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What are your guys’ thoughts on Jesse Morrell? I’ve been looking at his blogs and watching his videos and I’m a little torn, I admire his boldness but he also comes across at times as very self congratulatory. His attitude of “OTHER people want praise and approval but I’M different from them I want to be hated like Jesus” which I think is,,, a little contradictory, not to mention that I personally don’t get a sense of mourning for sinners as much as he seems to enjoy standing above them. Plus he believes that a true Christian never sins once they are saved. I’m still a young Christian though so maybe I’m just overly sensitive to sterner preaching?

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I really don’t understand what’s so hard to understand that I’M NOT INTERESTED.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** if you add me on any other social media DO NOT ask me stupid ass personal questions, don’t call me babe or whatever, AND DON’T tell me to send you pics. If I am interested in talking then I will but if not I would appreciate it if you would kindly BACK OFF.

If you want to, for some unholy reason, send your pervy ass messages to me send it on here do not add me anywhere else to do it.

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Damnnnnn honestly I’d go after myself. Oh wait, I do 🥰 me, myself and I are my best lover and best friend. Like look at me, I look hot 😂 but being for reals..I’ve been depressed on my imagine just because I haven’t been to the gym since locked down. Some of you know I’ve been working on my weight loss since October 2019 til March 15 2020 (when lockdown began in my county) and yea I’ve been doing some work outs at home. But I hate the setting that I’m in. Since I’m at home, I just get in comfort mode..and it sucks when you have ADHD because it holds you back sometimes. So I’ve been just down in the dumps because my body is getting flabby again. My muscles and my body tone is fading. Like my thighs and ass were fucking firm and tight…ugh it was sexy haha so idk I had a idea of why not play a bit of dress up. Make myself feel pretty good again. It fuckin worked, after I finished my little photos it left me feeling empowered and sexy again. I want to love my body even if it’s kinda fading but I want to find a new routine to keep myself going again. I got another month so I’m just going to try to maintain my current weight until it’s safe to go back to the gym again. I just need to lose 25 more pounds to get to my next goal. I’m gonna try my fucking hardest to lose as much as I can (of course in a healthy way). Lol this could of turned out in a different description but I just needed to let my true feelings out behind these photos. Kinda give you a chance to be in my shoes. Appreciate these women who chose to show off themselves because these are real stories and feelings behind photos like these.

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Sometimes go away. Go to the secret place. Go away from others and do not be afraid to go by yourself. Go and seek Jesus, Go and beg him for answers. Go and rattle on the gates of heaven till he listens to you. GO GO GO. 

How can you advice someone if you haven’t spoken to your Father yourself? More-so you haven’t spoken to the Father about the person. It’s like you’re trying to throw him in blind. 

SEEK God and be ye not conformed to the world! 

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Hi Tumblr, 

It has been a few days or possibly a week. I have a lot on my mind today, I’ve had a lot in my mind the last few days and I’ve been speaking with the Father. one of the things I realised can be bittersweet with our generation is, a soon as we hear something it is as though we have to share it - we have to put it out there for others to see. It’s almost like until we have approval from the world it doesn’t mean anything. 

This came from observing the scripture, 

‘But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.’ - Matt 6:6 (NASB)

The first point when you read this scripture is the instruction Jesus gives us when to pray, He says go into your INNER ROOM. The reason I like this translation because it just doesn’t say room but INNER room. Theres a place where isn’t just a place for you to go but you must go inside - inside of yourself. Close the door to every distraction and then PRAY to your Father in secret. But I feel like at this point many of us don't go to our Father in secret. We go to our Father with everyone else. We go to our Father with our friends. We go to our Father with our phones, with our tv shows, with our books, with all kind of distractions. So we go but we don’t go to no inner room, we don’t shut the door behind us and we don’t pray in secret. So we may receive something - you might still be talking to the Father but to get the reward - the effect of doing the first part leads to the second - you don’t get. You don’t get the reward because you never went to the secret place in the first place. 

This generation of instant gratification. Of needing to be impressed by the world. Everything we do we want the world’s approval. We want them to hear what we’re saying. We want to be like the world. So even when it comes to preaching we must style it in a way that satisfies the world or instead of actually going to hear what the Father has to say for you, for your life a soon as you catch the most basic revelation you’re off to share it. Who told you it was from God? Did you read your Bible? Did you enquire with the Father for wisdom on what you heard or what you think you understood? 

All I’m saying is we have to do more to get into the secret place. We have to ABIDE. We have to spend time. We have to tell Jesus what is on our hearts, what is our issues, what is our problems and enquire for solutions. When you’re called to preach GOD will put the words in your mouth. Don’t rush what God is trying to perfect in you. BE STILL and know He is God. Just trust in Him and what He is doing in your life. I don’t know who this is for today but the Holy Spirit has truly blessed me. 

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So the lectionary gives us a year of preaching “God Is with Us,” followed by a year of “The Son of God in the Last Place We Would Reasonably Look.” Instead of using sermons to get people to volunteer to be on committees and give more money or to tell funny stories or to share their feelings, what would happen if pastors preached just the center of those texts for two years? Every text in the first two Gospels can be brought back to that center–mind you, not a center we choose but the center that the evangelists themselves proclaim.

~Timothy J. Wengert, Reading the Bible with Martin Luther, 62.

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Oh what a fun time together with worship and prayer and time in the Word. Let’s take a look at the bodily resurrection of Christ and see just how important it is to our faith. (hint, It’s REALLY important!) The time will come when we will not only be reborn spiritually, but physically as well! No - We will NOT become Angels - we have been placed ABOVE the Angels! God bless all who participate in this ministry and THANK YOU for your love and encouragement. If you find this valuable, feel free to share! And KEEP LOOKING UP!!!!!

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by Aiden Wilson Tozer

God’s Word says that a faithful and wise steward gives the people their meat in due season. Some people preach the Bible all right, and you cannot deny that. But they go to the Bible as you would to a medical book to find out what you should prescribe. But instead of prescribing to suit each patient, they just prescribe for everybody at one time. When a preacher is not preaching to a given situation, it is like givng medicine to people indiscriminately. That approach is not particularly fitted for teaching the Word of God. Even though it may be faithful and true, without any regard to the current situation, it is like teaching the multiplication table. The New Testament epistles were written to specific conditions, as were the seven letters of Revelation. Particular situations developed, and then the man of God wrote to these particular people. The seven letters found in Revelation were to particular churches, having regard to the needs of those churches. It was the same with the prophets of the Old Testament. No prophet went into an ivory tower, settled down to relax, read deeply awhile, took out a pen and said, “Now, I’m going to write a book of prophecy.” They did not do it that way. They wrote to the need, to the situation. They aimed their arrows at a target. When God is speaking to a particular situation the power of the Holy Spirit is present and active. When David sinned, Nathan the prophet came to him and told a little parable. When David gave his judgment of what to do with the sinful man, Nathan pointed his finger at the king and said, “You are the man” (2 Samuel 12:7a). Immediately David threw off his crown and his robe, dropped his scepter, fell on his knees and repented before God. That was a particular situation. When we are talking to a specific situation the sheep are separated from the goats, the veil is removed and the judgment begins.

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Most negitive things you hear about is untrue and lies. It is caused by the devil. The bible itself goes into in-depth detail about how that happens. If people hate hearing you preaching the gospel then somthing is wrong and they need to go to Christ. In Leviticus it explains why Homosexual is truly a sin and unnatural. Only a women and a man can create life. If people don’t believe that. Then they do not follow God. And I say this as Sombody who USED to be a Athiest. Athiest used to be Christians until they started thinking selfishly about themselves forgetting the true nature or their role on earth. Satan guides them in the wrong path.

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And every day, in the temple and in every house, they did not cease teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.
Acts 5:42 | Berean Literal Bible (BLB)
The Berean Literal Bible © 2016 by Bible Hub and Berean Bible. All rights Reserved.

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