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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I think the shock part comes from the taser that Darcey uses 🤔 but yeah! I read a couple of fics for them back in the day. They’re not my favourite at all, there’s hardly any characterisation for either of them, and they will probably never have scenes together, but I think they’re a fun fandom ship.

Send me a ship, and I’ll give you my brutally honest opinion on it.

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Moodboard-tober 12

Two hours ago, Samuel Wilson had texted you saying he had a surprise. 

You had not expected him to meet you at Lincoln Park with a freshly adopted dog. But you hadn’t not expected it either, given how Sam had been online window-shopping with various shelters. You knew it would only be a matter of time before he’d found ‘the one’. And boy, had he. 

Petunia was as charming as she was energetic. A mutt without any discernible breed, she was half terrific, half amazing. And if you squinted you could see some of those sweet pit-bull features in her face. Upon the first meeting she attempted to launch into your arms, effectively knocking you over. 

“‘Tunia!” Sam semi-scolded, brown eyes filled to the brim with patience. “You gotta let the lady stay on two feet.” He pulls you up, not letting you escape without a kiss that almost took your breath away. 

“Hey Sam,” you whisper. 

“Hey sweetheart.”

The leaves of Washington D.C. were undergoing their metamorphosis and an unusually early cold front was descending upon the city. 

Pumpkin latte in hand, you admired Sam from a bench as he tossed a tennis ball for Petunia to chase - and she chased it every time for all she was worth. 

Day was transitioning into twilight when you told Sam you needed to be heading home.

“We’ll walk you there, lemme give her a few more throws.”

But Petunia was no longer interested in the ball - oh, no. There were piles of leaves stacked and evidently, they were asking her to jump into them. 

“Come on, girl - we gotta walk our lady home!” Sam calls to no avail. Unsuccessfully, Sam beckons her to return to him so he could leash her. “Probably should’ve put some training in before I let her roam. That’s my bad.”

“Making mistakes right out the gate? Not looking good for you, Wilson.” You peer at him over the lip of your cup, a teasing smile gracing your lips. 

“Oh, is that how you wanna play this?” His lips twist into a smirk. 

You hum, “Mmmmmaybe.” Try as you might, you couldn’t hide the shiver the wind prompted. You were not dressed for colder weather. 

“Come here, you.” His arms open up for you to step into his welcome warmth. 

“I love you, Sam.”

“Love you too, baby.”

Before you can stop it, the world turns and Sam’s arms tighten around you - plunging you toward a pile of leaves. 

What you could only identify as a cross between a screech and a laugh escapes you as you land on top of Sam amongst dead leaves. Soon, tears are running down both of your faces as you giggle yourselves silly. 

Then you’re gifted with a sloppy wet kiss down the side of your face. 

“I think Petunia likes you,” Sam observes, covertly latching the leash to her collar. 

“Well,” you murmur, “it’s a good thing I like her too.”

Sam’s handsome face lights up before he leans in for a kiss - a kiss interrupted by more sloppy wet shows of affection from the pup in question.


moodboard by abovethesmokestacks

drabble by @hispeculiartreasure

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