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#fahc vagabond

Now that I’m finally getting around to editing and reposting my various Fahc fics, I wanted to make this post just to explain what I plan to do moving forward (Instead of having to do this over and over).  Bear with me, as this is going to get a bit long as I feel like there is a lot I need to say.

I want to say firstly that, going forward, I am still going to be using the Vagabond in my fics.

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Title: A friend after my own blood. 

Part two [to this fic here ]  

Fandom: FAHC

Pairings: Vagabond x Reader, small amounts of Mavin, hint at Geoff/Jack

Word count: 3,157

Author’s note: This will prob have a part three. I left it too open ended not to. I just needed to wrap this part up.

TW blood, TW sex mention ( but again no actual smut written just to keep reader ambiguous as possible)

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Title: My old friend, the murderer. 

Fandom: FAHC

Pairing: Vagabond x Reader. ( choose your gender ) 

Word Count: 2,712

Author’s note: So I haven’t written a fan fic in a hot minuet. As in years. And I didn’t have anyone edit it for me. So please be kind. This story idea hit me like a train. And the more that I write the more that’s coming to mind. Due to the fact that it takes me three years to write the set up, I might, key word might, make a part two. 

Other tags: tw blood, partially established relationship. (it’s been so long I don’t know what else to put here. there’s no smut so younglings can read) 

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