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#ya dead ya dead

i’ve been getting into dnd homebrew recently! despite, uh. not being a dm. before i make anything actually serious, i’ve just been messing around with some fun stuff. here’s a spell based on the mechanic in Ya Dead, Ya Dead season 2, where dead cast members could be brought back by making a tower of pimps :^) it’s basically an easier version of Reincarnate (lower level, less expensive, doesn’t require the body) but because of this, comes with a price!

pdf here!

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contemplating ydyd season 1 again, you ever just think about that one idea that it’s a direct sequel to sky factory? these mortals turned gods became so overcome with power, unable to understand human struggles and remember how they came from literally nothing, believing they were so untouchable that they were laughing in the face of death at the explosion?

and then the universe said NO, you will face the consequences and become human again, and sent them into a world where they were forced into brutal survival with no second chances, and only vague memories of the deities they once were. and one by one, they fought and fell to death.

and then

and then season 2 happened?

and the universe quite literally gave them a second chance- this time, they would be different, they would do anything to work together and bring back those who had fallen. they became a team fighting for something, not just blindly wandering until friends became foes. they might’ve lost in the end, sure, but their loss felt like it meant something, like they really tried to be good mortals again. 

and now the universe is going to force them into this unforgiving world again. to give them a chance to complete unfinished business, and truly win this time? or have these once gods become corrupt again, and need to learn a lesson.

time will tell, i suppose.

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