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04.03.2020- My set-up at the kitchen table for my microecon exam! Still haven’t been able to actually clean off all the junk from my desk, and I need to find another place for my printer. Hopefully, I can figure all that out this weekend.

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I am so pissed off, because I just realized something.. before my final project (exam) started, my mentor sent me an e-mail saying that my last project was so bad that I had no chance of passing my exam year. I had worked so hard for my past projects that I only scored high grades. The last project just wasn’t explained very well and I literally followed the rules they put on the school website.

Now, whenever I grab my laptop to start working on my exam. I just get so unmotivated and stressed, because I keep getting this feeling as if I am going to fail. I feel like everything I do is somehow wrong and I don’t know how to do things correctly.

Like, I get so scared to even start working, because I automatically get anxious. The schools are closed, so I can’t show my work to another teacher to get feedback.

Talk about being a mentor😒 (can I just get a mentor like Ezio-AC or Six-R6S)

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i’ve been so excited (and restless) about my switch coming that i forgot how absolutely doomed i am for finals! i neglected my studies to watch animal crossing/pokemon videos and i think by the time my switch comes, i’m not gonna be able to play because i’ll need to study haha

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03/28/20 | some ideas to keep busy at home:

  • take personality quizzes online (self-awareness is key)
  • write to your future children about the current pandemic
  • write songs or poems
  • go through past journals or diaries
  • reorganize stuff in your bedroom (to change things up a little bit)
  • record a podcast episode (you don’t have to post it)
  • exercise or do yoga (your brain and body will thank you)
  • play Sims or Minecraft
  • find new music
  • orrrr just binge-watch something on Netflix (my recommendations: Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, Minimalist Documentary, What The Health Documentary and The Ted Bundy Tapes)

stay safe everyone! this too shall pass 🌅

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8:42 PM

About to watch the last 2 episodes of Clone Wars S3.

Got a mail from the school. Since the UK cancelled all their exams they’re going to get a grade based on previous exams.

I want that here too! I don’t want to write the exams in May.

I’d rather they do it like in London.

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So quick update on why the hell I’ve been gone without any notice;

  • Coronavirus: our school got completely turned upside down, i.e. we don’t have school anymore, it’s closed, and there’s generally been lots of change in my life due to that
  • Finals: hell yeah, smack dab in the middle of it all I’ve had my finals and studying for them took tons of my time up, but I’m officially done with the written part now and the oral part isn’t until June, which means I can finally relax a bit
  • Literally Life: and finally, due to having a ton of free time (which I didn’t exclusively use for studying) I’ve been doing lots of things like learning languages and playing video games and generally procrastinating, which sadly didn’t include my blog.

so yeah. that’s the general gist of it.

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okay so my examweek got cancelled/moved again. it’s all a bit vague, i guess i’m going to hear today if my finals will be cancelled or not. if they’re cancelled idk what i should do with this account, i want to learn spanish though so i might show my progress with learning on here or smth? or i could do some rants but i doubt anyone would read it aha. anyways, take care loves. 🤙🏼✨

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when I’m doing my coursework I try v hard to steer clear of the news + social media because they’re just full of what’s going on at the moment. it seems important to keep well informed - but it also seems important to try and do my coursework as best as I can, so that my priority this week (it’s due tomorrow though, and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself after that). however, while we’re all at home I’ll be filling my blog with wfh content - not reposting any photos of cafes or libraries, just bedrooms, home offices and kitchen tables! Its important that your space feels right, because you might be crammed in with five or six other people trying to work from home as well! (to that end, if you were going to spend some money on something that you don’t really need for your desk but have wanted for a while, consider this your sign! what else are you going to spend it on!) - in this weird and scary time we can’t do much, but for those of us who have taken the whole of university back to their dining room table, we can at least remind each other that it’s possible! big love gang 

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- there’s a global pandemic going on

- my finals are still two weeks away, so i guess it’s not a total mess here… yet

- my modules are pretty interesting, would love them more if they weren’t graded

- what do people even mean when they say someone is “Asian”?… thoughts

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03/23/20 | staying productive while in quarantine. 📑🌌

stay safe everyone! ✨

you’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you desire

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