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#raine x eda
diomika · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Raeda wedding but make it mp100 AU
(inspired by mysticalblur’s art on Instagram and based on official mp100 art)
Tumblr media
also Amity is not Ritsu in this AU,I just wanted to draw her next to Luz
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traditionallymodern · 2 days ago
𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗼𝘀: And how do you plead?
𝗘𝗱𝗮: *looks at Raine*
𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲: *mouthing* Not Guilty
𝗘𝗱𝗮: Hot milky!
𝗥𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲: Just lock her up.
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thelamestcryptid · a day ago
Alrighty, buckle your belt. I might be late to the party but I have Ideas. I have stewed. I have had no true thoughts, other than raeda for 4 or 5 days. My brain cell belongs to them.
Raine is a spine of steel wrapped in fluff. So much softness is stored in this pilf. But if you push them, they will mess you up.
Eda is not really used to being treated softly, and it kind of breaks Raine's heart. So they drown her with love. She loves it a lot, and after getting used to it, she herself becomes super clingy.
Mornings are reserved for sleepy cuddling.
Raine loves Eda's laugh, and they love to pepper her face in kisses to hear it.
Both Raine and Eda can get very jealous. Eda will growl and go up to Raine and kisses them in front of whoever DARES to try to take them from her. She can admit that they have good taste though. When Raine gets jealous they passive-aggressively get between Eda and the perpetrator, and also kisses Eda stupid and then smirks and drags her away. Nothings better to say This Person Is Taken than by doing that.
These actions are typically followed up by very heated make out sessions in either an alley way, or if they have the patience for it, the house.
Sometimes (the times they make it to the house anyways) it evolves into something more. As in sex.
Raine loves Eda's harpy form. She's so fluffy and soft, a great pillow, really. And hot as hell.
Raine loves it when Eda trims their hair. It's so nice, especially when she runs her fingers through it.
Raine plays soft songs and sings Eda to sleep when she has her Bad Days (curse pain [transformations are hard on the body and are not kind to her bones], insecurities rising up, those sorts of things)
Raine collects Eda's feathers, and makes little nick-knacks out of them.
Eda loves to carry Raine in her arms, especially when they go flying together Harpy Eda Style. (thank you Cryptid for that scene in your fic).
Eda's ears are sensitive, and Raine abuses this knowledge all the time.
Eda purrs, Raine thinks it's cute.
Whenever they have an argument, they tend to hold hands afterwards.
Eda in the past secretly learned a handful of different instruments to impress Raine.
They have family game night with the kids. Eda pouts whenever she loses. Raine knows Eda cheats at these games, and is sometimes successful in pulling a reverse uno card on her. It is very hard though, Eda is very crafty when she wants to be.
Whenever Lilith comes over Raine makes out with Eda at random times, in the most grossest and obnoxious manner possible to Lilith. Raine is a little salty about her cursing Eda, and this is their way of payback. Eda finds this hilarious and encourages it.
Enjoy my brain rot
fkjdalfhdksja I never even got a notification for this ask but my GOD is this all a goldmine of perfection!
You are a genius, my friend, this is all AMAZING and I might totally steal the Eda's-ears-being-sensitive one for the fic because wow that has given me some ideas
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Tame the Beast
"But there’s something off when Raine comes inside tonight. The first thing they notice after closing the door behind them is something glowing, which they recognize to be a bottle of Eda’s elixir on the bedside table, completely full. And then there is a growl."
Raine meets the owl beast.
Read it on AO3 Here:
There’s always something strange going on at the owl house these days.
Hooty loves chattering everybody’s ears off and he is often swallowing up or breaking things he shouldn’t, Luz and King’s comedy hour somehow turned into Luz and King and Hunter’s prank each other hour somewhere along the way, and more often than not it is Raine and Eda who become their victims. You could say that not even at night the house is fully asleep, and so the constant noises, weird ones at that, are the norm.
Which is why Raine didn’t even flinch when they came up at the door of what now is their shared bedroom with Eda late at night and heard what sounded more like a monster snoring. Eda surely has always sounded like one when asleep.
But there’s something off when Raine comes inside tonight. The first thing they notice after closing the door behind them is something glowing, which they recognize to be a bottle of Eda’s elixir on the bedside table, completely full.
And then there is a growl.
When they look up, what stares at them is not the is not the playful glint of Eda’s beautiful golden eyes; but the void, pitch black of the owl beast’s angry gaze.
Raine startles so that their knees give out under them. They stumble backwards and fall on their butt, their back hitting the wooden door. The beast steps out of the nest, not at all happy at being taken out of its slumber, and slowly creeps towards them, head hang low and teeth bared.
Raine just stays where they are, shaking and paralyzed in fear at the sight of those huge sharp claws that could easily tear them apart. They feel a lump forming in their throat as they remember holding a crying, desperate Eda, after she accidentally hurt her father with those same claws. “It was to protect you!” is how she justified closing off, lying and pushing them away all those years ago. “I was terrified of what the beast would do to you if I ever lost control!” Even though it still hurts that Eda wasn’t able to trust them, Raine definitely understands what she was so scared of now.
Last they say it, when Eda was first cursed, the owl beast was different, smaller, and its mane was fiery gold like her hair. As the beast comes into their personal space, Raine shrinks into themself, whimpering “You’re a lot bigger than I what I remembered.”. The creature comes to a halt in front of them, and Raine closes their eyes and braces themself for a hit that never comes.
After a few seconds, when all they feel is the owl beast’s hot breath on their face, they open their eyes, and to their surprise, the beast doesn’t look angry anymore. It steps carefully around Raine, almost tiptoeing, and starts sniffing at them. “What are you doing?” they ask, mildly amused, even though they know it won’t answer, being too busy sniffing at their neck, their hair, their clothes and whatever it can finds. “Do you like my new cologne or something? That’d make sense, Eda likes it too.” They joke.
The beast reaches a particular sensitive spot at the back of their ear, and Raine lets out a high-pitched squeal. It startles for a second, but something left of Raine’s face seems to have attracted its attention. Raine sits perfectly still as the beast comes really close again. First there’s only the tickling sensation of its mane nuzzling their cheek, and its really stinking breath filling Raine’s nostrils, but suddenly there’s a painful tug at their ear “Ah! No! no, no, no! Don’t do that!” they yell and put their hands up, trying to move the beast’s face away from their own so it stops tugging at their earing. “Okay, okay, I’ll get it, I’ll get it for you, stop that!”
Owl beast Eda huffs, looking mildly offended at Raine’s resistance. They sigh, carefully removing the little piece of metal from their ear, and offer it to the owl beast with an outstretched hand. “Here. Is this what you wanted?” The beast cocks its head and gazes adoringly at the small shiny offering. It gently picks up the earing from Raine’s hand in its mouth and takes the treasure to its nest, along all the others, for safekeeping.
Now that the adrenalin is over and the beast is busy with its new toy, Raine takes a moment to really look at it.
The owl beast overall resembles a lot a gryphon, but half owl instead of the more common half eagle. Even though it is, unarguably, a beast, Raine can recognizes little bits of Eda in its face, in the silver of its mane, in how the ear tuffs frame its head just like Eda’s loose hair strands fall around her face. Its wings, even folded, are obviously very large, to be able to lift such a big creature into the air, (though Raine guesses the sheer amount of fur and feathers makes it look even bigger than it really is). Its appearance is very strong and brutish, but it walks and moves around with what Raine can only describe as cat like grace.
And to be fully honest, the way she looked at the earing and nuzzled Raine with such care was pretty adorable.
The beast finishes stashing its treasure and once again walks towards Raine, who gives it a confused look, right before being scooped by the back of their collar and taken to the nest, where they are very gently placed down. It takes them a few seconds to process what just happen, by the end of which she has already laid down and made herself comfortable, surrounding Raine with its strong paws.
The beast just cocks its head and quietly stares at Raine, as if trying to communicate something with its eyes alone. Against their better judgment, Raine outstretches their hands, and without hesitation, she butts its head against it, leaning into the warm touch of their hand. The silver fur is surprisingly soft against their skin, and just under their fingertips, Raine feels a slight vibration and realizes that she is purring. Loudly.
“Heh, you’re just a really big cat, aren’t you?” they whisper, voice filled with endearment, and slowly stroke the creature’s mane. “I would have never guessed.” The beast leans even further into Raine’s touch, who now has a lapfull of owl beast, and in turn, Raine nuzzles against the beast’s fur. It feels weirdly comfortable.
What a contrast this is to the tales Raine’s heard of the wild witch of Bonesborough, who, when angered or startled, would turn into a giant owl like violent and bloodthirsty monster who hurt countless citizens in its moments of rampage. Raine counts themselves lucky that the beast didn’t immediately pounce them; but then again, Eda said she had made a truce with the owl beast and that they both even talked sometimes. Raine guesses that, since they are Eda’s spouse, the beast must have recognized them as their mate. How cute.
After a while just sitting there, Eda looks a little tired, and Raine wonders how she would feel about a little lullaby. They draw a spell circle in air and summon their violin; and the creature’s eyes, which were half lidded, are now wide open and gazing at them with curiosity. The beast coos at the slow, sweet melody that comes out, its feathers puffing out in contentment. Raine can feel the beast’s loud purring against their back, just in time with the vibration of the strings. At one point in the middle of the song, the beast pulls back a little, just enough to nuzzle Raine’s cheek with its nose and lick them, and Raine’s heart soars. “Feels like sandpaper” they say, chuckling at the ticklish feeling the beast’s tongue left behind.
Raine keeps playing until they feel Eda’s body limping out with sleep. They dematerialize the violin and try to find themselves a comfortable position against her huge fluffy body. They lean against her mane, cradled between one paw and her face, surrounded by her warmth and comforted by the sound of her heartbeat and her steady breathing. Raine’s pretty sure tomorrow they will wake up with the worst back and shoulder pain ever, but tonight is the most comfortable they have been in a long while, the most safe and sound they have slept in their whole life.
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aminetko · a day ago
Tumblr media
my babes😭😭😭
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astronomicaink · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by a picture I saw of beauty and the Beast. This one took a while but turned out really good! Raine is one of my favorite Characters!
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Okay who’s gonna break it to Lilith that after thirty years her little sister still hasn’t made a move on her crush?
Tumblr media
Look at her. She looks so fucking tired of those two here already.
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cartoonsinthemorning · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I doubt we’re gonna get anything like this in the show (sorry for being a pessimistic grumpy pants), so I gotta compensate with very self-indulgent art.
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