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28/05/2020 -> It’s official my dudes, I ended this semester! And with good grades😊. I’m really glad I finally have holidays!
For all the socialpolitical situation here and all, even before the quarantine and that, it was a super long semester. So yes, glad it’s over.
Let’s see what the next one will be like, I hope it’s good.

Hope you all are fine💖 Pls take care~

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Help an introverted art student out

Hello everyone, finals are coming up and the topic will be “party/fest/festival” anything to do with that. I gotta practice some things but I think the last festive thing I went to was my mother’s wedding so…

If you want to, please send me pictures, prompts, experiences, feelings, anything that makes you feel of parties or festive things! From silly party heads to beautiful dresses, how your culture views parties and your last birthday!

Anything is welcome because it’s a big topic and I’d love to learn! (and be accurate in my exam in 3 weeks) And I really don’t just wanna practice mainstream boring things so I’ll love you to the moon and back if you could help me ✨

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just finished a final… a retake actually. i was able to get all but one (1) function down, please pray that i passed y’all

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reflecting on my microeconomics class; honestly it was a struggle but i feel like for the first time i was more preoccupied with learning new concepts and actually enjoying them rather than freaking out over the grade (: though the grade i got was not as high as i wanted, i still learned a lot more in this class and enjoyed it significantly more than any of the other classes that i took this semester and at the end of the day, i think thats all that matters

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Tough Schedule

Boy Meets World Masterlist

Okay, here’s just a little tiny snippet of BMW. It’s only about 300 words but I was trying to break up all the angsty scenes, so here you have it! This episode makes me laugh.

“Okay, Mr. Kelly, we go to school all year long, n’ I’ll be honest, we don’t like it.” The next thing Kelly new he was surrounded by a group of frustrated high school kids, all staring at him as DaSilva spoke. Tony was behind him.

All he’d done was walk out of his classroom.

“And now it’s the end of the year,” Albert continued. “And now we gotta take finals about stuff we already learned and naturally forget about!” Jack resisted the urge to laugh. “Why does Kloppman like torturing us?!”

The group closed in on him waiting for an answer. And the teacher sighed. He knew one day being all these kids’ favorite teacher would come back to bite him. He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. “You got a point, DaSilva?”

“Well yeah!” the boy cried. “We are very upset!”

“Yeah…” the group agreed in unison.

With a scoff, Jack shook his head. “Yeah, it’s a tough schedule. Get used to it. That’s life.”

“Jack, people are starting to crack!” Tony argued.

Jack turned to him and glared. But Race didn’t back down.

That’s just about when JoJo walked past them, muttering all the elements of the periodic table as she entered into the classroom beside them, never once blinking.

Albert threw his arms up. “She’s not even in chemistry!”

“It’s a conspiracy, man!” Race argued, moving to stand beside his best friend. “It’s like when the government refused ta tell us about the aliens livin’ at my old trailer park!” Jack adored the kid. But he could help but think he might be insane.

That is, before Albert leaned over and asked, “The Monroes?”

Race nodded. “N’ their little dog too…”

Albert pondered that for a moment before turning back to his teacher. “Look, it’s bad enough we gotta take all these finals, but why does he have ta jam ‘em all together?”

Jack sighed, thinking about it for a moment before shrugging. “Alright, look, ya may have a point. I’ll talk ta Kloppman…” he stated.

Race grinned up at him. Albert did too.

These kids would be the death of him.

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Day 18: hey, it’s been a while since I post anything here. I’ve been working on my final essay about Disney Company so I didn’t have time to post here🌻 By the way, I passed my Law exam!!! Yay!✨ I was nervous because my internet failed in the last minute but it seems like nothing bad happened😅

Pd: the third photo is my last purchase from Stradivarius

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