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#first smut
sundowntilnight · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters : Simpbur + Y/N / Reader
What : Dom Reader + AFAB GN Reader? (Can that be possible? Let me know.) , Sub Simpbur
CW : Bondage, blind folding , some small mention of Breeding Kink (receiving), edging kinda , stalker-ish behavior from Simpbur
Tumblr media
Simpbur was known to many as, a stalker! The weird guy! Simp, even. He’s forgotten his own name, his new one being a joke/nickname people called him, ‘Simpbur’.
And he didn’t really care.
Because you didn’t care.
And here he was, on a tree branch, as he watched, from the window, you changing.
His eyes would travel up and down from your chest to your waist, almost hungrily, starved.
He couldn’t help it. His hand started to travel down his pants, fumbling to unzip the zipper, as he started to jack off, trying to keep quiet because despite being outside, you can still hear stuff that’s going on from the inside. He knew this when he yelled too loudly and you had gone outside to investigate.
He didn’t want that happening again.
Unfortunately, he failed to notice how you saw a leg come out the tree, before you squat down and saw him jacking off, with the leaves barely covering him.
You blush brightly, not expecting this, but then you smirk. It was.. enticing. You then knock on the window, causing him to scream and freeze, falling out of the tree.
He panics, scrambling up, trying to hurry to get out of there, as he hears footsteps- you had gotten outside already? He’s impressed. But as soon as he got up, he’s sat back down, by none other than you.
“So, what were you doing, Creepo?” You smirk, as his face grew hot, trying to think of an excuse.
“I- well, uhm- you see- Y/N- it’s- it’s not what it looks like-“
“Oh, so I didn’t see you jerk off to me changing?” Simpbur started squirming, as you leaned forward, your stomach just barely touching the tip of his still wide in the open cock.
He let out a soft and dirty gasp, as you blink, leaning back, causing him to whimper a bit, shoving his waist forward, making his dick lean to the front, getting more hard.
You giggle. “Aww, is our little dirtbag getting needy~? You really want to do it outside~?” You smile, as you move your hand, your fingers just BARELY touching his length, he shuddered, feeling the air from the movement.
“Pl- Please- gah-“
“Not yet.” You pull away, standing up. “How about you get inside, it seems you already know where my room is, from stalking me, so go on in. I’ll come up shortly.”
His eyes go wide, as he struggles to get up, the pain of his erection getting more and more noticeable.
He staggered forward, going inside and to your room, throwing himself on there.
He knew he had to wait, but he couldn’t help grinding against your pillow, it smelled so much like you. Simpbur moaned, shaking so much.
“Hey. No.” He stops, seeing you walked in with a few items. He backed away from the pillow, sitting upright.
You instruct Simpbur to hold his hands up, and he did. You tied them both to the bed stand, humming as you could feel him getting more and more needy, noticing this by his whines getting louder.
“Just a moment, almost done~!” You then get your shirt, tying it around his eyes so he couldn’t see.
He started whining about this. “Wait- wait no-“
“Shh, it’s okay! I’m here, besides, you like that right..?”
He thinks about it, before nodding.
He feels your body move away from him, beginning to panic, as he humps the air. Just then, a pair of hands pin his waist down, and before he could Yelp, you had came down all the way to the hilt of his cock.
To say he felt ecstasy at that moment was an understatement-
He felt like he was in fucking HEAVEN.
He moaned, “Ga-! hah- ngh~.. oh- oh gods- this feels- it feels amaZINGH-!!” He arched his back, as you slid up and down on his cock.
Moans slipped from his mouth, the fact he wasn’t able to see this was killing him.
“Pleas- mm- pleeeaaaasseee-...”
“Awww, look at you!! So cute!” You coo, as it sparked something in him, causing him to thrust as soon as you slide down.
You gasp, moaning loudly, as your back arches. “oH, yes~!!” You squeal.
He loved hearing your moans, about to thrust more, before you ripped your shirt off, giving him back his ability to see.
He finally sees your beautiful body.
“My- My GodDESS- AH- MM- please- please give me mercy- please my goddess-“
You smirk, as you lean forward, marking his shoulder.
You sink your teeth into his shoulder, biting hard to make sure he could see it later.
He gasped and cried,as you pull away with a pop.
“I’m- im gonna cum-!” He screamed, as you frown, slipping off.
He was shocked, his chest rising and falling, glancing at you. “Ah- wh- why’d you stop-...?”
You didn’t answer, only making him more needier and worried, as he started to get off by squeezing his thighs together.
“Wh- why aren’t you- why’d you stop-?” He mumbled.
“Do you want to breed your goddess~?”
His head snapped to look at you in awe. Such a question.
To be fair, he had a thing for those kind of stuff.
He nods rapidly, a string of pleads spilling from his mouth, as you grin.
“Please say it verbally, Simpbur...”
Simpbur’s eyes go wide, as he begged.
“Please- please my goddess- my queen- please let me fill you up, I’ll take good care of you, please I beg of you-“
“Alright then.” You nod, leading his hands to your hip, letting him take control.
He gripped your hips, moving you over to his cock, the tip teasing your entrance, before shoving you down, thrusting you up and down with such intense speed.
“AH- GAH- NGHMM- YES~!! Good boy~!” The praise made him go faster.
You were in heaven.
You had known that he liked you, in a obsessive way. You cooed at it sometimes, wanting to imagine that angry and possessive face looking so fucked out, and here you were, witnessing it.
“M gonna cum-!” That stir you from your stupor, as you look at him with a snicker.
“Fill me up, all the way~! Make sure none comes out, if so, then we’ll have to do it again, but, you would like that huh~?”
He wasn’t paying attention to you, moaning, as he slammed you down, your eyes going wide, feeling your orgasm play out, in sync with his.
When your high came crashing down, you looked at Simpbur.
He was so beautiful, seeing his face so tired, so sweaty, so red.
You then loooked down at where you both were connected, and saw some cum leak out.
You tsk in disappointment, as he opened his eyes, seeing what you saw, as his face darkened.
“Bad boy, you let some cum out..” you sigh. “Guess we’ll have to do it again..”
I know this sucks! I’m sorry, this is my first smutshot :(
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twoghostsfromeden · 6 months ago
Don’t blame me for falling
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: You never had problems with your eyesight, until your best friend started working for Dr. Evans. After that, your best friend spent her time convincing you that you needed to have an eye exam. When you finally give in, you find that Dr. Evans gives his first-time patients a special treat.
Word count: ~ 4k (oops)
Warnings: Smut. Fingering. Oral sex. Degradation. Dumbification? Medical kink? 
Note: This is my first Chris Evans fic and it is slightly based off of my own experience with a very hot eye doctor
“For the millionth time— I do NOT need an eye exam,” You insist, rolling your eyes. You lean back against the couch, propping your socked feet up on the table in front of you. Your best friend, Millie, has been trying to get you to come to her new job.
She recently started working for an eye doctor, which means she’s also working for the hottest doctor around town.
Or so she says.
“Y/N, I will pay you to get an exam done. I just need you to see how beautiful this man is,” She urges. You pout your lips, crossing your arms over your chest. It’s not that you don’t want to see this beautiful man, it’s just that, well... You’re awkward around guys.
You’ve gone on your fair share of dates and even had a couple of one-night stands, but you’d never felt comfortable talking to men. Especially when they’re older than you.
But if you’re being honest, you are curious about the mysterious doctor. Millie knows nothing about him, except that he’s obsessed with his dog. You twist the necklace hanging from your neck, gnawing on your lip.
What’s the worst that could happen?
You sigh, closing your eyes. “Fine, make me an appointment,”
You take one last anxious look in your rear-view mirror, reassuring yourself that you look somewhat presentable. You settled for a simple dress, not wanting to overheat in your typical tight jeans.
“Here goes nothing,” You mutter, gathering your keys. You walk to the glass doors, scowling at your reflection. Why did you even come? You deserve a hook-up, it’s been way too long since you’ve had one.
But do you seriously think a rich, young doctor is going to look your way?
You shake your head, attempting to ignore your own thoughts. You’re here already, there’s no point in turning around now. Once you push past the doors, you’re greeted by your best friend. She’s sitting behind the counter, typing away at her computer.
Millie looks up from the screen, handing you a stack of papers. She rolls a pen across the counter-top, giving you an excited smile. “Fill this out for me and then I’ll tell Dr. Evans that you’re ready,” She explains.
You take the papers, tucking them against your chest. “Millie, I don’t know about this anymore,” You whisper, your eyes darting around the room. You see several young women up front, but no one that you suspect is Dr. Evans.
“Don’t be such a wuss! He’s harmless. He’s only going to look at your eyes, it’s not like he’s your gynecologist.”
Your face turns bright red, memories of your last gynecologist appointment. The doctor was horribly rude and invasive, leaving you scrambling out before they could even finish the exam.
Maybe the eye appointment won’t go as bad.
“If this goes horrible, I’m never going to let you be my wingman again,” You threaten, watching as Millie playfully rolls her eyes. You take the papers to your seat, propping them up on your knee. You breeze through the general health questions, checking boxes and crossing x’s through most.
You sign what seems like hundreds of papers before handing them back over to Millie. She glances over the paperwork, smiling back up at you. “He’ll be out shortly,”
You trudge back to your seat in the corner, your fingers mindlessly scrolling through social media, doing anything to keep your mind from running rampant with worst-case scenarios. By the time you hear a strange voice calling your name, you’ve almost forgotten what you were even here for.
“Miss Y/L/N?” The doctor calls out, his fingers curling around the clipboard. Your eyes pop up from your screen, meeting the dress shoes on the floor. From there, your eyes take in the tight black pants, the fitted white dress shirt, and the patterned tie. Once your eyes land on the face of the doctor, you can feel your stomach flipping.
You gulp, eagerly nodding your head. “Y-Yes, that’s me,” You breathe out, struggling to convince your feet to start moving. You’ve suddenly forgotten how to act in public, your brain focused on the hot doctor in front of you.
Dr. Evans smiles, flashing his white teeth at you. He nods toward the back, turning to walk away. “You can follow me,”
You quickly gather your things, following his thundering footsteps down to the first exam room. You can’t help but notice his amazing ass, framed by his pants. The belt around his waist pulls everything together, your mouth practically dripping.
“I saw on your file that this is your first time?” Dr. Evans says, glancing over his shoulder. He stops in front of the door, his hand resting on the knob. Your cheeks turn bright red, your feet stopping just short of Dr. Evans’.
You can’t help but notice his broad shoulders, seemingly trapped in his tight shirt. You’d give anything to see him without a shirt. He must be heaven-sent.
“Getting an eye exam, I mean,” Dr. Evans says, his pink lips curling up into a smirk. He knows what he’s doing. You’re such a sweet girl, such a good girl. He could tell by the way your eyes fluttered up to him when he called your name. He could tell by the way you followed his footsteps, stopping as soon as he stopped, like he was in control of your movements.
“Yes,” You answer, your mouth suddenly drier than any desert you learned about in school. You don’t know what it is about this man that’s making you go crazy, but you’ve never been this bad around a man.
Sure, you’ve never been confident or been able to to talk to a man without stuttering, but you’ve never been so... Enamored.
Dr. Evans opens the door, motioning you to sit in the chair. He makes his way around the desk, sitting in his chair. “Why start now?” He asks, adjusting the knobs on the slit lamp.
“I’ve been having more headaches, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to my eyesight,” You lie, placing your chin in the equipment. Dr. Evans hums, leaning down until he can get a good look at your eye through the lens. “Can you see the dot?”
You squint your eyes until you can see the orange dot, nodding your head. He flips through several other modes until the dot becomes non-existent. When you lean back from the equipment, you watch as his hands move to write down notes. His hands are huge, his knuckles big and veiny.
“Now, I’m going to test your eye pressure,” He explains, standing up. He’s holding something that looks like a no contact thermometer. He moves toward you, pointing at the black dot on the wall. “Keep your eyes on the dot. This won’t hurt, but it might be uncomfortable,”
You nod, resting your hands on your lap. Dr. Evans squats down in front of you, eye-level with you now. He rests his free hand on your knee, sending a hot flash straight to your core. The way Dr. Evans looks up at you with a smirk convinces you that he can feel the warmth.
You lock your eyes onto the dot on the wall, your cheeks red. Dr. Evans positions the equipment in front of your eye, pressing the button. The device blows a puff of air into your eye, causing you to blink.
“We’ll try again,” Dr. Evans says, keeping his eyes on you. The skin underneath is hand is radiating warmth, making him wish he could read your mind. Down here, he can practically smell your arousal, making his mouth water.
He presses the button again, watching as your jerk your head back and blink. “I’m sorry,” You say, chewing on the inside of your cheek. It’s a horrible habit you picked up from your mother, leaving scars lined up on your cheeks.
You feel silly for apologizing, but you can see the disappointment on his face. It’s almost enough to cause tears, but you blink away any possibility of that.
He gives you a soft smile, reaching back and cupping the back of your neck. “I’m going to hold your head so you can’t pull away, alright?” He explains, watching as you nod.
Your eagerness to please causes his mouth to water, wondering if you’re always this submissive, or if it’s only for him.
You take a deep breath, your heart fluttering at the contact. His hand is strong against your neck, the rings on his fingers sending shivers down your spine. There’s something about his touch that’s so… Domineering.
Dr. Evans presses the button again, watching as your work to keep your eye open. You fight back a blink, not wanting to disappoint him again. He smiles, moving the object to your other eye. “There you go. Just needed someone to keep you in place, yeah?” He asks.
You’re thankful he moved his hand from your knee to the back of your neck, because you’re sure if he hadn’t, he’d be able to feel the slickness between your thighs trickling down your legs. You’re not sure what it is, but something about your doctor is driving you crazy.
“I guess,” You answer, chuckling lightly. He keeps his hand on the back of your neck, squeezing lightly. He presses the button on the device, sending another puff of air into your eye. You don’t pull away this time, his hand keeping you in your place.
“Dr. Evans? There’s a patient up front, she says there’s something wrong with her bill,” A female voice calls out, causing Dr. Evans to turn his head. He sighs, turning back to you.
“I’m busy. Can’t you handle it?”
The woman leans against the doorframe, crossing her arms over her chest. “I tried. She wants you,” She says.
Your doctor sighs, patting his hand on your knee. “Dr. Lee will finish up your exam.” He informs you, standing up. You can’t ignore the way you feel when Dr. Evans walks out of the room, leaving you with the new doctor.
You also can’t ignore the way Dr. Evans wanted to stay with you, he wanted to be the one to give you your eye exam.
Your attention is brought back to the new doctor, leaving you to push away your thoughts.
After the eye exam, you learned that you needed glasses. You’re now scanning the shelves to find any glasses you like, trying to ignore Millie blowing your phone up. You know she’s just being nosey about Dr. Evans, but there’s really nothing to tell her.
“Having trouble finding ones you like?” A deep voice asks, causing you to look over your shoulder. You see Dr. Evans towering over you, smiling down at you.
“Yeah, actually.” You answer, watching as he nods back down the hall.
“Follow me, I might have some in my office you like,” He says. He turns and walks down the hall, chuckling to himself when he hears you following him like an obedient puppy. After Dr. Lee took over your exam, he was left alone in his office, imagining a million different ways he wanted to fuck you.
You’re dripping with obedience, you’re practically begging for someone to tell you what to do.
It’s amazing.
Once he reaches his office, he motions for you to sit in front of his desk. You do, crossing your legs. You watch as he rum ages through one of his cabinets, pulling out a tray of new glasses. He sits across from you, pushing the tray your way.
“What do you think about these?” He asks, watching as you pick up a pair. You try them on, scrunching your nose. You’ve never worn glasses, so it’s going to take you a while to get used to it.
You look in the mirror on his desk, frowning. “I don’t think I’m the kind of person that looks good in glasses,” You say, watching as he furrows his eyebrows.
How can you not see how absolutely delicious you look?
“For the record, I think you look great,” He says, earning a blush from you. “But if you don’t want to wear glasses, we can always try contacts,”
“Oh, I don’t think I’d be able to wear contacts,” You answer, shaking your head. You hate things getting close to your eyes. You’ll just have to settle for glasses.
“Come on, I’ll even put some in myself so you can watch me first,” Dr. Evans says, standing up. He not only grabs a box of contacts, but he shuts his office door, forcing your imagination to run wild.
“Okay…” You mutter, watching him sit back down in front of you. He opens a box, pulling out two contacts. You watch him as he scoops the contact onto his finger, bringing it up to his eye.
The whole time, he’s talking you through it, his voice soothing you. He has a voice that commands attention, making him the only thing you can think about.
“Your turn,” He says, pushing the contacts over to your side of the desk. You scoop up the contact, bringing it up to your eye. You do just as he did, holding your eyelid open. As soon as you go to touch your eye, you drop the contact.
Dr. Evans sighs, handing you another contact. You swallow the lump in your throat, trying again. You’re not sure if it’s the way he’s staring at you or your fear of disappointing him again, but you get it on the second try.
Dr. Evans smiles, shooting you another grin. “Alright, try the other eye!” He encourages you, watching you carefully. You repeat the motion again, getting it on the first try.
“Good girl,” Dr. Evans mutters, his eyes focused on you. He can feel his cock twitching in his pants, desperate to get a taste of you.
You can’t help it this time. You’ve held in all of your whimpers and moans, you can’t stop it this time. As soon as the words pass his lips, you let out a quiet moan. Dr. Evans catches it, licking his lips as he watches your cheeks heat up.
“You like being called a good girl, huh?” He asks, leaning forward. His elbows are resting on the desk, his fingers clasped in front of him.
You can’t believe this is happening, but you don’t have time to question it before another moan slips out of your mouth. You nod eagerly, your lip pouting. “Yes, Dr. Evans,” You answer, watching as he chuckles, shaking his head.
“As much as I love the sound of that, I want to hear you whimpering my name,” He says, leaning back in his chair. He spreads his legs, resting his hand on his knee. He uses his free hand to point at the floor, motioning you to crawl to him.
Your knees are on the ground before you can think twice about it, desperate to feel him inside of you. You place your hands on the ground, the humiliation only fueling your arousal. You slowly crawl to him, your eyes on him the whole time.
You catch a glimpse of his white coat, finally learning his first name.
Chris Evans.
As soon as you’re between his legs, his hand is on your jaw, tilting your head up. “Wanna feel that pretty mouth,” He grumbles, his thumb tracing the outline of your lower lip. You stick your tongue out, your eyelids fluttering closed. Chris slips his thumb in your mouth, the weight of it heavy on your tongue.
You use your tongue to swirl around the tip, taking it further in your mouth. You can hear Chris’s breathing pick up, signaling that you’re doing something right.
Chris watches you work your tongue over his thumb, using his other hand to unbutton and unzip his pants. His cock is throbbing, the tip angry and red. When you hear the zipper, you open your eyes, your mouth watering at the sight of his cock.
You take him in your hand, his hips bucking up at the feeling of you wrapped around him. Chris watches you stick your tongue out, slowly running its way around his tip, causing his jaw to go slack. He’s had his dick sucked plenty of times, but he’s never felt a mouth as good as yours.
You hum against his cock, taking him further into your mouth. As much as you want to take all of him down your throat, it’s impossible. So you use your hand to pump his cock as you swallow around his cock, listening to his breathy moans above you.
He tangles your hair in his hands, using your hair to move your head, almost fucking your mouth. He’s holding himself back, knowing you aren’t ready for him to let go completely.
That’ll have to come later.
“Such a filthy little girl… Sucking your doctor off in his office, anyone could walk in,” Chris moans, throwing his head back when he feels you swallow around him.
His words send you into overdrive, your thighs clenching together to relieve some of the pressure. When he notices this, he pulls you off of him, spit stringing from his cock to your swollen lips. “Need to see that pretty pussy,” He mutters, standing up.
Chris walks toward you, his eyes trained on you. You stand, paralyzed, in your spot, until he reaches a hand out, gently pushing you so your lower back is against his desk. Your pussy is throbbing, clenching around air.
“N-need you so bad, Chris,” You breathe out, your voice weak and needy. You’ve never heard yourself like this, so desperate.
Chris smirks, leaning forward and attaching his lips to yours. He grabs your jaw in his hand, gently squeezing as he prods his way into your mouth with his tongue. You feel his strong tongue massage yours, listening as he moans in your mouth.
He uses his grip on your jaw to push you onto the desk, your back on seemingly unimportant papers and documents. He bends down in front of you, eye-level with your soaked panties.
Thank god you wore your pretty panties.
Chris hooks his thumbs in the waistband of your panties, slowly pulling them down your long legs. Your arousal leaves a string from your panties to your throbbing center, distracting Chris from his actions. He leaves your panties around your ankles, his index finger swiping through your folds, collecting your sweet arousal.
“Oh, my sweet girl. You feel so fucking good,” He mutters, spreading you open with his thumb and index finger. Your legs are wide open, leaving you open and exposed.
You whimper on the desk, squirming and wiggling, doing anything to tell him that you need him. “Please,” You whine, watching as he smirks up at you.
“You need me to eat your sweet little cunt? Want me to play with your button, baby?” He asks, his voice deeper than it was when you first joined him in his office. You eagerly nod, throwing your head back against the desk when you feel his wet tongue running over your folds.
Your slick mixed with his spit has you shaking, loving the feeling of your arousal dripping down to your ass. Chris kisses your folds, attaching his lips to your swollen bud. Your eyes widen as you feel him suck on it, tugging gently.
You reach down, grabbing his brown hair in your hands, locking your legs onto his shoulders. You grind into his face, your back arched on the cold, wooden desk. Chris uses his free hand to reach up, grabbing a handful of your boob, his finger circling your nipple over the fabric of your dress.
You moan above him, feeling two of his long fingers into your center, immediately curling them. That, mixed with the sounds of him slurping your arousal, is enough to launch you into your orgasm.
“C-Chris! I’m… I’m com—“
Before you can finish the sentence, you hear Chris moan into your center, the vibrations too much for you to handle. You feel the pressure in your lower stomach subside, the feeling of pure euphoria washing over you. Your hands are still tangled in Chris’s hair, pulling and tugging as you ride out your orgasm.
Once Chris has cleaned you, he stands up, smirking. “Can’t wait to feel your cunt wrapped around me,” He mumbles, pushing his pants down just enough to give him room. His cock is still wet with your spit, so he gives himself a few pumps, before leaning over you.
He presses a quick kiss to your lips, allowing you to taste yourself. Chris pushes forward until you feel the head of his heaven sent cock prying its way through your folds, finally nudging into your slick hole.
Chris quietly moans, dropping his head to your neck, sucking on the skin there as he pushes his way in deeper. You feel yourself stretching around him, the burning sensation almost too much for you.
When he bottoms out, you both let out a throaty moan, relieved to feel each other. Chris props himself up with his arm, pulling almost all the way back out, before slamming back in. Your tits bounce in your dress, causing Chris to pull down the fabric.
He latches his mouth onto the swollen nipple, licking and sucking as he thrusts into you. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
“Such a good fucking girl,” Chris says, pulling away from your chest. He pushes your leg up to your chest, moaning at the new angle. You can almost see the bulge in your belly, making your eyes roll back into your head.
“Tell me how it feels,” Chris demands, his eyes locked onto you as he pulls out again.
“So good, it feels so good. Your cock is so big, baby,” You moan, wrapping your legs around his waist, digging your heels into his waist, trying to get him buried deeper inside of you.
Chris smirks, hovering over you and thrusting into you again. “You like getting fucked like a whore, huh?” He asks, wrapping his big hand around your throat. He adds pressure, watching you as you nod.
Chris quickly pulls out, using your throat to pull your back off of the desk. He turns you around, bending you over the desk. He keeps his hand on the back of your neck, using his other one to land a hard smack on your ass, moaning as he watches it jiggle.
He enters you again, earning a loud moan from you in this new position. You arch your back as he holds your neck, fucking into you relentlessly. “I think you like knowing anyone could walk in and see you getting fucked by a stranger. Is that right?” He asks, moaning as you clench around him.
You never thought you’d like being watched by someone else, but you can’t deny the way your head skinned when he mentioned it.
He tightens his grip on your neck, turning it so you’re looking at the door. “Want you to watch that door. Want you creaming all over my cock thinking about somebody watching me fuck you,” Chris says, fighting back another moan.
The thought of someone watching you be so obedient for him, so desperate for him, sends him into overdrive. He lets go of your neck, reaching around your body and pressing his thumb against your clit.
You moan out, your body trembling and shaking as your sent into your second orgasm. You keep your eyes on the door, not wanting to disappoint Chris. When he feels your pussy clenching around him, he throws his head back, giving you one last thrust.
Just as you feel the first spurt of cum painting your walls, you watch as the doorknob turns, sending panic through your body. “Dr. Evans, is everything al—“
You let out a breath of relief as you see Millie standing in the doorway, her lips parted and her eyes wide.
It could’ve been worse.
Chris keeps his eyes on you, only pulling out when he’s sure he’s finished. Millie turns to go back down the hall, shutting the door behind her. You stand up, pulling your dress down as you feel his cum dripping down your thighs.
Chris sits back in his chair, his legs spread, a cocky smile on his face. “Can’t wait for your next exam,”
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dani6279 · 4 months ago
Mama & Mommy
Wanda x Natasha x Reader
This is part of the “Loving a little series” reader is a little
Contains smut
Summary: Reader has a mama and mommy kink. What happens when it’s applied to the bedroom???
Notes: Okay first of all, I don’t care if you’re under 18 and read this. It’s not my decision on what you get to read. Also this is my first ever smut, please don’t judge. I was contemplating on even posting this one here, but I’m doing it for the people lol. Anyways don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Enjoy!!
Currently you were horny. Like extremely horny. Like you just watched porn and now your horny, horny.
It didn’t help that you were at dinner with everyone and Natasha’s and Wanda’s hand were on either one of your thighs.
Both Wanda and Natasha knew what they were doing to you. Before dinner they had promised you sex after dinner. You had mentioned something about it a while ago, but then Natahsa was whisked away on a mission.
She had just got back today and now they were touching you at the dinner table. Thankfully enough people we engaged in conversations that they didn’t hear you whimper.
“Behave yourself baby,” Natasha leaned over and whispered in your ear. You swallow down a whimper at her pet name. You were a little and loved your mama and mommy. Right now you were big though. And you definitely had a praise and mommy kink in bed. They don’t know that though.
After they tortured you through dinner you three finally made your way to your shared bedroom. Holding hands with them while you walked. When you open the door and walk in you find yourself pressed up against the door by Natasha.
She kisses you asking permission to your mouth. Your tongues tangle in a hot wet mess as you softly moan into the kiss. She pulls away making you whine as you try to chase her lips. She leads you over to stand by the bed.
Wanda, already naked comes over and starts sucking on your neck. She finds a spot where she can feel your heartbeat and sucks hard scrapping it with her teeth. You groan out having her sucking on your sensitive spot.
Wanda only stops sucking on your neck when Natasha pulls off your shirt and bra. You feel the cool air of the room hit your nipples hardening them instantly. Wanda makes her way down your body giving you kisses on your chest before she reaches her destination.
You feel Wanda’s mouth on your right nipple, sucking on it. You cry out and arch into her when you feel her tug on it with her teeth. Natasha had undressed while Wanda kept you busy. You rake your hands through her hair as she continues to suck on your breast like a baby.
You feel Natasha coming behind you, her hard nipples pressing into your back. You moan when she takes her hand to pull on the nipple that wasn’t being occupied by Wanda.
“You’ve been such a good girl for us today,” Natasha says to you as she sucks on your ear. You let out a desperate whine loving the way Natasha praises you.
“You like that baby? Got a praise kink?” She asks you, sinking her teeth into your earlobe. You let out a guttural moan shaking your head confirming that you do indeed have a praise kink.
“What other kinks do you have, baby?” You feel Wanda switch breasts and give it the same treatment she did the other one. You feel her swirl her tongue around your areola before she lays it flat against your nipple. You whine and push her head closer to your chest.
“Baby?” Natasha asks.
“Mommy kink,” you say through sets of moans. Wanda stops what she’s doing to look up at you.
“What?” you say as suddenly they both stop what they’re doing.
“You have a mommy kink?” Wanda asks you, you suddenly feel like the room is too hot as you blush. You feel like you're exposed and have the sudden urge to cover yourself up.
“Hey,” Natasha says coming to your front,
“There’s nothing wrong with that, we just want to make sure you don’t switch on us during it,” Natahsa explains to you.
“Ohhh, no I won’t, I promise. That’s not how it works, I don’t think…” You say.
“Okay, you sure?” Wanda asks you.
“Yes, I’m positive, sometimes when I’m big and you call me ‘baby girl’ it gets me wet,” you say shyly, blushing a bright red.
“Yeah baby?” Wanda says as she pulls down your shorts.
“Yes what?” Natasha says.
“Yes mama,” you say.
“Good girl,” Wanda says and you try to stop the moan that comes out of your mouth but you're too late. Those two words make you so wet. You know that you’ve soaked your panties by how they are sticking uncomfortably to you.
Wanda takes off your panties and lays you down on the bed. She joins you on the bed and you feel her soft lips against yours. You feel her settle on your thigh, feeling just how wet and worked up she is.
Moaning into your mouth, Wanda starts rubbing herself against your thigh. You moan into her mouth feeling her wetness spreading against you. You rip your mouth from hers to take a breath.
“Mama, please,” You whine hearing her moan into your ear. Her moans make you so wet, her voice sounds like crushed velvet when she’s like this.
“Please what baby girl?” Wanda asks you through pants.
“Wanna taste you.” Wanda stops and moves up to the headboard. She settles herself above your face and you grab her hips lowering her down. You can smell how wet she is, she smells heavenly.
You lick a stripe all the way from her pussy to her clit. She tastes even better than she smells and your mouth waters for more.
You push your face against Wanda’s center nuzzling and pushing your tongue into her. You feel Natasha rub her fingers against your wet folds causing you to moan into Wanda’s core making her moan louder. You move your tongue wildly inside Wanda, listening as her moans and cries get louder. You can feel her getting close so you move up to her clit. Circling your tongue around her pulsing bud you wrap your lips around it. Sucking her clit vigorously you feel her clench start to tremble, she’s so close. You fling her over the edge when you scrape your teeth over her bud.
“Baby girl!!!” Wanda screams as you make her come. You use soft kitten licks to clean her up loving the taste of her cum. Natasha enters you with her finger letting you get used to the feeling of her inside you before she starts to move.
“Baby girl, you’re so tight,” Natasha groans into your ear. You cry out at her words feeling her start to move inside you. Natasha can feel that rough spot inside you and she curls her finger into you.
“Mommy!!!” You scream out in ecstasy.
“You like that baby girl? Like when mommy curls her fingers into your rough spot?”
“Yesss,” you hiss out. You can feel Mommy abuse your g-spot.
“You’re such a good little girl,” Natasha says earning her a scream.
“Mommy! Mommy please,” you whine as you feel the start of your orgasim coming. You feel the pads of her finger stroke against your g-spot, over and over again.
“Such a sweet little girl for mommy” Natasha says, making you scream as you're thrown over the edge.
“That’s it baby, that’s it,” Natahsa praises you.
“Such a good girl for mommy,” You whimper, already wanting more.
“Mommy wanna feel you against me,” Nat gives you a puzzled look.
“Wanna feel your pussy against mine” You whine out as you sit up.
“Oh, okay baby girl.” Natasha gets up and lifts your right leg so it's over her left and her right leg is over your left. She slides you together. You let out twin moans as your pussy meets hers.
“You like that baby girl? Like feeling mommy’s pussy against yours”
“Yes oooh yes” You practically cry out.
You grind your pussy against hers feeling her clit bump against yours. You can hear her moans in your ear and it only makes you wetter.
“You’re so wet. You gonna come for me baby girl?” Natasha pants out.
“Yes come with me please”
“Are you close?”
You shake your head, loving the way Natasha’s skin feels rubbing against you. If you could die with her skin pressing against yours you’d die happy. It takes one, two, three strokes of Natasha’s clit against yours to come.
“Mommy!!” You scream, cumming. Feeling you come against her, Natasha cums too with a silent scream.
You and Tasha lay there breathing heavily for a while until Wanda speaks up.
“Can you do one more for mommy and mama, baby girl?” She asks you. You shake your head yes.
“Okay.” The next thing you feel is mama’s finger at your entrance. She gathers some of your’s and Nat’s cum on her fingers before pushing it into you. You moan softly, her finger smaller than Natasha’s. Then you feel another finger at your entrance.
Your eyes widen and you let out a high pitched moan, as you feel Tasha’s finger start to enter you too.
“Does that feel good baby girl, having mama and mommy inside you?” You shake your head vigorously as you clench around them. You moan because you can feel each of their fingers inside you when you clench. It’s so hot having them in you at the same time.
They both curl their fingers into your g-spot, knowing that you absolutely love having it tortured and rubbed.
“Mama, mommy,” You moan loudly, you are so sensitive.
“We love you baby girl,” They say as they start rubbing at you faster and you fall apart screaming. They don’t stop though scraping their nails roughly against your spot sending you into another orgasim squirting all over their wrists.
“You did so well baby girl,” You hear Wanda say. You have your eyes closed but you can hear the smile in her voice, and you smile happily. Wanda goes to start the bath, when she comes back she has a water bottle in her hand and makes you drink half of it. You’re so sleepy and spent. You close your eyes just for a second opening them when you feel Natasha pick you up and carry you to the bathroom.
Wanda and Natasha clean you off and bring you back to bed where you are cuddled up between them.
“I love you too” You say as you snuggle into Wanda, head on her chest while Natasha holds you from behind. You close your eyes as they hold you close and whisper sweet nothings into your ear.
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imbuckybarnesdoll · 2 months ago
𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘽.𝘽
warning: 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵 𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗳𝗳 𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗱. (𝗦𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗶𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗺 𝗮 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗹𝗮𝘇𝘆 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻 𝗹𝗼𝗹) 18+ IF YOU ARE YOUNGER PLS GO AWAY (ik y'all not listening anyways) ENJOY HOES!! P. S: this is my first smut in here so don't you dare judge it thank you
Tumblr media
You were laid in bed, waiting for Bucky to come home from his three week mission. Tonight was the night he was supposed to come home. You were also really horny so you were impatient and excited. But eventually you got tired before you could close your eyes you heard the the lock turn and the door open. You shot out of bed and ran into the living room.
"Bucky!!", You ran up to him and jumped into his arms. Bucky hugged you tightly but eventually let go.
"Hey doll..", he said with a tired voice.
"Hey", you give him a heartwarming smile then you hugged him again.
You lifted your head from his chest and kissed him. He kissed you back and then pulled away.
"I'm tired", he said with that adorable sleepy voice.
" C'mon baby. I'll run you a bath",  you said walking inside to the bathroom to run the nice and warm bath.
After Bucky's bath he sat down on the edge of the bed and called you over,"C'mere  doll".
You walked over to him and he pulled you onto his lap. You leaned down and kissed him passionately. When the kiss got heated Bucky pulled away. Again.
"Doll, I'm tired...", He said as his head laid in the crook of your neck.
You felt really terrible. 'Of course he was going to be tired!! He just came back from a three week mission you idiot!! You're a horny fuck you know that!!', you thought to yourself.
"Aww baby go on, go sleep", you gave him a peck on the lips and moved to get off his lap, but he held you there.
"No, I ... I want to make you feel good", he said now, looking at you.
"Baby you don't have to it's fine-", you were cut off by Bucky's lips crashing into yours.
When he finally pulled away he moved you to sit on his thigh.
"Make yourself feel good baby, I want you to feel good", he moved your hips against his thigh and you let out a shaky breath.
Bucky stopped his movements and lifted you up so that you can take your sweatpants off. You yanked it off and threw it across the room. You got back onto Bucky's thigh and you began to grind your hips against it.
You started to pick up your pace on his thigh and you moaned when he flexed it. The friction of his sweats made you moan loudly and you began to go even  faster. You held onto Bucky's shoulders and buried your face into the crook of his neck as you moaned. You were a moaning mess. You didn't know something like his thigh could make you feel so good. So fucking good.
You felt a knot starting to form in you stomach and your legs began shaking. Your pace slowed down but immediately, that fast pace returned. Bucky moved you along his thigh even faster. You moaned loudly and you started to see stars as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You came all over Bucky's pants. Bucky kept moving your hips to get you down from your high.
When you came down, you sat there panting and your head still buried in the crook of Bucky's head.
"You feel better now doll?", Bucky asked while caressing your back.
You gave him a tired nod and then got up to clean yourself up. You went to your closet and picked out a clean pair of sweatpants for Bucky. You made sure to only buy the grey ones because it always looked so fucking sexy on him. You took the clean pair of sweatpants to him and you started to put your pants back on.
You crawled into bed next to Bucky and cuddled into his chest.
"I love you, doll", Bucky said and he gave you a kiss on the forehead.
"𝘐 𝘮𝘩𝘶 𝘺𝘩𝘶 𝘵𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘰 𝘣𝘶𝘵𝘵𝘺", you muttered half asleep.
Bucky couldn't make out a word you said, but it sounded like an i love you too Bucky.
"God I love you sweetheart. More than you could ever know", Bucky muttered.
Bucky turned you around so that he was spooning you. Bucky immediately fell asleep and cuddled you the whole night.
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wheelsupkels · 18 days ago
Annual Getaway (BAU fem’reader x BAU Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner)
summary: you are a trained M.E/profiler apart of the BAU team going on the teams annual getaway. you have feelings for your boss but what you don’t know is that the feeling is mutual. seeing you outside of your work attire causes something within Hotch. what will become of it?
word limit: 3793
warnings: 18+ smut, minors dni, mutual pining, boss/employee relationship, language, fluff, flirting, dirty talk, love confessions (if I miss something please let me know) spelling errors, grammar errors sorry so sorry.
a/n: I adore Hotchner, he is always so professional and I feel he deserves a great sex life, don’t you all agree? Also the timeline is not really existent here. I do not own any of the CM characters, except for the reader Y/N. This is my first imagine/one shot, this may even turn into a mini series, eh I don’t know. Be kind. Love you all. Also Hotch’s POV is in italic. Also inspired by a few of my favorite writers on here, go check them out: @arsonhotchner @greenaways-girl @ssa-montgomery @ssa-ki99 @ssahotchsbitch @ssamorganhotchner @scuttling @haley-h0tchner @spencersweetie @spenciesprincess
I hope I wrote this correctly and in the right format LOL - let me know what you all think. Also made the cover photo myself. A little blurry but still hot - the outfits are what I’m describing in the story. Remember that. ❤️
Tumblr media
Finally… the teams Annual Getaway is here. The last few cases have been incredibly difficult. And juggling two positions in one can be a challenge in itself. But this team is your family, and you’ve only been a part of this family for over a year and you can’t imagine your life without them.
Each person means something to you.
Rossi is the father figure you never had, he has taken you under his wing and has taught you so much, Spencer is your bestfriend and constantly encourages you to be the best version of yourself, Emily challenges you in more ways than one and is your drinking partner after tough cases, Derek is someone you lean on when you are way too hard on yourself, he keeps you confident and feeling great physically because he is your personal trainer as well as your friend, Penelope is a breath of fresh air every time you see her, she brings so much joy into your life and with this job, her smile and positive attitude is much needed after every single case, JJ is the person you go to when you are absolutely broken, the one you go to when you are at a crossroads, her motherly attributes mean everything to you, she is your bestfriend, and most importantly Hotch, he brings you peace in times where the world feels like it’s collapsing on you, his laugh alone can brighten your day, you like him and you have since you’ve met him, you rely on him a lot especially in the field, no matter where you are, you feel protected because of him, he is just an amazing man
You like him and only hope that he feels the same but that probably will never happen. Right?
Packing for a week getaway can be overwhelming. You are so used to wearing your work attire, and you rarely go out with the team after cases because you are always so exhausted. There’s another reason why you don’t and that’s because Hotch never goes either.. but you do go sometimes but you still wear your work clothes. You’ve realized that Hotch has never seen you outside your work attire, so you’ve decided to pack a few risqué outfits to grab his attention, well you are hopping they do. You have a banging body, you’ll be sure to thank Derek later for that, but in the mean time you are packing all of your favorite lacey underwear and sexy bodysuits that highlight your curves, you are ready and it’s becoming more exciting that overwhelming. You have a plan, and having hot sex with your boss is that plan. Here’s to hoping it works.
Boarding the jet came very early but you decided on wearing something comfortable because it was going to be a long flight. Wearing black leggings paired with a navy blue oversized marvel hoodie (because you are such a huge MCU nerd) with only a bra under it, your hair in a messy bun, and minimal makeup, you felt cozy. The others were basically in the same clothes - you all definitely were going for comfort than cute. You took one of the window seats, Spencer was directly in front of you. Rossi was in the window seat across from you and Spence where he was facing you, Hotch sat directly next to him, which gave you a perfect view of him and you weren’t complaining. Derek, JJ, Emily and Penelope were in the back, Emily took the couch (she always does). You could tell everyone was tired but ready for a much needed break.
During flight..
As everyone on the flight are sleeping - well so you thought. You unfortunately were never able to be able to sleep while flying, you’ve tried and you have failed every time. So you decided to make your way to the kitchenette and make yourself some coffee but you stop to see Hotch wide awake staring at his phone, brows furrowed, like he is in deep thought. He looks up to see you looking at him, curiously.
Hotch: Y/N can’t sleep?
Y/N: You already know. What about you? I’m about to make some coffee would you like some?
Hotch: You know my brain can never fully shut off, though I try. Yes, coffee would be nice, I’ll come with you.
Y/N: Oh, Hotch not being able to relax? What a shocker! You say jokingly, and if you weren’t mistaken, he was smiling too. Which is a rarity, it’s one of the best smiles you’ve ever seen. And to be the one that caused us even better.
Hotch: Very funny, Y/N! Thank you for the coffee. Get some rest! He said while walking back to his seat. You couldn’t help but watch him, he truly was an attractive man.
Y/N: You too, Hotch! And you’re so welcome!
You walk back to your sit, eyes in Hotch as he smiles at you and takes a sip of his coffee. You make it to your seat and decide to watch Y/F/S (your favorite show), so you put your headphones in and try not to wake anyone up because of you laughing. Which is hard to do, you see Hotch look at you each time you hold in one of your cute laughs and you swear you see adoration in his eyes while he looks at you. You shake it off and continue watching the show. Just a few more hours until you are in paradise.
Officially in paradise <3
The jet FINALLY lands, safely, thankfully..
The team gets their things off the jet and walk towards the two FBI vehicles to drive to the resort. In one vehicle it’s Hotch (driving of course), Rossi in the passenger seat with you and Spencer in the back; other vehicle is Derek driving, Penelope in the passenger seat, with JJ and Emily in the back. The drive isn’t too far, thankfully. Though our rooms were not ready just yet so they allowed us to get our swim suits out of our bags and go to the teams private pool area to swim. None of us complained.
You get changed rather quickly because you honestly didn’t have much on in the first place. You fold your old clothes and put them at the top of your bag, and come out of the changing room with your bag in hand, everyone is already changed and sitting around the pool when you walk up and put your bag down by the others. All eyes are on you the moment everyone notices your presence. And by the looks of it, they were shocked.
They have never seen you out of your work attire, though Derek of course knew what you were hiding under all those work clothes. He was your trainer, you felt good and your team truly found you to be beautiful, like always. You never doubted that. Though when you look at Hotch, his eyes lingering on your deep neck line, and down to your ass, he couldn’t stop looking at you. He wasn’t even trying to hide it because you were trying to get his attention for a little while before he finally looked up at you, you were smiling super hard because you were having an affect on him, you enjoyed it.
You decided to get in the pool immediately, the warm air felt nice but you loved to swim and went to the diving board and everyone was staring at you in amazement. They have only seen a few glimpses into what you were like outside of work, and they were loving every minute of it. You dove into the water like you were a pro, and swam all the way to the shallow end and came up out of the water like you were a model which you were not, by no means. You were giving Hotch every reason to fuck you hard. And by the looks of it, you were very hopeful.
Switch to Hotch POV
Wow just wow. Y/N has always been beautiful but I’ve never seen her like this. Free and just happy. The job really does take a piece of us, each case. I can’t keep my eyes off of her, she is probably going to think I’m weird with all the staring. But then she will make eye contact with me and smile ear to ear, does she like me as much as I like her? There’s no way. I didn’t know she could swim, that dive was impressive, but then she swam all the way where we were at and got out and it was like a hot movie scene, she was a sight. Absolutely stunning. Wait did she just wink at me? I’ll bite, so I winked back. ;)
—POV switch— back to Y/N
He is staring hard, so you decided to wink at him and to your surprise he winked back. Your plan was working. Now to get him into the pool.
Because seeing Hotch wet is a dream. Get it… wet dream? Okay okay, back to writing….
There’s only one way you can get Hotch in the pool and that’s if you ask him to help you out of the pool. He’s so kind like that, he would do anything to help anyone on the team. That’s what makes you so attracted to him, like his physical traits are an absolute bonus, but who he is through and through, to you is perfect. You wanted to show him how perfect he is. But what you didn’t know is that he felt the exact same about you. You two truly are perfect for each other - you just didn’t know it.
Y/N: Hotch, can you come help me please? You yelled over at Hotch who was looking at his phone while sipping on his scotch.
Hotch: Sure, Y/N! Shocked by your voice, he looks at you and immediately puts everything down and runs over to you, worriedly.
Y/N: Thank you, can you to help me out of the pool? You ask while lifting your arm up to him, he could never say no to helping you. So he didn’t think anything of it until he saw you grin at him while he felt a tug on a hand pulling him into the pool. He hits the water and you are trying to suppress the laugh that’s trying to come out.
He comes up from the water and gets the water out of his eyes and looks right at you. You think you are in big trouble but he surprises you with him bursting out laughing. It was the most beautiful moment you’ve ever had with him, that laugh, that smile, all because of you. It was so hot. You wanted him to kiss you right then and there and never stop.
Hotch: You got me Y/N, I was not expecting that haha. He said with a big smile on his face. He was intoxicating, and he was intoxicated by you. It was unbearable at this point. For the both of you.
Y/N: I am full of surprises Agent Hotchner. You said flirtatiously while throwing him a wink.
Hotch: You’ll regret that. Winking back at you, he shoves water right at your face but not hard.
Y/N: I guess we will find out…..whaaa? Oh. I see how it is. Shoving water back him, he comes up behind you and splash’s water in your face and you finally give up. He was holding your hips tightly and you and him both forgot everyone around them was watching them. You reached out towards his hair and put your hands through it to mess it up a bit, and wow did that turn you on. He was just so damn sexy and he saw you staring and he felt like that’s all he needed was to just look at you and life would not be so bad.
Closing the gap between you two, you cupped his face and looked into his beautiful eyes to search if he wanted this as much as you did, and he did. He crashed his lips on yours, it was needy but warm and kind, it felt like you were floating. We forgot to even breathe, he pulled away and looked in your beautiful Y/E/C eyes. You wanted him to take you right there in that pool, you were horny and needed him and by the looks of it, he needed you. Everything about you. Kissing your forehead he leans in.
Hotch: I’ve wanted to do that for so long. He said whispering in your ear.
Y/N: Me too. You said breathlessly, he genuinely took your breath away. His lips were everything you’ve imagined, soft and Jesus Christ experienced. He knew what he was doing.
Hotch: Our rooms are finally done, will you come by mine? He said while kissing your shoulder. The team wasn’t even paying attention, they were already really drunk. No food and drinking is not a good combo.
Y/N: I’ll be there. What should I wear? You said while taking your free hand that was on his shoulder, down his chest to the front of his swimming trunks. His breath hitched, and a small groan left his lips. It was the hottest sound you’ve ever heard and you wanted to hear more, but you left him off the hook this time since he is the boss of the team that is just a few feet away.
Hotch: Since you are so full of surpri….ses, oh shit y/n… and here I thought you were going to be good for me. Like I was saying, surprise me. But I know you’ll look good in anything you put on, or you could wear nothing? He said with a smirk on his face, he gave you one more kiss, it was quick but it was hot, went straight to your core. You were going to surprise him alright. He has no idea what’s coming.
Hotch leaves and grabs his bag and announces to the team he is going to his room. You don’t follow too far behind him to do the same by picking up your bag and heading towards your room. You search your bag for the sexiest outfit you brought. And it was sexy. You bought a similar men’s button up shirt, the ones that your boss likes to wear all the time, it was a little big on you which was the point, you left on a few buttoned. You wore thigh high fishnet stockings. You looked hot. You always wanted to wear one of his shirts after having great sex, so you decided you would use the button up as a dress. It was hot. You looked hot.
The team all went to their own rooms and you were thankfully roomed right across the hall from Hotch so sneaking around wouldn’t be too hard. Hotch texts you saying "Ready to see you. You truly are so beautiful. :)" He never ceases to amaze you with his kindness, he is so sweet and you texted back, "At your door handsome ;)" He ran to the door, and opened before you even had the chance to knock. He was eager to see you and that was so cute. His jaw dropped once he noticed what you were wearing. He wanted to take off his buttoned up shirt and give it to you and you wear his, you in his clothes made him so hard. He grabbed your wrists and pulled you into his room and slammed the door behind him. He pushed you against the door and put your hands above your head and kissed all over your neck.
It was the hottest thing a guy has ever done to you. Hotch pulled away and looked at you, all of you again before letting go of your hands to cup your face and kiss you passionately. It wasn’t messy it was the best kiss of your life. It was perfect. You put your arms around his neck, he tapped you to get you to jump into his arms which you did. He was strong and you could feel how excited he was to have you in his arms, finally. He heads towards the bedroom and gently lays you down on his bed. Those beds are heaven, it’s so soft and you let out an accidental moan and he sees you look up at him and he smirks at you. He wants fo be the one that makes you moan. He comes to tower over you, and starts kissing your lips, to your cheeks, jaw, neck and it’s driving you crazy.
"Hotch…" you moan.
"Aaron, call me Aaron. What do you want beautiful?"
"Aaron, please fuck me. I want you."
"I want you, too Y/N. But I need to taste you first, can I do that?"
"Fuck yes, please"
Thats all he needs to get your panties off and push your legs apart and kisses up and down your thighs. Seeing Hotc—Aaron, in between your legs is a sight to remember. He knows exactly what he is doing, he looks right into your core and your are so wet it’s embarrassing but he loves the sight of you, wet because of him.
"So wet for me, beautiful. And I haven’t even touched you yet."
His words make you even wetter if that’s even possible. You mumble an incoherent response.
"Mmm. Right there Aaron don’t stop."
"Good girl cum for me." That sent you over the edge, you were never able to orgasm while having someone eating you out but Aaron knew how to eat pussy, god it felt amazing.
"Wow oh— my god Aaron. Don’t ever stop doing that to me, ever."
"I love seeing you cum, you see what you do to me?" He said while bringing your hand down to the front of his pants.
You gasp because you can feel how big he is and you want to put him all the way in your mouth. It’s like he read your mind because he was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans and took them off along with his boxers, his erect dick was big and hit his stomach. You were staring hard, you snaked a hand down to your very wet core and started rubbing circles around your clit. Just the sight of him was getting you off and he was enjoying watching you get off. He started jerking himself off by the sight of you, it was truly the hottest thing seeing him lose control while jerking off to you.
"Aaron please come fuck me.. I need you." You know you sounded so needy but you couldn’t help it. He is so hot and he wants you too.
"Since you asked so nicely!" He said while walking over to you on the bed, towering over you he lined himself with your entrance. Then it hit him. "Shit- I don’t have a condom y/n" hands holding his face. He wants you bad.
You reach out towards his hands and say, "I have an IUD. Please fuck me, Aaron!"
He didn’t think twice once you said that.. He pushed into you and you both moaned loudly. He wasn’t moving because he wanted to give you time to adjust to his size. Even while inside you, he always wanted to make sure you were okay. God he is hot.
"Aaron… oh— move please."
"As you wish baby!" "Good girl you are taking me so well. Cum around my dick baby. I want to feel you" You love when he calls you a good girl, with each thrust he hits g-spot each time, and he is making you scream his name. That pushes him over the edge, but he wanted to fuck you from behind so he pulls out snd you make a whimper at the loss of him inside you. "Aaron I was so close.."
"Don’t worry baby, I’m not done yet." He said while flipping you onto your stomach, and lifting you up on your hands and knees. He lines himself up again with your entrance and slams right into you.
"Oh fuck Aaron, that feels so good don’t stoppp."
"Oh shit y/n, you are so fucking tight and wet for me. Feels so fucking good."
"All for you Aaron. All for you and only you." He groans while fucking you hard from behind, sweat dripping down his forehead, while he holds a tight grip on your hips.
"All of this for me, I’m the luckiest man. I’m all yours too, y/n" he said while taking one of his hands and snaking it around your beautiful y/h/l (your hair length) y/h/c (your hair color) and pulling it.
"Oh my —-god Aaron yes pull my fucking hair!!" You yelled/moaned.
"Y/n I’m close, cum again for me sweetheart, let’s cum together." He moans in your ear. His thrusts getting sloppy. You can tell he is close and he brings his hand from pulling your hair to your clit, rubbing it until you clench your walls around him. He moans loudly as he cums inside you, "fuck y/n… that was…"
You cut him off by saying "That was, yes, absolutely perfect." He pulls out of you and goes towards the bathroom to get a wet wash cloth to clean you up which is just so sweet. Aaron giving aftercare is the sexiest thing. He pulls on his boxers and hands you his buttoned up shirt to put you in, and it was sight he never wanted to forget. You in his shirt wit h nothing underneath, filled with his cum and he was absolutely in love with you. He has always been. He wanted to be everything you needed and more.
"Y/N, can I tell you something?" He asked nervously, he took your hand and kissed the back of it.
You sat straight up, him holding your hand looking at you with pure love I’m his eyes. You felt so special and taken care of by him. "Of course Aaron, anything."
"I think I am in love with you….. actually I know I am in love with you."
Waiting for your response, he was getting nervous but all you could do is grab his face and kiss him, and put every ounce of love into it because you felt the same. You loved him for as long as you’ve known him. He pulled away and gave you another kiss.
"I love you too, Aaron. I have for so long."
He pulled you in for another perfect kiss. And that’s where it all began, the beautiful love story between you and Aaron Hotchner. You fell asleep in his arms and it felt right. He found love when he never thought he would again. He had you and nothing else mattered in that moment.
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akasuki · 11 months ago
hi!! can i request a dreamwastakeb x reader smut using she/her pronouns - dom!dream would be preferred and a scenario where he’s just finished streaming?? thank u!
Devour every inch
Genre: smut one shot
TW: uhm, it's sex sooo here are a few kinks: praise, begging, slight overstimulation nothing too extreme
Note: Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoy..I noticed that in this fan fiction there were no mentions of pronouns and the only thing regarding gender here were the pet names and the anatomy so just keep that in mind and also I have written this in like 4 hours (I was listening to classical music LMAOOO), It’s stil bad <3
Taglist: @inniterhq @m00nsthet1c @lavenderjacobs @dawn-808 @dysfunctionalcrab @gogywasfound @quack42069 @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @bioluminescentfrog @forutheworld
Tumblr media
Clay, your partner, had just ended his stream at almost 11 p.m. Since you and he shared a home that you both bought, seeing him go to his studio and stay for a few hours was actually normal. You were a massive supporter of his channel and his online activities, but every now and then, when you were particularly needy and the only thing that can make you feel better were Clay's hands on your body, his "work" felt like torment to you, and today was one of those days.
You were impatiently sitting on the bed when the door to Dream's studio opened, revealing the one and only Clay. You grinned as you approached your boyfriend; he seemed tired, which was understandable given the amount of time he spent staring at the computer screen.
“Hello, sweetie, are you done for the day?” You whispered under your breath as you embraced him tightly.
Clay gave you a soft kiss on the cheek and said, "Yeah..sorry I couldn't spend more time with you today, I promise I'll make it up to you."
An idea suddenly came to you, and you covered your face with your hands to hide your embarrassment.
“Why are hiding your face? Am i that handsome?” He chuckled, pulling your hand away from your face and placing his one on your chin, his fingers brushing against your skin.
You lowered your head to avoid making eye contact. “You could make it up to me bed,” you mumbled quietly.
Clay tensed up and a grin appeared on his face as he leaned closer to you, whispering, "With pleasure," in your ear, making you flinch. He grabbed your arm and took you to bed.
He threw you onto the bed sheets and then began removing his top, exposing his chest and muscles. You averted your gaze once more, butterflies forming in your stomach.
His lips made their way onto your neck, kissing, biting, and sucking on the skin; whenever you felt his soft mouth on your skin surface, it felt like it was burning, deeper and deeper, tingling and leaving scars.
His body towered over yours, and as his hands ran up your shirt, caressing your arms, your belly, and his fingers brushing against your nipples, you struggled to hold back the silent moans that were escaping your mouth.
After a few minutes of him teasing you, he suddenly got up and looked at you; you were a mess. Your hair was scattered all over Clay's pillow, your breathing became rapid, and your thighs were pressed together in an unsuccessful attempt to create friction. He couldn't believe he got you in that state so easily, and he couldn't wait anymore because his erection was painful, so he stripped you naked and tossed your clothes on the hard floor.
Clay grabbed both of your thighs and forced them open to gain access to your already wet pussy, looking at you for permission to fuck you senseless.
The air was thick and inhaling felt like a chore, you looked at Clay between your legs, his eyes were full of desire and you could tell he was getting impatient but you couldn’t blame him, because you were too.
He waited like a dog for you to give him a sign you’re okay with him going further, you nodded.
His eyes lit up and immediately you felt his hand taking off your panties, he threw them behind, not looking where they landed, his finger went into your hole and Clay started to stretch you out while looking for your g-spot to abuse with his dick later, it was painful, of course it was, his fingers were stretching your insides and skin continuously, but you had to bare with it to finally feel the pleasure coming in, mixed with the sharpness of his quick movements.
Within a few minutes, he slowly inserted another finger, even though his mind was intoxicated with you and he was having trouble controlling himself at the moment, he nevertheless wanted to make sure he didn't hurt you in any way.
Suddenly, you screamed, it wasn't a scream of pain, but of pleasure. Clay found your g-spot.
He put his fingers out of your hole and kissed your thigh, before grabbing his dick and pulling it out of his boxers. It was painfully hard and coated in precum, and just looking at it made your clit throb. Clay started brushing it against your entrance,
“I want you to beg for it” he mumbled breathlessly, you knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted to have you right at the palm of his hand, manipulated, he wanted you to say it truthfully, tricking your brain to believe you need him. 
You couldn’t resist, you needed him, you craved him, your body melted under his touch, It was like putting a candle to a bonfire.
You gulped: “I want you to fuck me, please Clay” saying it was embarrassing, but the feeling of emptiness was overwhelming, you couldn’t think of anything else anymore, his gaze was on you, his mind was full of you, and your mind was full of him.
“Good girl”
His dick began to enter you, at first you felt a sharp pain, his cock was bigger than the two fingers.
When he was halfway in, your eyes started to get watery and the pain got finally mixed with THE pleasure you've been impatiently craving. Clay noticed and kissed away the tears falling from your face, “Should I stop?” he asked, his tone was very gentle and comforting, totally different from the one he used to make you beg.
“No, go on” you smiled, getting reassurance that Clay would never do something against your will was always nice.
His dick was now hitting your erogenous zone, simulating it, hoping for you to have a powerful orgasm.
“C-CLAY! OH FUCK” those were the things you would scream here and there, the pleasure filled your whole body, it squeezed your lungs, leaving you unable to properly breathe, because every time you tried your boyfriend would slam into you again.
You felt something building up inside you. The only thing you managed to say was “I a- come i-ing” you closed your eyes returning to moaning.
“I am too baby, after you" Clay said with a blush on his face looking at the person he loved literally being fucked dumb.
Clay kept his pace, it wasn't very slow, but it wasn't too fast, it was perfect.
Unexpecteadly a powerful wave of pleasure hit, you basically screamed and came all over your boyfriend’s dick, he hit your insides a few more times, adding to the overstimulation and came on your belly and thighs.
The both of you layed on the bed, vision blurry, heart beating fast, somewhat comforting embarrassment taking over you.
Clay hugged you from behind and put his chin on your head “Did I make it up to you?”
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unabashedlyawhore · 4 months ago
You're Late Again
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin X Reader
Summary : Eggsy is late for date night after being on a mission. you two argue and he raises his voice at you and you start crying and it leads to sorry/ makeup sex.
Word Count: 3.9k
requested?: Yes
Warnings: explicit language, typical angst things, smut, fluff, dirty talk, oral (f) receiving, unprotected sex.
A/N: okay so this is my first angst to fluff to smut story and I hope yall like it, pls tell me if its bad. I handle constructive criticism well and would like some thx!
Tumblr media
Eggsy was late again; you were sitting on the couch for five hours, waiting for him to come home. Date night was supposed to start hours ago. With every hour that passed, you grew angrier and angrier because he said he would be on time. actually promised that he would be.
You get that Eggsy cares about every mission, and you love that about him. You love what he does despite always being worried for his safety. But nights like this, nights where you get all excited about being near him, kissing him, seeing him smile, and hugging him. Makes you wish he didn't do what he does, so just once, you can spend an actual night with your boyfriend.
While sitting on the couch, you just look around and realize it's always like this. Every if not most nights, you're at home alone, waiting for Eggsy. Usually, end up watching a Netflix movie by yourself when it was supposed to be movie night for you two. Or when you cook dinner for the both of you, and you end up putting it up for him for whenever he comes home from whatever mission he's currently on.
You love him, you really do, but this is getting exhausting. Waiting for him when he's usually late or when he doesn't even come home for nights like this.
Whenever you finally see him, he typically apologizes and says things like, "you know how long these missions get? I tried to get home in time, but I just couldn't."
or the one he always says that hurts every time because you know he won't. "I promise next time I'll be home and on time."
You give your all in this relationship, and for once, you just want him to put one night aside for you. Put you before his missions, before him being a Kingsman, hell even before his Adidas. Just for one night. You know he loves you, but for once, you want him to prove it. That's all you want from him.
You blink and realize that you've been crying, and you decide to just call it a night, like every night. So you start to get up from the couch while sighing because you've been sitting for hours in your date-night outfit. And then suddenly, you see Eggsy come rushing in through the front door. He's wearing his usual suit and tie. Still, everything looks disheveled, like he's been running for miles while being beaten up somehow.
You look at him, and you don't know what to feel. Relieved? Because he's finally home, worried? Because he looks like he's been through a lot tonight. Sad? Because you remember you've been waiting hours for him to come home because he promised he'd be home on time. Angry? Because this isn't the first time it's happened, and you're tired of seeing this same exact situation happen every night. You don't know which one to feel mainly, but you know you feel them all.
You stand there just looking at him while he's at the door. And just when he begins to say, "y/n I'm so-" you instantly realize what you feel the most. Angry. You put your hand up, and you start to walk off because you can't even deal with this. not again for what feels like the millionth time. He rushes behind you and says, "can you just let me explain!" you don't even bother to hear him out anymore because you know him. You know it's going to be the same thing. And your heading upstairs to the bedroom.
You start walking up the stairs, and he begins to say, "I and harry went on this mission, and it was supposed to be easy.
Go in and get a chip that could potentially hold serious information. And we knew the building had security".
And he starts to do a light laugh while saying, "But it turns out it was a bit more than expected." which causes you to stop and turn around to him while on the stairs, and you just glare at him. Because you can't believe he has the nerve to be light-hearted right now.
He sees your tear-stained face and your eyes that hold so much anger, and he immediately stops his smile. You turn back around, continuing to head up the stairs. And he follows and says, "But I tried to make it home as fast as possible; I'm so so sorry y/n." you scoff because you knew it was coming; he says the same thing every single fucking time. Your just waiting for him to finish it off.
You get to the bedroom, and while walking in, he says, "y/n I promise next time ill be here and on time." you stop walking, and there it was, that was the last strike, the last thing you heard. That trigger made you remember every time he was late, every memory of having to stay home alone for hours while crying and just sitting in frustration. Every time you'd just wish he'd put you first for just one night. All of it came to you the moment he said that.
You turn around and say, "are fucking kidding me, Eggsy?" shaking your head in disbelief. "every time you do this, we plan one night, and you're always late. And you always come home and say, "baby, I'm so sorry; I promise ill be on time next time. EVERY FUCKING NIGHT EGGSY. I'm tired of this bullshit; you know how exhausting it is building your hopes up over and over and always being disappointed and left alone, huh? think about that Eggsy. Spend one fucking night being here left alone when you thought you'd spend a great night with me. It wouldn't feel too good now, would it? WOULD IT?"
You didn't mean to go on a rant, but once you started speaking, everything you haven't said to him, but you've always wanted to, kept coming out of your mouth. And saying it felt like a weight lifting off your shoulders. and yet you were still angry.
You’re staring at him, expecting him to say something because he can't just be silent after hearing everything you just said. But he has a confused facial expression, almost as if it's surprising that you've felt like this. Then it turns into anger, and he starts to say with so much disgust, "you know I try to be home as soon, and as much as possible, don't twist this like this is something I like doing to you." You can't believe that's what he says. After everything you just said, that's all he says.
You walk closer to him and say with a chuckle, "oh really, you could've fooled me by how much you do it". And the laughter immediately goes back to anger. Eggsy says, "y/n I don't know what your fucking on about. But are you serious right now? " you see he's getting angrier, and you start to step back. He continues and says, " you know what I think of when I'm on those missions risking my fucking life... HUH?" he raises his voice, and you get a bit shocked. He goes on, "DO YOU? I know I don't get back on time. Still, it's not a fucking moment when I'm away that I'm not thinking of you. It fucking kills me inside knowing your home alone, waiting for me, knowing that I'm late again and not near YOU. I don't do this shit to you on purpose; I love you, and don't you EVER FUCKING QUESTION THAT AGAIN. YOU HEAR ME Y/N"
when he raised his voice, you were a bit shocked for a minute. You didn't know what to say or do. But you instinctively backed up and went to go sit on the bed, and you didn't even see it coming, but you just start crying. He'd never yelled at you ever, he may have fussed or slightly raised his voice but never fully yelled at you, and despite what he said, it was still a lot to take in. and all of that anger you had come crashing down. And you were scared, not only of him but everything that was said, how you feel, everything in that moment scared you, and you couldn't even verbally explain how.
Eggsy immediately realized what he did once he saw you sit down on the bed and cry. he quickly tries to sit next to you and says, "shit y/n I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking-".
But you instantly move away from him and head out of the room. You quickly go to the guest room.
You hear him sigh and say, "you fucked up again, Eggsy" while listening to what you assumed was a smack to his own head. Then he shouts empathically to you in the hallway, "y/n... I didn't mean to yell at you," but you keep walking, and you finally get into the guest room; you proceed to shut and lock the door right when he was getting close to it.
It shuts on his face; you hear him slightly hit the door with his hand and sigh. He says, "y/n, please open the door; I really fucked up when I yelled. and I know my promises probably mean nothing to you. but I love you, and I promise I will never yell at you again."
You hear him, and you can tell he's sincere, but you're not ready to open the door. Not until you clear up the whole reason you two even got into an argument in the first place. He needs to know that you can't take being left home alone again when you two were supposed to have a night together. He needs to know that you won't go through it again.
And him saying "y/n?" interrupts your thoughts. "can you open the door?" he says. And you think about the fact that telling him you won't be left home alone again would probably be better face to face. Not through a door, but instead, you say "no." he proceeds to say, "please y/n please open the door so I can see you." You say, "not until you promise and not like the bullshit ass promises you usually give me, promise me just like you did for yelling. Promise me you won't leave me home alone again for another night. I can't, and I won't take another night."
"And if you cant, you'll make sure you find a way to plan another night. And you won't be late for that one," and you stop talking because you need to hear him. You need to listen to the sincerity, or anything he says won't mean anything to you.
Then he speaks, "yes y/n, I promise that'll be home on time and you won't be left home alone again. and I’ll put you first from now on. and I'm so sorry I haven't been doing that before, I swear. " and that was it. That's what you've wanted for the longest. For him to just once put you first. And you know he means it because he can mean a promise, but to swear, you know he truly means it. And that's all you need to open the door and look at him.
Once you look at him, you see he has a guilty look on his face with a hint of regret but, most importantly, relief once his eyes met yours. And once you two look at each other instantly, you two rush to each other. And both of you passionately kiss each other like its first time and simultaneously the last. And he quickly pulls away to say, "I'm so sorry y/n," and you, while out of breath say "I know" with a smile, and you two hurriedly back to kissing each other.
Your feeling everything at the moment, sadness, happiness, relief, exhaustion, but while Eggsy kisses you, all you can feel is the heat between you two. You don't know how but while he kisses you, all you feel is this euphoric rush run through your whole body. And despite still being in the aftermath of everything that just happened, you cant stop the feeling.
The kiss is fantastic, but you need more. And Eggsy notices this and starts to move his hands and rubs them over your hips and ass. and god, does it feel good. You missed this. Nowadays, Eggsy is barely ever home, and you never see him at night. And on rare occasions you do see him during the day, you two only have quickies, never any time to do what you're doing now.
You moan a little when he goes to squeeze your ass, and that makes him pull away from your lips and say, "I don't think you've forgiven me enough, sweetheart," in his British accent. And all you can embarrassingly do is whimper. he hears it and says, "maybe I should show you how sorry I am, huh."
All you can do is rapidly nod your head yes. And when you do, he goes back to kissing you roughly and passionately. You moan at the kiss and start to desperately rub against his leg in need of friction. He pulls back and says, "slow down, baby, we've got all night and mornin', let me take care of you," and you could cum right then and there, but you held it together because you want him, you need him. And he knows that
he starts to kiss your neck while slowly beginning to take off your clothes. He's moving so agonizingly slow that you whimper trying to tell him to hurry. He doesn't care; he's teasing you. And you start to get frustrated, and you say bluntly, "stop teasing already and do something Eggsy" he looks at you and smiles and proceeds to say "whatever you say" with a smirk.
Your clothes are off, and your fully naked, yet he still has his dress shirt and slacks on. which turns you on, and all you can do is look at him while getting wetter and wetter. But what pulls you out of your horny daze is when Eggsy slightly pushes you onto the guest bed and gets on top of you. He goes to kiss you, then starts to move down to your neck, and you moan at the feeling because, god, it feels good. He moves down to your left nipple and places it in his mouth while playing with the right one in his hand.
His mouth felt unbelievable on your sensitive nipples; you could've exploded from that alone, but he stops suddenly, which causes you to open your eyes. You see him starting to kiss down your stomach, and fuck did it feel like fire every time he kissed your body.
He sits up and grabs your legs and pulls them apart roughly, and grabs one of your legs, and he starts to kiss all the way from your leg to your center while making eye contact with you the whole time. And that alone made you moan "fuck me" under your breath. he hears it and chuckles while situating his face right in front of your wet center.
You sit up on your arms because you want to see him while he's eating you out because other than him being on top of you, it's the hottest fucking sight to see. But he uses his hands to push you back down. He says, "sit back and relax, just let me make-" then he suddenly licks a stripe through your wet folds "you," he says. You barely hear him from how loud your moan was. "feel," and he licks another, "good," and then he suddenly laps his mouth on your bundle of nerves.
"ohhh shit," you gasp, barely able to breathe because he's sucking and licking what feels like everywhere on your pussy. It's like the wind is knocked out of you because, god, it feels incredible. He occasionally dips his tongue into your hole and proceeds to tongue fuck you. "don't stop Eggsy pls for the love of go-" you couldn't even continue because when you said that he placed two fingers into your cunt.
You loudly gasp because he instantly found your sweet spot. He never fails to find it. When you two first slept together, he found it so quickly it's like it was made for his fingers to always find. You can't hold on anymore; between his tongue and fingers relentlessly pumping in and out of you, your gonna explode.
He knows that and somehow picks up his pace, which you didn't even know was possible because he was going at a fast pace already. But then, right when your on the edge, he stops his mouth really quick but keeps his fingers going and says, "cum for me, sweetheart," then dives back down to your bundle of nerves.
And that was all you needed to hear to make you explode and scream his name. and you swear you see stars and went to space, but it isn't until you realize he's trying to lap up all of your juices that you come back down from your high. While he's doing it, he's careful because he knows how you are sensitive after orgasms.
When he's done, he comes up with all your juices dripping down his face, and he leans in to kiss you. And even though you're still trying to catch your breath, you kiss him back. You taste yourself on him, and it makes the kiss even sexier.
While kissing him, you notice he's rubbing against you, then he suddenly moves to kiss down your neck like he was doing earlier. You look down and see that he's hard. and seeing him hard from just eating you out makes you moan. He pulls away and sees that you're looking at his cock. He looks at you, and you look at him with pleading eyes, basically begging him to fuck you
he quickly says, "you just can't wait, can you, sweetheart?" and he goes back to kissing your neck. You moan a small "Eggsy, just fuck me" he pulls away and says "okay" with a smirk.
You didn't know whether to be scared or turned on by how he said that, but you don't care as long as he hurries up and gets inside you. he moves off the bed and starts to take off his shirt and his pants. And you thank the universe for allowing this sexy ass man to be your boyfriend.
He starts to pull off his boxers, and the moment he does, your mouth drops. Yes, you've seen his cock before, but it never fails to make you shocked and hornier than you previously were every time. His cock is standing proud and tall, and you can even see some precum leaking out of the tip.
Eggsy then goes to stroke it, and in doing so, it causes him to moan at the feeling. "bloody hell," he sighs and then tips his head back and closes his eyes, and all you can do is bite your lip and watch the sight in front of you. It isn't until Eggsy tilts his head straight again and says, "couldn't wait for me?" and you crease your eyebrows in confusion. and he points to your hand that currently is playing with your wet folds. Which you didn't even notice because you were so entranced with what he was doing.
"I guess I couldn't," you say in a playful, intimate tone. This causes Eggsy to get on the bed, get on top of you, and start to kiss you roughly. When Eggsy gets hornier, he usually gets more dominant, which you love. Then you feel Eggsy moving his cock up and down through your wet folds. and you let out a broken moan. "Eggsy, stop teasing," you say. He laughs at that and says, "if you say so."
Then you see him grab his cock and position it in front of your core. Right before he goes in, he says, "you ready?" and you say "ye-" and you couldn't even finish the sentence because he swiftly entered you. Which made you loudly gasp.
"fuuuuuck" you hear Eggsy say. Once he knew you were adjusted to him, he began to move inside your silky walls. And you wrap your legs around his back and hold onto him because you don't know how long you can last, so you need to hold onto something.
His pace starts off slow but deep, and it has you crying out. "you like that, don't you, sweetheart," he says cockily, and all you can say is "ye-sss" while struggling to get it out in between his hard thrusts.
You don't know how he does it. Still, whenever he's fucking you, he always makes sure your body knows what it's like to feel good. To feel euphoric and to make you literally go another world. You love him, you love what he does to your body, you love the way his cock fits inside of you, fuck, you love it all.
He knows your close, and he's close too, but he needs you to come first. So he reaches down and places his thumb over your bundle of nerves. and that causes you to clench down on him, and he feels it and says, "shiiit y/n."
You smile at that, but then you feel him start to thrust a bit harder. Whenever he's close to cumming he always gets rougher and starts to talk a bit dirtier, but you don't mind; matter fact, you love it.
You're getting close too, and your right there, and he keeps fucking you. While thrusting into you, he says, "I haven't been treating this pussy right, have I?" "haven't given it enough attention." He knows your right on the edge when he says that, and he knows what exactly to say to get you to explode, so he suddenly reaches down and whispers in your ear, "cum on my cock, I know you can do it."
Then you feel it, you feel your release explode within you, and your whole body stills in shock from the fireworks that just went off in your body. Then suddenly, you hear Eggsy say, "holy fuuuuck y/n," and you feel his hot release inside spurt inside you.
You gasp loudly, and you grab onto him, letting you and him settle down from both of your orgasms. He's still in you, but he's slowing his pace down. Once you both have calmed down, he slowly pulls out of you, trying to be careful due to your sensitiveness. which causes you to groan at the feeling.
He then lays next to you, and while out of breath, you say, "that was amazing," with a smile. He also replies out of breath, "yeah, and y/n, I really am sorry I haven't been here." You just shush him with a kiss, and you pull away, and you say, "I know, just don't do it again" he quickly replies, "I won't, I swear," and you smile at him, and he says "I love you," you say it back. Then you two kiss, you pull away and get out of bed and say, "Okay, let's go shower then watch sum Netflix!" and he says, "okay, but I pick the movie."
and all you do is smile because even though he was late, you love him and that'll be something that never changes
The end
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kaexloey · 5 months ago
Genre: PURE SMUT 🔞
Pairing: Park Chanyeol x fem!Reader
Warnings: daddy kink, size kink, unprotected sex (wrap it before you pack it), + language.
Check out my new Chanyeol oneshot, Long Distance!
You roll over in bed with one eye cracked open to see that only 10 minutes had passed. With a sigh, you turn over to see Chanyeol staring back at you. You both had gotten back to his place later than usual after a dinner with friends turned into drinks at the bar.
“I can’t sleep,” you say, and he vaguely mumbles something in response. He reaches towards you and pulls you close. To get more comfortable, you turn around within his arms with your back facing him, snuggling into the pillows. As you move, you feel Chanyeol tense when you realize you brushed up against him hardening beneath his boxers.
You had only slept together once before, exactly two nights ago, so you were still getting used to staying the night with him and being intimate. Before you can say anything to him, he trails his hand down to your hip and pushes up against you slightly so you can feel his length. That’s all it took for the heat to increase and get you pulling at each other’s shirts. The next thing you know, you’re on all fours after Chanyeol swings your hips underneath him and hooks your panties to the side.
In his deep raspy voice, he whispers in your ear, “Baby...spread your legs.” Obeying his command, you perk your ass up to him and spread a little to accommodate the size difference between you. Chanyeol slides his boxers down just enough to use himself to spread your wetness up and down your folds before nudging into you.
“F-fuck,” you moan as he fills you up so far you swear you feel him in your stomach. “You’re still so tight baby,” he tells you. You grab his hand and lead it to massage your breast and tap it to let him know to start moving. With your back now arched against his chest, he still has one hand on your chest and the other snaked down between your legs to rub circles into your clit.
Between him thrusting up into you, all you hear is panting and your shared moans. The heat beneath your clit starts to rise and a familiar pull in your abdomen leads you to say, “I-I’m close...I’m gunna cu-“ your words dissolve into a string of moans with every snap of Chanyeol’s hips and every pass his fingers make over your extremely sensitive bundle of nerves.
“OH fuuuc- mmmngh daddy!” is all he hears you say as your walls clench around him, milking him until his rhythm stutters and he groans into your ear...releasing into you. Chanyeol kisses your shoulder, still holding your body in place, and asks, “You good baby girl?” You can hardly voice a reply and nod your head as your body is still trembling from the intense orgasm.
After cleaning you up and getting back into bed, you roll over to him, kissing him softly before falling fast asleep in his arms.
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witchyweasley · 10 months ago
All Tied Up - George Weasley
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!reader
Summary: George and reader decide to spice up their sex life a bit.
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: smut, 18+ themes, light bondage, oral and fingering (female receiving)
A/N: I originally posted this on A03 for Kinkmas 2020. This is actually the first smut I’ve ever written, so it’s not the best it could be. Most of the first posts I make on this account will be from my works I’ve already published, but maybe soon I’ll take requests or something for short blurbs if that’s something people would be interested in.
George finally locked up the shop and began cleaning up after a long day. Fred began counting money and I straightened up the shelves of potions that had been moved around. As I was standing on the ladder, moving a few love potions, George came over and stood at the bottom. 
“I’m really enjoying the view here,” he grinned, taking his wand to peek up my skirt further. I rolled my eyes and brushed him away. We’ve been together for years but he still flirts with me like he did when we were in school. 
“Stop it George! You’re gonna make me fall!” I laughed, pushing the ladder away from him.
“Well then hurry up and get down here, I haven’t kissed you in ages,” he whined.
“You’re the one who told me to stay on the register,” I pointed out as I climbed down the ladder. As soon as both of my feet were on the floor, George spinned me around and pressed his lips against mine. I melted into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing him closer to me. 
“Come on guys, can’t you just wait until I leave at least?” Fred whined. 
“You’re just jealous because you don’t get to work with your girlfriend and see her every minute of every day,” George argued, going back to his cleaning.
“Listen, I love Angelina, but it’s probably best for both of us that we don’t work together. Plus, the sex after a stressful game is mind blowing. Wouldn’t be the same if it was just a bad day of sales,” Fred said, leaning on the counter to brag about his wonderful girlfriend.
“Hey now, we have some pretty great sex! Don’t we honey?” George said.
“Yes babe, we have some pretty great sex,” I laughed. 
“See!” George exclaimed.
“Pretty great does not equal mind blowing,” Fred argued, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if my girl won the game or not, and secretly hope that she didn’t.”
Fred left and went to his apartment, leaving George and I alone in the shop. 
“I’d say our sex is pretty mind blowing,” George said, wrapping his arms around my waist.
“I’d say our sex is pretty great,” I said quietly. Though I really enjoy our sex life, it has admittedly been a little bland lately. 
“Pretty great?” George questioned. “Okay, maybe things have been a little bland lately…” 
“Just a bit, but that’s nothing to worry about,” I said, locking up the shop before we headed to our apartment.
“Hmmm...up to try something new?” He said, grabbing my hips and pressing up against me. 
“What do you have in mind?” I ask.
“Remember that set of ties that the Malfoy’s sent over?” George whispered in my ear. “How about we finally put those to good use,”
My face flushed and I nodded in agreeance before being apparated to our apartment. George fumbled with the keys, a bit too eager about getting inside to effectively get into our apartment. I laughed as I watched him desperately fumble with keys, grabbing the one that unlocks our front door and doing it myself. 
“Someone’s a little excited,” I teased. George pulled me in by the belt loops of my skirt and kissed me hard. I giggled into the kiss, amused at how quickly his demeanor has changed. His hands gripped my hips tightly as mine gently played with the hair at the nape of his neck. 
He groaned into the kiss, “You have no idea what you do to me baby,”
“Mmm, I have a pretty good idea,” I said, pushing my hips into his where I felt his growing erection. 
His lips trailed down my neck as his hands started working the buttons of my shirt. Much like the keys, he was too eager and it wasn’t long before he gave up and ripped my shirt open. 
“George!” I said as the buttons went flying over our living room.
“I’ll get you a new shirt, don’t worry about it,” he said between neck kisses, trailing down to my collarbones. 
I loosened his tie and went to throw it on the couch before he grabbed it.
“No no baby, we will be needing this,” he said before stepping back to take off his shirt. His lips quickly returned to mine in a passionate kiss as we stumbled into our bedroom. 
My knees hit the back of the mattress and soon I was laying flat on the bed. George broke away to look for the ties. He of course couldn’t find them, and had to use accio to get them to come out of hiding. 
“So you’re sure about this?” He said as he placed the ties at each corner of the bed. I nodded eagerly placing my wrists and ankles near the ties he placed down. He muttered a quick spell that tied me up to the four corners of the bed. “How does that feel babygirl, it’s not too tight is it?” 
“Nope, it’s perfect,” I said as I pressed against the restraints. They don’t let me move much, but they also don’t cut into my skin. 
George quickly undressed, leaving only his boxers on as I watched his every movement. He then raked his hands up the curves of my legs, grabbing my thighs before flipping up my skirt to get a better look at my underwear. I’m very glad I chose to wear my lacy black underwear today instead of my cotton granny panties. 
“Mmm, I see you wore my favorite set. Are you sure you didn’t plan this?” George said as he snapped the band of my panties. I went to answer but quickly lost my train of thought as his fingers lightly danced on my inner thigh, avoiding where I wanted him most. I tried to move to get some sort of friction, only to be met with the strength of the restraints. 
“What is it baby? Do you want something?” George teased his hands getting higher and higher, but never where I wanted them.
“Please George,” I whined.
“Use your words,” He smirked, enjoying the new sense of control.
“Please touch me Georgie” I whined, bucking my hips up when his hand smoothed over my upper thigh once again. He laughed at my neediness and finally ghosted a hand over where I wanted him most. His thumb gently rubbed my clothed clit, eliciting a soft moan from me. 
“Such a dirty girl, soaking wet and I’ve barely even touched you,” he whispered into my ear before biting it softly. 
I bucked my hips forward, hoping to get more friction from him. He held my hips down before finally moving my panties aside and dipping a finger into my wet heat. My eyes rolled back into my head as he lightly swiped his middle and ring finger through my core. 
“Open up,” He said, before letting me taste myself on his fingers. I sucked his fingers as he watched me intently, eyes full of lust. Once I had cleaned myself off of his fingers, they returned to my wet core as he kissed me deeply. “Time for me to get a taste.”
He locked eyes with me as his sucked his fingers slowly. A soft moan coming from him as he tasted myself on him. 
“Tastes pretty good, I think I’ll have a little more,” he said. He settled between my thighs. He peppered wet kisses up my inner thighs, lightly biting and sucking on his way up to my soaking pussy. Making eye contact with me, he licked a quick stripe over my clothed pussy, getting my hips to buck up towards him. He used one hand to push my hips into the mattress, while the other pulled my panties aside exposing me to him. He licked another stripe up my pussy, flattening his tongue against my clit before lightly sucking it.
“Fuck Georgie,” I breathed out. If it weren’t for these ties, my hands would be pulling at his hair as he expertly ate me out. But instead, I pull against the restraints, arching my back as he moans against my core. His hands gripped my thighs, somehow spreading me even further for him. I moaned out again as I felt him slip a finger into my tight pussy, curving it so it hits just the right spot. 
“Yes Georgie, yes, just like that,” I moaned out as he added a second finger. The familiar knot in my stomach had returned. “Fuck baby, I’m about to cum.”
“Cum for me baby,” He said, maintaining the rhythm with his fingers before reattaching his mouth to my pussy. 
“Oh fuck Georgie,” I moaned out as I came undone on his fingers. Kissing up my body he finally reached my lips, allowing me to taste myself on his tongue. 
“George please, I want to touch you,” I moaned out, watching as he stripped out of his boxers. His erection now the focus of my attention. 
“Not yet darling,” He said, crawling back between my legs, rubbing the tip of his cock against my sensitive clit, gathering my juices before gently pushing deep into me. A low groan slipped from his lips as he watched himself disappear into me. He filled me up before slowly grinding his hips into mine. 
“Fuck darling, you always take me so well,” he groaned, gripping my hips and slowly picking up the pace in his thrusts. 
“Oh yes Georgie, you feel so good,” I moaned. I went to reach for him, forgetting that I was tied up. 
“No touching baby, this is all about you,” he said, one hand reaching between us to gently rub my clit. I arched my back towards him, moaning loudly as he started to bring me closer to my second orgasm of the night. His steady strokes soon turned into sloppy ones as he got closer to his high. 
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me Georgie,” I said as I came undone around his cock. He groaned and picked up his pace, riding out my high as he chased his. As my pussy tightened around him he came inside of me, sloppy strokes gently riding out his high. 
He kissed me deeply before grabbing a towel to gently clean me up and muttering the spell to get the restraints to return to their normal state. 
“Well?” He asked as I went to get off the bed. My legs betrayed me and forced me back onto the bed. 
“I’d consider that mind blowing.”
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cades-outsider · 9 months ago
Robby Keene X Reader *SMUT*
Warnings? SMUT! SMUT! Requested in first person, and jealous Robby! LANGUAGE! ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST SMUT! DIRTY TALK!
Another Side To You
Tumblr media
The sound of my blaring alarm runs through my room, awaking me from my beauty sleep. With a pained groan I throw the covers off of me, not yet getting out of bed.
Deciding it was most best to remove myself from my humble bed, I press stop on the annoying alarm removing myself from the warm bed that I so desperately did not want to leave.
Going to my closet I pick out some random pair of skinny jeans, and a white tank-top with a red checkered flannel.
Doing the rest of my business in the bathroom I grab my phone, before heading out the front door and to my car also before making my way to the amazing place we call school.
Less than fifteen minutes later I arrive at West Valley High. Grabbing my bag I make my way to the front entrance of the school ready to get this day over with already.
"Hey wait up Y/n!" I hear someone call from behind me.
Noticing the all to familiar voice I turning around with a smile on my face. "Robby! I missed you" I say pulling my lovely boyfriend into a warming hug.
He chuckles at my excitement before wrapping his arms around my waist, leaning his head on my shoulder "you seen me yesterday" he comments.
"Too long" I reply shortly.
"Come on we don’t want to be late for our first day back" Robby says pulling away from the loving hug but not before grabbing my hand in his.
"Fine....." I trail off with a sigh, knowing I’d give in to anything he says.
Class after class after class, the same old boring talk over and over again. Soon lunch break rolled around the corner. Oh so thankfully I get out of my seat grabbing my bag and make my way down the hallway walking to Robby’s class so we could walk together.
But I get stopped by none other that Hawk himself "hey Y/n, looking good as always" he compliments with a small smirk.
Not wanting to be rude I smile "thanks Hawk" I say short, sweet but simple.
Eli takes a step closer towards me, hovering over me. "You’re very pretty you know that right?" He hums as hearts fill his eyes.
Not knowing what to do I again smile nervously "t-thanks- but what am I supposed to say to that?" I ask nervously.
He backs up a little "whatever you want to say L/n" Eli says raising is brow.
"I don’t think she’s interested" someone says from behind Hawk.
'Thank goodness' I think as I release a breath I didn’t know I was holding.
Hawk turns around crossing his arms "and what would you know about that?" He edges.
"Because I’m her boyfriend and if you wouldn’t mind, we’ll be leaving now" Robby says grabbing my hand and pulling us away from the situation.
"Oh my- thank you Robby, I did not know how to re-" I start before being interrupted by Robby pushing me against an abandon wall in an old hallway.
Which I just now noticed we didn’t make a turn for the cafeteria. "I am to fuck you so hard you won’t even be able to say thank you" Robby all but growls causing my eyes to widen.
I had never heard nor seen a side of Robby like this before, he was always so sweet and gentle. But do you see me complaining, pfftt no.
I automatically feel myself becoming turned on, "I-I-" I try but Robby cuts me off once again.
"After school. You know where" He states before walking off to his class.
It just now hit me that thirty minutes was up which meant lunch was over. The rest of the day went by slow, the anticipation grew quicker as minutes passed by that I knew I would be able to walk for.... give or take a few days?
I’ve never seen Robby like that so I’m guessing he’s going to stake his claim today. The bell finally rings signaling for students to get out... basically.
With a nervous sigh I wait until everyone clears out of the hallways before walking down the old hallway that never gets used for anything before turning to the door that would lead to my.... well.... difficulties shall we say.
Twisting the door handle I walk in closing the door, locking it behind me. Knowing that Robby was already in here, slowly I turn around to see a studying Robby with his arms crossed over his chest.
He slowly walks over to me, almost tauntingly "you know, I missed these times where we would make out in here or come in here to just get away from all the drama-" he stops for a moment, moving a strand of hair out of my face "-but today is a different story, today.... I’m going to fuck you-" he stops once more to push me against the door "-so hard... until you beg me to stop" Robby finishes as he grabs my thighs roughly causing me to wrap my legs around his waist subconsciously.
Moving away from the door he slams me against another wall causing me to moan, arching my back at the contact. Roughly he places his lips on mine, claiming me as his.
Bitting and nibbling at my lips, not giving them a chance to catch up with his rhythm and speed.
To into the kiss I didn’t notice my flannel was already thrown somewhere in the room.
Pulling my away from the wall, and kiss he carry’s me over to the desk and gently sits me down before placing his lips on mine once again.
Roughly gripping the top of my tank-top he rips it in half causing me to gasp into the kiss.
He pulls my bra down, exposing half of my boobs as he runs his finger tips around the little bud.
Letting out a moan I grind up onto his crotch causing him to let out a moan. I slide my hands down to his jeans before unbuckling and unzipping his jeans before pulling them down halfway.
Running my hand over his growing cock, I continue to kiss back with a firmer grip. Slowly becoming more rougher with my kissing.
Robby’s hand find there way to my jeans before unbuckling them and pulling the down lifting up my hips for faster access.
Throwing those down on the floor he removes his lips from mine before tracing the outline of my underwear gently rubbing over the covers nub.
Letting out a moan I arch my back into his chest "more" I moan aloud.
"Yeah, you want more? You want my fingers?" He asks seductively.
"Yes please" I beg.
Slowly Robby slips both his ring and middle finger all the way into my dripping core, the cold metal of his rings hitting my insides as well.
He soon speeds up the pace as his fingers reach my G-spot causing me to moan rolling my hips against his fingers.
"Come on Robby, just fuck me already" I whine out desperately.
Slowly he slides out his two fingers bringing them to his mouth sucking them clean.
"Always taste so good" he almost like growls out.
Removing his jeans and boxers he places them somewhere on the floor before stroking his length.
Moaning as he does so, spreading my legs more I moan out for him "please" I beg becoming more desperate.
"My little desperate Y/n" Robby whispers in my ear causing goosebumps to arise.
"Alright. I’ll give you what you want" he says before slamming his whole length into me.
"F*ck!" I moan aloud as my insides feel like there being.... well screwed out of place.
"Yes!" I moan louder as I pull him closer, by wrapping my legs around his waist as he grabs my hips pulling me on the edge of the desk.
Roughly, he pushed me back on the desk as his cock pounds and hits places that my fingers could never hit.
"You’re doing so g-good for me" Robby whimper out as my core tightens around him.
For support Robby grips on my half covered boobs as my body bounces on his cock and his hips snap towards mine.
Pounding into my wet core harder he hits my G-spot twice in a row causing my back to arch, head throwing back.
"I’m gonna-" I whimper out.
"Do it, cum around my cock" Robby moans out as his hips thrust against my once more causing my to cum around him, core pulsating around him causing him to moan throwing his head back as he pulls his cock out of me, cumming on my stomach.
Heavy breathing is all you can hear as Robby pulls me into a loving hug "I’m sorry if I was to rough, I just didn’t like seeing Hawk talk to you like that" he admits looking down.
"Hey Robby it’s okay, it was perfect" I say lovingly.
"I love you Y/n" He says lovingly.
"I love you Robby Keene"
Thank you @peachymelon69 for requesting! I hope you enjoyed!
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xxsmokeyy · a year ago
Levi x Pole Dancer! Reader (F) Customer Retention
genre: SMUT
summary: in which you are a pole dancer and you try to impress Levi, a new customer.
tw: kinda rough sex i guess?
wc: 8,248
Tumblr media
The stench of heavy liquor, burnt cigarettes, and strong perfume enter Levi’s nostrils harshly. No matter how many times Hange tries to convince him to tag along to places like this, he just can’t get accustomed to the smell. Or maybe he doesn’t want to.
Hange keeps bugging him post-work to come with them to this notoriously famous nightclub within the city that Erwin goes to. As uninterested as he is, he decides to give it a shot. Seeing as he rarely ever accepts the redhead’s invitations, it might actually be a good place to unwind for all he knows. He’s been to a fair amount of bars, yes, but nightclubs with plays? First time, really.
Once they’ve chosen their seats, they order drinks of their own preferences. The booming music pounds along with the cool-toned lights, while by his right side, there’s a small but big enough stage to fit in five strippers shaking their asses relentlessly to the whims of the customers. Some of them hang on a pole, torsos completely naked, bottoms barely clothed with only thongs covering their souls. Levi can only look at them with a stone cold face, impassive but unbothered.
Hange starts to babble with her work stories of the day as they all drink their shots. Levi only listens, observing the surroundings every now and then. He notices a bunch of men throwing their money at the women and he scoffs. What a mess. Is that really how they pay people in this place?
He looks around, not paying attention to his coworkers. There’s a bar counter by the far left and a bigger stage in the very front with a lone pole built in the center. He thinks for a moment what use is two separate stages with the same purpose but completely dismisses the thought the next second.
An hour passes by like years in Levi’s perspective, and his boredom only grows as he sips on his cold rum. He really tried his best to relate to the hype everyone says, but the whole setting just doesn’t fit his liking. He doesn’t really see anything special to the place, he’d rather go home and rest. He wouldn’t say it was worth the shot.
“I’m out of here,” he says, drinking the last of his liquor before fishing out his wallet to leave his tip. “Oh, come on, shorty, the night is still young! Don’t be such a joy kill!” Hange whines, not pleased with her friend leaving so soon. Erwin only grunts in agreement, while his other coworkers try to keep him from leaving. “Already?” Gunther complains along with Oluo, clearly displeased.
Levi pays them no attention, though, as he continues to get a twenty dollar bill from his wallet, readying himself of his withdrawal. But as if on perfect cue, the lights change into warmer colors and a slower, sensual trance begins to play. The strippers of the smaller stage from a while ago have already made their exit.
“Stay, Levi. I have a feeling you might want to see her,” Erwin advices. Being a regular customer every once in a while, he knows well what this club is renowned for.
“Her?” Hange muses, tone full of curiosity, voicing out the same question inside Levi’s head.
“You’ll see,” he only says, leaving the redhead on the edge of her seat.
The audience eagerly claps like they’re expecting something, rather, someone, highly anticipated. The commotion is enough to pique Levi’s interest even just for a short while. “No rainmaking until after the performance!” someone announces. You personally do not like having money thrown at you while dancing. You prefer your stage tidy, with no bills scattered around as you perform.
A couple newcomers jeer to the rule, displeased, but are utterly silenced once a woman in her mid twenties enters the big stage wearing nothing but a suede bikini of a beautiful magenta color, with rhinestones as the straps that glisten brightly under the light. Silver glowing killer heels the height of seven inches, you slowly strut your way to the middle, legs stretching in and out almost professionally, if that’s even possible.
Everyone cheers for your entrance and you start to sway your hips tantalizingly, smiling a little to yourself of pure satisfaction. Your body moves in harmony with the music, smooth as silk.
As you move exquisitely according to your own choreography, you feel an unfamiliar piercing gaze, like it’s from someone you have never encountered before, yet already so intrigued by the whole of you. Curious, you run your eyes over the crowd carefully and keenly, all the while maintaining your character. And then, your search stops at a table of five. It’s where the gaze is coming from. Though two men are ogling at you in a lecherous manner, that’s not what you felt the whole time. Your soft eyes dart on the man wearing a plain white dress shirt, the top buttons undone in a seemingly unintentional sexy manner.
A new customer.
The corner of your lips upturns into a seductive smirk as you continue to sway your hips and whip your hair, limbs falling to the right places and never breaking eye contact with the man of jet black hair and menacing eyes of steel grey. His velvet lips are pressed into a thin line along with a fierce, raunchy stare enough to turn your knees to jelly, but you wouldn’t want that. Not now that you’re finally convinced to impress said man.
You’re very well looking like a dangerous lioness in her natural habitat, and Levi’s not entirely sure how he feels about it. The way you bore into his eyes your own with a permanent sultry gaze, rendering him silent and fascinated. He’s never saw someone so wild yet be able to be so subtle about it. Every little move you make is sending the slightest shivers through his spine, and he’s never felt more… prurient.
You lick your teeth deliciously as you lock your eyes on the mysterious man. Dragging and sliding your feet on the floor, you could feel his profound aura eating up the atmosphere, driving you to great enthusiasm. You run your hands down your love handles and spin your head erotically, finally letting go of the staredown contest.
You turn your back at the crowd and raise your hands above your head, dragging your fingertips along your right arm. You then bend down achingly slow to flaunt your juicy bum to the audience. Once you’ve bend over enough, you spread your legs a little, stiffening your knee joints and isolating your hips to shake your ass just right. Your voluptuous movements leave everyone awestruck and amorous. Why it hits harder and differently than the naked stippers, they have not one clue.
You leisurely rise from your bended over form and sexily walk your way to the pole as the lights turn violet. But not without giving out a little striptease by pulling down the left strap of your panties, revealing a tiny portion of the skin of your butt, just enough to make the people cheer for more but not really complying to their demands.
Levi can’t help but feel mesmerized by the way you play your game. How can one move so promiscuously yet angelic at the same time? You walked in like you own the stage and to let them know that you were born for this. You know your moves too well, it’s ravishing. At this point, all he could think about is how much he wants to tear that skimpy lingerie off of you so bad and bend you over the table he’s at. Shit, he curses mentally. Is it your lovely curves? The way you handle yourself in expertise? Is it your vehement eyes? Or maybe your mind shattering movements? Whatever spell you are using, it sure is effective.
You start to execute the next part of your routine, the actual pole dancing. You put your hand just below the other to grip the silver pole and begin to push yourself up to a height, remaining in contact with the metal. As you make your way up, you squeeze your thighs tightly between the metal and once you’re content with your legs’ grip, you let your hands go of the pole, laying your back on thin air.
You close your eyes as you begin to spin, feeling the beat deep to your soul. Then, you sense the rhythm changing and you shift into a new position. You grasp the metal pole with your hands once again, gathering your strength to focus on your very core, and you let your thighs loose from its previous squeeze. You’re now solely relying to your hands as your body levitates ever so elegantly at the top of the pole, spinning in a slow tempo that gradually speeds up depending on the flow of the song.
Levi takes a sip of his liquor, gulping down the strong alcohol, all intentions of leaving long forgotten. He couldn’t take his eyes off of your seductive form even just for a mere minute, and he’s not complaining. He is, indeed, new here, but he can already conclude that you’re the best in your craft among everyone else. His former noisy companions are now just as silent as him, appreciating the art set before their eyes.
Meanwhile, you’re having lewd thoughts about the new customer at the back of your head. You could feel his stare burning and etching into your skin, and you like it. Scratch that— you love it. Just that is enough to turn you on. You’re addicted to the mysterious man’s stare, and you can’t get enough of it. It only inspires you to feel sexier and reflect the wanton emotions to your movements. You wonder how it must feel to have his bare skin pressed on your nudity. How tenderly he would run his fingers through your hair before pulling it roughly as he fucks you hard against the wall while your heels are still on and—
Oh, what fantasy! You bite your lip as you can feel your panties starting to soak. How can a simple stare make you feel this way? He hasn’t even talked to you, and you don’t even know his name. You shake off the thought and continue swinging and twirling, shifting positions after positions to the slow bass of the music. You spin rather endlessly, lifting yourself by the use of your immense core strength and muscles on the lone pole. Not a single movement of yours go unnoticed by the incredibly attentive audience.
The song is nearing its ending, and you spread your legs apart as wide as possible. Then, you drop to the ground, landing in a spectacular split formation, just perfectly timed to sync with the final beat of the tune. Panting a little, you stand up after a few seconds. You really like your act for today. Before making your exit, you look at the ravenhead one last time, winking shortly as a faint invitation before turning your back to everyone.
Of course, this does not escape Levi’s notice, and it really astounds him how headstrong you are. But his astonishment is short-lived as he watches you leave the elevated platform.
“Holy shit, did she just wink at me?” Oluo exclaims, amazed, yet still manages to sound cocky at the same time. “I knew it,” he brags.
“Tch,” Levi only clicks his tongue in annoyance as Hange denies the assuming man’s dreams.
People in total awe comes back to their consciousness and quickly shower thick bills to the stage, even without your presence. Some even demand more, as it’s really what everyone wants. Levi’s friends ask a waiter why your performance was so quick, and he listens intently. Unfortunately, it’s because your schedule for today is deliberately one gig only.
Making your way to the dressing room, you curse at how embarrassingly wet you are already. Fucking impossible! You couldn’t believe it. You hurry to the room before anyone sees and you thank the heavens that no one is inside. The other girls are probably back to work by now.
You remove your heels to prevent soreness and begin searching your spare clothes in your bag. While preoccupied, you feel an immense presence approach you and you immediately reject them before they can even ask something of you. It must be some creep that wants to bang you with god awful vanilla sex and a sorry excuse of a payment. Not that you’ll actually sleep with your customers if they’d offer a big price or some good sex though. Pole dancing is where you set your boundaries, and it’ll always stay that way.
“I don’t really fuck my customers, sir, so if you could just leave me alone, please,” you grumble, trying to sound as polite as you can manage while exhausted and desperate to return home. But the presence doesn’t leave your vicinity, and you just want to get rid of it quick.
“You sure are one to say that,” a stoic voice laced with a hint of sarcasm resonates inside the chambers. Noticing how attractively husky it sounds, you feel the hairs on your neck straighten like crazy. Such a hot voice feels like it can only belong to one person.
You raise your head to confirm your suspicions and look at the reflection in the full sized mirror, and you almost shit yourself inwardly as you see him. His arms are crossed as he leans his broad back against the walls, his intense gaze never leaving your form. You feel like your knees are about to tremble, and there’s no way in hell you’d allow that.
Regaining your composure, you flash a flirtatious smile, letting him know of your intentions but not being so straightforward about it. You walk toward the stranger’s direction and decrease the distance between you and him.
“There’s always an exception to the rule, isn’t there?” you make up a very innocent tone, enough to turn Levi on. There’s really just something about you that easily drives him insane.
You finally close the distance and place a hand on his firm chest that you trace down to his abdomen. His eyes follow your daring fingers before returning to your pretty face. You look at each other’s eyes for a moment before vigorously slamming your lips at one another. There’s really not much to say when the sexual tension from a while ago already depicts how hungry you are for each other.
Your tongue immediately connects with his, making an attempt to battle for domination, but he is too strong, pushing you upon submission, and holy shit did you like it so much. His tongue easily domineers your wet cavern, exploring every inch like it’s his property to begin with. You let out a quiet moan as you feel his hands creep to your buttocks, squeezing it tightly before letting go just to give it a nice smack. You squeal in delight, feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins. This is exactly what you want. He is exactly what you want!
Your hands are pressed on his chest, the fabric of his shirt crisp under your palms as his own travels your body with a featherlike touch. Kiss never breaking, you feel his left hand grip your hips firmly while the other you feel slip inside your bra, fondling your mound and pinching your nipple. You moan, wetness increasing at a rapid rate. You grind on him eagerly and smirk as you detect his erection straining on his pants. He lets out a grunt in between the kiss as he feels you create naughty friction and slaps your ass violently, leaving a red mark on your delicate skin. You stifle in a scream as your breathing is erratic, waiting every now and then to pull away for room and catch a breath.
He breaks the kiss for a second to change your position and before you even know it, you’re now slammed against the wall.
He places his fingers on your entrance, only the cloth of your underwear serving as barrier. He feels your liquid gushing out wildly. “Eager, aren’t we?” he whispers on your ear and you can’t help but blush in shame. “Shut up,” you mutter and kiss him silent.
He forcefully pulls the strap of your panties, tearing apart the rhinestones and ruining the whole thing. You squeal amidst the kiss, “Oh my gosh!” That is definitely an expensive pair, and you won’t let him get away with that.
“I’ll pay for that,” he says without second thought.
“You better—” is the only thing you’re able to say before you’re silenced by two fingers entering your wet hole. Unable to moan as loud as you can due to the kiss, you whimper. Levi shows dissatisfaction and puts a finger over your mouth to hush you just to cover it with his hand completely. “Quiet now, we don’t want to bring your audience here, do we?” he orders in a teasing tone full of authority. Unable to say anything, you only make out a noise of obedience. You love his domination so much, you will yield willingly to everything he says.
He deliciously slips his fingers back and forth in a slow tempo before going faster, correcting his hand’s position to a better one to hit your g-spot good. It doesn’t take him long to find out the right angle as he feels your walls quiver for a second alongside a muffled moan.
Levi looks at you, observing your reaction. To his relief, you seem to be enjoying his play, or else you’d be such a loss. He removes his hand covering your mouth and kisses you again. He isn’t content though and continues to insert a third finger in while he uses his thumb to circle your aching clit. Your body jerks in surprise and you cry out noises of satisfaction against his mouth. On second thought, he actually wanted to let others know that their little star is getting a bit naughty backstage, so to top it off, he removes his lips on yours and starts kissing your neck to let you moan in ease. “Fuck!” you’re finally able to exclaim, lost and not knowing what to do.
You desperately try to reach out a hand and cup his crotch to return the favor, but he beats you to it and pins your wrist just beside your head. He’s making you helpless, and you love it. You’ll return the favor later, since the man is clearly enjoying himself playing with you.
He continues fingering you while putting just the right pressure on your clit and you could feel your spasms nearing. “Ah… please!” you beg of him, moaning aloud. He smirks at your plea. Without the need to say it, he immediately quickens his pace to approach your climax. He puts a little pressure on his thumb as he circles your clit, making you let out a loud noise of pleasure. But when you’re one second away from your orgasm, he abruptly stops and pulls out his fingers. Feeling an intense disappointment, you groan. Did he just…
You look at him with droopy eyes, furrowing your brows, but his face remains the same with an authoritative look. Before you can even complain, he orders curtly, “Kneel.”
Eyes widening a little, you contemplate for a moment if you’re going to listen or not after he’s mercilessly denied your orgasm, but your body screams no other than yes, so you gladly follow. Besides, all he’s really done until now is bring you heaven, one way or another.
You obediently get down on your knees and start undressing his bottom in an annoyingly slow place. Levi grunts in irk and puts a hand on your hair, ready to pull it once you disobey. You have no plans of contravening, though, you just want to put on a little show and tease him.
You finish unbuckling his belt and undoing the clasp so that only the zipper is left neglected. Levi furrows his brows in utter impatience. “Cut it off,” his low voice rings, implementing control, but when he looks at you he feels satisfied. You’re down on your knees in between his legs, looking up at him like a well trained dog as you bite on the zipper, unzipping it with your teeth in your own sensuous style.
He could feel his arousal growing by the pretty sight of you and he groans. You smirk to yourself as you pull his pants and underwear down, springing his leaking erection free. You take a couple seconds admiring the view infront of your eyes. Damn, he is big. You can only imagine what it’ll be like once he rams you up with his huge dick, and it excites you even more. You begin to lick the tip sloppily, eyes back on his. Steel grey eyes looks down at you while you envelop your hand around his groin, giving it a few unhurried strokes. Breath hitching a little, he grabs a fistful of your hair as you lick his length down to the base repeatedly.
Levi locks his eyes on your own daring ones as you start to pump your wet mouth up and down his cock in moderate speed. He grunts and tilts his head back in libido, thrusting your head deeper for guidance, leaving no inch unoccupied. You continue to suck his throbbing member wholly, using your hand to jack him off every once in a while. His right hand tightens its grip on your locks as the other hangs lifelessly by his side, eyes gently shut to furthermore enjoy another version of your performance.
You could sense him getting close by the way he bobs your head faster and shudders a little whenever you suck more harshly. Right before he’s a second away to releasing, you decide to play bad girl as payback, pull away and return to licking his shaft. Levi picks up to the stunt you’re trying to pull and does not let you succeed. “Don’t you dare,” he grumbles, not up for your disobedience but more over, not wanting to lose the progress you’ve so wonderfully made just to start over again.
He pulls your hair from the scalp tightly and thrusts his hips into your mouth to shove his dick deep down your throat until you gag. Your moans muffle against his cock and tears pool at the corners of your eyes due to his aggressiveness. Liquid drips down from your pussy, liking what your partner is doing to your body.
Levi makes use of your admiringly tender lips as he approaches his end, shooting his load to the back of your throat with a guttural groan before withdrawing his member. He runs a hand through his hair, adam’s apple moving as he swallows deep in his high. You choke on the sploodge and swallow it clean, smiling right after despite tears unconsciously streaming down due to human reflex.
Levi, composure regained, cannot condone your face, though. Even if you’re basically still strangers, it briefly worries him how you looked. Although he likes to play rough, he of course wants everything to stay consensual. True to your reactions, you seem to like it, too, but he can’t help but wonder if he’s done anything against your will.
He efficiently pulls up his pants and zips it, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket before kneeling down your level. You gawp at him, clueless.
“You okay?” he asks, fierce eyes boring straight into your own.
“What?” you question, not realizing your damp face until he wipes dry your tears with the cloth. “Oh, yeah. Sorry about that,” you muse out but he continues drying your eyes with a stoic expression. You stare at the man, surprised by how gentle he is as opposed to his roughness from a while ago. This man is probably the type to pound it out then do aftercare.
Dumbfounded, you observe his face. Come to think of it, you never saw him this close even when you’re kissing. Apparently, he has facial features of a god and you didn’t have the chance to adore it up until now.
“Stop that,” he snides at you, bringing your attention back to earth. “Stop what?” you ask. “Staring,” he says, deadpanned. You let it sink for a moment before laughing your head off.
“I’m not a kid, go away,” you sass in between giggles, waving off his hand that just finished wiping off your tears, standing up and preparing yourself to call it a night.
On the other hand, Levi thinks, a good quickie can be enough.
But not today, though.
“Don’t fret, I’ll make it up to you,” he casually says, rising up from his knees, pocketing his handkerchief as he starts buckling his belt. You look back at him with quizzical eyes. Does he mean you’ll continue this? Where then? “My place. This room is filthy,” he answers as if he could hear your thoughts. You only laugh in agreement, amused with the man’s frank ways. Fair enough, none of you has condoms here anyway. “Alright, sir,” you tease, picking up your torn panties. He ignores your attempt to poke fun at him.
“This one’s expensive, by the way,” you roll your eyes, showing him the garment to inform him of his debt. “Tch,” he clicks his tongue. You then return to your bag and shove the piece before finally dressing up.
On the drive to his place, you ask him his name. Aside from it being weird if you don’t exchange identities, you’d like to scream his name later.
“Levi,” he calmly states. Though he didn’t necessarily ask, you give him yours, too, saying it’s a little odd if he lets someone he doesn’t even know the name inside his place.
You arrive at his apartment, and you don’t even get the chance to look around as you both return to making out as soon as you enter. No time for lingering around, no time for small talk. Just right down to business.
He pins you to the wall harshly and you snicker in between the kisses, feeling how eager he is already. You snake your arms around his nape, pulling him closer, the crisp of his finely ironed shirt rubbing against your cotton tee. “Look who’s excited now,” you tease cheekily, voice a whisper. He grunts in response before forcefully shoving his tongue in your mouth, sparring with your own before dominating with ease yet again.
You then begin to walk as you exchange messy kisses, bumping from wall to wall, shoes getting kicked off in the process. You swear you even heard an ornament fall, but none of it really matters now. Even Levi lets it slip, but not without cursing, though.
He lifts you up in his arms, hands squeezing your ass for support, and you wrap your legs around his waist. You feel him maneuver across the room until he settles you down on a study desk, pushing aside the appliances on top of it. You pull away and lick your lips in excitement. Nothing better than a good desk fuck.
He swiftly removes your top whilst you help him unbutton his already partially undone shirt. As you throw away the cloth, finally stripping him off, you’re left with a mouth drooling view of his masculine torso. You touch his hard abs and smirk. Those muscles have really got something to say.
Your lips crash against each other, switching into sweet, deep kisses. Sounds of lips smacking echo in the room, unrestrained. His hands greedily crawl from your thigh up to your breasts as yours are snaked around his neck. He massages your boobs and bites on your lower lip, earning him a soft mewl. Not fond of the hindering garment, he then rips your bra apart, unforgiving. As the rhinestones fall and scatter on the ground, he throws away the remaining suede cloth, letting your boobs bounce free. Your eyes widen, “What is with you and ruining my lingerie?” you complain. He doesn’t answer you and instead starts suckling on your mounds and you gasp in delight. You figure he likes to shut your loud mouth in his own ways.
His tongue circles your erect nipple and you run your hands on his hair, burying his head deeper to your chest as you feel your womanhood drip. Levi grunts at your anticipation and uses his other hand to pinch your other nipple simultaneously. The aching persistence between your legs grows, and you rub your thighs together in desperate attempt to feel some friction, but to no avail. Levi senses your eagerness down there and starts to roam his firm hand down your crotch. As he reaches your waist, he pulls your tiny shorts down to your legs, putting three slender fingers on your entrance to feel your wetness. “You’re so fucking wet,” he cusses and you let out a moan, confirming just how much you wanted him. He rubs his fingers against your clothed pussy aggressively, watching you squirm by his touch. It doesn’t take him long before he removes your panties as well.
Levi looks you in the eyes as he slowly kneels, planting kisses from your chest downwards, gliding his tongue on your tender skin, edging his face closer to your center. He runs a couple fingers over your dripping hole before licking it, tasting your sweet juices coated on his hand. The sight does nothing but arouse you even more and you beg, “Please.”
He takes your request happily and as he spreads your legs apart, he’s greeted by your beautiful sex, and all he could think of is how bad he wants to taste you all over.
He groans at the mouthwatering view before slinging both arms around your thighs to keep you from moving, locking you in place. He spits on your already soaking pussy, saliva mixing with your own fluids as they slide down your slit. He buries his mouth on your creamy folds like a thirsty child. Your vision blurs as your eyes fall droopy to the sensation and you throw your head back. He eats you up excitedly as you sit on the desk, upper body inclined just a little, both palms laying flat against the hardwood. He starts kissing your folds like how he would on your lips, deep and sensual.
“Levi…” you whisper shakily, and damn did it turn him on how his name rolled off your tongue like silk. Though muffled, you feel him grunt as his dick twitches from underneath his pants by your desperate call.
Rapaciously flicking the tip of his tongue on your engorged clit, your pussy quivers at the simulation. Your body gives up its hold on your seat, your back slowly descending to lie down in such a way as to cover the desk. Feeling you lay, he caresses your tender skin, one hand crawling up to massage your mounds every now and then. You try to peek what he’s doing down you and you see his fierce gaze locked on yours, lapping you up mercilessly, causing thrills to shoot up and down your spine as you turn into a moaning mess. He sucks on your stiff bean fleetingly and your whole body twitches. You dive your hands on his neat raven locks, tugging on it as you push his head all over you.
“Fuck… keep going!” you exclaim in utter pleasure and he follows your demands, the flat of his tongue going faster every second. The quickest of swirls make your core tremble, gasping sharply. He finds his grip on you effective when you try to wriggle free due to the feeling almost overbearing. Despite your breakfree, you sense your orgasm approaching as he goes on devouring you rapidly and you cry louder, slurring on a bunch of profanities.
You feel your end nearing and you try to clamp your legs together between his head instinctively, but his iron grip does not let you move less than an inch. With one last flick of his tongue, you convulse uncontrollably, but he doesn’t waver. While you’re losing yourself in the explosive pleasure, Levi’s already inserted a finger or two in your already cramping walls, unrelenting. Your eyes roll backwards and as much as you want to moan, you can’t even muster up a noise.
Levi only looks at you from below, adoring your helplessness by his doing. Weren’t you so brave when you danced on the stage, even seducing him? Look at you now, shaking under his touch.
He stands up, fingers never stopping as you recover bit by bit. Still weakening, you open your welled up eyes to peek and you find his broad body, bottom completely dressed while you lie on the desk nude and naked. You prop yourself on your elbows and Levi notices your motion.
“That’s unfair,” you whine at the view, making him raise an eyebrow. He follows the direction of your eyes and figures it’s his clothes.
“I don’t remember giving you the right to complain,” his tone is assertive, imposing control. Lucky him, you know just how to play along.
“Would you prefer if I say “please” then?” you wet your lips with the tip of your tongue, tone always so seducing. He likes it. How you so willingly submit to his standards, and he’ll spoil you for your acquiescent attitude. You posite that it’s a definite yes as he shows no restraint in his flawless expression and you smile.
“Fuck me senseless, please,” you breathe out a whisper as you plead obediently, same time challenging him to finally strip himself. His hard-on twitches wildly by your choice of words and right now, he feels you’re no less than a damsel in distress, and he’ll listen to your whims gladly. Besides, you’ve been nothing but perfectly tame.
He swiftly dips his right hand on a drawer, searching for something while his other continues fingering you like he never wants to stray too far from your body. He finally feels a familar packet on his fingertips. It’s the box of condoms he contemplated too many times putting there before. You hear him close the drawer shut and you lift yourself a little to peer on what he’s holding. You see a small square plastic and immediately find out what it is. How convenient.
He bites on the sealed condom as he works his hand to unbuckle his belt, undressing him self of his slacks. Once he’s finished, his pants and underwear drop down to his feet, revealing the whole of him. You nip on your lower lip upon seeing how turned on he is. Levi’s glance remains on yours that observe his cock with slutty eyes. He easily tears open the wrapper with his teeth and he wears it on his erection while you merely sit by and watch.
He pulls his fingers out of your awaiting hole and spreads your legs further apart before placing a palm on your pubis, thumb lingering on your clitoris endlessly. And without notice, he practically forces his dick down into your pussy, plunging it in and out with immense force and consistency, no time for slow paces, causing your walls to stretch drastically in order to adjust to his huge girth.
You desperately press the heels of your feet into his back to draw him closer, his hips bucking rapidly into your fuckhole. His mouth hangs open, unraveling, he lets out a couple groans as well, your tight pussy eating up his size. He’s going balls deep you feel him filling you up to brim, exactly how you want it. For him to fuck you until you’ve got nothing left inside but dick. Your eyes snap shut, brows slightly furrowed as you let out a string of moans and whimpers which are nothing but music to his ears.
“Ah… deeper Levi!” you beg and his hips buck into your fuckhole in a greedy speed, raven hair hovering above his eyes as he looks down on your vulnerable form.
He lifts his hand to crawl up your body, fingertips grazing on your now sticky skin. Levi cups your cheeks while you mewl at the angle perfectly rubbing against your walls just right. He then places a finger on your plump lips, and like your lips have been waiting for something to occupy, you happily suck on it like a child. This contributes nothing but turn Levi on, causing him to snap his hips faster into you than you can ever imagine, and you scream, eyes clenching shut at the gratifying mix of pain and pleasure brought by his length.
His removes his finger from your mouth and stops to firmly grip your frail neck. You moan at the euphoric effect of feeling him gently squeeze the sides of your neck, later clenching harder, almost entirely blocking your airway. You choke on your own breath as he straddles you, imposing ownership and control that you all the more welcome with ecstasy.
“Do you like that?” he asks suggestively, expecting from you a positive note. Unable to speak due to difficulty breathing, you look up at him with half lidded eyes to nod your head challengingly. Upon receiving your response, he feels his dick grow harder inside your pussy at the wonderful view of his hands wrapped around your windpipe and you liking it like the little bitch you are.
He finally removes his grip on your neck and you gasp harshly to catch your breath, vision bleary and coughing a little. All riled up, he thrusts into you relentlessly while you’re sprawled out, weak and wanton. As if he’s already memorized every inch of you, he immediately senses your orgasm nearing by the way your vagina tightens and the way you moan a bit louder.
“Not yet,” he beats you to it and you struggle to keep it in. Whimpering, you squint your eyes like it helps a tad. He holds you back for a couple more seconds before deciding to let you be.
“Come,” he orders in full authority, and you’re more than willing to oblige. You snap as you set yourself free, walls quivering around his dick uncontrollably, eyeballs rolling backwards in crazy pleasure. You moan tremblingly, feeling your body fall limp atop the cold wooden desk due to the sensation. Levi takes in the beautiful sight as you convulse, stopping to wait for you. Yes, that’s what he wants. He wants to embed his effect on you deep into your soul, you’ll never forget it. He bends down to reach your face, hovering just above you.
“Good girl,” he whispers to your ear, electrifying you with dangerous volts throughout your whole body.
With that, he withdraws, removes the condom, and scoots you up in utter ease. Still drowsy from your high, you only realize you’re headed to his bedroom when he sets you down on the bed. He climbs on the fluffy sheets to join you.
He notices your flaccidity and points it out to you. “Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got now, princess?” he dares, steel grey eyes boring into your own droopy ones. As much as he wants to go on, he really wouldn’t want to fuck a sex doll.
Though still drained, you’re not about to sum yourself up as a quitter. Not in your lifetime, and never in this man’s eyes. You gather up the strength left in you to push him down the mattress, which Levi raises an eyebrow to. You lick your lips, glance remaining on his. “Who said I’m a princess?” you pinpoint before getting on your knees to crawl up to his laid down form. You stop right above his chest and start planting wet kisses from his neck downwards. Sucking a bit on his sweaty skin, you create a love bite on his collar. Levi hisses and grabs a fistful of your hair loosely. You smirk, ignoring his protest. That surely will stay until workdays. Oh well, not your problem anymore.
While he lays below you, you start to creep down, tongue glazing his hard abs down his v-line. He’s really got an amazing body to pair his amazing performance.
You come face to face with his erect penis slowly take him in your mouth again like it’s the first time. You lick clean the tip leaking with little precum, the salty taste staining on your tongue. You look up at him with playful eyes and start bobbing your head up and down, eating him up inch by inch. He grunts upon feeling your warm cavern cover him from base to tip and can’t help but close his eyes. You suck him rashly and he curses at your sudden action, his body shuddering a little. Pleased with the results, you begin to speed up and go deeper shamelessly until his hard cock hits the back of your throat.
His hand sits on the top of your hair, petting it with no need to thrust your head deeper since you’re so well-behaved. He throws his head back, allowing himself to enjoy your whorish act.
As you continue to suck him wholly, you perceive he’s holding another wrapper on his hand, which you assume is a condom, and you take it from his grasp, mouth not leaving his intimate part. You tear it open, pulling away momentarily to put the contraceptive on his tip. Levi opens his droopy eyes to look at you. You then part your lips to take him in, this time skillfully unrolling the condom little by little using only your mouth, and you bet he liked it by how impressed he looks right now.
You hold his sex by the base once you’ve finally wore the condom on his whole and suck him off a few more, putting the tip against the inside of your cheek to show him the beautiful lump it creates before finally pulling away with a satisfying pop.
Remaining eye contact, you rise to sit up and position yourself on top of his impatient dick. You rub the tip on your wet entrance and moan intentionally to tease him. “Do princesses fuck like this?” you ask, seduction unwavering in your tone. Levi lies back comfortably, clearly enjoying your approach. Then, unceremoniously, you sink down on his cock, his length reaching the depths of you.
He lets out a groan as he feels your warm pussy wrap around him tightly, and you start to move up and down, riding him sensually. Leaning forward, you place your palms on top of his sturdy chest and grind on him smoothly like how you’d dance.
The amount of pleasure baffles Levi considering that he never gave you the steering wheel, not once. He’s actually grateful he didn’t miss out on this, though he didn’t want to admit that, since you’re the one solely on control in this position. He grunts after another as you expertly switch your pace from shallow and fast to deep and slow like there’s an unheard rhythm you’re following.
You lean back and arch your spine, switching to a completely different angle but same positition. You run your hands up to your breasts, fondling it to put up a show for Levi. If it’s even possible, you feel him stiffen even more inside you as he watches you play with your own body. You pinch your nipples and moan as you bounce on his cock wildly, and it drives him insane.
Right now, he’s seeing the headstrong dancer that climbed the pole like she owned it, including the audience, because at the moment, you had full control over your body and his. Deep down, he can only think of your body and how badly he wants to fuck you over like he every inch of you is his property, as if he hasn’t already done that.
While you’re enjoying yourself, he then places his hands on your waist, thrusting his hips to meet you halfway. “Ah—!” you squeal in a tiny voice, surprised by his sudden motion. He isn’t content though, and lifts you off of him before swiftly putting you in all fours, forcing his dick deep inside you with no second’s rest.
He reaches for your hair and pulls it vigorously, making your back bend a beautiful arch in force. It should be painful, really, but you only seem to like it as you never give a single complaint, making Levi smirk at your unwavering boldness. His muscles flex as he rams you up with his dick like an animal, hips bucking at a quick, steady pace. There, now he’s got full control.
The sound of skins slapping against each other echoes inside the room as he fills you up with his size madly like there’s no tomorrow.
“Oh fuck… yes… hard… er…” you slur, too drunk by the pleasure to be able to make out audible words. He buries his cock inside you needily, his damp hair swinging back and forth along your movements. He slaps your ass with his other hand, squeezing it tightly right after, his fingertips digging into your soft flesh. You moan in absolute delight. Everything about his dominance easily crosses out every single vanilla sex you’ve had in your whole lifetime. The way he imposed control and does you rough naturally like it’s part of his day just astounds you.
With his merciless speed, you can already feel yourself coming for the third time this night. He, too, feels himself nearing while you incoherently emit sounds of pleasure, continuous sweat trickling down both your skins. Mouth wide apart and letting out loud moans, your eyeballs turn white as he drives you down to the brink of ecstasy.
“I’m about—” you don’t even get the chance to say it as your cunt clenches tightly around his dick, contractions real and uncontrollable. The simulation helps Levi reach his end at the same time, and with a guttural groan, he comes inside you, load restricted inside the protective rubber. Mind going blank, you explode and fall boneless on your cheeks, shaking and convulsing on the mattress as if it’s your first ever orgasm. Both panting and chests heaving, you catch your breaths, waiting for the pleasure to wear down.
Being the first to regain his composure, he pulls out and takes off the used condom before standing up to throw it in a bin. You lie there lifelessly, your sex continuing to throb and pulsate, the intense spasms rendering you almost incapacitated. The exhaustion starts to dawn upon you as you held it back successfully althrough the night. Your eyes fall shut despite trying to fight it back and eventually pass out.
Levi decides it’s enough, too, and picks you up gently like you’re glass that might shatter any moment now and positions you on the other side of the bed, tucking you in the blankets. Afterwards, he crawls to his own side of the bed, drifting off as sleepiness finally approached him.
Shifting a little uncomfortably, you open your eyes, realizing you’ve been sleeping for a while now. You glance beside you and as you see the stranger with his back turned to you, memories come flooding in a flash and you remember everything. From the heated exchange of deep kisses to the arousing sensation as you relinquish control to the man until he fucked you out of your senses.
Shaking off the lewd memories, you stand up. As soon as you move an inch, you immediately feel a sharp sting from in between your thighs and you stop dead in your tracks. Shit. Of course you’d be sore. You move carefully as you look for a random t-shirt and boxers from his closet.
You don’t recall tucking yourself to bed, so it must have been Levi. He does have a good heart deep down, doesn’t he? He didn’t kick you out after all. You never really fall asleep after one night stands, especially if it’s not in your place or a hotel, but your energy got totally drained in that one heck of a ride. You can almost swear it’s been ages since you’ve had heavenly amazing sex to the point that you’d bruise, and you say you love it. Addicted to it, even.
He is still in deep trance, probably tired as you are. Well, can’t blame him though, that marvellous bed performance of him can come in par with your years of professional dancing. After getting dressed, you make your way out his suite to return home.
Levi jolts awake the last second and immediately notices your back exiting the door to his bedroom, wearing his clothes unprecedentedly.
“Brat,” he grumbles to himself. He eventually lets it go, though. He’s ripped your own garments anyway, and he’ll be replacing those soon. About that, he knows where to find you anyway.
After that night, rest assured that the once new customer is now a frequent visitor, while your routines slowly transition into a show to impress one man and one man only. The now regular looks forward to your new choreography when there comes a chance, his friends no longer forcing him to go with them. Of course, all that alongside a bunch of booty calls exchanged here and there.
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good morning | myg (m)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x female reader
Rating: 18+, M(mature)
Genre: established relationship, fluff, smut
Warnings: pwp, daddy kink, soft dom!Yoongi, sub!reader, oral(m&f),cum eating? creampie?? slight hair pulling, unprotected sex (play it safe bro) light overstimulation if you squint? Fluffy sex, Yoongi is a sweetheart.
Word Count: 2.1k
Summary: Mornings with Yoongi were...pretty interesting.
A/N: This is my first ever smut so I hope y’all enjoy this. Ummm, I listened to The 1975′s ‘Medicine’ while writing this piece. Also super duper thanks on @dontaskshhhhh​ & @sugarly-laysa​ for hyping me up throughout the whole writing process and overall :)  ᶦ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇᵒᵗʰ :))))) Anywho, I hope you enjoy this :)
Tumblr media
When you had asked him to show you how to make him feel good, he wished he wasn’t drinking his morning coffee. It had been so unexpected but it made him feel extremely aroused you had wanted to please him. 
What aroused him the most was seeing you on your knees looking at him with innocent eyes. He searched for any trace of doubt in your eyes and when he saw that you were determined, he started to unbuckle his belt. Yoongi’s eyes widened when your hands stopped his.
“Can I do it daddy?” He sucked in a breath as he nodded, letting you do the rest.
“Baby, you’re too good to me.”
“I just want to make you feel good too daddy.” You managed to unbuckle his belt and pull off his pants. You were no stranger to each other’s bodies but he always ate you out until you could not take any more and you wanted to treat him too.
Finally getting a glance of his beautiful cock, your mouth watered when it twitched. Your eyes looked back into his as your fingers used the precum that leaked out of his shaft to properly pump his cock. 
He let out a few of hisses when your tongue gently licked the tip of his cock. Yoongi’s hands were tightly holding on to the armrests of his chair to keep him from pushing himself into your mouth. It only got harder to do that when your tongue gently ran from the base to the tip of his cock. Finally, settling him in your mouth, his cock felt heavy on your tongue and the groans that came from his mouth sent a new wave of arousal down your body.
“Yes, baby. Just like that.” As you tried to take in more of his length, you felt his fingers caress the apple of your cheek and he gave you a loving look. Taking in all of him in your mouth, he broke into a mixture of groans and moans of your name as his head fell back onto the chair. His hand went to the back of your head and got a hold of your hair tightly to guide your slick mouth down his cock.
At every sound that escaped his lips, you felt your arousal dampen your panties. Knowing that your boyfriend was enjoying himself made your pussy throb with desire. You pressed your thighs together to relieve some of the tension between your legs but none of this was missed by Yoongi. 
“You’re liking this so much aren’t you? Don’t worry baby, you’ll get your reward after this.” Humming around his cock, he let out a string of curses laced with your name. His length twitched and you pulled off from him to catch your breath. 
“You’re gonna be the end of me baby.” he said breathlessly. You giggled as you pumped his length more firmly with your now slick hand. 
“Baby, I’m so close..I-” Before he could say another word, you took his whole length in your mouth causing your nose to touch his lower tummy. The times you couldn’t keep deep throating him, you let your hand pump him. You let out a few moans at how aroused you felt due to having his heavy cock twitch in your mouth. Soon, he let out a long breathy moan as he held your head in place as he came. 
Taking in everything he gave you, you swallowed his release pridefully as you kept the eye contact. His lustful eyes followed his fingers that trailed from your cheek to your lips.
“Come here baby.” The tiredness of your legs was no longer present as you quickly got up on his lap. His hands immediately grabbed a hold on your body as he kissed you with passion. With one hand on the back of your neck and your backside, he slipped in his tongue as he moved your body on top of the kitchen table beside you.
Laying your body gently, he parted his lips from yours to trail kissed along your neck leaving small marks of his love for you. He took off the shirt you stole from him the night before and continued to place trail more love marks beside your now perked nipples.
If your panties were not ruined before, they were definitely ruined now that you felt his mouth suck on your nipple. He gripped your hips closer to his to grind his once more hardened member against your heat only to pause to switch onto the other nipple. 
Not knowing what to do with your hands, you hesitantly moved them on his hair. You angled your hips much closer to his causing his length to rub against your clit. The action caused you to tighten your hold on the black strands of his hair. 
“I love you so much baby.” he said as he continued to leave kisses down your body until he got to your panties. 
“You’re so ready for me but I need to have my fun too.” He hooked his finger on the elastic of your panties and slid them off from your legs. Yoongi lingered kisses from your calves to your inner thighs as his hands pulled your thighs apart to have a full view of your glistening pussy. The look on your boyfriend’s face caused you to   squirm as he approached your heat with fervor. 
Looking up to you one more time, you shivered when he placed a kiss on your mound as he kept the eye contact. He placed his two fingers on your slick pussy to spread you open for him causing you to clench around nothing. You shivered as he placed a couple of gentle licks on your heat to ease you. So caught up into the intense moment, you slightly jumped when his other hand made its way from under your thigh to firmly squeeze your ass. 
Smirking at your reaction, he stuck his tongue out at you and flicked it against your clit. Your hands immediately reached out for his and he happily intertwined your fingers together as he adjusted your body closer to him. 
Before you could get comfortable, he moved his mouth closer to your swollen clit and sucked harshly. Whimpering at the overwhelming feeling, you tried to keep your back from arching. All your self restraint flew out of bounds as soon as his tongue slipped inside your leaking cunt. 
“Yoon- daddy, I’m so close...” you whined as his pace steadily sped up.
One of his hands slipped out of yours as he grabbed a hold on your hips to keep you down. Once he had his hold on you secured, he licked up your slit until he got to your sensitive clit and traced circles on it with his tongue.
“Daddy… I need you now.” A mischievous glint flared on his darkened eyes and you knew you were done for the day. His mouth worked wonders as he switched from licking up all your arousal from your pussy to sucking and flicking his tongue on your swollen clit.
You feel it start from your core, the overwhelming pulsing of your sensitive bud slowly crept up to the rest of your body as you felt yourself give in to the blissful pleasure. Your body felt incredibly warm as you felt your boyfriend’s tongue ride out your high. 
Slowly coming back to your senses, you whined in oversensitivity as he cleaned up all of your release from your cunt with his tongue. When he felt like he cleaned up most of your release, he placed a small kiss on your inner thigh and gave you a sweet smile. His hands let go of yours to help you lean into his arms.
“Come here baby, let’s go to the bedroom.” He picked you up and your body automatically clung onto his, trying to bring your bodies closer. Yoongi chuckled at your actions and placed a couple of soothing kisses on your neck as he walked with you to your shared bedroom. 
Once you both were in the bedroom, you unwrapped your legs from his waist and brought your hands to his face to kiss him. His hands immediately moved to your waist to guide you to the bed.  Once you felt the back of your legs hit the bed, you let your body fall on it and backed up on your elbows until your head hit the pillows. Your gaze on your boyfriend never faltered as he took off the rest of his clothes. 
Yoongi climbed over you and pressed your lips together. His hand parted your legs apart and the sight of your arousal once more seeping out of your clenching hole had him groaning.
“Baby, I can’t wait anymore. I need to be inside of you.” Not responding back, you brought him in for another passionate kiss. As your tongues clashed against each other, Yoongi spread your thighs wider as he pumped his hardened length. 
Yoongi pulled back as he started to rub the tip of his cock against your leaking pussy. Looking right back into your eyes, his heart beat a bit faster and his cock twitched at how your eyes displayed the love you had for him.
The tip of his cock entered your dripping hole slowly. Your arousal made him slide in easily but your pussy clenched as he bottomed out. The tightness causing curses slip out from your boyfriend’s lips.
“Shit, how are you still so tight baby?” He groaned out as he pressed your bodies together causing his cock to nudge your sweet spot.
“Please, please...” You desperately moaned for him to move.
“Shh, baby I got you.” Yoongi rested above you on his forearms as he started to thrust his hips into yours. Building a slow yet sensual pace, he brought his lips to your neck and left lingering love bites anywhere he could.
You bit your lips to try to conceal your moans but Yoongi was not happy with it. He licked a bold stripe from your collarbone to your jaw. His breath fanned against your ear and it caused you to clench around his thick cock.
“Let me hear you moan my name baby. I want to hear you.” Yoongi spoke softly in your ear and you couldn’t keep your moans at bay any longer. Very happy with the moans that started slipping from your lips, he adjusted his hips and started pistoning his cock out of your wet pussy. 
One of his hands slowly felt every inch of your body until it reached your thigh. Knowing exactly what he wanted, your legs wrapped around his waist causing the tip of his cock hit your cervix. Feeling your orgasm near, your pussy started to clench tighter around his length. The movement causing moans to slip from each other's lips.  
“I love you so so much baby.” Yoongi’s hands searched for yours and intertwined your fingers together as he placed them above your head. His hips started to roll against yours, providing just the right amount of friction on your throbbing clit. 
The feeling of his body pressed against yours and your bodies connected together in more ways than just one brought so much warmth in your bodies. Yoongi’s lips near your ear whispering sweet nothings helped push you into a state of pure, pleasurable bliss. 
Yoongi’s hips stuttered as he felt you orgasm around his cock. The wet, warm and tight feeling your pussy gave him pushing him over the edge. His hips slowly rolled against yours to ride both of your highs. Only stopping when you whined in oversensitivity.
He let his body rest on top of you but still held some of his weight on his arms to not crush you. Hesitantly, he pulled away from your warm heat. Yoongi watched a mixture of his cum with yours drip down from your swollen pussy causing him to groan.
He let his body rest right next to yours as you turned to face him. Yoongi’s arm moved on top of your waist and brought you closer to his chest. He let go for a split second to place the covers over your bodies and snuggled in with you. Yoongi rested his forehead on yours and offered you a loving smile.
“Good morning Yoonie.”
“It is a good morning indeed baby.” Yoongi whispered against your lips before he kissed your lips. He rested his chin above your head and lulled you both into another deep sleep in each other's arms.
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Pretty Boy
18+ Character aged up
CW: Smut, thigh riding, skirt, teacher kink.
Not Petite!: large people, mid size, plus size, tall, or beefy.
Tumblr media
   "P-Please sensei~."
   "Please what, Iida," you looked him in the eye. The poor guy was flushed, a deep pink on his face trailing beneath his shirt. His shirt rumpled, collarbones exposed and bruised. Glasses hanging on by a miracle, Tenya was thoroughly debauched. "Use your words Iida, or you can forget about that extra credit." He looked at you, unable to meet your eye,"I wanna… can I please cum?"
   "No." Tenya's face dropped. He couldn't move until you said so. Currently, he was straddling your thigh in an uniform skirt you got him. "I don't know, can you," you teased,"You know what you're supposed to say, pretty boy." "Sensei, may I please cum?" Aww, he was so cute like this. Hips slightly moving, not really grinding or adding friction, just desperate. His pretty pink lips, swollen from earlier and open, allowing a little bit of drool to slip. God, he was a mess. Even his thighs were trembling, ready for the word. He was such a good boy. 
    "Go ahead baby, come on sensei's lap." Now that he had permission, he began to roll his hips onto your thigh. Balanced on his toes, he did his best to stay balanced. His calves bulged and thighs flexed. He started panting, head lolling back as he moved. "Iida, baby, eyes on sensei." He nodded, opening his eyes and locking his gaze with yours. You reached up to palm his face. You stuck your thumb in his mouth, tugging at his bottom lip,"Suck." He did so, eager to please. "Your doing so good for me, baby. You're my good boy, aren't you?" 
     Tenya nodded, teary eyed, and his hips began to stutter. He was close. "Come on, Iida. Cum in that pretty skirt for me." He frantically rocked his hips, teetering a little. His hips stopped, jerking sporadically. His thighs tensed around your thigh. His face relaxed, eyes closed and he stopped sucking. It allowed a little drool to slip out. "You're such a mess, baby." He leaned into your arms. You rearranged him into your lap. Looking over, you noticed the time. We can take a break and go another if we want to. Although, this was his third. Tenya shook a little in your arms. "You're such a good boy for me, Ten. So pretty. Perfect for me." 
     "Bet you made a mess on me. And in your panties too." He whined. "Tenya, do you want a break," you asked a little concerned. He nodded into your shoulder. "Okay baby, we'll stop for now, alright? I'll take of you." You held him a for a while, comfortable with his position. Eventually, you got him to stand and go sit on the bed. You had done this in the room you shared. After cleaning him up, you got both him and yourself ready for bed. Your were the big spoon tonight.
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Three’s company
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff x female!Reader 
Word count: God knows like 4000
Warning: NSFW 18+ lots of smut, read at your own risk. Really bad smut writing. 
Prompt 14, 30:  “If this is your attempt at pushing me away, it won’t work” “Come on now dear, Let’s not torture her any longer” - Poly 
A/N: For Vee, I love you and I hope you enjoy! I’ve scrapped this about six times and I still have a love/hate relationship with it. Also feel honoured because this is my first smut fic ever never mind Poly, please be gentle with me lmao. 😂
Thank you @lesbian-deadpool for reading over this and giving me your seal of approval, you the best sister in law ever. What would my gal do without you @missmonsters2 lol 😂x
Tags: @imnotasuperhero @j-does-life @the-enamorando-deity​ 
I do not own these gifs!🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prompts 14, 30 
Have you ever been in love?
 Have you ever been in love with two people at once? Or better yet, in love with two people who are also in an established relationship.
 Because I have.
 I continue to you scribble my thoughts onto the blank page of my diary needing to express my thoughts and feelings somewhere, like a dirty little secret.
 A loud knock at my bedroom door interrupts my train of thought as I quickly close my secrets away and scramble to hide it in my desk draw. I turn around to see blonde hair and blue eyes peeking through the gap of the door.
 "Hey Y/N just letting you know movie night is starting in half an hour and I don't want another excuse as to why you can't come. You've been locked up in your room almost the entire week. We're worried." Steve asks warmly, ever the mother hen of the group.
 "I'm fine Steve I've just been busy with mission reports and making sure the new shield recruits are settling in. You know how daunting it can be, especially when Sam, Clint and Bucky think it's funny to mess with them on their first week. I promise I'll come down" I reassure him, and he almost believes me.
 "Okay I'll bite but just know I'm here if you wanna talk about it. I haven't mentioned it to them that I saw you sneaking out of their room last week" he says sympathetically.
 That's when this whole thing started. Once I became a regular member of the Avengers initiative, it meant spending a lot of time with the team. Nat and Wanda had welcomed me with open arms being the only two regular females of the group. It started off with small subtle brushes of their fingers against my hand when they walked pass or passing things to each other in the kitchen, their fingertips just lingering a little longer. Of course, every time this would happen I would be a blundering mess but they seemed unfazed by the waves of electricity between us every time, until those subtle hints turned a little more bolder.
 Three weeks ago
 Walking through the private area of the compound, I rub my tried eyes and roll my shoulders trying to ease the tension in my muscles. I shuffle towards the living room area hoping to catch up on some reading needing some peace. The open windows and the dark grey Italia corner sofa that faces it gives a lovely view of the trees and forest life that surrounds the hidden compound. In my dazed, tired state I failed to notice the fiery red head sitting lazily on the sofa a Russian novel in hand with a devilish smirk.
 "Hey Y/N how was training the newbies?"
 I gasp lightly and quickly turn around to face her, my hand hovering over my chest as I clutch my favourite book in the other.
 "Jeez Nat, you could warn a woman!"
She laughs quietly.
 "You're an avenger Myshka, your eyes should always be open to any possible thing" the words slow and clear, her voice deep laced with flirtation.
 I gulp slightly, blushing at the Russian term that I’m always referred to as but never know what it means. I drop my gaze no longer able to look into those green eyes that hold such heat.
 "Yeah well I've just spent the last five hours training dumbass's who can't tell the difference between a Fixation Bowie and a SoG Seal Knife, so give me a break" I grumbled, feeling slightly irritated suddenly.
 Maybe because she keeps flirting with you and she has a girlfriend.
 Nat frowns lightly before sitting up her legs tucked underneath her making available space on the sofa next to her, she pats the space indicating for me to sit with her. I pause for a minute debating whether that would be safe for me to do so, I scan her face and land my eyes onto her perfect full lips stained with red lipstick.
 Maybe this isn't such a good idea, I could always read in my room.
 But she looks so good sitting there and she smells divine.
 The latter thought wins as I tentatively make my way over to her and take a seat, leaving a good gap between us. Nat smiles softly before turning back to her book, making me relax a little.
 After a few minutes of us both reading in silence, I feel Nat shift slightly trying to get comfortable. Unfolding her legs from under her she slowly stretches them out over my lap and sighs content with her new position. I tense and look over to her waiting for her to say something, but her head is buried back into her book.
 It's okay, you guys are friends. This is what friends do.
 Nat shuffles around again before huffing, clearly not comfortable. I can feel her gaze on me from the corner of my eye.
 "Myshka, can I lean against you? The corner of this sofa is killing my back and you seem far too comfy" she whines lightly, pouting those cherry red lips. My eyes instantly fall to them again before quickly looking back to her eyes, a glint of knowing lingers slightly in those pretty greens.
 She caught you.
 " yeah sure Natasha" she moves like lightening and curls up into my side, her head leaning against my shoulder, legs draped over me. My eyes widen in fear at the sudden closeness between us and the creaking sound of the floorboards by the doorway announcing another presence.
 "Well don't my two favourite girls look comfortable hmm? Mind if I join?" I continue to tense up, eyes moving back and forth between the two of them trying to gauge their reaction, but Nat seems indifferent as she continues to stay close to me still emerged in her book. Wanda makes her way around the room, I'm shocked to see that instead of sitting next to Natasha she stands closely behind us, her hands rest on either side of my shoulders, her thumbs move back and forth along my exposed shoulders as she leans in and whispers "you seem tense fényem (my light), you need to relax. Is Steve giving you a hard time with the new recruits? I'll have a word" her breath softly brushing against my sensitive skin making me shiver.
 I shake my head unable to find the words to speak. Wanda hums quietly before releasing her hold on me and moving towards Natasha before letting her lips meet hers in a heated kiss. I try to avert my eyes but it's too late, Nat looks straight at me and winks subtly before going back to her book as Wanda walks away asking if we would like a drink. I shake my head in decline before making up an excuse and sprinting out of there.
 Whatever game their playing, I don't want any part of it...
 Or maybe I do.
 End of flashback
 A week later the flirting and teasing had gotten more bolder as the days passed. I found myself being left alone with one of them or both way too often for it to be a convenience. At the end of that week, it was team bonding night in the games room, drinks were poured and before I had time to blink, I could feel soft warm skin against my lips while two pairs of red lips and hands trail along my naked back and shoulders, limbs tangled up in silk sheets.
 I woke up in a haze just as the sun met the earth in the distant horizon and vanished out of their room. Leaving an empty gap between them, making my heart shatter. The knocking on my door and the empty threats to come into my room if I didn't speak to them became less and less as the week went on, as if giving up on any attempts to see me.
 I'm shaken out of my thoughts by two large gentle hands cupping my shoulders; Steve stares at me with concern.
 "Come on let's just go down and get the food ready for the movie, okay? You can sit with me if you like, you don't have to talk to them" I nod my head in agreement to his proposition.
 "Is there any specific snacks you would like?"
 I smirk at that slightly before replying:
 "Do we have the big bag of Doritos, Dorito?" Steve rolls his eyes and groans in annoyance.
 "Can you and Tony stop it with the Dorito thing? it was one commercial and the money went to a good cause" he moans grumpily before leaving the room and heading back towards the kitchen for the movie night snacks.
 I chuckle softly before gathering my thoughts.
 Maybe I could make another excuse up for not going.
 Knowing I don’t stand a chance against a stubborn Super Soldier I make my way out off my safe space and into the unknown.
  Upon arriving in the dimly lit room I scan for a vacant double seat to settle into for the evening, my eyes fall upon the very two people who have been taken over my thoughts and the pages in my diary for last two months; Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff.
 Wanda sits comfortably on Natasha's lap her head tilted upward as Nat whispers softly to her while brushing her thumb over Wanda's bare calf making her giggle quietly.
 My thoughts overtake me as I think about her thumb brushing against my bare thigh while Wanda whispers sweet nothings into my ear, just like that night...
 As if sensing my presence, they both turn and face me, a soft smile playing on both of their lips.
 "Hey kotenok, where have you been all week? We've missed you" Nat speaks quietly laced with worry. Wanda's furrowed brow also indicating her agreement.
 I blush slightly and clear my dry throat suddenly aware of my daydreaming.
 "Sorry...I.. um I had a few mission reports that needed finishing and didn't realise the time. I could do without Steve chewing my ass about neglecting my responsibilities outside of missions" I say impersonating my best Steve Rogers voice, which causing Nat to smirk slightly; amusement in her eyes while Wanda giggles her eyes looking over my shoulder.
 "You know Y/N if you actually did do the reports on time, I wouldn't have to keep lecturing you" a deep authority voice says behind me while dangling a bag of Doritos in front of my face. I roll my eyes in good nature before grabbing the offered snack and moving to sit in the empty loveseat by the two women.
 "You know there is space on this love machi- I mean love-seat Y/N, all you gotta do is ask" Sam teases a few rows down and winking cheekily, a pillow hits him around the back of the head by Bucky who's sat beside him.
 "Please she's way out of your league, fake bird" they both continue to bicker back and forth as I settle onto my own love-seat, wrapping the blanket around me and sighing at the warm feeling surrounding me as I sink into it further.
 "Sam's right though Y/N, you don't have to sit by yourself. Come sit with me and Nat there's plenty of room here" Wanda whispers leaning over towards me so no one else can hear, her eyes filled with attentiveness. I gulp and avert my eyes away from her emerald gaze as I pull slightly at the blanket as if trying to form a protective barrier around myself, away from her gaze and the heat behind them.
 "Oh um I'm okay I'll stay here. Thank you though" I stutter over my words while trying to build up enough courage to look into her eyes, to show her I'm not affected by the idea of being so close to them both.
 "Oh okay.. well if you do get a bit lonely over here, just know the offer is there Myshka" her eyes filled with slight disappointment but doesn't push the offer further and settles back into Natasha. I feel Nat's heated gaze upon me as I try and stay focused on the starting credits of Clint's choice of film.
 Halfway through the movie, I can feel my eyelids growing heavy and my vision blurring. Unable to fight the dreamworld any longer I slowly let myself fall into a deep slumber.
 "She's so cute when she sleeps, so peaceful"
 "Can you imagine how good she would be for us Wanda, how amazing all three of us could be?"
 "Nat! This isn't the time; you know the last time we did that with her she pushed us away. Why won't she just talk to us? If she had just stuck around long enou-"
 The voices in the room suddenly stop as I feel myself awakening from my deep slumber, I tense slightly suddenly aware that I'm not alone in the room and not in the comfort of the cinema loveseat but in a soft bed that smells just like...
 "Hey sleepyhead, look who's finally decided to join the land of the living" Nat murmurs while brushing a stray piece of hair out of my face and behind my ear, I shiver slightly at her touch before scurrying into an upright position, aware that I'm currently not in my own bedroom but in theirs.
 "How long was I sleeping for?"
 "Only about two hours, we thought it would be best to bring you in here since we need to talk"
I gulp slightly at that.
 "Um.. to talk? Could we do this another time? I'm pretty beat from all that writing and working with the recruits, I just want my bed" I try to reason with them but they both fix me with a "don't even try it" look before sitting on either side of me. Wanda grabs hold of my hand and turns my palm upward, she traces her finger around my palm and slowly lifts her eyes to look at me.
 "Please Y/N, talk to us. We've been trying to see you all week, but you seem to be avoiding us and Nat doesn't take to well to being ignored" she smirks mischievously at mentioning her girlfriend, who seems to be remaining quiet throughout the exchange.
 I look over towards Nat only now taking in how quiet she's been throughout this whole exchange even in the cinema room she spoke less to me than ever before. Her eyes drop down, looking at the silk sheet as her hand brushes softly against along it, her head tilted slightly as if reminiscing.
 "We may have gone about it the wrong way myshka, but we care about you.. a lot actually and more than just friends. We can't stop thinking about you but avoiding us after leaving like that... if this is your attempt at pushing us away, it won't work. We...I felt it that night, the way you clung to me as I brought you close to the edge, the softness in your eyes when Wanda held you close afterwards... tell me you don't feel the same way"
  I sit gaping at her, lost for words. I feel Wanda's hand squeeze mine gently, comforting me and encouraging me to respond. She leans forward and brushing my hair behind me ear before cupping my face with her hand, her thumb brushing away at the absent small tear on my cheek.
 "Shhh lyubov moya, we know, or did you forget that I can read minds" she teases gently trying to ease the tension. She brings her lips to the side of my head and lets them brush gently against my temple before trailing them down to my cheek, leaving small trails of soft kisses. Her lips reach near my mouth before pulling away slightly:
 "If you don't want this Y/N we completely understand, just say the words and we'll leave you alone and let you move on-" before she could finish, I lean forward and capture her lips with mine.
 "I want this, I've wanted this for a while" before continuing to peck her lips repeatedly. I see Nat from the corner of my eye stand quietly before moving to sit in the armchair opposite the bed watching intently as Wanda pushes me gently so I'm lying flat on my back.
 She continues to straddle my waist and slowly unbuttoned my shirt before pulling it apart exposing my bare chest, the cool air hitting my breast making them harden instantly. Wanda hums in delight at the sight, her eyes darkening with a glint of red spiralling underneath her natural colour. She leans her head down towards my neck letting her nose brush lightly down the valley on my breasts barely touching my skin, her eyes lock with mine before looking over her shoulder at Nat who is now undressed from the waist down with the smallest pair of white panties on that barely cover her assets; a dark wet spot appearing indicating to her arousal, as she keeps her legs spread for us to see her hand trails slowly south towards her heat.
 "Mmm someone seems to be enjoying our performance, little one. Shall we give her more?" Her hands grip my shorts before pulling them down and letting them drop to the floor before leaving wet kisses from my ankle to inner thigh, tongue swirling and nibbling softly right near my core. I shiver and arch my back basking in the overwhelming feeling of her. She continues to tease me, brushing her nose against my panties before pulling away. I hear the floorboards creak quietly making Nat's movements known, I watch her as she stalks over towards us like a predator after its prey. She squats down so she's eye level with me her fingers grip my chin, making me turn my head to the side: facing her.
 "Such a pretty little thing, it would be a shame to put those luscious lips to waste, don't you agree Wanda?" She mocks, her question for the woman between my legs but her eyes stay locked with mine, darker with a glint of mischief.
 She moves forward and presses her lips to mine, trailing her tongue along my bottom lip making me gasp. Her tongue battles with my own before I take a hold of her bottom lip between my teeth and tug at it making her moan deep. I shiver slightly and turn my eyes downward towards Wanda who now has my panties in between her teeth as she drags them down slowly almost agonisingly slow her eyes locking with mine. Nat's attention now on my neck sucking gently.
 "Oh god"
 As soon as she's disposed of my panties her mouth is on me instantly, lapping her tongue over and over again, swirling around my folds before taking my clit into her mouth and sucking hard, making me moan out load.
 "She's so wet for us Nat, god I almost forgot how good she tasted"
 Nat chuckles softly before removing her panties giving me a great view of her pussy. I lick my lips in anticipation, excited at the thought of having Nat above me with my tongue inside of her. She smirks knowingly before slowly removing her tank top, showing her full breasts and climbing expertly above me so she's facing Wanda her pussy directly in view, dripping wet. I tilt my chin up trying to take a taste, but she hovers higher up away from me making me whine. I'm stopped from reaching any further by Wanda's hand grasping my breast her fingers twisting my nipple slightly as her tongue enters me, making me cry out.
 My cries are quickly stop by Nat, who lowers herself enough to let me taste her. I moan at how wet she wet she is for us. The room is filled with low moans and desperate cries of passion as I continue to swirl my tongue around her entrance, Wanda brings her thumb up to my clit and rubs hard circles around the sensitive area making me pull away from Nat slightly, hips bucking wanting more of her.
 "Please Wanda, I need you inside me" I say desperately. She chuckles quietly before leaving my heated area and making her way up to my chest taking a nipple into her mouth and releasing it with a soft pop.
 “Come on now, dear. Let’s not torture her any longer” Nat teases from above me her voice breathless.
 "I got something much more pleasurable" she smiles wickedly, I watch in astonishment as her eyes turn a blood red but before I could question, I feel a strong wave of pleasure hit my core, Nat and I moaning out in unison.
 "Y/N if you don't put that fucking tongue back where it belongs, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week" Nat grumbles through her moans caused by Wanda's magic. I quickly tilt my chin up and plunge my tongue deep into her entrance. My hand desperately reaching for Wanda's pulling her closer. The waves of sensation hitting one after the other, faint sparks of red surrounds us. I feel Nat tense above me, bringing my hand up I gently rub at her clit, bringing her close to orgasm. She cries out before relaxing above me; I lap her up, taking every last drop of her orgasm.
 "Wanda you still have too many clothes on" I whine trying to blindly remove her clothes. I feel Nat move from above me and towards Wanda while she continues to tease up and down my body.
 "Y/N is right malen'kaya ved'ma (little witch), you are wearing far too many clothes" she says before gliding Wanda's long skirt and panties over her ass and dropping them in a heap on the floor, while she continues to kneel between my legs. I feel Wanda's hot breath hit my core as she gasps at the cool air hitting her warm skin. Her eyes glow a brighter red as Nat traces her finger up and down her folds before finding her entrance and quickening her pace, she leans her body over Wanda, so her lips are close to her ear as they both stare at me.
 "Hasn't she been good for us Wanda? I think she deserves an award" Nat whispers voice laced with lust slightly breathless.
 That familiar wave of electricity hits through my body to my core making me gasp as Wanda projects her pleasure to me. Being able to be in sync with her body and its reactions to pleasure, mixed with my own need for release, throws me over the edge as I feel the knot in my core relax making me slump against the pillow, Wanda not far behind. She collapses gently on top of me, her head resting against my chest listening to my rapid heartbeat start to slow. Nat moves around the side of the bed grabbing a throw over from the back of the armchair and covering us all up before curling into my side, kissing the top of Wanda's head and my cheek.
 "Does this mean you'll consider being with us Y/N, not just the sex but everything else that comes with it" Nat asks almost tentatively, scared of what I might say.
 "You guys had me the moment I laid eyes on you"
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cosmoeclipse · a year ago
New Tattoos and Scars
There isn't much content with one of my favorite side characters so I made some!
((please do not judge I will not hesitate to delete this in a heartbeat))
Pairing: Hardcase x Reader
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: nsfw, 18+++ no minors 🔫
Making it to your living spaces aboard the cruiser was the easy part, getting caught was the slightly more difficult part, yet here you are pressed up against the wall barely past the doors with Hardcases knee between your legs. Feeling his hand on your thigh lifting your leg to curl around his waist. His face was buried in your neck, his helmet carelessly throw off, was leaving hot kisses on your neck.
After weeks of not seeing him you were filled with ecstasy and the way his deep whisper spoke your name to you sent ripples of butterflies through you. "Hardcase" you practically whimpered arms wrapping around his armoured back. His hands dragged over the curves of your breasts and stomach. "I missed you so much" his voice was filled with admiration and lust. You missed him too, so much, too much just to continue this by the door with him still in his armour.
"Hardcase.." you moaned as he snuck his hands under your shirt still leaving kisses along your neck "Hardcase please look at me" you were panting as he looked into your eyes, his hands resting just below your breasts, his fingers moving in circles; Impatient as always.
"You cut your hair" He moved one of his hands to cup your cheek. You couldn't believe it took it took him this long to realize, you'd mention it later. "Does it look good?" You moved your head over to kiss Hardcases hand, giving him puppy dog eyes. "It looks perfect" his answer was swift and before you could respond he kissed you deeply. Tongue slipping between your wet lips and his hand continuing to grope you.
Breaking the kiss for air you pulled away from Hardcase. Walking backwards away from him, you took of your boots and saw confusion etch across his face which quickly turned into surprise as you removed your shirt aswell and tossed it away. "Well are you coming?" Your voice was playful and your grin nagged at Hardcase. Not wasting a moment he sprinted towards you with a playful smile and you braced yourself for impact. Laughing wildly he picked you up and swung you over his shoulder and threw you onto the bed.
Crawling over you he placed his arms above you, caging you in. Hardcase gave you quick kiss before sitting up on his heels. "You still remember how to take of my armour?" He spoke as he was already taking off his armour around his hands and arms. You sat up and moved closer to him. "Of course, I do" you said as you sat up and reached over starting taking of the armour around his thighs.
After a lengthy period of time with lots of kissing and getting sidetracked in between Hardcase was finally ridden of his armour and you found yourself on Hardcases lap, arms wrapped around his neck, his hands traveling anywhere he could explore. As much as you wanted to continue you this you wanted more, and you felt like Hardcase was thinking the same judging by the half hard bulge he was sporting. Barely pulling away from the kiss you glanced into his half-lidded eyes, then to his lips, you felt his hot breath on your face. "Do you have any new tattoos to show me?" You spoke softly afraid of breaking the atmosphere around you.
His eyes immediately lit up, like he was waiting for you to say that. "Yes, I do!" Excitement ran through his voice and you smiled leaning back to give him room to take of his top blacks and once it was off you imidently noticed the new blue lines by his hip. As soon as you saw it an idea sparked through your head. Smirking to yourself you lent down and kissed it immediately earing a startled gasp from Hardcase. You continued your kisses till you reached his bulge, licking your lips, you wrapped your lips around it thought the fabric. Hardcase took a started breath and whimpered your name which is exactly what you wanted.
You leaned up pressing a quick kiss to his lips as your hands slipped beneath his blacks and gently grasped his cock, jerking it off a bit before pulling it out of its confinement. You leaned back down and placed a kiss to the head, you heard Hardcase take a deep breath, encouraging you further you licked a stripe from the base to the top before taking him all in your mouth. You heard Hardcase swear in Mandolarian, a language you still didn't understand.
You felt his girth stretch your mouth as you pulled back up flattening your tongue against his length. Hardcase, ever the gentleman, ran his hand through your hair, pushing your hair out of your face so he could get a perfect view of your mouth around him. Your toes curled with each loud groan Hardcase let out turning you on more and more. Bobbing your head, you hummed around him which sent Hardcases hand that was holding your hair up to his mouth in an attempt to muffle the moans leaving him. You could tell he was close by the way he was twitching in your mouth so you slowed down your pace and took him deep and slow only to take him out. Placing kisses around his girth you heard him whine lowly at loss your warm mouth around him. Feeling his stare on you, you looked up to him finding him watching you intently.
His chest heaving, his lips parted for air, sweat glistening his face. A low whine escaped your throat, this man was absolutely stunning, and you were so glad to be with him. "Come here" Hardcase whispered to you pulling you up gently you went along and let hardcase kiss you with softly.
Flipping you over you were once agian underneath Hardcase and kissing him deeply. Hardcases hands moved down your sides to where they hooked over your pants that you were still wearing and well his lips left harsh kisses around your neck he impatiently unbuttoned your pants and took them off along with your underwear. Throwing them to a random corner in the room you were left completely nude under his lustful loving gaze. "That's a new scar" his voice was soft and gentle as hands traced over your new scar placed just below your hip. "I tripped" you jokingly bluffed Hardcase let out a small chuckle "sure you did" he lent down a kissed you and the hand that was on your thigh moved towards your entrance.
You moaned as you felt Hardcase fingers stretch you open and move deeper, using his thumb to massage your clit. You were a withering whiney mess below him, you never wanted this to stop, despite the very few times you could get alone time with hardcase he seemed to know your body as if you had spent every night together, it felt so good. Yet as the pleasure kept building you couldn't help but crave more. "Hardcase" you managed to choke out "I need more" he kissed your neck in a silent response and sat up to throw off the rest of his blacks before leaning back down over you "you ready?" You felt the head of his cock nudge at your entrance. You wrapped your hand around his back and just nodded in response.
You moaned out as you felt him enter you, it was intoxicating, you forgot how much you missed this. Hardcase pressed his face into the crook of your neck, basking in the feeling if you around him. Both of you groaned has he pulled out only to slam back into you, setting a ruthless pace. You tightened your arms around him and were practically screaming in pleasure has he slammed in and out of you, setting fire to your body. You heard Hardcase cursing in mandolarian, you really needed to remind him to teach you, and you could tell he was just as close as you and in couple more brutal thrusts you were both coming down from the same high.
Hardcase rolled over next you and pulled you into his arms. You were both sweaty and panting. You felt so content, peaceful and warm. You wish you could stay like this for ever, in his arms, just the two of you. Sighing you closed your eyes; you could probably fall asleep like this. "We should probably get cleaned up" Hardcases voice sound foreign in blissful silence. "Yeah your right" you signed, you didn't want to move, you highly even doubted you could walk, but Hardcase solved that problem as he moved off the bed and scooped you up. You curled into his chest as he walked the both of you to the bathroom to get you both cleaned up and hopefully for a second round.
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sidemenyesplease · a year ago
Ooo i saw ur doing smut requests now!! I want a harry one!! i don’t think i’ve ever seen one of him lmao maybe where the reader rides him idk anythinggg
Harry - a ride
Type - smut
Warnings - this is smut. I know some people don’t like it so you don’t have to read it💖and some swearing x
Requested - yes, this is my first time trying to write smut so sorry if it’s not the best🥺
A/n - and no there isn’t enough about Harry🥺 I’m so so nervous to post this so I’d love any feedback fjskskdk😅
Word count : 1378
Posted 20.7.20
Tumblr media
(Y/n’s pov)
“Baby” I whispered to Harry as we where cuddled up on the sofa in JJ’s and Simons house as the boys where having a boy night and Harry invited me along
“What?” He mumbled wrapping his arm around me to pull me ever close as we where watching some movie
“I need you” I whined but only for him to hear and made sure to look around seeing all the boys had their attention on the movie
“Babe, not right now” he whispered starting to blush a bit with having the boys in the room
I pouted but smiled, looking around again to check no one was looking even thought we had a blanket wrapped around us I didn’t want to get caught I know the boys would let us live down to this
Smirking slightly as I rested my head against his chest and he brought his attention back to the movie I put my hand on his leg
He clearly didn’t think anything of it just assuming I was being my clingy self until I trailed my hand higher up on his leg
Hearing him accidentally let out a soft moan as I touched him making me pause and pretend I was paying attention to the tv as I saw Josh looking towards us
“You ok Harry?” Josh asking earning the rest of the boys to look at us confused
“Yeah why wouldn’t I be” He answered and coughed awkwardly making me giggle
“What’s funny?” Asked JJ making me blush and stop giggling
“Uh, nothing just Harry’s so cute” I smiled trying to cover up but saw Josh giving me a look and hearing Harry chuckle happy that I I was now shy
10 minuets later of the room being filled with quite the only noise being the tv as everyone was interested in the movie but me and Harry
“This is shit” Harry whispered in my ear making me giggle and nod in agreement as he eat some popcorn
I looked back over at him as I felt his hand on my leg now making me regret my decision knowing that he is going to get me back when I saw him smirking but still looking at the tv as if he wasn’t doing anything
His hand traveled higher like I did on him and he even put them in my legging as I let out a breathe I didn’t know I was holding
Nudging his stomach to try to get him to stop even though his hands where going where I wanted them he rolled his eyes and toke them back out
“You’re no fun” he mumbled now making me room my eyes and smack his leg embarrassed
“Ummmm lads I think we’re going to head home” Harry announced without even telling me before
“Aww why?” Ethan asked as he was munching on popcorn
“This movie is shit” Harry confessed making Josh laugh slightly
“Is that the only reason why?” Josh asked as we both stood up ready to go making me pause as I was tying my shoes and look over at him to see him giving me a look like he knew what we where doing
“Yeah of course, what else would it be?” Harry nervously responded as he scratched the back of his neck
“Alright see ya” Harry spoke lastly grabbing my hand we we walked away
“I didn’t even do anything and you’re this worked up?” I giggled as we got outside after closing the door
“Shut up” Harry groaned embarrassed making me giggle me and walked back to the car with him
“Fuck sake of course we get stuck in the traffic lights” Harry complained as we where almost home as he leaned his head back letting out a sigh
“It’s ok” I patted his shoulder making him roll his eyes
“Finally we’re home” he commented as we got out of the car walking up to his house
“Wow ok calm down” I giggled as Harry softly pushed me to the door as soon as it was closed
“Sorry I can’t wait any longer” he mumbled shyly as he pressed his lips against mine
“Can, can we get to the bedroom first” I breathed out after our kiss when I felt Harry’s hands going to my top
“That’s to much effort” he whined and threw my top someone in the middle of the hallway
“I’m not having sex on the floor” I smacked him
“Living room?” He questioned looking at me with his puppy dog eyes trying to look innocent
“Fine” I huffed rolling my eyes as I saw him smile walking over to the sofa as he seat down and looked at me
“Come on then” he said as he spreed his legs and patted them making me walk over and throw myself on top of him
“Mmmm I do like this bra but it’s better of” he commended after bitting my lip as he pulled away from the kiss making me roll my eyes at his cheesy comment as he tried to unclip it from the back but failed
“Let me help” I giggled seeing him struggle and took it if throwing it onto the floor seeings his eyes instantly look at my boobs as he gulped
I slid my hands under his top and took his top of him and bit my lip
“Enjoying the view?” He smirked wiggling his eyebrows
“Shut up so are you” I scoffed looking down as I felt myself become shy
“Don’t be shy now it’s nothing you haven’t seen before” he chuckled placing his finger under my chin making me look at him again as he give me another kiss
“Get this of” he whined as he started to un do the buttons of my jeans and pulled down the zip
Standing up to throw them away I waited for him to take of his joggers as well and was about to seat back on him until he stopped me
“Pants to” he said he he took his of as well as I did and finally got back on him throwing my arms around his neck
As he started to kiss and bite on my neck making me let out a moan once he found the spot
“Harry no hickeys again I have work in the morning” I groaned feeling him smirk against my neck
“Can I ride you” I whined as I started to grind myself on him making him bit his lip
“Who would I be to say no” he chuckled as he leaned back down on the sofa letting me stay on top of me
“Feel good?” I teased at his reaction as I started to ride him as he held my hips softly to give me support
Hearing him let out a moan of pleasure as I squeezed around him hearing and mumbling “fuck yeah” in response as his breath hitched
“So pretty” he mumbled as he watched me ride him making me roll my eyes but smirk feeling confident
“You take my cock so well” he mumbled as he moved to meet my thrusts and began digging his nails into my hips
“Shit” he gasped as I went faster as soft moans left his mouth
“I should let you ride me more often” he chuckled watching
“Going to cum soon” I atmetted also hearing him moan with me as I felt a twist in my stomach
“Cum for me” he cooed as I began panting making him smirk as he thrusted up making me whine In response and saw the lust I’m his eyes
He let out a loud moan as I cummed making him cum a few seconds after
Collapsing aside him as we both tried to get out breath back
“That was nice” he mumbled wrapping his arm around me again making me smile as I give him a kiss
“Yes but now i need a shower” I said standing up as I locked up my clothes and felt him watching me
“Can I join?” He asked teasingly
“No” I scoffed and threw his top to his face laughing at his reaction
“Love you” he called when I started making my way up stairs
“Love you” I called back smiling
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r0s3mm · a year ago
Maybe some rougher jj smut where the reader is john's sister and a kook just flirted with her so jj gets jealous and possessive
Please pardon the fact that I’m going slow with them, slowly building up in the intensity, it wasn’t all that rough :) Thank you for requesting! Send feedback, comments 🌊
AU! Elisabeth Routledge x JJ Maybank (this really made me want Ellie to really be John B’s sister omggg
AU!Elisabeth Routledge x JJ Maybank 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s Casual
JJ watched as the brunette leaned into the touch of the tanned teenager, she looked up at him through her lashes as she moved to sit on his lap.
“John B, what the fuck is your sister doing?” The blonde asked looking at Elisabeth.
“What?” He turned around confused, seeing her sister on some kook’s lap, his hand gripping her tigh. John B turned to his best friend, seeing him take a sip of his beer, his jaw tensed. “Why do you care?”
“I just don’t want her to get hurt, y’know.” He mumbled.
Elisabeth caught JJ’s sight, moving her legs on either side of the boy’s body, straddling him, her arms wrapped around his neck. The kook thought he had a chance, placing his large hands on her tanned thighs.
“I’m gonna kill her.” JJ said giving John B his beer.
The blonde stomped towards the pair, without stopping he crouched down, picking up the girl off of the kook’s lap and throwing her over his shoulder, his hand holding her thighs. She yelped as her body went through the air, landing on his shoulder.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” The kook asked, receiving a finger from the blonde that kept walking with the girl.
“JJ! PUT ME DOWN!” She yelled and John B laughed as he saw his sister slap the blonde’s back.
“USE PROTECTION AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY ROOM!” He yelled at his friend and sister, he groaned seeing his best friend’s smug grin as people looked at them walking towards the house. “I MEAN IT JJ!”
“JJ MAYBANK PUT ME DOWN!” She yelled as they walked through the front door.
“No, can do angel.” He said through gritted teeth.
They walked to the spare bedroom, JJ kicked it shut and locked it, his hand releasing a hard slap to the girl’s behind, making her let out a mix between a whimper and a yelp. He made her go down his body, stopping her as they were face to face, her legs wrapped around his waist.
“What did you do, angel?” He asked, the girl looking into his darkened lustfilled, blue eyes.
“I don’t know you tell me.” She mumbled, looking between his eyes and his mouth.
JJ groaned and threw her on the bed, in one swift tug he pulled her shorts down her legs, spreading them open in front of him.
“Look at you, all bruised and” his thumb went over her covered nerve making her whimper. “so responsive.” He watched her hickey littered inner thighs. “Baby, who did that?” he asked.
“You.” She whimpered as he put pressure at the apex of her center. “You did that.”
“That’s right,” he started pulling off her underwear, adding other small bruises. “I’m gonna ask again, what did you do?” her asked, his mouth closer to where she wanted him.
“I was with, mmmhhh” She whimpered when she felt his tongue against her heat. “I was with that kook.”
“Yes, you were, I didn’t like it.” His lips closing in on the bundle of nerves, a loud moan erupting. “That’s right baby.” He said hovering her, licking his lips, he moved to her neck where he sucked a large, dark red mark, adding a few other ones once he had gotten rid of her shirt.
“Now get on your knees for me.” He said as his belt buckle hit the floor.
******************** Elisabeth walked out of the house first, a fucked out look on her face as JJ followed closely after her, he watched the visible hickeys that covered her body, knowing a few others were hidden under his hoodie that she was wearing. She walked to Kie and Sarah who greeted her with surprised look, seeing their friend’s state, they looked in the direction she just came from, multiple times, seeing JJ with even more disheveled hair, him too sporting a few marks on his shoulders and chest, deciding to go back out shirtless. 
“Please tell me you used protection?” John B asked his best friend, watching his sister next to his girlfriend, JJ simply nodded. 
“Ew, JJ seriously?” Kie asked as her friend rested her head on her shoulder.
“Fuck, Kie you got no idea.” She smiled looking back at the blonde, her thigs squeezing as she felt sticky liquid drip out of her and into her shorts.
John B and Pope watched while JJ picked up another beer, noticing the dark splotches on his upper body.
“Those are not the only ones.” He mumbles his lips wrapping around the bottle.
“Dude! My sister!”
“So are you guys a thing or..?” Pope asked. JJ smirked, noticing the kook from earlier watch the light brunette laugh out loud with her friends, JJ knew that her body was littered in his marks, the ones he made after he made her have orgasms after orgasms in under thirty minutes.
“Nah, it’s casual.” He smiled at the brunette, their eyes meeting.
Omg i wrote that, i always thought my first “adult smut” would be with Dylan/Stiles but fuck it! 
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taehyxn-sxmp · 5 months ago
"Good Boy"
- Sub!Chan x Femdom!Reader - Smut ; Angst - Summary: After Chan comes home from practice he begins acting bratty. You decide to do something about it. - Warnings: Fingering (male receiving), Degradation, Oral Sex (Female receiving), Sub!Idol, Mommy/Babyboy things, Rough asf - a/n: I was bored and decided to make a smut because why not by loona.
Tumblr media
You were waiting for your boyfriend Chan to come home from practicing with his group members. You knew they had a comeback soon, but you didn't anticipate the preparations to take this long. It was already 3 AM and you didn't want to be worried about him, but... you had to admit, you were a little worried about him.
That was, until you heard the door open, you went out to the living room of your apartment only to see that it was Chan.
"Chan... you worried me... where were you this whole time...?"
He avoided eye contact with you and simply stated:
"I was somewhere."
You frowned at him.
"That's not what I meant, where were you exactly?"
"As I said, somewhere."
You sighed.
"Babyboy... since you won't be straight up, go to the bedroom, and you better be naked once I get in there."
Chan pouted.
Chan nodded compliantly and walked into the bedroom. You went to a closet and grabbed some lube then walked into the bedroom only to see Chan completely naked sitting on the bed. You smirked slightly.
"Lay down babyboy."
Chan nodded. You then opened the lube and put some on your fingers and hovered on top of him as you slid your two fingers inside of his hole slowly. You could hear a soft moan escape his lips as you just let your fingers sit still inside of his hole. You waited for a few seconds and then you began thrusting your fingers in and out of him quickly.
"I could never be soft on you knowing how you responded to me a little bit ago..."
You said, Chan's loud moans starting to drown out what you were saying as he also began arching his back a whole bunch. You only continued to thrust your fingers into him more.
"Look at you, I'm only using my fingers and you're so squirmy and loud under me... such a slut.."
"M-mommy a-ah!~"
You could sense that Chan was coming to his orgasm and you thrusted your fingers more. You then heard him moan "Mommy~" as his entire body began to shake under you. He came all over your shirt and you looked at it.
"You're such a messy little slut..."
You pulled your fingers out of Chan slowly as he whined softly. You then began to quickly remove your clothes as Chan was watching you, looking nearly innocent in front of you. Once you were fully undressed you sat on the edge of the bed.
"Make mommy feel good baby boy..."
You stated, Chan quickly getting on the floor in front of you and licking your slit slowly. You could only moan softly. It wasn't even long before small licks became him sucking at your clit roughly. You could only find yourself grasping the bed sheets and moaning out streams of curses and words you wouldn't catch yourself saying at all in public. You eventually felt a wave of pleasure shake your body as you had realized you had your orgasm.
Chan then got on the bed next to you and randomly cuddled you.
"It's such a shame that you can be such a brat when you don't think anything will happen but when you're in big trouble you want to be such a compliant little boy..."
"Well, it's all because I can be your good boy or your bad boy mommy.."
"Well, I love you being my good boy."
You kissed your boyfriend's forehead softly and cuddled him in bed, eventually falling asleep with him.
(a/n: This is my first smut so I'm sorry if it's rushed)
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takemepedropascal · a year ago
Caught in the Act
Notes: This is my first time writting smut like this so just bare with me, please and thank you, and this is my first Poe smut. I hope y'all enjoy!
Warnings: 18 + ONLY!!!! Dirty, filthy smut. Female masturbating (first time writting that), papi kink, dirty talk, oral sex - male receiving, unprotected sex wrap it up y'all, squirting, choking, and I think that's about it.
P.S. POV changes to Poe's.
Taglist: @spookyold-saintjm @lcandothisallday @ladyflyer20 @fanfiction-trashpile
Tumblr media
The house was quiet, nights were lonely but tonight was one of the loneliest. Poe has been gone for days on a mission. With both of us being pilots we grew accustomed to spending most of our nights without eachother. If we would get lucky we would be requested on a mission together, but those were rare. So our schedules were always mixed matched, he would be here when I would be doing whatever was asked of me, and vice versa.
My nights were spent in our small house, just thinking about him laying beside me, holding me, kissing me, claiming me as his. I closed my eyes to the thought of him kissing my neck, nipping at the sweet spot of my skin with his teeth leaving purple bruises. I could feel the heat growing between my legs the more I thought about him.
I moved my hand down to my breasts messaging them softly, taking a nipple between my fingers, twisting them as I thought about Poe sucking, and biting on them. I slipped my bottom lip between my teeth as I moved my hand down to my heat, rubbing my clothed entrance, a wet stain formed on my panties, before slipping my hand down the waist band. My breath hitched as I began to rub my clit.
The thought of Poe kissing down my stomach to my entrance, looking up at me with his beautiful chocolate eyes before stripping me of my panties. I slipped two digits into my entrance curling them up hitting my sweet spot.
"Poe" I moaned quietly.
Poe's POV
He arrived home earlier than expected, this gave him the chance to surprise his beautiful wife. She's probably sleeping, but he couldn't wait to engulf her in a warm embrace and smother her with kisses.
Oh, how he missed her.
He unlocked the front door, quietly he slipped into the dark house. He could hear moans and whimpers coming from their shared bedroom. He trusted her, he knew she would never cheat on her, so he knew just what she was doing.
He raised a brow as he tipped topped down the dark hallway to their bedroom. He pushed open the door quietly, the moonlight shinned down into their bedroom giving him enough light to see just what she was doing.
The bed covers were pushed off into the floor, her legs sprawled across the bed. He watched as she fucked herself, moaning his name as she arched her back off the mattress.
Poe smirked, after all the years of being together he never once caught her satisfying herself, he thought about it once or twice but never fully imagined it.
He felt himself growing inside his pants to the sight of his wife getting herself off to the thought of him. He rubbed his clothed member, the sounds of her whimpers and moans were music to his ears.
He didn't know how long this would continue, as much as he loved watching her he wanted a piece of the action.
"All of this for me, hermosa?" the formilar voice startled me. I froze, my heart racing as I opened my eyes. The moonlight lit up his face, a smile playing on his lips as he looked me over with his lustful eyes.
"Poe, you're home!" I smiled removing my fingers from my entrance.
"Do you often fuck yourself to the thought if me, mi amor?"
"Only when you're not home, papi"
"Don't let my presence stop you, mi amor. Continue"
"Why would I continue when you could finish this?" I winked motioning him over to the bed.
He smirked as he walked over to the bed, shedding his clothes before climbing onto the mattress. He settled between my legs, his swollen length brushing against my entrance.
"Fuck baby, you're so wet" he whispered before he crashed his lips against mine in a hungry open mouth kiss, our tounges dancing in sync.
"I missed you so much"
"I'm going to show you how much I missed you, mi amor" He whispered as he pushed a piece of stray hair behind my ear.
Without warning he pushed himself into my soaked entrance, my walls stretching around his throbbing member as he filled me to the brim.
"F-fuck" I moaned while I wrapped my arms around his neck.
He rested his forehead against mine as he began to rock his hips against mine in a steady pace.
"You're so tight, mi amor" he moaned
He moved a hand around my neck giving it a slight squeeze as he quickened his thrusts. My eyes fluttered shut as I arched my back off the mattress. The sound of moans and hushed swears filled the quiet house.
I raked my finger nails up his bare back causing him to groan, surely there will be scratch marks there tomorrow.
"You're my dirty little slut, huh?"
"Mmm I am, papi. All yours"
"Now how about you be a good girl and get on your knees"
"Anything you want, papi"
Poe climbed off of the bed, he stood before me. His muscles glistening in the moonlight, his hair a mess, a smile playing on his lips. God, he looked so damn hot as I took in the sight of him.
I stood to my feet wrapping my arms around his neck as I closed the space between us.
"How did I get so lucky?" I whispered, tracing my index finger over his lips.
"I'm the lucky one, mi amor" he whispered as he pressed a steamy kiss to my lips, pulling on my bottom lip while his hands traveled down my body, to my ass where he gave it a hard smack, causing a yelp to escape my throat.
I moved my mouth to his jaw line and down to his neck biting and sucking at any bare skin I could sink my teeth into as I made my way down to my knees.
Poe intertwined his fingers through my hair, pulling it into a pony tail, while I wrapped my hand around his twitching cock. I licked the tip of his member, swirling my tounge around him before taking all of him into my mouth.
"O-oh, fuck hermosa"
I continued my motions sucking off all my jusices until I couldn't taste myself on him anymore.
"Taking all of me so well like a good girl" Poe smirked as he looked down at me. "But if you keep this up I'm going to cum and this isn't how I want to finish.... Back on your feet"
I stood to my feet, whipping the corners of my mouth with my thumbs as I waited for my next command.
"Good girl" he smirked planting a kiss to my lips "now bend over the bed"
"As you wish"
I bent over the bed, resting myself on my elbows. His hands brushed over my hips. "You're so beautiful, mi amor"
He took my hips in his hands before thrusting himself back into my dripping heat. A loud moan escaped my lips as he quickened his thrusts, his hands moved over my back and into my hair. He took a handful of hair pulling me back into him, my back against his chest. He snaked his free hand around me and began to rub circles on my clit.
"Oh God, papi"
"Tell me mi amor, do you fuck yourself to the thought of me fucking you like this?" He whispered in my ear sending chills down my.
Poe smirked as he pressed kisses along my neck and collar bone. I slipped my bottom lip in between my teeth, while my legs began to tremble as the knot in my stomach tightened causing me to collapse against his chest. The fire in my belly grew more intense with every thrust he made. The warmth of his body against mine, our hips moving in sync as he whispers sweet nothings in my ear only making me draw closer to coming fully undone.
"Cum for papi, hermosa, cum all over me" he moaned as his thrusts quickened, hitting all the right spots while he rubbed my clit giving me the friction I needed to chase my high. His grip on my hair tightened with every moan that escaped my lips.
"Fuck... I-I'm gonna cum. "
My walls clenched around his throbbing member, my eyes squeezed shut as I chased my high, my juices flowing out onto him.
"That's it, mi amor" Poe moaned as his thrusts began to get sloopy, he was chasing his own high now. His member twitched as he released himself inside me.
The moans faded into heavy pants, as we collapsed on the bed beside eachother. Poe wrapped his arm around me pulling me into his chest, I traced random patterns along his arm.
"I'm going to have to come home to this more often" he laughed slightly, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.
"I agree... but next time it will be me catching you in the act" I smiled, giving him a wink.
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