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‘Superman’ and 'Batwoman’ Arrowverse 2021 Crossover Cancelled!!

'Superman’ and 'Batwoman’ Arrowverse 2021 Crossover Cancelled!! #Batwoman, #SupermanandLois, #CW, #DC, #TylerHoechlin, #JaviciaLeslie, #Supergirl, #BitsieTulloch, #Arrowverse

The upcoming Arrowverse crossover event on The CW between Batwoman and Superman & Lois has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. The event would have seen Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) meeting the new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) for the first time. The Batwoman and Superman crossover was announced last spring, and was at the time expected to feature Hoechlin‘s Man of Steel teaming up…


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Having Covid is the worst fucking thing possible. It’s fucking awful. It’s unimaginably awful.

It’s viscious, even the mildest symptoms fucking knock you out, and there’s shit that come in my symptoms that are footnotes compared to the top three NO SMELL, NO TASTE, BIG COUGH.

There’s the headache that sits right behind your eyes, where you can’t move your head without being in pain, and with that comes the light sensitivity, where even your phone on the lowest brightness HURTS. There’s the dizziness, the feeling like the whole world is doing a 360 beneath your feet. The exhaustion, the confusion, the stomach pains, not being able to keep food or water down, the scratch that sits on your throat, the aches in places you didn’t know existed. There’s the sweats, the sweating through blankets, quilts, pillowcases, the cold shivers, the window open and the radiators full blast, the shaking apart at the seams.

And I get it, some of these are probably brought on by other things, some of the symptoms are probably unique to me, but this shit is considered mild. Like I’m considered the bottom rung for COVID.

I’ve seen the affect it has when the symptoms are worst though, I’ve seen what this can do to people.

My point? Stay home. I can assure you it’s not worth it.

If you have a job like I do? Worried that they’re not taking the preventative measures seriously? FUCKING BLOW THE WHISTLE. Get talking to someone higher up, kick up a fuss, no job is worth this shit.

Look after yourself, follow the fucking rules, stop hugging people because you think you’re exempt, or special, ALWAYS KEEP YOURSELF STOCKED UP JUST IN CASE, follow the guidelines, and don’t be afraid to RAT PEOPLE THE FUCK OUT.

You are not being a grass. You are not an awful person. If the government has said “We are in full lockdown, do NOT have people up to your house” I dont give a fuck if it’s Jimmy’s first christening or Janice’s fucking 40th, I see a party at your place IMMA RAT YOU THE FUCK OUT.


This is a fever rant, this is me unimaginably unwell, completely scared, with parents in the hospital and a 13 year old in the house telling you that this shit isn’t a joke. Not anymore. And if we don’t start holding these standards and kicking out the people who don’t, we’re never going to get better.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Look out for each other.

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ɢᴏɪᴢᴏ - ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢ ꜰᴏʀꜱᴀᴋᴇɴ ʙʏ ɢᴏᴅ

Bad Ending spoilers below:

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having sexual intrusive thoughts doesn’t make you a bad person. they don’t define you. you don’t want or enjoy them, it’s not your fault.

But sharing those thoughts publicly, especially to people you know IRL, is not always okay. For example, Telling your friends that you have intrusive thoughts about touching or r/ping them is a very fucked up thing to do. its unfair of you to tell them things like that and expect them to not feel disturbed or uncomfortable. Even if they care about you very much, and they understand that intrusive thoughts aren’t your fault and dont reflect your true desires, telling your friend that you think about r/ping them is still an extremely unnecessary and disgusting thing to do. you can say something more vague like, “my intrusive thoughts are disturbing me and making me feel like a bad person, can I have some support?”. They do NOT need to know that you’ve thought about r/ping them. it’s just unnecessary and will only make them uncomfortable and scared. they aren’t your therapist and shouldn’t have to be burdened with such disturbing knowledge. especially if they’re a victim of sexual assault, it can be extremely triggering.

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Batwoman S2E1

ok i loved ruby rose in last season because shes just awesome but im also excited to see how the cw does with a queer poc superhero as a lead character. i just hope they do her justice

oooh batwoman was on that plane but what caused the plane to crash?

and luke just figured it out

and ryan found the batsuit

i dont like this bruce look the guy who plays bruce just doesnt ‘fit’ idk is that weird? i cant imagine him in the batsuit

ok seriously fox that shouldve been the first clue THAT AINT BRUCE

another clue foxy how would bruce know that beth is alice?

ok she looks dope in the suit

oof homicidal maniac in grieving is not good

damn this speech is dope

julie is suspicious good

woah woah alice’s ganag murdered ryans mom oh this is gonna be an interesting season

oh luke dont blame yourself that doesnt do good for anyone

oh thank god julie figured it out

oh no tommy knows where the suit is

wtf dont go blowing up walls! thats a fuckin cave things can implode


ok how is tommy even supposed to fit in the batsuit? kate changed it to fit her body perfectly

pfft that took forever hahaha


Jacob - ha! no

ppft ryan that van will not outrun the freakin batmobile!

the fact that tommy elliot knew where to find the batmobile and luke never thought about looking for it is preposterous

eww tommys faces coming off always disgust me

ok how did that bullet not kill her?

well yeah shes still in love with kate

oh jacob aint nobody showing up your daughter is dead

oh alice, ryan will be batwoman they arent ginna start a whole new season without a new lead

omg that bullet wound theres kryptonite still in there or something

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Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman would be a great hero to fight with Arthur Fleck’s Joker.

Here me out.

Both are fucked over by a rigged system. That’s the crux of why they do what they do. They’re both trapped.

The difference is Ryan put that energy towards helping people not be in the same situation as here whereas Arthur went “fuck it burn that shit DOWN”.

It’d be less physical fighting and more of a moral battle? Like Bruce Wayne is a broken man but he’s still at a huge seat of privilege so any moral battle already has him in a completly different place. Whereas Ryan KNOWS what it’s like to have less than nothing.

Idk as a mentally ill black woman I just really like the two stories.

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I just want to feel safe on someone else’s arms without thinking the worse end to it.

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#Batwoman Season Premiere 2nite was brilliantly magnificent can’t wait till next week I’m so head over in ❤ with this #SuperheroShow Y'all #Happy #Selfie #SuperheroFan #SuperheroFamily #SuperheroLover #JaviciaLeslie #SashaBanks #SashaKrew #LegitBoss #MichelleRodrguez #mrodfamily #mrodlover #Superhero4Life #Loyal 😊😍🤡🦇💙💜❤

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Candice Patton said Happy Batwoman day to the Black cast members ONLY😭😭

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C’mon Ryan with the speech!!!!!!!

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Stop asking for number 10 you goofs. Its here

6. I love a whumpee with a defiant/stubborn side. But I’d say when they’re openly terrified of the whumper. That is like the best. Unfortunately I tend to write them with the defiant nature almost not existing. But I’m trying hard to keep it in Drew to give myself and you variety.

14. My least favorite tropes? I like sick fics but I don’t like when they get like stomach sick and vomit. I also don’t like reading about whumpees dying or being killed. Um. I don’t hate Lady whump but I would never put it anywhere near the top of my favorites.

20. I’m pretty good 🥰🥰 planning on writing some more in a little bit.

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I’ve seen humans just lay down and not get back up again… respiratory issues, the cold…..I’d hate such a quiet death

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Ok so I know nothing about the new Batwoman in the CW, but why did we get a new Batwoman instead of a Batfam show? I mean both Batman and Batwoman are missing, it could be like Red Robin’s search but with the whole Batfamily.

Nightwing returns from Bludhaven where he was following a lead, maybe he takes up the mantle, maybe not. He and Oracle have essentially given up. They’ve checked everywhere they could think of, and they still can’t find Batman. Even Alfred had started to lose hope.

Not Red Robin though, he’s still looking and he refuses to give up. And as long as he doesn’t give up, neither will the rest.

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I can’t stop thinking about Montana and its two proposed anti-trans-youth bills, one saying student athletes must play on teams that correspond with their assigned sex at birth regardless of medical or social transition and one preventing doctors from providing life-saving gender-affirming care, including puberty blocking hormones, which don’t produce any anotomical changes but rather delay the changes of puberty and which are very low risk (some studies show they can increase risk of low bone density in old age). I’m thinking about how Montana already has an absolute epidemic of teen suicide and how much worse these bills, if passed, would make quality of life for trans children and teens.

I’m a cis adult living in Massachusetts, but as the daughter of a Montanan, as a queer person, and as somehow with a heart, I’m just really sad. Please comment or send me a message if you want info about ways to protect trans youth in Montana.

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It’s kinda gross to me that the CW and supernatural had such disdain for all the young women and girls who liked their shows because they werent their “preferred target audience” but here the CW is on tumblr. Full of the same demographic they hate so much, advertising walker Texas ranger every other post.

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