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#fan casting

Casting Starkid for Spiderverse

I mean, it seems they don’t intend to do a musical parody any time soon, but a girl can dream, right?

  • Miles Morales- James Tolbert. We havn’t seen him as a main character but that doesn’t mean he can’t nail it.
  • Peter B. Parker- Joey Richter. Something about the way he look makes sense for it in my mind, also the personality of Peter B is something between Ted and tired Ron Weasley
  • Peter Parker- Joey Richter with a blond wig (self explanatory)
  • Spider-Gwen- Mariah Rose Faith. I mean she already dyed her hair blonde for Mean Girls so why not. Also she can and should be that badass girl.
  • Spider-Ham- Lauren Lopez. Our lil’ sass queen would make a great pig. Not that I would complain if they’d get John Mulaney to ve a Starkid actor tho.
  • Penny Parker- Kendall Nicole Yakshe. She had already proven herself capable of portraying a little girl who’s best friend is a spider so here you go
  • Aaron/Jefferson Davis- Corey Dorris. Corey is great both at being a villain and a dad. Also if it actually happens it can be the second time in Starkid that the same actor is playing two brothers that one of them dies
  • Olivia Octavius- Jaime Lyn Beatty. Am I casting her because I think she’d be super extremely cool as a villain with too many robotic tentacles? Perhaps…
  • Kingpin/Spiderman Noir- Robert Manion. It can’t be a Starkid show when only one actor function as two characters, am I right? And Rob can do as a villain who is longing for his lost family like Hidgens and as a somewhat dramatic guy who likes to punch nazis like Twisted! Gaston

Okay I know there are more characters but I am not sure who should be them, you guys can add your ideas.

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So after having seen some of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (my brother bought Season 1 while he was in town), I think I’m on board with Stephanie Beatriz being a possible candidate to play She Hulk.


Originally posted by sergeant-santiago

Why not?

She already kinda looks like Shulkie (and yes, I know she’s expressed interest in the role), and she has the right air of confidence and comedic timing to pull it off.

Again, that’s assuming they go with the more jokey/fourth wall breaking She Hulk for MCU, but you get what I’m saying.

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We all know you dislike Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione so I’m wondering who you could cast as Hermione? Pictures please 😬

I’m trying to be less critical of W*tson as-of-late, but -yeah- I really don’t think much of her portrayal (especially after POA). 

There’s a bunch of people who I think would be great as Hermione. 

Jessie Cave 


She had bushier hair as film!Lavender than film!Hermione did. And Jessie Cave is a brilliant actor, so I think she’d do a great job in the role. 

Quvenzhané Wallis


I feel like she’d get Hermione’s inquisitiveness in the first few films really well. 

Eryn Allen Kane


She’s not an actor (as far as I’m aware) but she gets the looks down really well. I know that’s kinda ridiculous as a reason, but there we go. 

Also, the following RPers who really do inhabit the character magnificently:









(I’m not using their gifs ‘cause I don’t have permission, but -seriously- they’re freakin’ awesome!)

Thanks for the ask!

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Yup. Showing my fangirl ways with my “author casting” for my next book, Wow and Flutter.

Jesse Parker is the songwriter and lead singer of the local band The Key Frames. They have two albums to their name and a following of dedicated fans in the tri-state area. His lyrics are as heartbreaking as his voice.

Alex Murphy has been one of those fans since he first saw Jesse perform at a house party during his junior year of high school. He hates the term groupie and refuses to believe he is one, though he rarely misses a show.

On his 18th birthday, Alex goes to another Key Frames concert, looking for the perfect night. When Jesse asks Alex to come home with him, the night transcends into something Alex never thought possible.

It’s summer 1998, he’s 18, headed to college in the fall and Alex is falling for his idol. And crazily enough, his idol is falling for him, too. But then their chance at love is abruptly cut short and what could have been, never was.

Five years later in LA, Alex has the opportunity to make their paths cross again. But is he ready to see Jesse again after so long? And is his real motivation a reunion with the man who almost had his heart or is it something more self-serving?

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Has anyone else read Shabanu, Daughter of the Wind by Suzanne Fisher Staples? Just finished reading Haveli and House of Djinn (the second and third books in the Shabanu series) and I’m DYING to talk to someone about all the stuff that happened.Esp Omar (HE WAS CUTE OKAY)

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I think there’s a lot of people who fancasy that straight up don’t read the comics and have just read the Wikipedia pages for MCU characters they like. Reminds me of how so many people thing Secretary Ross HAS to be involved in the Thunderbolts, and their fan casts always miss the fact that Songbird (Melissa Gold) is such a crucial member of the team...

That….or they’ve only read certain runs. Like if you read, for example only v2 you miss a lot of crucial character moments and understanding of the characters who’s characterization was not developed by Gillen, but was actually trampled upon by him. 

So if you’ve only read v2 and everything afterwards you barely know that Tommy exists in the first place and maybe hanging around fandom you know  who he is and that he’s Billy’s twin, or brother, etc and thats what you go with, or you see Wanda and Pietro and think well they’re fraternal, so Billy and Tommy  can be too….and Ugh! Theyr’e identical twins. Please cast Billy and Tommy appropriately. TWO boys. IDENTICAL!

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Jaeden Martell as Eren Jeager
Mikasa Ackerman
Sunny Suljic as Armin Arlelt
Dane DeHaan as Levi Ackerman
Zoe Kazan as Hange Zoe (alt: Pom Klementieff)
Chris Evans as Erwin Smith (alt: Michael Fassbender)
Reiner Braun
Bertoldt Hoover
Ekaterina Samsonov as Annie Leonhart
Conny Springer
Sasha Braus
Graham Verchere as Jean Kirschtein
Grace VanderWaal as Christa Lenz
Sam Claflin/Bill Skarsgard (not sure who, will decide at some point) as Zeke Jeager
Corey Stoll as Grisha Jeager
Natalie Brown as Carla Jeager
Walton Goggins as Kenny Ackerman
Michael Stuhlbarg as Rod Reiss
Jeff Bridges as Zachary
Pip Torrens as Dot Pyxis
Keith Shadis
Jessica Chastain as Petra Rall
Barry Kheogan as Oruo Bozad
Marlowe Freudenberg
Timothy Olyphant as Eren Kruger

Derek Mears as The Colossus Titan

The people that haven’t been casted, I may come back to later, but I feel this is a good amount to post.  I may add pictures later.

I tried to trend younger with the casting of the young characters, which meant that there were a lot I couldn’t find good actors for as it’s kinda hard to look up younger actors.  I wouldn’t have minded making the cast more diverse (which would open up more options for actors) but it just wouldn’t make sense in-story.  When I do fan castings, I try to cast people I like even if they might not be the conventional choice for the role - for instance, Corey Stoll seems too young to be playing Grisha considering that Zeke needs to be his son, but too old to be playing pre-walls Grisha when he’d need to look younger than Timothy Olyphant. But I like Corey Stoll, so I want to cast him. Natalie Brown, not a very well-known actress, being cast as Carla is just a reference to The Strain where she’s Corey Stoll’s ex-wife.  Patrick Stewart is the popular choice for Pyxis and could still be in the right age range, but I watched Pip Torrens in Preacher and he’s cool. Imagining this series as being directed by Andy Muschietti (who did the IT movies) also informed some of my casting choices.

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Fan casting

I still stand that Tom Hardy or an unknown should play Harry, but hear me out Robert Downey Jr.:


Originally posted by kylmatalvi

Like yes he’s a world famous actor know the world over for a small role that like no one has ever heard of:


Originally posted by starkked

But honestly it wasn’t that that made me peg him as a solid Dresden pick. It was actually in watching Sherlock Holmes of all things.


Originally posted by van-dyne

Because take the eccentric genius element out. And he plays a scrappy detective with a nasty habit of leveling whole buildings with a long suffering companion and a massive authority complex and excellent improvisor. Even then let’s take RDJ’s background as a person:


Originally posted by kazurye

He was considered an untouchable and a liability until Iron Man. Similar to Harry he grapples with internal demons that can tempt him down a very dark path and knows what it’s like to be cast aside by the community that was supposed to embrace you. Sure he’s not a perfect pick and is waaaay too famous for the role, but if somehow he got cast I’d be pretty jazzed.

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As Elphaba…
Samantha Barks
Or Phillipa Soo
Or Colleen Ballinger

As Glinda…
Dove Cameron
Or Amanda Seyfried
Or Kristen Bell

As Fiyero…
Darren Chris
Or Aaron Tveit
Or Jonathon Groff

As the Wizard…
Joel Grey
Or Hugh Jackman

As Madame Morrible…
Meryl Streep
Or Queen Latifah
Or Lesli Margherita

As Doctor Dillamond…
Morgan Freeman

As Boq…
Chris Colfer
Or Daniel Radcliffe
Or Ben Platt

As Nessarose…
Sofia Carson

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Only Pattinson is real. The rest is my fan casting.

Robert Pattinson - Bruce Wayne/Batman

Vanessa Kirby - Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Bryan Cranston - Jim Gordon

Pierce Brosnan - Alfred Pennyworth

Bill Skarsgard - Joker

Jim Parsons - Edward Nigma/The Riddler

Jamie Foxx - Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Josh Gadd - Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin

Rose Lesile - Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

Ken Watanabe - Hugo Strange

Michael Cera - Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
- The reason I chose Cera as Scarecrow is because of Crane from the Animated Series. I just see a match.

I will probably add more once I find the right people I feel right.
I’m working on Harley Quinn. 

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