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Tumblr media
Day 27: Mythological parallels -> Arya + a coin for Charon
"Then what good is it?"
"As well ask what good is life, what good is death? If the day comes when you would find me again, give that coin to any man from Braavos, and say these words to him—valar morghulis."
"Valar morghulis," Arya repeated. It wasn't hard. Her fingers closed tight over the coin. Across the yard, she could hear men dying. "Please don't go, Jaqen."
Arya curled up near the fire, warm and snug, yet sleep would not come. She took out the coin that Jaqen H'ghar had given her and curled her fingers around it as she lay beneath her cloak. It made her feel strong to hold it, remembering how she'd seen the ghost in Harrenhal.
The captain turned it over and blinked at it, then looked at her again. "This . . . how . . . ?"
Jaqen said to say the words too. Arya crossed her arms against her chest. "Valar morghulis," she said, as loud as if she'd known what it meant.
"Valar dohaeris," he replied, touching his brow with two fingers. "Of course you shall have a cabin."
"Valar dohaeris." He pushed off with his oar and drifted back off into the deeper water. Arya watched him row back the way they'd come, until he vanished in the shadows of the bridge. As the swish of oars faded, she could almost hear the beating of her heart. Suddenly she was somewhere else . . . back in Harrenhal with Gendry, maybe, or with the Hound in the woods along the Trident. Salty is a stupid child, she told herself. I am a wolf, and will not be afraid. She patted Needle's hilt for luck and plunged into the shadows, taking the steps two at a time so no one could ever say she'd been afraid.
At the top she found a set of carved wooden doors twelve feet high. The left-hand door was made of weirwood pale as bone, the right of gleaming ebony. In their center was a carved moon face; ebony on the weirwood side, weirwood on the ebony. The look of it reminded her somehow of the heart tree in the godswood at Winterfell. The doors are watching me, she thought. She pushed upon both doors at once with the flat of her gloved hands, but neither one would budge. Locked and barred. "Let me in, you stupid," she said. "I crossed the narrow sea." She made a fist and pounded. "Jaqen told me to come. I have the iron coin." She pulled it from her pouch and held it up. "See? Valar morghulis."
The doors made no reply, except to open.
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Tumblr media
summary ─ in this underground bar, you didn’t imagine you’d find a lover. you never imagined you’d find yourself a demon lover. 
pairing ─ demon!mobboss!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, kissing, biting, rough sex, pet names, dirty talk, oral sex, drinking, sort of fwb relationship, everything that happens in this fic is consented, supernatural creatures
a/n ─ this fic happened bc of a mf called sebastian stan. that flaunt magazine photos are so *drooling emoji*. i’m so sorry. i’m shit at endings lmao. i hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank youu <3333 
moodboard for this fic courtesy of @bonky-n-steeb​
Tumblr media
You were dragged into the Underworld with the excuse of Wanda’s birthday. Your friends had said that they found a way to get in Underworld without a big name pitching in for you and that they wanted to throw a little party for Wanda there. Everyone had agreed because it was the perfect timing. She had been wanting to Underworld, but you couldn’t find a way to do so until now.
“I can’t believe this is finally happening!” She exclaimed excitedly. Her red hair fluttered beautifully down her back, and the skirt of her red dress flared lightly. You chuckled with your friends. “I wanted to come here for ages!”
“We know, Wanda,” you said. She had been telling you this for months, no, years really. “I’m also excited,” you couldn’t help but add. Then, a mischievous look appeared on your face. “Do you think we’ll come across a vampire, tonight?” You asked. Wanda rolled her eyes and laughed.
“We can dream, right?” She said and grinned. You chuckled.
Underworld was a bar on a little bit sketchy part of city. All sorts of supernatural creatures and people who dared to be around them were coming here to have a fun night. It was, like its name, in underworld. You’ve heard it was five floors into the soil, and the thought of it was a bit scary but thrilling nonetheless.
Supernatural creatures were a normal thing in your life. They weren’t hiding nor people were hating on them. They were your colleagues, neighbors, baristas and even your bosses. It was common. Some were made years ago, and some were born. There were haters, and they were loud sometimes, but they weren’t doing any harm to them. You were always a supporter. You accepted people the way they came to you with.
This was the main reason why you were also excited to finally be in Underworld.
You blinked back into reality with Wanda shaking you. “The doors! They’re opening!” She whispered excitedly. You hummed, trying to hide the big portion of your excitement, as you watched two very large and tall men (probably werewolves) opening the door. The people were already lined nicely in front of it, so they started letting them slowly after checking their entrance permit.
Underworld was a hard place to get an entrance permit because of the haters they had. They knew even though they weren’t threat to them, they had to be careful, so it wasn’t very easy to walk into Underworld like you would do to a normal bar. You had no idea how your friends managed to get a permit, but you finally had it and were going to get in there tonight. If you were lucky, you would get laid tonight, too.
When it was your turn to hand over your permit, Wanda held them out to the guards with her barely contained excitement. You smiled at her. This was the best gift for her, and you were honestly grateful that it made her so happy.
“You may enter,” the guard on your right said. “Have fun in there.” He winked and moved onto the people behind you. Wanda shrieked a little as she dragged you, Pietro, Kate, Clint inside. All of you chuckled and followed her, equally excited. You descended two floors of stairs and got into a large elevator. The elevator carried you what you assumed another three, maybe four, floors down and you stepped out of the elevator to be surrounded with blood red walls with sexy lightening.
“Oh, shit,” Pietro whispered. You looked around.
The inside was dark. The lights were flashing on some faces as they moved around. Blood red walls were adding some more darkness and danger into the place. The music was heavily bass-y, techno songs, and they had very sexy beats, you noted. It was pretty crowded even though the door just opened. You assumed most of the people here weren’t normal.
“It’s even better than I expected,” Wanda whispered as well. Then, she moved deeper into the bar and twirled around herself. “I want a drink!” She yelled a bit as the song got louder. All of you followed her to the bar, grabbing yourselves a drink because you felt like you were going to need it if you wanted to get laid and wanted to have some solid fun tonight.
You grimaced as the drink burned your throat, but then blinked in shock as the burn turned into a very fruity taste. “Damn,” you whispered and downed your drink. Grabbing Wanda’s hand, you pulled into the crowd and started dancing to the heavily bass-ed techno song with her, letting your body move freely.
Hours nicely spent with you dancing with your friends, drinking that sweet fruity ending drink and laughing. You were having so much fun. The music was coursing through your veins, making your heart beat faster as your body moved according to the beat: Your hips swayed, head tossed to the sides and hands roamed over your own body.
At one point, you lost the sights of your friends. You looked around for them briefly and saw Wanda dancing with a tall, blonde and skinny man. The man had a very pale skin and shining-even-in-the-dark blonde hair. They looked pretty lost in each other. Pietro was dancing with another blonde, like her sister, and she was short but was apparently a good dance because they were currently dancing pretty… intimate. Kate was talking with Clint, dancing idly and laughing with him. Everyone had found someone, you noticed and sighed. It was always you who was left alone, anyways.
Your feet carried you back to the bar. You stopped for a second to look at the drink options, thinking about trying a different one. As your eyes moved on the board in front of you, you heard someone walking towards you, curving themselves a place on your left.
“Try the mango one,” a voice said. It was coming from your left. You frowned lightly. “You’ll find mango and vodka and lime groupie taste divine.” You turned your head to the voice and felt the breath punched out of your lungs.
The man standing right next to you was the most gorgeous man you have ever seen in your life. He had short hair, sides buzzed, and light stubble. His piercing blue eyes were looking directly into your eyes. His lips were red and plushy, they looked so kissable, and you could see the pink tongue poking out every so often to wet them. He had a small cleft on his chin and a jawline to die for. He was wearing a black henley with sleeves rolled up and buttons down to the bottom of his pecs were left unmade. You could see sliver of a dog tag hanging off that gorgeous neck.
At that second, you knew he was not normal.
He smirked as if he could read your mind. Turning his head, he ordered the drink for you. At that brief loss of eye-contact, you inhaled deeply, filling your lungs with his delicious musky scent: mint, leather, something woodsy and something that was unique to him. You barely heard the bartender placing the drink in front of you.
“Taste it,” he murmured and pushed the drink towards you even more. “You’ll like it.”
Maybe you should have stopped and thought radically before drinking it without checking if it was drugged. You didn’t, though, you just grabbed the glass and took a sip. He was right. Mango, vodka and lime were really good together. He hummed.
“I don’t need to drug you,” he murmured again and ordered a whiskey for himself. “It would be against the rules of the bar.”
Underworld had rules that applied both to humans and supernatural creatures. The first one was that the human had to consent to everything on their own will, no drugs or spells in present, otherwise the creature would be punished.
“I-I wouldn’t think that,” you whispered lamely. The man smirked again, but this one had more darker tones in it. He sipped his whiskey as he watched you carefully.
“Sure,” he shrugged. You took another sip from your drink.
“It’s really good, by the way,” you murmured. Swirling the liquid in your glass, you grabbed one of the ice cubes and popped it into your mouth, sucking it. You locked eyes with the guy, saw the way his pupils dilated as he watched the way you sucked on the ice cube in your mouth. Your body heated up immediately. Without breaking eye contact, he downed his drunk.
“Would you like to dance?” He asked. You swallowed the cube and nodded. Mimicking him, you downed your drink, too, and held his extended hand. He pulled you into the crowd; his large body creating a path for you to follow him easily. Then, he grabbed you by the waist and pulled your back against his chest, leaving his hands on your body, close to your hips.
“Let go…” He whispered. You closed your eyes and let the beat take over your body. He hummed as he saw that you followed his command.
You swayed. Your ass was brushing against his bulge, his hands were roaming your body lightly and his light stubble was rubbing the sensitive skin of your neck raw. You sighed at the feeling of his body against your back. He licked a fat line from your neck to jaw, nibbling on the skin there. You gasped. One of your hands flew into his short hair, nails scratching his scalp, making him shudder. You let your head fall to your side, exposing your neck to him freely. He chuckled.
“If I were vampire,” he whispered into your ear. “There was no escaping from me biting you.” You shuddered at the idea violently. He made a surprised sound. “I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m not a vamp, honey.” He licked your jaw again and suddenly, you felt his tongue on your chin, moving down the small hollow between your collarbones. Your hand tightened on his scalp, moving a bit forward as he repositioned his head.
A horn-like object hit your hand. You gasped.
“Yeah, honey,” he whispered. “Demon is what I am.” He nibbled on your neck. “You up for it?” You gasped again when you felt his fingers teasing the line of your skirt, moving slightly under your crop. “I’ll make your night the best you ever had and will ever have, love.” He kissed your pulse. His horns were touching your temple.
“Yes,” you moaned breathily. “I’m up for it. Yes.” He hummed approvingly. One of his hands moved to your jaw and held it, turning your head to him, he bit down your bottom lip.
“Good call,” he whispered against them. “Name is James, remember to scream it, will you?”
Your back hit the bed as James attacked your skirt, practically ripping it off of you. His hands were everywhere. They were on your breasts, squeezing and slapping them; on your ass, digging his now-long-claw-like nails in roughly; on your thighs, kneading the muscles in his palms. You were going insane. You could feel the lust boiling in your blood as James threw the skirt on the ground, hands finding your crop and taking it off in a blink. You were in your lacey bra and panties before him while he was clothed still. You whined.
“You too,” you moaned. “Off,” you said, pulling on his clothes. James pulled back briefly to shed his henley, drop his pants and take off his boxers. You gasped at the sight of naked body.
His short hair didn’t hide the largeness of his horns. They were long, thick, curled and had a horizontal shape. He had two more relatively shorter horns three fingers above his eyebrows, right the beginning of his hairline. They were pitch black with silver lines in them. They were beautiful. Your eyes moved down.
His body was fit, muscled, and large. His pecs and abs were defined. The deep V of his groin was very inviting, especially a singular vein that was making its way to his erect cock. The light brown hair looked like a crown at the base of his cock, curled lightly, you sat up to nose his groin. You moaned when you found out that his musky, unique scent was stronger in his private area. James breathed harshly.
“You’re perfect in every way, hm?” He rasped. His large hand found its home at the back of your head, holding it gently and letting his nails scratch your scalp lightly. You shuddered. Your nose moved at the base of his cock, and you let your breath fan over his dick. It twitched, jumped and a fat drop of precome appeared on the cock head. Your tongue poked out, licking it away, you groaned at the taste.
He weirdly tasted like the mangoes you had in your drink.
James moaned. “Oh, honey, you’re too sweet.” His hand on your scalp moved and grabbed your hair suddenly, pulling you up from it. Your eyes fluttered at the pain exploded in your scalp. “You’re a slut for it,” he murmured. “I can work with that.”
He pushed you back, causing your head to get buried into the soft pillows. James moved between your legs, spreading them, he threw them over his shoulder. Your next breath got knocked out of you in a whoosh as you expected his next move. James smirked, showing all of his teeth to you, and licked his lips. You whimpered at the sight of his abnormal tongue. It was snake-like: Long with pointed tip. Its length was something you’ve never seen before. It had at least half-foot length, wet and sinister looking.
His hands slid up to your breasts, claws digging into the softness of them as he wedged his broad shoulder between your thighs. His breath fanned over your aching core; the thin fabric of your panties wasn’t doing anything to dull the feeling. You moaned. Your back arched a little when you felt his tongue moving from your slit to clit, lips closing over the small bundle over the fabric.
“Fuck─” You gasped. Your hands found his horns. Grabbing them, you squeezed them harshly. James groaned throatily. One of his hands found its way to your panties, and with one swipe of his claw, your panties ripped off of your body. James didn’t waste a second before diving in and starting to eat your pussy.
His skillful tongue was licking you clean from the juices you’ve pooled for the past half hour. You could hear him slurping, making obscene squelching sounds as he sucked and licked your poor pussy. You gasped, arched off the bed, closed your eyes and just let your body feel. You felt his tongue slowly slide into you. Letting out a shocked, soft yell, you pulled him in by his horns. James buried a predator-like growl into your cunt. His claws started to dig into your skin even more so than ever, and you panted at the pain. It was making your brain all fuzzy and hearing all buzzy. All you could do was to feel.
James moved his long tongue in and out of you at a languid pace; he was drinking your juices and cleaning you from them as his hips rutted against the sheets slowly. You were slowly losing it, he could feel it, and it was making him feel like he was drunk, or high. It had been a while since he fed, and you were this feast for a very hungry demon.
“James!” You gasped loudly as he sucked on your clit while continued to fuck his tongue in and out. You were close. Oh, you were so close that James could hear the buzzing of your upcoming orgasm. Your whole skin was vibrating with it. He moved his hands up, cupping your breasts and immediately started to play with nipples. He already found out that you loved a little pain mixed with pleasure, so he was confident that it would push you over the edge if he squeezed your nipples and twisted them a little harshly─
“Fuck!” You exclaimed, surprised, as you came on his tongue. Your orgasm hit you like a truck. It made you blind briefly. You wheezed for oxygen. Your muscles were trembling violently. Your eyes rolled back, and you gasped. James licked you slowly, avoiding your very sensitive places for the moment. When you came back to yourself a bit, you pulled him up from his horns. James followed your silent order by moving his tongue up, licking you from your cunt to the valley of your breasts to the hollow of your neck until his lips were onto yours.
You mewled against his lips. He was a great kisser. His kiss was passionate, hungry, full of lust and tenderness. You could taste yourself on his tongue and lips, and you hummed at the taste. One of his large palms cradled your face, wiping the sweat gathered on your forehead, temple and neck, he slid his tongue into your mouth this time. You moaned softly. Wrapping your legs around his thick waist, you pressed at his back, so that his erection would brush against your still-weeping core.
James groaned at the feeling of your warmth against his sensitive cock. “Impatient,” he whispered, pulling back. He grabbed your legs, slid his arms underneath your knees and bent you in half. Straightening up a little, he started rolling his hips against your wet pussy, not thrusting in, but teasing you by letting his cock head kiss your sensitive clit. You whimpered, panted and groaned.
“Please!” You begged. You wanted him in you so badly, needed him to fill you up. “Please, get in me, fuck─” Cutting yourself off, you moaned as he felt his cock head against your entrance. It felt big already, and you were surprised that you never tried to take a look at his cock before you lost yourself on the feeling of the pleasure he so freely and generously gave you. James shushed you. His tongue licked the sweat rolling down your neck, and then he nibbled on your jaw like before. “James,” you whispered. “Please…”
“Sshh, baby,” he murmured. “Sshh, I got you.” He pulled one his hands back to grab his dick to guide it into you, he slowly slid home. You sighed deeply at stretch. He was big. It wasn’t monstrous, but it was a bit above average, you guessed, the girth he had was the real satisfying thing, though. “There you go…” You mewled. “I…” He started, then. “I got to─”
“Go ahead,” you whispered your consent. You knew what he had to do. You came once already, but he hadn’t. James groaned. He thrusted slowly at first. The pace he set was nice and almost lulled you into sleep. Then, though, he picked it up, started slamming into you and let the sound of slick skins smacking against each other echo in the room. You gasped every time he grazed over that sweet spot. It made the muscles on your thighs jump each time, causing a hitch in your breathing, too.
James straightened up even more, letting your ankles rest on his shoulders as he pounded into you. His hips were moving ease as if he was dancing. The silver in his horns were glowing, his eyes were fully back now and his claws grew longer and sharper; you noted every change. There was something on his chest, too. It was like his veins were becoming visible with something black in them as James neared to the edge himself. Gasping, you grabbed his ass, feeling the muscles moving under your hands.
“Yes,” you whispered. You could feel your own orgasm approaching rapidly. “Yes, James, yes! Gimme! Yes!” You threw your head back, eyes closed and throat exposed, you moaned loudly. James responded you with a groan of his own only his sounded unhuman. You shuddered. One of James’ hands found its home around your neck, not squeezing, just holding it gently. Your breath hitched, hands tightened on his ass, and you whimpered.
“’m gonna feed on you,” he growled, voice low and sounded a bit distorted. You swallowed, feeling the soft pressure of his palm as you did. “’m gonna take every single drop your body is goin’ to give me.” You nodded as best as you could.
“Take’t all,” you slurred. A growl rose from James’ chest, and that was when you felt the claws digging into your neck, two of them right over your pulse. You stopped breathing. James’ thrusts became wilder, harsher, rougher and harder. You were getting pounded sixty ways to hell, and you were loving it.
James chuckled darkly. “You really are a slut for it,” he hissed. He squeezed the hand around your throat while his thumb started rolling your clit with rough moves. You let out a strangled yelp at the rapid orgasm suddenly knocking at your door.
“James!” You whined. “James, James, James, fuck!” You arched your back.
“Come,” he growled. “Feed me,” he commanded. “I’m hungry, bun, ‘m so hungry. C’mon, gimme.” You sobbed, gasped and hiccupped as another orgasm took over your body. Your eyes rolled fully at the back of your head, body started trembling uncontrollably and whimpers falling out of your hung open mouth.
James swore in a foreign language. The growls, hissing and groans became louder as his pounding started to lose the steady rhythm. He shuddered, groaned loudly and stilled, spilling himself inside of you, while exhaling harshly through his nose. With his orgasm, your body unclenched once again, a third orgasm hitting you out of nowhere. James started chuckling maniacally.
“You have so much to give, bun,” he murmured. You were drained in the best way and smiled at him drunkenly. Your body and eyes felt heavy, you were exhausted from all the action and James feeding on you. Sighing all pleased and full, James brushed your cheek. “Sleep, honey. You need it.”
Before darkness pulled you under, you felt a pair of soft lips kissing your forehead.
The night you spent in Underworld with James was the highlight of your next couple months. Your whole life had changed after that night, and you couldn’t be more grateful at your friend for getting permits for Wanda’s birthday.
You smiled when you remembered how James treated you that day.
After waking up from a very long and satisfying sleep, James was still there. He was laying on his side, head supported with his hand as he watched you sleep peacefully. You hummed and chuckled tiredly.
“That’s creepy,” you slurred, sleep still heavy in your voice. James smiled.
“What is?” He asked even though he knew the answer.
“You watchin’ me like that,” you murmured and yawned. James hummed, choosing the stay silent, he never tore his eyes away from you. You ignored him. Lifting your arms above your head, you stretched like a cat, popping the joints and relaxing the muscles. When you were done with your stretching, you felt a little dizzy. You found James smiling at you still.
“Better?” He asked. You shrugged, feeling shy, and buried your head into the crook of his neck. James chuckled. He bent his head down to kiss your shoulder. His free hand was moving up and down on your back soothingly. You snuggled deeper into his body. “You were so good last night…” He whispered, pressing another kiss. You preened at the praise. “It’s been a while since I’ve fed, and… it was amazing.” His low voice was soft and slightly raspy. You shivered happily.
“I would love to keep this going,” he whispered. You froze. “Can I keep seeing you?” You peeked at him. His face was serious, there was no mischievous sparks going off in his eyes nor amusement visible on his face.
“Seriously?” You asked, finding it hard to believe. James nodded.
“Yes,” he agreed. “I am very serious.” You frowned lightly as you rose your body on your elbows, laying on your front. James kept moving his hand up and down on your back; his fingers were now tracing the line of your spine, making you shiver pleasantly.
“How would it be?” You asked. “I mean… Keep this going? What is this?” James pouted lightly as he thought.
“Me feeding from you, and you getting laid,” he said casually. James frowned. He was trying to find the right word for it. “I think you call it friends with benefits? I keep my energy up, and you get your frustrations and stress out of me.” You bit your lip. “Me feeding from you isn’t addictive, by the way,” James added, then he rolled his eyes. “There is a myth going about it around. It’s not addictive. The feeding helped you sleep eighteen hours without any interruption. It’s the best way to end your weekend if you ask me.” He winked at you. You chuckled. He was right.
“Alright,” you said. “Exclusive, or is it open?” James hummed.
“I know I seem like the open type, but in reality, I’m pretty possessive,” he murmured. Suddenly, the blunt nail turned into a claw, making you shudder. “I would like it if you’d me mine only as we keep this going, but I’ll understand if you want this to be an open one.” You shook your head. You were quite alright with exclusivity actually.
“No,” you said. “I would like it if it’s only us, actually.” James smiled.
“Great. It’s a deal, then.”
Ever since this deal was made, which was three months ago, you’ve been seeing each other pretty often. It wasn’t always about feeding and getting laid; things have taken a slight turn when you started to hang out in your free time, too.
You’ve learned a lot about James during those times.
For example, James was the real owner of Underworld. He was the head of all demons in New York city. Every single demon had to answer him if they were to do something that did not go with the rules they had. James was also second-in-command for vampires. His best friend, Steve, was a vampire, and he was in business-related agreement with werewolves.
James Barnes was sort of a mobster, you have come to realize a little while ago. He was a man with great power: Both supernatural and human world.  He had a business, thousands of creatures he was responsible from and was the man who dealt with law-side of the things.
You were sort of dating with that man in question. This was the slight turn that your relationship had taken, and you talked to him about it. James did not deny that he wanted you to be his girlfriend, so you have been dating (technically) since that night in Underworld.
“What is that you are thinking so hard?” A familiar voice asked. You jumped. James smiled at you apologetically. “I did ring the bell.” You huffed and rolled your eyes, but it didn’t stop you from walking up to him and wrap your arms around his neck to pull him into a kiss.
James hummed into the kiss, his own arms finding their home around your waist. You melted into them. James slipped his tongue into your mouth, licking, and he bit your bottom lip. You gasped. Your hands grasped his now-visible horns, and you yanked his head back with the hold you had on them. James gasped loudly, eyes going full-black in a second. Your gut clenched.
“I think we have a dinner date to go,” you whispered against his lips. James growled. In a blink, you were in his arms, back against the wall, you were trapped.
“We are not going anywhere until I get my share, bun,” he murmured. “Now, how about you lemme taste that pussy of yours, hm?  You know I like having dessert before the real meal.”
You didn’t even have time to answer: He was already down on his knees, your panties ripped off, and his tongue was diving into your weeping core. Only thing you could do was to hold on and enjoy the ride, and enjoyed the ride you did.
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Tumblr media
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look all i'm saying is that if i found a guy with a stable job, a nice house, and a big dog, i, too, would eat the pomegranate seeds
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
UNDERWORLD 2003 | dir. Len Wiseman
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Tumblr media
I mean….yeah😳
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Tumblr media
Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1861)
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Persephone: I can hold my whole world in my hands.
Hades, unconvinced: Oh, really?
Persephone: *holds Hades’ face in her hands*
Hades, voice breaking: I have a reputation to uphold.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tết (Lunar New Year) in the underworld. Concept by Tr Nghia Daniel.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
What if Cerberus from Hades was a goose?
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Underworld (2003)
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Tumblr media
The Cult of Eleusis had a bi-annual rituals; in the spring "the lesser mysteries" in the fall. "the greater mysteries", for over 2000 years, where all citizens (royalty and slaves alike) would make a pilgrimage to Eleusis to partake in a festival and initiation ritual tied to the myth of Demeter and her daughter's kidnap by Hades into the underworld. This festival and ceremony would essentially initiate you, provide some spiritual insight, thereby guaranteeing a better position in the afterlife. (similar to a baptism guaranteeing a position in heaven, perhaps.) Only those who had committed murder or who could not speak greek were refused to participate.  Citizens would make the 15 mile walk from Athens, all the while being shouted profanities upon by onlookers, to break down their egos. Unfortunately, as the crime of revealing the inner ceremony of the mysteries would be punishable by death, we can't know for sure what took place in the inner sanctum during the main ceremony. What we do know is that something was drunk and something was "seen". Many believe that the drink offered to initiates, the KYKEON, would produce a psychotropic, hallucinatory effect.  (perhaps tainted with ergot (rotten barley fungis), or maybe mushrooms.) Apparently the ritual had 3 stages (mirroring Persphones underworld journey) the descent, the search, and the ascent. Some believe the final act shown to the initiate was the cutting of an ear of grain, to symbolize the cyclical death and rebirth of nature.  I drew Demeter holding her torch she uses to search for her missing daughter, and an ear of wheat grain to symbolize her role in agriculture. to the left we have the main players of the lost daughter myth. Hades behind, and Persephone in front, with Hecate beside, who helped Demeter find her daughter, and became Persephone's attendant in Tartarus. On the right we have a woman pouring libations to help the wheat grow, then Demeter holding the cut grain.
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nocturnphantom · 3 months ago
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𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖘 ; 𝖌𝖔𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 & 𝖗𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖗 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖚𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 💀
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la-fille-au-verre · a year ago
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persephone to hades — nikita gill
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nowadayz · 5 months ago
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UNDERWORLD 2003 | dir. Len Wiseman
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mikeybooch · 5 months ago
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The wealthy one, hospitable Lord Hades, receiver of many and his dread bride Persephone. 
It’s the winter solstice which means Persephone is presiding over her role as Queen of the Underworld and Demeter is about to make it everyone’s problem. 
It’s very “American Gothic” by way of Greek Mythology. 
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the-evil-clergyman · 3 months ago
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Orpheus and Eurydice by Gaetano Gandolfi (18th Century)
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gawki · 11 months ago
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Tall. Persephone's girlfriend is very tall.
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horrorwomensource · 6 months ago
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KATE BECKINSALE as Selene in Underworld (2003)
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