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#alternate timeline
boykisserzuko · 22 days ago
I am once again posting my boy sun warrior zuko and this time he's casually dropping the fact he's the fire lord's son, sorry the pic quality is shit
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take them too
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buggachat · 17 days ago
Ngl I'm getting kinda tired of how much people are blaming Ladybug/Marinette for Chat Noirs/Adrians issues. It's like she's expected to be some mind reader. People act like she just completely dumps him but she has expressed her trust in him so much and asked about his well-being.
You can't just fault one character for a heap of miscommunication.
It's kind of messy, because on the one hand, Chat Noir isn't telling Ladybug that he's upset. She'll ask him if he's okay, and he'll say he's fine, and she trusts him. I also think it's important to note that Ladybug has been very kind to Chat Noir in the few interactions they've had this season— apologizing to him in Optigami (because on some level she knew that defeating the akuma without him would upset him, even without him expressing it), telling him he's the best partner she could've asked for in Guiltrip, Marinette validating Chat Noir with a "that's a great idea!" when he told her his plan to help out during Sentibubbler, and as discussed genuinely asking him if he's okay when he seemed a little upset in Rocketear.
But I also think.... on some level, this kindness to him is coming from a place of guilt, too. I mean, none of this stuff is necessarily strange for Ladybug (she's typically always nice to him, unless he's actively being annoying or they're teasing/bantering), but the fact that Marinette is having nightmares about Chat Blanc and emphasizing to Alya "not even Chat Noir can know!" signals to me that Marinette knows she's betraying Chat Noir, and she knows that the moment he finds out, he's going to be very hurt. Because.... there's no other reason to keep Rena Rouge a secret from him other than his feelings.
I think Marinette knows that what she's doing could hurt Chat Noir, she just doesn't realize that it already has. She doesn't realize that empty words of "I trust you" aren't enough when her actions imply otherwise. And she certainly doesn't realize the extent to which it'll hurt him. I think she's aware that Chat Noir can be insecure about his place on the team, but she doesn't know the extent of it or that a lot of those insecurities come from his awful home life. And she doesn't fully realize how much he relies on her and their relationship because of it.
But also, to be clear....... Marinette is so fucking stressed this season, like she has had so much dumped on her with the Guardian stuff and she's only 14! She's traumatized by a vision of the apocalypse, her crying partner in white, and her own corpse turned to ash.... and she has NO IDEA what lead to that event beyond a vague "we were in love and knew each other's identities" (she doesn't know the actual cause was just. child abuse. but that's another story). She's terrified! She doesn't know what she's doing! She can only do so much!
What's so sad about the Ladynoir conflict is that it's basically Ladybug and Chat Noir's traumas tripping over each other. Chat Noir is sensitive and bad at expressing his feelings because he fears abandonment and was raised by a neglectful father. He's so scared of losing her that he's scared telling her such will push her away even more. Ladybug is stressed out and traumatized by Chat Blanc and feels like she needs to carry the burden of everything, and in fearing hurting Chat Noir's feelings, she further pushes him away to "protect" him...... unknowingly hurting him in the process.
Like.... these poor kids.... someone just get them therapy please...........
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frosty-bean · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chat Blanc if the ml writers weren’t cowards Chat Noir decided to keep his extra trauma
Tumblr media
please do not repost
Things would’ve gotten so spicy. Only chat having memories of their relationship, one sided reveal, everyone knowing how dangerous chat can be, etc. Also pls ignore how my art style is consistently inconsistent. I’m experimenting.
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mischiefvariant · 18 days ago
if this mobius is in fact from another timeline and our mobius is still out there somewhere here's another concept: this mobius also falls in love with loki and when our one meets him and sees the way alternate timeline mobius looks at loki he's like oh my god am i really that predictable
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thylaa · 14 days ago
very loud subtext in s15 alone implying dean loves cas back includes but not limited to:
everything about the arguments and breakup including dean’s actions like CUT TO drinking and wandering around in a bathrobe
every single sam/eileen parallel to dean/cas but particularly ‘I know that was real’ / ‘you asked what about all this is real, we are’
alternate timeline chuck-loses dean losing it after he had to BURY cas in the ma’lak box?
the trap confession in its entirety but ESPECIALLY ‘you don’t have to say it’ vs. ‘it’s in just saying it’
adam and serafina. RIGHT before 15.18. what was going on there. his dark materials reference free will romance motherfuckers ‘(s)he’s the only one who could put up with me all these years’
parallels of sam and charlie losing the people they romantically love in 15.18 and dean losing the person he…?
lucifer phone call.
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oblivionhold · 25 days ago
Hey, Miraculous Ladybug is doing one of my favorite things, where characters are making a mistake that we, the audience, can tell is a mistake, but we, the audience, can also see why those mistakes are being made. It's not the right thing to do, but we can see why the characters think it's the right thing to do.
We know that the Ladynoir conflict is, to some extent, based around a lack of communication. Ladybug doesn't really know how much her decisions are hurting Chat because Chat doesn't tell her, and Chat doesn't know how much Chat Blanc is hurting Ladybug because Ladybug refuses to tell him.
Ladybug knows that Chat doesn't like being kept in the dark much, but it's easy for her to justify it to herself when the alternative is Chat Blanc. She doesn't know that Chat nearly quit because of secrets being kept from him, and she doesn't know that the current situation gets Chat so angry he breaks things. As far as she knows, Chat just gets kind of pouty. It sucks, but she'd rather Chat get kind of pouty than get akumatized. She doesn't know that her behaviors might lead to Chat getting akumatized for a different reason, because Chat won't explain it to her, because, well, Chat's been raised in an environment where his opinions and feelings do not matter. Trying to tell his dad that he doesn't like the way he's treated has been fruitless so far, so it's not too hard for him to treat Ladybug the same way. Better to hide his feelings and not risk making Ladybug mad by questioning her.
Chat does know that Ladybug has been under a lot of stress lately, and has offered to help. He might be a bit disappointed that he wasn't able to help her, but she seems to be handling it on her own, so that's okay. He has no reason to believe that Ladybug might still be stressed about anything other than the usual Hawkmoth fights. But she is, and she refuses to talk to him about it because, well, would you want to tell your superhero partner about an alternate timeline in which he gets akumatized and kills everyone in Paris? Better just keep quiet, try to deal with it on her own. She doesn't want to make Chat sad, or risk him getting akumatized.
This is going to blow up in both of their faces and it's going to be great.
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boykisserzuko · a month ago
sun warrior zuko, my beloved
Tumblr media
I may actually develop this alternative timeline in a decent way these days, for now take these ugly sketches
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Tumblr media
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slinky-dogg · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
It has been 16 hours since I finished Rise Of The Titans and I’m still not over that ending.
My favorite part of Trollhunters was Jim and Blinky’s relationship and no matter what could happen in this alternate timeline Jim has place himself in. His relationship with Blinky will not be the same as it was when he was the Trollhunter.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m sorry but it just will not be the same and it makes it impossible for me to be okay with that ending.
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bogleech · 18 days ago
Alternate timeline idea: sports teams aren’t a thing but almost the same banners, logos, bumper stickers and t-shirts exist because adults are just that aggressive about their favorite animals. When Oregonians drive by honking and screaming “GO DUCKS!!!!” it’s because they saw a pond. Baltimore residents genuinely hope every year will be the year ravens defeat all other birds.
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nachosforfree · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In an alternate timeline
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fishfingersandscarves · 22 days ago
mx Ev could I perchance request a list of the Classics (tm) of bagginshield fics foe I am a fool and dont know the Classics (tm)
of course! i'm so glad you asked ^^)
first and foremost if you haven't read Sansûkh by @determamfidd what are you doing go do that right now - sansukh is bagginshield and gigolas, told from the end of BOTFA all the way through the end of LOTR's appendices as Thorin Oakenshield wakes up after death and begins watching over Bilbo and eventually the whole fellowship. this fic is beloved of me and is just so so SO GOOD, yes it's long and daunting but i promise, you will not be disappointed
another classic is Prayers to Broken Stone by @avelera this, my friend, is the best beauty and the beast au you will ever read. in this fic, thorin holes up inside Erebor and becomes even further infected by his dragon sickness, and actually slowly transforming into a dragon! only bilbo is brave enough to reenter erebor and take care of Thorin in his terrific state! this one i love to death <3
Clarity of Vision by @mithen is an AU fic for the ages! in this alternate timeline, Erebor has never fallen and bilbo finds himself drawn into a quest to help heal the ailing King Thror! also, the sequel to this fic Clarity of Purpose is so fucking good and is also very iconic
An Expected Journey by @mariejacquelyn is a classic time travel au and is actually the very first fic on ao3 i ever read! (and has great influenced my preference for time travel aus since then) in this, bilbo makes a wish at the end of his life to go back to before the quest and save Thorin, Fili and Kili, well, he gets his wish, but finds it hard to hide his origins........
How the West Was Won and Where it Got Us by stickman i think about in the wee hours....... this non-linear fic examines Bilbo and Thorin's relationship as grad students in a modern au. This one is rife with family drama and that good good angst
Nothing Gold Can Stay by @perkynurples is a fucking iconic work of writing! a modern au, Bilbo ends up working as a tutor for two royal nephews, and falling in love with their Uncle while doing so
Homesick by @andhumanslovedstories is a Post-BOTFA au where Bilbo gets mysteriously ill, Thorin goes on a journey to bring Bilbo back to the Shire and things get a little complicated along the way
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by @diemarysues is a wonderful cinderella au where Bilbo magically turns into a dwarf, meets Thorin, and falls in love <333
and last one for flavor is Heartbeat of the Mountain by chrystal896 an au where no one died in BOTFA but Bilbo left anyway, years later he realizes there's no future for him in the shire anymore, so he leaves for Erebor, with a young Frodo in tow
there's loads more than just these, but these were the first classic ones i could remember off the top of my head :))
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funnypages · 18 days ago
I’m seeing a lot of people on here pissed of that Loki, a show that was advertised as being about alternate timelines of characters and moral questions of who is a villain and the nature of free will; was a show about alternate timelines of characters and moral questions of who is a villain and the nature of free will; and not a show about a romance between Loki and Mobius. Marvel didn’t lie to you; you all just are incapable of seeing two people talking to each other without shipping them and thinking that's what the show is about
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dingdongyouarewrong · 18 days ago
i'm pretty sure the clone thing is about loki (specifially it's alternate timeline not outright cloning). and yes i have seen "it's incest" takes on twitter (a few weeks ago when it started getting teased)
oh my GOD that's just. wtf who caressssss... a fictional character fucking their clone is so profoundly divorced from any real life situation that any real human being could ever encounter, not to mention so profoundly divorced from the experience of anyone who has ever faced incestuous abuse, that it's ......... so completely irrelevant to that discussion. what a pointless thing to get mad over (and to invoke the real-life experiences of sexual assault victims of a completely unrelated form of trauma over)
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magpietoriches · 13 days ago
LockDown Part I: Bottle Episode
Summary: The fate of the Avengers lies in the hands of the Senate this evening, and all you have to do is make sure Loki is prepared for the hearing and ready to leave. 
Setting: 2018 in an alternate timeline where Loki made it to Earth after the events of “Thor: Ragnarok” and Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, and Scott Lang are still on the Raft.
Pairing: Loki x Reader (First Person)
Playlist ~ Master List ~ Next Part
Tumblr media
Avenges Compound March 12th, 2018:
   I walked down the hallway of the Avengers compound towards the elevator with a file in my left hand, a small purse on my right shoulder, and determination in my eyes.
  “Evening,” an ex-SHIELD employee named Travis smiled at me. His white teeth contrasted against his dark skin. It was nice for Tony to hire the agents who weren't compromised by Hydra. Normally I'd offer a friendly wave to the young muscle-bound agent, but I had no time, I was already late. 
“Sorry Travis,” I said without stopping, “We can catch up later.”
  The winding halls seemed longer than usual, but I supposed everything took forever when you were running late. That included the elevator. I impatiently tapped on the button. I scrunch my nose in frustration and swore at the damn machine. 
“Not sure if punching it is going to help,” I heard a familiar chuckle. 
  “You,” I used my free hand to playfully push Steve Rogers' pecks, “Don't get to school me on when and when not to punch things. And besides I- “Before I could finish the doors finally swung open,“ It worked, I smiled. ”
  Steve gave me an amused smile and stepped into the elevator with me. I took note of his unusually formal attracts. He wore a navy blue button-down shirt that brought out his eyes and a charcoal grey suit. 
  “Nervous about the hearing?” I asked as I reached over to push the button to the 12th floor. It had been nearly 4 years since the Avengers had their internal fight. A lot has changed since then. Tony and Steve made up shortly after Thor, the Hulk and the Asgardian refugees landed on earth. 
  After learning about the destruction of Asgard, and what Hela had been capable of, Tony and Steve realized there were far bigger threats in the universe than they had previously realized. The world needed the Avengers. 
  “Let's just say I've never been one for public speaking,” Steve replied, looking down at his feet.
  “Just be honest with the Senate. Explain to them why the Avengers are needed and why the ones on the Raft deserve to be given time served. ” Steve listened to my advice and nodded. 
  I was no lawyer, but I had covered many Senate hearings for the Daily Bugle before Tony hired me as a liaison. My job now was to identify threats, decide if the Avengers should get involved, and determine which team to deploy. But ever since the Avengers began preparing for the now approaching Senate hearing, my job had been reduced to a personal assistant. Turns out not everyone wanted the Avengers back in commission, even after Steve finally agreed to sign the Sokovia accords. I suppose it didn't take a genius to see how reluctant he was to do so. But he wanted his family back.  
  “You look nice,” Steve commented as if noticing me for the first time. I was far too overdressed for a Senate hearing. I wore a silk black dress that fell to my knees. One side had a small slit that almost reached my thigh and my back was exposed. 
  “Thanks,” I smiled bashfully as I twirled my gold necklace. It was a nervous habit, “I have a date actually.”
“Oh, you finally said yes to Mr. Facebook?”
  “Ugh,” I groaned, “Don't call Eric that. Makes it sound like I'm going on a date with Mark Zuckerberg. Eric, ”I said as the elevator doors finally opened,“ Is an old high school friend who reached out to me on Facebook. ”
  “So what's with the files?” Steve asked as I stepped out of the elevator. He held the door open with his arm. I groaned in response and I could see his eyes slightly widen with concern. 
  “Well before I get to go on my date I have to deal with the prince of darkness,” I forced a smile on my face. Thor and the Hulk tried to brush past the fact that amongst the refugees was Thor's brother Loki. 
I could remember it like it had been yesterday, and not 4 months ago. 
“So who's all with you,” Tony had asked.
  “Oh just the usual,” Thor replied, “Me, Hulk, Korg, Valkyrie, MiekLoki, some Asgardians.”
  “What was that?” Tony squinted at Thor. The god of Thunder avoided the scrutiny of the smaller man's gaze. 
“Some Asgardians. Thankfully not everyone died on Asgard. ”
“Nope,” before that.
“Miek?” Thor asked. 
  Everyone turned to Bruce for an explanation but he raised his hands as if to silently say, “don't ask me.”
  “Okay, I'm going to end this bit,” Tony pinched his nose in frustration, “I'm talking about LOKI. You mentioned Loki. ”
"Oh yeah. He's uh, he's here too, ”Thor rubbed the back of his neck nervously. 
  I managed to avoid any and all interactions with the God of Mischief for a while at least. He swore he had changed, and that he no longer desired to rule Midgard. But he was also the God of Lies and therefore it was decided he should live at the Avengers compound where he could be monitored. Eventually, he'd be allowed to live in Norway with his people, if that's what he chooses. 
  Three weeks ago the Senate wanted to add Loki to the upcoming Hearing on the Avengers. An entire day had been set aside just on the topic of Loki. He wasn't going to be questioned for another day, but he was still expected to show up for the start of the hearing anyway. The legal department told us there was no guarantee the Senate wouldn't decide to ask Loki some questions ahead of schedule. 
  I was tasked with coaching him. Every night for three weeks I'd go to his room. I'd read him off a list of potential questions the legal department had prepared. He'd roll his eyes, call me a pathetic little bug, and then we'd break for dinner.
  “I'm going to kill you one day, Loki,” I mumbled one night after he threw all my paperwork onto the ground. Up until that point, I wondered why he insisted on having me print documents rather than using a Stark Pad. Now I knew, it was so he could dramatically scatter everything onto the floor. 
  “I'm supposed to deliver these personal files on all the senators,” I told Steve, “At least Loki will know who's going to be asking him questions.”
  “The hearing is in an hour,” Steve looked at me as if I were insane. If it were up to me Loki would already be prepared but he was insufferable and refused to listen. 
  “It sure is,” I plastered another fake smile on my face and, without saying goodbye I pivoted on my heels and marched to Loki's room. 
  I took a deep breath before I knocked on the door. I reminded myself that all I had to do was hand him the files, make sure he had something nice to wear for the hearing, and then I'd be at Le Bernardin with Eric and eat my weight in lobster. 
  The door finally opened. Loki always seemed to enjoy making me wait. His hair was wet as if he had just taken a shower and he wore black pants and a well-fitted long sleeve shirt the same colour as his eyes. 
  A green glow washed over him and he was instantly dry. His eyes roamed my body taking in the dress I had on. I felt more self-conscious than usual under his intense gaze. His expression remained neutral the entire time. 
“You look ridiculous.” 
“And you aren't wearing the suit I put out for you. Are you going to let me in or not? ”
  As if by answer Loki stepped aside and let me enter his room. I put my purse down on the table by his door. “Room” was a poor choice of words, it was bigger than my first apartment. Equipped with its own kitchen. And as much as I hated the man I couldn't deny his impeccable taste in decor. It was unexpectedly understated. Only a few pieces of artwork hanging on the far wall seemed to fit the dramatic alien Prince that inhabited the room. 
  “As promised the files on all senators. You might have to read some on the pl- “I stopped talking when I noticed Loki taking a seat on the black leather lounge chair. He raised his feet to rest on the ottoman. A book was in his hand and I couldn't help the small hitch in my breath as he licked his finger to turn the page. 
“Are you even listening?”
“Absolutely not,” he answered with candor.
  I rolled my eyes and crossed my arm. I couldn't stand him. He was arrogant. Rude. I wanted to throw something at him. I looked around the room. My eyes landed on the Jenga box Thor had left behind on his last visit. God that was a disaster. 
“You oaf,” Loki had shouted, “You bumped the table.”
  Thor called my name and pointed to the fallen blocks, “Tell him I didn't bump the table.”
  Loki and I were supposed to be going over questions he should avoid answering at the hearing. Thor had strolled in believing his brother needed a break. 
“Thor we really need to work,” I had told the God of Thunder. 
  “If you're looking for something to throw at me can I recommend a pillow?” Loki's voice brought me back to reality. 
  I froze and looked over to where he still sat. His eyes never left his book. I wondered if he could read my mind. 
  “I can't read your mind, bug,” He looked up from his book and gave me a sinister smile, “You're just very predictable.” 
  “And you're an asshole,” I screamed, “I'm trying to help you. We all are. We're trying to show the government and the world that you're different, that you've changed. ”
  “I have changed,” Loki stood up and I was reminded again of how incredibly tall he was. 
“No, you, haven't. You insult me ​​constantly. ”
  “That's because you're ANNOYING,” he shouted in frustration, “Any other time I would have killed you,” his voice was calm, “But I haven't. Because I've changed. ” 
  We stared at each other. Both daring the other to say something, to continue the intense back and forth. But I was tired. 
  “The hearing is in 45 minutes. Take the- “My phone rang. I searched for it in my purse and looked down to see it was the restaurant Eric and I had booked, “Hold on,” I raised my finger to keep Loki quiet, and into the phone, I replied, “Hello.” I listened as the hostess confirmed the date and time of my reservation. It had been pushed back at 8:30. Normally I'd be angry but I was running late anyway. I ended the phone call with a thank you and walked into the corner of Loki's room for more privacy. I dialed Eric's number to inform him of the change in plans. The phone rang 4 times, I looked down to make sure I called the right person. 
“You've reached Eric. Leave a message. ”
  “Hi Eric,” I couldn't help the smile on my face. I looked up to see Loki watching me and immediately turned around to face the wall, “Just got a call that our reservation is now going to be at 8:30 pm. I'm running a bit late myself. So umm, yeah, see you there, buddy. ” I hung up, mortified. Had I really called him buddy? 
“Nicely done,” Loki's voice was dripping in sarcasm.
“Oh shut it.” 
  “Explains the silly outfit you got on,” Loki exclaimed gesturing to me. I looked down at myself. It was a lot more formal than what I was used to. Working for Tony I often wore business casual. All through whenever I visited Loki I would often change into sweatpants and a messy bun. Our meetings were usually late at night and I liked to be comfortable, and I didn't think he deserved having me dressed up. Had I really looked silly though? Before I could ponder my question Loki spoke “So tell me, little bug. Who's dumb enough to go on a date with you? ” 
  “If you must know, his name is Eric. We knew each other back in high school. Actually, he was friends with my sister's friend's older brother. ”
  “Really?” Loki asked with fake enthusiasm. He had taken a seat at the bar stole next to his kitchen island. He rested his chin in his left hand. 
  “Yeah, so we- '' I paused. Remembering, suddenly, who I was talking to, “You're making fun of me, aren't you?” I asked matter of factly. 
“I am,” Loki said, blinking as he straightened himself up. 
  “I'm leaving, '' I said as I collected my purse. I looked down at my phone. Disappointed that I hadn't heard back from Eric. Without looking up I added, “If you have any questions, concerns, please don't call me.”
  Before I had a chance to turn the doorknob a second door raised from the floor, covering the only exit, locking me in. I looked at Loki for an explanation but he looked just as confused as me. The lights in his room turned off. I jumped and couldn't help the small scream I had let out when red lights came back on instead. In response to my scream, Loki stood up and gently pushed me away from the window, so that I now stood behind him. He then brandished a pair of daggers from thin air and looked around for the threat.
  A loud alarm began to roar through the entire compound. I covered my ears as Loki's windows were secured with the same metal reinforcement as the door. 
  Just as soon as it started the alarm shut off. The lights returned to normal. Loki was still standing, posed to attack the unseen threat. FRIDAY's voice came on the comm system. 
   “Attention all staff. The Avengers compound is in a mandatory lockdown. Please remain where you are. This is not a drill. I repeat. The Avengers compound is in a mandatory lockdown. Please remain where you are. ” As FRIDAY continued to say her message on a loop Loki and I looked at each other. The realization of our situation hit us at the exact same time. 
I broke the silence first. 
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callingvoicemail · 28 days ago
To say it has been a long day would be an understatement.
And yet as tired as Caleb is, he has slept in fits and starts, even under the protection of the dome. His internal clock tells him that two hours and forty-three minutes have gone by since he first lay down. He tries not to squirm too much – Essek must still be trancing, and they need all the rest they can get if they want to survive the coming days with their heavily depleted stock of healing potions. 
Caleb turns over as quietly as he can. But to his shock, Essek is lying next to him, fast asleep, so close that Caleb can feel Essek’s breath ghosting against his skin. More than that, Caleb’s eyebrows nearly vanish into his hairline when he sees Frumpkin, who has appeared out of nowhere in his cat shape and somehow managed to insinuate himself into the circle of Essek’s arms, curling up in a fluffy ball under his chin. 
Since they arrived at Aeor, Caleb has tried not to take too much notice of how close their bedrolls are when they sleep under the dome instead of in the tower, even though the rest of the Mighty Nein aren’t around. Perhaps old habits die hard, that they still seek the comfort of shared space even when there is only the two of them.
Essek lets out a tiny sigh in his slumber as his arms tighten around Frumpkin. His hands are still delicate even after the hard travel he has endured, his spellcaster’s fingers fine-boned and elegant.
Who would have thought the prodigious Shadowhand, the pride of Den Thelyss, would ever allow himself to be seen like this? The thought is enough to make Caleb smile despite his fatigue. 
He can only imagine what it must have been like for Essek, who had lived in the lap of luxury for over a century, to suddenly find himself tramping about Exandria with a ragtag group of strangers. These days, Essek’s wardrobe is much more practical. The ornate rings on his fingers have given way to much simpler designs, though his ears are still adorned with the silver earrings he favors so much. The moonlight catches on the fine chain as he presses his cheek against Frumpkin’s fur, his nose scrunching up in a manner that Caleb can find no word for in Common other than adorable.
After everything Caleb has been through, he knows better than to try to deny the truth to himself now. Somewhere in between their discussions on dunamancy and alternate timelines and the weight of their respective sins, his heart had slipped from his grasp before he had even realized it. 
The half-light reveals a dusting of small white freckles across the bridge of Essek’s nose and cheekbones. Caleb studies them carefully, mapping out the constellations they form, committing each one to memory. Sleep smooths away the edges of Essek’s mask, the one he has worn so long Caleb suspects Essek himself is no longer certain where the mask ends and his true self begins. Isolation is easier to stomach when it is self-imposed and worn as armor, nearly impenetrable.
Nearly being the operative word. 
Caleb thinks of the pretty blush that had spread across Essek’s face when a hand-painted parasol was pressed upon him. When a cup of fragrant tea was placed in Essek’s hands while he sat shivering with cold. When a hard cuff to the shoulder (celebratory) had made Essek wince, then smile when he thought no one was looking. 
Caleb’s own hands are scarred and callused, and maybe, just maybe, they would be enough to hold the jagged pieces of Essek together. 
He wonders suddenly if perhaps Essek would allow him this liberty. Just this once.
Hesitantly, he reaches out and tucks a silvery-white curl behind Essek’s ear as carefully as he can. But the movement makes Essek shift, his brows drawing together as he blinks his eyes open.
“It’s nothing. Go back to sleep, schatzi,” Caleb whispers, the endearment slipping from his tongue so naturally he hardly gives it a second thought. He brushes his knuckles lightly over Essek’s hand. “We’re safe here.”
Essek hums, his eyes closing once more. To Caleb’s great surprise, he reaches out blindly, tugging at Caleb’s arm until their hands are nestled in the warmth of Frumpkin’s fur. Caleb can feel him purring contentedly beneath their entwined fingers.
“Sleep,” Essek commands drowsily, already more than halfway there. 
“Sleep,” Caleb agrees, and drifts into the most restful slumber he’s had in memory.
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mmmwafflesart · 26 days ago
sometimes I wonder what kind of art an alternative timeline me or alternative world me would make you know? little things here and there have influenced me and what not, so what if it were different?
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Time Travel Double Standard
Merlin, watching from the afterlife: “Oh, so when I, Merlin Ambrosius doing an impression of Unkar the Unfortunate, send James Lakes Junior back in time to show him what the world would be like if he weren’t the Trollhunter, it’s ‘awful’ and ‘cruel’ and ‘had better be an illusion instead of a true alternate timeline’, but when he does it himself -”
Bellroc and Skrael, yelling at the script team: “Oh, so when we, the Arcane Order, try to reset the world to go the way we want it, it’s ‘horrible’ and ‘evil’ and stopping us is the main conflict of the movie, but when the Trollhunter resets the world to go the way he wants it, that’s supposed to be an uplifting ending to the entire franchise?”
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dudebroreg · a month ago
I’m sure who needs to hear this but “selfcest” is not a thing that is comparable in any way to any real life crime or wrongdoing and is therefore not setting a bad example about anything and is therefore not a problematic component that needs to be called out. Anyone can like or not like a pairing, but this is like the pinnacle of reaching to explain why the pairing someone doesn’t like is also “inappropriate” or “toxic.” Falling for (if you take the framing and Mobius’s words at face value) an alternate timeline version of yourself is not a thing anyone will have an opportunity to do nor is it likely that any impressionable mind is going to watch this show and then feel like falling in romantic love with oneself is the move.
If you are going the genetic route with this, the sci-fi on this is so vague that it’s not even concrete that they are biologically family even if they share some cosmic Loki oneness. Just the fact that Sylvie established she was born as the Goddess of Mischief and one Loki is Black makes their physical “sameness” a question mark that will probably never be answered (and yes, people of different races/sexes/genders can be related to each other before someone points out the obvious. That’s not the point I’m making here 😂) and really doesn’t need to be answered because it’s not pivotal to the story nor is it an action anyone can repeat in real life.
… Also apparently one of them is a fucking alligator or something, though I will wait and see if that is its natural form. If it is, they are definitely not biological fam.
Like or don’t like them, whatever, but do we need to construct completely made up “problems”? Some of y’all are saying “we don’t support selfcest” like it’s an epidemic that the show is now normalizing. There’s only one physical real life act you even could compare it to, and if you are reading this, chances are you do it to yourself. … If you are here on a regular basis, chances are you do it to yourself more often than the average person in lieu of someone to do it for you, and that is okay too.
Love yourself… like Loki.
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