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#agent 37

I just read the whole Batman and Robin Eternal series and it was so good?? We get to see all the kids, they act like a family, they bicker, they save the world together but most importantly? Bruce is a good dad, with his many flaws, but he loves his children and I’m soft for this

And I want to add that Steph is absolutely awesome I love her that scene with Crane was perfect

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New to the Fandom Guide to Dick Grayson


Tragic Backstory:

His family toured as acrobats (the flying graysons) with Haley’s Circus. One night mobster Tony Zucco put acid on their rope causing it to snap during a preformance. Dick’s parents to fall to their deaths. Bruce Wayne was in the audience and decided to take him in. When Dick discovered that Bruce was Batman he created the Robin persona to join him in going after Zucco. He worked as Robin for almost a decade before striking it out on his own in a new city as Nightwing.

Names and Aliases:

Robin: his mother’s name for him repurposed into his first name as a vigilante

Nightwing: the name of his adult crime fighting persona, inspired by a Kryptonian legend told to him by superman

Batman: when Bruce was missing presumed dead Dick took over

Richie Wayne: his airheaded son of a billionaire persona

Boy Wonder: used mostly but not exclusively by Barbara Gordon

Boy Blunder: a taunt used mostly by villains

Renegade: used when he’s forced to be Deathstroke’s apprentice

Agent 37: used when he went undercover with spyral

Ric Grayson: used when he was suffering from amnesia (it was a dark time).

The Gray Son: used by the court of owls

Robbie Malone: his counterpart to Bruce’s mobster persona, Matches Malone

Rob: affectionate shortening of Robin used by other teen super heros

N: shortening of Night Wing used in the field

Dickface: used by Jason Todd to irritate Dick

Golden Boy, Goldie: used by Jason Todd when his middle child syndrome flairs up

Dickie bird, Big Bird: used by Jason affectionatly

Pretty Bird: used by Jason and Slade Wilson, among others

Fingerstripes: nickname refering to the design of his Nightwing suit.


BabsDick: Barbara Gordon was his Batgirl and he was her Robin. Canon.

Nightstar: Dick and Koriand’r or Starfire are both titans. They were canonically engaged before breaking it off. In another dimension they had a daughter called Mar’i.

SladeDick: Slade Wilson or Deathstroke forced Dick to be his apprentice and knows Dick’s true identity. The much older man respects Dick’s abilities if not his moral convictions. Not cannon.

BirdFlash: Wally West, or Kid Flash is canonically Dick’s childhood best friend, but it’s fun to think there’s more going on.

RoyDick: Roy Harper, fellow teen hero and ward to a billionaire. Fannon thinks there’s a chance they fooled around when they were younger, but it wasn’t anything serious. Not cannon.

JayDick: Jason Todd. Dick thought he’d lost him forever, and now he’s never gonna take him for granted again. Not cannon.

BruDick: the dynamic duo, but make it kinky. Not cannon.

Things to know:

He broke a chandelier in Wayne Manor as a kid.

He named the batcave, the batmobile, the batarangs, and the batcomputer.

Superman is a second father figure to him

Canonically he’s romani, but it’s not really explored or handled well in cannon. For the best representation of romani Dick check out the fic Declensions by dustorange on AO3.

He’s an amazing leader (founding leader of the titans)

As a young adult his relationship with Bruce was difficult, but it got better eventually.

He dropped out of college.

He was a cop for a bit.

As an adult he lives in Blüdhaven

As Nightwing he fights with eskrima sticks.

Against killing, but he once beat the Joker so badly that he would have died had Bruce not resuscitated him.

Canonically he’s been raped twice but it’s not been recognized. One of the writers was like “yeah, no he didn’t want it, but it wasn’t rape” so like… ok then.

Bruce didn’t tell him Jason died so he missed the funeral.

Bruce didn’t adopt Dick at first because he didn’t want to replace John Grayson.

He’s very bendy.

Tall for an Acrobat (5’10”)

He eats cereal.

All the puns.

Likes hugs, but he respects boundaries.

Damian is his kid, if not by blood.

His ass is his best feature (fannon confirmed fact)

He’s the most emotionally intelligent member of the Batfam

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Do you like Bat family members? Are you a comic nerd? This may be the podcast for you! We are starting with the Grayson comic series and will transition onto others and cover major events we like. We are currently 4 episodes in with recording so I promise we start getting better equipment and a smoother pace/ discussions.

 Episode 1 is now available here.   

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  1. Dick eats cereal like it is food from the gods (universal fanon constant)
  2. Hugs way too often but nobody really complains about it because they’re all like that
  3. Makes friends with just about everyone and much like Stephanie is far too perky
  4. Probably the best acrobat/aerialist in the world, has also taught family members (notably Stephanie, Duke and Tim) very high-level acrobatic skills
  5. Was former member of the BPD before he was kicked out when they thought that he was dirty when they were cleaning the department up, hasn’t bothered to go back, is secretly glad he’s not a cop anymore because now he can sleep more
  6. Has basically vanished from the public’s memory along with the rest of his family at this point, which is by design
  7. Knows more languages than he should and knew half of them by the time he was eight due to traveling so much
  8. Can call in a favor from just about everyone in the JL & Co.
  9. Was Agent 37 at one point and still complains about how he could kick the collective asses of Agents 1 through 36 and how he should have been higher
  10. Enjoys running around as Nightwing I with Stephanie when she’s playing at being Nightwing II and they both enjoy confusing the shit out of everyone by calling each other Nightwing
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A Bluebird’s Hero

  • Superman Day: Dick Grayson and Superman (Various Continuities)
Today is Superman Day (12 June) and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the biggest Superman fan in the Bat Family – Dick Grayson.

Dick Grayson has always considered Superman to be one of his two major mentors and influences in his life. Grayson held Superman in such high esteem that he honored both he and Batman with his new vigilante name when he grew out of the role of Robin – Nightwing. The name not only corresponds with the Batman mythos mystique, but is actually named after an ancient Kryptonian hero or god.

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No prob. I did talk about how Dick’s relationships have been going in recent canon [here]…yeah, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but things have really gone down hill! If you want my run-through of all the horrible stuff that’s gone down, feel free to click the link. I’m kind of in the mood to just complain about things rn. I’m not really going to source myself as much as I usually do and so if you’re like “what in the world is OP talking about” go head and click that link for context. 

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