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#Movie Fandoms
jareausjj · 10 months ago
If you see someone in your fandom that ships something that you dont. DON’T HARRASS THEM FOR SHIPPING IT. There are so many different wonderful ships on here, so many different ones that deserve attention. If someone ships something, they dont have to give you a reason for why they ship what they do. (restrictions apply, dont be a creep and ship something with a significant age gap, or someone being abused with their abuser)
We see so little of people on here. We dont know what they are going through, a lot of times people go on Tumblr, write fanfic or whatever else to escape the things going on in their life. Someone could have bullies in their real life. Don’t be their bully on here. “But I dont like the ship :(.” okay....and? Here is what you can do, scroll if you see that ship popping up. Block that tag or mentions of that ship or whatever else you have to do to not see it. If you’re like me and associate a ship with trauma its okay to unfollow someone who posts about that ship often enough it causes a problem for you. 
Everyone deserves their own safe place. Be kind. Be respectful.
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ochako999 · 2 months ago
have you ever like, watched a show, played a game, read a book or comic and then suddenly you want to devote your entire life for every single character and turn it as your life mission?
yeah sounds like me problem.
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alienahellsparkle · 4 months ago
❦ List fandoms of my heart: №3 (the last).
✯ Kuroshitsuji (Dark Butler)
Tumblr media
This anime is my guide to the world of anime, my first of all, and the first that I liked. In addition, I have been watching it since I was 13 (omg, how old I am..).
I can say, from it I learned what anime is. It is one of my favorites and one of those that I can revisit (P.S .: And I'm still waiting for the new season or new full-length films, although no one said anything or promised anything about it).
The advantages of this anime are - interesting plots, 19th century setting mixed with the supernatural, soundtracks and a huge number of different characters for every taste. As I can tell, everyone will find their ideal 2D kun or chan here.
I could single out a lot of cool characters, but I'm afraid they could be spoilers too, so I'll just mention a few of my personal favorites.
Sebastian is a demon butler and another protagonist besides Ciel. A jack of all trades, a cool killer and one of the most real handsome men who stole many hearts from the female audience, who is in many similar tops and sometimes even has leading positions. I can say that he was my very first anime - love.
Prince Soma is an Indian prince. I don't know how many fans he has, but I think not as many as Sebastian and Ciel. Actually, Soma is the one who attracted me much more and my love for Sebastian did not last forever. This is because Soma, in addition to being beautiful and Indian (which was important to me as a lover of Bollywood films and music, and also interested in Indian culture), has a sweet and good personality. Three combos!
Madame Red is a bright woman with a difficult fate. I guess there isn't much more to say here (spoilers, spoilers, damn it).
Pluto is a devilish dog. Cutie, charming, with one cool ability and mine another anime-love (those who know this character and his unusual ability - yes - yes, I know it's weird to fall in love with characters like him).
As I said, the soundtracks are wonderful - some of the tunes have some classic notes in them, and also, the opening can be recognized from a thousand and it is easy to remember which anime it belongs to.
Also, there are elements of detective and crime, which also adds its own special shades and makes this anime even more interesting and aesthetically pleasing.
I look forward to continuing with it and begin to show interest in anime of a similar genre and setting in one (I found something similar, for example, as "House of Shadows").
✯ Dame x Prince 
Tumblr media
Another anime that became my find and I can watch it many times. I liked it so much that after I found it (in 2018 it was a spring novelty), I watched almost all the episodes in one gulp and only later realized that it ends too quickly, because I could not stop in time.
This anime contains everything that I love about the reverse - harems - beautiful drawing, bright colors, romance, elements of comedy and fantasy, attractive male characters and not a stupid main character who can be respected.
We can say that Ani is one of the few normal owners of a harem, but she can be considered a diamond among them. She is encouraged by her courage and the fact that she is not embarrassed when guys compliment her or try to flirt (I could say more about her, but these will be spoilers).
Despite the fact that here the male characters are clichéd, for example - a kind cutie, handsome womanizer, narcissistic rude and so on, they look cool and interesting to watch, it's a pity that we will never know which of them Ani chose in the end.
In addition, there is one more plus in the form of a good plot, after which it helps some characters to reveal themselves.
Even if many people do not always take girly harem animes well and consider them worthless and empty, just to please teenage girls with cute romance in a colorful wrapper, this anime genre also deserves a place to be. Who knows, maybe soon the reverse - harems will evolve even more, at least there are already some anime-worthy options. Everything has its fans..
In general, this is a good and positive anime that can bring more colors to life. And I still hope for season 2.. 
✯ Nanbaka
Tumblr media
When you watch a video on the topic: "Guess the gender of anime characters", you will not think that in this way you will be able to discover a new anime. That's how I found out about Nanbaka, after which I watched the first season in a couple of days.
I associate this anime with the beginning of July 2018 and the dairy drinks Twix, Milky Way and Snickers, which at that time I was finally able to taste.
Nanbaka has several advantages - a cool variety of characters, an element of comedy, and an equally vibrant color scheme. Also, I noticed that all characters have their own special difference - they all have nails painted in a different color and have small fangs.
Despite the fact that there is no romance here and the plot is built around a prison theme, Nanbaka is quite interesting to watch, and in some episodes there are elements of drama and seriousness. However, if the first season is more comical situations, then the second season is a little more serious, at least there are more problems that the heroes solve.
Of the characters, there are not only bisonens and heroes with simple qualities including kindness, cuteness, foolishness, signs of a womanizer, hot temper and severity, but there are also unexpected specimens, such as several LGBTQ characters and even antagonists.
Unfortunately, Nanbaka is not a very popular fandom and most likely there will never be a third season... But this is another solid anime that can be endlessly watched and is one of those that drags on from the first episodes.
✯ Romance Club
Tumblr media
This visual novel often came across to me in YouTube recommendations, in the form of walkthroughs and analysis of Easter eggs from it.
At first, I was not very interested in this, and from the video, my first impression was that this is just an incomprehensible game with characters similar to cardboard figures, but for some reason it became very popular and discussed on social networks.
After some time, I still began to watch the walkthroughs and more or less began to understand what the whole highlight of the game is, and after that, I began to play myself, though at the beginning, then, I had only a plan to while away the rest of summer time until autumn, but I didn’t notice how I began to be drawn into the RC and it became not just a game for one time, it became a habit that is difficult to get rid of.
Now, it's not just a bunch of pretty cardboard character figurines and a joke that RC is a mix of films like "50 Shades of Gray" and "Twilight", made for teenage girls.
Romance Club is - characters for every taste, from whites and Europeans, to Hispanics and Asians, both boys and girls. LGBTQ relationships have not been forgotten here either.
Various stories with any setting - vampires + werewolves, pirates, aliens, 19th-18th century, royal setting, movie stars and fame, Scandinavian mythology, ancient Greek mythology, sea and beach setting, detectives and crime, ancient Japan (geisha and samurai) , angels and demons, everyday life and much more, but the creators continue to delight us with new stories to this day, and I think we still have a lot to see.
Beautiful graphics and drawing of characters, cool design of clothes, and also, here you can learn how to beautifully compose texts and sentences (let's say this can be useful for the writing sphere), since some stories contain wonderful descriptions of some scenes and comparisons of concepts (example. "Stars as luminous points," and the like).
But besides romance, other important topics can be revealed here, such as the concept of friendship, a hard life due to many problems, courage and self-confidence, and sometimes even 18+ topics can be touched upon. In addition, some stories have instructive facts, for example, something about the history of Turkey during the Ottoman Empire. 
Romance Club is scientifically enlightening!
Despite the fact that I refused to play games, since they take a lot of time, during which you can do a bunch of other useful things, RC is the only game (besides the Sims) on which I do not regret wasting my time and it is always interesting to watch new stories and how the old ones will end.
here is part 1
part 2
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xxstar-bluesxx · 11 months ago
Only like.... at least 5 people are more active on the Spies in Disguise fandom on Tumblr....
This is still the smallest fandom, still keeps going in one year.
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bonkers-4-hatter · a year ago
Fandoms I Write For
Tumblr media
⇸ This list will be updated frequently! If you do not see the fandom you want (I might have missed it when listing since there’s a lot here. Just message me and ask me if I write for the fandom if it’s not listed.)
Hetalia Axis Powers
Yuri On Ice!!
Dragon Ball/Z/Super
Black Butler
Studio Ghibli (All Movies)
All Out!!
One Punch Man
Sailor Moon (All)
Ouran High School Host Club
One Piece
Uta No Prince-Sama
Princess Jellyfish
Kuroko No Basket
My Hero Academia
Avatar The Last Airbender 
Soul Eater
The Seven Deadly Sins
Attack On Titan
Fairy Tail
Cowboy Bebop
Death Note
Not Game No Life
Vampire Knight
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Little Witch Academia
Devilman Crybaby
Magi Adventures of Sinbad
Full Metal Alchemist 
Tokyo Ghoul 
The Devil is a Part Timer
Panty & Stocking with Garter-belt
Mob Psycho 100
Pokemon (All generations)
Blue Exorcist 
Lucky Star
Kiss Him, Not Me!
Steven Universe
Dramatical Murder
Attack On Titan
Movies/TV Shows:
The Avengers
Justice League
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Captain America
Black Panther 
Wonder Woman
Willy Wonka 
The Magnificat Seven
Harry Potter
Guardians of the Galaxy
Night at the Museum 
American Horror Story
The Witcher
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Beasts
Birds of Prey
Locke & Key
Criminal Minds 
The Mandalorian
The Umbrella Academy
Once Upon A Time
Bendy and the Ink Machine
The Legend of Zelda (All)
Harvest Moon (All)
Obey Me!
The Arcana 
Dead By Daylight 
Nancy Drew
Among Us
Doki Doki Literature Club
Sally Face 
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prokopetz · 3 months ago
Fan-work about the Addams Family being online usually focuses on the kids, but consider: Gomez Addams livestreaming uncommentated model reenactments of famous train disasters. Nobody knows who the culprit is – you can see him from the neck down while he’s setting things up, but his face is always out of the frame. The model railroad community is torn between being impressed at the mystery streamer’s dedication and horrified that this maniac keeps taking these beautiful, meticulously accurate recreations and blowing them to smithereens.
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alienahellsparkle · 5 months ago
❦ List fandoms of my heart: №2.
✯ Hazbin Hotel
Tumblr media
My first acquaintance with Hazbin did not work out very well. At least I remember that I didn’t like the fact that there was a filthy language, vulgar jokes and signs of drugs in the series, because I always didn’t like it when such a combo was combined in one movie / TV series / cartoon, and didn’t think it was cool. On top of that, Angel Dust was another reason I didn't like this cartoon.
Then, HH seemed to me something similar to the series Euphoria, only because both contain themes of LGBT and 18+.
But now, I can say that Hazbin has little in common with Euphoria, and I like the cartoon much more than that series. After reviewing HH last fall, I changed my attitude.
The idea of ​​the plot is interesting, at least this is one of the coolest examples of works on the topic of death and hell. For this anticipation of the second episode, it is still curious to know how things will go at the hotel, whether Charlie's idea will be successful or not.
The characters are colorful and you can recognize them from thousands of others.
If at first, I treated Angel Dust badly, then after reviewing the cartoon and learning about his hidden, difficult secrets in the Addict video, I began to show sympathy and now there is one more person on the side of Angel's defenders (as well as on the side of Valentino's haters, too).
I like Charlie for her optimism and naive belief in positive things (because we are similar to that), Cherri is cool with her recklessness and audacity, along with caring and the fact that she can become a loyal and loving friend. And yet, she has a stunning and stylish outfit (I have long wanted to make myself similar and try to create a cosplay for her), Sir Pentius is funny and does not understand many vulgar jokes (respect him), everyone's favorite Alastor is devilishly attractive, despite his tricks. The list goes on, but I got carried away..
Well, and since this is a musical, there are catchy songs here, but my favorite is Addict.
Also, the cartoon is distinguished by its special drawing and color scheme of red and pink shades. All these advantages are overshadowed by obscenities and vulgar jokes, which you get used to, and then, they are completely in the background.
Undoubtedly, this is one of the diamonds of the new era of animated series of our time, and I can say that I like HH even more than Helluva Boss (sorry to all those who are also fans of HB). 
I wonder what the Hazbin fans would be called?..
✯ Six
Tumblr media
This musical is my second theatrical historical work, I learned about it even earlier than about TGS.
One of the advantages of all musicals is that if it contains historical and biographical elements, then you not only enjoy the songs, but also learn history, and it turns out better than using simple school textbooks (I am sure that this happened to many , including with me too).
I love Six for the main characters who once existed in the 16th century, each with their own character, aesthetics, zest and influence in the history of the time.
 I even read somewhere that first of all, when the topic of the Tudors comes up, people remember these 6 queens, and then other personalities.
For example, my favorite queens are Catherine of Aragon (a great strong woman, omg), Jane Seymour (kindness and a bright person herself) and Catherine Parr (fighter + wrote a book, but alas, her life ended sadly).
I also want to note the good Anna of Cleves, who is somewhat similar to Catherine of Aragon (maybe in terms of self-confidence and fortitude), and she also had good relations with some of Henry's children, if I'm not mistaken.
I have a double opinion about Anne Boleyn and I haven’t fully decided how I feel about her. On the one hand, she was quite a good wife, but on the other hand, I doubt that she could be completely loyal to Henry..
As for Catherine Howard, I would rather not say anything, because her way of life does not sympathize with me at all.
Also, I really like the feature that each queen has its own color - gold, green, white, red, pink and blue, even in some way, a little, resembles a rainbow in some colors.
I think Six, like Hamilton and The Greatest Showman is an example of what historical musicals should be - bright, lively, with a share of emotions, thanks to which you empathize with the heroes of past times and find in them something for which you love them and gradually easily study history which is difficult in schools and universities.
✯ Hamilton
Tumblr media
No such list can be complete without Hamilton. This musical was my first Broadway musical, the first I listened to and the first historical one. Thanks to him, I associate the 18th century with the Hamilton family, the Schuyler family and other historical figures represented in this musical.
And thanks to Hamilton, I started to like the fashion of that century, as did the 18th and 19th century itself.
Among the many interesting characters, I want to highlight, perhaps, my favorite of all - the famous "trio", the Schuyler sisters. I really like it when characters, like people, have a different character, appearance, style of dress and even their own habits and manners, but at the same time, they complement each other, especially if they are best friends or siblings.
Both together and separately, the Schuyler sisters are inspiring and can be role models. For example, Angelica taught me such personality traits as selflessness, sacrifice of my feelings for the sake of a loved one or a relative, for his own happiness.
In addition, Angelica's love for her sister admires, she is an example of the best and real older sister. And plus, thanks to her, I found another favorite female name for myself. From now on, at the mention of the name Angelica, I represent just such a girl as the historical Schuyler heroine. 
Eliza is the standard of kindness and light of the soul, but also, a strong woman capable of much, moreover, she did a lot after the death of Alexander and left her mark on history. And we are also similar in character, and this makes me love Eliza even more.
Margarita (or Peggy) is little-known, which is why she receives little attention from Hamilton fans, but she is also good in herself and deserves a lot of love and attention. She is not superfluous, Peggy is as influential and famous at that time as her older sisters, she just died before everyone else and not much was known about her life, probably that is why she was so little in the musical and Margarita's life was not disclosed. The popular Schuyler trinity without Peggy is incomplete and we shouldn't forget about her.
Also, I want to mention John Lauren (who also shipps him with Peggy? I join in!) And Philip Hamilton - wonderful handsome men who lost their lives too early. Not fair! Shoot their killers! (Lena, they were killed 100 years ago anyway...)
If we talk about songs, then many of them are amazing, sincere and emotional, they can suit any occasion of life, like Helpless can add to the list of songs for the mood in love ~
I think Hamilton paved the way for my interest in musicals.. And for this I would like to thank all those who decided and took part in the creation of this wonderful and instructive work.
It's amazing how cool things were created in 2015...
✯ Disney (+ Pirates of the Caribbean)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mickey Mouse Kingdom is one of the main fandoms. It is a world famous fandom that has raised many generations, it is a childhood fandom.
Both old cartoons and new ones are good in it. Golden classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, Dumbo, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and others have their own special aesthetics. It has vintage coziness, magic, wonderful soundtracks, amazing art that can look amazing even by today's standards. In that era, there was something of its own, romantic, charming and ageless.
But the new cartoons also have their own charm - the new graphics delight with their realism and brightness, the characters evolve, become more courageous and stronger, for which many people want to respect, but life lessons remain, in which something new appears, than just themes about family values, love, self-confidence and kindness.
Personally, I love cartoons with Disney princesses the most, from old to new, and I'm ready to watch them more than once. It's adorable when every princess has her own aesthetic in everything from her looks to her pet and her place of residence.
Of course, someone said that Disney princesses, like Barbie, are bad role models for girls. They may not be perfect in everything, but they also have their own merits. Besides, who else, besides them, taught and are teaching kindness, endurance, hard work and much more. Even each of them personifies something, some kind of positive quality for a person.
In addition to princesses, in Disney cartoons you can find other different and interesting characters who can also represent something, for example, Peter Pan - the personification of the fact that you need to remain a child in your soul, despite your age. Or Alice - the ability for various fantasies and miracles. Or Sisu - the ability to trust people and not lose positive.
And of course, I want to say a few words about the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Oddly enough, but I watched all parts of this franchise only last year, before that I only knew that there was such a universe, I knew about the famous Jack Sparrow, but did not want to watch, because I believed that this film was only for boys. But still, I was wrong...
It turns out that the pirate theme can be for girls too, especially in the POTC universe. Cool sea adventures, share of comedy and fantasy, various mysteries and powerful action scenes. Also, in addition to the images of princesses, I sympathize with the image of brave pirates / robbers, this is even better than being the right princess, because you can look irresistible and attractive even if you are a rebel.
Despite the fact that I have not watched many films with pirates, I can say that Jack Sparrow is my favorite pirate, in a way attractive, even if he was with more than one woman, funny and capable of responsiveness. He suits me like a relative, like a uncle, with whom you will not get bored.
Thanks to him, this franchise has become popular and beloved by the audience, and he has become one of the recognizable characters of Disney, and perhaps one of the best pirates that exist in cinema. It's a pity that we won't see him again in the next parts..
Previously, if Disney was our friend, now it is becoming our enemy. I treat this campaign like YG Entertaintment (2NE1 agency) - I love and hate at the same time. Only if Disney is still capable of releasing something suitable, then YG is not.
(P.S: here is part 1
part 3 
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pattinsonsupremacy · a month ago
the way that men acted when joker (2019) came out that’s me with the batman (2022) except i will be so much worse
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elftwink · a month ago
& on the topic of fandom i frequently see posts talking about how fandom is the death of media because every piece of media is trying to be this expansive marketable universe and sacrificing good stories in the process and like... they’re not WRONG but they have cause and effect all mixed up. fandom would continue to exist with or without 5 million mcu copycats because people have always been die hard fans of stuff. what is happening is companies have noticed die hard fans buy shit. a lot of shit. and once you have them invested, they’ll put up with way more bullshit than casual viewers will, so you really only need an interesting hook and the promise that there’s more to come and then you have an ongoing moneymaking machine where all you have to do is vaguely imply future cool stuff and deliver JUST ENOUGH that fans don’t get 100% sick of it and leave. and it’s kind of irritating that so many people look at this situation where everyone is getting screwed over and instead of going like “maybe the issue is that profit is the be-all-end-all of media creation” they’re like "ugh fandom is ruining media”. correlation is not causation etc etc.
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prokopetz · 7 months ago
Fan theory with poor textual support: The protagonists of most Studio Ghibli movies are dead and the films take place in purgatory.
Fan theory with good textual support: Most Studio Ghibli movies take place on a planet that has roughly 70% of our Earth’s gravity.
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