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— camilo can't sleep without you !
warning: none. just fluff.
there wasn't a night where camilo wasn't by your side, he knocks on your window with a bashful smile, asking you if he could sleep with you. his heart beating in his ear drums at the thought of being rejected.
"my house is really cold.." he says, you don't really mind. so, you open the window, helping him inside your bedroom.
"if you make any noise, my parents will kill you." you warn him. camilo nods firmly, saluting you before rushing to your bed. he sits by the foot of your bed, watching you close the window. "make yourself comfortable..."
camilo keeps his eyes on you as he snuggles up in your sheets, sighing in content. your scent wrapping around him. it was strangely comforting, despite how creepy he may seem while he stuffs his face in the pillow, it does calm him down.
you lift the blanket, and settle down beside him, turning to face him. his back was to you, form tensing up. a small smile grows on your lips. you wiggle closer, wrapping your arm around his waist.
camilo sucks in a breath, nearly choking on his spit. "do you want me to sing you a lullaby as well?"
you tease, chuckling when he replies with a "maybe."
it was a daily routine at this point. you would wait for him until he summoned enough courage to knock on your window. he wasn't sure why he kept going back. maybe it was because you provided him comfort.
but his family does the same...
there were times, when you two got in arguments, camilo would sneak off to sleep in his parents bed. but, it wasn't the same. he'd just lay awake, barely managing to sleep when morning hits. the guilt and worry eating him up.
he probably you thought you weren't as affected either, but you purposely leave your window open in case he would want to come over.
other times, he'd want something from you before you leave for holidays and such. like a teddy bear, or a book. anything that helps him sleep at night.
whining for you not to go, he even holds onto your arm, shapeshifting into different people like your family members. "see, i could act as your family?!"
camilo isn't entirely sure why he can't sleep without you, his sister mentions it could just be because he's too in love with you. or he's just scared of sleeping alone.
speaking of his sister, she's his cover up. dolores covers for him when their family asks where camilo is. she isn't sure what to say, and she freezes up when shes put on the spot, in the end, she says something really embarrassing that gets them to stop talking.
camilo would return home with pity looks, maybe even grossed out, and he knows dolores said something that messed up his reputation.
"really dolores! now everyone thinks i have herpres!"
"i panicked!" next time, he'll just stay home and ask you to come over. not really ask, but beg you, because you knew your parents were strict and would never let you live knowing you sneaked off to your partners house in order for him to sleep.
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With or Without You
⤷ pairing - camilo madrigal x (fem) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - very slight angst
⤷ summary - after leaving the mountains for nearly 10 years, you return to encanto, and return to camilo
⤷ notes - this takes place just after the events of the movie, so bruno is also here. actually a little less reader action in this, so i might fuck around and make a part 2. 
⤷ word count - 2.2k+
⤷ pt 1, pt 2
⤷ consider buying me a coffee!
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Tumblr media
“Tío Bruno, read my prophecy next!” Camilo barrelled into the room, gripping onto the older man’s ruana, who practically choked on his own surprise.
“C-Camilo, are you sure, mi sobrino?” Camilo nodded, brown curls bouncing against his warm skin, pearly whites peeking past his wide smile.
“Of course! If Dolores gets one, so do I! Ask about (Y/N)!” Bruno laughed, awkward smile creeping onto his face as he gently pried Camilo’s curled fingers from the dark green fabric. 
“Okay, but don’t hate the messenger.” He mumbled, crouching down to relay the sand and leaves he had just used for Dolores’ prophecy. Camilo flumped into the circle of sand, shuffling forward eagerly as his uncle sat himself in front of him. The leaves were set alight, weaving a gentle stream of smoke into the air as the sand began to raise, twirling around the pair in a whirlwind of electricity. 
Camilo’s eyes widened, darting to each and every vein of green that spiked through the sand, not noticing the furrowed brows of his uncle. 
“I see you...” Bruno mumbled, Camilo whipping around at his words. His eyes glowed a jade green, and Camilo followed his gaze to a blurry image of himself in the sand.
“Where’s (Y/N)?” He questioned, scouring the image for anything other than his own face, blurring and at some moments becoming unrecognisable. Bruno lowered his eyes, expression pinching in a sullen remorse.
“Lo siento, mi sobrino. It seems as though the two of you grow apart.” Camilo went silent, smile fading from his face. “Oh.” The sand settled once more, the young boy’s fading until there was nothing left. The two were silent for a moment, Bruno refusing to look at Camilo and Camilo deep in thought. 
“Well,” he exclaimed, scrambling to his feet while his little shoes slipped on the stone in Bruno’s room, “better make sure she keeps smiling in the mean time!” Bruno relaxed as Camilo bowed, beaming grin exposing a little gap where a baby tooth had fallen out. He turned to run out the room, legs unsteady in his hurry.
Bruno sighed, sweeping the sand up with his hands, gathering it into a small pile to the side of where he was sitting. Camilo was a good kid, and he could only hope that his prophecy was not one set in stone.
You were gone a few weeks later.
Camilo could still remember the day you left. The sun was blazing high in the sky, and he couldn’t have helped but to feel as though it should have been thunder and lightning. Such beautiful weather was unbefitting of the day he felt like rain. Of course, his own mother- ever supportive of Camilo- was able to bring about a few storm clouds to rain down on him as your family waved their goodbyes.
“I’ll be back before you know it, Camilo!”
Camilo remembered the day he turned 5 well. It was a day of celebration, of course, the day he got his gift. The townsfolk had gathered, as they always did. Camilo could remember the exact moment he reached the top of the stairs, for he had stopped. For a brief lapse of time, he looked out to the crowd. He had looked for you. For just a second, he had forgotten you had left. 
You promised you would be there, before you knew you were going to move. The two of you had been so excited, eagerly discussing the party that would happen afterwards. You were desperate to find out what his gift would be and to finally play in a room that wasn’t the nursery.
Despite the joyous occasion, from the flowers to the cheers of the townspeople and the warm embraces of his own family, Camilo couldn’t help but feel a little subdued. At such a great landmark, you were supposed to be here. That night, after the festivities, Camilo had spent the night back in the nursery with Mirabel. That night, she had gifted him a photo of the two of you, which he swore to keep with him at all times, so that he would never forget a single one of your features.
You’d be back soon.
As the years passed, the photo got more faded, and Camilo’s memories of you went along with it. Growing into his teenage years, he had grown out of his childhood puppy love, the image of you becoming less and less tangible, as if you were merely a whisper lost in the night, never having existed in the first place.
And yet still, when the news turned out that you were coming back, his heart almost stopped. 
Dolores was the one to expose the rumours, clambering to her chair at the dinner table with pink lips pursed in a small smile and eyes sparkling with a mirth that was often unfounded within her softer persona. Camilo sensed her excitement almost immediately, never untuned to his sibling’s emotions. 
“What has got you in such a good mood, hermana?” He questioned, the table quietening their chatter to listen to her response. 
“I heard the townsfolk say that la familia (L/N) is coming back.” She grinned, tone tinged with a fever uncommon for her disposition. The reaction was instant, Camilo’s height loosing about two feet as he shifted between himself and your four-year-old form (the one he had spent hours mulling over in the photo) with the occasional injection of Dolores’ figure jumbled between his transformations before they abruptly stopped with a bout of coughing, Camilo banging his fist against his chest in an attempt to quell the feeling.
Over his head sprouted a rainbow, his mother fanning her hands on her cheeks as Félix praised its colours with a beam. In the background, the shutters over Casita’s windows rapidly opened and shut themselves, the tiles surrounding the table rippling in some sort of way to convey joy. 
“Really?” Mirabel gasped, drumming her fingers on the table with wide eyes behind her glasses.
“Is that the family with Camilo’s friend?” Bruno questioned, eyes darting around to each of his sisters as he tried to untangle his memories. Julieta hummed in agreement, gentle smile on her lips.
“Yes, she was such a lovely child,” she mused. Pepa nodded in agreement, clasping her hands together with a dreamy sigh, the rainbow above her head shimmering in the sun.
“She was so wonderful for mi hijo.” Camilo felt heat rise to his cheeks at his mother’s words, trying in vain to rid himself of the embarrassment with a few chuckles. 
“Yeah,” Isabela drawled, fixing Camilo with a dark gaze from across the table, a sinister smirk painted onto her lips that made him nervous, “Camilo was really whipped, weren’t you, primo?” Her eyebrow twitched, and he couldn’t help as though this was payback for something he had done. He wasn’t about to backdown, though. 
“Oh yeah? Says the girl who was gonna marry a man she had spoken to twice, right, prima?” Isabela’s expression twisted, lip twitching in annoyance. In a flash, a sharp pain fired along his calf as a vine whipped him underneath the table. With a yelp, he shoved his chair back (almost falling if not for the way Casita moulded to stabilise him) and grabbed his leg, soothing the bruise with a pout.
“That’s different and you know it!” Isabela hissed, fiery gaze making the words Camilo wanted to say die in his throat. He resigned to just glaring, taking a little bite from an arepa that Julieta passed him. 
“Niños, behave,” Abuela’s sharp tone cut through the noise, making both Camilo and Isabela jump. They shuffled back to their places with abashed expressions. Abuela eyed the family for a moment to ensure she had their full attention before continuing, “everyone, la familia (L/N) have been great allies to the Madrigals for decades. If it is true that they are to return, I am expecting nothing but the upmost respect and hospitality.” The family nodded, the children sharing grins whilst the adults murmured amongst themselves, quietly reminiscing on the shared moments between the two families. 
Camilo could only wait, heart pounding so hard that he was sure Dolores could hear it. 
Yeah, he was screwed.
The day you returned was a dry day, with a blanket of light grey clouds that covered the sky. The air was heavy, weighing deep in his lungs and stifling his breathing. This was the calm before the storm.
At this point, Camilo was itching to run out of Casita to search for you, his skin prickling with every passing second he was stuck in his home- it was almost claustrophobic, as if the walls were closing in on him. He couldn’t help the buzz of his nerves. How different would your relationship be? Would you still like him? Would you still remember him?
“Camilo, hurry up!” Mirabel nudged him, snapping him out of his stupor with a startle. He grinned, shaking away his worries.
“Sorry, prima, but you were doing such a great job without me, anyway.” He snickered, changing into the girl before him while wiggling his eyebrows.
“Ha ha, very funny,” Mirabel rolled her eyes, and yet the small smile on her face betrayed her true feelings, “get to work.” He nodded, turning back to himself to sweep the remaining dust on the foyer under the carpet (right before Casita succinctly whipped the dust back into his face, much to his distaste).
“They’re arriving in 20 minutes.” Dolores spoke, appearing behind the pair without so much as a noise. Camilo’s heart leaped to his throat, and he could only nod, mouth going dry. Back to sweeping.
20 minutes crept past painfully slowly, much slower than time had ever progressed. His foot tapped against the tiles as he sat perched on the end of his chair, hands knotted in his hair. His ruana felt much warmer, as if it were a thick winter coat. Sweat beaded on his hairline, which he periodically wiped away every couple of minutes. 
“Camilo, your girlfriend’s here!” Isabela called out from the front door with a wild giggle, scaring him to the point he nearly fell off the chair. He ignored the tease in Isabela’s voice, scrambling to leave his room. He leant over the railing, chest heaving as he watched the door open. 
Abuela walked in with a woman he could discern as your mother from his vague memories of her when she looked a lot younger. And behind her was-
“Casita! It’s good to see you again!” You. Your voice was perhaps the most beautiful thing he had heard, ringing through his head like a melody as you giggled, cooing to the door that almost seemed to wave at you. Your face was bright, your expression as lively and sunny as the rays that graced Encanto the day you left his life. Now you were back, and Camilo could say for certain that you were a much prettier sight. 
Your eyes darted up to him, still filled with the same merriment that had taken his breath away all those years ago, and didn’t do anything but the same now. 
For a moment, it seemed as though time stopped. Your eyes widened, mouth parting slightly. Camilo could only hope that you were seeing him in the same way he was seeing you. From the way the golden light softened your features, to the way Isabela’s flowers framed your face in such a way that inexplicably tugged on a yearning so visceral that it ached.
The railing in front of him gave way, dropping him forward with a lurch to his stomach that made him feel even more nauseous than before. Casita caught him with a beam, lowering him down to the floor with a grace he wasn’t used to. 
The others had begun to crowd around your family, the house filling with cheers of joy and exclamations of glee but his eyes were trained on you. In a flash, you pushed your way through the crowd, and Camilo could only take one more step before you had thrown yourself into his arms.
Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing your far too tight and burying his head into your shoulder. His hands gripped your dress, pulling you flush against himself as if you were going to disappear. You laughed, breath stuttering in your chest as you pulled him as close as was physically possible.
“I thought I’d never see you again.” He chuckled, breathing into the nape of your neck. Your grip tightened, eyes stinging with tears you refused to let fall. 
“I’m sorry.” He shook his head, brown curls tickling your nose. 
“Don’t say that, mi vida, I’m just glad you’re back.” 
“I really missed you.” He pulled back with a joyful laugh, pressing his forehead against yours. You peered into his teary eyes, cupping his face in your hand to wipe away a stray tear that trailed over his cheek. Your thumb stilled over his cheekbone, and all you could do was stare. 
He leaned in, hesitating slightly once his lips were just a whisper away from yours. His heart pounded against the confinements of his chest; your pulse skyrocketing. 
“I missed you too.” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Genderfluid camilo supremacy
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𝒔𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒇𝒍𝒂𝒌𝒆 ᴘᴀʀᴛ 1 [𝑐𝑎𝑚𝑖𝑙𝑜 𝑚𝑎𝑑𝑟𝑖𝑔𝑎𝑙 𝑥 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Y/n) can manipulate ice and she talks to her lover about it
Camilo Madrigal x Fem!Reader
(Y/n) Winters, as ironic as it is, she was born and raised with the power to control ice
As a child, she struggled controlling her powers which resulted to her parents locking her inside her room to keep her from hurting others and so that others will not discover her abilities
(Y/n) learned to control her powers and at the age of 11, she got the hang of it
The family were happy that (y/n) can now fully control her powers and they lived happily since then
One day Mrs Winters announced that they are moving 
They moved to Encanto and Alma Madrigal welcomed the family with a party in their Casita
That’s how (y/n) and Camilo Madrigal met, they became instant friends and in the next following days, they became each other’s best friends
The Madrigal’s immediately love (y/n) and treat her like their daughter. Dolores love (y/n) and the two are like sisters. Antonio lets (y/n) stay in his room and they play with all of the animals inside
Being friends with Camilo was really nice, and yes (y/n) knows that the Madrigal’s all have powers, did she tell them she has powers of her own? No
She didn’t know what’s stopping her from telling Camilo 
She doesn’t know but Camilo already has his own suspicions because he always wonders why she’s wearing gloves all the time, or why her skin always feels cold, or why she’s extremely pale. (Y/n)’s even more paler than her parents combined!
He asked her about it once, but (y/n) told him it was nothing, Camilo didn’t want to push things further so he let it go
Months after (y/n)’s family moved to Encanto, and she and Camilo starts to develop feelings for one another
Thanks to Dolores’ great sense of hearing, she squealed that (y/n) likes Camilo during another usual Madrigal dinner and it ends with Camilo running out of the house and to (y/n)’s to confess
(Y/n) Winters and Camilo Madrigal are now dating!
(Y/n) Winters as she sat in her bed, playing with the snowflakes she created. She watched a few dance around the palm of her hands. She created her own mini winter wonderland in her room. The floor is covered in snow and she’s been building a few snowman and making snow angels here and there. She got bored so here she is creating snowflakes as she sits on her bed. 
Recently (y/n) has been thinking a lot about her life. How she lived isolated from everyone until she can now fully control her powers, moving to Encanto and meeting the Madrigal’s. They’re very welcoming and (y/n) feels at peace with them. The Madrigal’s love her and welcome her into their family. 
Things got even better after she and Camilo started dating. She feels incredibly happy with him. He treats her well and takes care of her. Camilo makes sure that no matter how busy he is, he at least says hi to (y/n) or kiss her cheek whenever he sees her around the village. His family are also super supportive of their relationship and they welcomed (y/n) into their family. 
This led to (y/n) thinking about how long she can keep hiding from Camilo and his family. She knows that he is slowly catching up to her, that he is starting to get suspicious with everything that’s been going on. (Y/n) lays down on her bed and stared at her ceiling where a huge ice chandelier was created. 
‘Should I tell him now? Is he busy?’ (y/n) thinks to herself, ‘Is he gonna break up with me because I’m a monster?’
After a few minutes, she got up from her bed and waved her hand and she watched as all the ice around her room disappeared before she grabbed her gloves and left her house. She walks around the village, greeting a few every once in a while before she spots Camilo chatting with his sister. 
“Camilo!” (y/n) calls out to him. He turns around and smiled when he spots his girlfriend. “Mi vida!” Camilo smiled and rushed over to hug his beloved, “How are you feeling? I haven’t seen you all morning, I missed you,” Camilo pouts. 
“I missed you too,” (y/n) smiled as she kissed the tip of his nose, “Can you come with me for a little while? I have something to show you,” she adds. 
Camilo looks at (y/n) , he tilted his head in confusion before nodding his head. (Y/n) took his hand and they started walking away. She led the shape shifter away from the village as they walked into the forest. “Mi amor, not that I don’t want to have you all to myself, but where are we going?” Camilo asked, breaking the silence as (y/n) tries to calm herself down. 
(Y/n) stayed quiet and after a few minutes, they reached an opening where there are no trees around. She lets go of Camilo’s hand and stepped away from him before turning around to face him. “Camilo,” she said, “What I’m about to tell you is something that I never thought I would have to hide from you considering your family background. We promised to be honest with one another and that we shouldn’t keep any secrets from each other, and I’m sorry for breaking that promise. I just want to let you know that no matter what will happen I will always love you,” (y/n) said. 
Camilo was feeling extremely nervous as he listens to hi beloved talk. He is starting to panic as he tried not to think of the worse case scenario. “Mi amor you’re scaring me. What are you trying to say?” he said. 
(Y/n) closed her eyes before she slowly took her gloves off and dropped them on the floor. She let out a sigh before waving her hand and snowflakes appeared around her. She also extends her hand and shot ice to a tree, leaving Camilo hanging his mouth open. “You... You.... YOU HAVE ICE POWERS?!?!” he screamed. 
(Y/n) nodded her head before waving her hand once more and the ice disappeared. 
“How?” Camilo asked.
“Beats me. I was born and raised with it,” (y/n) said. Camilo blinks a few times and this action caused (y/n) to sigh sadly. “If... If you’re freaked out, or you hate me please just tell me now,” she said and sat on a nearby rock and pulled her knees to her chest. 
“Oh mi vida, I’m not mad. I don’t hate you. I’m just shocked that you had these since you were an infant and you didn’t want to tell us, or me,” Camilo softly said. He took a seat next to the girl and placed a hand on her shoulder. (Y/n) sniffled, “I’ve had ice powers since I was born. Growing up my parents did their best to search what’s wrong with me and who can take these powers away from me. They saw this as a curse as I grew up. I would cover our entire house with ice and my parents would scold me, lock me in my room because they couldn’t risk me hurting anyone.”
At the mention of (y/n)’s sad childhood, Camilo wrapped his arms around her and (y/n) was quick to lean her head against his shoulder. “I was locked up for so long. For years I tried to control my powers and once I did, I was finally let out. After I can fully control my powers, we moved here,” the girl adds. 
Camilo squeezed her tighter and kissed her temple. “Oh mi vida. You don’t have to worry about anything, your powers won’t change anything between us. I still love you for you. I don’t care if you have powers or not because I love you, (y/n) Winters. I love you mi sol,” Camilo said. (Y/n)’s heartbeat increased as she looks at the shapeshifter. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and connected their lips together, giving him a passionate kiss. 
Camilo wrapped his arms around (y/n)’s waist.
They pulled apart after a few moments and (y/n) smiled at him. “I love you too,” (y/n) replied. “Why did you tell me now?” Camilo asked (y/n). “I just think it’s time I tell you. We’ve been dating for four months and I just want to be completely honest with you. I hate keeping things from you. I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you,” the (H/C) haired girl whimpered as she snuggled closer in Camilo's warm embrace that never failed to make her feel so protected and loved.
“Sshhh it's fine mi amor. I understand, you don't have to feel bad about it now, I'm not mad at you nor do I wish you break up with you. It doesn't change anything between us,” Camilo softly says while running his fingers through her hair. “Gracias querido,” (y/n) whispered. 
The young couple sat there in silence for about an hour and a half. They talked, Camilo asking her about her powers and what else she can do with it. Overall Camilo tried to get (y/n) to talk about her powers and show him what else she can do so that she can get comfortable of showing it to other people. 
By the time it was nearing mid afternoon, Camilo and (y/n) walked back to the village because the shapeshifter can sense his mother is now starting to worry about him, and he doesn’t want Pepa to start a hurricane. 
Before they could enter the village, (y/n) suddenly stops walking and Camilo looked at her in confusion. ”What’s wrong mi amor?” he asked. “Are you gonna tell your family about this?” she asked. Camilo gave her a soft smile before bringing her hands to his lips and kissed her knuckles, “I won’t tell them if you’re not ready to let them know. I’ll respect your decision,” he said. 
(Y/n) closed her eyes and took a deep breath before nodding her head. “I’ll tell them tonight,” she said. 
Camilo smiled at her and kissed her temple. “Don’t worry. I’ll be here by your side,” he assured her. (Y/n) smiled at him and squeezed his hand before the shapeshifter led her to his home, where he is sure that his family are already inside waiting for him. 
(Y/n) feels beyond nervous but she trusts Camilo and she believed that his family will not think differently of her. She can fully control her powers now, and as long as she’s not hurting anyone, everything will be alright. 
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Camilo Madrigal
Camilo Madrigal x fem! Reader
This is a zombie I created.
It’s basically pieces I had in mind mended together somehow.
Hope you Enjoy!
. -Ella es muy bonita, ¿verdad? (She’s really hot, isn’t she?)- whispered Camilo to himself, letting out a small whistle.
-Tu también eres muy bonito y gracias por el cumplido pero, por favor, repítemelo en mi lengua (You’re really hot too and thanks for the compliment but, please, repeat it in my language)- she said, winking at him before going into the house.
-Oh, feisty, aren’t we?- he said, following her a bit like a puppy.
Leaning against the handrail of the stairs, right before her, he smiled mischievously: -I like it-.
~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
-Tío Bruno?- he repeated.
-Yes... what’s his deal?- she asked, moving some packages into the house.
-Seven foot frame with rats along his back, when he calls your name it all fade to black. Yeah he sees your dreams and feasts on your screa- he began saying.
-Yeah, yeah, sure. That sounds much more like a kid’s fantasy, rather than the description of a real person-
-What?! He’s just like that!- he protested.
-I’ll believe it once I see him. Anyways care to help me or not, shapeshifter?-
-Si, jefe- he laughed, turning into a more useful form.
~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
-So... you love mi primo (my cousin) Camilo?- asked the curious Mirabel, elbowing her a bit.
From outside the older cousin’s door was Camilo, who started eavesdropping after he heard his name coming out from Mirabel’s room.
-Well... yes. I love him a lot- she admitted and Camilo felt his heart pumping crazily and all the blood going to his head, making him blush and smile like a fool.
Slowly he slid down the door, smiling and sighing: “She loves me! I’m in heaven! I’m the happiest human being alive!”
As if struck alive he began to run excitedly around the house, sharing his happiness to anyone willing (or not) to hear.
-Casita! Y/n loves me!-
-Luisa, she really loves me!-
-Abuela, Mama, Papa! She loves me!-
-Oh, I’m the happiest boy alive! Y/n loves m- he said, finding himself in front of said girl.
-Yep. I do- she smiled, as he began turning into a bunch of people out of panic.
Grabbing his ruana she pulled him in for a kiss.
-Now you can be the happiest boy alive. And I... can be the happiest girl alive-
~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
-Mi amor, mi vida (my love, my life)... we’ve been together for so long and day after day I fell more and more in love with you. You’re the best I could ever ask for and I don’t want to lose you in any way, for any reason so... will you make me the happiest boy alive and marry me?- Camilo asked, down on one knee.
-That was done muy bien (very well), mi hijo (my son)! She’ll say si por cierto (yes, for sure)!-
-Gracias, papa (thanks dad)- he thanked, running up to their shared room, ready to propose.
-Mi amor (my love)!- he knocked.
As he got permission he entered the room, his courage beginning to let nervousness take the best out of him.
-Mi vida (my life)... marry me!- he just exclaimed while taking out the ring, bidding goodbye to all his practiced speeches.
Months and months working on them and he threw them in the trashcan like that!
Luckily for him she was in love with him, speech or not, and to his greatest joy she said: -No-.
As his face dropped she laughed a bit: -Just kidding, mi amor-
-Te quiero mas que mi vida (I love you more than (I love) my life) and I’d be honoured to become tu mujer (your wife/woman)- she added, tending him her hand so that he could put the ring on it.
-No more jokes like that mi amor, por favor (my love, please)- he chuckled, leaning in for a kiss.
-I’ll try to avoid that for future proposals-
-I don’t think you’ll receive any more proposals for I won’t let you-
-Possessive, aren’t we?- she smirked, remembering one of the first things he told her when they met.
-I like it-
~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~
-Bruno... we need to talk!- said Pepa.
The poor man stared at the rest of the Madrigal family surrounding him threateningly, all but the soon to be wedded Camilo and Y/n.
-Oh, well yes! What, hermana (sister)?- he stuttered.
-Hey tío (uncle), I want not a word out of you!- said Isabela.
-I heard he gave them a prophecy already!- smiled Dolores.
-What!!!- they all exclaimed, Bruno included.
-And?- they asked, some turning to Dolores and other to Bruno.
-Well... - joined the bride, appearing behind them.
-... He told me that the man of my dream is already in my grasp and we’ll live happily!-
-Really?- asked Bruno, a bit perplexed because he didn’t remember saying anything like that.
-That’s how it is going to be. I guess your prophetic tendencies rubbed off me a bit- she smiled, as Camilo picked her up by the waist, pirouetting a bit with her and then kissing his soon-to-be wife.
Oh, how he couldn’t wait for the wedding to be over and finally have some time with his by-then wife!
And to be honest all his family was waiting for them to go on honey moon, Abuela (grandmother) even more than all the others: she couldn’t wait for grandkids.
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Y/N: Y’know there’s a saying that goes “home is where the heart is”
Camilo: And your point is?
Y/N: Technically you’re not homeless since your heart is with me
Camilo: As much as I love you mi vida, you are not a house
Y/N: Then maybe you dislike being houseless, not homeless
Camilo: Ay, mi vida
Y/N: Ay, Camilo
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i4mikan · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ıllı﹒Camilo icons for anon﹚🍓៹
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ai-katsuu · 28 days ago
Camilo S/O Ice Manipulation + Singing Frozen Songs
so upon reading @magicalencanto 's ice manipulation s/o camilo and saying the following:
hello I was literally thinking about this like what if they were together for sometime and she finds out she does have powers super late and its like 'into the unknown' and 'show yourself' AA love this
During the number 'All of You' where Bruno is apologizing to Pepa the intro can be heard on the piano if you listen carefully
Ghdssdf so anyway I bring you more Camilo x Reader Ice power manipulation Elsa style
Frozen AU Part 2
Tumblr media
- So this could either go two ways, the children of Encanto asking s/o to perform a 'famous song that they heard about from their traveling tios'
- Eventually she would perform the sequence of 'Let it Go' in the middle of Encanto being an ice castle on
- And imagine the look on Camilo's face when it's the part where you let your hair down ('I'm never going back, the past is in the past. Let it go, let it go.')
- Then you dress that you make!! He is star struck!!!
- While making the ice castle you make sure to bring everyone inside safely so it's a new experience for them
- Then the kids suddenly ask if you can perform one more act since they're already inside the castle, then they look at Camilo.
- They want you to perform the reprise version of For the First Time in Forever with Camilo
- Naturally you're worried bc thats a dangerous number so you ask Camilo to lift his ruana up and you quickly form a little ice shield on his chest so you know exactly where to aim and dont hurt him
- AND MY GOSH can you imagine how cool this number would be irl/not acting
- S/O going out of control in Encanto, and Camilo who is the pure embodiment of sunshine, walking through the blizzard and singing for you to realize there is hope and that it can be solved with love
- But we all know how the number ends then baam camilo ends up being hurt :((
(angst potential there hey hey other writers)
- BUT OKAY what about for Into the Unknown and Show Yourself?
- Into the Unknown I can see that there is more about s/o's past as she had never knew where she comes from and why she has powers even though she's not a Madrigal, so then she hears the Voice late at night and she wanders around Encanto and eventually ends up in the lake where the miracle started
- After seeing she's brought disaster to Encanto she leaves so solve the miracle's whereabouts and I'd imagine the whole family would come along as needed (wooo madrigal family adventure outside of Encanto time where they use their powers to stop danger, love to see that)
- Finally 'Show Yourself' would be super inspirational bc s/o is finally happy she knows where she comes from and when the visions start to appear before everyone I imagine it's memories with everyone from Encanto, including Camilo (who by the way is SO proud of you)
- After everything gets solved Camilo would definitely boast and brag about you, falling in love with you even more as the boyfriend of the 'Protector of Encanto'
- (then you hear the younger kids going 'YEAH RIGHT' and he deadass has a childish debate with them I love this man ahsdn)
❄️if anyone wants to add please do I need more aaa ❄️
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marahvyo · 18 days ago
[ PLAN B ] — camilo madrigal x gn!reader.
Tumblr media
includes: fluff, (attempted) humour, slight best friends to lovers au
notes: hi hello this is my very first time writing for encanto (+ my first writing piece on this blog wowee) so pls be gentle with me </3 reblogs and comments are highly appreciated !!
INT. CASITA - 4:56 PM. camilo tells you he’s lost antonio’s favourite stuffed jaguar.
Tumblr media
“you what?”
camilo winces like he’s been struck by lightning and he holds a finger to his lips, shushing you frantically. suddenly hyperaware of your surroundings, you check corners, ensuring that neither antonio’s birds, tío bruno’s rats, nor dolores herself was up and about before turning back to the panicked madrigal, his visage half-hidden by the shadows brought on by nearing dusk. vexation flashes fleetingly in his eyes. “y’know, why don’t you just shout it out to the whole town if you’re going to be this loud about it?”
“no, because how could you lose antonio’s jaguar? you know how important that is to him!”
your rushed whispers are pushing camilo to the edge, not gonna lie, but he throws his hands up in resignation, still desperate to defend himself. “i don’t know, okay? one minute it was in my hand and the next minute it wasn’t! it was like it disappeared or something!”
“oh, alright, great! so do i need know any other unknown gifts that your family has? or is making objects disappear out of thin air the only one?”
you clamp your eyes shut in an effort to recompose yourself, but when that fails you drag camilo to the nearest balcony, gaze teeming with flames. your best friend starts pacing the length of the space, wordlessly shifting into different people—the vendor down the street, cecilia, señora teresa next door, antonio’s own little face scrunched in thought—as he plunges deeper into the depths of his memory, searching for anything that could circle back to the lost toy. you fix him with a quizzical stare, arms crossed.
“why did you have it on you in the first place?”
he pauses, turning back into himself, “i dunno. he just gave it to me suddenly. told me to ‘watch over it’ or something… whatever, the point is,” he waves off invisible matter above his head, and it reminds you briefly of how pepa madrigal does the same thing with her rainclouds, “we have to find it. you and i— wait, no no listen to me: dolores can’t know because she’ll end up telling mamí, so this has to be a two-man show.”
you glare at him. camilo bites his lip in worry. “please, [name]? i don’t think i could handle it if i make my hermano cry.”
one… two… three… and— “you owe me, madrigal. big time.”
camilo barely suppresses a smile as you steal a glance at a wall-clock. you huff out a breath. “okay, so we have two hours max until mamá calls me for dinner. until then, we’ll scour every place you’ve been to in the past five hours. leave no leaf unturned.” he’s about to speak when you add, “remember: i’m doing this for antonio’s sake—i’d be more than happy to get front seats to tía pepa giving you a sermon.”
beaming, he gives you a little salute, uttering a “yes, boss” before linking your arms together and bringing you outside with him to the darkened streets of town, distant lamplights akin to the glow of a thousand fireflies. quietly, he pats himself on the back for another (questionable) job well done, because as long as camilo’s aware, you don’t need to know that antonio gave him his stuffed jaguar because he’s been riddled with nerves trying to tell you, partner-in-crime, his day one, his best friend, that maybe he’s fallen a little in love with you.
yeah, definitely not.
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channoticedmeuwu · 14 days ago
𝐬𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 | 𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
p : camilo × fem!reader | g : fluff, humor, e2l!au, baker!reader, florist!isabella | w : cursing, mentions of food
a/n : look, I just want to squeeze Isabella and camilo into the same fic somehow because I love them both gosh I wish they had more development I love their relationship but hehe told u I have a camilo brainrot <3 enjoy <3
Tumblr media
"ugh, Isabella!"
you sighed, rubbing the sweat off your forehead as you approached the little stall of plants that Isabella ran, panting.
"have— have you seen— wait, give me a minute—"
you exhaled, exhausted, resting your arms on your knees, "have you seen camilo?"
she tilted her head and shrugged. "you haven't?" you asked, standing up properly again. the heat was scorching, and the wafting scent of berries and flowers from her stall smelt so irresistible. A glass of berries and lemonade would be so good right now.
"what happened?" she asked, and your eye twitched.
"what happened?" you almost yelled, making people around the street stare, "that little brat ate all the sugar donuts I baked, and didn't even give a penny!"
Isabella rolled her eyes, scowling, "I literally hate him, but I think he ran in that direction," she pointed ahead, "not so sure, though."
"thanks, Isabella," you smiled at her, grabbing her hand in impulse as a gesture of gratitude, "you're a tru— wait..."
you looked down at her fingers, white and snowy, "why is there powdered sugar on your...fingers?"
Isabella cleared her throat, before snatching her hand away, "uh, I just remembered I have a...uh, parcel to, uh, pick up...yeah."
"bye!" she made a run for it, her flowy hair curled with by the second in the wind and her flowy summer dress folded and grew to form a yellow poncho you were a bit too familiar with. you ran after Isabella, or now, a boy in his true form. he turned around and ran backwards, giving you his signature grin, as of to say, "catch me if you can!"
Tumblr media
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lucarioishi · a month ago
— camilo with a s/o who rarely blushes!
   WARNING: gender neutral. headcanons. fluff. drabble idk??
   a/n: this is pretty self indulgent since i have a hard time displaying my emotions 😤
Tumblr media
It started when he realized his playful comments never reached your ears properly, not even when he plants an unexpected kiss to your cheek. you smile softly at him and ruffle his hair in return.
He gapes at you, why isn't anything working?!
His family teases him about it, saying things like — "I guess you aren't that charming prince you want to be." "Maybe you aren't exactly their type?"
How could that be? you're his partner!
Camilo makes it his life misson to see you go red, trying anything in the book.
Flowers, hand kisses, writing poems, he even goes to his father for advice, nearly cringing at the over the top tales his father tells him about how he (felix) got his mothers attention.
He chooses to ignore them and gains courage to talk to you instead.
Maybe you just didn't feel anything for him anymore...
He knocks on your window in the middle of the night, when his family was sleeping, and drags you to the roof.
He takes a while to open his mouth, but when he does, nothing comes out, so you just sit in comfortable silence, patiently waiting for him.
"I just really like the way you make me feel.." camilo brought his knees to his chest, arms hugging them close. his words come out muffled with his cheek pressed against his knee.
The wind blows on your face, maybe that's what is making your face burn..
You tilt your head to the side, eyes reluctantly moving away from his blushing face. that simple confession sends you tumbling down imaginary stairs.
"And i wanna make you feel that way too, but i-i can't.."
Upon seeing his cheeks turn a dark red and his gaze rising from his shoes to meet your eyes has your heart speeding up. he asks you a silent question, a silent plead almost.
For you to still love him...
You wanted to squish his face and smother him with kisses but you knew very well that you're hands were shaking. and not from the cold.
You visibly gulp, shutting your eyes and let the nice breeze hit you. just to calm your nerves...
"It's hard for me to physically display my emotions, but i really do love you.." camilo lights up, a huge smile growing on his face.
"And when we grow up, i'll definitely marry you, camilo."
Camilo swears he spots your neck turn a flush color. it's your neck! you've always been blushing, the collar of your shirt just hides it!
Camilo shoots up, throwing his arms around your shoulders and hugging you tightly. he presses his nose to your neck, pushing himself closer to you. after a while he pulls and smiles cheekily; "you're burning up, (name)!"
Tumblr media
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ivyruins · 12 days ago
Camilo as your best friend hcs!
my first post on this blog! feel free to send requests, i'm currently really obsessed with encanto AAAHHH (i write for anyone!!) i hope you like this :3
Tumblr media
Okay but Camilo Madrigal as your best friend ??
He'd definitely be a huge prankster, actually no surprise if you met because of a prank he did.
Camilo was in the middle of town, disguised as a normal townsfolk, someone he had seen pass by the market, when he saw you.
poor, unsuspecting you who had just walked in wanting to buy some vegetables. he didn't know what came over him to pick you as his victim, but he knew he didn't regret it when he jumped out of the stall and shifted back to his normal self and seeing you shriek in horror.
unfortunately for him, you had been so shocked you had punched him in the face
now it was Camilo's turn to scream
you rushed him to casita immediately after realizing what you did, oh god, you just punched a madrigal in the face, you were sure if you asked Bruno for a vision he'd see you having bad luck for the next ten years.
to your surprise (or, maybe not), Pepa had immediately started to scold him instead of you, knowing he had probably caused it, and Julieta gave him her famous arepas and food for you as an apology
Pepa had probably forced him to apologize to you, but honestly I don't think Pepa needs to force him, Camilo had felt so guilty.
it was a good prank, but he scared you so much you thought he was a bad guy and punched him (it was what he deserved, he thought). he agreed to take you out to hang the next day as an apology.
and it all started from there
Camilo had promised he wouldn't prank you ever again (you knew that was a lie, but none of you commented on it after he started pranking you again months after), but one hangout become two, and a week became a month, and now you were inseparable.
Mirabel often came with you, her being as easygoing and as friendly as Camilo was. you three would often be seen hanging out around the forest, hanging around by the trees, or a little fun game you made up, to spot Camilo among the townsfolk.
Camilo absolutely loves you. he would be so protective. he teases you a lot, but the moment someone else does? and the teasing isn't funny, but more insulting? you bet he would definitely put that person in their place.
"Talk to them like that again, and my tío Bruno will give you a bad vision!" he would threaten, and at the mention of 'Bruno' and 'vision', it would honestly get anyone running.
every time he uses that excuse, you always scold him saying how you wanted people's view on Bruno to change, but he would always just sheepishly smile and tell you it's a habit, and old habits die hard.
growing up, you never stopped becoming friends with Camilo Madrigal. his family and the people of Encanto actually saw you two as a pair, there was never a moment they wouldn't ask where the other was when only one of you were around.
you were attached to the hip, and there was no doubt about it. maybe he was glad he decided to prank you that day at the market.
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curiousabbisfate · 24 days ago
okay okay so. camilo madrigal, amirite. (this got kinda long, oops)
i recently watched the movie and HOOOOOOOO BOY
- Camilo has an ENTIRE area/space in his bedroom that contains little things he found while he was someone else; am i saying he is a thief? no, i am not. (maybe.) BUT WHAT IM SAYING IS SOMETIMES HE KEEPS THEM OKAY. Or maybe he asks for them politely. like the good kid he is.
- Camilo’s room has SO MANY mirrors (maybe even a WHOLE room of it) and people think its bc hes narcissistic BUT NO. its so he doesnt forget what his true self looks like. because of how frequent he is acting like someone else, somewhere deep down he’s afraid of forgetting himself. so. mirrors
- Adding to the one above, maybe he gave himself a rule that he cant shapeshift into someone else while in his room. 
- ONTO ONE OF MY FAVORITES. (my thoughts is that camilo can somewhat Also attain the person’s abilities/skills) Camilo just has these really RANDOM interests for so many random shit like sewing, drawing, singing, dancing, cooking/baking, writing etc etc. at this point, the madrigal family is used to it and they all indulge him (imagine maribel teaching camilo how to sew, and add isa who teaches camilo how to make flower crowns and then camilo gets this great idea to sew REAL flowers into a piece of clothing hes sewing himself) (maybe isa made the flowers immortal)
- adding to the above, Camilo gets really interested in the randomest hobbies but the THING is... HES BAD AT THEM. SO BAD. LIKE GEN Z TALKING ABOUT EMOTIONS BAD. /LH. anyways what i mean is that everything he does is done AWFULLY, but. but camilo LOVES it. literally adores anything and everything he creates. because you know what? he made these *gestures wildly to badly sewn scarves, overcooked pies, near incomprehensible doodles, and more* HE MADE ALL OF THAT. AND HES SO PROUD OF IT!!!! 
bc it was by HIM and HIM ONLY. made by his inexperienced hands, made by his small hands, made by his unpracticed hands. hes so proud of them because its HIS only, okay?? nobody elses. (at an angle, this is his own way of making sure he still knows himself and can do things not influenced by the people he shapeshifts into.) he loves them all dearly. and keeps them in his room like theyre his trophies and medals of the fucking century. 
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dollmoth-productions · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
( i only do platonic yandere for encanto so I hope that's okay
And this fanfic is okay I haven't written a good fanfic in a long time) 
Run run run run that's all you thought of as you finally escaped Camilo's room. How long have you been captured by him 3…...6 months? It didn't matter, you had to run.
"Mi querida where are you, you know I love games, are we playing hide and seek" his voice was sickeningly sweet not like the brother you once knew it hurt you why is he doing this.
It didn't matter you had to hide she was coming and coming fast you quickly head into something sharp and painful but something that would disguise you. You felt yourself be cut by the bush damn it it's a thorn bush. Camilo continued to look for you. He was looking and doing everything to make your skin crawl."are you HERE" he quickly made an annoyed face as you weren't behind a tree.
You could absolutely feel the skin crawl on your back. You would hope that he went looking for you here although you could see his poncho, you couldn't see him. ARE YOU HERE MI QUERIDA " he sounded more delirious and angry.
Camilo terms to the thorn bush his eyes almost seem to lose all that playfulness you once knew. They were cold, full of obsession, sickly sweetness and most importantly anger you back away even farther before she felt an extreme pain in your eye of thorn had gotten into your eye luckily it was your bad eye but it didn't help it hurt you almost screamed. It hurt like hell but you kept your mouth shut only small whimpers going through you it was barely even Audible.
Although Camilo was rather smart he quickly shape-shifted into someone else and started acting like he was at townsmen. He acted like he was working on the floors trying to trim it down. This will definitely get your attention to come out.
You actually believing that you were alone slowly got up out of the thorn bush bleeding covered in thorns or even worse. Although Camilo knew it was not smart he transformed back into his new self and walked over to you "ahh mi querida look at you you're a mess without me now let's go back to my room" for every word he continued to say he got closer but you would take a step back. This made him mad.
"Mi querida I don't want to hurt you you're already broken so just come over here and I will help you" you tried running but he was already too close you felt him step on your long skirt which caused you to fall to the ground and on your face you felt blood-red down your nose and eye as we were turned around by Camilo he looks upset but mostly ashamed of himself he let his anger control him. Although you tried calling the way he picks you up gently but surely.
" I'm so sorry we should get you home you're obviously very very scared" he felt really guilty but he couldn't let you escape you're obviously too broken to under-stand why you can leave he ordered casita to get him up to his room as silently as possible he opened the door and quickly locked it he had already snuck some of his Tía's food so you would obviously be quickly healed he started pulling out the rest of the thorns and brushing your hair again he couldn't explain why he felt so guilty "I'm sorry Y/n" . You  made no response.
"Mi querida I love you "
Tumblr media
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nekokeito0360 · 7 days ago
Bruno, Camilo & Dolores l Encanto
Tumblr media
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kratergate · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
my favorite madrigal <33
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ribbunni · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
    .   ⑅      ۪    𔘓̸   .CAMILO WALLPAPERS ⬥̷     𖣠̸
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mershark-pirate · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Art by drawing_angie on twitter
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ai-katsuu · 28 days ago
Camilo with an S/O who has powers like Elsa part 2 (Encanto Frozen Au) - accidentally hurting him
Tumblr media
y'all are NASTY I love it lets do it. I've decided to just compile the two as 'What if your powers got out of control'!
❄️ Part 1 of Frozen AU ❄️
- It happened late at night when everyone was in their rooms, all except you and Camilo
- You two were playing at the bottom of the staircase, no doubt having the time of your life as you made your own winter wonderland
- after having a bunch of snow fights camilo walks up to you and tells you to make an obstacle course for him
- "I survived Casita falling, I'll be fine!"
- "But you're not as good as moving around as Isabela is-!"
- he took that personally! imagine him with a fake overdramatic offended face and he motions for you to raise him up to start at the balcony
- I'm sure you can all see where this is going
- The screams that Pepa woke the house with when she heard your sobs and exited her room, only to see her son pale as a ghost as he laid in your arms managed to get the attention of everyone
- You tried, you really tried to be careful with him but with all that shapeshifting into different sizes it made it hard to see where he was going to land
- Casita doesn't bother making Pepa climb down all those stairs as she slides down and immediately goes to her son
- Thunderstorms and hail start to form above them as she asks what happened
- Julieta wastes no time getting her cooking and rushing back to feed Camilo, who can barely stay awake and does not have the energy to even chew
- Immediately you start tearing up the arepas into bits of pieces, urging him to at least take a small bite for him to feel better
- Your heart shattered when you saw the look on his face...he was so weak, pitiful, tired, and you did this to the Sunshine of Encanto
- Eventually he ate a little piece and slowly he began to return to his normal temperature and he was better than ever
- But the damage was done already
- Pepa loved you but she urged you and Camilo not to play with your powers so violently. It's not like this was anything new, Antonio definitely has trouble controlling his animals, Luisa might have almost dropped a few important heavy things on people, Isabela hurt Mariano's nose, Dolores started a few uncalled for serious dramas by gossiping about things she wasn't supposed to hear.
- That's why she gently reminded and comforted you like a mother that having so much power can be dangerous, yet bring joy and love if used correctly. Her nieces, children, and even siblings have all gotten out of control at least once, that's why she was so understanding. Her of all people knows that her powers can affect everyone.
- As for you and Camilo, while you didn't shut him out completely you could not trust yourself to use his powers around him, even though he said that it was his fault he was going around too much that night
- However he does reassure you and his immense love for you does not change in the slightest. And he tells you that every night with a loving embrace
- It take a while for things to go back to normal, but you developed an unconscious habit putting your arm in front of Camilo or him to back up whenever you use your power
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toranekooo · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
──────────── ●✰● ────────────
Camilo Madrigal Icons!
──────────── ●✰● ────────────
| ♡ | Raffle Prize for @ghostlymodhutao! Please don't use unless you're Hu Tao! ´ˎ˗
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