that were fully determine to make you scream your head off. Right there with his hips smacking against your rear he spoke the words you knew would be your undoing.
“Scream for me, I want everyone to know how good I make you feel” He drove into you with that very purpose in mind. That long cock of his hitting exactly the spots you needed in order to do so. In order to scream your head off when your release came suddenly and so devastatingly strong, you felt something gush out of you. It’s intensity made your eyes shut tight as you rode the high. Feeling teeth at your shoulder and a muffled string of curses and your name you felt warmth shoot into you.
You don’t remember Donnie shuffling the two of you onto the couch but at some point you’re there. Body slumped, dress still scrunched up as Donnie rummages through a small bin for some wet wipes. “Did you cum on the chair again?” You asked him sleepily and with a smile, you still had enough gas in the tank for a few jabs. He had bag between his teeth as he stumbled to push up his pants. Dropping the wipes near you he smirked.
“No, but you did” He declared quite triumphantly.
Your foggy dopamine ridden brain took a bit to load.
“I squirted!?” You wanted to sit up but that wasn’t gonna happen any time soon. You covered your face, embarrassment clear. Donnie snorted and rubbed your rear affectionately. “Please, if it were up to me I’d leave it there like a badge of honor” He stifled another laugh when you peaked through hands and glared.
“By the way...” He kissed your arm.
“Hm?” The sensation lulled you.
“I love you” His words were soft yet serious.
“I love you more” You whispered back.
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deans-ch-ch-cherrypie · 3 months ago
Picture this, okay: Hvitty's dream is to make his girl squirt, because what's more BDE to Hvitserk Ragnarsson than making your girl gush during sex?
I know it's Sub Week in Kattegat but I also know that you write Hvitserk like a boss and this will be AN ADVENTURE ®️.
Bonus points for Hvitserk bragging to his brothers about it.
Tumblr media
gif credit to owner
Pairing: Hvitserk x Plus Size!Reader (just because! shameless self-indulgence 💅🏽)
Type: one-shot
Requested by "Anon." So which one of you nasty gals was it?
I got three in mind. @vikingstrash, @punkrocknpearls, or @quantumlocked310. Or was it you, @pomegranates-and-blood? 😤
Tumblr media
AO3: amyponders
Word count: 1.6k
Warnings: p in v sex, fingering, mutual oral sex, squirting, some fluff bc it’s me, language, run-on sentences, grammar mistakes, and wordy phrases cuz it was unbeta’ed, so whatever, deal with it
A/N: *sigh* so okay, anon, here goes my crappy attempt at smut... this is one of the reasons why I avoid super explicit sex 🤦🏻‍♀️basically, I just turned this article into a fic
Taglist: @xbellaxcarolinax, @alexhandersen-marcoilsoe-fandom, @punkrocknpearls, @mrsalwayswrite, @pieces-by-me, @flowers-in-your-hayr, @solinarimoon, @istorkyou, @castielsangelsx, @funmadnessandbadassvikings, @flokisdaughter, @grimeundglow, @vikingstrash, @ecarroll1978, @riverkloss, @artemiseamoon, @lordsexmachine
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •••• ━━━━••
The sweet circular roll of your hips is steady and unrushed, sitting astride on Hvitserk’s slap as you take him inside you. You are moaning under your breath and his breathing is labored but not harshly so, a sign that you’re both taking it slow, making love on your favorite sofa while the TV drones on and on in the background.
The day called for lazy sex and nothing more.
He kisses your jaw tenderly, leaving plodding caresses across your chin that tickle you and you smile.
You put your elbows on his shoulders and kiss the tip of his button nose and then his lips and he smiles back at you.
“Ye-ah?” You pant out.
“Ivar says his girl is a squirter.”
You make a face at the sudden bit of information. Whatever happened in the bedroom between your brother-in-law and Freydis was none of your business.
“And you’re bringing this up... now... why?” The pleasure coursing like molten lava through your body can’t keep the annoyance from showing in your tone.
“Well, you know… I’ve never seen it happen before… not first hand anyway. But I totally want to make you feel good like that... So can we try, yeah?” Hvitserk kisses along your shoulder blade pleadingly.
“Yes, now.” His voice is a little strained as you take his hands up to cup your full breasts and you rock back and forth agonizingly slow like the waves licking on a beach, giving him a new sensation to enjoy. “He says it’s such a beautiful sight... having her dripping wet in front of him and knowing that… he did that... Apparently... he was the first one to make her do that. But then again... all he can do is finger her and eat her out so… it’s no surprise she can.”
“What does- mmm…” You trail off and then try again. “What does that have to do with it?”
“Well... I hear this thing we’re doing… pleasurable as it is...” Hvitserk’s fingers sink down on the abounding flesh of your hips and his hands play along with the slow whirlpool of your movement. “ not so great to make girls squirt.” He gives you an adorable pouty lip that you promptly take between your teeth to bite, causing him to grunt.
“And what is?”
“According to… this article... I read…”
“Wait-wait you actually read...” You press your lips together to keep a moan from interrupting you. “...about it?”
Hvitserk gives the smallest of scoffs. “Yeah. I like to prepare... Why is that so surprising?”
“Didn’t- take you- for the research- type. You’re more… Hands. On.” As you struggle to get the words out, Hvitserk glides a hand underneath your skimpy lacy bralette to pinch your nipple cheekily, and you whimper.
“That I am.” He grins conceitedly. “Mouth-on too.” He kisses your lips briefly.
You snort out a tiny laugh against his cheekbone. “So what do you propose?” You huff out. “I can run to our bedroom, get one of my toys…” You offer.
“No, no toys. I want to do this myself.” His mischievous fingers sneak between your bodies, searching for your little bundle of nerves and your hands immediately grip both sides of his head.
“Hvitserk!” You squeak a little surprised at the sudden touch.
“Lay back, babe.”
You reluctantly get off his lap to lie back on the couch, whining at the loss of his hot flesh previously filling your welcoming walls. You would have rather kept on grinding on top of him undemandingly and leave the experimenting for something that may or may not ever happen to you for another day.
But you know that whenever Hvitserk gets an idea inside his head, he’s like a dog with a bone.
“Let me do what I do best, princess. Just relax.”
He starts humming leisurely against your pubic bone and you giggle, his hands gripping your thighs before they clutch your hips and make you slide forward even closer to his face.
You see him disappear between your legs and immediately feel the tip of his roguish tongue exploring you.
“Hang on. Gotta get my hands dirty.” He pushes a finger inside you and beckons in a come-hither motion looking for that key spot inside you and he finds it in no time.
A high-pitched moan spouts from your lips. “Mmm… Do that again, Hvi.” You entwine your fingers on the braids you’d done on his long hair as he sat between your legs earlier that morning, undoing them in the process — all that hard work for nothing.
He keeps curling his finger inside you for a minute or two, softly stroking your front wall before he adds a second digit and picks up the pace.
You can feel his hot breaths tickling your intimate parts.
He presses a kiss to your mound and then lowers his lips to peck at your groin.
“Please, please, just-” When a needy moan escapes you, his mouth finally starts sucking on your nub alternating with his tongue flicking side to side in short tight motions until you are seeing white stars behind your eyelids.
He stops every once in a while to graze his teeth on the swollen spot between your legs ever so slightly, his movement so closely calculated that it feels almost like a feathery caress. Any other man would’ve probably bitten down roughly and made you scream in pain.
It’s impressive the level of skill that your hungry puppy has with his mouth. You’ve definitely trained him well.
“Hvit- Hvitserk- oh my fuck!” Your own hand palms your breast and then continues up towards your neck to grasp at something, anything, and release some of the pent-up energy. You scratch a red trail with your fingernails down your chest, the burning sensation an added kick to the pleasure.
“How does that feel?”
“Feels fucking great! Keep going!”
Your boyfriend takes his other hand to your lower belly and applies some pressure, softly at first and then more and more strongly until you can feel your walls literally closing in around his fingers, imprisoning them there.
“Fuck yeah, sweetheart, just like that! You’re so close, I can feel it.” Hvitserk can always tell when he is about to make you come undone.
The merged sensations of his gifted mouth, his hand bearing down on your pelvis — putting a delicious pressure on your center — and his fingers swirling inside you rubbing your most sensitive place work like a charm. Right then, the tight knot that had formed deep within your belly unravels making you moan out Hvitserk’s name wantonly, loud enough for the upstairs neighbors to hear.
On your way to work tomorrow morning, you would surely get some knowing looks in the elevator as it happened almost on a weekly basis. And Hvitserk would probably kiss your shoulder, and smirk with pride against your skin, as his fingers clawed at your plushy hips with a look on his face that said, “that’s right, I was the one making her scream like that.”
The cocky little shit.
“I love it when you scream my name.” He chuckles and kisses your soft belly and then your trembling fleshy inner thigh sloppily. “No one can say it the way you can, I swear.”
As you continue writhing along with the sweetness of your release, he lowers his face to your heat again. “Come on, baby girl, I know you have it in you,” you hear him whisper against your skin faintly and then he presses his mouth against your core and sucks on you hungrily, mercilessly.
His silky voice paired with his diligent mouth works a magic trick because right after your climax, comes another strange sensation, one you’ve never quite felt before but it envelops your whole lower body with a buzz-like thrill. Your toes curl around Hvitserk’s waist as you ride your extended high, and you feel yourself actually streaming the warm liquid for the first time.
You half-open your pleasure-heavy lids to see Hvitserk staring at your womanhood in an almost trance-like state. His soft green eyes, the color of weak tea today, are gleaming like two stars under the warm light of your living room lamp; his lips curl up as he laughs elated.
“Sweetie, you should see this.” He slides a finger along your length spreading the slick nectar that ebbed from you and you squirm, still much too sensitive even though his fingers were as gentle as always. “Can’t believe I made you gush on the first try.” He snickers as he takes his finger to his mouth to lick it and get a taste.
You give him a lazy half-grin, still giddy from your climax. All of your muscles feel twitchy and overworked even though all you did was lay there and let your man work you.
“Can I take a picture to show Ivar and Ubbe?” He jokes as he sits back on his thighs to look into your eyes.
“What? No!” You protest with your laughter even though you know that he’s kidding.
He would never let another man see you like this. Hvitserk is way too possessive of you.
He smooths his lips against your heat and laps up all the juices until you’re clean.
“How about I take care of that now instead?” You point to his manhood with your toes and start sliding your foot up his muscled thigh and towards his groin.
“Sure, baby.” Hvitserk nods, extending an arm to the coffee table to clutch his phone, and then settles his back against the sofa while you crawl forward until your mouth is against his stomach.
You spread kisses down his happy trail and then nip on his hip bone playfully.
He slaps your rear in retaliation and then kneads his fingers on your asscheeks repeatedly as you get to work, enveloping his velvety length inside your mouth. “Yeah? Ubbe? Is Ivar there? Put me on speaker.” Hvitserk starts gushing. “You guys are not gonna believe what just happened.”
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keanureevesisbae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Rosemary Hill is twenty seven and lives in San Antonio, Texas. Not exactly by choice, but that's a story for a different time. When Captain Syverson comes back home, she finally gets to meet the legendary captain people have been boasting about. But one thing is certain: never is she falling for a military man. Not again.
Captain Syverson x Rosemary Hill (Asian OFC)
Wordcount: 16k
Warnings: Mention of death, some war flashbacks (nothing to graphic)
A/N: Believe it or not, this is what I call a story on the "shorter" side, lol. Also, I hit 700 followers and the number is growing, so for that: thank you so so much! I hope you enjoy this story, it's a little bit different from what I usually do when it comes to writing. Hopefully it won't disappoint. Please let me know what you think! I love your reactions 🥰
Tumblr media
It had been three days since Sy got back home from his fourth tour and those days all went by in a blur. His parents picking him up from the airport flowed into eating his momma’s delicious food after those terrible rations and there is a possibility he might’ve slept for at least twenty hours straight.
His friends understood his need to acclimatize to San Antonio, Texas before hanging out. Every day they don’t see him though, just means they’ll go even more out out when they first see each other again.
‘Oh, darlin’,’ his momma says as they walk into the Oak, one of the most famous diners here. ‘I’m so happy that you’re here again. I always love it to show you off.’
‘I missed you too, momma.’ Sy wraps his arm around her shoulders and realizes he might’ve missed her more than he initially let in on. Back at the base he was all talk, saying how everyone shouldn’t be such babies and cry about how much they missed their families. The second however he saw his own momma when he got back on American soil, he nearly turned into a crying mess.
Emphasis on nearly.
The three of them sit in a booth, waiting for someone to take their orders. Nothing much changed around here, he thinks to himself. The loud noises, the smells and just the overall ambiance.
It’s like he never left.
One of the older waitresses says to them they’ll be helped in a minute and the blonde truly meant a minute, because not long after she left, someone else appears at their table.
Sy has zero recollection of her. Did she always work her?
‘Mister and mrs. Syverson,’ the beautiful waitress says with a smile, ‘what a surprise.’
He can’t detect an accent, meaning she probably isn’t from around here.
Momma holds the waitress’ hand into hers and says: ‘Darlin’, meet my son Luke. Luke, this is my favorite waitress here at the Oak, Rosemary.’
He holds out his hand and she places hers in it. Her hand nearly disappears in his and he is careful not to squeeze too tight, since she has quite a few rings on her fingers. ‘Nice to meet you,’ he says, ‘I’m Luke, but everyone calls me Sy, except my mom.’
Rosemary smiles as she shakes his hand. ‘I’m Rosemary, but everyone calls me Rose, except your mom.’ It’s obvious she is taking him in and she adds: ‘It’s nice to finally meet the infamous Captain Syverson. Heard a lot about you.’
That shouldn’t make a grown ass man blush, but it sure does anyway. Rosemary—Rose—is different than the gals around here. Not that the ladies who he grew up with are necessarily bad, but there is something quite different about this woman. Captivating eyes, deep dark brown hair and a lovely smile that makes his hearts to all sorts of somersaults.
Does this mean he has been on tour for way too long and he has missed female attention or that Rosemary is just the girl he always fantasized about when trying to sleep in the desert, making up scenarios that kept him going.
Dammit, how long does he know her? Thirty seconds, tops? He shouldn’t be hearing wedding bells already.
Rose pulls out the little notebook from her apron and asks: ‘How can I help the Syverson family today?’
She looks at his mom first, who wants some pancakes. Sy decides to order the same, because he is too flabbergasted to actually think about everything he saw on the menu he considered ordering. Rose averts her eyes from him to his dad and smiles at his old man. ‘The usual, sweetheart,’ he says with a friendly smile. His dad must really be keen on Rose, because he barely smiles at anyone like that.
‘And lemme guess,’ Rose says, ‘a cappuccino for the mrs., an espresso for mister Syverson and for the captain…’ Her eyes linger on him, as she bites her bottom lip, a hint of a playful smile still visible as she thinks about what kind of drink he fancies. ‘Either a beer or some water.’
Sy can’t stop his chuckle. ‘Beer is for after four in the afternoon,’ he says.
Rose simply shrugs. ‘Well, it’s four in the afternoon somewhere in the world.’
He can’t help but laugh a bit louder. She’s witty as well, he likes it. ‘Some water will do. thank you.’
‘Okido, coming right up.’
Sy watches her walk away, patting one of the older men around here on his shoulder, flashing him a beautiful smile of hers, before joking around a bit more.
‘She’s not from around here,’ Sy notes.
His momma nods. ‘She apparently moved here a few years ago,’ she says, ‘lives around forty minutes away from the Oak.’
‘She moved here for her fella,’ dad interrupts his momma. ‘Was also military.’ His father was a man of very little words—less than ten this time—but he always said enough.
He was speaking past tense, causing Sy to fear the most tragic outcome for a military relationship.
‘He died a year and a half ago,’ momma continues. ‘Poor girl, I cannot imagine what she went through. What was his name again?’
‘Brandon Mitchell,’ his dad answers.
Doesn’t ring a bell. Sy leans back in his chair. ‘Killed in action?’ he asks.
Momma nods. ‘Yes, he was in a different part of Iraq. I mean, I don’t know the details, but she had trouble moving away from here, because they got married, had a house here. She showed me a picture once: such a happy and beautiful couple.’
‘Must’ve been hard,’ Sy notes. He nervously moves his leg up and down, thinking about all those letters he had to write because young fellas were killed in action. He feared that one day his folks would get one. He knew the devastation. He’d seen it. He’d felt it.
Rose might be a magician, because she walks back with plates and a tray with drinks balancing on her arms. His dad grabs two plates from her left arm and places them in front of the right person. ‘This is why I love you, mister Syverson,’ Rose says, placing everything else on the table.
Momma holds Rose’s hand. ‘Darlin’, remind me again: where you originally from?’
‘Chicago, Illinois,’ she answers. ‘Why?’
‘Just wondering. My memory is not what it used to be.’
Rose smiles. ‘That’s okay. If you need anything else, then please don’t hesitate to let me know.’ She looks at Sy and he can see it: there is a lot of pain behind her eyes. She fabricates a smile on her face to mask it though. ‘Thank you for your service, captain.’
❃ ❃ ❃
Later that night, his friends have run out of patience, which is understandable. They’ve missed him, it became clear in their letters. When Sy arrives back home with his parents, all three of them are sitting on the porch. Hunter is the first one to jump up and with an illegal speed bumps into Sy. ‘Fuck me, did you just got a whole lot stronger?’ Hunter asks, mid hug.
Max and Zeke are quick to follow and Sy doesn’t want to admit it but: he missed his friends. He loves his comrades back in Iraq (though he’ll never admit it), but there is something different about these guys. They go way back: all the way back to kindergarten. It may be hard to believe now, but Sy used to be the smallest of the group, despite being the oldest. He was always the victim of their practical jokes. Thank heaves for puberty, because Sy outgrew all three of them in high school and was no longer the little one.
He was a captain in the making.
They didn’t join the military, all because they had academic careers to pursue. Zeke went to Harvard, Max went to Yale and Hunter to UCLA, leaving Sy back here in Texas.
Sy says goodbye to his parents, before walking off with his friends. It’s not ideal to still live with his parents, being able to afford a place for himself and all, but with the upcoming tours, he decided to wait with buying a house.
Maybe wait until he found someone. His significant other.
‘So, how was it with your folks?’ Zeke asks, as they are wandering over the empty road.
‘Was good. We went to the Oak,’ Sy says, actively trying not to think about the beautiful waitress again.
‘Oh, so you met Rosemary?’ Hunter chuckles.
How did he—
The guys all start to laugh at his astonishment he isn’t hiding well, like he usually does.
‘Your momma invited us over a few times while she was at the Oak,’ Max explains, ‘and you could say that she is absolutely smitten with Rosemary. I mean, all of our momma’s are actually. She apparently lived on the west part of town, still does, hence the reason we haven’t seen her around. I mean, I sure would’ve noticed here.’
‘She started working at the Oak a year ago,’ Zeke says. ‘She’s been quite the talk of the town ever since.’
Of course she is… Sy pushes his hands in his pockets, not quite knowing what to say, except getting inside his head. It must’ve been hard being a widow. Six months she spend grieving by herself, before she decided to start working at the Oak.
‘You know, I actually knew Brandon,’ Hunter says. ‘Okay, not like know know him, but I saw him around a few times at my uncle’s hardware shop, always boasting about his wife, how they were restoring his grandparents’ place. Great guy, shame what happened to him.’
Thankfully the guys decide to stop talking about Rosemary. That the woman keeps circling in his mind since the second he saw her is already bad enough. No need to add some fuel to the fire.
The four of them go to a bar downtown and all order a beer. It is after all four in the afternoon here and somewhere else. Sy chats a bit about what happened back at the base, but prefers not to talk about it too much, which his friends know and respect.
They always do.
The unbearable heat, the pain, the loud noises. It all flashes back in front of his eyes every now and then.
Thankfully Hunter is right there to distract him from the flashbacks, embarrassing himself singing at the karaoke. When Hunter sings a duet with an older lady, Sy notices his eyelids grow heaver. Not wanting to end the fun just yet, he decides to take a bit of a breather outside and tells his other two friends he’ll be right back.
With his second beer in his hand, he walks outside. Nights like this are his favorite. The bright stars, a huge contrast to the dark sky. Nothing beats the sky back here in Texas.
Sy lets out a content sigh and can’t help but smile.
He is home again.
Tumblr media
Never in a million years did I expect to live in San Antonio, Texas. I was born and raised in Chicago and I always thought that place was my forever home. Until I lost my job and me and my friends decided to ignore our responsibilities and go road tripping. I could’ve known I would fall in love sooner or later, because that is such a Rosemary Hill thing to do.
I met Brandon in the first bar in Texas. Like almost all the bars here, you could ride a mechanical bull and if you could sit on it for a good thirty seconds, you’d win some sort of prize. I was tipsy enough to think I actually got a shot at winning that prize and miraculously enough, I didn’t fall off right away.
I managed to stay on it for a good ten seconds, before I was catapulted off onto the mat. I remember laughing, mainly to camouflage the slight humiliation I felt.
And then someone pulled me up.
He both looked handsome and adorable at the same time with his cowboy hat. I never pecked myself for someone who would fall in love for a guy who wore that type of hat, combined with a lumberjack blouse tucked into his jeans and some working boots. All my life had I been surrounded by men in suits of designer clothes.
However, I never felt this giddy feeling in my stomach about any of those men.
The guy smiled at me and asked whether or not I was okay.
I simply nodded, absolutely mesmerized by his beautiful light brown eyes. How could anyone be this gorgeous?
‘I’m Brandon, by the way,’ he said.
‘Rosemary, but you can call me Rose.’
That entire night we chatted away, drank a few drinks and eventually he brought me back to the hotel my friends and I were staying at.
The original plan was that my friends and I would leave Texas in a few days, but I couldn’t leave this place anymore. I couldn’t leave Brandon. I fell in love so quickly, it were tons of feelings mixed together that I had never felt before.
He showed me his grandparents’ place he was rebuilding for them. It was endearing to see how much he loved his grandparents, who raised him when his parents died when he was younger.
So I stayed. Though I knew nothing about rebuilding, I helped him out since I had nowhere to go and I just had to be with him. I knew he was in the military and I knew how rough that could be, but you know what they say: love makes blind.
With Brandon still here, he showed me everything. He showed me the beautiful places in San Antonio and despite the place being absolutely gorgeous, he said it could never be as breathtakingly stunning as me.
Right before his tour, he proposed to me, though we only were dating for three months. He promised me that when he got back, he’d marry me. So we did. He came back in one piece and got married at the tender age of twenty four. It was a small ceremony, just the two of us, our friends, his grandparents and my parents and two brothers.
After saying our “I do’s”, it took around three months before he had to leave again. It was the hardest goodbye I ever experienced in my life, but he told me that he would get home and that this would be his last tour. That we would start our own family together when he got back. Be the Mitchell Family.
It was indeed his last tour, just not the way I expected it to be.
Instead of the two of us being reunited, I had to bury him.
My entire life turned upside down. I became a widow at the age of twenty five and two weeks after I buried him, I was spending my twenty six birthday burying both of his grandparents, who died because of their broken hearts.
My friends and family told me to move back to Chicago, but I couldn’t. Everything that reminded me of my late husband was here. The apartment we lived in, the places we visited and his grave. I couldn’t leave that behind, go back to Chicago and start over like nothing had happened (despite everyone there insisting it would be in my best interest).
So, I stayed in San Antonio. I grieved here, I mourned here and spend my time in a town nearby, talking to other widows and widowers. They helped me to be able to not dwell in the hurt and sorrow, but to live my life like Brandon would want me to.
So after six months of intensively visiting support groups, talking to people about it, I got a job. Of course it was hard without Brandon, but this place feels like home.
More than Chicago ever did.
After a draining shift, I walk out of the diner towards my car. I cannot wait to actually be at home. I want a glass of wine and after the day I had, I wholeheartedly deserve that. But when I got in my car that is parked at the lot and I try to start it, the light blue beauty decides to just not start.
I lean back in the seat, already reaching in my bag for my phone to call someone. I get out of the car, trying to figure out how to pop the hood of this thing, but truth be told: I have no idea how it’s done.
‘Car trouble?’
The sudden deep voice late in the night causes me to get startled, but when I turn around, I can’t help but smile. It’s Captain Syverson, or as he introduced himself yesterday: Sy. ‘Is it that obvious?’ I ask with a smile.
He shrugs, trying to hide his amusement, but fails so miserably. ‘Maybe a little.’
‘Well, it won’t start and I can’t seem to pop the hood.’
‘Typical,’ he notes. ‘You can get the girl out of the big city, but never the big city out of the girl,’ he says with a smile toying on his lips.
I fake gasp, pretending that actually hurt my feelings. ‘Oh, aren’t you hilarious.’ I lean against the car and say: ‘You’re gonna keep making fun of me or are you gonna help me out and fix it?’
‘I can always try.’ He pops the hood with a certain ease that almost embarrasses me and checks the fuels and whatever is in there. I can’t help but look at Sy, especially at his buzzcut. It reminds me of Brandon, but unlike my late husband, Sy rocks a pretty thick beard along with it.
‘Try starting your car for me, if you will,’ Sy says and I get back in the car. I try to get it started, but it’s useless. The sorry sound the car produces is everything but promising. ‘Tricky,’ Sy mutters. ‘Think you need to call a tow to get to the garage.’
‘Really?’ I groan. ‘Great.’
‘I can call someone for you,’ Sy continues, standing in the door opening of the driver’s side. ‘I know a guy who works at both the towing company and owns a garage. He owes me anyway.’
I shake my head. ‘You don’t have to, Sy.’
‘It’s totally fine,’ he says, bringing his own phone to his ear. He walks around the door, to close off the hood of my car. I can hear him talking to someone, his thick accent even more prominent. While Sy is arranging something, I open the glove compartment to grab some stuff that the people in the garage don’t need to see. Some lady products, some cash for emergencies and—
A picture of Brandon and me.
It’s taken three minutes after we officially bought this car and the owner of the shop made a picture of us with his polaroid camera to celebrate the purchase.
I kinda forgot it was here.
The picture disappears into my own purse and I step out of the car at the same time Sy hangs up the phone. ‘He can tow it to the garage tomorrow,’ Sy says. ‘He is kinda busy now.’
‘Oh, okay,’ I say, locking the car after checking if I can leave it here without my personal belongings showing. ‘Then I’ll just start walking home. Thanks though for your help.’
‘I can offer you a lift.’
I smile and shake my head. ‘No, please, don’t bother. You already did plenty. I have two legs and I can use them, so…’ Sy lets his eyes wander over my legs, causing me to snap my fingers. ‘My eyes are up here, Cap, thank you very much.’
‘Excuse me,’ he says, not making eye contact, causing me to laugh. Never did I peck the captain for turning into such a shy mess. It’s kinda funny. ‘But please, let me offer you a lift. I know that in Chicago the independent woman trick works, but allow me to show you some Texan chivalry.’
I try not to laugh, but I can’t help it anyway. ‘Okay, sorry sir. Show me the way to your carriage.’
Sy chuckles. ‘It ain’t fancy, but it’ll bring you home.’
I could’ve known that he would drive a truck. Sy is a truck kinda guy and also someone too lazy to wash it. I think there is an inch of dust on it. He helps me in the truck and when he drives off, I can tell he is holding back a little.
‘Don’t mind me,’ I tell him. ‘Drive as you want. I can take it.’
Sy chuckles. ‘Lemme guess, you drive like the devil’s chasing ya.’
‘I do not,’ I say with a smile. ‘I’m a lovely driver. If I were an Uber driver, I only would have five star reviews.’
‘Sure.’ He leans back in his seat, obviously thinking about the right thing to say. ‘Sorry ‘bout my momma.’
‘Why?’ I ask. ‘Your mom is lovely. An absolute dear. I think she might be one of my favorite customers along with your dad.’
‘Really?’ Sy seems genuinely surprised, almost like we’re not talking about the same woman. ‘It’s just that sometimes she can be a bit nosy.’
‘It’s okay, she means well. Your dad is also really sweet. If I didn’t know any better, I would actually think he is ready to adopt me.’
He starts to laugh, a deep baritone filling the car. ‘You might be right. He always wanted a daughter, but my folks had some fertility issues. I am basically a lucky shot.’
I never knew that. ‘Oh, I’m so sorry to hear.’
He shrugs. ‘Well, thankfully for them, I’m a nice guy.’
‘That’s what you think.’
‘Watch your mouth,’ he snickers.
‘You should give them a great daughter in law,’ I say. ‘I don’t think you have to worry about that being an issue. You’ll find your special lady sooner rather than later. There is an entire line filled with women who want one date with the captain.’ I look out of the window, as the tension in the car thickens. That always happens when people know. ‘So,’ I say, ‘I take it that you know.’
‘Know what?’
A scoff escapes me. ‘Don’t play dumb on me, captain,’ I say with a chuckle. ‘I can tell when people know about what happened.’ It doesn’t make it less painful, though, but I don’t do well on beating around the bush. I’d rather have all the cards on the table.
‘I’m sorry,’ he then says. ‘It’s just that I… I know how hard it can be to talk about it.’
‘Yeah,’ I whisper.
‘I bet you miss him.’
I snort. ‘Every single day. You know, sometimes there is this hope. That one day I’ll wake up and it was all a nasty nightmare and that he is still there.’
Sy doesn’t say anything right away, but maybe that’s because he is thinking about his own time back in Iraq. He must’ve lost some important people in his life too. ‘What was his name?’ he asks.
‘Brandon,’ I answer. I grab the picture from my purse and hold it to the side, so Sy can see it. ‘That’s him,’ I say, ‘after we bought our car.’
‘Is it that car in the lot?’
Sy nods. ‘I’ll tell the guys from the tow and the garage to be extra careful with it.’
It’s such a simple gesture, yet it hits me deep in my heart. ‘Thank you,’ I whisper, loud enough for him to hear it. I swallow hard, hoping I am not going to bawl my eyes out here in his truck. That would be such a lovely impression I’ll leave. ‘Really, it means a lot.’
‘Of course.’
I stare at the picture, a soft smile toying on my lips. I remember Brandon totally going out of his way to get the best car for the two of us. We spend around four hours in that shop, made at least five test drives with different cars when my eyes landed on the one I still own now. It was the light blue color that pulled me in like a magnet. Brandon caught me staring at it, before he sneaked up on me, wrapped his strong arms around my waist. ‘Why am I not surprised, miss “Can the bathroom tiles be baby blue, please?”.’
It was such a lovely day.
‘This is me,’ I say, pointing towards the blue home. Sy slowly breaks and comes to a halt. ‘Thanks for the ride. Do I need to do anything with the car?’
He shakes his head. ‘I’ve got this.’
We do swap phone numbers, give him the key of my car and with that I get out of the truck, after telling him not to get out. ‘Thanks again, Sy. I owe you.’
‘You don’t owe me anything, Rose. It’s all good.’
I flash him one more smile, before I close the door of his truck. I wave to him, before walking towards my house. Sy doesn’t leave, probably waits until I am inside.
My place is filled with memories and they start coming back to me right at the porch. I’d sit there, watching Brandon do some lawn work. I wanted to help him, but he told me that working in the burning sun wasn’t good for me. It wasn’t good for him either, but he was used to it, he always said to me.
When I open the front door and I’m inside, turning on some lights, I hear the truck pull up and drive off. I lean against the door, thinking about all the good memories I had with Brandon. Him bringing home dinner, him giving me a hug as he attempted to help me with making some snacks and him drawing me baths when I had one of those excruciating migraines. There were so many things he did and said that I loved about him.
I miss his touch, his kisses and the soft sweet nothings he would whisper in my ear.
My eyes land on one of the pictures and I hesitantly grab it. It was on our wedding day, our small wedding. I can’t believe it’s already been a year and a half years since he…
Left this earth.
Tears burn in my eyes and I walk to the living room, where I plop on the couch. Soft cries are now filling the living room. Not one hair on my head would’ve thought that this could happen to me. Sure, I saw it on the news and always felt for those families, but also thought that it could never happen to me. Then I started dating a man of the military, however I still thought that experiencing this type of loss was gonna happen in my future.
‘I miss you, Brandon,’ I whisper, leaning back in the sofa and hiding my face in my hands.
Since a few months, the days where it all hits me in the face with a bag of bricks are getting rarer, because I have given Brandon’s loss a resting place deep in my heart.
But today it’s one of those days again.
❃ ❃ ❃
I almost forgot my car was at the garage, mostly because my neighbor would give me a lift to the Oak, since it was on his route anyway. However, two days later when I’m standing in the kitchen, someone pulls up in front of my place. I peak out of the window, to see Sy getting out of the car.
Oh, there she is again, my beautiful car. I walk towards the door and smile widely when open it. ‘Captain Syverson, what a surprise.’
He chuckles as closes the door behind him. ‘I decided to be a real gentleman and bring you back your car.’ He throws the keys towards me and I catch them mid air. ‘Nice one.’
‘So tell me, how much do I have to pay?’ I ask him, as I approach him.
‘Nothing. It’s all on me, Rose.’
I glare at him. ‘Sy, please don’t do that. I can pay you.’
He nods and says: ‘I know, but see this as a little thank you for dealing with my parents, mainly my mom, when I wasn’t there. She cannot stop boasting about you. Think she is more proud of you than of me.’
‘Nonsense, she loves you a lot,’ I say to him. ‘She’s really proud of you. I think the moment I started working there till a day before you got back, you were all she was able to talk about.’ I cross my arms in front of my chest and say: ‘I wished my mom was like that.’
‘You’re momma ain’t proud of you?’
‘No, not when you have two academically gifted brothers.’ I hear my alarm go off back in the kitchen and say: ‘Oh shit, I’ve got something in the oven. I have to go, I’m so sorry, but I’ll make it up to you. Tomorrow, free food and drinks on me. Beer, espresso or a glass of water with whatever you want to eat.’
‘That’s not necessary.’
‘It is,’ I interrupt him. ‘But the offer only stands for tomorrow, so be there!’
He chuckles when I run towards the door. ‘See you tomorrow then.’
I hold up my hand and yell: ‘Thanks Sy, for the car.’
‘No problem.’
Tumblr media
The fair wasn’t Sy’s idea. It was Hunter’s grand plan. Sy has been home for quite some time now, helping his folks with some yard work, while also hanging out with his friends and chatting his time away with Rose at the Oak. It has become a daily thing, where she tries to guess what he wants to eat and drink. She’s always right, because whenever she guesses something, he just says she’s correct, mostly because she starts to smile really wide and her eyes start to glimmer and the hurt disappears. It’s important for him to see that hurt dissolve, even if it’s for a few moments.
He saw that pain in her eyes, those tears and memories flashing through her mind when she was in his truck. He saw that picture of the two of them and they looked so happy. It pains him to know that behind every letter he writes, there is devastation. He always knew it, but he build a wall, making sure that it never got too close.
But with Rose, it does come a lot closer.
It is becoming painfully obvious to both him and his friends that he is developing some serious feelings for Rose. That’s why he can’t sit at the Oak with his friends anymore, though Rose never says anything about his not so subtle friends.
Does she even notice?
The loud noises, the flashing lights and the smell of cotton candy is around him everywhere. He watches Hunter trying to impress some lady, but he isn’t very successful in showing off, because she keeps laughing at him when he tries to shoot something. But maybe that’s his charm, because the woman isn’t walking away.
Zeke decides that enough is enough, because he walks up to the pair and give the poor fella some emotional support. That leaves Sy with just Max, who takes a sip from his beer. ‘So, when you gonna make a move on Rose?’
They have been avoiding the subject for at least an hour now, so it doesn’t surprise him that one or the other brought it up. Took him long enough. ‘I can’t, man.’
‘Why not?’ Max and Sy both sit down and lean against the backrest of the park bench. ‘It’s kinda obvious she doesn’t totally despise you. She always laughs at your stupid jokes.’
‘Tons of people do, because my jokes are good,’ Sy mutters. ‘Besides: I’m not going to talk about it anymore. She’s a widow, man. You can’t just assume she’s ready to date yet.’
Max can’t argue with that, because he simply nods. He has a grin on his lips, before he says: ‘Look, there’s your lady.’
Sy looks up—way too quickly—and sees Rose with two of her friends, who also work at the Oak. She looks different than she usually does at work. She swapped her jeans, the apron and black t-shirt with the Oak emblem on it for a tight floral dress, that accentuates her long legs. She’s quite a bit taller than her friends, hence the reason she probably doesn’t wear heels like the other two.
Rose runs her fingers through her black hair, holding a brown handbag in her hands. She looks around and her eyes land on Sy. She smiles widely when she notices him and waves.
‘Oh, look at that,’ Max chuckles, holding up his beer, as Sy holds up his hand. ‘Maybe we’re going too far by saying she likes likes you, but she definitely thinks you are a good friend.’
She does? Sy sure hopes she would. Rose excuses herself when a group of—utterly harmless—guys start to talk to them and walks over to Max and himself. ‘Captain,’ she says, ‘fancy seeing you here. Hi there, Max.’
‘Hi Rose,’ Max says. ‘You know, have a seat. I’ll see whether or not your friends could use some help.’ He gets up, leaving Rose and Sy by themselves.
Sy stands up, gesturing she should take a seat. He watches her sit down and smiles when when he takes a seat next to her.
‘You’re always such the gentleman.’
‘Raised well by my momma.’
‘Oh, I bet,’ she says with a beautiful smile, that only makes his heart race more. This crush thing is running outta hand. He feels like a teenager again, the way his stomach twists and turns in a good way whenever he is around her. He even dreams about her every single night. ‘So, any reason you didn’t come in today?’
‘Busted,’ Sy chuckles. ‘My momma needed some help.’
Rose tilts her head. ‘Is she okay?’
‘Oh, she’s fine, she just… Thought she could you know fix something herself, but kinda hurt herself in the process. She was trying to bake something.’
‘I see,’ Rose says, ‘well, if she needs anything, just let her call me. I think she has my number.’
Sy chuckles. ‘Ah miss Rose, you are too damn sweet.’
She simply shrugs, before taking a deep breath. ‘Want to do something here? Maybe win me a stuffed animal?’
‘What makes you think I can win you a stuffed animal?’
‘Training,’ she says. ‘I mean, you are going to be better than your friend Hunter over there. He is experiencing some severe trouble with the fishing, it’s almost getting pathetic.’
‘You can just say it’s pathetic,’ Sy says, already standing up. Rose follows his lead and together they walk towards one of the stands where he has to shoot little tins.
‘Ah,’ the guy behind the stand says, ‘if it isn’t mister Luke Syverson. I can see you are finally daring it again.’ He doesn’t even wait for an answer, because he turns to Rose—his eyes turning into heart eyes and he is not even hiding it, the son of a bitch—and says: ‘A few years ago, the captain came here as well, wanting to win something for a little girl whose dad couldn’t. Turns out he couldn’t as well.’ The man starts to laugh, causing Sy’s blood to boil.
Way to embarrass him.
‘Well,’ Rose says, not exactly impressed by what the guy is saying, ‘I think this’ll go splendid.’ She pats Sy on his underarm and says: ‘You can do it.’
He chuckles, but that is mostly to mask his slight awkwardness. ‘What do you want, sunshine?’
Rose smiles. ‘I want the giraffe.’
‘The giraffe comin’ right up.’ He grabs the toy pistol and holds it up. He is aware these things are rigged, so when the first shot goes astray, he needs to rethink his strategy a little bit. He moves the barrel a bit to the right, since the plastic bullets kinda went to the left. With that adjustment, he manages to shoot down all the tins.
The guy was right though, that a few years back Sy failed miserably, but he was different then. He wasn’t even a captain yet. He was filled with testosterone, wasn’t calm and had this desperate need to prove himself.
But that’s the past now.
‘Oh my, the captain did it,’ Rose squeals. ‘Kind sir, I’d like the giraffe second to the right, please.’
With a grumble, he hands Rose the giraffe and the two of them walk away from the stand.
‘You’re really amazing,’ Rose says. ‘You totally saw how the game was rigged and anticipated on that.’
‘You saw that?’ he asks in awe.
She nods. ‘Oh totally. I had an uncle, who worked at fairs. Honestly, I could’ve won the giraffe myself, but where’s the fun in that?’
Sy starts to laugh, patting himself on the chest. ‘You’re quite something.’
‘I like to surprise.’ Rose looks at the giraffe and asks: ‘What should I name him? I think he looks like a Sy, doesn’t he?’
His eyes land on the giraffe as well and nods in agreement, while he tries to keep his cool. ‘Yeah, he kinda does.’
Every minute he spends with Rose flies by, mostly because she is very easy to be around with. No tricks, no pretending, just her being her lovely self. She rolls her eyes, nudges his side every now and then when he is being an idiot and eventually manages to talk him into going on the ferris wheel. ‘Or is the brave captain Syverson afraid of heights?’ she teases him.
‘You’re walking on thin ice, missy.’
She pulls him with her to wait in line and after only a short wait, they step into the rickety cabs. The screechy noise it makes when he sits isn’t very comforting. Before they can put the shackles on their lap, he takes off his hoodie, leaving him only in his favorite red shirt.
‘Treating me on a strip tease?’ Rose asks with cocked eyebrows. ‘Captain Syverson.’ She pretends to fan herself with her hand.
He chuckles, before placing the hoodie on her lap. ‘Don’t want ya to flash anyone.’
She genuinely seems impressed, because she has a different type of smirk on her lips. There is something so effortlessly beautiful and gorgeous about her, he could look at her forever. ‘Thanks,’ she says. ‘That’s very kind of you.’
The cab slowly goes up and they stop nearly at the top. ‘Wow,’ she says in absolute awe, ‘I’ve never seen San Antonio from this height.’
‘You never been into a ferris wheel here?’
She shakes her head, while a nostalgic smile paints her face. ‘No, Brandon always thought the cabs were unsafe. Didn’t want to risk it, because he claimed he had precious cargo with him.’ Sy witness as she chuckles, but he knows that chuckle. It’s a masking one. He can see her fighting the tears.
Sy wants to respond, but she beats him to it.
‘You know, you might have to miss me for a week at the Oak. My parents decided to pay me a visit and entertaining them when they’re here is like a full time job. The country life compared to the high class life they are used to, is quite a lot for them to take in.’
‘I see,’ he says, trying to hide his disappointment. A whole week of not seeing her at the Oak? ‘You and your folks don’t… Get along well?’
‘It depends, but this week will be filled with them trying to convince me that moving back to Chicago is the right thing for me to do.’ She lets out a snicker and says: ‘I’ve always been a bit different and there are times where they absolutely hate it. Goodness gracious, it makes me sound like the main character of some stupid coming of age movie. So sorry.’
He simply shakes his head, not accepting her apology. ‘How are you different?’
‘I went to college, helped companies with their advertisements, but that wasn’t where my heart was. I hated the lack of social contacts, compared to my two brothers, who both work in IT and barely communicate with anyone.’
‘You’ve got brothers?’ he says. ‘Nice.’
‘Well,’ she says with a shrug, ‘it’s okayish. They do what my parents want: get married, start a family while they are in Chicago, close to my parents. I get fired because what I was doing at my job was lacking, go on an impromptu road trip with my friends to Texas, fall in love, marry a military man and then become a widow all before I’m thirty.’ She shakes her head as she stares over San Antonio, while the soft breeze blows through her hairs. ‘They try to guilt trip me into moving back.’
‘You don’t owe them anything,’ Sy says, as this feeling of protectiveness is taking over. His parents would never do such thing.
‘I know, I know. Thankfully they are staying in an inn, because having them in my house would probably tempt me to maybe smother them with my pillow. Sy, this is maybe too much to ask, but can I hide at your place from time to time?’
‘Of course, our door is always open for you.’
She smiles. ‘Thanks.’ She manages to tear her gaze from the view, to look at the giraffe, blinking away her tears. ‘It’s just that when they are here, I miss him even more.’
Sy nods, understanding how she’s feeling. He watches how she hides her face in her hands. For a few moments he contemplates whether or not he should do it, but hearing her sniffle makes him push all the doubts to the side. He wraps an arm around her shoulders and holds the giraffe in his other hand so it won’t slip out of the cab. ‘I understand,’ he whispers. ‘It’s hard.’
Rose leans against his broad body with her own, the contrast between them bigger and more noticeable than ever. ‘It went pretty okay these last few weeks,’ she says, ‘but the idea of my parents trying to pull me away from the place that I’ve come to love just makes it all come back.’
‘You don’t owe them anything,’ Sy says again, ‘remember that, okay?’
‘Yeah, thank you.’
‘You know, you can dump your parents with mine. I’ll tell my mom to put on her nonstop babble facade and your parents will flee Texas within twenty four hours. Mark my words.’
Thankfully she can laugh and hearing her giggle makes him chuckle as well. She dabs her tears from her cheeks and says: ‘I’ll keep it in mind, thank you, Sy. Really, thank you.’
❃ ❃ ❃
It’s been a few days since the fair and also since Sy last heard of Rose. She hasn’t asked him for his help and while he knows he shouldn’t be worried, he still is. He saw at the fair how only the prospect of her parents visiting was eating her alive and she said it herself: they are guilt tripping her into moving back to Chicago.
He wonders how she is.
Sy wanders around the streets, only to see the beautiful long legs of Rose. She sure knows how to accentuate them: the jeans shorts paired with the flats that match her top. He remembers her glare when he was staring at them.
Rose is looking at some flowers at the florist, while there are two people standing behind her. It doesn’t take the results of a DNA test to tell him that they are obviously her parents.
She must feel someone staring at her, because she looks up. Her smile grows wider and starts to wave at him. ‘Sy, hey!’
Okay, now he should go to her. He walks up to them and she mouths to him: ‘Thank you.’ She turns to her parents and says: ‘Mom, dad, this is my friend Sy. Sy, these are my parents. Roger and Chae-won.’
Her parents barely look at him and he receives a ‘you see what I’m dealing with’-look of Rose. ‘Nice to meet you,’ Sy says, trying to be the bigger person here, though he already is experiencing some issues.
Her mom simply nods at him and her dad doesn’t even spare him a glance. Who do these people think they are and how did they manage to have a lovely daughter like Rose?
He turns his attention to Rose, whose smile directed towards him makes all the anger and annoyance building up inside him disappear like ice in the sun. ‘Buying some flowers?’ he asks her.
She nods. ‘Was thinking about it. Does your mom like roses?’
Oh she’s bold, wanting to buy flowers for his mom, while her own is standing close by. ‘Only the yellow ones.’
‘Oh, she’s a strange one,’ she chuckles. ‘Can tell you’ve got that from her.’ She sticks out her tongue and adds: ‘I’ll buy your mom some flowers and—’
‘Rosemary, you wanted to have something to eat?’ her mother interrupts.
‘—maybe we can meet your parents at the Oak?’ Her eyes tell him the ‘please’ she is not saying out loud.
He thinks about the promise he made her in the ferris wheel. ‘Of course, they are already there, was actually going to meet them.’
‘Let me buy some yellow roses and we’re ready to go.’
❃ ❃ ❃
Rose is much more comfortable with Sy’s parents than her own, which tells Sy enough about her relationship with her parents. She pulls his momma into a hug, gives her the roses and even his dad is on the receiving end of Rose’s slightly desperate hugs.
His momma told him a few nights back that she invited Rose a couple times over, but she only accepted once. They kept saying how she is pretty closed off, barely spoke about her personal life. While his parents were slightly disappointed in themselves that they didn’t make Rose feel comfortable enough to share her personal life with them, it made him feel special, because he got to know her. He got a peak into her heart and figured out about what bothered her, including the slightly sour relationship she has with her folks.
Rose introduces his parents to her own and while Sy could barely muster up the politeness his momma taught him, his parents are themselves. His momma can’t shut up, his dad simply observes it all, while both are the prime example of the Texan friendly.
Rose walks towards the bar and takes a seat there, as she places her arms on the wooden table top, before dropping her head on them. ‘This is horrendous. It’s only been three days, but it feels like eternity already.’
Sy spend what? Fifteen minutes with them and that alone already felt like an eternity. ‘Your parents are quite something, indeed.’
‘Quite something?’ She starts to laugh. ‘They are awful and that’s not even bad enough to describe them. It was all: “Rosemary, you have to come back to Chicago” and “Rosemary, San Antonio is not a place for a woman like you” and “Rosemary, Brandon has been buried for a year and a half now, it’s time to go back home now”.’ She groans. ‘They don’t understand that this is my home now. It’s almost like they do not take into consideration that this is the place where I’m able to mourn and to accept the fact that my… my… that Brandon is never coming back.’
Sy can’t help but admire Rose, for being able to talk about her trauma in the way she does. He has learned that over the years, resulting in him being a tiny bit more open about it, but still, it’s hard for him. His parents barely know anything that happened back in Iraq, nor do his best friends.
But Rose can say what’s pressing on her heart, what’s bothering her and somehow is able to articulate well.
It’s a skill he’ll probably never master.
‘You know,’ he says, ‘you can take a break from if you want. Say that you have something to do.’
‘Like what?’
‘An emergency with a friend? Really, momma doesn’t mind, neither does dad. Besides, Hunter owes me one.’
She scoffs. ‘You can’t just hand the favors people owe you to me, Sy.’
‘Doesn’t matter. Come on, just act along, will you?’ He flashes her a smile, hoping that’ll make her say yes.
She starts to laugh. ‘Okay, captain, whatever you say.’
Sy and Rose slide off their bar stools and walk towards the table, where his momma is still talking and her parents are obviously bored. ‘Rose and I gotta go,’ he says, ‘Hunter really needs our help.’
Dad immediately gets that it’s fake, but he simply nods. ‘Say hi to Hunter from me, will ya, son?’
Sy simply nods and his momma sees this as a moment to distract Rose’s parents even more, because she starts babbling about how Sy and Hunter have been best friends since forever. ‘Oh, wait, I have a picture with me,’ momma continues and the two of them sneak away.
‘Oh my goodness, did you see their faces?’ Rose laughs once they’re outside. ‘That was absolutely hilarious. Thank you so much, Sy. I could use this break.’
‘Not a problem,’ Sy says, happy to see her a bit more livelier than a few moments earlier.
They arrive at her car and she lets out a sigh, as she probably thinks about her husband. He can see it in her eyes. Before he can think about it, the question leaves his lips. ‘Please forgive me if this is too intruding, but I was wondering if you ever see yourself with someone else?’
She nods. ‘It’s not intruding, Sy. I understand,’ she says in a soft voice and he can’t detect any form of annoyance or that she’s offended. ‘It’s a question I ask myself a lot. I really hope that I’ll find someone that I’m happy with. Brandon told me on our wedding day that if anything ever happens to him, I should find someone better than him. Have yet to find him, but I keep having hope. I kinda want a family one day and you sorta need two people for that.’
Sy nods, taking it all in.
‘Do you see it happening?’ she asks. ‘When your men die and their widows remarry? Have kids and all? Move on?’
‘It happens,’ he says. ‘It’s not easy, but it happens.’
Rose unlocks the car and mutters: ‘Thank the heavens.’
Tumblr media
Thankfully my parents have packed their things and basically fled Texas. I think that if I were to spend one more minute with them, I might’ve killed them. Of course, I love my parents, but with their pushiness of wanting me back in Illinois, while I found my forever home, spending time with them is actually becoming unbearable.
I’m back to work at the Oak again and I see Sy and his friends Hunter, Zeke and Max sitting at their favorite table. I don’t know what it is about Sy, but I really like being around him. It’s just that he is so likable and easy to be around with. I can talk about everything when I’m with him. Maybe it’s because he is also in the military. Talking to him about losing Brandon, didn’t feel like I was sharing my sad sob worthy backstory, more like I was showing a part of myself no one had ever known before.
‘Howdy fellas,’ I say with a smile when I approach their table.
‘Finally, you’re becoming a real Texan girl,’ Hunter chuckles.
‘I’m learning, I’m learning.’ I pull out my little notebook and say: ‘Okay, you guys better want to order something. Lemme guess, a beer?’
‘While it’s definitely four in the afternoon somewhere,’ Sy says, ‘an espresso will do, sunshine.’
The nickname shouldn’t make my heart beat a whole lot faster, but it sure does. Is there a possibility that I… Like him? I quickly write down the rest of the orders and Hunter wouldn’t be Hunter if he didn’t suggest: ‘And how about a little bit of your time?’
‘In your dreams, lover boy,’ I say, smacking him in the back of his head with the notebook. ‘Be right back, boys.’
As I’m sitting at the bar, waiting for my friend and colleague Lottie to prepare the drinks, I feel someone looking at me. I peak over my shoulder, only to meet Sy’s eyes, who quickly averts them.
‘Oh look at that, it’s happening again,’ Lottie notes. ‘The handsome captain is drooling over you, the Rosemary Hill.’
‘Oh shut up,’ I say. ‘He is not—’
‘Into me,’ she interrupts me rolling her eyes. ‘Why is it so hard the believe that he does?’
‘What’s so hard to believe?’ the cook Harold asks.
‘That Syverson is into Rose.’
The cook smiles. ‘He is very into Rosemary,’ he says, before disappearing into the kitchen again.
I let out a sigh. Isn’t it fantastic that people I work with are thinking about the matter like this, and to make things even worse: are talking about this. ‘You done?’
‘Nope.’ She places the three drinks on the tray, as we’re still waiting for the espresso. ‘Really, Rose, I don’t understand. Why don’t you ask him out? What is stopping you?’
‘Well one: he does’t like me. Two: I am not asking him out, because I might be a bit more old fashioned than you think. And three: I made a promise to myself. Never a military man again.’
Lottie nods, understanding where I’m coming from and says: ‘Well, fair enough. The last reason though. I’m not too sure about the first one. Really, he likes you. It’s literally not even subtle anymore how much he is crushing on you.’
‘You done now?’
‘Almost. There is one more thing I want to say: it’s not bad to start dating him or at least develop feelings for him. You are doing great and you said yourself that Brandon wouldn’t mind if you started dating someone, maybe even something that would grow into more.’ She places the espresso on the tray and says: ‘That’s all and I will end it with that piece of wisdom. Here you go, sugar.’
I’m still a bit dazed with everything she said and I simply nod. ‘Thanks.’ I place the tray on my arm and walk towards the table, trying not to have Lottie’s words go to my head. ‘Okay guys, here you go.’ I give the guys their respective drinks and they all say a thank you.
Sy smiles and gives me something special: ‘Thanks, sunshine.’
I place my hand on his broad and strong shoulder, before I can even think about it. I gave him a hug a few nights back and this big tree of a man gives great hugs. ‘You need anything else?’
‘No,’ they all say. ‘Thanks Rose.’
‘Of course.’
When I step away from the table, it only takes a few seconds before Sy caught up with me. ‘Rose, please, wait up.’
I turn around, a little worried. Did I give them the wrong order? No, he ordered an espresso, that I didn’t mess up. My palms get sweaty. ‘What’s wrong?’
‘Nothin’, I just have a question.’
‘Okay, ask away.’
Sy takes a deep breath, as his eyes dart through the Oak. ‘You want to do something tonight? With me?’
Lottie is gonna freak out if she hears about that. I hate that there is a possibility she is right, about both his side and my side. ‘Of course. What did you have in mind?’
Sy looks and acts like such a tough guy, but I see some cracks in his facade. He is relieved, but also a little bit nervous. ‘Drive in theater?’
‘You want to go with me to a drive in theater?’ I start to beam with excitement. ‘Wow, I would love that. Very original, captain.’
He cocks an eyebrow, before he chuckles. ‘You really want that?’
I nod. ‘Of course, I’d love to. It’s been a hot minute since I did that.’ I can already feel this thing bubble up deep inside of me. It’s a familiar feeling, however.… I can’t let that happen. ‘As friends,’ I quickly tell him. ‘Strictly as friends, Sy.’
He frowns, but then he nods in understanding. ‘Of course. As friends.’
❃ ❃ ❃
For someone who is going out with a friend, I sure as hell take a lot of time perfecting my appearance for it. The midi yellow dress with small flowers on it, paired with some white sneakers will have to do it for tonight. I curled strands of my hair to create some beach waves and my make-up is light, with some pink lipstick and nude colored eye shadow.
I walk downstairs to pack my purse, when I pass a few pictures of me and Brandon. One of the pictures was taken by my Chicago friends, when Brandon hoisted me up after I was launched off the mechanic bull. The other pictures are from our dates within the first three weeks of dating. Restaurant, coffee dates and long walks through parks and the city.
‘I’m going on a date,’ I whispers, ‘just as friends. Obviously. I know you said I had to move on if something ever happened to you, but it’s so much harder than I originally thought. I actually think you’d like him.’
I grab one picture of the wall, one that is just of him. I made that picture on the night before our wedding. I can’t stop smiling at the picture and after I dabbed some stray tears away, the doorbell rings.
Quickly I place the picture back on the wall, grab my purse and rush to the door. ‘Hi,’ I say with a smile.
‘Hey sunshine,’ Sy says, ‘you ready?’
‘I’m as ready as I can ever be.’
Sy helps me in his truck, before he gets in himself. ‘Okay, so I’m sorry about the movie choice, but it’s Speed. There wasn’t another and—’
‘You mean Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, also the masterpiece of the 90s?’
He frowns. ‘Yes, that one. I take it that you don’t mind?’
‘Mind? Sy, we’re going to watch Keanu Reeves on a big screen. That I would never mind: it’s a treat for the eye.’ I clap my hands in excitement and say: ‘I mean, you’ve got Sandra Bullock to look at, while I’ll drool over Keanu Reeves.’
‘I’ll make sure to hydrate you from time to time.’
I nudge his side. ‘Shut up.’
‘I brought snacks by the way. I wanted to bring some chocolate, but I was afraid it would melt, so I got chips, some salty snacks and drinks. I heard there is an ice cream stand there, I can buy you something, if you want.’
‘Is that even a question? You can always buy me ice cream.’ I lean back in the seat and take a deep breath. ‘So, what did you do for the rest of the day?’
‘Just hanging with the guys,’ he says.
‘When are you going back?’
‘In two weeks,’ he answers. ‘I got a couple of weeks extra.’
I nod. ‘You’ll be missed,’ I admit. ‘I don’t think I’ve seen your parents this happy in the time I’ve known them.’
Sy chuckles, but that’s more to mask the hurt. He always puts on such a brave face, but I know he is in pain. He just buried it deep. ‘I know.’
‘Do you have ambitions to always be in the military?’ I ask.
He slows down the car, as we’re all getting in line for the drive in theater. ‘I don’t know.’ He sighs deeply as his fingers drum on the steering wheel. ‘I don’t want to, but it’s the only thing I know.’
I barely seen Sy so vulnerable. Usually it’s him listening to my sorrows, but now it’s the other way around.
And that does things to my heart.
‘You have skills, Sy,’ I say. ‘Plenty. I mean, you’re a natural leader, you can detect danger from a mile away and you’re brave. I think there are plenty of working fields that can’t wait for you to join.’
‘Like what?’
‘With your driving, you could drive an ambulance, or just become a police officer.’ I gasp when I realize something. ‘No, wait, you should become a firefighter. That is such a job for you. One time, like a few months ago, there was a gas leak in my street and they were so sweet and swift. I got to ride along the truck to a hotel for the night. Two days later, they came to have dinner at the Oak, recognized me and told me all the specifics about the gas leak. I think you’d be perfect for that.’
Sy nods. ‘You know, I’ll think about it.’ He receives two tickets from the man in the orange vest, who tells us where we can park. ‘What about you?’ he asks, driving slowly towards our destination. ‘You want to continue working in the Oak?’
‘I kinda want to. It’s such a lovely place and I finally get to do something I really enjoy. It doesn’t pay quite well as my previous job, but the interactions, the jokes and the people really make up for it.’
Sy smiles. ‘You’re probably my favorite waitress,’ he says. ‘Guess it runs in the Syverson genes.’
❃ ❃ ❃
Time spend with Sy is absolutely lovely and goes by so quickly, because we’re having so much fun. I’ve never been this long with him one on one. I mean, he helped me with my car, we sat in the ferris wheel together at the fair, but this is different. While I specifically wanted this to be two friends together, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like my first official date with Brandon.
The jitters, the nerves. It’s all present.
And I hate myself for it.
The movie is all finished, but Sy and I are still talking in his car. He has been mindlessly driving around, as we share stupid stories about when we were younger. It turns out he was quite the dare devil as a kid, always doing slightly stupid stuff, however, according to Sy himself, he totally outgrew that.
‘Shame your hair’s gotta go,’ I note. ‘I really like the slightly longer hair. Never knew you had curls.’
‘I’m full of surprised.’
‘I’ve always wanted curls,’ I say, ‘but it wasn’t in the stars for me.’
‘You’ve got some curls,’ Sy says, as he stops in front of my place.
‘Those are made with a curling iron, Sy,’ I chuckle. ‘My hair is as straight as a piece of paper.’
‘Well, it suits you,’ he says with a shy smile.
I turn to the side, so I can look at him a little better. Sy unbuckles his seatbelt and copies my moves. Despite it becoming dim outside, I can still see his beautiful features.
Am I falling for him?
I made a promise to myself, never a military man again, however… That was before I met Sy. I heard a lot about him, but that was mainly from his mother. Of course she would boast about him, so I felt like she was very biased, but meeting him and getting to know him…
It made me feel things I haven’t felt in so long.
I bite my lip, our eyes linking. ‘What?’ I ask him.
He shakes his head. ‘Nothing, just… You look beautiful.’
Oh no, that is totally making my face heat up and my stomach do all sorts of gymnastic tricks.
The entire mood in the truck is changing. There are so many things I’m thinking about. Feeling his lips on mine, actually moving on… It feels like betraying Brandon, but on the other hand it also feels right. Especially because it’s Sy.
Sy leans in closer and he is a few inches apart from my lips when panic is taking over and I push him off of me. ‘What are you doing?’ I ask him.
He starts to stammer. ‘I’m sorry, I thought… I thought it was okay.’
‘You thought, Sy,’ I say, my tone a lot angrier than I intended. ‘You cannot just kiss me.’
He runs his hand over his short hairs. ‘Why not? Didn’t you feel what I felt?’
Yes. I clench my jaw, as break our eye contact. ‘I can’t do this. I mean, I like you and I think I like you a whole lot, but we can’t happen.’
‘Because, Sy, I can’t lose you too,’ I snap. ‘I can’t have you going back to Iraq, while I wait here, praying you will come back alive. Receiving a phone call, a letter and attend a funeral? Burying someone I so deeply care about? I cannot go through that again. Not as your girlfriend at least.’
Sy sighs deeply.
‘I finally managed to give Brandon a place in my heart, but I will not get into something, with a possibility to redo the entire traumatic event. I’m not doing that.’
‘I understand,’ he says. ‘I’m very sorry, Rose, I totally overstepped.’
I have no idea what to say to him anymore, so I simply nod. ‘I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later.’ I get out of the truck and without looking back I walk towards my porch and open the door. When I close the door behind me, tears roll over my cheeks.
I slide to the floor and deafening cries fills my house. Why does it have to be so hard? Why is moving on so damn difficult? I thought that when I would fall for someone, it would be the real deal, but of course I fall for someone in the military again.
My phone peeps and I let out a yelp, before checking my screen.
Sy: I’m so so sorry, Rose. I shouldn’t have done that.
Sy: Please forgive me.
I take a deep breath and wipe away my tears, before I type something back to him.
Rose: It’s okay
But is it really though?
Tumblr media
Sy made the biggest mistake he ever could’ve made. He regrets overstepping all sorts of boundaries, he regrets following his heart, thinking it was the right choice. Does he have that poor of an instinct or is it only because this is different than a war zone? This is his personal life, maybe he is an idiot in that department.
He has had girlfriends, but whenever shit got too serious, he was the one to break it all off, because he was afraid. Now he thought he finally met the woman of his dreams and he screws up big time.
He actually doesn’t want to go to the Oak anymore and somehow managed to not go for an entire week. But the moment he has to leave for Iraq is drawing closer and closer and his mom is forcing him to go, especially because he is leaving tomorrow. She is insisting on having one more meal at the Oak with him, his dad and his friends.
And dining at the Oak means seeing Rose.
Only his friends know about the date he and Rose had—as friends—and they also know how much he screwed up.
Together with his folks, Hunter, Zeke and Max, he sits down at their favorite table. Rose walks up to them and in a cheery voice she asks: ‘Good afternoon everyone, what can I get you?’
Sy however can jab right through that fake cheeriness. He is totally making it awkward for her and he hates that.
As everyone is ordering and she writes it all down, he cannot tear his eyes from her. She looks effortlessly beautiful today, but when doesn’t she? ‘Sy?’ she asks. ‘Can I get you anything?’
‘Yes, an espresso and an omelette, please.’ The nickname ‘sunshine’ nearly escapes his lips, but he holds it in. No need to make it more awkward.
She nods and that’s the moment his momma takes ahold of Rose’s hand. ‘It’s his last day. Tomorrow he’s leaving.’
‘Oh,’ Rose says, looking at him immediately. Something’s changing in her eyes, but he can’t seem to detect what exactly it is. ‘I see. Well, make sure you tell me when you leave.’ And with that she walks away to get their orders in.
Time passes by slowly and while his momma cannot stop talking, he barely is listening to her. It’s Zeke who nudges him and manages to break him away from his thoughts. ‘You okay, man?’
‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ Sy mumbles, but in all honesty, he isn’t. He hasn’t felt this bad in ages. He runs his hand over his freshly shaved buzzcut and sighs. ‘What do I say to her?’ he then asks. ‘When I tell her goodbye?’
‘You let her talk,’ Zeke tells him. ‘It’s important to know what she has to say, okay? When the time is right, tell her that you’re sorry.’
He excuses himself from the table after they paid and walks over to Rose, who sits at the bar, enjoying her break. ‘Hey,’ he says.
She looks up with a smile. ‘Hey Sy.’ She places down her phone and turns sideways. ‘So, you’re leaving tomorrow?’
He nods. ‘I am.’
Rose bites her lip and places her hand on his arm. ‘Sy, listen, I am so sorry for… For what happened in the car.’
He shakes his head. ‘No, if there is someone that needs to apologize, it’s me, Rose. I had no right doing such thing.’
She slides off the barstool and wraps her arms around his shoulders. He pulls her tightly against his body, and buries his face in her shoulder. ‘I’ll miss you, Sy,’ she tells him. ‘Just make sure you’ll come back.’
‘I’ll make sure of that,’ he says, tears burning in his eyes. Never was saying goodbye so hard, but it sure is when he has to say it to her. Never in his life did he feel so alive, so seen.
Rosemary Hill sure changed his life forever.
When she pulls back from the hug, she holds his face in her hands and sighs, before letting go of him completely. ‘Be careful out there.’
He nods. ‘I will.’
❃ ❃ ❃
It has been a few weeks since he left San Antonio and exchanged his home town for Iraq. Sy already received multiple letters from his mom, a care package from his dad and some gifts from his friends. Secretly he hopes that one day he’ll get a letter from Rose.
He really wants a letter from her. He misses her so much.
Sy has been thinking about what she said: about him joining the fire department. It would mean he’s closer to his family, his friends and closer to her. Rose told him she liked him, meaning that one day she could give him a shot. Give him the opportunity to show her that he can treat her right. Treat her the way she deserves.
And if that means that this is his last tour, then so be it.
‘Yo captain,’ he hears from behind him. ‘You got a package. They really miss you at the home front.’ He receives the package handed to him and when he opens it, he sees it’s…
Sy the giraffe.
The same stuffed animal he won for Rose at the fair. He grabs the letter out of the box and opens it, her neat handwriting all over the page.
Tumblr media
Sy would be lying if he said that the letter did him nothing, because it does all sorts of things to him. He dabs his eyes dry and stands up, rereading the letter over and over again. She likes him, that’s the most important thing in it, but he shouldn’t forget that she’s scared as well.
He understands. If he were in her position, he’d be scared too.
❃ ❃ ❃
Weeks have gone by and Sy finally is able to call home. He has a few minutes to call one person. Normally he’d call his momma or one of his friends, but now he dials a different number. One he knows by heart.
‘Hello,’ he hears from the other side of the line and his breathing stops for a second. Sy missed hearing Rose’s voice. After her letter, he send one back. Telling her that he understands, that she should only do things when she is ready for it and when she is, that he’ll be right there waiting.
‘Hey Rose, it’s me,’ he says. To clarify—even though he probably doesn’t have to—he adds: ‘Sy.’
It stays eerily quiet from the other side of the line. He is afraid she hung up, but then she says: ‘Sy… How are you?’
‘I’m better now that I’m hearing your voice,’ he says. ‘I missed you.’
He hears her chuckle from the other side of the line. ‘I missed you too. I just got your letter today.’
‘Really?’ he asks. ‘Oh.’ That shouldn’t make him doubt this much, yet it does.
And then he hears a sniffle come through from the other line. Oh no, Rose is crying and he isn’t there to comfort her.
‘Rose? Are you okay?’ he asks. ‘Sunshine, please talk to me.’
‘I’m sorry,’ she hiccups. ‘It’s just that… It’s so hard. Being on this side of the line again, especially with the way we said our goodbyes.’
‘No, no, please don’t say that. It’s okay. It’s all okay, sunshine. Don’t feel bad about it.’
‘But how can’t I feel bad about it? I pushed you away, Sy. I let you go to Iraq without telling you that… That I… That I’m falling in love with you.’
That takes him by surprise. ‘What?’ he asks. ‘You are?’
‘Yes and it’s scaring me. The whole falling in love again, especially because it brings back all sorts of memories. I know that one day I have to move on and I… Oh my goodness, I can’t say it. I’m sorry, Sy. I’m so sorry.’
And with that she hangs up.
❃ ❃ ❃
Sy is happy to touch American soil again. It has been a long couple of months, especially after that phone call with Rose. It was the last time he spoke to her. He didn’t receive a letter, he didn’t dare to call her again and the only thing that he has from her left is her first and only letter and Sy the Giraffe.
The giraffe plushie is securely packed in his bag and he steps out of the plane. Walking that distance from the plane to the ever-growing crowd. He sees his parents and he starts walking a little bit faster. Momma pulls him into a tight hug and starts to cry, like she always does. ‘I missed you, darlin’. Oh, have I missed you.’
‘I missed you too.’ Sy pulls his dad into a tight bear hug. The three of them walk towards the parking lot, his momma telling him all the things he needs to help her with. He starts to laugh at her, because he truly missed her a lot.
When they reach the parking lot, he starts to frown. Is that…
It has to be.
One, it’s the same light blue car she owns and two, those legs he recognizes from anywhere. He hands his bag to his dad, before walking up to her. ‘Rose?’ he asks.
She nearly jumps when she hears his voice, too much into her own thoughts. Hastily she pushes her hair out of her face. ‘Sy,’ she says in a breathless tone.
‘What are you doing here?’
Tumblr media
My entire brain has been a mess the day I said my goodbyes to Sy. I had no idea how much impact him leaving would have on me, but it isn’t surprising. It brought back all sorts of memories, of me and Brandon, but also the moments Sy and I had shared.
Not seeing him with his parents or just by himself in the Oak, felt like such a void in my days. These passed few months have been so rough on me.
First I thought I made the right decision, but then I wandered around my house and found the letters Brandon wrote me. All those memories, those sweet words he wrote me, as an answer to everything I wrote him.
So that’s what made me write a letter to Sy and I got one back. I couldn’t believe he send me one back. That feeling of euphoria when I received that letter, was quickly accompanied by a phone call that haunts me to this day.
After that, time has been going by so super slowly and despite my best efforts to forget about it, put it all behind me, I have been thinking about him non stop. Did I just make it worse or is it for the best?
His parents however kept inviting me and I continued to accept, maybe because that was the closet to Sy I could get. Hearing all those stories about him and what he was like when he was younger, plus seeing those pictures about him, made it all a little bit easier, but harder at the same time.
If that makes sense at all.
So, I decided to go back to that support group I went after I buried Brandon, met up with Claudia, who leads the group and sat down with her. I told her everything, from start to finish and she simply nodded, had a question here and there and asked me if I wanted advice or not. Thankfully she did ask me that, because I was too afraid to ask her for some well needed advice.
‘Honey, you need to stop getting into your head, because it’s causing you to be in a downward spiral,’ she told me. ‘Also tell me and be honest with me: are you falling in love with Luke Syverson?’
And the answer was yes.
I was falling in love with Sy.
I had a lot of unused vacation days, so I took all of them and spend my time at either the cemetery or at my place, thinking about moving on, then hesitating, then crying a little bit and then thinking about Sy or Brandon again.
My brain is fried, everything in there is scattered.
But I’ve come to one conclusion: I am in love with Luke Syverson. So in love.
And now I’m here again. At the airport. Deep down I want to join the rest of the crowd, the rest of the happy families who are awaiting their loved ones. It’s just that I can’t. Nausea is taking over and I nearly puke all over the parking lot. I can’t do this, it’s too much for me.
‘Rose?’ I hear the familiar voice behind me.
With lightening speed I turn around and it almost makes my head spin. ‘Sy,’ I manage to say.
‘What are you doing here?’
Don’t you dare turn into a nervous mess, Rose, don’t you dare. But the fact that Sy looks so handsome in his uniform isn’t helping.
‘I’m so sorry,’ is the first thing that rolls out of my mouth. ‘I actually wanted to wait for you right there, but when I got out of the car, I got a severe case of paralyzing nerves and painful memories and I didn’t want you to see me holding my own puke in my hand, so I decided to wait here. But then I freaked out again and… Oh no, I’m babbling, just like your mom. No offense, by the way. Your. mom is really sweet and what I said was pretty mean. I’m sorry.’
He takes off his cap, pushing it in his pocket. ‘Sunshine, what are you doing here?’
Oh, I missed that nickname. ‘I wanted to say I’m sorry,’ I say. ‘I shouldn’t have hung up on you like that. It’s just that I started bawling like a baby when we were calling and I felt all these emotions build up…’
He shakes his head. ‘You don’t have to apologize for that.’
‘Sy, I was’t lying over the phone. I am in love with you. All the things you did for me pre tour, the fact that you are here, the stories your mom told me, made me realize that you are worth it all.’
He takes a step closer and says: ‘If you are not ready to date, then I understand, Rose. It’s not easy losing your husband and moving on. I get that.’
‘But I want to move on, I am ready to move on, Sy,’ I whisper. ‘I thought about it long and hard, I spoke about it with Claudia and I realized that I want to date you. Slowly, sure, but I do want us to date. I want to support you and be there for you when you’re going back on tour and when you arrive home again. It won’t be easy for me, for us, but I want to try it with you because… Because you deserve someone here for you and moving on with you is the best thing that has happened to me in a while.’
‘Aren’t you in luck then,’ he says with a smile. ‘Because I’m here to stay.’
That must’ve been a hallucination. ‘Wait, what?’
‘This was my last tour. I thought about what you said and maybe it’s time for me to change careers. I never imagined myself in the military until I retire, but I just continued doing what fit in my comfort zone. The military is the only working place I’ve known, but I have finished my obligatory tours and… I need to be here in San Antonio, with my folks, my friends and you.’
I smile, as tears of happiness burn in my eyes. ‘Really?’
‘Really,’ he confirms. ‘I already had my mom send my credentials over to the fire department and they want to meet me next week.’
I let out a laugh out of both joy and disbelieve. I was willing to go through the pain of missing someone important, to writing letters and calling, but that’s all history. He is going to be right here. Right here with me in San Antonio. ‘Sy, this is unbelievable.’
He chuckles. ‘It sure is.’ He clears his throat, clearly wanting to ask me something. ‘Can I hug you?’
I don’t answer that question. I simply launch myself in his arms and he lifts me up as he pulls me in a tight embrace. ‘I do want to take it slow,’ I whisper.
‘And that’s okay,’ he tells me. ‘Rose, I understand that you want to take your time, but remember: I am in no rush.’
I bury my face in his neck. ‘Thank you, Sy. Thank you for coming back.’
❃ ❃ ❃
Sy and I have been on many dates since he arrived home a few weeks ago. He usually picks me up from work, but today is a little bit different because I am going to pick him up from the base. He has been working there for four weeks, still in the orienting phase of his job, but so far he is absolutely loving it.
I park the car across the street and wander over to the fire station. Igni the Dalmatian runs towards me and I quickly grab the snacks I bought specifically for her from my purse. ‘Igni, sit,’ I say and without missing a beat, she does what I tell her to do. I give her the little snack, a peck on top of her head, before I make my way towards the entrance.
‘Rosemary Hill is in the house!’ Johnny, one of Sy’s colleagues yells the second I enter, followed by a loud applause.
‘Shut up,’ I chuckle, but that doesn’t stop the guys. It only makes them give me a standing ovation.
‘Okay, quiet now,’ Sy’s loud voice interrupts the applause. ‘Don’t you look at my lady,’ he says, smacking some kid on the back of his head. It’s always funny to show up here, because I think I can see a bit of the Captain Syverson from the military. Strong, tough and no nonsense. A total one eighty compared to how he is to me.
‘Look at the captain,’ one says, ‘showing off, trying to impress his woman.’
‘No need to. I’m already impressed,’ I say with a smile.
Sy actually still flexes his arms a little, but it’s not really necessary: his shirt perfectly accentuates them, as it is a bit on the tighter side. His smile grows wider the closer he gets and he holds out his hand for me to take. ‘Ready?’ he asks, pressing a kiss on my knuckles.
‘I sure am. Bye guys!’
‘Bye Rosemary,’ they say, almost sounding like a class full of kindergarteners. Sy clears his throat and they quickly add: ‘Bye Captain, see you tomorrow.’
‘I still can’t believe they call you Captain here,’ I say with a smile, when we pet Igni one last time, before making our way to my car.
‘Well, they asked me to introduce myself, so I did.’
‘As Captain Syverson, you are unbelievable.’ I want to open the door of the driver’s side and get in, but Sy is quick to stop me. ‘What?’ I ask him.
‘I’m driving,’ he says. ‘Come on, you know I absolutely adore you, but there is one thing you are not good at and that is driving.’
‘I drive perfectly fine,’ I defensively say. ‘I’m an excellent driver. You’re just the world’s worst passenger.’
He smiles, before he boops my nose with his finger. ‘I am not,’ he tells me. ‘Please, just let me drive.’
‘Fine,’ I groan, handing him the keys. ‘You want to open my door for me as well?’
‘Always,’ Sy chuckles, walking around the car with me to open the door on the passengers side
Once we’re seated and strapped in our seatbelts, he drives away and he places his hand on my leg. It took me a while before I liked it. A lot of things took a while for me to enjoy. However, once Luke Syverson holds your leg as he drives, you can never go back.
‘Where are we going?’ he asks me.
‘The place with the best view,’ I say with a smile. ‘Because I thought you and I could go on a picnic. Take a right here.’
‘I’d love a picnic,’ he says.
‘And don’t you worry, I brought food, snacks and drinks.’
He searches for my hand and once he got ahold of it, he brings it do his lips, pressing a soft and gentle kiss on it.
We’ve been taking it slow and I absolutely love him for it, though I haven’t said it in those exact words to him.
We arrive at a remote place with a great view (if not the place with the best view) and while Sy gets the baskets with food and drinks, I place down the checkered blanket on the grass and wait for him to join me. ‘Harold made these,’ I say with a smile. ‘I hope you like it.’
‘I know I will, sunshine.’
Sy tells me all about his day, before listening to mine. Usually after work, the two of us sit on my porch, talking about all the things that happened, but it’s nice to have a change of scenery.
‘Your back hurting, sunshine?’ Sy asks me, when I try to stretch it a bit.
‘Yes, a little,’ I mutter. ‘Sitting here on the grass isn’t helping.’
‘You can sit here,’ he says, patting the spot in between his legs. ‘I can be your back rest.’
A few seconds go by, before I decide I actually want that. I push myself up and sit in between his thick thighs. I lean back against his chest and let out a content sigh. This is nice. ‘Thank you,’ I say. ‘You sure you don’t mind?’
‘I’m sure,’ he says, placing his chin on top of my head. ‘I can take it.’
Of course he can. ‘Sy,’ I say, ‘can I tell you something?’
‘I think I love you.’ I have thought about it for so long, but never did I say these three words out loud to him. I love you. I remember when I said it to Brandon for the first time, I was a sweaty mess, mostly because it was my first time saying I love you to someone.
Though it’s not my first time anymore, I still have some nerves, the jitters and the fear of rejection.
‘I’m beating you then,’ Sy says, ‘because I know I love you.’
I turn around with a smile. ‘You do?’
‘Oh, one hundred percent positive, sunshine.’ He places a rough hand on my cheek. ‘I love you a whole lot, Rose. You were the one that pulled me through during my last tour and for that I forever owe you.’
I smile. ‘Sy, I am the one that should do the emotional speech where I thank you. You are the one that allowed me to feel something again. To love again.’
He pulls me closer and places his forehead against mine. ‘Guess we were there for each other when we needed it the most.’
I place my hands on his broad chest. ‘Is my captain getting sentimental?’
‘Maybe,’ he smiles, slightly rolling his eyes. ‘Dammit, Rose, I love you so much.’
‘I love you too,’ I chuckle. ‘You should kiss me.’
He nods. ‘I can do that,’ he says. ‘You won’t reject me?’
‘No, of course not. I used to be afraid, but I’m not anymore.’
Sy smiles and gives me a short peck on my lips. Then another one and another one, before pressing his lips firmly on mine. I melt against his frame, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. It’s weird, kissing someone else, but it’s not that weird I need to stop. Taking my time with Sy was the best thing I could’ve done, because I now know I won’t ever regret it.
Never in a million years.
Tumblr media
one year later
Today was absolutely grueling. There was a fire at the paper factory and it seemed never ending. Sy’s glad when he stops his truck in front of his girlfriend’s house. He sees Rose crouched down in the yard, planting and potting something.
It’s one of her newest hobbies.
‘There she is,’ Sy says, as he gets out of his truck, ‘my beautiful lady.’
Rose starts to laugh and stands up. ‘My handsome fire fighter. Shit, that uniform never bores me.’ She sticks out her hands and he quickly walks up to her, holding them in his. ‘How was work today?’ she asks. ‘I heard about the fire.’
He nods. ‘It was okay. There were no victims, so that’s all good.’ He pulls her closer to give her a kiss, but he notices a slight change in her demeanor. She isn’t relax, though it was her day off today. ‘Darlin’, what’s on your mind?’
She sighs deeply. ‘Tomorrow it’s Brandon’s birthday.’
Despite never gotten to know Brandon, he is a pretty big part of their lives. There are some pictures around and every now and then she starts to talk about him. Reminiscing about the things that made him unique to her. It happens at the most random moments. When they are in the grocery store during Easter time, she tells him about the time Brandon hid eggs around the neighborhood and pretended to be the Easter Bunny for the kids. When there is a movie on tv and it was one of his favorites, she’ll tell Sy Brandon’s favorite scenes. Sy now watches baseball because that was Brandon’s favorite sport.
Sometimes Sy almost thinks that he knows Brandon. That they were friends, but that’s just because she talks about him in a way that it seems like they’ve known each other for a long time. Because of her openness, he is able to share more about his time in Iraq. Sharing about the men he lost, what he had seen there and how every bullet he fired, ate a bit away of his heart.
‘I see,’ Sy says. After the fire it slipped his mind. ‘What do you want to do tomorrow?’
‘Kinda want to visit his grave,’ she says. ‘Want to go with me?’
‘Of course, of course.’ Sy went with her to visit his grave a little while ago. It was the first time he actually went to the graveyard. He had never been there before, but it went well that day. The weather was nice, Rose told him more stories and he listened on her talking to the stone, to Brandon.
The liberation she has into talking about the matter is a good example for him and he can learn a lesson or two from it.
‘Sy,’ she says in a soft tone, causing him to snap out of his thoughts. ‘Can you give me a hug?’
Without wasting a second, he wraps his arms around her waist. ‘Always,’ he says and she holds him close to her body.
They’ve been growing as a couple, making steps couples usually take in their relationship. Slowly but surely they are mentioning marriage, some pets and kids. It’s not a lot, but they are definitely taking a lot more steps than before.
‘I’ve been thinking,’ she says, ‘do you want to move in with me? I mean, you’re here all the time anyway and I kinda like having you around.’
‘Oh, would I love that,’ Sy says, squeezing her tighter against his body. ‘Just tell me whenever you want me to start packing.’
‘I was thinking later this week,’ she says with a smile. ‘I mean, you still live at your parents place. Packing will be done in a second. You’re not as materialistic as I am.’
Sy gives her a kiss. ‘I still love you though.’
‘Good.’ She gives him a kiss, before deepening it. Oh, does he love deepening kisses with her. Her tongue caresses his bottom lip and he hums in content against her lips.
‘Okay, you two,’ he hears Hunter say, ‘I really hate it when couples rub in my face they did find someone and I still haven’t.’
Rose can’t stop her laughing. ‘You got rejected, Hunter? Again?’
‘No need to be mean,’ Hunter says in a dangerously low tone.
‘But yes, he got rejected. Again,’ Zeke says.
Max nods and adds: ‘It was painful.’
Sy tilts his head. ‘Want something to drink?’
‘Yes, please. My sweet Rose, can you arrange free drinks at the Oak?’ Hunter asks.
She pretends to think about it. ‘Well, okay then. Just allow me to change into something more comfortable.’
‘Yeah me too,’ Sy says. ‘We’ll meet you in an hour, okay?’
‘An hour, seriously?’ Max shakes his head. ‘You two are disgusting.’
Sy shrugs. ‘You’re jumping to conclusions, Max. That’s your own fault. Okay, baby, let’s go inside. We don’t want to keep the guys waiting.’ While his friends pretend to puke, he pulls Rose inside the house and closes the front door behind him. Knowing the day they’ll have tomorrow, he quickly says: ‘We don’t have to do any of that, it’s just that I wanted to piss them off.’
Rose starts to laugh. ‘You’re such a mean friend.’
‘Pay back for when they messed with me when we were younger.’ He gives her a kiss on her forehead, her nose and her lips. ‘You want to shower first or can I?’
She tilts her head. ‘How about you and I go together?’
Tumblr media
✨This was the end of it all started in San Antonio. I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what you think ✨
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snflwrkenma · 5 months ago
*disclaimer* in future chapters (chapter 33(xxxiii) until the end), nozomi sakurai will be known as rose nymphaea. rose being her first name and nynmphaea being her middle name, she will not have a last name in order to keep her race/ethnicity ambiguous<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Strolling out of the mall and towards the parking lot, Y/n and Tsuki chat happily about anything and everything under the sun. Arms full with shopping bags from clothing and gaming stores, the pair fill the trunk and backseat of Tsuki’s car; it’s evident the quick dress shopping trip turned into a full blown shopping spree in the blink of an eye. Once safely in the car, Y/n connects her phone to the aux and begins to eagerly scroll through her playlist, “I swear if you play Heartbreak Anniversary one more time, I’m gonna toss you out of my car.” “Tsuki please, stop acting like you don’t enjoy this Grammy worthy song. This masterpiece. The song of the yea-“ “Okay, okay sheesh just play the damn song.” Tsuki chuckled softly as Y/n takes her time finding the song of the hour, humming to herself as she does so. Before the two realize it, they’re in the parking lot of their favorite people-watching café. Entering the building and plopping down in their usual corner near the window, they’re greeted by their usual waiter who asked if they wanted their usual orders. Agreeing, Tsuki and Y/n sends their waiter on their way before falling into a comfortable conversation. “Soooo, how’s the relationship? You guys will be together for how many years once ur anniversary passes?” Tsuki asks, wiggling his brows as he awaits the answer. “It’ll be 4 years next week,” Y/n takes a moment to think back on her relationship; smiling softly, she answers the first part of Tsuki’s question, “Kuroo and I are doing great?? He makes me more than happy, I honestly can’t even begin to put my happiness into words. I truly love him and I don’t know ever want to picture life without him.” Tsuki watches as his close friend blushes profusely, “Damn, little gnome, who would’ve thought you were so sappy? I cant believe this is the same person who threatened to remove my kneecaps in second year.” “Listen here, skyscraper, I can be soft when I want to be.” The pair continue to enjoy their time together, eating slowly and laughing loudly. They enjoyed themselves so much that the oranges, pinks, and yellows of the sky seemed to turn into a deep blue, starlit canvas in a matter of seconds. “Oh shit, I should probably get to Kuroo’s before it gets too late,” looking down at her phone, Y/n realizes it’s a quarter to 11, “well fuck, it’s already pretty late.” “I didn’t even realize we were here for that long, let’s get you to Kuroo before he calls me whining about where you are.” “HA! I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t already.” Hastily gathering their belongings, Y/n and Tsuki fast walk to the car. With a click of their seatbelts and Tsuki’s phone connected to the aux, they were on their merry way. Pulling into Kuroo’s driveway, both Y/n and Tsuki are surprised to see Kuroo’s front door opening slowly. “Damn are his spidey senses that strong? Does he have a Y/n radar built into his drivewa-“ Tsuki cuts off his own sentence when he notices a woman walking out of Kuroo’s house. He notices the way Y/n freezes in her spot before slowly relaxing when she realizes who it is. “Oh, it’s just Nozomi, I wonder what she’s doing here?” Y/n unfastens her seatbelt and grabs her purse before swinging open the car door, obviously excited to greet her boyfriend and best girl friend. “Do you want to come in, Tsuki? I’m gonna need a little help bringing in my bags.” “Uh, um- yeah, yeah I can come in." Tsuki trips over his words, clearing his throat before composing himself. "I didn’t expect you to carry everything, weirdo.” “Okay loser, cut the yapping and hurry the packing!” After helping his close friend bring in her surplus of shopping bags and greeting his friend and gal pal, Tsuki makes his way to his car. It takes a moment for him to put his car in drive, though. The thoughts swirling in his head making him almost too dizzy to function. He’s thinking about the events that just transpired. He’s thinking about the millisecond after the front door opened. He’s thinking about if he actually saw Nozomi lean in to kiss Kuroo. Or perhaps,,,, he just didn’t see it correctly. I mean, they
are the two most important people to his close friend after all.
Tumblr media
x. or perhaps,,,, he just didn’t see it correctly.
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bunnii’s notes:
another pretty late chapter :((( my eldest sister is visiting, so i don’t have the free time to write during the day 😩 but i’ll have some free time to write tomorrow so hopefully i can prewrite at least 3 chapters
how are we feeling about this chapter? does it flow well? is the grammar okay? are there typos? lmk bc i love constructive criticism <3333
i plan on writing more one on ones with the bros x y/n so look forward to that!! i really want u guys to get a sense of the individual friendships hehe
anyway i love u all sm MWAH
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comradekatara · 3 months ago
What are the modern gaang's favorite beverages and/or time of day?
i like the specification that they are “modern” here as if the avatar world does not possess many beverages and also...... days..... 
aang: oh you know he loves a fun smoothie. an example of a not fun smoothie, on the other hand, is onion and banana juice. that’s his least favorite beverage for sure. / his favorite time of day is 3 am, specifically when u are hanging out with ur friends and all on the verge of tears from laughter bc u are slightly delirious. 
katara: i think she’d be a hot chocolate gal. a fancy mocha latte. smth warm & sweet & soothing. / her favorite time of day is whenever the moon is highest & brightest in the sky. she also loves a gorgeous sunset. “thats right, now go & hide you piece of shit sun. u fucking pussy.” and zuko’s like “huh whatd you say?” and katara’s like “i just said omg zuko look at the sunsettt isn’t it so pretty???? <33333″
sokka: is also known to enjoy a fun smoothie (aka a “fruity beverage”). gets really into tea from iroh and becomes a bit of a snob about it. but u know his favorite beverage has gotta be cactus juice. his brain has never been that empty before or since. he misses the sensation daily. / he likes looking up at the aurora polaris and smugly telling everyone that if there are spirits in the sky rn, it’s completely irrelevant to the reason why the sky is actually producing that effect with the light. but before he can actually explain the science behind the phenomenon gran gran smacks him upside the head and tells him that’s what he gets for being a smartass. they do this every single year. sokka simply cannot resist.
toph: she discovers at some point that she really enjoys casually partaking in alcohol. the beverage itself is irrelevant, as she mostly enjoys the sensation of being freed from all self-doubt. toph doubts herself, ever? u may be asking. the answer is of course, yes she does. except for when she’s drunk, and then she goes around telling everyone she runs into that she could take them in a fight. and most people, wisely, are like “i’m sure you could, toph” but this doesnt satisfy her so she tries to fight them anyway. / her favorite time of day is early morning. she likes being the only one awake, sitting outside in the cool dewy air and listening to the chirping of the birds in a quiet moment of tranquility.
zuko: his favorite beverage is ice cold sparkling water with a slice of lemon in it. he can never tell uncle, for fear of being disowned twice, which would just be beyond embarrassing. / his favorite time of day is nap time. duh
suki: cactus jamba juice, obvi. she loves microdosing hallucinogens. / her favorite time of day is when the unagi comes out of the water and gives her a little wave. they’re pals actually <3
azula: water, room temperature. by definition not a beverage, but it is the only thing she will agree to drink besides medicinal teas (that taste like shit btw). anyone who enjoys juice, let alone alcohol, is a simpleton and a weakling. / her favorite time of day is when she finally crawls into bed. she’s so fucking tired, man. she relishes the opportunity to go to sleep.
mai: when asked about her favorite beverage she responds, “the blood of my enemies.” but in actuality, she really ?? enjoys milk???? which is like ten times as fucked up & twisted tbh. / like toph, she also enjoys sitting alone on early mornings. as much as she claims that anything less than hunting people for sport is dull & dreary, those fleeting moments of solitude & serenity are some of the only times in which she experiences true inner peace throughout her adolescence. 
ty lee: aang got her hooked on lychee juice. she likes drinking it out of a flask so that people assume she’s drinking alcohol, when she’s actually stone cold sober. / her favorite time of day is moments after a man tries to take advantage of her assuming that she’s drunk and she kills that man with her bare hands dusk. it’s pretty :)
iroh: his favorite beverage is ginseng tea. / his favorite time of day is time for some fucking teaaaa babeyy!!!
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keisukesgf-real · 3 months ago
the line is natural.
or, jumin has a crush on his newly-hired secretary, but he figured that there's a line separating the two of them; as the boss and his secretary, maybe the line was only natural.
pairing: jumin x reader
other note/s: just plain old sweet fluff, jaehee is the same just a bit salty (?), you (reader) exists outside the universe of mystic messenger.
Tumblr media
jumin is not insensitive nor does he turn a blind eye towards his employees’ complains, especially jaehee, the only secretary who managed to stay by his side longer than he imagined.
he would always see how jaehee complains in the RFA group chat about how seemingly endless her paper works are and his friends agreeing that he is a ruthless boss who prioritizes servitude and does not care about his workers’ well-being. he would only shake his head everytime, refusing to make any comment about it. truthfully, the only thing that matters for him is money. he believes that if you work hard, you’ll earn a lot of money. complaining is unnecessary when you receive tons in your bank account enough to pay for your hospital bills.
it's not like it did not cross his mind that his beliefs are only reserved for the privileged ones. people who did not once experience hardship because everything they want and needed is served to them on a silver platter. they are not wrong, but they are not completely right either. he does not see any need for him to explain why. whether the people around him hates him for it or not is no longer part of his concern. indifference is a mastered technique he learned at such a young age. perhaps, this is what being on the top of the food chain is like; many people will dislike for the pettiest reasons.
still, contrary to how majority perceived him to be, he is not exactly cruel enough to watch his secretary limp herself enough to be hospitalized just so she could rest from being a slave to capitalism. that's why he hired another secretary to split their works. he had to do it sooner or later anyway since their company is growing faster each day hence the workloads will only be heavier.
and that secretary is none other than you.
a fresh graduate, similar backgrounds with jaehee, but nowhere as accomplished as her. if he's being honest, jumin only picked your folder out of all the drowning applications in his table and hired you immediately to save himself from another work. he does not expect you to do well as jaehee, his perfect secretary, because he knows better than placing expectations over a person who’s new to the industry.
surprisingly, however, you did.
“good morning, mr. han!” you greeted, placing a cup of coffee on his table. you only arrived a week earlier but he can see how exceptional your performances are. even the employees who were able to work with you seemed to have positive feedbacks about you. they were used to jaehee’s stern attitude that meeting a cheerful gal like you was a breathe of fresh air.
“what’s my schedule for today?”
“aside from the supposed meeting of the board members today, which is rescheduled for next week as per the president’s order, you have a luncheon with the CEO of...”
so, when did it exactly start?
though jumin doesn't admit it, having a secretary like you was also refreshing. you always greeted him with a smile, bringing his favorite cup of coffee before he even asked, proving him and everyone that despite being inexperienced, you are more than capable to handle all the workloads and responsibilities that comes with being a secretary of none other than the ruthless CEO-in-line aka jumin han. the last sentence sounds funny even for him.
you were only here for a week yet you managed to capture all the hearts of his employees. how long does it need for you to capture his?
“mr. han?”
“i’ve recited your schedules for the day, but you seemed out of it. should i read it again?”
he was out of it?
“ah, no need,” he says, propping his elbows up in the table before leaning his chin above his intertwined fingers. “say, would you like to accompany me to the party tonight?”
it took him a lot of courage to ask the question. he thought you might misunderstood his intentions, but thankfully you swiftly agreed, saying the following words: “sure, mr. han.”
for some reason, hearing you call him mr. han tasted oddly bitter in his tongue. he wondered if it was you drawing the line or him attempting on knowing what's beyond that line.
jaehee doesn't like this feeling.
when jumin called her to his office one day, he thought he would give her another set of workload. he actually did, but it was not what he imagined.
“this is the secretary i personally hired myself. i want you to welcome her tomorrow and teach her the basics. assist her if need be.”
she was dumbfounded.
“what does this mean, mr. han? are you... firing me?”
her boss looked at her with the same confused look reflected in his eyes. “huh? when did i say that?”
“i-i mean, what's with the sudden new secretary? i believe it is in my right to be informed about this beforehand, not a day before her arrival,” she explained, her words concise as ever. jumin looked like as if a bulb lit up beside his head.
“i thought you’d like it. you always complain about having endless workloads, so i thought i should hire another secretary for you to share it with.”
sprawled out on her bed, with the television playing as her background, jaehee could not help but feel unwanted. jumin personally fixed their schedule, with jaehee on monday, wednesday and friday; yet instead of feeling thankful or anything, she could not help but feel like she's being replaced.
she always believed that being a secretary is not the only suitable job for her. she will not forever belong beside her boss, following him everywhere as well as his nerve-wracking orders. did the years of working with him finally made her realize her position?
it's not like she harbored feelings for jumin or anything over the course of years working alongside with him. truth be told, she always hated the feeling of being inferior and being constantly reminded of what she can and cannot do. standing by his side only made her feel worse.
maybe... she only felt guilty.
she always vent her feelings out in the group chat about being exhausted because of jumin han that it already became a normal occurence for them. she had always thought her boss was ruthless, but maybe he was only incapable of expressing his feelings and was thoughtful all along.
“screw them,” she breathes, standing from her bed. she reached for her CD collection of zen’s performances, opening her DVD player. she figured that she would just enjoy her day.
but she wished jumin would just lend her the TV rotting in his penthouse. zen deserved to be watched in a wide screen for a better and enjoyable quality, after all!
you were nervous.
graduating with a notable gpa from a remarkable school increased your worth in the business industry, but having no experience to contribute to it would only make them hesitate. after all, you just graduated last year.
you were only passing by the c&r company and saw a small poster beside the glass door. you're not sure if it was still available since if they were actually searching for a secretary, shouldn't they make a bigger poster?
still, you submitted your folder without expecting to be called by the person you’d work for the next day after.
“h-huh? hired? me?”
“yes,” was the man’s only reply. “if you come here tomorrow morning at five, my secretary will have enough time to prepare you, so please come.”
if there is one thing you can be proud of yourself, maybe it's your ability to adapt and learn quickly in any environment you are placed in. working at such an enormous company was hard for the first few days, but you eventually get the hang of it.
and now, you are nervous.
you are about to attend a party your boss was invited in. it was customary for the boss to take his secretary and take note of the events in the party, but it is not required for you to do so unless your boss ask you to.
picking a dress was hard, so you were grateful when jumin said he'll choose one for you. you didn't know your boss was a gentleman, it made your heart flutter for a second. working at this company was a good start for you and now you are lucky for having a thoughtful boss.
“you don't need to record all the events in the party since this is just a casual gathering, not a formal one. i would like you to enjoy yourself, but please do not stay away from me for long.”
“got it, boss!” you answered cheerfully. you saw him pursed his lips as if he did not like the way you called him that, but you shrug it off, thinking that it was only your imagination.
jumin han was the epitome of ideal boss for you. nice, thoughtful and handsome. whenever you finished your work early, you'd make it your habit to say goodbye to him merely because you want to peek at his pretty face. sometimes, you'd wonder how he looks like with a smile and thought of asking him to, but the thought only lingered at the back of your head.
you can't possibly ask that from your boss, unless you want to be fired for being unprofessional. office romance is nothing but a bluff. in real life, participating in such foolishness would only bring more harm than good. you'd only get distracted from your work.
office romance, though? you snickered at your own thought. there's no way jumin know a word nor would entertain the idea of one.
“we are here,” jumin announced. the butler opened the door for you, lending a hand to assist you, followed by your boss.
your eyes widened by the amount of reporters in front of the venue. how come there are so many?! and here you thought it was only a casual gathering between businessmen...
“mr. han!”
“our agency heard that you'll be attending this party, please answer our questions!”
“is it true that you’ll be reviving the old party that was funded by your company?”
“is it the RFA? they’ll be organizing another party?”
“mr. han, who is the woman beside you?”
the reporters seemed to have quiet down with the sudden question. you wanted to answer that you are just his secretary, but interfering would only make you look rude and uneducated.
so, you waited for jumin to answer.
“she's my... secretary.”
you wondered if it was your imagination that jumin hesitated on telling them that you were his secretary or not. whether he did or not, you refused to ponder over trivial things.
just like that, you entered the venue, walking beside him with an appropriate distance given for the relationship, or the lack thereof, between you two.
unbeknownst to you, or anyone for that matter, jumin wanted to offer his arm for you to hold or to guide you inside at least.
but then again, he wouldn't want to drag your name in an issue when you barely started in the industry because of him acting on his fleeting admiration for you. the line between the two of you was only natural. it would be foolish to cross that and not take responsibility after.
𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘢𝘭.
(but is the admiration really just a fleeting one?)
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justkending · 5 months ago
The Number One Rule. Chapter 26.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N has always been seen as “Steve’s rambunctious sister.” However, she grew up, graduated, and moved to London to study abroad for 4 years and get her bachelor's degree. The girl that returns looks nothing like the teenager that left, but don’t worry the attitude is still there and stronger than ever. What’s to come of the two grown adults that used to push each other's buttons, but now have a lot more in common than they’ve ever realized.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Y/N Rogers (Steve’s little sister)
Word Count: 3800+
A/N: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the last chapter. I know I say it almost every time, but I truly think this is one of my personal favorite top stories. At LEAST in the top 3. Now it is time for me to go through and read it all the way through and revise where I can. I’m so glad you all loved it as much as me and I am happy to say, I am already working on a new series!! And yes, it is a Bucky x Reader. I just can’t seem to stray from them lately. His character is stuck on my brain and I’m not mad. Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you once again for all your love and support with this one! I loved each and every single comment and thought thrown my way:) Also, BONUS, I will probably write a one-shot explaining the Bumble Bee nickname, since I was never able to work it into this... If not that, maybe a prologue... I don’t know we shall see;) With that being said, enjoy this ending and let me know how your heart feels after!!
Chapter Twenty-Six:
A whole year had passed. Today marked the 1 year of Y/N and Bucky finally coming together after all this time of being friends and making it official as two people who loved each other deeply.
To give you a quick update in the time passed…
Steve and Peggy went on a first date after she came back for a second time and made her move to New York permanent. He had been sweating buckets while getting ready and Y/N and Bucky coached him from the couch as he came in and out of his room trying on multiple outfits for the night. 
Y/N had suggested taking her to some different places around Manhattan, kind of like the scavengers hunt Bucky did for their first date. But instead of knowing the different places, Peggy really hadn’t known the city at all, so it was more so a tour guide kind of date. 
It was a simple and solid plan. However, Steve wasn’t used to the confidence that Peggy tended to give off. Did he admire it and love it? Yes, no doubt. Did it scare him at times, or more so intimidate him? Yes, again. 
So after some light teasing from his little sister, she gave him some tips to impress her best friend, as well as, reassured him she was a sweet girl on the inside. Just someone who has lived in a man's world a little too long and has to put up a front of intimidation. Once you get past that, you have a loyal and kind person to bond with. 
Needless to say, the date went off without a hitch and the two were now celebrating two strong months of dating. 
Becca had finished up college and was already secured in a job as a child psychologist at a new hospital in upstate New York. She was a little further away now, but that didn’t stop her from coming and visiting. It just so happened that her new boyfriend lived down the hall from Y/N. If you know, you know. 
His name was Thor and after some light flirting every other time she came to visit Y/N, she asked him on a date which he accepted. They were on the route of 3 months of dating now. He had joined the friend group to an extent and got along great with the whole crew. 
Wanda and Vis’s boys were growing up faster than light itself and would be about 6 months soon. After Bucky and Y/N’s last time babysitting, they were recruited a few more times since they did so great with them. They may have been thrown for a whirlwind the first time around, but they were a lot easier the next few date nights. 
Nat and Clint had gotten married last month. They were coming back from their belated honeymoon now in Budapest. The wedding was beautiful and everyone being together all at once again, was a joy and it showed just how much the group of friends was growing. Each of them hitting a new and different stage in life. 
Back to the present...
Bucky had planned a one year anniversary date for him and Y/N. One that was bound to be unforgettable. 
Y/N asked if they could keep it simple with just a picnic in the park since it was going to be cold soon in New York, and she wanted to soak up the last bit of summer that was left. 
“Ok, you have everything set for the night?” Steve asked as Bucky buttoned the cuff to his button up. 
“I hope so. I go to pick up Y/N in 10 minutes,” Bucky sighed in nervousness. 
“Hey, don’t worry about it man. You know it’ll all work out how it’s supposed to,” Steve chuckled, coming over and patting his friends shoulder in reassurance. “Plus, you had Peggy and I help you plan this out. No way it could go wrong with our expertise.”
“You say that, but watch me slip up somewhere,” Bucky mumbled, straightening his clothes. 
“You’re putting nerves where they aren’t needed. Stop thinking worst case scenario,” Steve groaned, walking out the bedroom door with Bucky behind. “What would Y/N say about that?”
“That it’s premature and won’t do me any good to think negatively,” he muttered, knowing the exact words to come from the optimist. 
“Exactly. So stop stressing and go with the flow of things. Nothing good is going to come out of you waiting for the worst thing to happen tonight,” Steve shook his head. 
“It’s supposed to be a night to remember. Not a night to dread,” Peggy interrupted as she came to Steve’s side with a little note in hand she saw on the counter in a spot it may have been easily lost. “Here, you may want this though if you do want it to go well.”
“Right, thanks,” Bucky nodded quickly, taking the item. 
“You guys will meet us there right? Everyone else ready too?” Bucky asked.
“Everyone else is ready. You’ll be fine Buck,” Steve laughed again. “You sound like me the night I took this gal out.”
“Is that so?” Peggy smirked, leaning more into Steve’s side as he wrapped an arm around her.
“Yeah, he’s a little worse than I was, but he’s doing something a little bigger than a simple date,” Steve winked to Bucky. The brunette sent him an eyeroll.
Peggy looked down at her watch and gasped. “You need to get going, Bucky. She’ll be expecting you any minute,” Peggy moved to push him out the door with a bouquet of flowers in her hand to give him. 
Bucky had made it to Y/N’s apartment in perfect timing, but found himself faltering at the door. His whole body was made up of nerves at that moment. He couldn’t seem to shake them no matter what he told himself. 
Lucky for him, all it took was Y/N opening the door and sending him that sweet smile accented with one of her simple little dresses, that made those nerves dissipate. 
Tumblr media
“You look great,” he said with a lovestruck school boy and sappy smile. 
“Thanks B,” she blushed, scrunching her shoulders in a bashful way. “Here, come in for a second before we leave,” she motioned him in as he followed. “I need to put on a pair of earrings and I’ll be set.” She stood on her toes giving him a gentle kiss to the lips. 
Before she could walk off, he put the flowers between them and smiled. 
“For you as always,” he winked. 
“And everytime, it makes me happier and happier,” she winked back, giving him a bonus kiss. “I actually bought a new vase since I’m lucky enough to get gifted with them everytime we go on a date. Want to put those in it?” she asked as she started walking to her bathroom.
“Hard not to give a pretty girl flowers every chance you get,” he noted, going into the kitchen where the new vase sat. “That plus, I know you like the greenery.”
“It makes me very happy,” she smiled, coming back in with her hands working to put the last pair of earrings on. “Ok, I’m all ready handsome. Shall we?”
“I would love nothing more,” he smiled back offering his arm. 
“I like this little routine we have,” she giggled as they walked to the door. 
“I can agree,” he nodded, pressing his lips to her temple before they left the building. 
They started off with a quick stop to Winnie’s shop, as Bucky said he had a gift there for them to pick up. 
Winnie was all dressed up and Bucky’s dad and Becca were also there. 
“Well, you guys look all spiffy,” Y/N noted, walking in the doors where the group was patiently waiting for the couple. Becca and Winnie in dresses and Bucky’s dad, George, in a nice button up like his son. “You're not by chance celebrating an anniversary like us, are you?” Y/N teased still locked into Bucky’s arm. 
“We can celebrate yours a little with you too, can’t we?” Winnie asked, going in for a hug. 
“The more the merrier,” Y/N replied cheerfully.
“No, no. We wouldn’t intrude on your anniversary date,” Becca nodded off. “However, we did want to give you guys a gift before we go off to dinner. We’re meeting Thor to eat soon.”
“Oh, I see. Boyfriend’s meeting the parents?” 
“We’ve already met him and we enjoy him,” Winnie waved off. “Plus, we have Bucky and yours sign of approval, so that goes a long way too.”
“These are the facts,” Bucky agreed. “Uh, Mom, we do have to go to the next stop I have planned though, so…” Bucky said with a raise of his eyebrow in a hinting manner. 
“Right, right! I won’t keep you long I promise!” Winnie rushed to the counter where a book and a picnic basket was sitting. “Ok, here you go, but don’t open that book until after dinner,” she warned Y/N as she handed it off to Bucky for safe keeping. “It has another little gift in it I don’t want to spoil.”
“In that case, I’ll let Bucky hold onto it then. You know I can’t help opening a book if it’s sitting right in front of me,” Y/N chuckled. The rest of the crew laughed with her. 
“Ok, Ma, Dad, Sis,” Bucky waved off redirecting the two to the door. “We’ll see you guys later.”
“Yeah, later!” Becca said with an odd tone. One that showed she knew something, but Y/N didn’t know what. 
They made it to the park where Bucky had the whole nine-yards of a pinterest perfect picnic planned. His mom had packed a light meal, while the rest of the basket held a blanket, wine glasses, and other little decorations to make the set up special. 
“Look at you being oh so the romantic,” Y/N noted once they had set everything out. “This is impressive.”
“I would say I did it all, but Becca helped with the decorations aspect of it,” Bucky chuckled as he set up some of the food. 
The two sat and ate for a little, watching the motions of the park play in front of them as they talked about their day and any other thoughts that came to mind. They were facing straight west, so the sun would be setting right in front of them when the time came. And it was coming soon as they finished up their meal. 
“Ok, present time,” Y/N noted, turning to her purse and pulling out something from it. The gift was wrapped in a little brown wrapping paper with a twine string around it. “Open mine first because I can’t wait to see your reaction.”
Bucky chuckled at her childlike excitement and took the present as he sat up from where he was laying on his side. Carefully not to disrupt her precise wrapping, he undid the bow and peeled away the brown wrap around the box. Taking off the lid, inside sat two little slips of paper that looked like tickets. 
He quirked an eyebrow confused at what they could be, and when he turned them over and looked closer, he saw they were plane tickets. 
“Two tickets to… Rome?” Bucky gasped. “Y/N-”
“I wanted to show you everything I got to experience. Italy, Verona, Venice, and all,” she smiled softly, leaning closer to him. Her eyes never broke away from his face.
“Y/N, this is…” He smiled down at the paper before bringing his eyes up slowly to meet hers. “I would love nothing more than to experience that all through your eyes.”
Y/N blushed hard and the two leaned forward in sync to kiss. 
“I’m glad you like it. But I want you to see it in your own way, I’m just happy to be your tour guide,” she smiled harder. Their noses were practically still touching. 
“Either way, it’ll be an experience I’ll be counting down for,” he said, leaning in for one more kiss. 
When he pulled back he noticed the sun was settling down with the perfect glow. It was now or never…
“Ok, I guess it’s my turn for the gifts,” he said, taking in a deep breath. “It’s actually in the book.” He turned around grabbing the book his mother had handed off to him earlier, and carefully opened the cover. “This one’s long overdue, but it’s one that I’m starting to realize may have been meant for this specific time in our lives anyway.”
Handing over an old letter, she noticed it had changed colors from small stains and wear of when it was originally written. She was confused some by the details of the packaging, but when she saw it was addressed to her on the front, she picked up on what it was. 
The address and her name was that of her childhood home, but what gave away it’s age, was the return address of where Bucky was stationed all those years back when he was in the army. 
“Buck,” she said softly. 
“I wrote it way back when. Shortly after I realized that you were someone I…” He paused trying to find his wording. “Well, when I realized you were the kind of person I would want to spend the rest of my life with.”
Y/N looked up from the letter she was holding ever so delicately in her hand. Scared she would damage the antique writing. 
“You don’t have to read it now, but to sum it up, I never sent it because I knew, at least I thought I knew,” he chuckled under his breath looking down at it. “I could never deserve someone like you. You were always so kind and wise when I was going through my mess of life overseas. You had things of your own that you were working through, and yet you put it aside for me when I felt like I was alone and drowning in a foreign home.” 
He closed his eyes, picturing all the times he wanted to give up. When he wanted to call it quits after the things he saw, the things he did. It killed him on the inside. Mentally, emotionally, he didn’t hold strong like he thought he would be able to. 
“The only thing that kept me sane over there and gave me hope, was receiving letters from you. I know I teased you to begin with, but as time went on, your words, your advice, and your love that you somehow were able to ship overseas to me with just ink on a paper, kept me alive. Kept me from giving up.”
He looked up finally and saw tears in Y/N’s eyes. The look on her face was heartbreaking yet so loving all at once. It showed how she hated hearing just how lost Bucky was, but also showed just how grateful he was there. He was there now and it was partially because of their letters to each other. More than she could ever imagine though. 
She believed she may have played a role, but it was Bucky himself that held strong. He was the one who pushed through in those hardships and made the effort to keep going on. Not her. But to him, she was the angel on his shoulder keeping him from sinking in times where the waves were just too strong to push back on. 
“I wrote out all my feeling and thoughts in that letter. I think it’s like five pages,” he said in a single laugh. “But I never sent it.”
“Why?” was all she breathed out and he moved his hand to wipe the stray tear off her cheek. His hand staying there and running over the bone it had landed on. She leaned into the touch like it would be her last time feeling it. 
“I didn’t deserve you. Hell, I’m still not sure I do, but I’m going to make damn sure that I spend every waking hour of my life, every minute, doing my best to get there.”
There was a pause as she took his hand and moved closer to him, their foreheads pressed to the other. 
“Bucky you deserve everything and more in this world,” she said softly. “Don’t ever think you should have anything less than that.”
“I know, doll. And it’s because of you I realize I can strive for it all,” he sighed, breathing in her presence. 
They stayed like that for a while. Taking in the moment. Taking in the air. Taking in the wholesome and doting atmosphere. 
It wasn’t until the lights started to get low, Bucky realized he would run out of time for his next gift soon. 
“Y/N, I have one more thing to give you,” Bucky sighed, nervously pulling back and grabbing the book again. “Now, I know this is a cheesy way to do this, but I couldn’t think of a better way,” he chuckled lightly. 
He grabbed her hand and helped her stand. The sun now on the horizon giving the perfect golden shine to everything around them. 
When she stood with him, he brought the book in between them. 
“Ok, open it carefully to page 214,” he nodded, handing her the book. 
She sent him a confused look, but followed the directions anyway. Like asked, she gently flipped the books from the beginning before she reached said number. Just as she pulled back page 213, right in the middle of the book, the pages stopped lifting and inside was a little cut out square that held a small ring. One with a beautiful white shining stone in the middle, encrusted by a gold intricate design. 
“Oh, my-” she didn’t even finish the sentence as she looked down a the ring. Her grip on the book tightening as her other hand came up to cover her mouth. 
Bucky let out a small nervous chuckle at the reaction before slowly taking out the ring and bending to one knee. The book still in her hand, she gasped again watching Bucky move down. 
“Y/N Josephine Rogers,” he started with the brightest smile on his face. “I would be nothing but forever grateful if you allowed a guy like me, to have you as my wife.”
She didn’t answer right away as she was clearly in awe and still processing the last 20 seconds of what just happened. The only thing breaking her out of her shock, was the sound of Bucky laughing again.
“Is that a yes, or am I indeed just making a fool of myself?” he said with a scrunch of his nose.
“No! Oh, my God, yes! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes Bucky!” she jumped up and down before wrapping her arms around his neck and tackling him to the ground. 
He let out an, ‘oof’ sound as he caught them from the fall and held tightly to the ring not to lose it. He was now on his back and she was laying on top of him giggling and squeezing him in excitement. 
“Ok, good. I was worried I might have read the signals you were giving me wrong,” he joked. 
“You’re a dork,” she laughed, pulling and looking at him lovingly before going in for the kiss of all kisses. 
They were quickly pulled away from it when cheers and whistles started going off around them. 
Y/N looked up from where they were laying on top of the other and noticed herds of people they knew coming out from random parts of the park smiling and whooping in elation. 
“Is that-?” she started, once again taken aback. 
“Everyone? Yeah. They were kinda in on it,” Bucky chuckled. “Hey, did you get that last part?” he shouted toward Nat who was coming around a tree with Clint and a professional camera in hand.
“Oh, it was the best picture of them all I’m pretty sure,” she smirked. 
“You little stinker,” Y/N scoffed, pushing off of him to sit up more. “How in the world did you pull this all together?”
Wanda, Vis, and the twins were there. Steve had his arm around Peggy with Sam next to them and Sarah next to Steve. Winnie, George, Becca, and Thor were all there too smiling and laughing. Everyone was there. The whole crew was apart of the moment. 
“It was easy. I told them I was asking the girl of my dreams to marry me, and they asked when and where. Not much convincing on my part,” he answered, offering her his hand as they stood back up. 
“You guys,” Y/N gushed, wrapping her arms around Bucky’s waist, which he gladly wrapped his arm around her. “This is too sweet.”
“Nothing sweeter than you giving Bucky a run for his money with that delayed answer,” Sam teased. 
“Back off, punk,” Bucky rolled his eyes, pulling her closer to him as if any second she’d change her mind. 
“I will say, he did catch me off guard,” Y/N laughed in response. 
“Oh, my sweet girl is getting married! And to the sweetest boy a mom can hope for,” Sarah interrupted, instantly running to her daughter and almost tackling her like she had Bucky. 
“Mom!” Y/N laughed, catching her balance. 
The next 15 minutes went on like that as the sun set behind them, giving off the final glows of the evening. 
Sarah and Winnie blubbering on about how their little boy and little girl were going to be husband and wife. Then of course going on and on in excitement for the wedding details of it all. At that point they pushed them off for George and Becca to handle as they talked with everyone else. 
Wanda and Vis saying how Billy and Tommy would be glad to be a part of the wedding if they needed them to. Nat gave Y/N little details and advice with planning the party and also offering to lend a hand where it was needed since she just got done with her own.
Then Steve and Peggy also congratulate them and express their excitement for all that was to come for the couple, and all the fun double dates they would/ already had been taking apart in. 
Once it got dark, Steve announced to the crew the little celebration they had set up at Roger's home for an after party of the engagement. Everyone agreed they would meet there. 
So as Y/N and Bucky grabbed their things and started walking to the car, Y/N stopped him as he was about to close the car door for her. 
“Hey,” she turned where she was standing on the sidewalk. Bucky just inches from her. 
“Hey,” he responded with a goofy grin. 
“I love you so so much. You know that right?”
“I know Y/N. And I love you so so much too, doll.”
Thank you so much for reading!! Keep an eye out for a possible one-shot/ prologue of this story;)
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gooseras · 3 months ago
What under-rated shows do you recommend?
Ooh good question I have a ton (as in probably around 40+ more but I’ll just give you my top 10 to save out on time). Almost all of these dramas are available on either Netflix, Viki, and YouTube but obviously they are on Dramacool/KissAsian too!
Go Ahead (40 eps): I know that this drama is *technically* high rated but I still think that so many people on here are sleeping on this masterpiece. Go Ahead, at it’s heart, is a tale of unconditional love and found families. It’s about three kids who grew up in somewhat dysfunctional households (Jian Jian grew up motherless, Ze Qiu was abandoned, and Ling Xiao parents were divorced). Jian Jian’s father ends up taking in the two boys as his own and raises them with so much love. Eventually the three of three are forced to part but reunited a few years later, which leads to a lot of angst and heartache but don’t worry it also leads to a lot of fluff and comedy too. Go Ahead taught me a lot of lessons about life and family. It’s such a lovely drama okay so give it a chance!
Tumblr media
Go Back Couple (12 eps): I’m only halfway into this drama but OH MY GOSH!! Why does no one talk every talk about this drama? Go Back Couple (also known as Confession Couple) is about a recently divorced couple who time travels back to 1999 before they got together. Throughout the course of the drama, the FL and ML attempt to stay away because they don’t want to repeat the same mistake they did last time. However, fate keeps on bringing them back together. I have so much love for this drama and I’m not even done with it. The fact that it’s so underrated makes me sad because of how good it is. Go Back Couple is heartwarming, hilarious, and heartbreaking at the same time. The characters are highly flawed yet lovable. The chemistry between not only the leads but also the side characters is just *chefs kiss*. If you want a short little drama that is genuinely funny go watch Go Back Couple! (p.s. be aware that this drama will give you double second lead syndrome jsjsjdjd the second female and second male lead are literal sweethearts so you can’t help but root for them but at the same time you root for the leads too)
Tumblr media
Tomorrow With You (16 eps): the fact that this beautiful drama is underrated is just wack. Tomorrow with You is about a man who has the ability to travel in the future. He finds out that he’s set to die soon so in order to change his fate he marries a photographer. This drama constantly had me shook because of how casual the intimacy was. The leads were honest about their desires and was not afraid to make it clear. My favorite thing about this drama is that although the romance between the leads was mature in the sense that they were not shy about intimacy, they also ran around acting like they were middle schoolers in love. The scenes between the leads made me want to gag 90% of the time because they were just so darn cheesy except both were not embarrassed by it. Anyways, if you want a clever romcom that deals with the emotional repercussions of time traveling than check out this drama :)
Tumblr media
Shanai Marriage Honey (7 eps): Shanai Marriage Honey was truly just six glorious episodes of fluff. There was absolutely not angst and instead we just got to watch two dorks fall in love. If you ever just want to binge a drama that requires zero brain cells and want to see a lot of skin-ship go watch Shanai Marriage Honey!
Tumblr media
SF8 Joan’s Galaxy (1 ep): okay yes so i know that this isn’t a full length drama but i’m still adding it because literally NO ONE gives this masterpiece the attention it deserves. it only has a 50 minute runtime and yet it still managed to make cry my eyes out at the end. it’s technically labeled as a “sismance” but when you have quotes such as “still, whenever i call your name i will think of the vast universe” you just know that this is just straight up wlw. if you have 50 minutes to spare and want to see two cute gals who are literal star crossed lovers p l e a s e go watch Joan’s Galaxy! and than please go scream about it on the tag dikdwicjsjsw
Tumblr media
Accidentally in Love (30 eps): this was the drama that pretty much sucked into the world of Asian dramas. I randomly stumbled upon it on Netflix and ended up binging the whole thing in like two days. Accidentally in Love is about a rich heiresses who flees her arranged wedding, enrolls in university, and hides her identity. She ends up getting entangled with a famous idol. there is zero logic in this drama and it’s confusing as heck but it’s genuinely hilarious. the romance between the leads was adorable but the second leads were even more so, as was the second male lead. this was just a wacky little drama that had weird yet lovable characters
Tumblr media
Hi Bye Mama! (16 episodes): Ugh this is an absolutely beautiful drama that complete and utterly wrecked me. Hi Bye Mama is about a mother who gets in an accident and dies right after she gives birth. Rather than going on to the afterlife, she instead becomes a ghost so she can watch over her daughter and husband. One day she essentially is offered a second chance at life but there is a catch: she can only truly come back to life if she resumes her ‘rightful’ place. Hi Bye Mama was such a heart wrenching drama to watch. This drama deals a lot with grief but overall it’s very heartwarming. I loved all the characters and pretty much cried when they did too. Also, Hi Bye Mama subverts multiple tropes by giving us a wonderful stepmother who genuinely loves the FL’s daughter as if she was her own.
Tumblr media
Birthcare Center (8 episodes): Okay so I’m still mad that this drama continues to fly under the radar! Birthcare Center is about new mothers who temporarily live at a birthcare center, which is essentially just a place that helps mothers (and fathers) transition into this new stage of life. I know it sounds boring but trust me!! this is anything but boring. The humor was very wacky but the drama itself had a lot of heart. Birthcare Center was honestly one of the best dramas of 2020 simply because of how short and sweet it was. I don’t think there was any “bad” character in this drama…some were flawed, yes, but that is real life for you. Please show this drama some love because it deserves more attention. P.S. the FL and ML in Birthcare Center has one of the most wholesome and adorable relationships ever.
Tumblr media
Forever Love (28 eps): this is yet another delightful youth drama that follows a set of characters from high school to college to adulthood. i’m about halfway done with this and it’s absolutely precious. the very first episode opens with the leads on their wedding day and than it flashbacks to show us just exactly how this happened. this means that you don’t have to worry too much about the leads because you already know it’s going to be a happy ending. Forever Love is just a really solid drama that I wish more people talked about
Tumblr media
Kinou Nani Tabeta?/What Did You Eat Yesterday? (12 episodes): Stop sleeping on this drama I repeat STOP SLEEPING ON THIS DRAMA. It’s one of the most wholesome pieces of media I have ever seen in my life. You know what I’m not even going to list out the reasons why you should watch this nor am I going to give you a summary. Just go watch this!!
Tumblr media
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annathesillyfriend · 6 months ago
I always see you on my dash because you keep reblogging so many fics with all your comments and on behalf of everyone I’d like to thank you for that! I’m not a writer but I just know this must mean the world to someone who put this much work into creating something!
I’m quite new to tumblr and I was wondering if you could recommend some of your favorite Fics, especially for Tom? :D
Hello darling! You’ve just made my day!! I am so afraid people are annoyed by my constant rambling so it’s always so nice to hear that someone enjoys that!
Okay, okay so Tom fic recs...
The first to writers that come to my mind are the loves of my life, Hannah and Nancy
Hannah @duskholland (here’s her Tom masterlist) doesn’t have to always go so hard but she does. Every single thing she writes leaves me breathless and in need of a cold drink 😂 The series called ‘the fama game’ has been my motivation to live through the week just so I can read the new chapter on Friday night. And her oneshots? That shit slaps so hard you get backlash. She also does so many amazing aus as well, she even made me kinda into sports!au and that says something. I highly recommend her Peter fics as well!
Nancy @peeterparkr (here’s her masterlist), this girl’s writing style is just so poetic that no matter how hard the plot of the story kicks you in the stomach, reading is just like honey to your heart. Her serieses (is that even a word?) are out of this world good, each one better than the last. The first one I read was ‘limits of desire’ I think, and it made me fall head over heels in love with Nancy’s work. But her talent jump out the most in ‘perdify’ and its sequel ‘perennial’ that is curently in the progress. And let me tell you, it’s not over yet and it has already killed me on so many levels but it’s so worth it! Nancy writes for other people and characters as well, I especially recommend her Harry Styles fics and the series she’s currently wiriting for Anthony Brigderton!
Okay, another person that’s been giving me reasons to live lately is B @touchmethomas (here’s her masterlist) she really fucks me up in the best way possible. She has some serious talent, that girl... her series ‘heartstring’ that’s currently in the works (it’s tom x reader x harrion) is the best and the worst thing that has happened to me in a while. It’s so full of emotion and it hits you right in the heart and even though you read it with tears streaming down your face, you have to go on and just want more cause it’s so damn good. So yeah, thanks for ruining my life babe 😚
Then we have Ava @greenorangevioletgrass (her masterlist). My gosh, Ava’s fics are just fucking amazing, man. I don’t even know what to say, you’re gonna love every single one of them. Her specialty are actress!reader fics and they no joke make me want to drop out of med uni and try acting 😂
Oh lord, now M @peterbenjiparker (her masterlist) okay, so she writes for Tom as well, but first and foremost I have to recommend peter series ‘invisible string’ that’s curretly in progress and making me have a breakdown after breakdown. That girl really goes staright for the kill and just fucks us up everytime. It’s 3 chapters in and I can already tell you it’s gonna be one the best peter fic on this hellsite
My darling Laura @lauras-collection (her masterlist), I love all of her work so much!! She’s so amazing, oh my! ‘two lies and a truth’? Incredible. ‘paint the grass green’? phenomenal! and her haz series ‘beyond being friends’ that has brother!tom is currently making my friday nights and giving me life
Kaili @wazzupmrstark (here’s her masterlist) and her series ‘breaking curfew’ has really made my mind go 🤯🤯🤯 She has a series called ‘instead of you’ currently in progress that I also love quite a lot. And her oneshots are just incredible as well!!
If you like shorter thing I highly recommend Ellie @multiholland (here’s her Tom masterlist) who writes amazing blurbs for Tom as well as Haz and Harry. You know, I am a simple gal - I see Ellie’s blurb on my dashboard, I stop what I’m doing, read it and love it so much!!!
Chloe @strawberrytom (her masterlist) is a fucking champ, you can’t go wrong with her fics. they’re golden, every single one!
B @worldoftom (her masterlist) such a talented girl that one. So many amazing fics, ‘riding my’ is just 🔥
Sophie @spidey-sophie​ (her mastelist) her Tom one shot are, who to put it? So fucking hot!! Don’t start reading without a glass of water next to you!
Other memorable mentions are:
@stuckonspidey (’i only feel you’ is just 🔥🔥), @spideyyeet (the full bibliography is out of this world), @marvelouspeterparker (phenomenal, professor!tom is to die for), @kelieah-deactivated202201248 (AMAZING!!), @uglypastels (INCREDIBLE!!), @blissfulparker (💙💙💙),
And last but definitely not least a very important peter fic recommendation. The cherry on top, my lord and saviour, the queen herself @hey-marlie (her masterlist). This girl... if talent had human form, she would be it. The way she writes, it’s just pulls you in comepletly and doesn’t want to let you go. And it’s okay cause you don’t want to go anyway. Both, the ‘far from you’ trilogy and ‘just out of reach’ that is gonna have a sequel in the future are the best fics i have ever read. period. She literally is unable to write something bad, it’s just not her style. Once you jump in, you won’t ever want to stop reading. And I could not not recommend her self-published book (like a real life, paperback book that’s casually sitting on my bookshelf rn!!!!) ‘novelty’ becasue it’s no joke the best ya novel I have ever read. And I read quite a few of them, let me tell  you
I would like to finish this by saying thank you to all of you amazing authors (not only the once I mentioned, all of you!). Thank you for creating your beautiful stories, thank you for sharing them with us, thank you for making our lives better. You have no idea how many times your work has managed to make a hard day better. I could never repay you for what you do, so just know that I love and appreciate every single one of you! You deserve the world! ✨✨
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im-a-lil-simp · 9 months ago
any chance a simp could get some jealous Fundy? feel free to do this however you’d like, or just not do it all! no pressure <3 also, I adore your writing and you’re absolutely amazing!
Jealous! Fundy
I will always write Fundy headcannons. I check all of my favorite tags daily or close to it just cause I like to read before bed, and I am always disappointed at the lack of Fundy fics. Thank you so much for the love as well!
I was really vibing with Fundy tonight so I loved writing this so much.
Oh my god he gets so jealous.
But only exaggerated jealous if you know what I mean.
He only actually gets slightly jealous but he'll make a big deal out of it anyway.
If you're in public it depends on the situation.
He'd usually let himself simmer.
He'll get a little jealous and grab onto your hand, but it seems normal the whole time, other than the sudden pda.
When you guys are finally alone, he'll get overly pouty and he won't leave your side.
He'll walk around and hold onto your arm and when you stop he'll hug you from behind.
He is very whiny as well.
"But you're mineeeeeee"
"Come onnn, sit with me"
That last one he definitely said in an uwu voice.
He wants to cuddle with you the whole time.
Even though this man is always working on a video, or coding, or streaming.
He won't ever do it while he's streaming, but he'll keep you in his lap if he's doing other work.
Keeping you close to him helps to keep that small little amount of jealousy at bay.
Sometimes he gets so pouty that he'll ignore you.
Not in a rude way, he'll just go talk to his cat right in front of you and act like you aren't there.
"Can you believe this?"
"I dont like what I'm seeing here. Are you seeing this?"
"That guy has nothing on me. How much do you wanna bet I could beat him in a fight?"
Yes, you did actually hear him say that and yes, you did catch it on video.
He'll usually do that if you show him a picture or video of a guy, gal, or nonbinary pal that you think is hot.
But it's not the only time.
He'll also do it if you'd rather be doing something else, either because you need to get it done or because you're really excited to be doing it.
He is definitely the type to get jealous of your work or hobbies taking away time that you could be spending with him.
Moving on.
He definitely gets jealous around his friends as well.
It's really funny because you'll play with all of them, on or off stream, it doesn't matter.
And you and Eret flirt, like a lot.
It's just kind of something you do.
You'd be lying if you said that part of it wasn't to rile him up.
It could be kind of funny when he starts to get all protective and metaphorically puff his chest out.
Okay, sometimes he puffs out his chest.
He'll start to treat you like royalty, and will 100 percent act like your guard dog.
He'll start following you around in game and punch anyone else back, especially whoever you were flirting with.
He'll open any door for you and he won't let you kill any mobs, even if you need the xp.
He wants to prove he is worthy to you because you are his pride and joy and he must prove that he deserves to even look in your direction.
Which is silly because you couldn't imagine a world where you deserved him at all, so how could he not be worthy?
That thought makes you more than a little soft and you'll walk over and place a kiss on his cheek, even if he's streaming.
Chat loves it when you do that, especially because he always seems to light up when you do.
You know he's never very jealous, but it's definitely funny to see him act like it.
Sometimes he has you wheezing at some of his jealous comments, especially to his cat.
He's also very sweet when he's jealous though and you always know you're gonna get some cuddles.
You don't like making him jealous on purpose because you think it's a mean thing to do.
However, you'll still do it anyway because then you get free cuddles and lots of kisses.
But he knows that you love him very much.
This made me feel so soft inside :3
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nyx4 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CREATOR TAG GAME — post some of your gifs before and after colouring  Tagged by @lanyuan thank you!! I love this tag game so ty Kareena for starting it around this part of fandom! I did this before here and I feel my coloring hasn’t really changed, but that’s probably because I don’t go out of my way to try new things. Oops.  Anyway, I do like how that first one came out for my yunmeng jiang supremacy set, so I’ll say that’s my favorite. I’m still a curves and selective color layers type of gal, but my layer order always goes like this for my base coloring: curves -> brightness/contrast -> levels ->selective color layers. That’s pretty much it.  tagging: @highwarlockkareena @aheartfullofjolllly @suibianjie @lan-xichens @yibobibo @fengqing @xiaodaozhang @wei-gege (no need to do it again, but tagging just in case!)
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mookybear12404 · 3 months ago
tagged by @mariposasmonarch !! Thank you so much for tagging me and sorry this has been in my drafts forever now ahdjgkhl
comfort food: spicy curry, sushi, anything with cheese basically, noodles
comfort clothes: the faded green hoodie I’ve had FOREVER, my household hoodie, high waisted pants with the shirt tucked in, My favorite black converse, sweatpants
comfort item: My stuffed bear I’ve had since I was a kid, my favorite rosary, my noise cancelling headphones, weighted blanket
comfort character: definitely any of my OCs. Also gonna throw in a Din and Grogu in there
comfort song: I’ve got a whole playlist of my favorite sappy songs I keep for when I’m sad, but there’s too many on there to write here so I’ll just say Soldier Poet King or Boreas both by the Oh Hellos
comfort YouTuber: I don’t really watch a particular YouTuber for comfort? I love watching cooking videos when I’m sad. One of my favorites is Binging with Babish!
comfort video games: stardew valley or botw if Im sad, hades if I’m stressed, and minecraft in general (mainly if Im playing with friends)
comfort film: Howls moving castle, wall-e, spiderverse
comfort show: critical role!
comfort stim: pacing or leg bouncing for sure
comfort activity: chilling with friends, playing DnD, cooking, knitting to podcasts
Anyways no pressure to play but if you’d like, I’m pretty sure you guys haven’t been tagged yet: @akinaw @stars-of-ender @kaelidai @ozthearistocrat @redemptiionss @thunderstruck-owl-gal @catolicabuena @ford-ye-fiji
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