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#batman x reader
ellana-ravenwood · 3 months ago
“Please don’t freak out, but my water just broke” - Batfam x Reader
Synopsis : Your water breaks during a storm in Gotham, which prevents you to get to a hospital right away...Freak outs all around ensues. Except for you, as you try, while in labour, to calm your family down.  
I’ve had that idea in my head for a while haha. So here we are. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this story, as usual don’t hesitate to leave a comment, reblog, and such ^^. Thank you, and here we go : 
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It was a dark and rainy night, and a storm was brewing. 
The weather outside was downright awful, the kind of weather that makes you want to curl under a warm blanket, with a cup of warm tea or chocolate milk, and read. Or watch a movie. Just stay inside, safe and sound. 
Living near the Atlantic wasn’t without danger of a natural disaster, although storms were rare in Gotham.  But oh when they happened...You couldn’t see the end of it. It could last for days, and it was rather violent. 
The city, courtesy of Wayne Inc, had turned most buildings into “hurricane proofs” shelters so that in the rare occurrence of such a storm happening, everyone would lock themselves in. Safe and sound. 
Iron curtains would come down, foundations of skyscrapers were reinforced etc etc. The “hurricane protection” program started with Bruce’s parents, and their son finished it after years of construction work, and patience. Despite having a terrible reputation crime wise, the city was known to be one of the safest in the USA in case of a natural disaster such as this. 
Bruce had also installed “Hurricane relief funds” so that every single citizen would have enough supplies to actually stay in. 
Yes. Violent storms (or rather, “hurricanes”), were rare, in Gotham. But they happened. And most people hated them, understandably so. Even if nowadays they were safe, great damages would still be done. It was one thing to get your car blown up by the Joker, it was fine, there were insurances for that...But it was another thing to get it flooded and/or destroyed by a goddamn storm. Thanks god for that Wayne guy “relief funds” eh. 
Especially since, well, this was Gotham. Nothing was ever half-assed here. When the weather was getting real bad, it was getting REAL bad. And of course, being isolated in your home for a few days was never fun. 
And then there was you. Probably one of the only person who loved hurricanes.
Selfishly so, but then again, everyone was allowed to be a little selfish, sometimes. Especially when the reason you liked when there were storms...Was because your entire family would gather in Wayne Manor. 
And your entire family being in the same place at the same time ? Well, let’s just say it was almost as rare as hurricanes in Gotham. Almost, there was still moments you could gather all together, but oh with your children growing up it was getting harder and harder to do it. 
So, stormy nights ? Let’s be a little selfish and be glad that they happened, just so you could have your family close to you. You relieved a little of your guilt knowing that Wayne Inc and your foundation would help people repair the damage, so it was ok if you wanted more hurricanes right ? To see your kids ? Everyone was safe anyway. 
Not even the bad guys, went out during those times. It would be a death wish to do so. Which meant even Bruce, stayed home for the nights. 
How ironic, that it’s on one such dark and stormy night, that you affectionate so much because they get you to stay at home with your family, that a very pregnant you’s water would break...
Gotham’s meteorologist were always right, when it came to coming storms. A few days prior to one, they would make all necessary announcement and everything would be put into place. 
The city was often taken by surprise by attacks from a large and colorful array of criminals. But storms ? That was under control. 
Your family was definitely prepared, although your husband was a little worried because you were rather close to the due date. 
Bruce wanted you to stay the storm’s duration in the hospital, just in case. But you refused, because little Thomas wasn’t due for another three weeks, and you wanted to spend time with your family in the privacy of your home. 
“Bruce, we’re fine, he’s not suppose to show up before a few weeks still. It’d be very unlucky if he suddenly decides to come out now.”
You felt that three weeks was definitely a large enough time, and your son would come when he was supposed to. Plus you weren’t going to push yourself too much. Anyway, your children, Alfred and Bruce were absolutely doting on you (which was nice). There was no chance you’d “set in motion the delivery” (Tim had very...original ways of calling childbirth) by being too active. You were just going to chill with your family, probably fall asleep earlier, let Bruce carry you to bed etc etc.
You would quickly come to the conclusion that you were wrong, and that you should’ve listened to your husband. Never again, would you underestimate your youngest child ability to surprise you, and his proficiency to impatience. 
Because as the storm was finally fully raging, and you were walking towards the couch to enjoy a good movie night...
Not a sound, nor a feeling you liked. You froze on the spot, in shock for a few seconds, not sure what had happened, until you realized...Yup, your water definitely broke. 
The next steps were going to be very delicate. You had to tell that to your family, without them freaking out. And ah, you knew them. 
To people who didn’t know them well, they might all appear in control of their emotions, and ready for whatever could come at them. Your husband was the goddamn Batman after all. He always had a plan, right ? And he schooled himself for years, to control his emotions perfectly. 
Dick was a joyful boy (man, now) yet extremely serious when he had the Nightwing costume on. He was the one who resembled Bruce the most, in a lot of ways. A leader, capable of taking that weight on while keeping a cool head. 
Jason could appear more emotional to everyone else. Prompt to explode in anger, and let his impulsivity get the better of him. And in a way, it was true. He had always acted on impulse, and could get his emotions overwhelm him. Except in serious and dangerous situation. In those times, he knew exactly how to control himself. His older brother, Dick, was one of his role model for this. The capacity to not let his emotions run his actions. 
Tim was a very cerebral being. He was able to detach himself from every single situation and keep calm, analyzing every details to find solutions. You were kinda counting on him to stay relax and help you direct the others. 
Cass could appear emotionless, if not cold, to a lot of people. That was because she had been raised to be a living weapon, and sometimes, human interactions were a little hard for her. It didn’t mean she didn’t have any emotion though, oh no, on the contrary. But she was very good at staying calm and collected, so you were counting on her too, here. 
Duke was an anxious teen, but he had that rare talent that made him capable of controlling his stress and using it as a driving force. Just like with Tim, you were kind of hoping he would use his freakout as a springboard to find solutions. 
Damian was a little ball of nerve, to whoever didn’t really know him. He was actually a very smart child, who lived with a lifetime of guilt and who wanted nothing more than to redeem himself. To you, he was one of the sweetest little boy you ever met, but he was definitely going to freakout right now. He wasn’t just yet as in control of his emotions as the rest of your family. 
Ah, but in this situation, none of them would remain master of themselves. You sort of forshadowed it, knowing them as well as you did. You were standing still, looking at them as they were waiting for you (pee breaks were happening often, while you were pregnant), you felt a surge of panic that you tried as best as you could to shut down. You had to remain calm, because you knew they weren’t going to.  
Jason and Dick, as if they were kids again, were fighting to have the most comfortable armchair in the room. Both were incredibly stubborn, and they ended up sitting in it uncomfortably, sharing half of the chair, sure that the other one was going to give up (very unlikely). It alleviated your anxiety about losing your water just now, if only for a few seconds, to see your sons, now grown men (they were still your babies, and only in their early to mid-twenties !), “fight” like they used to when they were younger. 
Tim had taken his favorite spot, on a bean bag you deemed absolutely uncomfortable but that the boy loved. He’d sit in it, right in front of you and Bruce’s legs, because he liked the comfort of knowing you were near. 
It was Damian and Cass’ turn to sit next to you and Bruce, and they were already in their place. 
Duke was sitting in the armchair just in front of the one Jason and Dick were fighting for...An exact replica of the armchair they were arguing over. Years ago, to stop them from fighting because of it, Bruce bought the same model again. Both your sons said it wasn’t the same and they liked the other better (it was the EXACT same one). Duke looked at them, rolling his eyes, comfortably settled in that great armchair, quite amused by his oldest brothers behavior. 
Alfred was distributing hot beverages, and would soon go sit in his own dedicated armchair...but then he saw you. And he immediately understood. 
Good. Saved you the task to tell them what happened, right ? 
Alfred’s worried look was quickly spotted by Bruce, who was already sitting down, and he turned around as fast as a certain Wally West (at least, it felt to you that it was that fast). He saw you, standing, and at your feet...A puddle of “water”. You had just lost your amniotic fluid. 
You were about to...
Before Bruce could react, Jason, who, as many little brothers around the world, had been ejected from his spot by his older sibling, was about to go back to the fight to get that armchair, when he also saw you. 
Chain reaction. 
Your husband turning around to look at you, plus Jason’s sudden exclamation, made it very clear to everyone else what was happening. They all turned to you, a few seconds of silence (the silence before the storm ? Pun non intended), only the wind outside was heard. And then...
Everything went dark. And the panic started. 
Just like in many cases of hurricanes, the power went out. And apparently, it had a sense for a dramatic flair, as it happened just as everyone realized that you were about to give birth, and how bad the situation was. 
Fortuntely, Wayne Manor had multiple generators, and they started by themselves after a few seconds, during which you heard your children, and Bruce, scramble toward you while also trying to be careful not to just run into you and hurt you (or the baby). 
The light went back on, and you were surrounded by worried eyes as they all started to talk at the same time : 
“What are we going to do, we can’t go to the hospital ???”
“I’m sure the bat mobile could endure the storm !”
“If we go with the bat mobile though, won’t everyone know it’s us ?” 
“Yeah we’d be sus, but hello, mom is about to have a babyyyy !” 
“Guys.” You tried to squeeze in, but they didn’t hear you. Couldn’t hear you.
“What are we going to do ??” 
“Boys. Stop yelling. Might scare baby brother.” Cass was distributing little slaps on her brothers foreheads to make them stop, but she didn’t seem calm either. In fact, you knew she was freaking out, just like they all were ! 
Bruce had taken you into his arms, and carried you to the couch, before you could say a word, and was pacing in front of you. And, wow. It calmed you for a few seconds, to be honest, because that was quite the sight. 
Have you ever seen Bruce panicking ? Maybe like, twice in all the years you’ve been together. And even then, he managed to keep his cool. But there ? Not really. He seemed lost, and unsure. Which was a first. But who would blame him ? Even the Batman himself, could freak out at the thought of having his wife about to give birth, while an access to a hospital was nearly impossible ! And with nobody in the house knowing how to deliver a baby ! 
Oh this wasn’t good. They were about to make you freak out too, and you knew that once you were panicking as well, things would go from bad to worst. 
Someone had to keep it together. And to be honest ? You were feeling fine, even if your water broke. And ah, you just realized. You didn’t feel any contractions ! This wasn’t the start of it yet, you had time to gather your thoughts and think of this calmly ! 
“What if we have to deliver the baby ??”
“I think I’m going to throw up, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact maybe we’ll deliver the baby, or because I’m so stressed.” 
“Don’t throw up on me bro !” 
“Maybe we could...No, no that wouldn’t work...Or maybe...” Bruce was mumbling, his brain clearly not wanting to work properly. He was obnubilated by the fact things could go very wrong, and your life as well as his son’s were in danger. 
None of them were listening to you, and it was becoming increasingly stressful to see them in such a state. 
“Guys, guys, GUYS !”
You raised your voice very rarely, but when you did, there was that edge to it that instantly made all of them shut up. Maybe it was the surprise at you screaming that stopped them, or maybe you genuinely scared them back into place because they knew how scary you could be when angry (the only occurrences you might scream). 
“Listen, my contractions didn’t begin ok ? I’m not actually in labour yet ? It could be a few hours before it starts, it is common.”
You visibly saw Bruce’s face relax, because...He had time. It wasn’t sure how long, but at least he had some time to think. And he needed it. He needed time to gather his thoughts, to calm down, and think of this logically. With pragmatism. He was sure he could think of a viable solution, with this valuable time. You smiled at him, and added : 
“It gives us time to- AAAAH.”
You mentally slapped yourself, as you were pretty sure your optimism just jinxed it...Because you just had your first contraction. That baby wanted out. You could feel it. 
All Hell broke loose. 
Your scream of pain (and surprise really, you didn’t expect to have a contraction so suddenly) put your entire family in a state you never saw them in. 
Alfred was nowhere to be seen, while you were desperately looking for him so he could help you calm your family down. He had disappear as the light went back on, and you assumed he was fetching some things to make you comfortable. At least, you hoped he was. 
Your children were not armed against seeing you in pain. They rarely saw you hurt, and it was always such a grand source of distress when you were. 
They were downright freaking out, even more than before. 
Your contractions were very spaced out, which made you think this was just slowly started. But they wouldn’t know that, would they ? Plus, you definitely screamed in pain. And they really didn’t like that. 
Bruce, oh boy. Bruce was in a state. He was even worst than your kids when it came to you getting hurt. He just couldn’t bear it. And you could see that he was not doing well right now, and felt powerless as he knew there was no way he could get you to a hospital. At least, not without breaking the secret that he was Batman. 
The phone lines were off, so there were no calling for help (anyway, you were pretty sure, given the violence of the storm outside, that nobody would’ve been able to come). 
Alfred had reappeared with a fresh beverage that you definitely needed to calm and cool down, and disappeared once more God knew were. 
You could see Damian was on the verge of crying, not able to handle all this stress and scared to death that something bad would happen to you. 
This instantly calmed Jason who took his role as a big brother very seriously (Dick did so much for him, when he was younger, even if most people always thought he wasn’t present before his was wrong, Dick had been a constant presence in his life, always there for him, and the first one able to approach him and talk to him when he came back as the Red Hood). He went to Damian, and cradled him (maybe a bit roughly) in his arms, patting him on the back to calm him down. 
Damian didn’t cry, but he did stay latched on his brother for a bit. 
Cassandra was pacing all around the room, nervously cracking ALL of her bones, and you knew she was not doing well and was rather panicked because of how unable to stay still she was. She’s always been a discreet girl, so seeing her pacing around and such was quite a sight. Not a very good one, really. You wished you could reassure her, but you didn’t know how. 
Tim was in his own world, clearly trying to calculate all outcomes possible of the situation, and not quite liking the results because he was sweating profusely, and obviously was about to freakout even more. Dick, seeing this, also tried to do what Jason did and calm down to take care of him...but Tim said something in his ear and all of a sudden Dick went really pale, and they both kept rambling about things, hyping each others up in the worst way possible. You could only hear a few things they were saying, but it was clear they were imagining the worst scenarios that could possibly happen, and it was not good at all. 
Duke was next to you, and you were honestly not sure whether he was more trying to calm himself or you. He didn’t know what to say, but held your hand and kept nodding, trying to convince you (and himself) that everything was going to be ok. 
Suddenly, Bruce stopped in his track, took a look at the sky, and started yelling : “Clark ! CLARK !”
“What are you doing Bruce ?”
Another contraction arrived just after your question, and you did your best to not scream as to not provoke even more panic in your family, but they could clearly see by your face that you were in pain. 
Bruce turned his head the other way, as he knew he was going to lose it completely if he saw that expression one more time. And he answered, bluntly : 
“Calling Clark.” 
Silence. You knew the phone lines were off, it always happened during a storm in Gotham, phones just didn’t work. And you were a little confused by your husband reaction. 
Calling Clark ? How ? 
Your kids stopped what they were doing (which was great, because what they were currently doing, was freaking the hell out and it was doing nobody any good), and looked at their father as if he definitely had lost it. 
But then...
The front door, you knew this was the front door. That clearly just shattered. Maybe because of the storm ? This couldn’t be someone.
Because first, who the Hell was crazy enough to come all the way up here with that kind of weather outside ?? And second, nobody was strong enough to destroy that massive door, right ?
By then, it hadn’t quite hit you that only one answer to this question, “who could it be if it was a person”, was possible. 
Bruce left, and came back quickly with... 
Well. Yes. Clark Kent. One of your best friend, also known as “Superman”. 
“I knew this must’ve been an emergency when you called me “Clark” instead of “Superman””. 
He was smiling, of that smile you all knew all too well. But there was a strange edge to it, and you knew that Bruce had filled him in on the way. 
But you weren’t quite sure how he got there. Of course, being Superman, the storm wasn’t really a problem, ? How did he know ? 
On that moment, you couldn’t think straight. Your water had broken, your family was freaking out all around and you didn’t know how to calm them, and now Clark was here and you just couldn’t think of why and how ?? 
And then it hit you. And you felt dumb that you didn’t think of it before. Of course, given the situation, you were most definitely not to blame for a little cognitive lapse. 
Super hearing. 
Clark had super hearing. 
But still, did he really hear Bruce yelling from all the way to Metropolis ?? 
“How ??” 
You managed to ask, in between contractions who were worryingly getting closer and closer. 
“I heard Bruce.” 
“Amongst...Everything ?”
“Oh yeah, I know the sound of y’all’s voice. It’s the same for Lois, Jon, Conner...Everyone important to me, you know ?” 
“You...know the sound of our voice ?”
“Yes ?”
“Is that weird ?” 
If it was anybody else than Clark Kent, you would’ve found it slightly creepy. I mean, someone knowing how your voice sounds exactly, to the point that he could recognize you calling for help in the cacophony the world was ??? 
Well, granted, not many people had super-hearing. But, yes, if it was anyone else but your good friend, you would’ve been freaked out. But Clark ? Clark was the golden retriever of your friend group. A little too nice for his own good at times (although you already saw him angry, and were DEFINITELY happy he was your friend, and on the “good side”). And definitely the kind that cared a LOT about the people close to him. It wasn’t that surprising that he imprinted in his head the exact sound his close friends and family made. Although honestly, it was impressive that he was able to isolate you guys’ voices...Then again, we were talking about Superman. 
He’d never cease to impress you. Not like you’d ever that to Bruce anyway, so what was the arm in thinking it ? Another contraction took you out of your reveries and Bruce said : 
“You have to fly her to Gotham’s hospital. I have a batsuit downstairs which she can get into so”
“Bruce -aaaaaah- I’m fine, I’m fine Clark, don’t worry, contractions ya know. Bruce, if we do that, everyone will know you’re Batman. It’s going to be SO obvious.”
“I don’t care, your safety and the little one’s are more important.” 
You felt your heart melting, and if the situation was different, you would’ve jumped into his arms...
Your children gathered around, clearly agreeing with their father. So what if their secret identities were revealed, if it meant their mom and little brother would be safe ? 
And it was so sweet. The very example of what “unconditional love” meant. But it wasn’t possible, it simply wasn’t. They weren’t thinking straight, you said : 
“We will all be in more danger if people know who we really are, and I can’t let that happen”. 
Silence. And...Well, yes. If it was known who Batman really was, and who his sidekicks were, your entire family’s life would constantly be at stake. That’s without counting that what they were doing was illegal, and they would certainly get arrested fast, no matter what Jim Gordon’s feelings were about them (you were pretty sure he guessed years ago who Batman really was, but would never say it because he thought he was important for Gotham).
Taking a deep breath, you finally found the force in you to fully calm down. It only took the thought of your family to be in danger to finally make you think clearly : 
“So far, everything is going on fine. I am feeling like I am suppose to feel. Am I terrified ? A little bit. But nothing is going wrong. There’s no complications, you know that, you read the books about childbirth.” 
“Oh, childbirth for dummies or childbirth 101 ?” Clark asked, clearly trying to ease the atmosphere.
“Both.” Bruce answered, almost mechanically, as he was studying you to see if everything was indeed going as well as you were saying. Well, albeit for the fact you were about to give birth home, while it really wasn’t planned. 
“I read them too, when Lois was pregnant with Jon. They were very informative and reassuring and-Right. Sorry. Not the right time.” 
Ah, but Clark few words made you smile. The golden retriever of your friend group for sure. And the way your husband glared at him ? Priceless. You continued : 
“We’re not gonna use Clark and a batsuit to take me to the hospital. It’s definitely too obvious, and a bad idea in the long run. The storm will not stop any time soon, so let’s think this logically and aAAaAAAaaa- sorry, sorry, I’m fine. Let’s think this aaAAAAAaah !” 
“Six seconds apart, mom’s contractions are six seconds apart !! The baby is definitely coming !!”
Tim exclaimed, panicking again after this short lull in the “freakout department” that the surprise of Clark’s appearance gave. And you could see they were all about to go into “hyper mode” again, as it was becoming clearer and clearer that you will have this baby here. 
Even Clark, who finally realized what the situation truly was, seemed about to panic and man, have you ever seen Superman himself panic ? It’s not a sight you wanted to see again. 
You were about to, once again, try to calm them down (although it sort of felt that the fact you had contractions that were closer and closer, and that you couldn’t help but show your pain each time it happened, was making things worst) when...
The back door opened, and : 
“Oh, a visitor. Unexpected but...yes, yes actually, Mister Kent, it’s good you’re here. You will be able to keep this lot away while we do what we have to do.” 
Alfred had reappear, wearing surgical gloves and a white coat. 
“Alright, let’s go, Lady (Y/N)”
Alfred. Who had been strangely discreet, this past few hours of freakout from your family. He was there, taking care of you. Bringing you everything you needed before you even knew you needed it. That constant reassuring presence in your life, as usual. 
But he didn’t speak much. And when he wasn’t bringing you things, he was nowhere to be seen. 
You didn’t really think much of it up until now, as he reappeared dressed like that. Your mind was occupied elsewhere, to notice. Same for your husband, and your children, who would usually call him for help right away. But the specific situation send all your brains’ into overdrive, and none of you really were able to think beyond the panic. 
“Follow me now, please. Time is of the essence, now that the contractions are close. Thank you, Master Timothy, for keeping track of this.” 
You couldn’t quite grasp what was happening, but Bruce seemed to catch up faster. He rushed to you, picked you up, and followed Alfred. 
Dick, Jason, Tim, Cass, Duke and Damian were close behind, Clark in the back, following by instinct more than anything. 
When he heard Bruce calling him, the panic hearable in his voice, he didn’t think twice. Lois told him to go, and he did, leaving behind a calm family night to rush to his friend’s aid. 
He arrived quickly, of course, and Bruce filled him in. He wanted him to take his pregnant wife, you, to the nearest hospital. In the storm. With a batsuit. Risking to divulge the secret of his identity. 
If you didn’t say something, Clark would have spoken up. He had never seen Batman in that state...Then again, it’s been years since their first encounter. He had learned that the Bat hid a lot behind his mask of coldness and harshness. 
Anyway, as for now, Clark was following along, ready to help if need be. Truly, the golden retriever of the friend group. 
While on the way, Alfred started to explain what the Hell was going on. He, on the opposite of everyone else, seemed completely calm and collected : 
“I’ve prepared anything necessary to bring this baby into this world. Lesl- Dr Thompkins and I prepared a birth plan, just in case. We are going to the room I’ve prepared, now. If you need my credentials : I received extensive courses from Lesl- Dr Thompkins in case this would happen. It was most definitely a probability given Master Bruce’s...Night work. I’m sorry it took me a while to settle things properly. Follow me please. So we can take care of this.”  (hello I secretly ship Alfred and Leslie Thompkins haha)
“This ?” 
“Lady (Y/N), you have been in labor for quite a bit now. In pain.”
Bruce visibly flinched at the words “in pain”, and the kids all turned to you, beyond worried. They knew this was definitely painful, but putting things into words made it that much more real. And they were on the edge of freaking out once more..But Alfred didn’t give them time to, putting them into action. 
“From your symptoms, and the amount of contractions getting closer and closer, we can clearly not wait. Like father like son, this baby is already quite an impatient one.”
“You will ask questions later, for now, hurry along.” 
The “butler” always had the best words to shut everyone up. Anyway, you were all kind of too stunned to react more to this all thing. After a few minutes, he stopped in front of a room that is very rarely used. One of the guest bedroom and : 
“Wow, when did you do all this ?” 
“As soon as your water broke, I did my best to help you, and settle things here. I was hoping you would go into labor later, hopefully the phone lines would be back on so we could call the Dr. But, this will do. I’m sorry, I had to hurry.” 
The room looked like a hospital room. A bed was made, and everything needed for a baby delivery seemed to be here. This further convinced you into the fact that Alfred was not a human, but a fae of some sort who was to protect Bruce and his loved ones at all cost. He was most definitely magic. How else would he have put all this together so fast ?
“To reassure you on my credentials on the matter once again, I am actually a trained midwife.” 
“You are ??” 
“Like I said, the eventuality of you having to give birth in the Manor could happen. Les- Dr Thompkins and I therefor made a birth plan for you, just in case. I am sorry my dear, for not telling you sooner. I really wished we would’ve avoided this evenuality...Although I had worst scenarios in my mind.” 
“Like...What ?” 
“Well, in one of the emergencies I thought about, Wayne Manor was under attack and we had to go to the safe room and it’s honestly no place to give birth. A storm is alright. Manageable.”
Both you and Bruce were STUNNED. Everyone was. 
Jason shook his head, chuckling to himself and saying something along the line of : “Old man still surprises me even after all these years.” and his siblings agreed. You were even pretty sure you heard a few “holy shit”, which, coming from your kids who didn’t swear often, was quite something. 
“Wait, you’re a trained midwife ? You can’t be a trained midwife so fast, right ? You’re always here as well, when did you train anyway ?” Damian asked, suspicious, as he was thinking of nothing else but your safety. And his little brother’s. 
Alfred cleared his throat a little, before taking that tone of voice, the one he took when he was saying something he found embarrassing : 
“Well um...When it became serious between Master Bruce and Lady (Y/N), I took some classes. Just in case. Evidently, it was the right kind of thinking ahead.” 
Ah. Well, it made sense. After all, Bruce had got his “I always have a plan” thing from the man who ended up raising him. 
“Wait, when it started to get serious ? That was years ago..”
“Yes, I had quite an extensive training, as I said. Once again, sorry I hid this from you all. It was um, in cases of emergencies. Now enough chit chat, we have a baby to deliver !”
Alfred cut all possible questions with this. It wasn’t the time, right now, to wonder about what he did in his free time. They might ask about it later, and maybe he’ll answer. For now, there was a “baby to deliver” !
At those words, you saw how your kids were getting a little panicky. Well. Yes, watching a baby being born wasn’t very glamorous. Watching your MOM give birth ? Yikes. 
“I need all of you to stay calm, and help me run this smoothly.”
Alfred. One of the pillar of this family, the calming force that could soothe all of you in a few words. 
“Alright. Everyone out now, except for Master Bruce, who will assist me. Please Mister Kent, keep the children out, no matter what is heard in this room. Their intervention will only complicate things.”
Clark nodded, and left the room with your kids, who all still looked hella worried about you. Alfred smiled at you, winked, and added, a little mischievously: 
“Plus, let’s not scar the children, today.” 
Everything went so fast. 
Alfred was constantly monitoring your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and the baby’s heart rate. 
And the good news ? Everything was going perfectly fine. 
Bruce had calmed down and listened to every single instruction Alfred was giving him. Reassured that the butler thought of everything, and had the right machines to monitor everything important about you. 
And everything was doing good. Everything was doing good. 
Little Thomas definitely wanted out, and the good thing was that he put himself headfirst, which ensured a smooth delivery. 
Smooth, but given the fact you were at home, not without pain...
A few hours later. 
Clark had to stop the kids, a few times, from rushing in the room because of your screams. In the end, it was good, that he came. He hadn’t been able to bring you to a hospital, but his presence was clearly necessary. 
Letting Alfred do his thing was vital, right now. And Clark took his role very seriously. Especially since he was about to become an uncle !! 
Well, again. He already had five little people (although Dick and Jason weren’t so little anymore...) he considered his nephews and niece. But still ! 
Silence was slowly coming back in Wayne Manor, but the door to the room still didn’t open. 
“It’s taking so long !” 
“Calm down Damian, things will be alright. It’s Alfred we’re talking about. And mom. She’s tough, and he clearly knows what he’s doing.” 
Dick was trying to reassure his nervous little brother, but it was clear he was himself rather nervous. Tim added : 
“Child birth can sometimes take days, in some cases. It’s actually rare it’s taking only a few hours, especially for a first kid.” 
Jason gasped, and said : 
“Days ? I don’t think I can handle it. I will fight you !” 
Clark, whom Jason was pointing at, chuckled and said : 
“It’s alright, this is pretty standard. Jon was born after 48 hours of labor.” 
“Well that’s because he’s a born annoyance ! My brother will not be that kind of person !”
Clark didn’t even say anything about the comment Damian said about his son. He knew the two of them were best friends, and that the stress always got the better of your own son. He also found it a little funny that he was already in full blown “protective older brother mode”. 
“Can’t we open the door a little, to make sure everything is fine ?” Duke asked, trying to go pass Clark who didn’t let him through. 
“Boys, calm. No more freakouts. Or I’ll freakout.” 
Cassandra murmured, and there was a dangerous edge to her voice. It definitely told them they should stop blabbering and trying to get into the room. She was about to add something when-
Finally, the door opened, and from inside, they could hear the sound of a baby crying. 
“It’s done. And they’re both ok..” 
Bruce almost crumbled to the floor right there, as the stress of the night was suddenly lifted from his shoulders. But he held tight, holding himself up against the door, as he let the kids peek in. 
“Can we see her ? Is it ok ?” 
“Well, she’s very tired and-”
“It’s ok, it’s ok, come in.” 
Your voice, albeit a little weak, still resounded all the way to them. The baby wasn’t crying anymore. 
The door opened fully, Bruce let the children go through (and Clark, Clark went through too. Meh, after all, he was part of the family) and...
The emotions Dick felt were indescribable. The feelings Jason was overwhelmed with were too strong. The sentiments that filled Tim were intense. The force of the warmth taking hold of Damian, as he looked as his little brother, was immense. A strong fire lit in Cass’ heart, and she knew it would never be extinguishable. The sensation which took hold of Duke’s entire being knew no bounds. 
And Bruce. Bruce’s eyes, as he looked at you and his newborn son in your arms, were filled with unshed tears and love. So much love. 
Clark sniffled at the sight of that little cute baby. And that was it. That was it.
The massive freakout was over. 
And Thomas Wayne II had fallen asleep, probably feeling safe and sound after the most traumatizing time of his life (they often say the day your born is a huge trauma). Probably already feeling the love that surrounded him. 
The next few days, as the storm slowly faded away, things went swimmingly good. The phone lines were back on, and a quick call to Dr. Thompkins confirmed the birth happened perfectly fine. 
Little Thomas was healthy, and so were you. 
You had to admit, you rarely got to hold your son, because he was constantly in one of his siblings’ arms, or his dad, or even Alfred. But you were ok with this. You knew, after the stress of his birth, they needed to know he was doing good. 
Plus, those who didn’t hold your son, were doting on you with extra fervor. Making sure you had everything you needed, and that you were resting properly. 
More than once, as Thomas started to cry, one of his sibling snuck into yours and Bruce’s room to take care of him. 
Those first few days, the fact that there was a storm, was honestly a blessing. Because otherwise, they would be most of the time out taking care of crimes in Gotham ! But as the storm went on for a few days, a plan of action was able to be put into place. 
First, it was great that everyone could be here for those first crucial day. Everyone took turn to take care of Thomas. But also, second, it gave you all time to put Bruce’s plans in action. Each night, at least two of your family member would stay home with you, while the others went out. 
For at least a year, there was extra passion into cleaning Gotham’s streets of all crime. Because now...Now they had one more motivation to do so. 
Nobody ever talked about it, but you all more or less vowed to never let Thomas become a night vigilante. He was doomed to, if you couldn’t put Gotham straight before he was of age. So there was even more effort than before, to make the world a safer place. 
Your youngest son came into the world in rather...Special circumstances. For a special boy. And he was loved, so loved. A cherished baby, surrounded by the unconditional love of his family. And oh, before he was even born, he was already so loved. 
The freakout everyone went through the night he was born was proof enough of that..
The end. 
Well, I hope you liked this :). As usual, comments and reblogs are more than welcome, and are very motivating and encouraging to write more !! It also alleviate my nervousness of always thinking I write terrible stories hahahaha. Haha for real, I really hope this story did not disappoint you ! See you soon with another story ! 
Just in case, the baby that chose the worst time to decide to be born, is the one you can find in all those stories hehe : The Great Mall adventure, Master of Diaper, Shaky steps and bad teaching, Polichinelle, “Go away, you’re confusing my baby”, Wild Child 2 “We want them back”, How do you make babies ?, “Mom got lost again” , The day he understood what Death means, What it means to be a big brother - By Damian Wayne in case you wanna catch up :). 
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bluebellhairpin · 3 months ago
On Camera
Batfam X Batmom!Reader
Summary: Things the Batfamily has said or done - caught on camera. By the Media and Press. That’s now on the internet for all to see. Sometimes got on the News. 
Listening to: N/A
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I think we should do something about Dick putting small things in his mouth. He’s a kid and kids aren’t supposed to - oh, hello.” - Bruce, a week after he adopted Richard, to Batmom, and then noticed a waiting interviewer. On a red carpet. 
“- No Jason, you can’t keep taking all my toilet rolls ‘cause the supermarket is out. You left home so you gotta be responsible for yourself now... Don’t you dare ask Mom! -” - Dick, caught and posted on a Instagram story, with the caption ‘isn’t jason dead?’. 
“My grandfather says everyone who eats meat will die horrible and painful deaths.” - “He did not say that!” - Damian, when asked why he’s vegan, and Bruce once he overhead what the conversation was about. 
*An almost fifteen minuet long clip of Bruce and Dick walking up a boardwalk* - Bruce is holding two ice creams, and Dick (age 12) walks on his hands the whole way. 
“Once, Damian came into my room at three am and told me the story about how once he managed to scale the outside of Wayne Manor with a pair of kittens in his hands ‘cause he wanted to show them the sunrise... Don’t look at me like that, you know it could’ve been true.” - Tim, sitting an interview, who then caught Batmom’s eyes behind camera. 
“I love my husband. I really do. But you know, a woman can only take so much before she questions why he only wants to adopt sons... Luckily I didn’t have too because he blessed me with Cassandra.” - Batmom, dead serious, while on a TV special. 
“I can only take so much more of this.” - Jason, incognito and blurry, on the same Instagram page as before, with the caption ‘jAsON TodD???’. 
“Stop bothering me, I said I had no comment.” - Bruce as Batman, walking out of a supermarket with two tubs of ice cream. 
“My butler’s soufflé was better than this place’s version of it.” - Damian, in a review, even though he didn’t even eat any soufflé. 
“BaKEEEDD BEEAAANNSSS!” - Dick (age 10), out the window of a car, rolling up outside a Gala. 
“I know Superman - personally - so I don’t really want to make a comment about Lex Luther’s company thank you.” - Bruce, half asleep, walking out of the Lex Corp building. 
“Sometimes it does feel like I don’t fit in, but then I remember we’re all adopted and that does make me feel better.” - Duke.
“Milan didn’t want me on their runway this season, so I’m here instead.” - Dick, attending a museum opening. 
*A ten minuet spiel on how he got a scar on his finger* - Damian, cornering a weatherman so Jason can leave the Gotham library. 
“I don’t have an appendix anymore. Or a kidney. Sold them.” - Jason (age 12), with a horrified Batmom in the background. 
“Who is that?” - Damian, when asked about the Joker, in an effort to not give away being Robin. 
“I have never worn a dress in my whole life!” - Red Robin to Nightwing, on a rooftop, recorded by someone below. 
Tumblr media
Series Taglist: @natatawa-ako​ @marvelous-glims​ @padfoot-siriusly-approves​ @princesscornbread​ @eternalharry​ @mysticchopshop​
Taglist is Open!
Tumblr media
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butwhyduh · 4 months ago
This is no where near done but it’s a good start
DC Masterlist
Smut 🔥
Fluff 🥰
Angst 😭
Dick Grayson/Nightwing
Valentine’s Day
Only One Bed 🔥
Sex Pollen🔥
Dick x Reader x Kori 🔥
A Little Box
Family Picture Day 🥰
The Littlest Bodyguard 🥰😭
Appreciative 🔥
Jason Todd/Red Hood
Peeping Between the stacks 🔥
Dead Clown 🔥😭
Late Night Thing 🔥
Last Night Thing 🔥
Scared 😭🥰
Fit to be Tied 🔥🥰
Sex Pollen🔥
Muscle Cramps 🔥
Distracted Reading 🔥
Dad!Jason at the park🥰
Screaming 😭
A Little Video 🔥
High sex 🔥
Stealing food blurb
Bratty 🔥
Tim Drake/Red Robin
A Few Kisses
(Series) the Maid pt 1
Only One Bed 🔥
Texas Sun 🔥🥰
Stay home 🔥
Sex Pollen🔥
Loving Tim 🔥
Praise Kink 🔥
High sex 🔥
Shift change 🥰
Workaholic 🔥
First Apartment 🔥
Lingua Franca 🥰
Damian Wayne/Robin
A Date to Remember 😭🥰
The Bridge 😭
Holiday Party🥰
In the Darkness😭
Out of the Darkness😭
X kitten!reader blurbs one two 🥰
X short chubby reader 🥰
The Farm (X Jon Kent) 🥰
Cassandra Cain
Cleaning Up 🥰
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Sex Pollen 🔥
Confession and a gun 🥰
Roy Harper/Arsenal
New Place🥰
Tainted Rain 🔥 (sex pollen)
Hot Days 🔥
Been Awhile 🔥
Garth of Shayeris/Tempest
Night Swim 🥰
Gill Gunk 🥰
Kyle Rayner/ Green Lantern
Intergalactic Superhero 🥰
Work Calls 🥰
Kon Kent
Dating him headcanon
The Batboys
Sexy Teasing🔥
Making out🥰
Pregnancy scare😭🥰
First Time Falling Asleep🥰
How the Batboys Sleep🥰
How They are Thirst Traps 🔥
Under a Spell (sex pollen part 1) 🔥
Dressed in the 90s
Their houses
Seduced 🔥
Kissing as a Distraction
Partner with a high sex drive 🔥
New Years Eve
Boxing Day
Self Care 🥰
Trash TV 🥰
Playing board/computer games one two three
If they find out about x reader fanfic
For your birthday
Period hornE 🔥
Adventure in inter-dimensional babysitting 🥰
Orange theory classes 🥰
Work out clothes 🥰
Their friend getting their sister pregnant 4 stories in one 🥰🔥
Shifter AU
Shifting Together (Jason Todd) 🥰
Shift change (Tim drake) 🥰
Reverse Robin Au Tim first
Rise of Batboy and Spoiler 🥰
Baby bird 🥰
Asks about this dc au best
Marvel Masterlist
Bucky Barnes
Peter Parker
Sam Wilson
About me
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taiyakimmy · 10 days ago
in your face (pt. 1) || batfam x batmom reader + the avengers
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Credits to the owner of the gif!
Summary: Learning how your old team, the Avengers once turned their backs on you during your lowest, your entire family couldn't pass up the offer of following you to New York, not when they have a feeling your old team is planning to reconcile with you.
Characters: Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne, Kate Kane, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, The Avengers & SHIELD (Mentioned)
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Angst with Fluffy Ending, Swearing, Humor, Protective BatFam!
A/N: Enjoy this short intro to the new two or three-part series! Read a lot of angst fics where the characters are trying to make amends with the MC. This piece won't be as angsty as your usual—a combo of fluff, angst, humor & reconciliation!  .
Disclaimer: This café owner & ex-agent Batmom is NOT canon to the café owner Batmom (who was never an agent) that I’ve always written. But for this fic, it's up to you, whether you want this Batmom & my usual Batmom to be the same!
↬  Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Thus, we're honored to invite both the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the owner of Mother's Touch Café, Bruce Wayne and (Y/N) Wayne respectively, to the campaign," Bruce leaned in his office chair after reading the message aloud. He patiently waited for a response from any of the eight people in the room to which, as he expected, did not happen.
He, too, had to reread the email when it first arrived, especially since it came from the CEO of Stark Industries, Pepper Potts.
None of his children commented. Either none of them dared to, or just didn't know what to say. Now, he had to explain how this had to do anything with you, other than being invited.
Oh no, it's so much more.
"Way before the café, she was affiliated with the Avengers at one point in her life," He didn't know if he should spare the details or lay it all out, but, based on their wide eyes at the newfound information, he got the idea that they'd rather hear from A to Z.
"An agent to be exact, and a good one at that, thanks to her knifemanship. They recruited her during their early Avengers days. She even told me she and the team became close," While he wasn't a big fan of the team, it's how fondly you spoke to him of the team before...
Well, about that...
"Then, another agent came into the picture," His voice grew low, which, everyone noticed, "I hate to say this but they started to think your mother's not very... cut out for the team anymore,"
Each and everyone's backs straightened, sadly knowing where this is going, although they hoped Bruce is only doing it for some sort of suspense-building. He wished, believe him, 'cause it took everything in him not to just call the Justice League or even any of them in the room with him to start a war. But, he kept his cool, knowing it's not something you would've wanted at all—gosh, bless your soul, (Y/N).
He paused before looking at them with a small but nonetheless proud smile. He knew he wasn't being dramatic for his protectiveness, not when he knew the 'gory' things some of them could do for your safety alone.
He's not trying to point any fingers, but yeah, he's talking about the 'mama's boy and girl', Jason and Cassandra, respectively.
Well, Damian too, if you think about it.
"Nothing ever worked between them, no matter what she did to be acquaintances at the very least," Just this sentence alone was enough for them to know that you're definitely not the one at fault.
Why? 'Cause no matter how much of a bitch that certain someone is, you, being a miracle to this godforsaken city, manage to work it out, thanks to not only your charm but most importantly—your patience. Your 'Princess of Gotham' title didn't come around so easily, y'know?
"Long story short, one mission went horribly and the agent was found injured and unconscious. Your mother, sadly, was at the wrong place at the wrong time," The offense in their faces would've been hilarious if the context had nothing to do with you being accused of hurting anyone, "SHIELD packed her stuff before they could even give her a chance after the so-called interrogation. Her team, her ex-team, didn't even ask her and she came straight back to Gotham,"
Bruce could tell this whole arc story of yours was giving mixed feelings—anger, especially, but not at you. How could they ever, when you're basically the family's personification of hope?
What would life even be if you stayed in New York?
"Months after she opened the café, SHIELD contacted her," Oh, it's not over yet? Refocusing on the father figure of the manor, he continued, "They found out the agent's been a part of some foreign terrorist group,"
HYDRA, if he's not mistaken.
"You could say she turned their offers down," As you should, they were a little too overjoyed by your decision. Did you feel some sort of pride when the team pretty much came crawling back, because your kids would.
Who would've thought that days after the call, Bruce stepped into the café for the first time?
"What happened to the agent, then?" Tim asked what's been in everyone's mind.
"Stripped off the agency and locked up," Bruce closed his eyes and sighed as if he had a long day. The weight on everybody's shoulders lifted, despite wanting to argue for the lack of punishment. Your life was nearly ruined and that bastard gets away with it? Sure, stuck behind bars, but alive? They could only hope the prison is the same level as Arkham Asylum or even Blackgate Penitentiary.
"Y'know what's funny?" Bruce questioned, although there was no sense of humor in his tone, "Even after all that, she pleaded me not to make a big deal out of it since the team didn't know truth,"
Well, of course everyone's going to make a big deal out of it! How can you sell yourself short this way?
"So, what I'm trying to say is, you're all welcome to join her and I to New York in a few weeks. You know how she'll love some extra company but she also wanted to let you know that if you can't make it, she'll understand,"
Oh nah, you expect them to leave you with the same people that turned their backs on you?
Hah! Not a chance, mother of ours!
In the end, all but Barbara and Kate agreed to tag along. As much as they'd like to join in, someone has to stay when most of them aren't around, especially Bruce. Soon, everyone dispersed, some went to their rooms while others left the manor for obvious reasons. Bruce relaxed in his seat, content at how well everyone's taking this, though he didn't expect his whole family to accept the offer but hey, the more the merrier.
He placed his hands behind his head, smiling at the thought of telling you about how everyone in the house is game to take a trip to New York.
Plus, this campaign might be a little fun, knowing Stark's going to be there. It wouldn't hurt anyone to flaunt you a little for finding a better life here, right?
All jokes aside, he couldn't help but recall the conversation he had with you a while ago. How you accepted Pepper's offer even when he saw your hesitance.
"I get it, I get it," Your smile was tight—forced, to be exact. Bruce tried not to grimace at your involuntary nature, "For the company. Yours and mine,"
He ran one hand down his face—the things you and him do for Gotham. They’re lucky they're dealing with two very calm and collected people to this little tea party of theirs. 
His guts’ just telling him that this visit isn’t just for the campaign alone, no. 
Tumblr media
Days have passed, and the media's been picking up on the upcoming event, so one could imagine how invasive the paparazzi have been, both from Gotham with the Wayne’s and New York with the Stark’s. Some of your kids, mainly Duke and Cass thanks to their free time, were kind enough to escort you home whenever the crowd’s been too much.
You've been fidgety since the big day's around the corner but one thing that makes up for it the fact that you're family's following!
As in, you didn't expect Jason and Dick to text you about it.
Bruce peeked his head in the bedroom, only to find you tilting your head at something on your phone.
"Everything okay?" He approached you and rested his hand on your back. You blinked before nodding.
"Yeah, Jason and Dick texted me," You showed him the screen and raised an eyebrow.
"You didn't like, twist their arms to get them to tag along, did you?" Your concerns was enough for Bruce to snort before shaking his head.
"No, they'd probably twist mine before I could ever get the chance. They told me they wanted to on the spot," You still seemed unsure. Dick, a bit surprising but you could understand, but Jason too? Bruce took your free hand, warming it between his, "You can ask them. Jason, especially, because even if I somehow managed to convince him, he'll only say he's doing it for you,"
Your heart fluttered, knowing how difficult it is to convince Jason, for others at least. But, for you? He either gives you a quick answer or he'll need a bit of time to think, which basically means he's doing whatever you asked him to.
What did I tell you—a mama's boy.
You took a deep breath and nodded slowly, unable to control the radiant smile everyone seems to love. Hey, you're going on a little trip with your entire family, live a little, (Y/N)!
"Come on, Alfred's got dinner ready," He gave you a reassuring kiss on the forehead before bringing you to the dining room with him.
Tumblr media
Wow, who knew time could move so fast when you're either enjoying or dreading the time of your life?
Bruce and the rest, minus Jason, of course, you'll meet him in New York, were hauling everyone's bags with the help of the chauffeur whereas you were still in the house, together with Kate, Barbara and Alfred.
"Take care of Gotham for us, alright?" You bent down and bear-hugged Barbara before giving the same amount of affection to Kate. It's only for a few days but you haven't left the city for a while, especially with your whole family. You don't doubt the girls would have this under control but with your mother instincts kicking in, how could you not worry?
"Call us whenever you're free!" Barbara grinned in hopes of calming your nerves. Kate, catching onto what Barbara was trying to do, gave you a thumbs-up.
"Send us some pictures," You chuckled at their requests before Damian called you over by the door to get ready. You gave him a quick 'just a sec' before turning to Alfred.
"Call us when trouble comes," Alfred curtly nodded like he usually he, but what you didn't expect him to do is placing both of his hands on your shoulders.
"You'll do great out there, Mistress (Y/N)," You couldn't help but reciprocate the smile and gave him a quick hug as well.
"Thank you, truly," You pulled away before rushing to the door. You knew the second you step your foot out of this house, there's no turning back.
It's now or never, (Y/N)!
✧・゚: END :・゚✧
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littlebatsimagines · a month ago
I’m a superhero!
Polka Dot Man x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Spending time at the club really brought the team closer together, well as close as a team of villains can be. (Y/n) and Abner had become quite close while on the dance floor. “You’ve got some moves there Abner.” (Y/n) said with a giggle making said man smile. For the first time Abner didn't see his mom but a different face, one with a friendly carefree smile, maybe it had something to do with her powers though Waller wasn't specific on what those were just that she had a very strong mind. Peacemaker looked at Flag. "Why does he get to dance with the cute one?”
The fun was interrupted when a group of soldiers came in looking for the group of Americans. Robert turned around to see Cleo, Abner, and (y/n) trailing behind him. “All right… take him out through the back. Find my coordinates in the pad and meet me in half an hour.” he said pushing Thinker into the two young women and handing off his gun to Abner. Cleo tried to argue but(y/n) nudged her. “If he says he's got this then he's got it.” she said as she wrapped her arm around Gaius like they were old friends as she pulled him toward the back with a nod to the older man. As they made their way out Bloodsport made a distraction of himself along with Rick once he saw the four moving to the back of the club. Cleo pushed open the door to the back which led to the dancer's dressing room. "Oh God.” Abner mumbled as he tried to look away from the girls only for Gauis to turn around with a smirk to the flustered man pushing him. “Move it!” Abner yelled pointing the gun in the smirking man's face before (y/n) grabbed him by the collar of Thinker’s shirt and yanked him hard through the door. “A little jealous there lass?” he said as(y/n) dragged him into the back alley to the bus.
Following after Harley into the room full of cubicles. “Aw fizzle sticks. Hold on.” (Y/n) heard behind her before turning to see Abner bend down to start picking up the explosives but that's when the gunfire started. “You ok?” He asked after quickly pulling her into the cubicle with him. Their attention was brought back to the aisle when they heard a thud only to see Milton riddled with bullets. “Oh shit Milton!” (Y/n) whispered as she looked at the large man laying on the ground. Abner quickly took out the two soldiers and (y/n)’s eyes widened. “They killed Milton!" Abner yelled. “Milton was still with us?” Bloodsport asked. "Where did you think he was?” (Y/n) asked. “I don't know. I thought he stayed on the bus. What was Milton going to do?!” Bloodsport asked. “He was helping us!” (Y/n) yelled back.”Wait who's Milton?" Harley asked. “What?!”
“I don’t remember any Milton.”
“Fuck! He has been with us the whole time.”
“Somebody named Milton has been with us the whole time?”
“ I don't think so. I think I would've noticed if a guy named Milton was with us. It’s not a very common name. I don't think I've ever even met a Milton”
“Are you messing around right now?! He was a really nice guy and he sacrificed himself to help us and now look at him. He’s dead.” Abner said sadly. “Oh, that guy! Milton! Milton.” Harley said with a laugh. “Oh my god.” (Y/n) said hitting the back of her head against the wall of the cubicle in frustration. “So when did this great love affair with Milton start?” Bloodsport asked. “I liked him from the beginning ok…I just didn't say anything.” Abner said before Bloodsport shot at one of the three soldiers coming in and Abner began to release the dots from his gauntlets only for Harley and (y/n)’s eyes to widen as one of the dots hit the charges causing an explosion. While the soldiers were blown up (y/n) tackled Abner back into cover. “We should start being more careful.” he said with a blush as he looked away from the woman on his chest before more explosions were heard and he was thrown back from (y/n) as water began gushing from the ceiling. (Y/n) resurfaced with a gasp before cringing after being thrown into the wall by the water. “What the hell are those?!” (Y/n) asked as she looked at the creatures surrounding King Shark. “New dumb friends!” he said excitedly before being attacked by them. “Oh that is a shitload of no!” (Y/n) yelled as she desperately tried to climb out of the water while Nanaue went down with a huge splash of blood. Abner and Harley tried to get Nanaue’s new friends off of him when the last explosive sounded and the huge building began to tilt. Abner managed to grab onto a thick bundle of wires but (y/n) wasn’t so lucky. The water began to rush out of the building sweeping her away with it but a strong grip caught her jacket. “I got you!” Abner said as he held onto her tightly. Once all the water drained out Abner looked at her. “Are you ok, (y/n)?” he asked as he checked her over. “Yeah I'm fine, you?” she asked. He nodded and smiled. With a sudden shake the top of the building began to slide. “Oh that’s not good…”
“Move! Now!” Bloodsport yelled making all of them spring into action. Running through the collapsing building they all jumped but the realization hit Abner once he was safely clinging to some debris, (y/n) didn't have a grapple like Bloodsport or a javelin like Harley which meant she was going to free fall. Looking down he was right (y/n) was falling fast but she didn't look panicked. (Y/n) concentrated as she fell, freaking out wouldn't help her, before Abner’s eyes a piece of rebar shot out from the wall and she quickly grabbed onto it before swinging herself to safety. With a sigh of relief he called out asking if she was ok and once he had conformation he got himself over to Harley who was looking at him with a knowing smirk. “What?” He asked making Harley smirk more. “You like her.”
Following after Bloodsport, Ratcatcher, Nanaue, and Harley, (y/n) turned to Abner. “What’ve we got to lose?" she asked before grabbing his hand and dragging him behind her as the all chased after the giant starfish. Once they got close Bloodsport began shooting at Starro drawing its attention. (Y/n) and Abner looked at each other before moving out of the way as the one eyed starfish tried to kick Bloodsport away. Hiding behind a pillar from one of the destroyed buildings Abner looked at the woman next to him. “Hey (y/n)? This might be a bad time but…um…you wanna go on a date? You know if we live.” he asked bringing a smile to her face. “Yeah definitely!” she said excitedly bring a smile to the shy man's face. “Abner, do you see who that is?” Bloodsport yelled catching said man's attention. “It’s your mom!” he yelled. Abner’s eyes widened as he stepped out into the street and opened his gauntlets and released a swarm of dots onto Starro's leg making it yell out in pain which echoed through the people around the team. “I’m a superhero!” Abner yelled excitedly. “I’m a motherfucking super…” but before Abner could finish his sentence he was shoved by an invisible force as Starro’s arm came down and crushed the spot where he had been standing a few moments earlier. He and Bloodsport looked over to see (y/n) standing behind the pillar with her hand outstretched. “Sorry, I've seen enough fucking movies to know when that shit is going to happen!" (Y/n) said as she ran to Abner make sure he was ok but before she could ask he grabbed her by the collar of her jacket and pulled her into a kiss which she quickly returned. “I KNEW IT!!” Harley yelled making the two quickly pull apart with dark blushes on their cheeks. “Let’s kill this son of a bitch!”
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ragingbookdragon · a month ago
The camera flipped around, revealing Bruce and he smiled. “So, I recently saw something on Twitter, and I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was something along the lines of, ‘The Wayne’s are the hottest couple alive, why haven’t they had a baby together yet? Haven’t they been married for like twenty years now?’, and I felt like it would be a good time to show all of you the exact reasoning why my wife and I have never had babies.”
He shifted the camera around, revealing the stairs and called out, “Darling!”
From somewhere in the manor, her voice echoed, “What!”
“Do you want to have a baby with me?”
“Really?” he held up his hand in front of the camera in a ‘wait’ motion, and then,
Bruce merely turned the camera around and chirped, “And that everyone, is why my wife and I have never had a baby together.” He bent down, catching Ace around the neck. “But that’s okay. We have fur-babies!”
A crash sounded from the living room followed by a bellow from one of the children and he griped, “And those big babies too.”
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captaindickgrayson · 27 days ago
Jason Todd x Reader
“You Short Girls Are Mean.”
Warnings: None :)
(I kept this one short and sweet)
I did use Dialogue prompt! The dialogue is in bold print and I did add some stuff to it. But credit for the prompt goes to: @downwithwritersblock
Today was one of those days where I did not want anyone looking at me or talking to me. I had to work two different shifts at the hospital yesterday and I had to do another late night shift tonight. I didn’t see Jason lying next to me when I got up, so I assumed he was at the gym or went over to Wayne Manor.
I took a look at myself in the mirror, “Yikes.” I whispered to myself as I seen smeared mascara and eyeliner on my face. My hair was sticking in all different directions and overall, it looked like I got into a fight with the pillow.
I wiped all of my makeup off and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I still had that tired “hungover” look, but at this point, I didn’t care. I just needed a cup of coffee to get my day rolling into motion.
Walking to the kitchen, I heard some noise and when I turned the corner, Jason had my apron on and he was digging through one of the cabinets. 
“Jaybird.... whatcha doing?” I asked and he jumped, pointing the skillet at me. I lift my hands up in the air, “Oh... Sorry babe. I was just ya know, cooking breakfast for my beautiful girlfriend!” He said nervously and I raised an eyebrow.
“Well, I appreciate that, Jay. I am going to make my coffee though. “ I say as I walk towards the cabinet and Jason put his arm in front of me and pulled me into a hug.
I hugged him and I looked up at him, “Jason, I love you, but can I please make some coffee?” I ask and he gently pulled away.
“How about I make your coffee.” He said with a nervous grin. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head, “Okay, fine. Why are you acting so weird?” I question further and he shrugged. 
“Me weird? Never.” He scoffed and quickly turned to the counter. Jason pulled down a brown coffee mug, and I hated being picky but I wanted a certain coffee mug. It was my absolute favorite mug. It held the right amount of coffee and it kept it hot for a long while.
“Jay, will you get my favorite mug, please?” I say and he looked at me slowly and gave me a small smile. He turned towards the cabinet and slowly opened the doors. He slammed it shut and started talking quickly “Have I ever told you how amazing you are? I love you so much for so many reasons. You’re so kind and wonderf-” 
I stood up and walked to him slowly with a hand raised, “Stop. What did you do?” I ask and he clasped his hands together. 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said and I began to circle around him slowly. “Oh yeah? Then why are you sweating? And tapping your foot nervously?” I ask and he looked down at me.
“Ugh! Fine...... I broke your favorite mug.” He said and he picked up the skillet in defense.
I chuckled and shook my head, “Is that why you were doing all of this?” I ask and he slowly nodded.
“You short girls are scary. Especially when you haven’t had coffee.... and I knew it was your favorite mug. So, I went and bought you one similar to it.” He said and he pulled it out of the cabinet.
It was a Robin coffee mug, “I know I’m not Robin anymore, but I thought it was cool.” He said and I pulled him into a hug. “Awww thanks, Jaybird. I love it!” I say and press a kiss to his lips.
“Wait... so short girls is what scares the big, bad Jason Todd?” I question and he grinned. “Oh yeah. Guys have to watch out for you short girls. You guys come off as sweet, but short girls can get mean.”
I really hope you guys enjoyed this one! I know it was short but I wanted to get something out for you guys to read <3
Let know what you thought!
Much love,
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bkwrm523 · 5 months ago
Title: Debriefing Rating: Explicit Pairing: Bruce Wayne/reader Word Count: 2986 Warnings: Smut, batcave sex, table sex, oral, vibrators, daddy kink, feels confessions. Summary: Bruce and the reader have an argument after patrol Author’s Note: As usual, this is about no particular universe’s Batman.  You get to see whichever one you want.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The car pulled to a stop inside Bruce Wayne’s garage, and you exhaled a sigh of relief as you turned the car off.  You’d almost stopped to pick him up, but Alfred over the coms had assured you that he would drive the Batmobile home.  Probably a better idea than you picking him up, anyway.  It would have been hard to explain.  With all the punishment you’d put Bruce’s car through, you were a bit surprised it had managed to limp all the way home.
“Alfred,” you said aloud, your voice picked up by the com unit in your ear.  “Is-”
“Master Bruce is already here.”  Alfred answered, not needing to wait for the rest of your question to know what you were asking.  “He’s currently in the cave, if you wish to speak to him.”
“Thanks, Alfred.”  You signed and shut your eyes for a minute.
Bruce had almost died tonight.
You could tell something was wrong with the supervillain he just charged into, and tried to warn Bruce to take it slow and careful.  He hadn’t listened, and you’d had to rescue him.  By stealing one of Bruce Wayne’s cars and trying to run the villain over.
You finally pushed the car door open, heaving yourself out of the car and walked into the house.  It felt like it took an hour for you to reach the batcave, so massive was the house.
“So, that went well.”  You spat sarcastically as you descended into the Batcave.  You could see the top of Bruce’s head around the desk and monitors, and walked slowly towards him.
“It could have been worse.”  He replied, not turning towards you.  “Thank you for that.”
“You’re welcome.”  You told him calmly.  “It wouldn’t have been necessary if you’d just listened to me from the start.”  Your voice was clipped, not afraid to make your annoyance audible.  You finally walked around the computer, and his form came fully into view.
And damn was that a mistake.  He was shirtless.
You’d been working for Bruce for months, and had been suppressing your feelings for him the whole time.  He was miles out of your league.  You could never quite tell if he’d figured it out or not.  Bruce wasn’t the easiest person to lie to, but the way he behaved… it was either totally innocent, or he was enjoying toying with you.  It made you frightened and excited all at once.  
Bruce still wore the pants and boots of the Batsuit, but he’d discarded everything above the waist.  Your mouth went dry, and you suddenly forgot how to form words.  You swallowed, an effort of will keeping your jaw from dropping to the floor.  It was quite difficult to remember why you’d been angry.  There was a large bandage on his shoulder from where he’d been grazed by a bullet.  The rest of his torso was a mass of bruises.  It was hardly a secret how much Bruce worked out, and damn did it show with the view of him without a shirt.  You couldn’t take your eyes off his chest.
“I’ve faced skilled opponents before.”  Bruce said calmly, turning to face you.  Somehow, you managed to force your eyes off his chest and back to his face.  Was that a smirk?  Shit, his face wasn’t any better.  You took in a breath, looking away from him and down at the desk, searching your brain for the arguments that had been so clear before he’d taken his fucking shirt off.
“We… uh, we needed a plan.”  You stuttered out, sounding anything but convincing.
“I’ve been doing this for years,” Bruce replied, sounding amused.  He stepped closer to you, and you felt your breath catch.  You didn’t think you could handle this.  “I know what I’m doing, and I felt I could handle the situation.”
“You wanted me to be a part of this team because you wanted my advice.”  A full sentence!  Fantastic!  And all that went out the window when your eyes flitted over his still bare chest again.  Fuck.  “If - if, uh, you don’t listen to me, then… then I’m not - not sure what I’m, uhm, doing here.”  Look away from his face.  Look away from his chest.  Fuck, just look away from him in general.  You quickly dropped your eyes back to the desk.  Safer that way.  Bruce moved again, stepping into your space until you could feel the warmth from his body.
“I won’t always agree with you, but don’t underestimate your contributions.”  Bruce replied, smooth and comforting.  He rested a hand on your arm, and you nearly moaned aloud at the touch of his skin on yours.  He rubbed a thumb gently against the skin on your inner arm, and you swallowed again.  His other hand gently grabbed your chin, lifting your head to force you to look at him.  You had to fight the urge to let out a squeak, feeling trapped under his gaze.  His eyes… the best you could describe it, was predatory amusement.
“I, uh…” you swallowed, your throat suddenly dry.  A smirk curled his lips as he stared at you.  “You’re doing this on purpose.”
“I don’t know what you mean.”  Bruce said, his voice filled with amusement as his smirk grew smug.  He stepped forward again, forcing you to stumble backwards until your ass hit the desk.  His steps were slow and measured and confident, where you were an undignified scramble, nearly falling before you hit the desk.  You could feel his breath on your lips, making your own breath catch.
Finally, after months of teasing, your patience snapped.
You leaned into him, crossing the last of the distance between your lips and his.  Bruce growled, and this time you couldn’t stop the squeak that emerged from you.  A small smile curled his lips briefly.  The hand that had been on your chin moved to cup the back of your skull and hold you in place as his tongue pushed into your mouth, ravaging your lips.  You moaned, leaning into him, overwhelmed with sensation.  His stubble was starting to grow back, making the kiss pleasantly rough.  His hand on your head, his other arm on your back, the warmth of his bare chest pressing into you.  He kissed you aggressively, leaning you back against the table.  You lifted your arms to wrap around his shoulders, clinging to him as he dominated the kiss, trapping you against his form.  A thigh pushed between your legs, pushing one leg out of the way.  His pants were armored, so you couldn’t tell if he was erect under them, but you’d be willing to bet he was.  You tried to mumble around his lips and tongue, but everything came out muffled, and all you could do was surrender and moan.
When Bruce finally released your lips, you dropped your head back and gasped for air.  A moment later, the breath left your lungs when you felt Bruce’s lips on your neck.  The stubble that had been pleasant during the kiss was so much more stimulating on your neck, and your knees simply gave out.  The hand on your head dropped to your back, and his grip tightened around you, holding you aloft.  He lifted you a little, setting you down on the desk.  The elevated height brought your face about level with his, and he finally stood up straight.  Your mouth went dry again, trying to take everything in at once, for about a second before he was on you again.
Your legs went around his waist, his chest pressed against you again.  One arm went around your back, and the other lifted to tilt your head to the side, giving him access to your neck.  You whined and squirmed in his arms as his lips stole your ability to think.  He leaned into you, his hips making little thrusts into you.  Your head rolled back on your shoulders, and your fingers scratched at his bare shoulderblades.  You whined his name, panting and trying to find the breath to plead.  He gave a groaning growl and leaned into you.  You whined more and ground into him, wishing he’d just take off his pants already so you could feel him.
One of the arms on your back went lowered, until it was practically around your ass.  He pulled your hips into his, holding you tightly to him and ground back into you.  You cried his name as his teeth bit into your neck, biting and sucking just where you were most sensitive.  He rubbed against your clit until your eyes rolled back in your head.
“Bruce,” you breathed, your hand unconsciously lifting to bury in his hair.  Another growl came from your neck.  His hips rhythmically rocked into yours, making you whine and moan and plead.  You tried to squirm away, but his grip was a vise, and you weren’t escaping any time soon.
Bruce ripped away from you, stepping back and withdrawing his heat from you as suddenly as he’d attacked you, leaving you dazed, breathless, and confused.  He held your gaze for a long moment, before dropping his eyes down to his pants as he undid the latches.  You almost leaned forward to help him, but resisted the urge; his pants were armored, and bound to be complicated.  However they were designed, he’d be much more efficient at removing them than you would.
A moment later, it occurred to you that his hands were busy.  That they would be for a few moments, at least.  You pulled your shirt off quickly, tossing it heedlessly to the side.  Your bra was discarded an instant later.  You leaned back a little, dropping your head back on your shoulders, sliding your eyelids partly shut and cupping your breasts with your hands.  You tweaked your nipples, giving a soft sigh at the stimulation.  You kept your eyes on him, and so you saw the exact moment he heard you sigh, and saw his eyes snapped up to you.  They narrowed when he saw what you were doing.  A small growl escaped his lips, and you bit your own lip to suppress the noise that tried to escape you.  His movements on his pants were swift and clipped, and in no time he had removed the rest of his clothes.  He took a swift step forwards, and you dropped your hands to the desk and smirked at him.
“You realize you’re going to pay for that, kitten?”  Bruce asked, giving a crooked, confident smirk.
“Worth it,” you giggled.  Bruce held your eyes for a moment, then produced a zip tie from a drawer.  He didn’t give you time to speak, but pulled your hands behind your back, and secured them in place.  He pulled the zip tie tight, but looser than you expected.  You wiggled a little, testing it; it was tight enough to keep your hands there, but loose enough that you’d have no trouble pulling them free if you really wanted to.  Bruce waited for you to finish testing it, until you looked back up at him.  He kissed you again, gentle this time, cupping the back of your skull again with one hand and planting the other behind you.  You squirmed a little, struggling fruitlessly against the bonds and his hands, but got nowhere.  Bruce leaned forward, slowly pushing you back.  You leaned into his arms, letting him support you as he carefully pushed you down onto the desk, lying somewhat awkwardly on top of your bound hands.  He released your lips with a parting nip, letting you gasp for breath as you tried to guess his next move.
You half expected him to attack your breasts, but instead you felt his hands at your pants.  He undid them, pulled them off, leaving you lying naked on the table.  You could suppress the small ‘meep’ that emerged when you saw the way he ogled your naked pussy ravenously.  Bruce turned his torso around, looking around the small space you were both in, until he spotted the chair.  He grabbed it, pulling it over next to the space of counter you were lying on, and sat.
He intended to take his time with you.
You swallowed reflexively, nervous and excited all at once.  It must have shown on your face, as Bruce gave you a smirk with eyes full of mischief.  From the angle you had, you couldn’t really see much more than his face.  But you suddenly felt his fingers tease your opening ever so lightly.  You gave a loud moan and dropped your head down on the table with a thunk.  When you felt a vibrator teasing around your clit, you gave a yelp and your legs jerked.  Where the ever living fuck had he gotten that from?!
Bruce didn’t show any mercy, continuing his teasing of your clit as he leaned in.  You felt his breath on your pussy lips, and your eyes slid closed as your breath came in short, quick pants.  His tongue pushed into you, and you felt as much as heard his pleased groan at your taste.  A small whine left you at the noise, the vibrations from him and the vibrator teasing you more than stimulating you, leaving you desperate for more.
“Bruce,” you gasped.  “Please.”
The vibrator grazed your clit then, and your legs shot straight up.  Bruce leaned into you, burying his face in you and devouring you ravenously.  He rested his free hand on your hip, holding you steady as he tortured you with tongue and vibrator until you screamed.
Two or three orgasms later, you’d lost count, Bruce sat back and removed his stimulation, finally letting you come down.  Your legs (you hadn’t quite registered it, but apparently they’d been sticking out totally straight while he’d been working on you) fell back down to the counter.  You panted hard, trying to catch your breath after the marathon he’d put you through.
Bruce stood, leaning over you and resting his arms on the table to support his weight.  His expression was tender, gentle, in a contrast to the pleasurable torture he’d just put you through.  One hand stroked a lock of hair out of your face.
“Can you do one more, kitten?”  Bruce asked you softly.  You didn’t even have to think, you just nodded.  
Bruce dropped a short, soft kiss on your lips, then nuzzled his face into your neck.  Your overstimulated nerves jumped at the feeling, and all you could do was give a weak moan and squirm a little.  He leaned his hips into yours, until you felt his erection against your pussy, sliding against your clit.  The orgasms he’d given you made you still wet enough that it felt amazing.  You groaned, and Bruce stopped his teasing of your neck to sink his teeth into your skin and growl.
“‘M ready.”  You gasped out.  “Please.”  That drew another growl from Bruce, and he let your neck out of his teeth, resting his forehead against you and panting into your wet skin.  One hand left the table, going between his legs to position his dick as he pulled back.
When Bruce finally slid into you, it was so painfully slow that you couldn’t help but squirm and whine.
“Stop.  Moving.”  Bruce growled, his voice dropping into his Batman voice, only arousing you further.
“Please, daddy!”  You cried, then froze.  The words just came out without thinking, and you didn’t know if he was into that.  Bruce stopped moving for a moment, as well, and for a horrible moment you were terrified that you’d killed the mood.
“Be patient, princess.”  Bruce growled into your ear, nipping at you.  Lust filled his voice, soothing your worry that your exclamation had been unwanted; far from it.
Bruce kept pushing his dick into you, continuing until he bottomed out.  Then he just sat there, frustratingly patient, waiting and panting and nipping at your neck while he waited for you to adjust.
“Please, daddy, just fuck me!”  You finally cried, unable to wait any longer.
And boy, did he.
Bruce’s hands on the table moved, grasping the far edge of it with both hands to hold it steady as his hips thrusted into yours.  Your head rolled back, arching your back into him.  You were utterly unable to speak, tiny unintelligible noises emitting from you.  Bruce buried his face in your neck, alternately sucking and nipping hard at your neck as he made the table shudder from his thrusts.
You were still overstimulated from the earlier orgasms, and he was so aroused already, it didn’t take you both long to climb to the precipice.  Your vision whited out and you screamed, feeling him orgasm inside you moments later.
When you came to, you were still in the batcave.  Your hands were unbound, and your shirt and pants had been put back on you.  Judging by the feel between your legs, he’d taken a damp towel or something and wiped you clean, and then apparently set you in the cot he had set up down in the batcave.  You made a small inquisitive noise, stirring, and Bruce suddenly came into your line of vision.  He walked over to you, and sat on the side of the bed next to you.
“Hey,” you greeted him, your voice rough and groggy.  Bruce looked… uncertain.  Nervous.  You pulled a hand free of the blankets and held his, wanting to reassure him.
“Hey.”  Bruce replied, a small smile emerging at your action.  His thumb rubbed the part of your hand it could reach soothingly.  “This… this wasn’t the way I wanted to tell you how I felt.” “Really?”  You teased.  “It seemed perfect to me.”  That startled a laugh out of Bruce, and you warmed at the sound.
“Be that as it may, I’d… I’d really like to take you to dinner sometime.” “I’d like that.”  You smiled back up at him.
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andieperrie18 · a month ago
the white knight (batfamily x reader)
Tumblr media
Prompt: the reader is a biological daughter of Bruce, she's the most often unnoticed out of all his children. then she commits suicide in Joker's lair. But the court of owls has something in mind for the deceased child.
Pairing: Batfamily x reader, Jason todd x reader
Warnings: suicide
author's note: this is my first time including a suicide, this is actually a prologue, I'm still working on how to build the story cause I want it as a series. I know about the Batman White Knight series but this is different, I just liked the alter ego name, White Knight. P.s. English is not my first language so forgive my grammar.
Spotify playlist:
(Revised: 27/08/2021)
Y/n M/n Carter came to the Wayne residence one cold January evening. Alfred was the first to greet her as she was accompanied by Jim Gordon. It was the same night that Selina Kyle came by. She knew the woman as the person that made her mother become a rebound for Bruce. So the meeting of the father and daughter was quite sour but no words were actually exchanged.
She was Bruce's first legitimate child that he had in a fling with Margaret Carter, an old school friend. They were close and her mother loved him, but alas, it was a sad case of unrequited love. Then one day Bruce asked her out but she knows that he had a bad argument with Selina the other night. But she accepted, for half a year they went out until Bruce left to train. Leaving poor Margaret and their unborn child. She raised Y/n with all the love she had, she raised her hoping that her child wouldn't seek a father figure.
Y/n came after Dick's arrival a year later who was at the peak of his role Robin. She was treasured and doted by Margaret but she wasn't spoiled as she is easily contented. The young girl etched in her mind that her mother was enough.
But there came Death on their front door, taking her mother and a dozen other people. Joker had exploded the mall she and her mother went to. She was saved by her mother who was crushed in the rubble. In GCPD, Jim took it upon himself to help find the girl her other relatives. And when he did, it leads him in front of the Wayne manor with a hand gently grasping the child's hand.
Bruce barely showed interest towards her and they never had much bonding since she came but he was never rude to her in any way and provided her with the things she needed. He was too reserved with his works and he was more interactive with Dick since they work together. She was always in Alfred's company most of the time, the butler didn't mind.
Dick was very much a big brother, he too felt lonely when Bruce is too focus on work. Now in Y/n's arrival, he had someone to bond with other than Alfred. He became a brother, a great big brother that Y/n adored. When she found out about his nightly routines with Bruce, he took it upon himself to explain that they and Bruce didn't want her to worry which was half true as Brue never really intended to tell her but she lives with them and she will find out anyway.
He loved her sister dearly but what pained him most of the time, was the white lies. Y/n often asked about Bruce and if he talked about her with him. He didn't want to hurt her so he tells her yes. That Bruce indeed loves her but he prefers to be silent about it. When Bruce scolds her sometimes, he consoles her that he was just angry because he cares about Y/n.
With Dick's assurance, she was contented. Contented to know that her father cared. She was able to converse with Bruce once in a while and they got to bond in a carnival that her brother set up to help them bond to which he succeeded because Bruce carried her sleeping figure to her bedroom with a warm smile. Everything was fine.
Until her brother left after a sour fight and slap on the face.
The manor felt empty and quiet despite the three inhabitants residing in it. Bruce buried himself in his responsibility for a long while. Y/n tried to console him with the hopes that they could resurface that bond they had in the carnival. Sadly, there was no response to her attempts but earned her a long scolding from Bruce.
Dick grew up, but he remained a responsible brother aiding his sister. They bonded more often as Dick got himself a job and had been earning a good salary. He would treat her to diners and carnivals. But one night her sister asked if he could train her, because if he was like him maybe Bruce would pay attention. It took a lot of convincing on Y/n's part and he agreed. He taught her gymnastic and encourage her to which Y/n did until she came home, going to the gym to do the routines that Dick taught her. Even Alfred taught her how to build her strength to help her lessen the tension in her body and become as agile as Dick.
Until Bruce came home with another kid in tow. He was the same age as her but a bit taller than her. His clothes were disheveled and dirty. He was rude and sarcastic but her father liked her confidence. He cared for him and tended him and even toured him into his new room in his new home. It was offensive because when she came, Alfred was the one who looked after her when she first settles in. As much as she loves her new profound grandfather, she wished to have much more attention from her father.
As much as the new addition offended her, Jason made Bruce come out of the cave more. He was more aware of her and had apologized for the moment he wasn't giving her attention, it made her cry and for the first time, she was able to felt Bruce's embrace. It didn’t take long for Y/n to get close to her new brother but the more she spent time with him, the farther she felt from the platonic love for him she was hoping for.
And then, they stole each other's first kiss.
Jason confessed that he liked him ever since they met and so Y/n. Love felt blissful despite being a pair of teens. They were very much loyal to each other and they enter the same school and although the male was a bookworm jock, he never any other girl other than Y/n.
Of course, Bruce would find out about the relationship but respected their choice nonetheless. Y/n loved Jason and he loved her. When Jason becomes Robin, she would stay awake with Alfred to help tend to her lover's wounds when they come home. Y/n was confident that nothing bad would happen to Jason since Bruce cares for him and he wouldn't let anything happen to him. As long as she had Jason, she is contented with what kind of attention Bruce would give her.
Until the fight happened, then Joker, and then the Funeral.
There was a massive cloud hovering above Y/n for a long time that even Dick or Alfred tried to console her, it was never enough. If there was one person that could try, it was Bruce. But what could he do, he was as devastated as him to the point that he forgot that even had a daughter.
This time, Y/n forced Bruce to give her a mantle that it took a while for him to agree to. She went out as Dark Moon.
Every night she went out taking out criminals the same way Bruce would. Bruce couldn't deny that she was indeed Bruce's child with how similar they were as they worked at the Bat cave. There were nights that they got to talk like father and daughter, and Y/n treasured those talks as it lessened the weight of her shoulders. She would be constantly visiting Jason's grave when she has time and she talks about her days and her struggles.
When Tim came, Y/n welcomed him with open arms. She treated him like a little brother and they have had a great sibling relationship. Until Tim took over being Robin, at first missions, it was fine, Bruce depended on them fairly but it didn't last long. Even in daily activities, Bruce was very hands one on some of Tim's daily life when Tim's parents died and he had officially taken him in.
He let the boy have a try at the company and Y/n had never set foot on the Wayne Building in her whole life. On Tim's birthday, even if it just short dine outside Bruce would take him unlike Y/n who spent her whole life beside him, never got to spend a single birthday with Bruce.
Then Tim moved on to become Red Robin and the Robin mantle was taken over by Stephanie Brown. And Damian came, then Cassandra.
The new additions in the family had its pro but for Y/n, it wasn't. The more company Batman had beside him, the further away Y/n was drove away. She had no one to bond with although they were talking to her they never paid any attention to her.
Then Jason came back. But he wasn't the same anymore. Y/n thought that it didn't matter as long as she had him but it turns out he was out a long time and encountered better women that could satisfy his wild side.
She had nothing. No one to comfort her.
Damian had pointed out she was the most ordinary out of all of them in dinner. He had embarrassed her in front of all of them. While she was seated at the farthest side, Damian had always been too entitled and he has been doing that to all of them but her words hit her way too far.
She left the table, feeling that after what Damian said she no longer had a face to show. She suited up. She left to patrol for her to ease her mind a bit. But that night, she faced Joker which was a big mistake.
It was one of those nights again. Joker with the dark knight on his tail, playing their never-ending game of tag. But on this night he wasn't alone, he was followed by one of his boy wonders. They arrived at a warehouse. They tread the halls, never losing the man in purple, his cackling echoing throughout the walls.
Joker had stopped in front of a metal door. He placed his grinning lips near the door, with his hand grasping the handle.
"Doll face! I brought some company, they wanna play with us but I have to show how our game works!" he chirped. His hand twisted the knob halfway before he was thrown to the flower.
Batman landed followed by Robin who was now standing near the mad man.
"Where is she? Joker," Batman asked, his tone maintaining its hoarse yet his voice raising in a threatening manner.
The man in question picked himself off the floor with a few laughs escaping his lips followed by painful coughs. He didn't answer.
Batman swung his leg as it collided with Joker's stomach sending him rolling at a small distance. The Joker's shoulders bobbing along whistled laughter as he laid pain.
"Doll face!! I think Batsy already knows how the game works!!" Joker yelled toward the metal-enforced door he stood at moments ago. Batman turned in the direction of the door and grabbed the knob. He called his daughter's name and waited for a reply to which he had none before twisting the knob as it stopped with clicking indicating the signal that it was open not locked. With that, he pushed it open.
"Y/n!" he shoved the door to the side.
He was greeted by Y/n. Lips contorted to a wide, skin stretched grin, jaundice eyes, her uniform was torn from the bottom to top showing bruises, laceration, and scratches, and her hair uneven and disheveled. The thing he noticed most was not just those, it was her feet hovering above the discarded metal chair.
Bruce's eyes lifted from the ground and towards the ceiling where he didn't miss the make-shift noose. A hangman's knot.
He was left in a trance that it was Robin's voice calling Y/n who rushed to cut the noose at the ceiling. Bruce immediately caught Y/n's lifeless body. Damian rushed to his side, heaving shaky breathes as his Father looked for a pulse on her sister.
A few minutes later, Bruce gave up and laid the corpse of his daughter on the floor. Damian's face buried on her chest, shoulder shaking as his sobs were muffled against Y/n's bruised skin.
Joker appeared behind them.
"Awee!!? She's sleeping already? But we were having so much fun!! Doll face told me that her wonder boy boyfriend left her for another woman. HAHAHA HAHAHA Did you know what she said? She wanted to tear the woman's eyes and tongue and cut bf's pp AHAHAHHHAH"
Joker was taken to Arkham Asylum broken and battered. He could barely stand up when Bruce was done with him.
A funeral was held later that week. There was nothing anyone could do and they went with their lives.
Y/n's lips twitch in distaste. Her hooded figure was hidden in the very alleyways as he watched Bruce go to work, Dick took Tim, Damian, Cass, and Stephanie to a diner, and then Jason, living his vigilante life with the woman he cheated her with. Everything seemed so normal as if they didn't lose a person a month ago. A sad and loathing truth.
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ellana-ravenwood · 6 months ago
Batbrats - Batfam x Reader (featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy)
Synopsis : Oh no, the Joker is after your life again, this is sooOOoo unexpected...When you get picked up from your work by one Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, you can’t really say you’re surprised. You’ve lived in Gotham all your life. And Batman is your husband. This is not the weirdest thing that happened. Although you do have to admit that Harley and Ivy actually SAVING you because Bruce asked them, is rather novel. And finding yourself suddenly talking about your respective domestic life with them ? Definitely new. Never a boring day in Gotham, right ?
The word “Batbrat” came to my mind while looking at comics where the batkids are being little smartasses, and it made me think of something Harley Quinn would say...And here we are. I hope you will like it :) : 
My masterlists : @ella-ravenwood-archives
“Funny how life goes hu, Batsy ?” 
Bruce had to admit, this was an unusual situation. Although not unforeseen given the past few years. But it was odd, and a little funny, that The Batman was now standing in front of two of his fiercest (ex-)enemies, asking for their help. 
To their defense, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy really turned their lives around, ever since Ivy helped Harley escape the Joker’s grasp. Helped her open her eyes to how toxic the relationship was, to say the least. Ironic, right, that the actual poisoned person would help you realize you’re surrounded by toxicity ? 
Turned their lives around, yes, but they were still up to lots of mischief. And Bruce encountered them many times since they stopped being “full time villains”, but extreme problems required extreme solutions, really.
“Yes. Funny.” 
“Oh come ooooon, say it with a little more liveliness ! The situation is really funny !” 
Silence. Bruce is trying to stay patient,  because this is really important. But inside, he’s screaming, and panicking a little. There is no time to be wasted ! So he says : 
“I guess it is funny.”
“Yet no smile.” 
“Smiling is more of his thing, is it not ?”
“Wow, hey ! If you want us to help, be nice !” 
Damn it, he probably shouldn’t have referred to Joker in front of Harley in that way, it wasn’t on purpose. Really. 
“Please, we don’t have much time. My wife-” 
“You asking us for help is a first.” 
“It is.”
Dealing with someone like Harley Quinn requires patience. And Bruce, even in the worst moments, can be patient if needed. 
“Rumors say you don’t even ask Superman for help.” 
“I most definitely don’t ask Superman for help.” 
“But he’s your friend, right ?” 
“He’s not ?” 
“...Yes. Yes he’s my friend.” 
“So we’re like, your best friends if you ask our help.” 
“More like my only option.” 
“That’s rude.” 
“Truth hurts.” 
“Haha, that’s true ! I know that !” 
“So, are you going to help me or not ?”
Harley and Ivy pretend to ponder for a second, before saying : 
“Of course, we’re going to help. Especially if it’s to help against him...”
“Yes. We’ll protect your wife from the creep.” 
“Thank you.” 
They could not see Bruce’s eyes, but they knew. They knew he was genuinely grateful and a big weight had been lifted off of his chest.
When he came to them, half an hour ago, and explained the situation, it took them a little while to understand he was asking them to help him. But then it all made sense, right ? Who, more than Harley Quinn would want to stop the Joker from hurting more people ? 
Neither Harley nor Ivy were “the good guys”. But as Harley managed to escape Joker’s emprise on her, and as Ivy realized there were more efficient ways to save the planet than what she did up until know, they sort of became “anti-heroes”, and known in Gotham to be the people you went to when you didn’t know to whom else you could turn. 
They gladly helped lost children and distressed women. And sort of became an actual living nightmare for any abusive men in their vicinity. A polarizing topic really. They were doing good, but their methods were too violent and...
Were they really that different from Bruce ? Yes. Yes of course they were. They were still Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, they weren’t “fighting” for the same ideals your husband had. However, mindless mayhem and destruction was not their thing. 
And when The Batman himself asked them to save his wife from the Joker, could they really say no ? 
“Careful, she has a mean right hook.” 
Bruce says, with a small smirk, and then he hurries off to join his kids. They have a clown to catch. 
“Did he just smile ?” 
“He did.” 
“Damn, what is this woman ?” 
“Probably a witch, we should be careful when picking her up.” 
“Yes, careful of the right hook too.” 
“Alright, let’s go. I guess we sort of own it to him..”  
They were helping him, because he helped them first... Contrary to popular belief, The Batman wasn’t just a violent, cold and unforgivable vigilante. He was one of the only person who took into account Harley’s mental illnesses, or Ivy’s deeper message...He did not agree with them, of course not, he was one of the “good guy” and would never derive from this “code” he settled for himself. But he genuinely understood. 
Harley bet that nobody ever noticed that he never attacked first, unless there was a hostage situation. That he tried to understand those he stopped, especially when they suffered from the mind, like Harley, or Scarface, or his former friend, Two-Face... 
Batman wasn’t who everyone thought he was. Harley and Ivy knew. Which is why they accepted to help him, and to go put his wife in safety. 
“Don’t worry, we’re here to rescue you. Mm ? Oh, ignore the gun, it’s not for you, sorry ‘bout that haha” 
Could they really blame you, when your first reflex as they suddenly appeared before you when you were leaving work, was to clock them in the face and run ? 
No. No of course they couldn’t. Neither Harley nor Ivy had really a good reputation, even now. Only in Gotham’s slums, did they start to know they weren’t villains anymore. 
Plus, you were Batman’s wife (something that of course, nobody in Gotham knew, except a few people who figured Harley, although it was a total accident, years ago, that revealed the truth to her). 
So no, they can't really blame you. They catch to you, thankfully, before you go out in the streets of Gotham, and after quite a big struggle, manage to imobilize you and show a video of your husband. You instantly calm down, intrigued : 
“Hello my love, I am sorry I did not send you any messages prior to Harley and Pamela’s arrival, everything happened very fast. The Joker escaped after coercing some guards at Arkham Asylum, and threatened to take you again. I had to think fast, because he was going to act fast.” 
Bruce goes on to explain the situation quickly, however it’s obvious you’re still on edge and don’t quite believe things. It is easy, after all, to fake a video...And in your mind, Harley was close to the Joker. What if this is a trap ? 
 “By the way this is really me. I know you must be on edge, and untrusting, and that’s great by the way. Keep at it. But it’s really me. my proof ? Your weakness is when I  V-R-Y-A-T-W-A-T-T-C-O-Y-S you.” 
Your entire face feels warms, as you understand instantly what he’s talking about, while Harley and Ivy looks curiously at you. How dare. How dare he says such a thing on camera like that ?? Of course, not many people could understand but you, you-
“What ? Is that an acronym or something ? What the hell, and you guys call us mentally disturbed, how do you even know what the letters mean ?”
“I don’t !”
“You sure ? Cause you look hella embarrassed...Come on, tell us, what did he say ? Was it naughty naughty ?” 
“Nothing ! It’s nothing !” 
In a second, you are relaxed, and as they keep teasing you and trying to get you to talk, your odd journey of the day is starting.
“Sorry for the punch.” 
“It’s ok, I guess you couldn’t know we were on the good sides this time. Whatever it means. Spoiler alert : it doesn’t mean we’re good now. We just want the Joker neutralized as much as your family does. Without killing him...” 
Ah. It kind of hurts your heart, to be honest, to see how fiercely she does seem to want to stop her ex-partner in crime, yet without killing him. 
“Killing him is too nice. Arkham drives him nuts, he hates it there, it’s a good punishment.” 
Ah. Right. Probably. But you can’t help thinking about how hard it must be on Harley, after all she went through. All the thing HE put her through. 
You should feel wary of her, after all she was there when he once kidnapped you (A/N : reference to this story : “You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar”), but you can’t. Because you know how manipulated she was, and you know the real villain is him. She doesn’t even seem to recall this episode, she shows no sign of it at least. You do know certain people block memories out of their head, to protect themselves...
After all, if Harley Quinn was truly a bad person, she wouldn’t be helping you right now, right ? 
“Do not worry, we are not going to hurt you. I think Batman would hunt us to the end of the World, if we touched even one hair of your head.” 
“Oooh Batsy, he’s suuuuuuper in love with you, it’s disgusting, tooth rotting, and I hate the dentist. We really won’t harm you, you know.” 
You nod, still a bit unsure, until something suddenly hits you...
“Where are the children ??” 
“Oh don’t worry, Batsy’s taking care of the brats. They were with him when we left.” 
You release a sigh of relief. Of course, them being with Bruce meant that they were actively going after the Joker...But it’s not like anyone could stop them. They were all rather stubborn. And you trusted them. You trusted Bruce. You knew he’d keep them safe, and in control of their emotions. He was good, at keeping them grounded during important missions... 
Of course, it didn’t mean you weren’t worried as hell. For all of them. 
“You’re not saying anything ?”
“Mm ? Sorry ? About what ?”
“Me calling your kids “brats” ?” 
“Oh, no. I mean. They can definitely be brats.” 
“Wow. I’ve seen you with them, and defending them, I’d never think you’d ever say they’re brats...” 
Harley is genuinely surprised. You guessed she was judging out of the few encounters she had with all of you reunited, but also by all of Gotham’s tabloids picturing y’all as a “perfect family”. 
“They’re not brats like people can think they are. They never ask us for material things they don’t need, they’re not spoiled and they are well behaved...But everyone has bad days.” 
“That is true.” 
“My children are amazing, and they’re not like other children for sure. You know I’m not just saying that because they’re my kids, they are really...different. But they’re not perfect. Just like every kid, they can throw tantrums. Or get frustrated with us. Get really bratty, really. I don’t think it’s that bad. I don’t actually mind that much, it’s proof they are still children, you know ?” 
“I don’t really understand...” 
“Well. They don’t have a “normal” life, what with being vigilantes and all. There’s  a lot of times I wonder if...They’re ok, because they do miss out on being just regular kids you know ? So. When they act like a brat, like kids do sometimes...I don’t mind at all.” 
“That’s actually such an adorable thing to say. You’re adorable. Ivy, can we keep her ?” 
“It’s his wife, I don’t think he’ll let us. I don’t think she would want to either, right ?”
They both turn to you, and you can see they’re asking an actual serious question. 
“Oh um...Sorry, when this is over I definitely want to go back to my family.” 
Harley is visibly disappointed, and you’re not sure how to feel about this. But then she says :
“Well, tell us then.” 
“Tell you what ?” 
“About your brats ! We only know them as serious boring vigilantes who tell us “no” while we say “yes” ya know ? So tell us, tell us how they really are !” 
“I’m not su-”
“If you’re worried about what Bruce will say, don't worry, we won’t tell him. Not like we can use your kids’ bratty behavior against you anyway. And we have no intention to harm any of you. Batman...has been good to us.” 
Yes. Yes he has. You know he has. He’s always had a soft spot for those who were victims, and became “bad”. That’s why he particularly despised the Joker. He stood for nothing, he had no background that could explain his evilness...he just was. The absolute perfect villain, irredeemable. Someone he would stop at all cost. Someone he would have no qualms using brute force against. It wasn’t the case with every “villain”. This was a common misconception about your husband. He wasn’t just a violent vigilante...But that was another story. 
“Alright. Well, I guess the most logical thing to do is to start chronologically. See, none of my children are actual brats. They do have moments, however, when they act like perfect little  brats...”  
“I think Dick must’ve been the brattiest.” 
“Really ? Nightwing ?” 
You nod. There’s a fleeting thought in your mind that tells you you shouldn’t say your son’s real name, but then you’re reminded that they know who you all are. And never did anything to harm any of you. 
“Yes. I know, when you look at all of them he’d probably be your last guess because of how happy-go-lucky he is, and calm and nice and such. But oh boy, sometimes...” 
Dick was 8, when he entered yours and Bruce’s life. It was not that long after your relationship with Bruce became serious, and it was a lot at the same time. Neither of you were experienced with kids, and Dick was traumatized by his parents’ death. 
It really hasn’t been easy, in the beginning...Oh, but this isn’t a story about how little Dickiebird came to be one of the brightest sun in your lives, and how tough the first few years were. No. This is a story about how, like every child, he behaved like a little brat, sometimes. You smile at Ivy and Harley, as they’re unaware of the little walk on memory lane you just took, and tell them :
“You know how many chandeliers we had to change when he was little ? Oh my god he used to jump from the BANISTERS onto the chandelier in the foyer exactly when I’d walk in just to freak me out. Then he’d laugh, and always threw me into panic mode when I could see the chandelier slowly unscrewing. He did that EVERY SINGLE TIME he was upset we told him no and such.” 
“Upset you told him no ? What a brat !” 
“I’m not going to say he wasn’t a brat at times, but he was a good kid. Dick just always had...trouble, when he was younger, at dealing with his anger. Now, it’s very rare that he gets angry, but my oh my when he does I really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it !” 
Not that you ever were. When he was a child you would sometimes endure the brunt of his frustrations because he was not yet mature enough to truly control himself, now as an adult, he would only get very mad when someone would hurt a loved one, and of course it was never you. 
But this wasn’t the point here. No. Right now, you were talking about how Dick and his often reckless behavior made you think : “brat !” about him a few times. 
“Dick has always had particular ways of...being purposefully annoying. Sometimes to see how far he could push us, sometimes just because well, he could be a little brat. For example, when we’d stay too late in bed, and he was annoyed at that because he wanted to see us, he’d barge in our room, plunger in hand, and I kid you not, would jump on our bed, get some height, use that damn acrobat training he had since he was born, and stick himself to the ceiling with the plunger ??? How did he even had such an idea ?? And he’d really stick up there, just hang above us telling us it was time to wake up, or just giggling, and then Bruce would have to stand up on the bed to get him down safely, and well, we’d have to wake up. You wouldn’t believe the amount of rings on the ceiling he made. We had the repaint it at least twice.”
“No way !”
“Wayy ! To this day, you can’t find any plunger in Wayne Manor. Well, you can, but they’re all hidden under Alfred’s bed because Alfred’s room is the only place none of the kids dare to go in...” 
“Oh so they barge into your room easy, but no in the butler’s room.” 
You nod, smiling. Not feeling like going into long explanations about how Alfred is much more than just a butler, but knowing where you stand on the matter nonetheless.  
“Dick used to drive us crazy, he would have such...creative ideas to show us he was upset about something. He didn’t have that many tantrums. Or rather, his tantrums translated in us having to run after him in the most crowded places in Gotham, while that little brat would parkour his way through easily...Brr, those were NOT good times.” 
“I never knew Nightwing was such a difficult child.” 
“Oh don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t. Not really. But he had his moment. And believe me, out of all of my kids, he’s probably the most stubborn one, and you really don’t want to get on his bad side.” 
“That’s such a funny thing to think about. The Batman himself trying to get a kid who’s hanging from a plunger.” 
“You’d be surprised about what’s really going on in our family haha.” 
“I bet we would. I mean. To be honest, I always felt like there was more to the bat than what he let on, if only for all the time he showed me kindness when I probably didn’t deserve it.” 
Ivy said, thoughtful. And how ironic again, right, that someone known as a “villain” would be one of the few people who didn’t stop themselves at their first impression of your husband ? 
You smile, actually quite liking the idea that even people who fell on his wrong side still saw kindness in him. You knew him the best, of course. Along with Alfred. And you knew why he really did all this. That kicking some people’s asses was definitely not his motivation. 
It was nice, to realize that Ivy actually thought rather highly of your husband. And that Harley did too, because he always took into consideration their mental illnesses and inner troubles. 
It was nice, that once again, talking about your children and their relationship to their dad helped others to see that “the big bad bat”, was just a man after all. 
“Contrary to popular belief, Jason was a very sweet child. He never even talked back ? When he got frustrated, he would go to his room, not saying a word, wouldn’t even slam his door, and then come apologize for his behavior...” 
“Are we both talking about Red Hood right now ?” 
“Yes, well he wasn’t always Red Hood now, was he ?” 
Harley feels the weight of your eyes on her, and for a second, an old anger you thought was forgotten rises in you when you think about all the things your son went through because of...because of...Because of the Joker. 
It wasn’t Harley, that took your baby away. It wasn’t her who used him to hurt your husband so deep he fell in a dark well again for years. It wasn’t her. She wasn’t even with the Joker, at that time. 
You sigh, and say : 
“Jason was a little street urchin, as some say. He learned how to survive in the streets, not to live. He had no idea what it was like to be taken care of. So when we took him in, and after his suspicions passed...He never acted out. Never. He absolutely worshipped his dad, and took everything I said as gospel. That’s probably why, when we didn’t avenge him he...” 
“You don’t have to continue about this.” 
“Thank you.” 
“It’s ok, I understand. So. Red h-Jason, wasn’t a brat at all was he ?” 
“Really, no. I honestly can’t recall a time he acted like a brat when he was little. Oh, of course there was that time he stole Bruce’s favorite lambo and went on a rodeo through Gotham because he thought we were going to give him up...He was 9.” 
“He knew how to drive at 9 ??” 
“He knew how to neutralize a man three times his size at 9.”
“Oh, right, sorry, forgot I was talking about your family.“
“It happens.” 
“So...What happened ?” 
“Ah, yes. Well you see, he got himself in danger stupidly during a night out, so Bruce got mad. Madder than he should’ve. He yelled, instead of explaining. Can’t blame him though, he really was shaken up. But in Jason’s mind, yelling equated to him soon being thrown away like garbage. Every time someone yelled at him, or around him, in his life prior to him being with us...he ended up abandoned. All alone. So...” 
“So he thought you were going to give him up ? But that’s so silly, it was just a bit of yelling ?” 
“You have to understand the way Jason grew up. To him, and his past traumas, it was more than just a bit of yelling. So he decided to leave before we told him we didn’t want him anymore...Can you imagine how heartbreaking a decision it was ? I don’t even know now that I’m telling the story, that this is really bratty behavior. Well. He did keep going even as Bruce chased him with the Batmobile, and he only stopped when he ran out of gas. Then he ran away, as fast he could. It took Bruce a while to catch up to him. And when he finally did, Jason didn’t make it easy. He fought back, yelling that he “didn’t want to hear it”. Once we understood what he was talking about, of course, we reassured him. And he calmed down. He fell asleep in Bruce’s arms as he brought him home. We never yelled at him again after that...Not even when he became the Red Hood, and wouldn’t listen to us.” 
There’s a slight pause, an awkward one, a heavy one. Every one in the room knows what happened to your son...You do not want to dwell on this today. Not anymore. Not as you finally got your baby back, and just like he used to be, there’s not one “bratty” blood in his body.
“Rather boring I guess, a child who isn’t a brat at all haha. It’s easily explanable by how he grew up. He never wanted to disappoint us. I guess...He had more bratty behavior once he came back ? I...”
“You don’t have to talk about it.” 
“Right. Well. Let me continue, then.” 
“Go ahead, we’re listening.” 
“Tim came shortly after Jason’s death. And when his own parents died and we officially adopted him, I must admit the beginning of his education might’ve been too full of extremes. On one hand, we’d never tell him “no” if he wanted something material or to do something not dangerous, on the other Bruce was extremely strict with him when he was Robin, even a little overbearing at times...You have to understand, we had just lost a son. We couldn’t bear to lose another one. We sheltered him a little too much, maybe, while spoiling him a lot. Not rotten though. But that is, thankfully, because Tim isn’t a bad kid. He grew up in a wealthy environment. He always had whatever he wanted, but his parents’ attention...So he craved ours a lot. And that’s maybe why sometimes he’d um...” 
Silence. How could you put what Tim did without making yourself pass as a terrible parent ? 
“He’d what ?” 
“Tim had the bad habit of...sort of running away.” 
“Sort of ?” 
“Yes. He wasn’t really running away. He was going on “adventures” without telling us...” 
“Oh, like a dog ? Like you know how certain dogs escape from their home’s garden when their owner go to work, and then come back before they do ?” 
The analogy is special, comparing your child to a dog but...Harley isn’t wrong. Tim’s behavior was quite like that. 
“The worst thing is that when he’d come back, he would really pretend like nothing happened. He’d just go off to look up on a case on his own, or because he suddenly wanted ice cream and went by himself. I think he was too used to do things on his own, as his parents weren’t very present and never really took care of him. It would make Bruce mad though, mad with worries. And then when Tim would come back, they’d get into stupid fights about it...” 
Reminiscing of your husband during that time always hurt your heart. He was so afraid to loose more than what he already lost...
“It never deterred Tim to go off on his own though, oh no. On the contrary, he’d take great pleasure in bypassing Bruce’s security systems, and nag him about how easy it’d been, before leaving. That’s the bratty thing about it, I guess, how he’d sometimes would just act like anyway, we can’t stop him.” 
It was frustrating, especially because you both knew Tim could be very reckless. It was also frustrating, and made you feel bad about yourself, that your own child would just decide to not listen and...Ah. But Dick did do this sort of things too, didn’t he ? You were just too used to Jason and...Jason and...
You didn’t want to think further about that time. 
“Eventually, we did realize that his behavior was directly our fault. How could he understand our point of view if 1) we never explained to him why we did what we did, and 2) we’d tell him “yes” for everything except when it was related to his Robin duties ? Of course it was confusing for a ten years old boy eager to help. To be honest, most kids acting like “brats” are often like that because of the parents. Once we figured that out, well, we had a talk with him.” 
“And did he understand your point of view ?” 
“Tim is the smartest boy I ever met. He definitely understood. And that was our mistake really, to not take the time to explain things to him. Don’t get me wrong, even now he sometimes goes off by himself and LOVES to drive his father crazy by bypassing any security he settles, but it’s just...Well, it’s just because he’s a brat. He understands our view, and never pushes it too far. But he does like to push our buttons...Smart ass.” 
"Hey, what about your daughter ? I don’t know her name, sorry.” 
“Aah, that’s a cute name. Well, is she more well behaved than your boys then ? Girls are often calmer and more mature.” 
You burst out laughing at Ivy’s statements. Yes, that is true that Cassandra matured faster than her brothers. But oh boy, “calmer” ? Cass ? Well. You could see why some people thought that, after all, she didn’t speak a lot. But ah, when she was upset with you or Bruce ? 
Cass was sneaky. A little salt in your coffee because you didn’t let her do something she really wanted to. Or hiding one of your shoe. 
You knew when she wasn’t happy with one of your decision. She’d stare at you from one side of the room, and whenever you’d look at her she’d turn her head away, nose up in the air, pretending you don’t exist. 
It didn’t happen often, to be fair. Most of the time she’d try to view things from your perspective, and understand your decision. But sometimes..Sometimes...Well, she was a teenager. 
Kids didn’t always understand their parents’ decisions, especially regarding their lives. Sometimes, it feels like they just don’t get you and are trying to control you, even if they’re not. Being a teen is tough. Being a vigilante teen is tougher. Getting frustrated was normal. 
But Cassandra had trouble expressing herself with words. She spoke nowadays, but she didn’t always find the right words when it came to explaining her feelings. So she’d do other things, to let you understand. 
Just like how she said “I love you” in millions different little ways that were her own...She also was able to say : “I’m annoyed with you” very well. 
It was by her action, and not her words, that she truly could be a brat. The way she’d ignore you, or be a pain on purpose. 
“Once, I told her she couldn’t go with Jason to I-don’t-even-remember-where-but-it-was-definitely-not-a-place-for-her, and for a week she didn’t even look at me. She made a spectacle of talking lots to her brothers, more than usual, and wouldn’t utter a word to me. Gotta admit, it hurts a bit. But I guess ya know, kids don’t always realize that. She apologized later on, but that’s not the question. Sometimes you just don’t see you’re hurting the person.” 
“That’s true. I know that all too well...” 
Harley says, looking at Ivy and then down. Ivy puts her hand on her shoulder, and squeeze it, and it’s quite an adorable sight to see. 
It feels like them too, have their own family. It sort of reminds you of Bruce and you, the early years, to be honest. 
“You know, my daughter, Cass, I can’t be mad at her in those moments. I too was a frustrated teenager who did things to my parents, my brothers, I still regret to this day. I wish I could go back and not be a little shit, ya know ? I understand her. I understand sometimes, you have to lash out. And honestly, what she does is nothing compared to what I already did...Everyone needs to vent. We’re not perfect. And..No matter how big our mistake, we all deserve redemption.” 
They know you’re talking about them now, and not about your daughter. Although they can’t know that Cass’ had been force as a child to be a weapon, and did things she dearly regrets. 
And that’s it. That’s why you find yourself able to “forgive” Harley and Ivy for their past actions. Obviously, they already changed quite a bit. But also...Jason, Cass, and Damian...They all did things they regret. They all went through so much, and have been on the “dark side”. 
They deserved redemption. To be given a chance. 
Jason, Cass...And Damian. 
Your little Damian, a paragon of what the word “redemption” means. 
Damian is not a brat in the way you think he’s a brat. 
Sure, if you don’t know him he can appear too sure of himself, full of himself even. Someone who looks down on people. But...people who think that just don’t know him very well. 
No. Damian was only truly an actual brat when it was related to animals. 
“One time, I said “no we can’t take another cat my little buddy”, because like, we already had like, 17 cats roaming around the mansion and the gardens, as Damian has a tendency to just bring in any strays he finds. You know what he did ? He went to a near puddle. Like a very, very muddy puddle...And he just started to jump in it, and roll in it, until I said ok, we can take another cat in...Brat.” 
“You caved ?” 
“I caved. He was so dirty !” 
“Hahaha, that’s an hilarious thing to think about really.” 
“Not the worst occurrence of this. Once, he wanted to free the tigers at Gotham zoo because he thought their enclosure wasn’t good enough. I told him he couldn’t do that, of course, and I was going to add that we’d look into it but...Next thing I know, he tells me : “Watch me”, and disappears in the crowd. I was like : “WELL I CAN’T WATCH YOU IF YOU JUST GO OFF LIKE THAT !!”. First, it’s already scary when you loose your kid in a crow, even if granted, if anyone tried to kidnap Damian, they’d be the one in trouble. But still. And second, we were just talking about how he wanted to set some tigers free !! Fast forward not even fifteen minutes of me frantically looking everywhere while calling Bruce on the phone and trying to explain the situation, I see Damian, wearing his Robin costume, mounted on one of the tiger, and leading the other two away out of the zoo...” 
“What the hell ?? What happened next ??” Harley was absolutely entranced in your story. You saw her nodding away as she was definitely agreeing that those tigers needed to be free...And you sort of recall her having hyenas as pets ? 
“Well, I get home ok ? Because I know that boy brought those tigers to our garden, just like he does with all those stray cats. And yes, I come home and here he is, eating cookies and drinking milk, saying the tigers need a real home, as said tigers are chilling in our garden ???” 
“What did you do with the tigers ??” 
“Damian convinced us to start a case against Gotham zoo and...Turned out he was right, there was some malpractice. The tigers were relocated in a reserve of one of our friend. And Gotham zoo was entirely remade by one of the Wayne Foundation. So I guess it ended well.”
“That kid isn’t a brat, he’s an icon.” 
“Yes well, he didn’t listen to me at all.”
“But he saved those tigers. And a few other animals.” 
“Harleyyyy ! That’s not the point !” 
“Did you punish him ?” 
Small silence. You look at them. They look at you. Then you turn away and say : 
“Of course I didn’t, it was epic.” 
Cue some laughter, of course. Aaah. It was HARD to raise children, especially when they were such smartasses ! 
“But honestly, Damian is a sweet child. He does definitely totally ignore his father sometimes, but he always listens to me. The only times he doesn’t, and act like a proper brat, is when animals are involved. I’m not even going to tell you the time he almost brought home a dragon from Apokolips...” 
“What ?? You have to tell us now !” 
“Oh, You want me to tell you ? Alright then, well see, we were on...” 
There were dozens and dozens of stories about Damian acting like a “brat” and trying to convince you to bring more pets (with you rarely winning the arguments, because he’d throw genuine tantrum acting like the 10 years old he actually was). 
You loved those stories. Of course, you’d get frustrated that your son wouldn’t listen...But it was proof he was still just a little kid. Your little kid.
Talking about him to Harley and Ivy was oddly nice, as if they’d been your friends since forever. They didn’t invalidate you, they didn’t tell you you were a bad mother for succumbing to your kids’ tantrums sometimes (to be fair, your kids knew not to push you too much either, your glares were rather effective), and they were eagerly listening.  
It was nice, to see someone actually interested in the mundane side of your life. Granted, stealing tigers from a zoo wasn’t THAT mundane, but ah, your children acting out sometimes...It was normal. 
And it felt nice. As odd as it might sound. 
Duke was already 15, when he came to live with your family. And his parents were still alive, as well, which made the dynamic between you and him different. He was distant, at first, reminding you every chance he got that he’d leave as soon as his parents would feel better. 
And those few first weeks, when he was lost and unsure he even wanted to stay with you at the Manor...It wasn't “bratty behavior”. Just like Dick who missed his parents, or Jason who was afraid you’d leave him, he would act out sometimes. Out of pain. Out of frustration at not understanding his own feelings, and being so full of conflicted ones. 
On one hand, you gave him a home and made it so that he wouldn’t be lost in the system. On the other, he wanted his mom and dad. 
Yes. At first, it was tough. But as time went on, and with your care, and making him understand that it was ok to be angry...He truly opened up. 
His behavior the first few days, wasn’t “bratty”. It was a behavior born from trauma and pain, and being scared. 
“He did got me arrested once though, I admit that day I wasn’t too happy and might’ve thought he was a brat...” 
“He did what ?” 
Both Harley and Ivy were absolutely glued to your stories, and you definitely had a way to tell them. To keep them on edge, wondering what would come next. Like right now. What did Duke did, that got you arrested ? 
“Well. He pretended I kidnapped him. I didn’t have the official papers that said he was our ward with me, and that little one is an amazing actor. I got put behind bars, and then they called social services. The mix up was cleared up fast, as Bruce arrived. But ya know, it wasn’t a good experience. If only to witness the utter incompetence of Gotham’s police.” 
“Tell me about it, they never even once caught us. Not without Batman’s assistance of course.” 
“That’s a wild story honestly...What did Duke do, after that ? What did you do ?” 
“Honestly ? It was obvious he felt extremely bad about what he did. When Bruce asked him why he did it, he answered that he didn’t even know. And we believed him. Sometimes, when you’re in too much pain, you do things without really knowing why. After that, actually, things greatly improved. He talked to us. And he never once did anything like that again.” 
Duke wasn’t a brat at all. Well, none of your kids were. But Duke, even with his own parents, was always a calm obedient kid. With a normal life... 
The times he acted out with you, you knew it was a cry for help. And you knew you guys put that new life on him. You, and what the Joker did to his parents. Everything always lead back to the Joker...
“You have a nice family.”
“Thank you for telling us all that.”
“No problemo.” 
“You managed to make me simultaneously want, and not want kids !”
“Aaah, you just summarized the life of a parent haha !” 
Who would’ve thought ? Who would’ve thought that one day, you’d be sitting comfortably in an armchair in one of Gotham’s most famous “villain’s” lair ? They had a nice loft, to be honest. You had no idea where it was, but you heard the sea not far so probably somewhere in East Gotham. 
This was nice. It was odd because you were talking to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but it was nice. To talk about your children, and how sometimes...they did act like children. 
It was easy to forget, even for you, that they were just kids. So this was nice. A nice reminder, that them acting like brats is actually good. 
Everyone needs to vent their emotions, ya know ? 
Plus, there is so many good moments with them... (A/N : aka, literally all my stories with the Batfam haha) 
“I envy your family a bit.” 
“You do ?” 
“Yes. When Batman came to ask us for help, I saw it. And I see it now too, as you tell us those stories. You guys aren’t perfect, but you really do love each others very much.”
“Ah, yet another great summary made by Harley Quinn...” 
“Well you know, I was a psychiatrist after all.” 
You smile gently at her, wondering if maybe one day, she’ll tell you her story. How come she ended up under Joker’s manipulation ? What happened to her, and what were her aspirations ? 
“To be honest I admire you, I don’t think I could handle someone like Batman on a daily basis !” 
“Hahahahaha, if I had a dollar every time someone told me that ! But hey, it’s cause nobody quite knows him like I do...Which makes me think, wanna hear one last story ?” 
“Of course !” 
“You know what’s funny ? I just thought of it right now. The brattiest of them all isn’t even one of the kids. It’s Bruce. Man. He can be SUCH a brat !”
You say, rising up slightly in your seat. Ivy chuckles and says : 
“Oh I believe that.”
“He can be so broody for no reasons.”
Both of your new girl friends nod. They definitely noticed he brooded a lot. And never smiled. And he had a bad tendency of telling them to “stop” doing something when they were having such fun... 
“Like, once, I forgot to kiss him goodbye before work ok ? Well he pouted all day about it. Our two years old son Thomas had the same reaction, when I got home he was all like : “Mommy left with not kissy !” except, you know...He’s two.” 
“Wait, I wasn’t expecting that.” Ivy says, while Harley add : “I thought you were going to talk about how cold, harsh and all he was.” 
“Oh, he was in the beginning, it didn’t last that know, everyone needs someone to be themselves with. He’s not cold with me at all. Really, no, more like...Well. He can be a brat, actually. Ok, there that one time I lost too much at Uno and threatened to divorce him, but he can be much worst !”
“U-Uno ?” 
“Yes. Long story. Not worth mentioning, right now we’re talking about how BRUCE is a brat. You know, he pouts soooo easily. Not in public, but when it’s just the two of us. Oh boy. He’s also super jealous. But that’s another story. You know, he does get moody when he doesn’t get his way ? Like he wants to watch this movie, but we all wanna watch something else ? Well boom, he acts like a brat. This kind of thing you know ?” 
“Batman is...a brat ?”
“Ah yes ! And you should listen to Alfred’s stories of him as a child. An actual genuine brat !”
You’re about to keep going with your stories, when you realize both Ivy and Harley look at you with their mouth open, as if their brain just melted. And...Well, you understand. After all, it must’ve been quite a surprise, for them to learn that the big bad bat was a brat. 
Come to think of it, yeah, you’re probably the only one in the world that would call The Batman, a “brat”. Batbrat. Haha. 
(A/N : If you have no idea who Thomas is, he appears in those stories : . Not writing a part with him because it was really getting too long, but imagine some toddler shenanigans haha). 
Always here 
Jason is the first to arrive at Harley and Ivy’s hideout. He rushes to you immediately, asking if you’re alright. 
“Yes, didn’t even see that damn clown. Harley and Ivy picked me right up.” 
“I’m glad.”
“Where are your brothers ? And your dad ?” 
“Coming soon. They wrapped things up. We caught him, of course. He’s becoming sort of predictable, in his unpredictability. I just didn’t want to participate more, so I came to get you. We’re regrouping home.” 
It’s a relief to know this is already done. Although it’s almost suspicious, it went so fast...Oh well, you’ll think about it later. Maybe it’s true, that he became too predictable ? Your guts tell you he might’ve had an ulterior motive, but you ignore them. No. Not now. Now, it’s time to go home. 
You don’t go home, of course, without telling goodbye to your new friends. 
Your son waits for you a little further, eying both of them suspiciously. Especially as Harley takes a step towards you and says : 
“Listen, I'll go quick because I know your kiddo over there hate me but...Thank you. For telling us stories and reminding us we’re human, too. I hope our path will cross again.” 
You nod. You hope so too, in a better situation than : “we’re protecting you from being killed by a maniac”, hopefully. You’re about to leave, when your son stops, and turns around, saying : 
“I don’t hate you. The Joker used you, he mentally manipulated you and ruined your life. You’re not responsible for what happened to me. That doesn’t mean, by the way, that all your actions are forgiven. But it does explain and excuse some things...and everyone is allowed to have their redemption arc. I would know. Plus. Again. He gaslighted you for years, and manipulated you.” 
His words shook Harley to her core. Except for Ivy, and maybe Bruce, nobody ever gave her a chance like that...Nobody...
You’re so proud. Oh. You’re so proud. You can’t even say anything, you hold him in your arms, and as you leave, you see Harley, crying in Ivy’s arms... 
Home. And all together. In the end, this day was good for you. You got to vent about your kiddos, while underlining how amazing they truly are. You made new friends. You once again realized how much you loved your family...
It didn’t feel like a “Joker evasion” day. Usually, those were much more terrible, and ended terribly. But here you were. All home. 
You did notice Bruce seemed a little worried, and you felt it in your guts once more. You were sure him too, felt Joker’s plan wasn’t entirely done...But ah, there was nothing to do right now. 
So you took to distracting him, and making him enjoy this little moment right now, as you’re all in the mansion, together. 
It’s movie night. 
No vigilante duties, for anyone. It was already quite some work to catch the Joker, and usually after such a big arrest, Gotham was calm. Worst case scenario, Kate, Bruce’s cousin, was out as Batwoman. She’d take care of things, and call them for backup if need be. 
Right now, it was movie night. 
With all of your little brats. 
Yes. They could be brats sometimes. Everybody had bad days, right ? 
But they were your little brats. 
And at the end of he day, they were always there for you. And vice versa. 
Your precious beloved little brats. 
A shadowy figure is looking at your family through the back windows, standing in the dark. You’re unaware of its presence of course, trusting your home is a safe haven. Because...Nobody really knows who you really are. And your house is surrounded by security created by your husband and son. 
Someone able to bypass all your security, someone who filled your nightmares for years. Someone who wanted to make sure his suspicions were right. 
“Aaaah. So they ARE the Waynes. Interesting. Thanks Harley for the valuable informations, although maybe you didn’t give it willingly. You and I will see each other again soon enough. We’ll all, see each others soon enough. A reunion, if you will.” 
Someone who isn’t done with your family...
The Joker. 
To be continued ?
Well here. I really hope you like it, and that you are not disappointed with this new story, I know it might look a little fragmented and weird, I haven’t written in ages and it felt like I didn’t know how to anymore :/. I know there’s always expectations when someone doesn’t post for a while and then comes back so..Yes, I hope you like this story born in the spur of an inspiration. As usual, feedbacks and other reblogs are more than welcomed (and thank you for going that extra mile <3).
More stories to come soon, on which I’ve been working for a while ^^. More well thought out stories if you will, and longer things (including multi-chapters stuffs because I got hella carried away). Once again, I hope this didn’t disappoint you, and thank you for reading ^^. 
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bluebellhairpin · 15 days ago
Anniversary Blues
Bruce Wayne X Batmom!Reader
A/N: These dreams I’m having are becoming very useful. Enjoy folks! - Nemo
Summary: Bruce wakes up on the morning of his wedding anniversary to an empty bed. But his wife is more than prepared, and makes sure the day isn’t wasted anyway. 
Warnings: Bruce is pouting and missing his wife. Batmom calls Superman Bruce’s Boyfriend. 
Listening to: ‘Best Years’ by 5 Seconds of Summer - ‘I promise, darling, you won't regret the best years.’
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
In all the years of his relationship with you, Bruce could count the number of times he woke up alone in his bed on one hand. You however, probably could not.
Few of those were your fault, and again this morning, it appeared, was his fault. He slept in - without waking up when you did. Which was weird.
Once turned over and staring at the ceiling, he considered it believable. He’d came in late last night - around one am - and tried to get to sleep, only to be called back out again urgently because apparently someone Clark was chasing came into Gotham at two am. When he managed to crawl back into bed again it was close to four in the morning. Apparently it knocked him about more than he expected, because next thing he knew it was morning and you were nowhere to be seen. 
He technically hadn’t checked the rest of the house yet, but you weren’t with him so Bruce figured it was the same thing. 
But then he remembered what day it was, and he rolled back over to squish his head in his pillow with a loud groan. It was your wedding anniversary. 
It wasn’t that he forgot - no he could never forget the best day of his life (sorry Dick’s 6th grade ballet recital) - he definitely remembered. In fact, today was one of the days that got him through the year. He’d gotten you a gift, marked the day as being free even if the world was going to end, and had planned to spend every moment possible with you. 
And you’d vanished. 
Just then, Alfred picked to walk in, nudging the bedroom door with a foot, and a breakfast tray in his hands. 
“Good morning, Master Bruce.” 
“How ‘good’ can it be?” Bruce said, and Alfred ignored him. He sat up as Alfred placed the tray on the empty side of the bed. Eying the food, Bruce spotted a piece of paper with his name on in - in your handwriting. 
“Wayne Enterprises called earlier requesting your presence, using the excuse that if you didn’t come there would be major consequences.” Alfred said, standing nearby as Bruce grabbed the note from you. 
“I’ll assume that’s where my wife went.” he said, looking up to see his friend nod. 
“She wanted you to get some rest.” Alfred added, “Said you needed it after last night.” 
Bruce scoffed, grinning slightly. He flicked the paper open and read;
‘Morning sleepyhead, 
Did you know you snore extra loud after you’ve spent time out with your boyfriend Clark? 
I love you. See you at Lunch.
Your Wifey <3’ 
Bruce groaned, running a hand over his face and the scruff of his jaw before grabbing a piece of toast and eating half in one bite. He sat back against the headboard and looked over at Alfred. 
“Do you want your gift now or shall I come back to show you later?” Bruce pouted. 
“I thought (y/n) would give me her present.” 
“She told me ‘He’ll whine like a baby about it, but give it to him anyway - he can thank me later’.” Bruce’s pout turned into a scowl.
“You just wanted to call me a baby.” 
“Yes I did Master Bruce.” 
“You liked it.” 
“Yes I did Master Bruce.” They sat in silence as Bruce finished his toast, and still said nothing more as he sipped his morning drink. Only once Damian barged in with Titus at his heels did the quiet break. 
Damian sat himself on the edge of the bed and sent a pointed look over at his father.
“When are you opening your present?” Damian asked, a hand resting on Titus’ head. Bruce huffed. 
“Why does everyone want me to open (y/n)’s gift without her being here?” he asked, setting his cup aside to swing his legs out of bed. 
“‘Cause Ummi said that you could, and she said that I might like it too!” Damian said, stepping around the bed as Bruce gathered a dressing gown to throw on. 
“Yeah well she’s not here, so you should be doing what I say.” 
“We might like her more than you.” Damian said, looking straight up into Bruce’s eyes. Bruce looked down at Damian. 
“You know, that’s fair.” he finally said, and set his hands on Damian’s shoulders to turn him around and lead him outside to the hallway. “Show us Alfred.” 
“Alfred knows what it is?” Damian asked. 
“Yes I do, I actually helped her with it.” Bruce looked over at Alfred, lifting an eyebrow at him. “This family is good at keeping secrets, I thought you knew that by now.”
Tumblr media
“I would say I’m surprised I didn’t notice this hanging here, but it is a big house.” 
Bruce now stood in front of a wall, part of a hallway that had been left blank for a while, and looked up at a pristine white cloth that was covering a picture frame. Damian stood in front of him, letting Bruce keep his hands resting on his shoulders as he petted Titus. 
“I noticed. I walk a lot.” 
“Just inside the manor?” Bruce asked. 
“No, outside too.” 
“Sounds nice.”
“It is.” He and Damian stood, Alfred posed a few feet away, and stared at the covered picture. “Are you going to look at it?” Damian whispered. Another beat passed, and Bruce sighed in defeat. 
He stepped forward, grabbing onto the sheet and pulling it away. Underneath was a portrait. The frame was a painted gold, in delicate and regal carvings like he hadn’t quite seen the likes of yet in Wayne Manor. The painting was oil, detailed with careful brushstrokes. But it wasn’t the craftsmanship that had Bruce stepping back in shock and awe, it was who the portrait was of. 
His parents. 
“Are they…” 
“Yeah, they are.” He pulled his eyes away from the painting, and cast a look over to Alfred. He looked as pleasantly surprised as Bruce felt. “You helped with this?”
“I -... Yes.” he said. “Although, I hadn’t seen it finished yet.” 
“Grandfather was a handsome man.” Damian said, breaking another silence as he ruffled Titus’ ears. “I have some good genes.” Bruce hummed, not really hearing his son, then turned on his heel. “Where are you going?”
“I need to make a phone call.”
Tumblr media
“Ms. Wayne?” You hummed, tapping on the com button to Bruce’s assistant.
“You have a call waiting on line one.”
“I’ve got momentum working through some papers, can it wait?”
“It’s your husband,” they said, “He says it’s urgent.” You wondered what could’ve possibly gone wrong this time, but kept an open mind. Maybe he couldn’t find something and Alfred wasn’t available? Wait, why would Alfred not be available, he was always available? 
You picked up the phone, and pressed on line one. 
“If you’ve burnt something, I am not saving you from Alfred’s wrath because we all know you’re banned from the kitchen.” 
“Well good morning to you too.” 
“Good morning dear,” you said, smiling to yourself and letting the work papers go to turn and face the window, “Now what is it that you called for?”
“Well I would say it’s because I love you very much and am a little hurt you didn’t give me my dose of kisses this morning, but you’d see right through that.” 
“You’re right.” 
“So instead I’m going to bother you with a phone call every ten minuets until you come home so we can spend our anniversary together.” You laughed at that. “Because I’m stubborn and needy and if you don’t then I -... I don’t know what I’d do actually, so you’d better just come home now.” 
“You are stubborn and needy, but not very persuasive.” You stood and stared down at the streets below as Bruce stayed quiet. “But because I also love you very much, I’ve already got it organized. It’s currently eleven forty-eight, and we have a lunch reservation at that really nice place that everyone only goes to dinner at, so you’d better be there by twelve thirty.” 
“Oh,” he said, “Really?” 
“Yes Bruce, really.” 
“Okay.” he said. “Thank you.” 
“Anytime. I’ll see you soon, alright?” You turned back to the desk, deciding which papers to get done, and which to leave behind.
“Yes. I’ll even wear that suit you like.” 
“You can’t wear the batsuit to lunch Bruce.” you whispered into the phone, grinning.
“Well, obviously. I meant the other one.”
Tumblr media
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taiyakimmy · a month ago
childish || bruce wayne x batmom reader
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Credits to the owner of the gif!
Summary: Being Gotham's pride, there's a certain ego that you and Bruce hold, but even that doesn't stand in the way. Even Bruce doesn’t have the patience when it comes to your affection.
Characters: Bruce Wayne x Batmom!Reader, Dick Grayson & Cassandra Cain (Mentioned)
Word Count: 1.3k
Warnings: Fluff, Implied smut
A/N: Do you guys think of Keaton, Bale or Affleck when it comes to real life Batman? ‘Cause either way, y’all got good taste ♡ Have a great week and thank you sm for reading! Luv you!
Normally, the presence of your family brought joy, especially during unexpected times. Yet, there's something about Bruce's company that had a certain charm to it. Maybe it's because of his sudden business trips. So, you would always welcome his visits with open arms. But, right now? Yeah, not really. On days where he knows you're still in the café, especially on closing months, he'd stop by. If he so happens to finish his shift, then you'd go home together. Now, he's standing at the backdoor, bruised from the previous criminal he had to take care of, looking down like a guilty puppy. The ears of his cowl almost seemed to droop a bit, fitting the occasion. You, on the other hand, had your arms crossed with an expressionless stare. None of you liked the silence but what could you do? What did he do, one might ask? Well, it was a minor, to be honest. It happened before both of you went to work yesterday. You've been seeing how restless Damian has been. While he never showed it in school, you definitely saw the change at home. You don't really remember the details, and you don't want to. All you recalled was going to work with a heavy heart, and so did he. You still went to the Batcave when they were out patrolling, but your lips were sealed. You gave your kids kisses goodnight. You couldn't say the same for your husband though. This morning wasn't anything different too. Some would think you're being stubborn but that's actually your way of cooling down. So was Bruce. You'd talk it out eventually, anyway. You sighed before directing him to a chair. Walking to the back of the counter, you retrieved the first-aid kit. He already sat with his cowl and gloves off by the time you turned around. You dragged a chair in front of him and took a good look at his injuries. Nothing major, thankfully. A few bruises around his body and a bloody nose. You took out some cotton wool before pouring some antiseptic. Carefully, you took his hands, which sadly had a few cuts but that's it. You ached to just hold his hand in between yours but that's not important right now. But Bruce had other ideas. Before you could even dab a cut, he did what you wanted, stroking your hand delicately. You stiffened, and he noticed. "(Y/N)..." He started, "You're doing that thing again," You knew exactly what he meant. "I'm not," You defended nonchalantly, "You know how I get when I'm all... " He looked at you expectantly. "... 'pissy'," He tried to stifle his laugh, he really did. Instead, he huffed through his nose, chuckling before hissing in pain. A minuscule smile broke out before shaking your head. You treated his cuts and bruises slowly, now in a much more comfortable silence. You kept your head down the whole time, but then you had to deal with his nose. You looked up hesitantly and he immediately tried to lock his eyes with yours. You wiped his nose, trying not to tremble under his attention. Once he was all set, you pulled your hands away. At least, you tried to. He took your hands in between his, radiating his warmth onto your body. You stayed still, unsure of how to act. "Hey, talk to me," He pleaded in the softest tone he could muster. He too went to work with a sour mood, but it was more on regrets. Of course, he noticed the subtle panda eyes that Damian developed. You just so happen to talk to him about it after a stressful day. A co-worker of his thought it was a good idea to get under his skin for some reason. He knew you had a habit of keeping quiet after a fight-a way for you to calm down before approaching the situation with your mind cleared. That didn't mean it was easy for Bruce but he's willing if it meant it helps. "What's there to talk about?" You chuckled humorlessly, stubborn to look into his eyes, "I've said what I've said, didn't I?" "I know..." He sighed, knowing he's in fault in this one, "You know I didn't mean to raise my voice," "Right," You answered briefly, hoping it'll end at that. The stress from work was already enough, he didn't need to add more about bringing it up. "I mean it," He squeezed your hands, "Look at me," You bit your bottom lips, contemplating on whether or not you should obey. Then again, when else were you going to settle this? You closed your eyes momentarily before looking up, taking in his pathetic state. "I've talked to Damian about it. Since he's nearing his finals, he'll lay off patrolling once in a while. He denied it at first," He reciprocated your half-smile, "But I told him it was your idea," You couldn't do anything else but nod. It's your turn to feel bad, giving him the cold shoulder when you knew he'd have no problem settling it. "Thank you..." You replied ever so quietly because hey, a girl's got pride, no? "What was that?" He smirked as he leaned forward close to your face. You groaned, knowing where this is going. "Thanks," "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that," You whined before catching his lips with yours. You pulled away before he even deepens the kiss, drawing a deep growl. His eyes narrowed at your smug smile. "Thank you, Bruce, truly," He couldn't resist the genuine smile that he's missed. He carefully rested his face on your neck in content. If anyone told him this was the life that's waiting for him after decades of grief and loss, he'd just take it as a big joke. "Anytime," You stroked his hair, lost in your thoughts before chuckling, "What's so funny?" "I overheard the kids talking about us this morning," "Yeah?" His curiosity piqued, "What did they say?" "Oh you know, how childish we can be, especially you," You stroked his chin. "How am I the bigger child?" He clicked his tongue. "Well, they did assume their father's a big, mature and brooding man whenever we first brought them in," "Well, you're not wrong the 'big' part," He wiggled his eyebrow before groaning when you smack his uninjured shoulder. "See? Need I say more?" He quickly shut you up with a kiss, much passionate this time. You'd be lying if you said you didn't miss this, even if it's only been two days. You mewled but successfully broke the kiss when you needed air. "Did patrol ended early?" You questioned, breathing heavily. "Right, about that," He looked to the side, "Dick and Cass forced me to set things straight with you. They told me I'd never focus if I kept thinking about it and well, they're not wrong," "Even Cass?" You cooed—of course, your one and only daughter is on your side on this. "Even Cass," He scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment, "You know that look she gives," "No," Your eyes widened. "Yes," He emphasized, "That look," "Thaaat's my girl, but she learned that from you, after all," You enthused, always feeling fuzzy whenever you get to talk about the kids as your own. Bruce saw the warm look and he too couldn't help but feel the same way. "I'll send you home before going back to Dick and Cass, after that, I'll make it up to you," He slowly stood before offering you his hand. You accepted, earning a kiss on the back of your hand. "Ooh, what do you have in mind, Mr. Wayne?" "That's a surprise, Mrs. Wayne. Come on," He escorted you to the backdoor directing you to the large and unused alleyway, where he managed to hide the Batmobile. Believe it or not, Dick and Cass were watching, standing on one of the rooftops. They fist-bumped, smiling proudly before returning to where they promised to meet with their father.
✧・゚: END :・゚✧
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