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The Chocolatier’s Rose {Willy Wonka x OC} Ch.38
Tumblr media Tumblr media
GIFs not mine. Credit go to owners.
Summary: To end off their perfect night, Willy and Rose have sex for the first time.
A/N: Another smut warning in effect. And we’re going all the way this time folks.
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"You want to make a baby?" Rose repeated Willy's words. She smiled, taking his face into her hands.
"I do, starshine" Willy said. He leaned in close so that their noses were touching. "But only if you want to"
"Of course I do, cocoa bean" Rose said softly to him. "Make love to me, Willy. Show me how much I mean to you"
"Oh, my sweet and beautiful Rose" He cooed to her. He cupped her cheek and then captured her lips with his own in a passionate kiss.
Rose pushed his coat off of his shoulders. The velvet, burgundy material fell off of Willy's body and onto the floor beside the bed. "Willy" Rose whimpered when he pulled away from her. "Please"
"I need to take rest my clothes off, now don't I, truffle?" Willy said. His hands went to the first button on his waistcoat, but Rose stopped him. Her hand replaced his.
"I'm supposed to be the one undressing you" She said, giving him a sultry look. She popped the first button open.
"As long as I get to undress you" Willy said in a most seductive tone.
Rose didn't waste any time in unbuttoning the rest of his waistcoat. She took that off of him and threw it onto the floor. Next, she pulled his colourful dress shirt up over his head.
She stopped for a moment, to stare at and admire his beautiful body. "Oh, Willy" Rose sighed dreamily. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and then down along his chest. "You're so beautiful"
Willy didn't say anything. He just smiled at her as he watched her grab one of his hands. Rose removed the purple latex, revealing his beautiful hand. She pressed a kiss to his palm. Then, she proceeded to do the same to the other hand, taking off his glove and pressing a kiss.
“Can I undress you now, starshine?" Willy asked.
"But cocoa bean, I haven't even gotten your pants off yet"
"That can wait. Right now, I want to see you" Willy told her, almost pleadingly. He and Rose sat up in the bed. Rose turned around, revealing the tied laces to Willy. He began untying the laces. When he got the last one undone, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Rose's bare shoulder.
He continued kissing her skin as his fingers slipped under the sleeves of her dress. He pushed the material down her arms. The top of her dress fell and bunched at her hips. Her bare chest was exposed and she shuddered against the feel of the cool air on her nipples.
Willy hooked his arms around her waist. He pressed his palms flat against her stomach. He dragged his hands up, feeling the smoothness of her skin. Eventually, his hands reached her breasts and he cupped them.
"Truffle, you feel so soft in my hands" Willy said. He gave her breasts a gentle squeeze. Rose moaned, leaning her head back so that it fell on his shoulders. Willy started pressing kisses to her jaw. "You're so perfect, starshine" He muttered against her skin. He kissed the dip of her shoulder. "So beautiful and perfect"
"Take the rest of this dress of me" Rose spoke softly. Willy didn't need to be told twice. Very carefully, he pulled the rest of Rose's dress off. Unlike with his clothes, Willy didn't carelessly toss the dress to the ground. It was such a beautiful dress, he didn't want it ruined and he knew Rose didn't either.
Instead, he got up off the bed to go and drape it over the back of a chair. Rose sat up, propped up against the headboard, watching him. When Willy came back to the bed, Rose spread her legs to he could sit in between them.
Willy cupped her face and gave her another kiss. He pressed his forehead against hers. "We'll take things slow tonight, alright starshine? We have all the time in the world and I want this to be special and unforgettable for both of us"
"That's what I want too, cocoa bean" Rose agreed. Willy went back to kissing her. He went from kissing her lips, then along her jawline, down her neck and collarbone until he was met with her breasts.
He smiled as he pressed a kiss to each breast. "I love these, truffle" He cupped one of her breasts. "They're so soft, perky and perfect" He captured her nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it and gave it a few flicks with his tongue. He did the same to the other.
"Willy" Rose whined. She was desperate for him to touch her already wet cunt.
"Tell me what you want, starshine" Willy urged her. He reached up, tucking her hair behind her ear and resting his hand on her cheek. "I just want to make you feel wonderful. So tell me, where do you want me to touch you?"
“Touch my cunt” Rose shocked herself when she said the word out loud. She’s never used such vulgar language before.
Willy tsked at her. “You just said a naughty word, truffle!”
“But we’re doing a naughty thing, are we not?” Rose batted her eyelashes at him, biting down on her lip. “We can say naughty words when we do naughty things” Like the word she blurted out when Willy’s warm fingers touched her swollen clit. “Fuck!”
Willy giggled. “Another naughty word!” He started rubbing her clit vigorously. “Actually, I like when you say naughty words”
“Yeah? Does it make your cock hard for me?” Rose said in a sultry purr. For two people who were going to fuck for the first time, they sure didn’t act like it. Maybe it was because of the fact that they were so comfortable with each other.
“It sure does, truffle” Willy slipped two of his fingers inside of her. “It makes me wonder how wonderful your honeypot will feel around me”
Rose let out a moan and her head hit the headboard as Willy pushed his fingers in and out of her pussy. He looked down at her soaking wet cunt. He couldn’t help but love how she was just swallowing his fingers whole. 
“Truffle, you’re so very wet” He pulled his fingers out of her. He stuck them in his mouth and sucked them clean of her special honey. He moaned and his eyes fluttered closed, savouring the taste of her. “Your honey tastes so divine” Willy’s slipped his fingers out of his mouth with a pop. His eyes darted back down to her pussy and he grinned when an idea came to his mind. “Can I try something?”
“Yes” Rose permitted him. Willy gave her another kiss, and she could taste herself on his lips. He then moved himself further down the bed. Willy laid flat on his stomach, his face level with Rose’s cunt. “Cocoa bean, what are you doing?” She wondered with both curiosity and anticipation.
“I’m going to put my mouth on you, truffle” Willy said with an innocent-like smile on his face. “You just taste so darn good. I want more of my special honey”
Rose giggled. “Your special honey?”
“You’re darn right it’s my special honey. I’m almost tempted to make candy after you, but you’d be silly to think I would let anyone else have a taste of you”
Rose found what Willy said to be incredibly hot and erotic. And the way he said it so innocently? It was making her even more aroused than she already is.
“Yeah,” Willy licked his lips, eyeing her drenched pussy with an insatiable hunger in his eyes. “Your honey is all mine” He licked a stripe up her pussy, sampling a taste. “Oh, truffle. You taste so much better like this”
His mouth latched onto her cunt. He sucked at her clit and licked in between her folds. Rose was still sitting up against the headboard so she had a perfect view of Willy just absolutely devouring her pussy.
“Willy” Rose mewled her lover’s name. Her fingers ended up tangled in that chocolate coloured soft bob of his. “You’re making me feel so good”
She could feel his tongue against her walls. His nose bumping against her clit. The wet sounds of his mouth just lapping up at all her juices. Willy’s eyes were closed and he was letting out the dirtiest little moans. Rose didn’t know who was enjoying this more. Her or Willy.
“Cocoa bean, I’m getting close” Rose warned him.
“Goody! I want your honey all over my tongue, truffle” Willy encouraged her, slipping his fingers inside her again. The feeling of both his tongue and his fingers was about to tip Rose over the edge. “Give it to me, Rose. Give me your sweet, delectable honey”
Rose was crying out, pulling on Willy’s hair as she came in his mouth. “Yes, yes, yes!” She chanted. Willy made sure to lick up all of her juices. He didn’t want to let one drop of his honey go to waste.
“Mmm. I love how sweet you taste” Willy sat up on his knees. His lips and chin were just drenched with Rose’s cum. His tongue darted out and licked it all up. “Absolutely better than any chocolate”
“Your turn now, cocoa bean” Rose’s hands flew to Willy’s pants. She grasped his belt buckle. “It’s time we get these pants off of you, don’t you think?”
Willy giggled as he nodded. “They have become awfully tight”
Rose got his belt unbuckled. She unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and then pulled them down. Willy’s hard cock sprang up, right in front of Rose’s face. She licked her lips. “Have I told you that you have a beautiful cock?”
“Do I?”
“Oh, yes” Rose purred and giggled. She stuck her tongue out and licked at his tip. 
Willy tensed up and he let out a soft whimper. “Oh..”
Rose grasped his cock and dragged the tip of it against her lips, painting them with his precum. “You made me feel so good with your mouth, Willy. Can I make you feel good with mine?”
“Yes, please” He said, almost breathless. Rose placed a few kisses to his tip, before letting it slip past her lips. Slowly, she eased his cock into her mouth. She was careful to not let her teeth scrape against him. But she did put her tongue to good use, running it along the underside of his cock. 
“O-oh, truffle” Willy moaned. How could her mouth feel this good on him? But just as fast as she was taking him in her mouth, she was slipping him out of her mouth. “Wh....what are you doing? It was starting to feel--- Ah!” 
Rose really started to suck hard on his cock now. Willy was in a trance as he watched her head bob up and down. She also kept a hand wrapped around him, stroking where her mouth wouldn’t. Rose peered up at Willy, letting her eyes meet his. Willy moaned and pushed Rose’s hair out of her face so he could see her. 
“Look at you go, truffle. Sucking on me like a tasty lollipop” Willy spoke to her. Rose couldn’t help but moan at his words. And the vibrations that Willy felt around his cock drove him crazy. “Oh f....f...” Rose thought he was going to say something so innocent, like fudgesicles, but that wasn’t it. “Fuck!”
Rose popped his cock out of her mouth and she stared up at Willy, completely in shock. Willy himself was also shocked that he said such a naughty word, and he felt a little ashamed for it. “O-oh my, I can’t believe I said that! It was feeling so good and I didn’t even think about it. The word just came out and I—“
Rose stopped Willy from rambling. “Cocoa bean, it’s okay to say naughty words when we’re doing this” She never thought she’d see a day when her Willy swore, but he did and she wanted him to do it again. “Say it again for me?”
“Say what?” The look of shame on Willy’s face went away and it was replaced with a smirk. “Oh! You mean fuck?”
Rose’s eyes could’ve rolled all the way back into her skull. “God yes. Say it again”
Rose went back to sucking on Willy’s cock. Willy grabbed a fistful of Rose’s hair, panting and moaning as he felt his orgasm approaching. “T-truffle, stop!” He didn’t want to cum in her mouth tonight.
Willy’s cock slipped out of Rose’s mouth again. “Is everything okay?” She asked.
“I can’t wait any longer, truffle. I’m ready if you are” Willy said. He reached down and stroked at her face.
Rose smiled. “Yes, cocoa bean. I’m ready”
She laid down on her back as Willy got on top of her. They shared a kiss. “I’m going to go inside you now, okay starshine?”
“Okay. Just make sure you go slowly, alright?” Rose said.
Willy took his cock in his hand and guided it to Rose’s wet, gaping hole. He eased it inside her, pushing it in slowly. Rose winced and she twitched in discomfort. Priscilla sure was right about it hurting the first time.
Once Willy was all the way in, he made sure that he didn’t move. “You okay, Rose?” He cupped her face. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to”
“No, no” Rose shook her head. “I just need a moment to get used to you. Just stay still for a bit, okay?”
Willy smiled. “Of course” He didn’t dare move until she said it was okay to, so instead, he kept on kissing her and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.
About a minute had passed before Rose’s discomfort started turning into pleasure. Now she could really feel how full she felt with Willy inside her. She just needed him to start moving. “Cocoa bean, you can move now”
Willy started rocking his hips. He goes slow at first. Thrusting all the way into her, and pulling back to where it’s almost only his tip inside of her. He keeps this up for a bit. “Oh, Rose” A deep moan grumbles from Willy’s throat. “Your honeypot feels so good around me. So wet, and tight, and warm”
Rose moaned as well. “You feel good too, Willy. Your cock fills me up so wonderfully” She grips onto his back and wraps her legs around his waist. “Go faster, please”
And so he does. He starts fucking into her as fast as he can. Willy’s eyebrows furrow and his mouth hangs open, pouring out moan after moan after moan. “T-truffle—I—fuck!”
Rose bucks her hips in time with his thrusts. “Fuck, yes! You feel so good, cocoa bean!”
One of Willy’s hands quickly clasped onto Rose’s, while the other gripped at her waist, holding onto her tightly as he pounded into her. Rose’s hand squeezed Willy’s while her other clawed at his back.
The sounds of their moans, their wet kisses, skin slapping against skin, and the creaking of the bed filled the bedroom.
“Willy...” Rose moaned his name. Her head rolled back against the pillow. “Don’t stop!”
“I won’t, Rose” He panted. Willy started peppering kisses along every inch of her neck and collarbone. “I won’t stop. I won’t stop until you gush your honey all over me”
Rose could feel her orgasm fast approaching. “Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum!”
“Y-yeah” Willy was close to cumming too. “I—I don’t think I can hold it in either, truffle”
After a few more thrusts, Rose and Willy were hitting their euphoria together. Rose was squeezing tightly around Willy’s cock, cumming all over it. All the while he was spurting inside of her, getting milked dry.
The two of them kissed as they rode out their highs. Willy pulled out of Rose and fell beside her. The both of them were panting, out of breath. Once they calmed down a bit, Rose pulled the sheets up so that they were covered. Willy wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. Rose let her head rest on his chest.
“That was amazing, starshine” Willy spoke first. He kissed the top of Rose’s head. “How was it for you?”
“Oh, I never wanted it to end. You were making me feel so wonderful” Rose said, a dreamy smile playing on her lips.
Willy giggled. “I’d say let’s go again, but it’s been a long and exciting day and we need some sleep” He started petting at her hair. “I love you, Rose”
“I love you too, Willy”
Their heavy eyelids fell shut and they drifted off into a peaceful slumber, safe in each other’s arms.
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Chocolatier 3 candied rose petals
Tumblr media
Though only a small element of a demanding, detailed set, it was no small source of stress for the perfectionist in me. Planning for a photo shoot means preparing for the worst, and in this case, the “worst” translated to a late shipment of candied rose petals.
Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Peanuts, Pecans, Pistachios, and Sesame Seeds.It was born from a backup plan a plan B that was never needed.
Fruits: Blueberries, Cherries, Coconuts, Currants, Dates, Lemons, Wild limes, Mangoes, Oranges, Pumpkins, Raspberries, and Strawberries.
Tumblr media
Sweeteners: Caramel, Honey, Maple Syrup, and Sugar.Dairy: Butter, Cream, Milk and Whipped Cream.Coffee: Balinese coffee, Cuban coffee, Colombian coffee, espresso beans, Kona coffee, and Moroccan coffee.Cacao: Balinese cacao, Colombian cacao, Cacao, Doualan cacao, Honduran cacao, Peruvian cacao and Truffle powder.The Secret Lab in Reykjavik sorts all ingredients into seven categories - Cacao, Coffee, Dairy, Sweeteners, Fruits, Nuts, and Flavours.Īll ingredients in the same category are in alphabetical order, except Wild limes, Coffee Liqueur, Orange Liqueur, Candied Rose Petals and Black Tea. This ingredient is available in a couple of locations, but these aren't limited to the locations around the equator. The 'common' coffee bean was replaced with specialty coffee beans from different ports.��urther more, Decadence by Design introduced the espresso bean. The number off coffeebeans has increased.
Tumblr media
Still, some ingredients can only be bought from ports not shown on the map until it is opened for the player, much like secret ports were in the second game.
Tumblr media
Some of the secret ingredients from the previous game (currants, saffron, lavender honey, anise, black tea, and clove) have become regular ingredients. The concept of secret ingredients sort of remained, but it was trimmed down intensively. The concept of seasonal ingredients still remains, but the game doesn't inform the player if the ingredient is in season or not. Wild Island Berries (late July to September)ĭecadence by Design saw a strong increase in the number of ingredients, compared to the second game.Fijian Pumpkins (September to November).Outside their season, these ingredients can be up to four times the price of the ingredients in their season. They will be available all year through, but seasonal ingredients are cheaper in their season. Fiji - Fijian Pumpkins, and Wild Island BerriesĪnother new feature is that some ingredients are seasonal.The Himalayas - Lavender Honey, Clove, and Black Tea.The Sahara - Saffron, Currants, and Anise.
Tumblr media
The Amazon - Amazonian Plantains, and Fire ants.These secret ingredients are exclusively available at that secret port. The ingredients themselves aren't a secret, the location however is. However, in the third game, Coffees and Coffee Blends are added into products so that all flavored coffee beans can become essential ingredients for them, except espresso beans used on chocolates.Īs the title of this game suggests, Chocolatier 2 introduces secret ingredients. Milk Solids- Milk solids can be found in most areas concerning Sugar, and is a bit more expensive than Sugar.Ĭacaos are essential for manufacturing chocolates and it can be only bought in ports near the equator.Ĭoffees are the flavor ingredients in the first and second games.Cacao - Cacao can be found in ports near the equator, prices are usually in the moderate range.Sugar - Sugar can be found mostly everywhere for very low prices.Some ingredients are available in all three games. Ingredients in all three games Common Ingredients 1.9 Secret Ingredients in Chocolatier 2.
Tumblr media
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The tragedy is — I don’t want to settle. I don’t want to wear clothes that scratch or wash out or get that cheap shine after a while. I don’t want gleaming-cheap polyester and plastic pearls. I don’t want the slick-tacky, artificially scented hand lotion or the waxy aftertaste of cheap chocolate.
I want heavy strings of pearls and intricate-delicate, glittering bottles of perfume. I want organic clay face masks, I want conditioner that weaves roses into my hair and body lotion that kisses orange blossoms or jasmine onto my skin. I want bars of honey-scented soap and rose-scented face wash. I want cotton and cashmere and fluttering silk. I want good notebooks and organic tea without artificial flavouring. I want fresh baguette and rose hip jam. I want to get my olives at the market hall and my chocolates at the chocolatier.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Photograph by Ruven Afanador for TIME |  INTERVIEW BY SAM LANSKY
Timothée Chalamet and I are on the run, chasing down Sixth Avenue on a bright September day in search of a place to talk. The restaurant in Greenwich Village where we had planned to meet ended up getting swarmed by NYU students while I was waiting for him, chattering excitedly to one another—“Timothée Chalamet is here!” “Shut up!” “Yeah, he’s right outside!”—so, trying to avoid a deluge of selfie seekers, I bolt from the table, tapping Chalamet on the shoulder where he stands under the awning, on the phone, and we make our escape. Face covered with a mask and hoodie pulled up over his curly hair, he’s mostly incognito but still cuts a distinct enough figure that we’d better find a new location fast, and standing at a crosswalk with him, I feel briefly protective, like I should be prepared to body-block an onslaught of fans at any moment.
Luckily, we go undetected as we make our way to another diner a few blocks down—a true New York greasy spoon, less crowded and doggedly uncool—and slide into a back booth. He orders black coffee and matzo-ball soup, which he says he has been craving. It’s not an easy thing to come by in London, where he’s been in rehearsals for Wonka, an original movie musical that will serve as a prequel of sorts to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, following the titular chocolatier as a young man. He just spent a weekend recording music for the film at Abbey Road. “I felt out of my league,” he says of working in that legendary space. “Like I was desecrating history!” But working on this project has been good for him. “It’s not mining the darker emotions in life,” he says. “It’s a celebration of being off-center and of being O.K. with the weirder parts of you that don’t quite fit in.”
If Chalamet—whom most people call, affectionately, Timmy—sees himself as off-center, so far it’s working. He’s back in New York for the Met Gala, which he’s co-chairing alongside Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka and Amanda Gorman. (He walked the red carpet in a Haider Ackermann satin tuxedo jacket and sweatpants.) On Oct. 22, he’ll appear in two films released on the same day. There’s Wes Anderson’s ensemble The French Dispatch, which earned raves out of Cannes, in which Chalamet appears opposite Frances McDormand as a revolutionary spearheading a student liberation movement. He also stars as royal Paul Atreides in Denis Villeneuve’s towering sci-fi epic Dune, an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s beloved 1965 novel, budgeted at a reported $165 million and slated for a massive worldwide release.
This makes it a big moment for Chalamet, who is not just an actor who works often, although he does, and not just a celebrity, although he is one, but a movie star in the old-fashioned sense of the word. (More on this later.) He’s now the rare performer who, at 25, studios are betting can help launch a blockbuster franchise and a festival hit on the same day, with a pandemic still rumbling out of view. With great power, of course, comes great responsibility—including a spotlight on everything from his personal life (he’s been linked to actor Lily-Rose Depp) to his activism (he’s outspoken on climate change) to what he wears, whether on a red carpet or dashing to the bodega. The latter runs the gamut from embroidered joggers to tie-dye overalls to space-age suiting—or, say, a Louis Vuitton hoodie spangled with 3,000 Swarovski crystals. (All this has led GQ to crown him one of the best-dressed men in the world.)
“I feel like I’m here to show that to wear your heart on your sleeve is O.K."
Chalamet belongs to a generation that’s known for oversharing, particularly on social media, but his Instagram is frequently enigmatic; he holds more back than many of his contemporaries. He cites as role models Michael B. Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence—the latter two of whom he’ll appear opposite in Adam McKay’s star-studded Don’t Look Up on Netflix in December—actors who are more likely to talk about craft than to post selfies doing sponsored content. If fame is surreal to him, he also doesn’t make a show of resisting it. “I’m figuring it out,” Chalamet says. “On my worst days, I feel a tension in figuring it out. But on my best days, I feel like I’m growing right on time.”
As we sit and talk, a procession of fans stop by the table to ask for photos—mostly young women, but there’s one sheepish-looking guy, too, who looks to be in his 40s. Chalamet indulges them all gamely, making conversation. “Oh, you go to Columbia?” he says to one girl. “That’s cool! I did too.” He stops himself. “Well, I dropped out.”
If the challenge is staying level amid all this attention, he has a game plan. “One of my heroes—I can’t say who or he’d kick my ass—he put his arm around me the first night we met and gave me some advice,” he says. What was it, I ask?
“No hard drugs,” Chalamet says, “and no superhero movies.”
Chalamet grew up in midtown Manhattan, where his mom was a Broadway performer and his father worked as an editor for UNICEF. He went to the arts high school La Guardia, where he performed onstage. Not long after graduating, he booked a role as Matthew McConaughey’s son in Christopher Nolan’s 2014 space drama Interstellar, which he, along with everyone he knew, expected would catalyze his career. “I remember seeing it and weeping,” he says, “60% because I was so moved by it, and 40% because I’d thought I was in the movie so much more than I am.”
He briefly attended Columbia, then NYU, but didn’t finish college, which he says seems “insane in retrospect.” He remembers the insecurity of those years, which he describes as “the soul-crushing anxiety of feeling like I had a lot to give without any platform.” But he waited for the kinds of jobs he wanted, trying to avoid getting locked into a commitment that might stifle his growth, like a years-long TV contract. “Not that those opportunities were coming at me plenty,” he says, “because they weren’t. But I had a marathon mentality, which is hard when everything is instant gratification.”
That paid off in 2017 with the release of Luca Guadagnino’s gay love story Call Me by Your Name, which earned him an Oscar nomination and catapulted him to fame. (He demurs when asked about co-star Armie Hammer, who has denied a widely publicized accusation of rape. “I totally get why you’re asking that,” he says, “but it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial response.”) That same year, he featured in Greta Gerwig’s Oscar-nominated Lady Bird. He followed up with the addiction drama Beautiful Boy, then Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women, both of which earned him still more critical praise.
If his filmography has made him an art-house darling, Dune feels like the perfect big movie for an actor like Chalamet: despite the booming score and dazzling visual effects, there’s a gravity to it—and an unusual prescience. “Dune was written 60 years ago, but its themes hold up today,” Chalamet says. “A warning against the exploitation of the environment, a warning against colonialism, a warning against technology.”
Dune is also the kind of cinematic event that demands to be seen in theaters, which spelled controversy when Warner Bros. announced that, due to the pandemic, all of their 2021 films would premiere on the streaming service HBO Max concurrent with their theatrical release dates. Chalamet shrugs about it. “It’s so above my pay grade,” he says. “Maybe I’m naive, but I trust the powers that be. I’m just grateful it’s coming out at all.”
A day later, we meet at a bar in Tribeca. As he arrives, he’s wrapping up a call. “Love you too, Grandma,” he says gently into the phone as he’s hanging up.
Male movie stars have long been defined by an old model of masculinity. Chalamet, who rose to fame playing a queer character and whose style is frequently described as androgynous, evinces a kind of masculinity that’s a little different: more sensitive, more emotional, in keeping with his generation’s permissive attitudes about self-expression. “Timothée is a thoughtful, poetic spirit,” says Villeneuve. “I am always impressed by his beautiful vulnerability.” Chalamet doesn’t always reveal much, but what he does is intentional. Ask him what he stands for, and he considers it seriously. “I feel like I’m here to show that to wear your heart on your sleeve is O.K.,” he says.
Yet Chalamet knows better than to obsess about how he’s perceived by the public. “To keep the ball rolling creatively takes a certain ignorance to the way you’re consumed,” he says. He calls it a “mirror vacuum”: the black hole you disappear into studying your own reflection. He wants to use his platform thoughtfully, to spread the right kinds of messages through the world—whether that’s about mental-health awareness, a subject which he wants to see become “less of an Instagram slide share and something more intrinsic,” or climate. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the same generation that inherits the overheated planet is the generation saying, ‘Hey, there’s a level of complacency here,’” he says.
All that said, Chalamet doesn’t take himself too seriously. The idea that he’s seen as a movie star—let alone his generation’s most promising—seems to make him squirrelly. “I don’t want to say some vapid, self-effacing thing,” he says. “It’s a combination of luck and getting good advice early in my career not to pigeonhole myself.” The term movie star, to him, is “like death.” All it does is make him think about ’90s-nostalgia Instagram feeds.
“You’re just an actor,” Chalamet says, like a mantra. “You’re just an actor!” Then he looks to me, as if checking to see if he’s convinced me it’s true.
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Be My Valentine’s Content Creation Challenge  Official Event Masterlist
Tumblr media
Thank you everyone for all of your support in this Event! @xxsycamore and I have been blown away by the creations that have been made. Please reach out to me if I have missed any of your lovely works. I hope you Enjoy! 
Smut 🔞
Sfw 💕
Art 🖌
Feb 1st - "Of course I figured it out. You were always giving me that love-struck gaze."
Ikemen Revolution
💕Abashed: Ray x GN!Reader - @venulus
🔞 A Lovestruck Gaze: Ray x Reader - @chaosangel767
Ikemen Sengoku 
💕A Not So Secret Admirer: Mitsuhide Akechi - @writingwhimsey
🔞 In Time: Kicho x Reader - @aquagirl1978
Ikemen Vampire
🖌Day 1: Leonardo - @ana-thedaydreamer
Ikemen Prince
💕Day 1: Chevalier - @ythmir-writes
 💕 If the mountain won't come to Mochammad: Nokto/Male OC, Leon/ Male OC - @naresnani
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Feb 2nd - Chocolate baking date goes wrong
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Feb 3rd - "Again with my clothes?" "They smell like you." 
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Feb 9th - "Aren't you tired yet?" "Of you? Never."
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Ayakashi Romance Reborn 
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Feb 10th - "How many different ways should I show you I love you?"
💕  No one but you: Nobunga - @writingwhimsey​
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Feb 11th - Dancing with each other while no one is around
 Ikemen Vampire
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Ikemen Prince
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Feb 12th - "Waking up next to you is the best decision I've ever made."
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Ikemen Prince 
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🔞 Mine: Gilbert x Reader - @aquagirl1978​
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Feb 13th - Finding a new tradition for Valentine's Day
Ikemen Sengoku
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Feb 14th - "No matter what anyone says, you're perfect for me."
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Ikemen Prince
💕 My Queen: Chevalier x Reader - @aquagirl1978​
💕 Imperfect Parfaits and other Oxymorons: Kumon x OC - @moonstruck-writing​
Send me a message if I missed one of your works or if you have any questions. 
~ 💕 Chaya 
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gm--requests · 11 months ago
The Chocolatier - Satori Tendou
g e n r e - s m u t. filthy, nasty, disgusting, awful awful smut
w a r n i n g s - time skip! Chocolatier Tendou, squirting, vague masturbation (m. & f.) , light praise/degradation, mentions of ahegao, dacryphilia/crying, omorashi (piss), dumbification/bimbofication, stupidly innocent reader, finger licking, dub-con, drugging/aphrodisiac, creampie, use of pet name (bunny), if i missed any please lmk
o r i g i n a l  c o n t e n t - i did write this
w o r d s - 3,266
r e q u e s t s - closed
inbox thirsts- OPEN
a / n - i don’t know how i got here or why i wrote this... please bare (bear?) with me dude, self indulgent laskfhlkasf this is probably messy as fuck and i’m so sorry about it. this is just honestly disgusting... hell is hot man... this is written with a plus-size reader in mind anyone, of course, can read it, and i highly encourage it because i worked hard on this piece. also please leave feedback if you have any. please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a long term relationship with a trustworthy partner.  that being said please enjoy sex as much as you want with the use of aforementioned protection!
Tendou knows how much you like sweets and taste testing his new chocolates, so of course he’s more than happy to run his long fingers around the side of the bowl and let you try everything he makes. He loves the way you look innocently taking his chocolate covered fingers into your mouth and sucking on them. 
You think it’s so sweet of him to let you sit on the counter of his shop late into the evening and try all of his delicious creations. You never think anything of licking it off of his fingers, it makes sense. 
“Wouldn’t wanna cross contaminate any of it by licking the spoon would we?” 
And no you wouldn’t! After all this is a business and it’s one he cares about a lot, so instead you happily lick each of his slender digits clean. Sometimes if it tastes really good, you get a bit carried away, only stopping when he teases you. 
“Y/n-chan, you really know how to put your tongue to use, you cleaned my fingers off in a heartbeat!” The lilt to his voice is playful, but it doesn’t stop you from blushing profusely and pulling away from his fingers. 
“S-sorry,” you murmur softly, your eyes struggling to meet his. 
He likes watching you get flustered. Really he wonders how you never notice the darkness behind his lingering gazes or the true intentions he harbors within, even after all those times he “accidentally” shoved his fingers far enough down your throat to make you gag. 
He wonders how many nights it’s going to take for you to understand. How many times is he going to have to help you hop up onto the marbled counters of his confectionery store and watch your thick thighs press together as you sit there obediently, ankles crossed, and hands on your lap, waiting for him to coat his finger in warm fudge and bring it to your lips, before he can finally just fuck you? 
This isn’t to say that he keeps you around just in the hopes of fucking, of course not! He loves your company, loves your cute little giggles and your bright smile, loves the way your hair falls, and the little “oof” sound you make every time you have to get on and off the counter. Tendou really loves the way you look at him with admiration and cheer him on when he makes something especially delicious or spends hours upon hours on a particular restock for the shop, reminds him of how the fans used to look at him in the stands back in his golden days of volleyball, except with you it’s less out of fear and more out of adoration. He never shies away from telling you these things either. 
His sharp eyes rounding into half moons as he sing-songs to you, “You’re sweeter than all my chocolate combined y/n-chan. Be careful, or you’ll make me feel too special~” 
“I like that little noise you make, ‘oof’~” he says, making you puff out your cheeks and cross your arms, which is even more of a delight to him. 
There are things that he doesn’t tell you however, like how it takes all of his strength to pull his eyes away from the dips and curves of your body, or how he thinks your lips look stunning wrapped around his fingers. He never tells you that, no matter how well covered your outfits may keep you, he’s always thinking about how beautiful you’d look wearing nothing at all. 
“Y’know, y/n-chan, I like sweet things too~” he says one night, your small hands holding one of his significantly larger ones, as you lick rose flavored chocolate from his two middle fingers. You hum thoughtfully around them, meeting his eyes, and he has to keep himself from visibly stiffening, “I made a new chocolate flavor today and I decided to name it after you! I wanted to try it together with my dear sweet chocolate taster.” 
You pull off of his fingers and beam at him, “Tendou-san, you’re too sweet! I’d love to try it with you!” 
“I knew you would~” Tendou says, his grin becoming a bit harsher. Turning around, he walks to the fridge and pulls out a small container. Within seconds he has it melting in a small bowl over a tiny saucepan, “When you try it, you have to be honest with me, m’kay y/n-chan? I’m a little nervous about how it’s going to taste.” 
You giggle and his heart soars, “I’m sure it’ll be delicious! I don’t think you’ve ever made a bad chocolate before!” 
A few seconds later he’s holding out his fingers to you and you’re eagerly putting them in your mouth. You lick them clean, brows furrowed in thought, “Tendou-san, it’s very good but uhm, it just tastes like dark chocolate.” 
He dips one of the same fingers you licked, back into the chocolate, and then into his own mouth. He mimics your previous expression, feigning ignorance, before his eyes light up animatedly, “Of course! I’m so stupid~ I forgot the secret ingredient. Close your eyes, you can’t know what it is~” 
You pout, but obey, closing your eyes tightly. You hear him shuffling around and then feel him in your space, the heat of his body close to yours. He pushes your plush thighs apart and slots himself between them. When you go to open your eyes, he tsks, “No peeking! I’m just reaching behind you,” he assures you, so you close your eyes once more. 
“Tendou-san~,” you whine, “Please hurry! I’m so curious!!” 
“Y/n-san,” he chastises, “I didn’t know that you were so impatient~” the words are spoken as a whisper, his hot breath fanning your ear, making your body straighten.
Before you can speak you feel his fingers press against your lips. As you go to open your mouth, a short command of “Don’t,” has your lips staying together. You sit completely still as Tendou drags his chocolate covered fingers across your lips, down your chin, and to the pulse point of your neck. You can feel the warm chocolate cooling against your skin. 
You can’t ask him what he’s doing, really your brain doesn’t even think to ask him before his tongue is running across your lips. You squeeze your eyes shut at the feeling, but this time he giggles, “Y/n-chan, I think I need to have more to make sure I can really taste the secret ingredient,” he’s basically purring as he drags his tongue up the side of your chin, the feeling making you shudder. He doesn’t speak again, instead going to the marking of it down your neck. 
Here Satori licks slower, with more intent, he laps at the chocolate on your skin unabashedly, leaving little nips and cool stickiness in its wake, “I think it tastes real good,” he says happily before sticking his fingers into the hardening chocolate, “will you taste it for me again y/n-chan?” 
Tendou’s tone is almost condescending as he pushes his fingers into your mouth and watches you suck on them, a bit more nervously than you had done before, “I think you’ll start to feel it soon~” the playful lilt hiding sinister intentions, “I think we both will~ I ate it too after all.” 
You look up at him confused and he just laughs. He keeps you sucking on his fingers long after the chocolate is gone, pushing them down your throat and watching you choke and sputter, and for some reason you think it’s making your body hot… It’s also making you salivate a lot more. When you start drooling down his fingers and when did that ache between your thighs start? 
He watched it hit you, watched you suck more earnestly on the digits in your mouth. He liked the look of confused obedience on you, it was maybe the best expression he’d ever seen dance across your chubby features. 
Your thighs are closing on his sides, your hips are rocking against the counter, as you pull off of his fingers panting, “T-Tendou-san, w-why do I feel like this?” The panic in your voice is obvious, “Why- Why is it so hot in here? Why is this-,” 
His answer doesn’t come until after his fingers are back in your mouth. Afterall the heat is setting in for him too. His dick springing to life in his pristine white pants, twitching at the way your throat contracts around the tips of his fingers when you swallow, your spit almost dripping down his hand. His eyes are more lidded now than usual, his face flushed red, small pants leaving his lips as he talks, “Silly silly y/n-chan~ It’s the secret ingredient, doesn’t it make you feel needy? Do you need me pretty, silly, y/n-chan?” 
You try and pull away from his fingers, but his hand follows you, his fingers staying lodged between your lips, “I think you need more chocolate, you aren’t quite where I want you to be y/n-chan~ You’re pretty stubborn, which is surprising, since you’re normally such a good girl for me.” He has one eyebrowed cocked as he pulls the fingers from your mouth, dips them back into the chocolate and shoves them roughly in your mouth, you squirm and whimper, trying to ignore the wetness between your legs that has begun pooling uncontrollably. 
Your breathing is labored as if you’ve run a mile and you don’t know why but fuck you feel so empty and needy and the way your precious Tendou-san is staring down at you makes you feel oh-so small and you don’t know when, but you started sucking on his fingers of your own volition, taking them as deeply as you can down your throat. He looks at you pleased, “Y/n-chan, do you need me yet?” 
 You nod, and hum around his fingers almost excitedly but he shakes his head and pulls his fingers out of your mouth, laughing softly as you try and chase after them with your mouth. 
“Where do you need me y/n-chan, hmm?” He says stepping away from your body. You look at him distressed, making grabby hands at him. Tendou just coos at you, “I can’t help unless you tell me where you need me to be~” 
Despite his playful tone, he is hurting too, wouldn’t be having fun if he wasn’t. He swears that he can see your arousal on the counter between your still spread thighs, swears that there are desperate whimpers already falling from your lips as drag your hips unapologetically across the surface underneath you , trying to find the friction you so desperately need. 
In your brain you know you should be embarrassed by the way you’re hanging on his every word and movement. You also know that you shouldn’t stare at his erection so hard, shouldn’t let something so vulgar make your mouth water uncontrollably, but you can’t help it. 
That’s what you keep telling yourself, your confusion and worry long gone, as your hand comes down to your crotch. You’d only worn your tight little sleep shorts because it was so late and it was only Tendou after all, so when your fingers ghost across the soaked fabric, you instantly feel something similar to relief. A pathetically embarrassing moan rips from your throat. 
“T-Tendou-san please,” your fingers rub up and down the dripping fabric, “Please help me, I’m sorry but I-”
Satori cuts you off, “Take them off silly~ I can’t help if I can’t see the problem right?” 
Right? Duh! Of course, how was he supposed to be there and touching you properly if he couldn’t see what needed to be touched. You slid back on the counter, awkwardly pulling at the fabric trying to pull the shorts off without getting off the counter. 
As soon as the fabric was gone, the cold air made you hiss, your panting getting even more uncontrollable, all of your words lacing together as you spoke, “See Tendou-san, it hurts, ‘m so hot everywhere, please help, please make it better,” you were sniffling now, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, and Tendou was fisting his cock through his pants. 
He almost felt bad for how hard it made him to watch you beg and plead for him. Innocent little you, wide eyed and crying about how badly it hurts.
“Senpai, please~” you moaned out as you rubbed circles against your bare clit. Tendou thought he might pass out if he didn’t bury his cock in you soon. All of the blood rushed to it so fast that he almost felt light headed. 
He pulled his pants down eagerly, unashamed, taunting you the entire time, “Y/n-chan, calling me senpai? How cute! Have you wanted me for a long time? Have I been unfair by keeping you waiting, my lil’ bunny?” 
All you could do was stare at his dick, long and just girthy enough, tip red and angry, almost purple with it’s ache for release. When he walked towards you and pulled your hand away from your quivering sex, you whimpered and the begging started all over again, “Senpai, need you- in me, please, hurtssobad, s’hot senpai, please, can’t wait- can’t wait anymore.” 
You looked absolutely pitiful, tears staining your cheeks, cunt drooling at the mere proximity of him, and your hips canting off the counter every time he brushed his fingers over the insides of your thighs… He wanted to keep teasing you, make you wait more, make you cry until you couldn’t think of anything other than being fucked by him, but your eagerness robbed him of that. 
Tendou couldn’t even stop you before you were sliding off the counter and pressing your soft, round body up against his tall, lean frame. Small puffs of air left your mouth as you grabbed one of his hands and returned his fingers once again to your mouth, keeping them there as you turned around and pressed your ass against his balls, too short for him to really line up perfectly, and bent over the counter. The new position forces him to lean over you in order to keep his fingers in your mouth. 
Satori chuckled, “When did you get so forward about things like this lil’ bunny, it’s s’cute seeing you all excited~” 
Your arousal was dripping down your thighs before he decided to show you any signs of relief, pulling his hand from your face, dragging drool across your cheek before grabbing your hips and rutting against you, “Is this enough? This is enough right?” His voice was strained and small moans were slipping past his lips. 
You cried out, sobs wracking your body, “More, more, more, senpai, please,” it was all you could say, all you remembered how to say, as you wiggled your hips frantically. 
He just laughed, spit dampened fingers grabbing at your plushness. 
“Maybe, I can give you a little bit more bunny, you’re asking so nicely!” His voice was labored, but chipper. It was a juxtaposition that was making your head spin, even more so, when he oh-so graciously, slipped just the head of his cock inside of you, making you cum instantly. 
It was a quick and unsatisfying orgasm, him pulling out to watch the wetness drip. The need for more, making you cry harder, Satori giggling behind you gleefully, “Look at that bunny~ I’m gonna put it again for you, m’kay?” 
You nod gratefully, pushing your hips back, as he drug the tip of cock through your leaking folds. When he finally pressed back into you, you met his hips, forcing half of his cock inside of you. Both of you cry out in unison, this time ending in his own orgasm. The feeling of warmth flooding your insides as you spasmed around him. 
Instead of stopping Satori tightened his grip and began fucking you through his orgasm, “F-fu-huhh it’s no fun, when you take it from me. What a bad, greedy lil’ bunny, if you want it so bad, I’m gonna make sure you’re begging me to stop instead.” 
His hips slamming forward, your hot body flush against the cool and slick countertops. Your eyes crossed almost instantly at the stimulation, tongue lolling out of your mouth, as he pulled you back on him to meet his thrusts. The fat of your ass shaking, his balls dripping in your arousal, smacking against your clit. 
Tendou’s dick felt as though it got longer with each thrust, slamming against your cervix relentlessly, every time you moaned it came out broken and wheezy. Satori didn’t let up, not once, you could feel him twitching inside of you, orgasm after orgasm had wracked through your body and yet the heat still didn’t subside. He’d even managed to make you squirt, the force of it making him still inside of you as the liquid dripped around his cock and onto the floor. Even then, he didn’t let you have a break, and you couldn’t tell if you were thankful or upset. That is until... 
“Tendou-san, T-Te- ‘M gonna pee, ‘m gonna- hhh,” he grinned wide, seemingly speeding up, hands bruising your sides as he fucked you roughly. 
“How nasty y/n-chan~ you’re really gonna pee? Dirty lil’ bunny~” 
“Senpai, no please, stop, I can’t hold it!” 
But of course he didn’t stop, “Y/n-chan is filthy~ I would have never guessed~” 
“N-no Tendou-san, please- ‘M not,” you slurred, “‘M not filthy I just-” 
He listened to you sniffle and cry out as your body tensed up and you pissed. He pulled out of you and stood back, watching you shake with humiliation. 
“P-please stop staring,” you begged. 
“Awe bunny, you made such a mess~” he teased, feigning sympathy “Now I’m gonna be stuck here cleaning this up,” he fake pouted behind you, “I guess that means you should let me piss on you in return right?” 
Your eyes widen, “H-huh?” you ask incredulously, looking over your shoulder at him, your legs trembling with the effort of keeping you upright.
Before answering, he shoves your body closer to the counter, your entire abdomen pressed against it’s cool surface, your hips pinned to the edge. As he fucks back into you he answers, “I’m gonna fill you with my piss, bunny~ It’s only fair~” 
You want to protest and tell him no, but as soon as his hips set back into a steady rhythm all of your thoughts are gone and you’re once again brainless. 
“I’ve already filled you with so much of my cum that its covering everything,” he grunts out as his hips snap forward, “But I think I can fill you one last time, and it’s only fair that I do that with my piss~” 
His cock throbs, it’s almost too painful to keep going at this point, but he told you he was going to fill you and he always makes good on his word. Fucking you until all you can do is let your body lay pliantly as he humps into you, small cries leaving your parted lips. 
You only start to squirm when he’s pressed completely against you and you feel the first trickles of warmth inside. 
“S’much, s’much Tendou-san,” you mumble, almost amazed, too fucked out to be disgusted, as his hot piss fills you. You feel your body shake with a climax even more pitiful than the very first one of the night, as he pees in you for what feels like forever. 
All the while a dopey grin plastered to his face as pets your head, “Good, lil’ bunny, I think this is the best piss I’ve ever had.”
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soranihimawari · a month ago
A timeskip!Satori Tendou x flatmate!reader short
Pairing: timeskip!satori x flatemate!reader
Warnings: fluff & slice of life // suggestive
Word count: ~1.8k
Tumblr media
How I pictured Satori
Who thought answering a personal ad in Paris was going to lead to one of the longest relationships in your life? Certainly not Satori Tendou, who at the time was starting his apprenticeship at the local chocolatier and ganachery. Hard to believe three years since you received a call back from a foreign number had passed, but let’s be real. Life was not the most fair when it came to you. After all, you had been gifted a unisex name, so imagine the guess monster’s face when a gothic chic androgynous person with a few hatboxes showed up at his door. You apologize together to the other laughing a bit saying things will work out. Yet, there was also one other major issue: language. You honestly presumed his French was rough, judging by the back and forth text messages, because they all sounded similar to a google translate text block. Regardless the chocolatier and the goth make it work.
Truthfully, living with Satori has been one of the best experiences of your joint young adult life. You’ve been prompted to official taste tester for him alongside him being a subject for your photography book. Always trying to respect each other spaces was a primary thing to figure out, so together you tackle a schedule to use the common spaces: bathroom, laundry, kitchen, etc. Since then, English basic alongside various Japanese to French dictionaries have joined the bookshelves you helped build with Satori.
Three years later, you’re sifting flour and scattering it on the marble table in the kitchen. As a treat, you decide to make your grandmother’s recipe for buttered bread. Rolling out the dough you refrigerated after it rose, you also take out the homemade butter brick you’re used to seeing folded into the center of the bread dough. For a person who usually wears all black, you’re skilled enough to not get a speck on your clothes is impressive. Eyeing the calendar, you circled the date in Satori’s favorite color. Eventually, once the bread had been placed in the oven, you sit on the couch while the timer on your phone is turned on.
Hours later, with the bread cooled on the counter, beside it a small envelope (filled with cupcake glitter) and with a very rigid hiragana script, your flatmate’s name is written there. Yet, who would have thought you’d be asleep when Satori arrived home? Certainly not the birthday celebrant. Satori comes home to find you curled up on the couch, steady deep breaths heard when he found the corner (a sure sign you were knocked out), in something other than the signature black you’ve been known to wear: you were wearing an updated lilac cocktail dress (inspired from the 1950s) complete with bunny slippers. It was enough for the chocolatier to smile more to himself than anything. Also, does it help he had a heart to heart talk with his best friend who actually gave him some sage advice? Yes, because as it stands his heart patters nervously in his chest. The rhythm tells him what’s been weighing in his mind—he likes you, a little more than you’ve been lead to believe. Now will he act on it and will you not push him away? Time will tell because as it stands, you stir as he joins you on the couch, but rather than waking next to cushions, you wake feeling a chef coat button.
“Evening sleeping beauty,” Satori greets.
He has a catlike expression and you roll your eyes at the nickname, but it’s ok. Because you expect it from him. There have been too many times when you’ve been out together and the general consensus are either you two are together (or there was something no one would be surprised if you’re fixing to get to that point). Yet when you readjust yourself, turning into him, breathing in the hints of chocolate and confectionery sugars, your eyes flutter open.
“Tori?” your groggy voice greets.
There is a delightful hum you hear, thus waking you fully. Needless to say, waking up and trying to squirm was not the best idea, not when your flatmate can hold you so securely by the waist. Next thing you know, you’re no longer resting on his shoulder, no, you’re brought to sit atop his lap, much like cradling a young child. He keeps a hand above the zipper of your dress and the other traces lines from your knees to your ankle and back again. The smoothness makes you seem like a marionette, the best one he’s ever seen—he doesn’t want to play with you like the way you described old flames before; he wants something a bit more dare he think it: sweet.
“Lilac, really?” Satori has a look in his eye. You feel his hand pinch the satin fabric of the sleeve of the dress, a smirk resting on his features. He notices how flushed you’re becoming because of the proximity your faces are, but it doesn’t bother him. Never had, never will, he thought.
“You said it reminded you of home,” you say with a pout.
Satori hugs you closer, muttering nervously, “liking you is going to kill me.”
“It won’t,” you reply just as quick, tilting your head to read his expression.
It’s filled with a hearth fired neutrality you didn’t think he possessed, but of all things, you can tell how much he cares when he does not push you away, yet his hands freeze their ministrations. There is a quiet pause when you find yourself staring at him, not like a subject for your work photographing life in the city, no. It was more like a more ‘adult-like’ love, ie the type that both would want to work out in the long run. In those seconds, with his confession slightly forgotten, you sit back a bit, choosing your next words carefully. Suddenly, the atmosphere where you both were changed into one charged with a mutual desire (three years worth of closeness, friendship, might have naturally progressed to this, according to a friend of yours)—with hope on your fingertips, you grip the collar of his coat and pull him down toward you before you feel his smile against your lips. “Sois courageux petit prince.”
A ghost of a kiss stays between you both. Like testing the waters of the sea, both of you are still a bit stunned. You would think three years of living with the other would have made this sort of move eons ago. However, with life and work in the way, it often gets pushed asunder. Tonight though, with the new day just minutes away, you readjust your self in a more comfortable position. Platonic or not, that gray area needed to be tested and by the gods did he pass it with you. One kiss turned into two, then when your limbs chose to rest against his shoulders, you rest your head against a wiser outsider.
“Bien devant toi chérie,” his hands leave your waist to travel to hold your face gently in his palms before slowly closing the space between you.
This kiss is just as gentle as you could imagine, perhaps even better because two people who are so sure of themselves (and comfortable in their own skin), prove how fearless they can when their souls seemed to spiral outward into a deeper understanding of a love well earned. Essentially, his kisses leave you wanting to carry on, still calculated and careful, ever since you walked through the front door something told Satori he wanted you to stay. You’re so grateful you did because right now, you’re thoroughly enjoying this nonverbal exchange.
“Stay,” you murmur drowsily hypnotized by the ministrations he uses when you require more air in your lungs. He nods, almost bumping heads with you. You lean back a bit and though he supports you, you laugh slightly at his reaction to instinctively catch you.
“Help me out of this,” he instructs hotly tacking on a “please” when your hands unbutton the first three buttons on his coat. You peck his lips as you do so until the end of the coat and he wiggles free from its confines. Satori may not have had many dates but past, but he follows your lead when you choose to lay back down on the couch and he hovers above you for a mere second before he rightfully kisses you the way he’s been meaning to. A confession isn’t really necessary, although when the sunlight seeps through the curtains the following morning, you’re no longer wearing the lilac number from the night before—you’re wearing a partially buttoned ganchery coat with the embroidered kanji of Satori Tendou’s name.
French translations:
Sois courageux petit prince—Be brave little prince
Bien devant toi chérie—way ahead of you sweetheart
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b000mbayah · 4 months ago
Be my valentine?
Requested: No
Note: just wanted to do something to celebrate the day.
ྀཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔༺ ᨦ♡ᨩ ༻▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔ྀཾ▔ྀ̥̊͝ཾ▔
Tumblr media
Today was different. Love sprawled in the fine crisp air like the thick smoke from a cold fire, smiles were widespread among couples and gifts were given out, passed from one hopeless lover to another.
It's the same tradition that Tzuyu has grown to hate within her seventeen years of life. Why celebrate an emotion that breaks everyone in the end?
No one is left satisfied with love, it's merely impossible.
To be able to feel emotions is enough as it is, Tzuyu doesn't need to see the sappy side of those who are foolish enough to connect.
Tzuyu doesn't want to hear the desperate confessions. She refuses to spare a glance at anyone carrying basic flowers or classic chocolates and Tzuyu for sure wouldn't second think to reject anyone who dared to give her their pathetic love and affection filled services.
This is Valentine's day.
"Gotten nothing nice yet?" Sana grins like a fox, curiosity nipping at her toes as she makes an attempt to steal a glance inside of Tzuyu's locker. "No" Tzuyu responds, closing her locker, shielding the mystery that lays beyond the metal door.
"Cheer up" Sana giggles, basking in the luxuries she's been given, a dozen red roses in each corner of her locker and chocolates decorate the built-in shelves like neatly stacked jenga towers. "I'm sure someone will get you something worth your standards" 
Tzuyu only rolls her eyes, her tongue flicking inside her mouth, causing a "tch" sound to make itself present. "As if, everyone in this school is… well, look at them" 
Tzuyu had a point that Sana couldn't object against, everyone here had the same idea. No one had anything new and refreshing.
The nerds gave each other shy poems and piteous pages worth nothing. 
The geeks have already confessed to their online girlfriends or boyfriends.
The musicians had sung eachother songs or played "masterpieces" for each other. 
The popular students had gotten each other the typical chocolate bites and thornless roses.
The list goes on..
"Fair play" Sana sighs, slumping down with an unsatisfied sigh, resting upon the filth-fested floor. "At least I get what I love" Sana plops a dodgy chocolate in her mouth, instantly registering it as toffee one. She hums.
"Get off the floor," Tzuyu says, slamming her personal locker shut, the sound of metal colliding with metal blooms in the crowded hallways. "Could've been quieter" Sana snickers to herself, taking another chocolaty delight to her tongue, savouring the tangy flavour.
"Come on" Sana obliges, quick to rise to her feet as she follows the girl carrying a single book.
"I mean, people here could be less boring" Sana revives a previous conversation, adding to something that ended a minute or two ago. "That's what I intended" Sana squeezes her lips together, choosing to ignore Tzuyu's words as they continue to strut down the hallways, looking as if they don't have a care in the world.
"Tzuyu?" Some pedestrian who dared to cross paths with Tzuyu stood a couple of metres away, his hands hidden by his torso as he gave her his best smile. "Yes?"
"Please, oh please be my valentine" he suddenly pulls out some orchids, a small bow wrapped around the thin rope that's holding the flowers in place.
Despite the sweet gesture, Tzuyu can't help but stare him down, belittling the male student in her year. "Is that a yes?" He awkwardly laughs out, a single bead of sweat dripping from his brow.
"Did you hear me say yes?" Tzuyu's tone in voice is noticeably different, more rough than before. "I didn't hear either yes or no" 
"You think you're so smart" she smiles with a bitter look flooding her body. "I don't.." Tzuyu snatches the flowers before walking away with them in hand. As she passes him she could see the smile on his stupid face.
"You accepted someone so basic?!" Sana half yells, somewhat puzzled at her best friend's option but soon realising the meaning to it. She witnessed it first class, how Tzuyu dumped the orchids into the closest trash can, not only disposing of the gift but also his heart. "Geez, that must hurt" 
"I wouldn't know. That's his problem, not mine" Tzuyu shrugs, tightening her grip on the book she's holding, like her life depends on it.
Though, it didn't take long for another person to test their luck, then another, and another until someone a little different had decided to take part, outdoing everyone else.
You had paid attention to the smallest things about her. You felt the need to, being one of her closest friends gave you a sense of responsibility, especially since you seemed to be crushing on the taller female.
"Chewy" you call, smiling with charm as you effortlessly slide up beside her and Sana. "Y/n!" Sana cheers, her hands forming loose fists as she shakes them in a small celebration. "Came to give me my presents?" Sana cheekily grins, adding to her sly domina.
"No, they're actually for someone else" noticing her frown wasn't hard, it was an easy sight for all, like a display case of cuteness for all to see. 
"Who are they for?" Tzuyu involves herself, suddenly feeling curious.
"They're for someone who holds a place close to my heart" Sana's uncalled for coos gained you some weird looks but no one questioned them.
"Which is who?" 
"You" Tzuyu halts, refusing to move another inch as her body tenses significantly. You were just joking, surely. "Very funny y/n.." 
"I'm serious, look" you reveal the special lilyturf bouquet and some homemade chocolates, including a large sum of chocolate milk contained within a plastic bottle. Her eyebrow raised expectantly.
"The lily turfs remind me of you, humble and patient. They're also extremely beautiful" you gulp, her face remains like heated ice "The chocolates are homemade to ensure that you'll like everyone and their sweet fillings"
Tzuyu hums, ignoring the giggling squirrel off to her right as she narrows her eyes, examining your face as the tips of her ears tint a hue of pinkish red "Comn' chew, just for today-"
"-will you be my valentine?"
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thecloudcitymarket · a month ago
CCM Vendor List - 9th May
Tumblr media
Below are our list of vendors for the Sweet Treats Themed Night!
Click on their menu links to browse what they are selling this week! ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Wild Rose Tea - Vereena Aurum’rosa MENU
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Golden Delight - Varus Heroux MENU
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
The Breadsmith - Lynesse Gloamingdawn MENU 
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
See The Other Ways - Azalaeda Pheonixflare MENU 
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
The Frostbite Contingent - Megahes Frostbite MENU 
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
T & R Chocolatiers - Trisandrah MENU
Tumblr media
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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monst · a year ago
I'm thirsting. Shinsou slipping birth control pills in y/n's food so when he uses his quirk to fuck her without her knowing, so he can have the pleasure of cumming inside her. Hnn, and he can take pictures of his cum spilling out of her for himself.
On the nose 
Shinsou Hitoshi x Reader
All characters 18+
Warnings: Do I even have to write sexy time? But yeah sexy time actions, Somno, Noncon, Does this count as drugging??? Quirkplay, In summary he’s gonna fill you like a cream donut… :’) 
Shinsou read the label for the millionth time that day, the words seemed to glare back at him berating him for what he was about to do. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, this wasn’t his first time using his quirk on you when you slept. He had stretched you out more times than he cared to keep track of. However, it would be his first time experiencing the heat of your walls directly. 
The thought of going in raw had him on edge, he couldn’t wait but he also didn’t want to mess up. Taking out the popper dosage he decided that the best way to get you to ingest the pills would be by grinding them into your drink. He hoped it would work. If not then well... ironically he had a plan b… He prepared your drink, a fragrant hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. 
He grinned deviously at the creamy consistency, well aware of the subtle hint. He made sure to stir it well before heading into the living room. There you sat, your gorgeous frame covered in a cute nightgown he’d gifted you. The modestly long dress was covered in hundreds of tiny cats and you looked adorable in it. Your eyes were glued to a book he had lent you. Bram Stoker’s Dracula. 
“Hey, I got you a cup.” He broke you out of your reading, holding the mug up to you. 
“Ugh Hitoshi, You're an angel~” You gushed, grabbing the ceramic from him thankfully. Shinsou feigned a meek smile, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. 
“Am not.” He protested weakly. 
You took a mouthwatering sip and moaned, missing the glint in the asymthest man’s eyes at the sound. “Are too.” You hummed. “Need I remind you of why I’m here?” You smiled gratefully. 
“Anyone would have done the same kitten.” He shrugged, the cushion next to you slumping underneath his weight. Your face warmed at the nickname, your fingers tapping on the mug to control your fidgeting. ‘He’s just being friendly (Name).’ you told yourself. Shinsou had been an incredible friend to you and you didn’t want to ruin your relationship with your attraction towards him. In effort to cool the heat in your cheeks you changed the conversation. 
“So about the book?” You began, taking another sip of the hot beverage. 
“Hm?” His plum eyes were focused on the flecks of white at the corner of your lips. Yet another thing you didn’t notice. 
“Right so I’m up to the part where Van Helsing hypnotized Mina to get to the Count. And I was thinking about how crazy that must be.” You paused. “I mean first the Count was visiting her at night drinking from her while she slept. And now her mind is basically being taken over, I feel kinda bad for her...It’s freaky.”
Shinsou held in a laugh, bringing his cup to his lips in an effort to conceal his smile. He was riding high on a power trip, knowing that you weren’t privy to his quirk. He agreed with you, watching as your throat bobbed; the last of the chocolaty liquid sliding down. He stayed with you on the couch chatting about nothing in particular. Until.
“When do you think I’ll be able to move back into my apartment?” You asked. 
“Hard to say, We still haven’t caught the guy who snuck into your home.” He frowned, worry filled his eyes, brows drooping as his hand reached out to gasp yours. “Don’t worry we’ll find him, but until then the guest room is all yours.” 
“Thanks Hitoshi.” You wrapped your arms around his strong frame. “I don’t know what I would have done if I had ran into that stalker.” Shinsou nodded patting your head gently, his nose buried into your neck. You smelled absolutely intoxicating… 
It was late, and you had gone off to bed hours ago. Your slumbering form didn’t register the creak of the door being pushed open. Shinsou felt the bed dip as he crawled on top of you, he trembled in anticipation and gently pinched your side. Once you let out a sound your mind was his. Now in control he invaded your dreams, making sure that he consumed every nook and cranny of it. He had been dropping nitpicked dreams into your head since you had begun to stay with him.  
Insurance, he called it. 
Pale knuckles brushed against your cheek as he stared down at you lovingly. His soft lips pressed against you, gently at first. It wasn’t long before he was leaving open mouthed kisses on your lips, his tongue tracing their shape, hands squeezing your sides. He seared his lips on the sensitive flesh of your neck, careful to not leave any marks. He palmed your breasts from atop your clothes. His other hand sliding down to the hem of the nightgown. 
“Your so soft kitty.” He breathed, sitting up in between your thighs. His hands kneaded the flesh of your plush thighs as he spread your legs, pale fingers pushing the gown up to your neck. Moisture left his mouth as he took in your nude form. He’d seen you bare so many times but it never failed to leave him breathless. His hands traced every edge and curve; a moan slipping past his lips. 
“God you're so beautiful~” If you had been awake the intensity of his gaze would have set you ablaze. He took his time exploring your body, his lips caressing your nipples, suckling on the stiff peaks, drawing soft moans from your slumbering self. Unconsciously your fingers found themselves in between soft purple strands. Your body pressed into his as his fingers disappeared underneath your panties. 
Pale digits traced down the length of your slit allowing your slick to coat them. A grin touched his face. “Only I get to make you this wet babydoll.” He sighed against your chest, teeth nipping at your nipples once more. He leaned back and hooked his fingers underneath the elastic easily sliding your panties down your legs. He slipped them inside his sweatpants pocket so as to not forget them later. Once more he took your legs and parted them further.
“Fuck.” He groaned. “Look at this pussy.” He felt himself throb at the sight. Your lips were glistening with a light sheen of your arousal and Shinsou wanted a taste. But that could wait.. Afterall he did have all night. 
“You look so delicious Kitten.” He moaned allowing his thumb to rub slow circles on your clit. “You're pretty pussy quivering under my touch.” He sneered watching as your chest rose and fell for him. For him. All of it was for him, All of you. 
“That’s right, you love it when I play with your slutty cunt don’t you?” He panted, heat consuming his face as you moved against his fingers, your legs spreading wider for him in invitation. He was going to allow you to feel the stretch of his fingers when:
“Hitoshi~” You slurred sleepily. 
“Ha~” Just the sound of his name on your lips was euphoria. He couldn’t wait anymore. He slid down his sweats, just enough to let his cock spring free. His breathing was heavier, lust clouding his every thought and his thighs trembled when he brushed the head of his cock against the soft flesh of your folds. He played around sliding the tip up to your clit then down; to circle your entrance. He wanted to savor this moment. 
“Hnng” You whined in your sleep, your hips lifting off the bed. 
“Would you look at that?” He whistled. “My babycat wants me to stretch out her tight little cunt. Well you asked for it~” 
With that he sunk into you, he leaned over at the feeling his fists gripping the sheets as your hot velvety walls caressed his throbbing length. “Holy fuck Kitty.” He gasped. He wasn’t even fully sheathed and the warm wet hug he was getting had his eyes rolling back in pleasure. He drew out and pushed back in slowly, basking in the way your walls rippled around him, loving the way your moans enhanced the feeling.  
He set a slow deep pace. “T-This feels amazing.” He groaned, his hands coming under your ass to better angle his thrusts. 
“.H...Shi~” You whimpered. 
“Yeah, that’s right, say my name kitty.” He grunted increasing his pace, the sound of your pussy gushing for him encouraging him to go faster. The paps of his balls hitting your ass drove him to lift your legs, his cock sliding in deeper. 
“Ah!” You wriggled in pleasure, your brows scrunching up as he fucked up your insides. 
Shinsou shifted and he felt your slick walls clamp down on him. “I found it didn’t I?” He grinned. He continued to abuse the area he discovered watching as you cried out his name, drool slipping down your chin. He leaned down to allow you to grasp onto him. 
“Tell me.” He commanded. “Tell me who fucking owns this pussy?”
“Y-Yuah!” Your slumbering form was subjected to whatever he desired and he moaned at the answer. 
“Fuck yes you belong to me kitty.” He gasped. He felt your body tremble; your silky walls squeezing down on him tightly. But he was far from done. His name tore itself from your throat as he rutted into you. He fucked you through two more orgasms before the telltale signs of his end were near. He fumbled with his hand to grab his phone from his pocket. 
He hit the camera button and began to record. Your face was clear in the shot and he slid the frame down your body making sure to zoom in where your bodies met. He groaned at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of your cunt. He wanted to get this one thing on video before he came inside of you. 
“Kitten I-I’m gonna cum.” He grunted, his hips stuttering. “Where...Where do you want it.” He gasped. 
“..In..Side.” He really loved his quirk… Shinsou came with a low growl of your name, spilling ropes of his seed deep inside your pulsing heat. He emptied his milk inside of you, staying in until his sensitive cock trembled and then he pulled out. The girth member was covered in a combination of his and your cum but he disregarded his mess and lifted your leg recording how his cum slid out of your pussy. It dribbled down slowly like molasses sliding down to your puckered hole and staining the bed. 
He took a couple more pictures and slipped his phone back into his pocket. All that was left was to clean you up… And his tongue did a really good job at that. 
You sat at the table a plate of half eaten food staring back at you. You had paused your consumption when you heard the Shinsou’s door open. Purple tufts of hair flying every which way. He grumbled out a groggy ‘morning and headed to the bathroom, a sly smirk on his lips when he was no longer facing you. 
Your face warmed at the sight of him. You had such a vividly erotic dream of him last night… 
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wonkasmissstarshine · a year ago
The Chocolatier’s Rose {Willy Wonka x OC} Ch.44
Tumblr media Tumblr media
GIFs not mine. Credit go to owners.
Summary: It’s Christmas and the whole family comes together to celebrate.
A/N: Here we are. The final chapter! However, there will be an epilogue after this and then I’ll get to working on the fairytale AU. Again, let me know if you want to be tagged for The Chocolate Prince and The Lovely Maiden.
Tagging: @willymywonkers @holdmeicant @sleepiesapphicxoxo @frozenhuntress67
It was that wonderful time of the year where the snow fell, leaving a thick soft blanket on the ground, the windows of homes and shops would be filled with decorations on display, a certain sense of cheer filled the air, and families all came together. Christmas had come around again like it does every year.
Christmas had to be Rose's favorite holiday. There was just something about it that always made her feel so happy. Maybe it was because the snow always looked so pretty around the holidays. Maybe it was because the town looked festive when there were lights strewn about, windows filled to the brim with decorations, and the tree that always went up in the middle of town. Maybe it was because this was the time of year that always brought families together.
No matter what the reason, Rose loved Christmas. All the Buckets did.
Normally, Willy didn't give Christmas a second thought. He used to be alone at Christmas so he didn't bother to celebrate it. But that changed when Rose came into his life. When she told him how much she loved Christmas, he decided to give it a chance and celebrate it.
Turns out that Christmas was a whole lot better when you had a family to celebrate it with. And he loved how happy Rose got around this time of year. He loved coming home one day to find that she had the entire Garden Room covered in decorations, as well as the house. He loved how he found a large Christmas tree already put up and decorated in the living room. He loved hearing Rose break out into Christmas carols.
Christmas quickly became Willy's favorite holiday.
But this Christmas wasn't going to be any ordinary Christmas. This would the first Christmas with the twins. And the Wonkas were going all out with it. Normally, Christmas dinner would be held at the Bucket house, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Bucket. This year, however, Rose and Willy decided to host dinner for the first time. And their whole family would be coming.
Rose and Mrs. Bucket were cooking together in the kitchen. Every once in a while, Rose would look up and peek out the window. Every time she looked out that window, she saw her children playing together with their father and Uncle Charlie. She smiled at the sight.
"Look at them, mum" Rose said. Mrs. Bucket looked up from the vegetables she was cutting. She followed her daughter's line of sight. "He's such a wonderful father. A wonderful husband. He looks at me, and he looks Fleur and Dulce like we're his whole world. You should hear him telling them bedtime stories"
Mrs. Bucket didn't say anything. Instead, she just smiled, stared, and listened as her daughter went on about Willy and the twins. "Mum, why are you looking at me like that?" Rose asked when she caught her mom staring.
"Nothing," Mrs. Bucket chuckled, shaking her head. "It's just, you've been so happy for the past two years. Before Charlie found that ticket, you've worn many smiles on your face but you've never really been happy" Mrs. Bucket placed her hand on her daughter's cheek. "But now when you smile, it's not because you're trying to be strong for us. It's because you have truly found happiness in your life that we alone couldn't give to you"
"I find myself thinking sometimes where I would be right now if Charlie hadn't found that ticket," Rose thought out loud. "I'd probably still be working for Mrs. Mason, barely just getting by. Or, perhaps maybe I'd be stuck in a marriage that I didn't want"
"Or, maybe you'd still have met Willy somehow"
"You really think so, mum?"
"Of course I do, darling. He's your soulmate. If Charlie hadn't found that ticket and hadn't brought you along on that tour, you still would have met Willy one way or another" Mrs. Bucket seemed so sure about that.
Rose giggled. "Is dad your soulmate?"
Mrs. Bucket smiled, pushing a fallen strand of hair out of Rose's face. "Without any doubt"
A new voice called out, making its presence known. "Hello, Rose! Hello, Helen!" It was Priscilla. She had wandered into the kitchen. "Merry Christmas"
"Merry Christmas, dear" Mrs. Bucket smiled at the girl who overtime, started feeling like her own daughter.
"Merry Christmas, Cilla" Rose said. "Did you say hi to Willy and the twins?"
"I did" Priscilla nodded. "I swear, Fleur and Dulce keep getting cuter every time I see them"
Rose eyed the thick bag that Priscilla was carrying. She did not doubt that there were a bunch of toys and other gifts inside. "Cilla, what did we say about spoiling?"
"This isn't all for the twins" Priscilla defended. "There are things for Charlie and Jenny here. And at least one present for everyone else. That reminds me" She reached into the bag and pulled out a couple of presents. She gave the bigger of the presents to Mrs. Bucket, who in turn looked quite surprised.
"Priscilla, sweetheart, that's very kind of you, but you didn't--"
"I wanted to, Mrs. Bucket"
Mrs. Bucket smiled and accepted the present. She opened it up, revealing a small antique display case. But it wasn't the display case that made her eyes light up. It was what was inside it. "Priscilla, this china is beautiful" There were beautifully designed plates, bowls, and cups.
"I actually made it" Priscilla explained. "I have a knack for pottery"
"I never knew you liked pottery," Rose said. She was surprised that Priscilla never mentioned her talent.
All Priscilla did was shrug. "It's nothing serious, really. More of a hobby" She presented the other present in hand to Rose. "This one for you"
Rose smiled, taking the small present in her hand. She unwrapped it, revealing a velvet red box. Then, she opened up the box to reveal a piece of jewelry. It was a pendant of a terrarium with a tiny rose inside of it. "Oh, it's beautiful"
"I immediately thought of you when I saw that, and not just because of the rose," Priscilla said.
"Wait right here!" Rose said in sudden excitement. She ran off, disappearing behind the curtain that led to hers and Willy's bedroom. When she came back, she was wearing the pendant and had a gift in her hand. "Here," She handed the gift to Priscilla.
Priscilla grinned and she ripped the wrapping paper off. She gasped in delight when she found a sweater, made in her favorite color with her name stitched in cursive gold along the front of it. "Rose, did you make this?"
"Yeah" She bit her lip, waiting to hear Priscilla's thoughts on it. "Do you like it?"
"Like it? I love it!" Priscilla gave Rose a great big hug. "Rose, you're amazing, you know that? You're the best sister anyone could ask for"
"Sister?" Rose asked. Sure, she and Priscilla have been close for a long time, but she's never heard her call her sister before.
"Well, yeah. You're not just my best friend, Rose. You're my sister. You, Willy, and the twins? My family. Charlie and the rest of the Buckets? My family. Danny, Eleanor, Felix, Lucy, Jenny, and Harry? My family. Mrs. Mason and Dr. Wonka? My family. We're all one big family, Rose"
Rose smiled. She thought back to some wise words Charlie once said long ago.
You don't have to be related to someone for them to be your family. People who care about each other can be considered a family, whether you're related or not.
For a boy of thirteen, Charlie was quite wise for his age.
"Darling, why don't you go out there and say hi to your friends?" Mrs. Bucket suggested. "I've got it in here"
Rose kissed her mother before walking out of the house with Priscilla. All of their friends were crowding together with Willy and Charlie. The twins were now being held by Lucy and Harry respectively. Of course, Willy was the first one to see his wife. "Hello, starshine!" He beamed at her.
"Cocoa bean" She greeted back, wrapping her arms around him in a secure hug. Rose's eyes wandered to Fleur, who was being held by Lucy. But it wasn't her daughter's infectious grin that caught her eye. It was the sparkling diamond that was wrapped around Lucy's ring finger. "Lu?"
Lucy looked at Rose. "Yes?"
"On your finger, is that what I think it is?"
Eleanor went wide-eyed. "Wait, you and Harry are engaged!?"
Lucy shrugged, smirked, and made an attempt at a joke. "Who said it was Harry I was engaged to?"
"Sis, you're not fooling anyone" Jenny laughed. "We all know you two are googly-eyed in love with each other"
"Let me see," Priscilla said. She took Lucy's hand and inspected the diamond on her finger. Priscilla let out an impressed whistle. "That's quite the stone you gave her, Harry"
Lucy grinned and then eyed her fiance. "Even if I told him a simple plain ring would do"
"And I'm only getting truly engaged once" Harry quipped. He and Rose shared a knowing look. The two of them were never really engaged. It was more of an...agreement... of sorts. Luckily, it was one that was never carried out. Harry looked back at Lucy. "I wanted to make it special for both of us"
Lucy very well knew of what had transpired between Rose and Harry. They were both very honest with her about that. But, she was just glad to see that they had made amends and that they were now friends.
"Where are those little angels?" A happy sing-song voice called out. "Nana's here! And she wants to see all her angels!"
Mrs. Mason came running with Dr. Wonka not far behind her. The two of them were married now. The ceremony had been small and private, taking place at a courthouse with only Rose, Willy, and Charlie in attendance.
"There they are!" Mrs. Mason cooed once she saw her grandchildren. She squished their cheeks and kissed their foreheads, causing the babies to smile and giggle. Once she greeted the twins, she greeted the rest of her angels the same way, starting with Priscilla.
"Uh, Mrs. Mason" Priscilla mumbled through her squished cheeks. "What are you doing?"
"I did say I wanted to see all my angels, now didn't I?"
Mrs. Mason got through with greeting Priscilla, Eleanor, Lucy, Danny, Felix, and Harry all the same way. With squished cheeks and wet kisses on the forehead. She still saw all of them as her children, even if they weren't related to her the way Rose, Charlie, and Willy were.
"And where's my youngest son?" Mrs. Mason turned on her heel until she spotted Charlie. "Charlie, my dear boy! Come here!" She hugged Charlie as tight as she could. "I swear you're getting bigger every day I see you"
"And you keep getting kinder" Charlie said to her.
Mrs. Mason grinned wildly. "How does a boy get so sweet and polite?" She let go of Charlie, and then there was no saving Jenny from the inevitable hug. "And here's my sweet girl! Oh, Jenny, you just keep getting prettier"
Jenny blushed and giggled. "Thank you, Mrs. Mason"
"Charlie, you've got quite the girlfriend here. Don't ever let her go" Mrs. Mason advised, winking at the young boy.
Both Charlie and Jenny blushed deeply and glanced at each other. "We're not boyfriend and girlfriend" Charlie defended.
"Yeah. We're just friends" Jenny added. "Best friends"
"And that means in exactly ten years time, you two will be married" Mrs. Mason joked but at the same time, there was a hint of seriousness in her voice. Charlie and Jenny both muttered something about Mrs. Mason being embarrassing before the two of them ran off.
Mrs. Mason chuckled, shaking her head. She caught Rose in her sight and smiled at her. "And last but certainly not least, my beautiful daughter" She grasped Rose's face with a gentle grip and kissed her on both of the cheeks. "And my wonderful son" Mrs. Mason hugged Willy and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"Hi mom" Willy greeted her, giving her a kiss and a hug back. He then let go of Mrs. Mason and walked over to his father. "Hi dad" He greeted before hugging him.
"Hello son," Dr. Wonka said, a grin coming over him. After hugging his son, he stepped closer to Rose and hugged her as well. "Hello daughter"
Rose smiled at that. It always warmed her heart when she heard Dr. Wonka calling her daughter. "Hi, dad. Merry Christmas"
"Merry Christmas"
Mrs. Bucket stepped out onto the porch of the house. "Rose and Willy, dears" Mrs. Bucket called out for her daughter and her son-in-law. "I need your help with something!" She flashed an almost mischievous smile at them, before disappearing inside the house again.
"Hmm," Willy hummed curiously. "I wonder what that's about" He wasn't blind to see the way she had smiled at both of them.
"I suppose we should go find out" Rose said. She and Willy joined hands and made their way to the house.
"That's weird," Willy said as soon as he and Rose entered the house. They found it empty except for all the furniture and the finished food that was sitting on the counters in the kitchen. "Moms not here"
"Mum!" Rose called out. There was no reply. "Come on, mum. Where are you? Are you playing some kind of joke?"
Willy looked around the room as his wife continued to call for Mrs. Bucket's attention. It wasn't until he looked up that he noticed something hanging off of the ceiling. It was a green plant with white berries and a red bow wrapped around it.
"Cocoa bean," Rose finally noticed her husband staring upwards. "What are you looking at?"
"Have you gotten any new flowers or plants recently?"
"No" Rose finally looked up to see what Willy was looking at. She recognized what it was right away. A smirk danced across her lips. "Oh, I see what you're looking at"
"What is it?" Rose didn't answer him right away. Instead, she started giggling. Willy's eyebrows furrowed and he looked back at his wife. "What's so funny, starshine?"
"You've never seen mistletoe before?"
"No" He looked back up at it. "I wonder why it's there"
"I'm thinking mum probably put it there"
"Now, why would she do that?" Wow, he really didn't know. "I'm sorry but it's just a poor choice for decoration. It doesn't do anything to tie this room together at all"
"Cocoa bean, it's not for decoration"
"No? Then what's it for?"
Rose grabbed Willy's face and tilted his head down so that he was looking at her rather than the plant on the ceiling. "Do you really not know the tradition for people who stand together under the mistletoe?" Her voice had softened into an almost sultry purr. Her thumb was stroking his soft and plump bottom lip, and she was giving him that look with hooded and glossy eyes that made him weak in the knees.
Willy blushed deeply as he looked her right in the eye. "No"
"When two people find themselves standing under the mistletoe, they're supposed to kiss, otherwise they'll have bad luck"
"Oh. So is it like walking under a ladder, or opening an umbrella indoors, or breaking a mirror--" Willy was cut off when Rose's lips were pressed against his in a passionate kiss. It didn't take long for him to ease into the kiss, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her waist. What they didn't see was Mrs. Bucket standing in the doorway of the nursery, watching both of them with a smile on her face.
She knew that her daughter and son-in-law had yet to kiss under the mistletoe. So, she set up the mistletoe and lured them inside the house.
Rose and Willy pulled away from the kiss, both of them with a dazed look in their eyes. No matter how many times they kissed, sometimes certain kisses still felt like their first one. "Wow," Willy muttered, breathless from the kiss.
Rose giggled. "Yeah, wow"
Willy smiled at the sound of her heavenly giggle. "I like that tradition. Can it only be done at Christmas?"
"I don't think so"
"Good, because I'm going to set up mistletoe all throughout the factory so you'll have to kiss me wherever we are, or else we'll both end up with bad luck"
It finally came time for Christmas dinner. Everyone was seated at the long table that was set up just outside the house and underneath a fluffy, pink cotton candy tree. Rose helped her mum and dad bring out all the food.
"Mum, all of this looks wonderful" Rose mentioned.
"Well, I did have some help" Mrs. Bucket smiled, winking at Rose. Once all the food was set out and she was back in her seat, Mrs. Bucket announced. "Everyone dig in and enjoy"
Everyone served amongst themselves and quickly got into feasting. Rose and Willy fed their children when they weren't feeding themselves. Everyone chatted, joked, laughed, and told stories with each other. It truly was like they were all one extended family.
'That's because we are a family'  Willy thought to himself.
Family. He really was beginning to like that word a lot.
"Mr. Bucket and I would like to say something," Mrs. Bucket said as she stood up. Mr. Bucket stood up as well and joined hands with his wife. "If we may?"
Rose nodded and gave an encouraging smile. "Please!"
Mrs. Bucket nodded and then looked at her husband, urging him to start. "We've celebrated many Christmases in the past. For us, it was never about the gifts or even the food we ate. It was about spending this special time of the year as a family"
"But no Christmas has never felt more like Christmas than it does now" Mrs. Bucket continued. "And it all has to do with our special family. Look at us. We went from being a family of six to a family of eighteen"
"And we couldn't have asked for a better one" Mr. Bucket finished off. He and Mrs. Bucket sat back down, indicating that they had said all they wanted to say.
Dinner continued. Rose noticed that Willy had fallen awfully quiet beside her. He had been talkative all night, especially to his children. When she looked at him, she noticed that he was in a dazed look, like when he used to get his flashbacks. But there was something different about this dazed look. It was the smile on his face.
"Cocoa bean?" Rose piped, placing her hand over his. "Is everything okay?"
Willy looked over to her, blinking as he broke out of his daze. "Oh, starshine. I feel absolutely wonderful"
"Yeah?" Rose smiled.
"I was just thinking about something"
"And what would that be?"
"Before I met you, I never realized just how lonely I was" Willy was looking right at Rose when he spoke, but his words weren't just directed to her.  "Looking back, maybe I was a little miserable because I was lonely, but my success made me blind to that. Now, I can't imagine a life without you, starshine" He looked to everyone else, realizing their stares were on him. "Or any of you, really. If there's a family out there better than this one, then I don't want to meet them because we're already a perfect family. You're all my family"
Everyone smiled in agreement and nodded to Willy's words.
"I say we make a toast" Priscilla announced. She reached over and grabbed her cup. She held it up high in the air. "To our great, big, and happy family"
Everyone else grabbed their drinks and joined in the toast. "To family!"
In the end, Charlie Bucket won a chocolate factory.
But Willy Wonka got something even better.
A family.  
And one thing was absolutely certain.
Life had never been sweeter.
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softbobamilktae · 4 months ago
Chocolate and Roses
Pairing: Dad!Jimin x Mom!OC
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 0.5k
Warnings: none
Summary: Nubia takes Donam and Eunseo Valentine’s Day shopping.
Tumblr media
“Donam, what do you think of these flowers?” Nubia asked as she held up a bouquet of red roses.
“They are veryyyyy pretty!”
“And these ones?” She pointed to a different bouquet.
“Yeah pretty!”
Eunseo, who was clinging to Nubia’s chest with the help of a baby sling, reached out and grabbed a petal off of the bouquet Nubia was holding.
“Oh!” Nubia laughed. “This one it is, I guess.” She put the bouquet in the cart.
“Why we buyin flowers?” Donam asked.
“We’re buying some flowers for your Appa. What kind of chocolate should we get?”
“Mmm…chocolaty ones!”
“Oh yeah? Ok. Sounds good.”
“Should get chocolates for Eunie too.”
Nubia laughed. “She’s a little too small to be eating chocolates right now.”
Donam frowned. “No…”
“Yep. We can get her some next year. You can have some chocolates, though.”
“Me can?”
“That’s right.”
“Yay! Me want chocolates!” He clapped his hands.
Nubia had made the mistake of not ordering ahead of time, so there weren’t many chocolates to choose from. She held up two different boxes.
“Which one should we pick?”
Donam pressed his lips together as he glanced between the two of them. Finally after a few seconds he pointed at one of them.
“Like this one.”
“You wanna get this one?”
He nodded. “And get the other one for Eunie.”
Nubia laughed. “We’re not getting one for Eunie.”
Donam pouted. “But I wannaaaaa.”
“But I said noooo,” Nubia whined back as she put one of the boxes back and threw the other one in the cart.
“All right. I think we’re ready to go home now. Do you want to help me make dinner?” Nubia asked.
“Yeah. Like cooking.”
“Great. It’s almost time for Eunie’s nap.”
That evening, Jimin walked through the door just before dinner. Eunseo was laying in her bouncer on the floor while she chewed on a teether. Nubia and Donam were in the kitchen finishing making dinner. He unbuckled Eunseo and carried her out to the kitchen.
“What do we have here?” Jimin asked as he bounced the 6-month-old on his hip.
“We makin’ fried chicken!” Donam replied enthusiastically. He held a piece out to Jimin. “You wanna eat?”
Jimin smiled and took the chicken, taking a bite out of it. “Mmm! It’s very good!”
“Yeah? Is yummy.”
“How was your day?” Nubia asked.
“Pretty good. We didn’t have a very busy day today.”
“That’s good. I forgot to order chocolates a week ago so we had just about three things to choose from,” she laughed. “Won’t be forgetting to do that next year.”
“What are the roses for?” he asked, motioning to the vase on the table.
“They’re for you, silly. Eunseo picked them out.”
“Oh? Eunseo picked them out?” Jimin reached up to tickle his daughter’s tummy. “Did you pick them out?”
She giggled as she tried to push his hand off her stomach.
“Is dinner now? Me hungry,” Donam pressed.
“Yes, we can eat now,” Nubia laughed.
Tumblr media
This is part of the Dad!BTS series that can be found here
Valentine Masterlist can be found here
A/N: I’m so glad I got this done 😂 I need to go finish the rest of the stories I’ve started
It would be greatly appreciated if you reblogged the story if you liked it!
Taglist: @jiminie-and-his-pinky-finger @jinnie-forthe-winnie @taehoneycheeks @aianloveseven @fly-you-dam-fools @bangtansjonas
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bobateadaydreams · 3 months ago
An Extremely Important Update
TW: Mentions of depression and social thoughts, talks about mental health
Hello everyone!
I know I have been quite MIA in my blog and that I haven't posted any imagines in a while. But that is what I am here for, to give an update for that.
I have been struggling with depression and anxiety (especially social anxiety) for a few years now and I was only clinically diagnosed quite recently. I am currently taking anti depressants which is said to show effects until 2-4 weeks or more. So it's a slow and long process to recovery.
Due to depression, I have lost interest in things I love to do like writing fanfiction or drawing, face troubles with attention and focus, find trouble organizing myself, have no positive outlook or attitude most of the time, sometimes face suicidal ideations or thoughts (I don't actually want to commit suicide though and I am actually scared of that thought, so don't worry! It's just ideations), feel a need to distance myself from friends, feel scared or less hope for the future, and feel down, sad, or unhappy and almost empty quite often, face palpitations from time to time if I am anxious about something, especially about social situations, gets anxious if I am by myself in public, face trouble communicating about my needs, faces anxiety for days about other's problems or small things, have obsessive compulsive behavior driven by my anxiety, etc...
In addition, I have been busy with school work which has just being pilling up and up and due to my mental health challenges I have not being able to keep up with that at all and have been falling behind, which has always been the case for many years.
I am currently in the process of getting treatment and the help that I need so it's going to be a long process to recovering. Thus, I will be taking a break from Tumblr and will be putting all my pending imagines on hold for now, such as my "The Secret of the Lost Chocolatier" story and the Loki x Female!Reader x President Loki imagine. I might come by from time to time to talk to some friends, but in general I am going to be taking a break from my blog and will fully come back after I feel better again.
I hope you guys understand! Thank you!
Tumblr media
I am also going to add my taglists for both those imagines here so those people could read this update!
Taglist for the Loki Imagines
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Taglist for the Willy Wonka Imagines
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shuichiswritingcorner · 11 months ago
Kokichi and the five love lanaguges
So, I know no one requested this, but I saw my dude @ibuki-loves-you​ do something like this for my husbando, Shuichi. So I decided to make a prompt like this for my second husbando, Kokichi! I hope you all enjoy and thank you, Mod Ibuki, for such an amazing idea. And, when requests re-open, you can send in this prompt for another character, if you want to :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Words of Affirmation: 
-Kokichi may be a brat on so many levels, but he always knows when and what to praise you about. He loves to tease you with smothering amounts of love, giggling at the cute reactions you have. Sometimes, he’ll compliment you with love a bit too much, just to get a kick out of you and your embarrassed face. But he really means it! 
-Kokichi isn’t the best with comforting words, but definitely not the worst. He knows when to get serious, and will sing you praises on anything you are seriously insecure about. He will never tease you about that aspect and will try to get you to love that part 
Physical touch: 
-This is probably his strongest love language. Kokichi is the king of cuddles, and it’s his most favorite pass time with you! He will cuddle in any position you want him to be (his favorite is the little spoon, though!)
-He’s all over the place with you, showing you off to his DICE members and classmates, making out with you in public, holding your hand, hugging and never letting you go, and just showing some signs of PDA with you (only if you are comfortable with it, of course!) 
Receiving/Giving gifts: 
-He’s secretly ‘The Ultimate Simp’ for a reason, ya know. He usually gets DICE to steal--I MEAN--legally purchase gifts for you and basically shower you with anything you want. He’ll treat you like royalty, considering you are the co-ruler of DICE with him
-If you spoil him, he’ll try to spoil you back--WAYYYY MORE! It’s like a ‘system’ you have. Oh, you bought him a bouquet of roses? He’s buying you the whole fucking flower shop! You got him a box of chocolates? He bought you a fucking chocolatier shop! What’s this? You got him a stuffed animal? He rented out a Build-A-Bear shop for you two! 
Quality Time: 
-You know it’s true love when you can literally do your version of ‘nothing’ together, and still have fun. Kokichi is down to do anything, as long as he’s with you. He does get bored easily, but with you, he’ll never ever get bored 
-You two usually like to go out and do something exciting and exhilarating together! Amusement park, arcade games, carnival, etc. Although Kokichi likes to go out more, that doesn’t mean he’s not opposed to stay-at-home dates! That energy does wear out, believe it or not. As long as he’s with you 
Acts of Services: 
-Kokichi really does try in this area, but I have to be honest: He kinda sucks at acts of services. He never really took the greatest care for himself, but he does want to let you know that he’s always here for you. He usually gets distracted when doing chores, or tries to make them into ‘interesting games’ and ends up fucking up, but you always manage to help him stay on track 
-Overtime, he does improve and tries his best to help you around the house. He’s pretty organized and reminds you of important things. Sometimes, his actions aren’t the best, but he is trying to help in the end
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sheerxfiction · 8 months ago
Kite X Reader
A/N: been a horny hoe the last while. You know the drill minors DNI 18+ blah blah blah
Description: You brought home some chocolates to share with your love. The catch though... is what they contain other than chocolaty goodness, and what they make you feel and do.
Tags: fem!reader, porn with sorta plot, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, brief cockwarming, cumming in yo pusSAAAAAAYYYYY
Word Count: 2551
Tumblr media
“Hey Kite! I’m back from the city~!” You called out as you returned to his home.
“Welcome home, love.” He greeted you, rising from the couch to meet you in a hug. “Did anything interesting happen?”
“Mmm, not really… But I did pick up an interesting little item.” You hummed, shaking a small box tied shut with a ribbon once you were released from the hug.
“Oh, and what might that be?” He asked.
With his interest now caught, you undid the neatly tied silk ribbon on the box to reveal the cursive writing hidden beneath. It read out ‘aphrodisiac chocolates’ in pretty gold lettering, and Kite raised a brow once he realized exactly what you held in your hands. The box even advertised being naturally sourced, so he was familiar with what he was seeing.
“Now what on earth possessed you to purchase aphrodisiac chocolates, love?” He asked you, quite surprised by the gift you held in your hands.
“For one, I couldn’t say no to the divine flavour they advertised. Secondly, I kinda bought them as a joke. Both of us don’t have anything going on for quite a while, so I figured it would be fun to see if they really work~” You laughed.
Kite lifted the box from your hands and removed the lid to reveal ten ornately decorated chocolates. They smelled and looked wonderful as they were, so it was understandable why you picked them up in the first place.
“As lovely as they are _______, you should never underestimate the power of nature.” He chuckled.
Without even batting an eye you reached out and took one, totally up for the challenge.
“Are you scared of a little aphrodisiac~?” You teased, popping the chocolate in your mouth. “Ooo, these are good.”
He huffed at your boldness and decided to take one as well, savoring the rich dark chocolate flavour accompanied by a hint of rose.
“I’m not scared of the chocolate, but of what I may do to you should they work. I may not be able to control myself.” He warned with a low hum. “But you are right. These do taste wonderful.”
“Ooo, don’t tempt me with a good time~” You giggled. “I think I’ll take a couple more for good measure. Y’know, to give it a chance.”
“Don't say I didn’t warn you.” He chuckled, taking a couple extra for himself.
“Relaaax~! Let’s focus on enjoying our evening, hey?” You replied nonchalantly.
You did exactly that; both of you having consumed three chocolates each before the box was closed and set aside. The evening then progressed as it usually would when neither of you had work to do, taking the time to read some books or get lost in deep conversation with each other about the silliest of things. All in all it was a relatively standard evening together, neither of you feeling the effects of the chocolates for nearly two hours. You had begun to think that they didn’t work at all…
And then you made some tea.
“What kind of tea do you want, Kite?” You called from the kitchen.
“Earl grey would be nice if you could!” He responded.
“Coming right up~”
With the water boiled you steeped two piping cups of earl grey tea for yourself and Kite, bringing both of them into the living room to enjoy. After setting them down on the table you sat next to him once again and sighed deeply with satisfaction.
“Thank you, love.” He said softly.
“Anything for you.” You hummed.
After a moment or two, Kite eventually reached out to grab his cup and enjoy the tea. As he reached out though his arm brushed up against yours and caused you to sharply inhale, surprising both of you. Even through his clothes his skin tingled unexpectedly from the contact and he retracted his arm quite quickly. Both of you looked at each other in surprise, and he quickly noticed that you were becoming flushed. He smirked, a chuckle slipping by once he realized exactly what was going on.
“You said they wouldn’t work. That doesn’t seem to be the case, now does it?” He observed as your cheeks got pinker.
“Tch, like I could’ve known for sure- nnh~!” You tried to defend.
A sudden little moan escaped you mid sentence, Kite having mischievously trailed his hand up your thigh. It was a test to see exactly how effective the aphrodisiacs were on you, and it turned out to have quite an intense effect after all. Your body quivered and you covered your rapidly flushing face, having become red from the tips of your ears to the base of your neck.
Admittedly, seeing you so flustered from such little touch had gotten him quite excited, your quiet moans turning him on significantly. The manner in which you reacted to him was like none other, and he was grateful that you brought home such a fun little snack.
“Ah shit… They really do work.” You huffed in defeat, lowering your hand to look at him through half lidded eyes.
You wanted to test him a little yourself, so you pressed a hand to his chest and dragged it down a little. He was quite touch sensitive as well, a sharp inhale coming from him with reddened cheeks. When you made eye contact, the lust was clearly visible in his eyes. He leaned in closer to you, and your heart began to pound with anxious excitement.
“Do you trust me, love?” He asked huskily.
“With my life.” You nodded.
“Good, because I don’t think I can spend one more minute like this.”
Kite had his arms looped under you in seconds, earning a squeak from you as he lifted you off the couch bridal style and carried you off to his room. The tea would have to wait now. The tightness of his pants was a far more pressing matter.
Once inside his room he made no effort to turn on the lights, deciding to rely on the slowly fading light of the setting sun as he laid you atop his sheets. There wasn’t a second spent not touching you, his hands gliding from your back to your midsection and pushing your shirt up so he could press a flurry of kisses to your soft and sensitive skin. The need you had for each other was incredibly intense, Kite crawling atop you as he kissed his way up your torso leaving a little trail of saliva in his path until he reached your neck. Every kiss felt amplified due to the effects of the aphrodisiac, and you were already a moaning puddle of hot skin and gasps as he nipped at all your sweet spots while his hands freely wandered your body.
“S-so sensitive, ah!” You whimpered in the silence, completely lost to his touch.
“Is it too much?” He asked you, pausing for a moment.
“More…” You whispered.
“Give me more.” You repeated a little louder. “Touch me more. I need you. I need so much more of you.”
“Hah… Say less.” He chuckled.
The swiftness with which he removed your top and bra was impressive, his fingers going right for your nipples and pinching them teasingly. They hardened in seconds, allowing him to roll the sensitive buds between his fingertips and draw beautiful moans of pleasure from your lips before he muffled your sounds with a passionate kiss.
The sensation elated you as you squirmed pleasantly beneath him, his tongue having ventured into your mouth while his hands slowly swept across your skin and down to your hips to push off your pants. His lips eventually left yours so he could fling his shirt off and continue undressing you, both of you craving skin to skin contact like it would kill you if you didn’t get it. Your pants soon followed his shirt, and you were bare before him.
“So beautiful…” He murmured at the sight of your naked body. “I’m going to ravage your gorgeous body until these sheets are soaked.”
“K-Kite, what’s gotten into you?” You panted, propping yourself up a little to see him.
“Your damn aphrodisiacs. I told you I wouldn’t be able to hold back.” He purred. “Now let me hear more of your beautiful cries.”
“Have you really gotten so- a-ahn~! Mmm, you… y-you, ooh~”
Your sentences were quickly reduced to a jumble of incoherent words and moans, Kite having gone down on you to silence your meaningless comments. His tongue lapped up your juices and slid between your folds as he gripped firmly onto your thighs. He held you in place as you fought to grind into his tongue; which was a huge tease and turn on as your legs spread wider and wider with every flick of his tongue against your clit. Thanks to the effects of the aphrodisiac it didn’t take long to get you to the edge, your cries getting louder and louder until you nearly reached your peak. He did not allow you to reach it though, retracting his tongue and letting you go to leave you lying there with sweat slicked skin adorned with his saliva.
“N-no, I was so close!” You whined, looking at him with lustful desperation.
“You’ll get there. I promise.” He said sweetly as he backed off of the bed.
You watched him go ahead to remove his last article of clothing: his pants. No longer being held back by tight fabric his length sprung free already leaking with precum. Your moans had turned him on so much that he looked about ready to burst, but he maintained composure and crawled back onto the bed, gazing at you with a lovesick look in his eyes.
“Flip over and put your ass up.” He commanded.
His tone was not cruel, yet carried the weight to make you obey without question. Without a single word of protest you turned yourself over as enticingly as you could and braced yourself on the pillows, holding tightly to them as you awaited his cock with half lidded eyes. First his hands gripped your hips, then the tip grazed your wet entrance, teasing you a little until you begged him to slide inside. With your words of encouragement he plunged into your hot core, the sensation once again being heightened as you arched your back and cried out in pleasure.
“Nnh, yes~” You moaned, face buried in the stack of pillows.
He wasted not a second more and began to ravenously fuck you from behind, the tightness of your walls providing him with a feeling of ecstasy that followed every thrust. You constantly clenched yourself around him, greedy for more as he pounded into you over and over again. Your moans would not stop, the pillow poorly muting your cries and slowly collecting your drool as you succumbed to the pleasure, soon reaching your climax. The orgasm was unlike any other, lasting for a good twenty seconds at least and carrying you through Kite’s orgasm as well, filling you with his cum.
You mumbled something about how good he felt as he pulled out of you, half of his erection lost. He carefully turned you over so that you were facing upright again and he could see your ecstasy laden expression. Your beauty post-orgasm was surreal to him, and he wanted to see more of it. So, he trailed a hand from your hips to your clit and began to thumb your delicate bud in slow circles, catching you off guard with a sharp gasp.
“K-Kite! T-too much- anh~” You cried out to him.
“You’ll be feeling so much more, love.” He hummed, watching you twist at every touch. “I want you to feel good for as long as possible.”
Your breath became shaky as he overstimulated you into a second orgasm, your body tingling with pleasure. Your squirming body and vocalities were a wondrous combination to him, and soon after your second orgasm his cock twitched back to life, aroused once again. He was ready for his second round and your third, pulling back his thumb from your clit and sliding both hands under your ass to lift your hips up to his throbbing length once more. He began to fuck you again, your slick pussy easily taking him in as his nails dug into your supple, sweat slicked skin.
With every thrust you became more and more lost in the endless wave of pleasure, your breaks between orgasms being too short for you to recover from before you were plunged into pleasure all over again. You shut your eyes and embraced the feeling with flushed cheeks, quickly reaching your third climax after a few minutes with one final cry. He continued to thrust though, still having yet to reach his own climax. It only took a few more thrusts though, his nails digging into your skin a little harder to indicate that he had come with a groan of pleasure to follow. His cum filled you once again, and he held you close to make sure you were absolutely full of him.
Kite then lowered himself down on top of you, his cock still inside of you as he held you in a warm and tender embrace. Your bodies still trembled slightly as you panted heavily, slowly recovering from the multiple orgasms. Eventually he pulled himself out of you, content with his work. Cum inevitably spilled out of you and onto the sheets, and you let out one final sigh before you locked your eyes with his while he still hovered above you.
“Kite…” You panted softly.
“I told you I wouldn’t be able to control myself. When I do anything with you, I come completely undone.” He said, lying himself down next to you. “Though I think I’ve spent myself. The effects of those chocolates don’t seem to last as long with me.”
“No kidding.” You chuckled airily. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good for so long. I can’t tell if it was more the chocolates or more your intense love for me.”
“They definitely intensified my desire for you, that’s for sure.” He admitted. “It wasn’t too much for you though, right? You were alright?”
“It was so much, but I wanted it all. You wind me up in all the right ways so it felt amazing. Though I do believe those chocolates have a stronger effect on me… I'm still a little horny.” You giggled.
“They’re that good then huh? Maybe take only one next time.” He laughed.
“You’re right~” You replied with a sheepish chuckle. “Until the effect wears off on me though… Do you think you could keep providing me with relief?”
Your tone had dropped to have a sultry lilt to it again, and Kite shivered when he heard that drip of desire that came with your words.
“With pleasure~”
Though the effects had almost worn off for him, he was more than willing to pleasure you endlessly. After sliding you to a less wet side of the bed, his hands found their home on your body once again to work every ounce of pleasure out of you until the aphrodisiac wore off.
This had been one long night, and he was happy to have indulged in it with you.
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heroes-feasting · 9 months ago
Halfling Oatmeal Sweet Nibbles
Tumblr media
“Dense with oats, chocolate chips, and butterscotch, these diminutive cookies are perfect for halfling hands… and the stomachs of everyone.”- Heroes’ Feast, p. 128
Whether you’re looking to make tasty treats for yourself or something sweet for a bake sale - cookies are the ultimate go-to. With so much deliciousness packed into something that’s simple to make, they’re the perfect choice!
The chocolate-butterscotch chip cookies from Heroes’ Feast will knock your socks off when you try them! Served at room temperature, these little guys are the perfect combination of crunchy on the outside and soft, chocolaty goodness on the inside.
They’re also the perfect addition to any lunchbox! Their small size makes them easy to nibble on and easier to share! So, why not impress friends, both old and new, with a batch of these bad boys? They’re sure to be a hit!
See below for my notes on the results and for some helpful tips and tricks when making this yourself! Get Hero’s Feast here: https://dnd.wizards.com/heroes-feast
Prep Time: 5 mins               Cook Time: 55 mins               Overall: 60 mins
Tumblr media
For the ingredients*:
1 ½ cups (190 g) all-purpose flour
2 cups (180 g) rolled oats
1 tsp. (1.25 g) baking soda
½ tsp. (3 g) kosher salt
1 ½ cups (255 g) packed light brown sugar
1 cup (128 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 egg, beaten
2 tsp. (10 ml) pure vanilla extract
1 cup (150 g) semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup (150 g) butterscotch chips
* Heroes’ Feast says that this makes ~45 cookies. I made 40.
Tumblr media
First, I preheated the oven to 350℉ (177℃) and lined two large baking trays with parchment paper. You’re going to be baking 2 trays at a time, so move both of your oven racks to the middle of the oven (one in one set of grooves and the other directly below it). It will look like a tight space, but the tray and cookies will fit!
Next, I whisked together the flour, rolled oats, baking soda, and kosher salt in a bowl.
Tumblr media
In a large bowl, I started by beating the butter and brown sugar until well combined (upper-left). Then, I added the egg and vanilla extract and whisked until smooth (upper-right).
Tumblr media
Once the wet ingredients were combined, I stirred in the dry ingredients (upper-left). Then, added the chocolate and butterscotch chips and mixed until they were well-distributed (upper-right).
Tumblr media
To bake the cookies, I scooped rounded tablespoons of batter and placed each one on the baking tray 2 inches apart (upper-left). I baked them for 15 minutes, rotating the positions of the pans halfway through.
Heroes’ Feast advises that smaller cookies will take less time to cook and that reusing trays will significantly cut the cooking time - so keep an eye on later batches.
I misread the directions for the first tray (left tray in upper-left) and rolled the batter after scooping it instead of just placing it on the tray. You can see how they turned out differently in the upper-right picture. They have much more of a smooth “traditional” cookie shape to them as opposed to the cookies on the right tray that look more rustic and bumpy. More about my thoughts on this in the results section.
Tumblr media
After the cookies baked, I let them cool on the tray for around 3 minutes and then transferred them to a wire rack. I repeated this process until I ran out of batter.
Tumblr media
Overall, I would give these cookies a 5/5. They are incredibly rich and the perfect cure for any sweet tooth. Due to the large amount of sugar in them, I don’t recommend eating them with Hot Cocoa Broth (p.188). Rather, they make a great snack while enjoying a cup of black tea (red rose, earl grey) or coffee.
As mentioned in a previous step, I rolled out the batter for the cookies on one of the trays before placing them. In my opinion, I prefer the ones made this way over just placing them on the tray. Rolling the batter allows for more structure and gives the cookies a nice soft interior.
To keep them fresh, keep them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. They can also be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week - though you’ll want to give them a few minutes to warm up on the counter before snacking!
FUN FACT: These cookies were so popular in my house that I only had five cookies left by the time I took the first and last pictures! (I started with 40!)
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anthrofreshtodeath · 4 months ago
The Triumph Of Religion
It's still Valentine's Day somewhere, right?
It is Valentine’s Day, and Maura paces her kitchen floor.
It is eight pm and Maura has never paced on Valentine’s Day before, has never cared enough about the holiday to notice its passing beyond the perfunctory dozens of roses and boxes of chocolates that men would send to her. But now…
Now she stares at the roses and the pound of assorted truffles she purchased from Beacon Hill Chocolatiers, just a few blocks away from her home, and shakes her head: had she been foolish? Mistaken?
Had she merely assumed that she would see Jane after work? The evening prior had gone so well that she anticipated today with glee, both for the chance to do the buying for once, and to finally start whatever bubbled between them. But, with the hours dragging on and not so much as a text from Jane, she begins to doubt.
She smoothes her black dress, the one with the deep cut at the neckline that showcases her breasts, and thinks. Replays every moment for the exact derailment, the exact misunderstanding that has landed her here.
“I was so sick it felt like I was swallowin’ razor blades,” Jane continued her story about the worst case of strep throat she’d ever had, all on the night before she was supposed to lose her virginity to Gianni Primavera. She, still in work clothes and with her boots on her feet, chugged some beer. “So I guess God was lookin’ out for me because Gianni ended up with three kids by the time he was 20.”
Maura put her hand to her chest as her laughter died down. She burrowed her feet further under the blanket across her lap, and sipped her wine before she spoke again. “Well, did you know that there was actually a study performed on the effects of stomach acid on razor blades? After being in simulated gastric juice for about fifteen hours, the double-edged blades could be broken by a snare.”
Jane looked down at the brown bottle in her lap as she scraped the label off with her nail. “You could be your very own library, you know that?” she asked, just before looking up and holding Maura’s eyes with her own.
Maura saw waves of brown beneath wetness, and she sensed the vulnerability there, even though Jane’s hair was still wild, untameable, and her shoulders still cocked back, unruly. She suddenly grew warm in her pajamas despite the mid-February snow outside. “I used to love going to the library when I was a child. I could spend hours there.”
“BPL in Copley Square?” Jane asked, inching closer, putting her beer on a coaster.
Maura turned her body to accept the gentle invasion. “Yes. When we were in town, of course. My parents always had lots of engagements, in addition to their teaching jobs, when we were in Boston. That left me a lot of free time unsupervised. I lost my card when I moved to France and never renewed it, but I loved my days there.”
“I’d take my bike straight to the library after school,” Jane replied, “The two and a half miles, and stay until closin’. Books were like…”
“My only friends,” Maura finished. Jane merely nodded. “Or, at least, the most constant ones. I longed to read everything there.”
Jane sighed, her breath rickety with emotion. Her brows knitted together and her mouth frowned. “What if uh, what if we were both there, for hours, and we had no idea?”
“It’s entirely plausible,” Maura answered honestly. She put her wine glass down, too, and reached for Jane’s face. Jane was close enough that Maura could put palms to her cheeks and pull her close. “Why do you look sad?”
“‘Cause I am,” Jane said. “What about all that wasted time?”
“Wasted time? What do you mean?” Maura asked quietly, suspecting she already knew.
“We just… we’re always ships passin’ each other in the night,” responded Jane, still in Maura’s hands. She inhaled the perfume on one wrist. “I don’t wanna do that anymore.”
Maura nodded, and let Jane kiss that wrist, slowly, all the way up to her elbow before leaning up and into her lips. The kiss tasted like hops and the gum Jane no doubt chewed on the drive over. The kiss also tasted like everything that belonged in Maura’s life: safety, affection, and wet, wet sexuality. She groaned into it when she got to that part. The part where Jane’s tongue slid around her own, flat and heavy against it. “You really, really don’t want to do that anymore,” she teased when Jane pulled away, even though her body begged her to pull Jane close again.
“Told ya,” Jane whispered into Maura’s mouth. Then she looked at her watch and sighed. “It’s late, Maura.”
“So? Stay here,” Maura reasoned, hands now on Jane’s shoulders, then to her lapels. She tugged and Jane granted her one more kiss.
“That’s not really how I… listen. Today is the 13th. Tomorrow is-”
“Valentine’s Day,” Maura realized aloud.
“Yeah. And I’ll see you, alright? We’ll see each other tomorrow,” Jane said, rather cryptically.
Maura’s heart thumped and sputtered with the implications. “Well, of course we will. Tomorrow’s Wednesday and we have-”
“Shh,” Jane silenced Maura with a finger to the plump lips hers had just been pressing against.
Maura kissed that finger to remind Jane of what she was about to give up for chivalry. “Tomorrow then,” Maura revised.
“Tomorrow,” Jane echoed. “Now come walk me out?”
Maura did eventually, though they spent twenty minutes exploring each other with her back against the front door.
And, just when she decides to gather her gifts and find Jane herself, the doorbell rings. She opens it, about to tell whoever it is that she has no time and they’ll have to return later, but then, she sees Jane.
Jane is smiling and pursing her lips at the things in Maura’s hand. “A few hours without a call and you already found another date, huh? Can’t say I blame you. You’re, well, you, and I shop off the rack.”
Maura blushes. “These are for you, actually. I was so convinced that you were going to take me on a date tonight that I wanted to be prepared. It was my fault for assuming.”
“You gotta give yourself more credit. What do ya think I’m here for?” Jane says. “But I’ll take those. I’m more of a sucker for the traditional stuff than you are, I know.” She sniffs the bouquet offered to her and then exhales with pleasure.
“We are going on a date?” Maura says, giving over the chocolates next. “Together? Now?”
“Together and now,” Jane confirms, staring impressively at the fancy candy. “Grab your purse.”
Maura trots over to the kitchen island and takes her bag. “Where are we going?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jane teases. “It’s a five minute drive, so keep your panties on.”
Maura locks up for the both of them and chuckles. “Don’t think it’s so easy to get them off,” she retorts, shrugging her coat on. They walk to Jane’s unmarked, illegally parked, and of course, the door is opened for her. It is much too cold for walkers this late in the evening, and the street lamps shine attractively on the piles of snow on the sidewalk. They are alone and the night is picturesque. Maura wonders if she has just lied about the ease of removal of her underwear when she stares at Jane in the driver’s seat, from her angular face eclipsed in shadow to the vascularity in the hand that put the car into drive.
Expert fingers steer them from Commonwealth Avenue all the way to a very familiar building.
The Boston Public Library.
“Jane,” Maura breathes out, a hand reaching for Jane’s as they park right outside.
“Maura,” Jane jokes. Then, she grows serious. “I listen, you know.”
“You do. It’s why I enjoy talking to you so much. I know you’re always listening,” Maura says. Though she has no idea what they are about to do, this is the best Valentine’s Day she’s ever had.
Jane steps out of the driver’s side and slams her door, and Maura waits for her door to open. Jane leans in. “Everything you’ve got to say is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard,” she says. “It would be stupid of me not to hang on every word.”
“Help me out,” Maura orders so that she does not cry. Jane holds out her hand and pulls Maura into the night.
Maura falls into Jane, palms against her chest, on purpose. “Now can you tell me what we’re doing?”
“First we gotta visit Julia. She’s on overtime at the circulation desk for me,” Jane says. She entwines Maura’s fingers with her own, and leads her to the front entrance, just under the bust of Athena.
“Free for all,” Maura says, just as they pass under that phrase.
“She always reminds me of ‘The Raven’,” Jane comments. She pushes through an iron and glass door, and then they enter the lobby, with its vaulted, mosaic ceilings, and its marble floors. Just to their left, a woman in business attire and glasses waves.
“The bust of Pallas,” Maura says, pleased. “You did spend a lot of time here.”
“Lotta people don’t know that Poe was a masshole, in a way,” Jane replies, in her very Jane way. The one that sees Maura for all that she is, but doesn’t change to copy her. Simply knows her and promises to remain the same for her. “Hey, Julia. This is Doctor Isles.”
“Hi, Jane,” Julia says, with kind eyes for Jane and a professional smile for Maura. “Doctor Isles, I hear that we need to get you a new library card.”
Maura snaps her head to Jane, who only winks. “You didn’t.”
“Sure did,” Jane says. “But like I said, Julia’s doin’ this as a favor after hours, so let’s make it quick.”
“I’m happy to do it,” Julia cuts in. “Jane investigated my cousin’s murder a few years ago,” she explains. “I owe her a lot.”
“You don’t owe me anything, but I appreciate this,” Jane responds. “Show her your license, yeah?” she asks Maura.
Maura takes her driver’s license out with a shaky grip. Her voice is wet when she says, “here you go, Julia.”
“Thank you,” Julia replies with a smirk when she glances between the two of them. “This will only take a couple of minutes.”
Jane places a hand on the small of Maura’s back, realizes that their coats are on in the heated air, and then she peels Maura’s away from her shoulders.
True to her word, Julia returns from a printer with a brand new Boston Public Library card with Maura’s name on it. “You’re all set.”
“Th-thank you,” Maura sputtered as she put it away.
“You’re welcome. Now, enjoy your stay. Robbie’s here for an hour if you have any questions,” Julia replies with both hospitality and a gentle reminder about their time constraints.
“Our stay?” Maura turns, confused again.
Jane shrugs. “My real deal is with Robbie, the night security guard. He’s letting us poke around for an hour because I’m helpin’ him study for the entrance exam at the academy.”
Maura tugs Jane’s hand, the one not holding their coats, in immediate need for some privacy. “Let’s take the stairs,” she says.
Jane chuckles, but obeys. “The lions it is,” she quips as they stand in between each side of the staircase, a marble lion to their left and their right.
“Did you know that originally the sculptor didn’t have time to polish them? But the Civil War volunteers to whom they were dedicated actually liked them better that way, so they have stayed unpolished all this time,” Maura says when she holds Jane’s arm close to her.
Jane looks down to see her upper arm graze Maura’s chest, and she gulps. “No, I didn’t. See, they should just replace the brick and mortar with you.”
“But then we wouldn’t get to come here together,” Maura responds. “On a date.”
Jane smiles. “True.”
“Should we go to the abbey room first?” asks Maura, memories flooding her.
“Let’s do it on our way back down. I thought we could start at the Sargent Gallery,” Jane answers.
Maura nods, and says no more. Jane leads them up the stairs to a smaller, walled-in staircase, completely dark save for two mounted lamps. They emerge from the top step into an ornate hall adorned with Sargent’s greatest work: The Triumph of Religion.
Neither had seen it this way before, only by dim lamplight, with all doors closed and locked. The figures, once light and dark in concert with one another, now all seemed sinister, especially the pietá at the close end of the murals. Mary, with Jesus between her feet, and now, with Jane looking up at them.
Maura looks from the painting to Jane, in strokes of black, flesh red, and yellow, just like the figures depicted above them. She leans forward, unable to resist kissing Jane’s cheek, thinking only of wanting to taste her since she cannot taste the art above them.
“This is my favorite,” Jane says instead of turning and kissing back.
Of course it is, Maura thinks. It is about sacrifice and sadness and family and all the things that make a Rizzoli a Rizzoli.
The truly miraculous thing is, however, that it is Maura’s favorite, too. Always has been. “How did you know I would come up here, just to stare at this work?”
“Because I used to, too,” says Jane, and then she does turn. “And I think, after our conversation last night, I realized that we are so much more the same than we are different.”
Maura shifts from one heel to another when she holds Jane’s hands in her own between their bodies. “This has been…” she pauses as she searches for the right words, “sublime. In the darkest way possible. A lot like you. But I think we really should finish up soon.”
Jane raises her left eyebrow. “You’re not enjoying yourself?”
“On the contrary,” Maura replies, stepping close enough for their lips to brush. “But apparently I underestimated you, because I very much want you to take my panties off. As soon as possible.”
Jane avoids choking only just barely. “You lasted all of twenty minutes,” she teases instead. “But yeah? You wanna give ‘em to me?” She closes her eyes, crosses her hands behind her back, intent on wowing Maura with just her tongue, which she does. Maura whimpers, and then she moans, and her body is writhing with what Jane thinks is stifled pleasure. But, when Jane opens her eyes, she realizes the actual reason Maura had slow-danced across from her.
Maura places a tiny, sheer, black lace thong in the pocket of Jane’s navy blue blazer. “You already have them,” she smirks, smug and flushed, and watches Jane melt from the inside out.
They can always return in the daytime.
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elenamegan14 · a year ago
How Yandere!Dorm Leaders Give Their Darlings Their Own Courting Gifts
Okay, we all know how Twisted Wonderland Dorm Leaders act like as a yandere, but can you imagine all seven of them courting you though? It’s an intense yandere harem all-out war! 
TW: Disturbing Theme Below
Riddle Rosehearts
White roses bouquet stained with... the blood of his enemies. Or her enemies. Or anyone who had made darling’s life absolutely miserable. He said he personally torture them - his darling did not want to hear details of it. The disturbing look on Riddle’s face already tells her enough of the history behind it. 
“Roses for you, my dear prefect. All painted red... taken from those miserable, foolish idiots.“
Leona Kingscholar
He is at first too lazy to think of a gift - a night spend with him on the bed is already a nice present enough for his darling - but then he gets an idea. Leona had a beef with a spoiled princess who once humiliated him and his darling - so he kinda “helped“ with a revolt on her kingdom and after her family is taken down, he plundered the best dresses on her wardrobe and present it to his darling. 
“Hah... usually my bed is enough for you, but I don’t want to lose to these idiots. I don’t know which dress you like but take it. I endured that selfish princess’s horrid scream enough for you when she saw me carrying these.“
Azul Ashengrotto
Oh, you have no idea how he managed to create a decadent assortment of candies and chocolate, all of them in wonderful shapes that would make every chocolatier jealous. Those chocolates were then wrapped beautifully in an aqua wrapping gift, tied elegantly with a purple ribbon. Darling guessed correctly that he had laced the chocolates with a mixture of sleeping drugs and aphrodisiac.  
“Delicious, isn’t it? These chocolates were carefully sculpted in a perfect heating temperature, and the gloss is- oh? Looks like the effects coming in.“
Kalim El-Asim
COINCIDENTALLY, Kalim also had a horrid confrontation with the same spoiled and cruel princess who had hurt him, Leona, and darling. So Savannahclaw and Scarabia had a truce where they helped the revolts took down the corrupt monarch. He then took the princess’s infamous diamond and ruby necklace, the kingdom’s treasure, and presented it to his darling - unaware that there is some blood speckled on it due to Kalim hastily ripping it off from the princess’s neck after he punched her face in. 
“Look, LOOK! Isn’t this diamond and ruby necklace pretty? I think it looks good on your neck, my TRUE princess! Huh? Where do this blood come from? I don’t even know that scary princess could bleed red.”
Vil Schoenheit
Ohohohoho, those gifts are nothing next to his personally brewed Lily of the Valley perfume. All those days of hard labor - he even commissioned glassmakers to sculpt the perfectly crafted glass perfume that could be very well put into a display in an art museum. One whiff of the smell is enough to send darling into a love frenzy, seeing nothing but Vil and Vil only. 
“How does it smell? Was it sweet as my love for you? A beautiful bottle of perfume for the next fairest one of all... so intoxicating that you’ll fall for ME.“
Idia Shroud
Um, you want to see creepy? You have Idia as the creepy. He gave you a Ball-Jointed Doll or a Figma-like action figure of himself or his darling that for some reason he had learned to make. The kicker? It’s also a voodoo doll. Darling learned it the hard way when they reacted as if someone touched them just as Idia is fiddling with the thighs of the figure or the doll of his darling. 
“A-A-Ah, this? Well, I made this by myself! An exclusive, one of a kind, deluxe replica of you in a figurine doll that we can PLAY for hours! Do you like it?“
Malleus Draconia
Forget those useless ‘trinkets’ - Malleus will conquer kingdoms for his darling as his courting gift if it means making them his. Darling is worried that they will be seen as a power-hungry ‘villain’ that ravaged innocents in the wake of Malleus’s conquests but rest assured that Malleus had many ‘excuses’ of why he did it. 
“Which kingdom shall I conquer for you? Was it that one where they cruelly pranked you? I’ll give you the whole land and we can rule together alongside each other...“
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bbnibini · a year ago
Valentine Chocolates (Demon Brothers)🌸
How will each brother spend Valentine's Day with you?
If he had the time to worry about a manufactured human world holiday, he would also have the time to put in extra work in his office. 
Is genuinely not interested in Valentine's Day and doesn't find anything special about it. 
In his opinion, he can show affection for you at any time he wants. He doesn't see the point of reserving it on only one holiday. 
But...once you express interest over Valentine's Day, he is willing to understand the holiday in your perspective. Perhaps there was something there that he wasn't able to appreciate yet. Perhaps all that he needed was to see things in YOUR perspective. 
Is the type to bring you to a romantic date. Candlelit dinner with a bouquet of his homegrown roses? Wouldn't the sight of you be lovely under a star-littered moonlit night? Away from the cacophony of Lamentation. Away from his duties and obligations. Away from the usual restrictions he forced himself to get used to. 
"I think I'm beginning to understand its appeal. Valentines, I mean."
At the right moment and at the right mood, you realised that Lucifer was quite the romantic. 
Was going to give you a homemade choco before he sampled his first batch and realised that he may not be the best chef in the world. 
Not as bad as a certain human sorcerer...but still. 
He'd rather not have you poison yourself on your date. 
So despite his better judgment, he bought some chocolate for you...in secret. (plot twist: Everyone already knows, especially you). 
You would notice the smug look on his face once he hands his chocolate to you. 
"I know, I know. How did I manage to keep this from ya, right? You weren't expecting any chocolate from me, aren't ya, human? I happen to be a generous demon, so I humoured your request. Consider yourself lucky!" 
He totally didn't mull over the perfect chocolate to give to you WEEKS in advance or anything. 
Those tickets for the planetarium that just so happened to be reserved on Valentine's Day? A mere coincidence! You can turn him down if you want! (He would definitely NOT cry over it for days). 
Is probably the demon brother who fussed over the occasion the most, especially since he can use it as an excuse to be more honest with his feelings. 
Half-dreading and half-excited about Valentine's. 
On one hand, it's a disgusting, man-made holiday by capitalistic society. On the other hand...it's a "flag" for so many "RL events": a chance to raise his affection parameters! 
Probably played a ton of dating sims as a point of reference to his chocolate making. 
...and is genuinely surprised that chocolate making is SO MUCH MORE than stirring the chocolate in a particular direction. 
You mean the type of chocolate won't also change based on the decoration you put on it? What's his hundreds of hours spent romancing Ruka and Kou in Dogi Magi 3 amount to, then?!
It took him a while, but once he got over the starking difference between 2D and reality, he made a pretty decent batch of kyara-choco that he was able to give to you. 
...just don't ask how he had come so far. He didn't want to remember it either. 
Homemade chocolate all the way. 
Probably bought some cat shaped moulds in Akuzon a few days before Valentine's. 
Is also the type to buy chocolate a lot earlier than Valentine's itself. 
Besides it being usually priced cheaper because of the lesser demand, he also wanted to practise on making the chocolate he would give to you so everything would be "perfect" on the day itself. 
He prefers his chocolate semi-sweet. Not too bitter and not too sweet. 
Makes them into bite-sized pieces with outer shells that wouldn't melt on your fingers so easily. Perfect for  book dates! 
Is the type who would give you the fancy G*diva chocolates at a famous chocolatier
Probably has some sort of fruit or liquor inside. Either way, it's expensive as hell. Anything cheaper than that would spoil the feelings he wanted to convey in his gift for you. 
Money is just money. You, however are priceless and irreplaceable. 
Also is the type who would give you candy hearts and cute little notes. 
"Will you be my Valentine?" 
"You're adorable!" 
"I love you, MC! Let's spend Valentines again next year, shall we? ♡" 
Made some homemade chocolates with Belphie to give to you on Valentine's Day. 
It took a lot of willpower not to gobble up the finished batch, but with Belphie there to watch over him, and the anticipation of your reactions was enough for him to hold back. 
Is generous with toppings and decorations. It's almost as if he made twice the normal amount of portions so he could share them with you. 
He liked the idea of sharing chocolate with you and Belphie on the day itself, spending time with his important people on the day of love. 
There are some people too who he'd love to share a few sweets with, but they aren't there anymore. Which is why...he decided that sharing moments like this with the people he cares about while they're still there matters. 
Made some chocolates with Beelzebub. He had expected the huge amount of ingredients they will need so he was able to save some portions for the chocolates he would actually make for you.
Beelzebub gobbling up all the chocolate was enough to keep him awake for the entire chocolate making process.
He wasn't really used to making sweets, so he was quite proud to see how well his first attempts to make some for someone else had been.
The fact that you enjoyed them just as much made him only the happier.
Although...he wondered if the three of you would be able to finish every chocolate in one sitting. Just looking at the sheer amount he and Beel made is making him tired.
...oh well. At least it's an excuse to spend more time with you. 
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wonkasmissstarshine · a year ago
The Chocolatier’s Rose {Willy Wonka x OC} Epilogue
Tumblr media
GIF not mine. Credit goes to owner.
Summary: It’s ten years later, and the Wonka twins do something special for their father’s birthday.
A/N: Here’s the official end to the series. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for The Chocolate Prince and The Lovely Maiden.
Tagging: @willymywonkers​ @holdmeicant​ @sleepiesapphicxoxo​ @frozenhuntress67​
Ten years later...
Rose Wonka stood in the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes that were dirtied from their breakfast. As she scrubbed, dried, and stacked, she stared out the window, watching the ten-year-old twins, and their music teacher, Eleanor.
When it came time for Rose and Willy to get schooling for their children, they decided to let the twins decide whether they wanted to be homeschooled or attend public school.
The twins seemed to understand the difference between the two and made the decision to be homeschooled. At least until they decided that they did want to attend school with other kids. Luckily, they didn't have to worry about finding teachers because their friends stepped in to teach them.
Fleur and Dulce sat on the swings that hang from the large cotton candy tree. Fleur clutched a doll of her likeness in her hand. Ever since she received it, she never went anywhere without it. The doll (that had been named Lily) was very special to her because it was given to her by her brother. It also happened to have been made by Dulce.
It would seem that the young boy had a knack for making toys, as Lily the Doll wasn't the first one he had ever made.
Rose remembered one particular day when she was cleaning Fleur and Dulce's room.
The twins were usually pretty good about keeping their room tidy. But, there were odd days, like today, when their room was only a little bit messy. Like today. Fleur and Dulce were currently in a math lesson with Danny so Rose decided to clean up their room.
While she was cleaning, she had found two toys that she had never seen before. They were both yo-yos. One of them was baby pink with a floral pattern decorating the round edge and a golden 'F' right in the center. The other yo-yo was a sky blue color. There was a much simpler pattern outlining the round edge of the toy but it was still a pretty pattern, nonetheless. This yo-yo had a silver 'D' in the middle.
Rose decided to pay a visit to the classroom that the twins learned in for more serious subjects such as math, science, geography, and reading comprehension. The more fun subjects, such as music, arts and crafts, and physical education were taught within the Garden Room.
Rose stood in the doorway of the classroom, watching as Danny was going over multiplication tables with the twins. Rose let them finish going over five times five before she decided to knock on the door. Danny looked her way and smiled.
"Fleur, Dulce, look who's here!" Danny said.
The twins turned in their seats to see if Uncle Danny was either talking about mommy or daddy. Their faces lit up when they saw Rose, and they both leaped out of their seats to go and hug her.
"Mommy!" Fleur said excitedly.
"What are you doing here, mommy?" Dulce asked. Not that he minded that his mom was here of course.
"There's nothing wrong with mommy wanting to see her little angels," Rose said. She leaned down to give them both a kiss on the head. Then she looked at Danny. "How are the multiplication tables going?"
"I think they're getting the hang of it," Danny said proudly. "Dulce is getting it right off the bat. Fleur is having a little trouble, but luckily she's got her brother to help her"
"I'll get it on my own eventually," Fleur said, sounding almost disappointed with herself. "Sorry I'm not too good at math, mommy"
"Oh, jellybean," Rose cooed. "It's okay. I was never the best at math either. You just need to keep practicing and eventually, you'll get better"
Fleur's disappointed frown turned into a bright smile. "Thanks, mommy!"
"But there was something I found that I wanted to ask you two about" Rose reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out the two yo-yos. "I don't remember your daddy or me, or any of your grandparents, or any of your aunts or uncles, getting you these yo-yos"
Dulce's eyes lit up. "That's because I made them, mommy" He confessed proudly.
Rose's eyes widened. "You made these?"
"Yeah. In arts and crafts with Auntie Lucy"
Rose smiled, feeling incredibly proud of her son. "When did you learn to make them?"
Dulce shrugged. "I don't know. I just knew how to make them" He smiled up at his mom. "I think when I'm a grown-up I want to make toys. Like Santa!"
"I think you'd make a lot of kids happy, gumdrop" Rose smiled at Dulce. She looked at Fleur. "And what about you, jellybean? What do you want to do when you're a grown-up?"
Fleur didn't even need to think about her answer. "I want to make candy just like daddy does!"
Rose giggled. "I think daddy will be very happy to hear that"
Rose couldn't help but smile at the memory. She loved that her kids already knew what they wanted to do when they grew up.
Fleur had decided that she would follow in her father's footsteps and become a chocolatier. That little girl loved helping out the Oompa-Loompas whenever she got the chance to. She already knew everything about how all the candy was made. She knew every fun fact that you could know about chocolate and candy. Charlie had seen his niece's passion and decided that when it was time, the factory would be passed down to her when she was old enough.
Then Dulce had his dream of being a toymaker when he was older. That boy could turn any little trinket or scrap he found into some kind of toy. Mr. Bucket was always trying to find things that his grandson could use. It was becoming a common occurrence that Rose and Willy would find him making something. There was no doubt that one day, he would open up his own shop, selling all the toys he's ever made. Then one day, he'll open up the biggest toy factory in the world.
Or perhaps he'll move to the North Pole and work with Santa Claus like Dulce is always saying he'll do when he's old enough.
But don't worry mommy and daddy, I'll use the sleigh to come to visit you guys every week!
The oven dinged, indicating that the cookies she had in the oven were done. She put on her oven mitts and then opened the oven. The hot air hit her face like a wave crashing onto the shore of a sandy beach. She took the cookies out and set them on the cooling rack. Then, she grabbed a couple of glasses and poured some milk into them. Once the cookies were cool enough, she set the baked goods and the milk onto a tray and brought them outside.
"Jellybean! Gumdrop!" Rose called to her children. "Milk and cookies!"
Fleur and Dulce's face lit up. They grabbed hands and ran to their mom. The both of them patiently waited until their mom said that they could take their treats. And once they did, they made sure to thank her.
"How is practice going?" Rose asked her children. "Are you two ready for tonight?"
Dulce swallowed his mouthful of cookie before answering his mom. "Auntie Eleanor says we're really talented!"
Fleur nodded in agreement. "Yeah. She says we're going to rock daddy's socks off tonight!"
Rose giggled and then looked to her friend. "And how are you feeling about tonight, Ellie?"
"Well, Felix definitely can't wait to see my performance tonight," Eleanor said about her husband. She rolled her eyes but kept her grin. "Honestly, I feel a bit silly singing it, but Fleur and Dulce like singing it and they make it worth it"
"Well, Willy is going to love it, for sure," Rose said, smiling over at her children. "He's so proud of them, and he just loves them to bits"
An Oompa-Loompa had walked up to Rose. He was carrying a stack of colorful clothes in his arms. He gently tugged on Rose's skirt to let her know of his presence. Rose looked down at the Oompa-Loompa and smiled at him. The Oompa-Loompa returned the smile. He held out the clothes for Rose to take.
"Ah! These are the clothes for tonight, yes?" Rose asked. The Oompa-Loompa nodded. Rose took the clothes. "Thank you so much!" She bowed to the Oompa-Loompa, and the Oompa-Loompa bowed in return. Before he left though, the Oompa-Loompa made sure to greet the children.
"Mommy, are those our costumes for tonight?" Fleur asked curiously.
"They sure are. Auntie Lucy made them" Rose said.
"Can we go put them on now?" Dulce asked, not being able to contain his excitement.
"If you're done with your snacks then yes" Rose permitted. She gave Fleur her costume and then gave Dulce his. "Just make sure not to get them dirty"
"We won't!" The twins spoke in unison. "We promise!" They left to go get changed, but not without receiving kisses on their cheeks from Rose.
Rose grinned at Eleanor and handed her costume to her. Eleanor held out the dress in front of her, giving it a once over. "Wherever did you come up with this, Ro?" Eleanor asked.
"It's what the puppets wore" Rose answered.
Eleanor blinked. Had she heard that right? "Puppets? What puppets?"
Rose giggled, remembering that day almost ten years ago. "It was the day of the tour. For his grand entrance, Willy had these puppets singing a song about how great he is. It was quite a wonderful show. That is until the pyrotechnics got out of hand and melted all those poor puppets"
Eleanor just stared. Honestly, when Rose handed her those lyrics, she was sure that Rose had written it because of how much she loved Willy and thought the world of him. But, she supposed with an entrance like that, you'd never forget it. "There aren't going to be any pyrotechnics, are there?" That was all she asked.
"No, of course not" Rose quickly said. She pulled something out of her pocket. "Confetti poppers"
Everyone gathered in the ballroom for the twin's grand performance. The reason they were singing tonight was that it was their father's birthday today. And because their dad was always making their birthday special, they wanted to make his birthday special.
When the twins told Rose what they wanted to do, the first thing that came to her mind was them singing the welcome song from that day of the tour. She was even gonna have them wearing the clothes the puppets did, but of course, she was gonna leave out the fireworks. She didn't want her children to get barbequed.
Rose made sure that everyone was comfortable in their seats, especially her grandparents (yes, they were still alive and more lively than ever). Then she had to make sure all the children were comfortable.
Since the birth of their own children, Rose and Willy's friends had gone on to marry each other and have children of their own. It started when Lucy and Harry welcomed their daughter about a year after they married. Then, it was Eleanor and Felix who married and welcomed a son. Priscilla and Danny ended up together, also welcoming a son. And now, in about nine months, Rose and Willy would become an aunt and uncle.
Charlie and Jenny married each other a little over three months ago. And just recently, Jenny found out she was pregnant. Rose was the first one she told, feeling scared by the news. But Rose assured her sister-in-law that everything was going to be okay and that Charlie would no doubt be overjoyed.
Long story short, he was.
Once everyone was seated, Rose got up onto the stage and addressed everyone. "Welcome, our wonderful family! I'd like to thank you all for coming to this wonderful celebration for my even more wonderful husband's birthday!" Rose scanned the crowd until she caught Willy's eyes. The two of them smiled at each other. "For the first time, you will be witnessing the musical talents of our daughter, Fleur Wonka, and our son, Dulce Wonka. Tonight, they will be joined by their music teacher, Eleanor Hunter" Felix smiled with pride when he heard his wife's name. "Now, please put your hands together for Fleur, Dulce, and Eleanor!"
Everyone started applauding as the red velvet curtain providing as a backdrop for Rose opened. She stepped out of view and out stepped Eleanor with Fleur and Dulce on either side of her. Eleanor was wearing a dress with a candy design on it, and Fleur was wearing one with a flowery design on it. They both wore matching pink shoes and white aprons with a pink W on the front. Their hair was done up in matching pigtails.
Dulce on the other hand wore a white dress shirt with matching white pants. He wore a polka dot vest and a polka dot bowtie. He also wore an apron with a pink W on it, and a white hat with a pink W on top of his slicked-back hair. Finally, he wore a pair of black dress shoes.
Behind them, was a backdrop constructed similarly to the one that the puppets had used for their performance. Behind the backdrop, was another red curtain.
Willy's eyes lit up and his smile grew wide. He knew why this scene looked so familiar! He had his puppets sing to his guests on the day of the tour, and now his children were about to sing for him. Oh dear, he just hoped that the pyrotechnics were left out.
The music started up. The children and their music teacher being to sing in perfect harmony, and dance in perfect coordination.
Willy Wonka, Rosie Wonka
The Amazing Chocolatiers
Wait, hang on. Did they just sing Rosie Wonka? Eleanor managed to catch Rose's eyes and she threw her a wink. Rose grinned, confirming her suspicion. Eleanor had changed it to include Rose's name in the song.
Willy Wonka, Rosie Wonka
Everybody give a cheer!
They're modest, clever, and so smart,
They barely can restrain it.
With so much generosity,
There is no way to contain it
To contain it, to contain, to contain, to contain.
When it came to the musical break, Rose quickly rushed into the audience so she could grab her husband. Willy was confused at first but trusted his wife as she pulled him up on the stage. They waited behind the other curtain which concealed not just one, but two red velvet chairs. Willy sat in one, and Rose sat in the other. The two of them joined hands.
Willy Wonka, Rosie Wonka
They're the ones that you're about to meet.
Willy Wonka, Rosie Wonka
They're geniuses who can't be beat.
The magicians and chocolate 'wizes
The best darn pair who ever lived
Willy and Rosie Wonka here they are!
The curtains pulled back to reveal the couple. Once the music came to a complete stop, that's when Eleanor, Fleur, and Dulce pulled their confetti poppers. The colorful paper went flying everywhere. Everyone stood up from their seats, hollering and clapping. But no one was cheering as loud as Willy was.
"That was magnificent!" Willy cheered. He turned to Rose, took her face and his hands, and gave her a great big kiss. "That was truly wonderful!"
Rose smiled at him. "You sure it wasn't dodgy in the middle part?"
"No, no! Every part of the was wonderful! And that finale? Wow!" Rose couldn't help but smile as she thought back to the first day she met him. "I like this version more because it includes you! Did you do this for me, starshine?"
"It wasn't my idea," Rose said, shaking her head.
"Daddy! Daddy!" The twins called out to their father.
"Mommy says this wasn't her idea," Willy said. "Was it yours?"
"Yes, daddy" Fleur nodded her head.
"We hope you liked it!" Dulce said. "We just wanted to have a special birthday"
"Because you're always giving us a special birthday" Fleur finished.
"Oh, my precious jellybean and gumdrop" Willy cooed lovingly to his children. He pulled them both into a hug. "I loved it so much! And it gives me such a wonderful idea"
"What is it, cocoa bean?" Rose asked, curious as to what her husband's idea was.
"I've been thinking a lot about it, but I think I'm ready to open the factory to the public again. Start giving regular tours"
"Are you sure about that?"
"Yes, starshine. I am" Willy nodded. He looked at the twins and smiled. "And I think before every tour, you two should sing that to the guests"
Fleur and Dulce started jumping with joy at the idea. "Do you really mean it, daddy?" Dulce asked.
"I sure do!"
"We won't let you down, daddy" Fleur vowed. "We promise!"
"Nothing you two do could ever let me down," Willy said. "I am proud of everything that you do" He looked at Fleur. "And I know that you're going to be an amazing chocolatier, jellybean" Then, he looked at Dulce. "And you're going to be a wonderful toymaker, gumdrop. You're going to make every child in the world happy with your toys"
The twins smiled like they always do when they hear how proud their mommy and daddy are of them. They brought their parents into a big hug and spoke in unison. "We love you, mommy! We love you, daddy!"
Rose and Willy looked at each other, smiling and saying at the same time. "We love you, too"
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