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#dark chocolate peeps


I was about to become that one meme image of the guy screaming in pain because nOOOO NOT YOU DYING D: dhbdhdbd

But fr that sounds really fucking cool👀👀 maybe we all grow a little more distrusting of you up until your sacrifice ™ because we couldn’t tell who you were working for with the flip-flopping, or even if we could trust the info you gave us? And afterwards, we have to sneak into a government building just to try and get you freed (maybe towards the end of the plot as kinda a final battle™ moment?)

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Tumblr let me italicize eyes 2021 I cannot express my excitement enough-

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Anny !! :D I’m good lol, how are you?

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I am sorry to inform you that I’ve never seen wicked and only heard one song because we were picking out stuff for a choir pop show sjdbsjbdjd

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That’s bullshit >:( I’ll cancel my own school so we can both me online idc /lh /hj

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Merry eggsmas


skdlfjkdjfdsjfsjdflskdfjldskjfdslkjfdslfsdkfjdsfjsdfkjsddf thank you i love it

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Thank you anny!! :D (and 👀 I like anything fantasy related lol so yeah, dragons are v epic )

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Mwahahaha I dare >:) /j

But fr tysm!!! Tbh I kinda wished I revised it but I have a quiz in like 20 minutes oop— I’m glad that you liked it tho!! :D

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kdslflkjdf- but thank you <3<3<3 /p that really does mean a lot to me

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