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#Repost @tsean64
Foggy Fall morning on the Duke of Gloucester Street.


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#Repost @sunnyrea37
This photo of a few of us from Colonial Williamsburg’s garden party 2 years ago feels just perfect for today’s #fallforcostume of ‘space.’
#gardenparty #jeffersonsgardenparty #fireworks #18thcentury #18thcenturyfashion #18thcenturymenswear #18thcenturyclothing #18thcenturycostume #historicalcostuming #historicalcostume #historicalcostumer #historicalmenswear

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Y'all know what really sucks about being closeted? Wanting to stand up for your community but not being able to or you’d give yourself away.

  • So you just watch as people nod their heads in agreement to homophobic points of views during church
  • You just watch as people believe misconceptions about LGBTQ+ people
  • You play along with homophobic jokes out of fear
  • You start feeling real scared when your family starts believing and agreeing to homophobic things. You want to correct and educate them so bad but the damn fear just won’t fuckin let you
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Miss Kitty decided my snacks were toys, after she stole 3 of them I told her no and tried to pull them away, she didn’t like that. Claw time. Back to sweet cat a few seconds later.

I usually only post the good stuff with Ricky’s parents but sometimes it’s a struggle. I hope I never give the impression that trying to convert a feral is easy, even after years of effort. You also want to be very careful with cat scratches, clean them well and keep an eye on them.

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a story about the american healthcare system (yay)

so. i am a 20 yo American college student whose on my parents health insurance PLUS I have the student health plan from my school. I’m incredibly privileged to have not one, but two solid health insurance plans.

HOWEVER, neither has helped me at all getting on a med that my dermatologist prescribed. its an injectable medication for severe eczema. yes, i know, an injection for eczema??? yeah. that’s how bad my skin is. I know.

so. my dermatologist is fantastic and knew that it would be a battle to get my insurance to cover it. she knew that we would have to try and fail every eczema med known to man before we’d even have a prayer of the injection being covered. so i tried a pill and three topical creams and ointments (I think most or all were steroids). this process took weeks and none of them put more than a dent in my horrible skin situation.

so then she started to appeal my insurance. my primary insurance denied it twice and idk what the fuck is going on with my secondary but we have made 0 progress with that one. and the insurance expert at my dermatologist’s office has been on it for months at this point so I guarantee that she’s already tried everything.

so then I found out that the company that produces the medication has a payment assistance program. which sounded like the miracle I needed. so i started calling the company. they had great customer service over the phone, but i quickly realized it wouldn’t be easy. they kept telling me they hadn’t received the denials from my insurance even though my dermatologist told me they had faxed them over.

I kept calling them and then they finally told me that they needed THREE denials from my insurance, not just two. so i had to call my dermatologist again, ask her to appeal my insurance one more time, and then wait for my insurance to process the appeal and deny it AGAIN and then have my dermatologist fax over the denial. which took weeks.

so now the medicine company has all three denials. and they need me to fill out some paperwork and submit a proof of income. which can be my tax return from last year or 6 consecutive months of paychecks. but I don’t do my taxes, my parents do. and im not on good terms with my mom. and it turned out that they filed an extension so they hadn’t even FILED our taxes yet even though it was October.

and the website wasn’t working that has my paychecks. it wouldn’t let me send them from my company device to one of my personal devices. so i contacted my boss and he helped me figure it out.

before I could download and submit six months of my paychecks, my parents sent me a copy of my tax return to get my signature. I jumped on the opportunity and sent it to the medicine company. and didn’t hear back.

so. i called them again. they said, thats not the right tax return form. like, are you kidding me? also, they said the paperwork I had signed for them was an old version so I would have to sign it again.

so now I guess I’m just gonna go through the process of downloading, sending over, and uploading all my paychecks because I asked my dad for the correct tax form but he has to get it from my mom (who, fun fact, is my former abuser). and I have to sign the paperwork again but thats not that big of a deal.

I’m just fucking mad. its been three or four months and I still haven’t had a single dose of this medication. and it’s astronomically expensive so I can’t just pay out of pocket. and despite having the huge privilege of having double health insurance, i can’t get this much needed medication because of red tape.

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#Repost @jeffpicoultphotography
Took a quick look through my profile and realized it’s been way too long since our family visited CW. Now that I have a new @canonusa 5Dmkiv I need to get back there to shoot some 4k video along with some #blackandwhite on my @leica_camera #dlux6 .
@visitvirginia #coloniallife #18thcenturyamerica #canon5dmarkiv #canonfamily #leica

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