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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#sweet pumpkin

In the Graveyard

Ben seeing to be upset but was smiling a bit…

Toby: “My friend, is something wrong,..?”. He ask him concern about him.

Ben places his hands on two tombstones and smile upset to them. “ Well, I didn’t expect to see my parents grave here,.. it’s been a while now that I visited them”.

“ How can you be so sure that is our parents grave ?” He ask him with a unsure look and cross his arms.

The sweet pumpkin was peeking to Ben with a worried expression.

Ben smile to them with a upset expression. “ I can sense them, and this symbol here belong to my family tree,..”.

Toby and the sweet pumpkin were concern about Ben and he was in thought.

Hope you like it ^^

Art belong to me
Ben the guardian Angel belong to me
Toby the ghost Angel/ the sweet pumpkin belong to @annaynina

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I know I’m kinda late, but better late than never right? So yesterday in Korea, our sweet Pumpkin Sungminnie got married. Thoughts? Happiness of course, I’m completely over the moon happy for the both of them. I’m honestly glad that they found each other, and that he can be truly happy now. Am I a bit sad? Yes, and I would say it’s appropriate to feel a bit melancholic, especially if you’ve loved and admired that person for years. But overall I just feel complete happiness for him.  Congratulations Lee Sungmin! I hope you live an eternally beautiful life with your beloved! Be happy! And remember that E.L.F will always support you no matter what! And I wish him a life full of joy and love not only from her, but also from Super Junior members and E.L.Fs. Because we’re family don’t you know? Families may fight and take time off from each other for a bit, but we never leave each other. Let’s support each other forever. We will always love you!


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