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You know what, it almost totally makes sense that Amon, as a waterbender, can take away people’s bending. Hear me out.

Waterbending, you can also you to heal people. The water turns magical and glowy. Under this pretense, the fact that someone has to concentrate to change the property of water to heal, suggests that water is a conduit of energy- spiritual, regular, etc.

Therefore, Amon being a water bender, and learning how to take people’s bending away can make sense. As a prodigy of bloodbending, he must have figured out a way to also channel the energy of a human through the “water” inside one. Unlike a chi blocker, if he is bending the energy, he can block any single pathway in an irreversible manner. This is how Amon can take away people’s bending.

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So I’m scrolling through the bloodbending tag and I’m starting to realize how messed up I am…a lot of people are talking about the medical benefits of blood bending and how it shouldn’t be illegal and it could be used for good, but my only thoughts were how many ways I could kill people with it and who Katara could’ve killed and made the show go by quicker and more intense. Like most people are like “modern surgery! Cure blood diseases!” And I’m over here like “if I could bloodbend I could freeze someone’s blood into spikes and rip apart the veins it resides in and destroy the inside of their body by ripping everything apart with their own blood”. God damn I’m a terrible person.

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Okay I know it’s evil and bad and shit but do you know how awesome it would be to be able to bloodbend?? Like if I were a water bender I would want to learn that shit so bad…fire king wouldn’t stand a chance if I bent his blood into little spikes and ripped apart his nervous system and killed him from the inside out.

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Was going to do an all out story about sandbending avatar after Korra but now I think I’ll do conversations and training they did with their various bending masters. And I want bloodbending to be painted in a more positive light for once.

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So let us talk about Hama for a second.

Puppet master is set in between a streak of incredible amazing episodes but in its scary way it’s still outstanding.

Hama herself is a tragic character, as she was a young and powerful water bender in the middle of cultural genocide, literally fighting until all of her cultural is being deported, including her.

They are put into a inhuman prison - which doesn’t really make any sense. From the fire nation point of view… what is the reason behind it? War is expensive so now you are just going to take lots of people, put them in a prison just so that you have to feed them? And guard them? You can’t even let them work for you, as they are too skilled. Seemes not like the brightest idea to me.

But she is put in a inhuman prison and rots away until she becomes dehuminazed. So she does a thing that is (apparently) extremely removed from anything a sane and good person would do: she bloodbends.

I know in the show it’s portrayed as some what understandable but still bad, we see it in Kataras reaction. But I don’t think it is. It’s under stable, valid and it saved Hamas life.

In extreme situations you will do things, that you thought weren’t possible or outside of your moral values.

Hamas bloodbending seemes to be just as bad as the fire nation deporting her - which it isn’t. I guess we can assume that Hama would never had done such a thing, if the fire nation didn’t put her in such a life or death situation. They just got a inhuman reaction from someone they treated less then human.

And I do not unterstand what Hamas reasoning is for taking village people as prisoners. Yes yes I know, she is blinded by hate and whatever. But why would she take them prisoner? Why not kill them and dunk them into a river? Prisoners are expensive and a lot of work. And the way she kept them was still so much better then the treatment she got! Yes, these people were put in captivity and chained to a wall - but at least they were not alone. There was not cultural genocide.

Was is nice? No. Did the captured people do anything bad? Nothing we know about. But was it SOMEWHERE near what the fire nation did? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

And what about the end? This lady has been tortured and broken by the fire nation just gets put back in a prison. And we can’t assume that she is put in a better prison. Because she is still too dangerous for normal captivity. So the only way to keep her is the same inhuman way - expect it isn’t. She could still blood bend at full moon nights, assuming that it doesn’t matter if she sees the moon or not. The full moon is a monthly recurring event, that even I can feel each month - and I’m far from a bender. So we would need a even worse way to capture Hama.

So… let’s summarize, my friends. We have Hama - a victim of cultural genocide - tortured in a prison until she breaks and becomes inhuman herself. After freeing herself she tries to work through her trauma by acting in the way the fire nation had her learn in order to survive. And ends up in a equally or worse prison by her tormentors again.

She is not a “good” person. But she treatment she got in the end does not sit right with me.

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I feel like the legend of Korra would have had a larger popularity if at the end of season one Korra was stuck with only airbending and subsequently had to relearn each element, but not the physical aspects of them because she’s already got that down, no, she should learn what each element means spiritually because that’s what she struggles with throughout season one, the spirituality aspect of being the avatar

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How amazing as a waterbender would you have to be? (you’d need to be as strong as Katara or as studied as Hama, who’s studied waterbending for a LIFETIME)

AND you would need a full moon

AND you would need to have SO LITTLE REGARD for your fellow man that you decided what you wanted was more important than the NATURAL, PHYSICAL MOVEMENTS OF THAT PERSON’S BODY.

BLOODBENDING IS NOT SOMETHING YOU JUST DO FOR CONVENIENCE! You need to be a psychopath, you’re doing something to someone that takes away ALL their autonomy. Their own body works against them and while it’s also an incredible act of bending proficiency it is literally MAKING their body act against them in line with YOUR will.

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People just starting to watch A:TLA for the first time: The bending is really cool, but couldn’t the waterbenders technically just bend the water inside of people? Like their blood? I’m pretty sure technically they could. Well I guess it’s a kids show so they probably won’t go into it haha.

People who have seen the show already and know what happens:

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