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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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#wild vines

Tendrils of Wild Clematis catch the afternoon sun: © riverwindphotography, January 2021

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Wild cucumber is sprouting everywhere like crazy!

I’m not the biggest fan of this naturalized, African, immigrant…. But it’s here to stay!

It’s very fast growing and quickly takes over large areas with it’s vines. At least it flowers….?

San Jose, CA

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Apparently I need a new voice actor for my podcast (sooner rather than later) sooooo if anyone’s willing hit me up.

What you’ll need: Decent diction, a southern accent and a half-decent singing voice (extra points if you can play guitar).

The part’s a 16 year old pagan girl from Mississippi.

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If I am going to survive my bachelorette party in July, my current post-baby alcohol tolerance simply will not do.

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do i want to drink wine and play lego harry potter on my saturday night

why yes

i think i do.

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<div> —  Boris Pasternak </div><span><p>WILD VINES</p><p>Beneath a willow entwined with ivy,<br> we look for shelter from the bad weather;<br> one raincoat covers both our shoulders -<br> my fingers rustle like the wild vine around your breasts.</p><p>I am wrong. The rain’s stopped.<br> Not ivy, but the hair of Dionysus<br> hangs from these willows. What am I to do?<br> Throw the raincoat under us!</p></span>
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I am finally going out, dressing up and dancing my night away with the best girls. 
I will 100% be yelling at the dj again with Mani to play Mercy so we can get freaky.  

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Wine makes me really smiley. Like it affects me differently than vodka does. All I want to do is smile right now. Just smile and hold Wade’s hand.

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You missed out on two hours of some top notch fangirling. I suggest you find your phone soon and read the 10 odd messages you have in your inbox.

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I need a magnum of Wild Vines right meow

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I’m straight up DRINKING COLLEGE right now. 

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okay turns out it is 739 pages

I can actually feel the alcoholism in my soul getting ready for the SECOND I get out of work

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