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Ooh another NDAL video I don’t think I ever shared. The Bee rocking a few distance sends, which are not her strong suit. I was shocked she got the send to the A-frame especially.

She is such a steady little thing. Not super fast, but speed isn’t always what makes a good agility dog I think.

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i use neomutt as my email client (imagine opening a browser to check your mail lol)

thing is: company requires all employees to send their mail with an image as the signature. most solutions online were quite complicated for people who don’t know html (like me)
so what you can do is

 - send yourself an email with the image as the signature

 - get the html from the mail (you can just open the <text/html> attachment in mutt)

 - cut the appropriate part, mine looks like this:

<br clear=“all”><br>– <br><div dir=“ltr” class=“gmail_signature” data-smartmail=“gmail_signature”><div dir=“ltr”><div><div dir=“ltr”><img src=“” width=“420” height=“110”><br></div>

 - save it as a .html file

 - attach to every mail as inline, i.e. toggle disposition (just press ctrl-d)

you can set a macro for it, in my muttrc it is like this:

macro compose y “:exec attach-file<enter>/path/to/file.html<enter>:exec toggle-disposition<enter>:exec send-message<enter>”

if you have multiple accounts and want to disable this macro, put this in a hook or anything you use to change accounts:

macro compose y “:exec send-message<enter>”

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Ah yes, the grace of the wolves’ domesticated brethren

[ID: 1. A gray and white northern breed type dog stands 10 feet out in a foggy field.  She is holding a stick about the length of her body. 2. The dog is mid-jump, about 4 feet back, with a wild look in her eyes.  3. The dog is about 2.5 feet back in a second jump, the way she’s holding the stick makes it look like she’s snarling, but she isn’t actually pulling any of her skin back.  4. The dog is coming down from a jump with a startled expression, partially exiting the screen, there is almost no distance between the photographer and the dog.]

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