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Poptropica Island Ratings
okay I saw a post on here a while ago and someone rated the Poptropica islands. I remember agreeing with a lot of them, but they only went so far so a lot of the newer islands were missed out. I came across it again recently and got hit by a wave of nostalgia so I’m gonna do my own now. Unoriginal content very good. i’ll put a keep reading link to stop it from taking up too much space
Early Poptropica - mega nostalgia but kinda boring. I like the original Poptropicans being pixely and there is a goth gf in the sewers however the giant green spider scared the shit out of me as a kid and the idea of an aircraft graveyard made me sad so 6/10
Shark Tooth Island - also nostalgic but I didn’t complete it for a long time for some reason.. very short. it has a story but its there is nasty shark and people stuck on an island so make a calming potion. the medicine man looks like he is from viva pinata so 6/10
Time Tangled Island - VERY GOOD AND FUN AND HISTORICAL FUCK THAT AZTEC THO DICKHEAD. quite lengthy for an island but this is good because that means more time periods to explore. it’s also educational but i just care about restoring time. very legendary the iconic just jumped out - 10/10
24 Carrot Island - stupid pun point taken off. introduces Dr Hare and people are THIRSTY. you can dye your hair with milkshakes. i thought it was creepy as a kid honestly. i think its mind control or something. but i like it, it still has nostalgia value 8/10
Super Power Island - very legend like. i loooove the antagonists, especially copy cat but i think i had to look up a guide to beat her because i was dumb af. you need a licence to be a superhero but you are a superhero!!! very fun i like this one a lot 10/10
Spy Island - i remember sucking at this one as well as a kid.  i think it fucks with peoples hair and i only remember because my character looks fresh 100% of the time and this island fucked it up i think. i don't really remember it tho. 5/10
Nabooti Island - it’s based on a Choose Your Own Adventure book so good premise. go around the world is also good. you have to get jewels i think. ngl i didn’t finish this one because i sucked at it so i’m just going off the wiki and how far i got into it. fuck the animal puzzle 7/10
Big Nate Island - who the fuck is Big Nate. i only remember the school climbing frame and a stink bomb. fuck you big nate we don’t have your comics in England 1/10
Astro-Knights Island - medieval knights.... IN SPACE?!?! COUNT ME IN. crazy jester bard guy antagonist. people are thirsty for him too. i’m pretty sure you end up in another dimension or something. cyborgs and shit 9/10
Counterfeit Island - bruh i loved this island. pretty sure antagonist is also making people thirsty. you have to go back to Early Poptropica Island to complete it, very cool. investigating crime is cool idea it’s l.a. noire in poptropica. the wiki says there is a glitch called anti-social clown and i have to say relatable 9/10
Reality TV Island - i think i completed this like twice and i remember jackshit. you get to see past characters tho so very good. it’s just doing challenges. 4/10
Mythology Island - VERY GOOD. LEARN ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. you can fight hydra and other creatures, you meet Zeus you meet Hades, Aphrodite is a bitch. 9/10
Skullduggery Island - pirates are always good no matter what. apparently it is one of the hardest islands which explains why i never completed it but you fight other pirates and sea monsters for doubloons or some shit sounds cool to me 8/10
Steamworks Island - steampunk is good. i remember completing this and thinking it was interesting and weird to look at. i think the atmosphere is was lonely tho. there’s a boss battle against a plant i think. otherwise i don’t fuckin remember 7/10
Great Pumpkin Island - it’s Peanuts so it’s nice. very nice and simple. it’s just about the great pumpkin except you’re there. 6/10
Cryptids Island - GOD TIER. CRYPTIDS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. some of it is scary tho. the jersey devil just fucking staring at you from the window was a shit the bed moment for a kids game. also before the islands got rebooted, it was one of the only islands to have sound effects, i.e. when the chupacabra bursts out the box. honestly because of the balls on this kids game to scare children and also being good island 10/10
Wild West Island - the only thing better than pirates is cowboys. i don’t really remember it but you do go against an outlaw gang. i like cowboys 10/10
Wimpy Wonderland Island - Jeff I know you made doawk and poptropica but did you have to show it. ngl i liked it because i like doawk. but it’s kinda... creatively bankrupt i guess. 3/10 2 points because Rodrick is there
Red Dragon Island - i think more time travel but just to old Japan. you have to save a girl. that’s all i remember. also i think there is a nasty samurai guy. but also evil dragon. i can’t remember because for the longest time this was a premium account only island so i never got to finish it for the longest time. that was a dick move 7/10 for that alone.
Shrink Ray Island - cool premise but this island expects me to learn morse code 3/10
Mystery Train Island - detectives? on a train? very nice. basically murder on the orient express except no murder and thomas edison is there and also various other 1700/1800 nerds
Game Show Island - basically Reality TV except it’s to save the world from robots. 5/10
Ghost Story Island - wow iconic. this is the only island with voice acting and it’s to fucking jumpscare you i shat myself.  ghost hunting, very cool 10/10
S.O.S Island - it’s basically Titanic mixed with Moby Dick. it’s ok 6/10
Vampire’s Curse Island - i reaaaally like this one. i like vampires. it has a vampire daddy in it so. he kidnaps a teenage girl tho because he thinks its the love of his life who is dead. kinda weird. he does stop being insane at the end tho and says sorry and dies. the girls bf is a dickhead tho. 9/10
Twisted Thicket Island - i think you’re saving a forest from becoming housing. i really like it because it introduces various folkloric creatures like the nokken. i only remember the nokken because i went on akinator to see if he knew what it was and i don’t think he did so i added it and it’s photo to his database. or maybe it was just his photo but i remember uploading something to akinator. 8/10
Poptropolis Games Island - i don’t think i liked this one 3/10
Wimpy Boardwalk Island - Jeff. 2/10 1 point added because Rodrick is also there
Lunar Colony Island - space is good. do i remember this island tho? no. i think theres aliens tho. 5/10 because i like space and aliens.
Super Villain Island - it brings back the most memorable villains like binary bard and black widow. you find out why they are evil. pretty chill 8/10
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Island - what do you expect 5/10
Zomberry Island - the last of us except i think people are just eating nasty berries really. i like it it’s spooky 7/10
Night Watch Island - Paul Blart Mall Cop 6/10
Back Lot Island - you make a film. i can’t remeber it like at all. 6/10 because it sounds ok
Poptropolis Games Island Part 2 - fuck off 2/10
Virus Hunter Island - i don’t think i completed this one either. however it is one of those inside the human body things which is always cool if cliche. 8/10
Mocktropica Island - very satirical what if about if poptropica was run by assholes. ironic since a bunch of islands were made premium only for a while. pretty sure the bonus missions still are too which is why i’m not mentioning them. funny tho 7/10
Monster Carnival Island - spooky yes. people thirst over the ringmaster raven guy too. theres a spooky clown on the ferris wheel. i don’t remember much other than i liked it because it was about monsters in a theme park. 9/10 i remember it was surprisingly short tho
Survival Island - castaway except it’s you. i don’t remember it either lmao. i got out of touch with old poptropica real bad by this time so my next ratings might be unfair sorry. pretty sure it also becomes the most dangerous game tho and some guy wants to actually fucking kill you. ballsy. 7/10 because it sounds ok i should maybe play it.
Mission Atlantis Island - i like atlantis but i didn’t play this one either. you see deepsea creatures which are spooky so extra points 8/10
PoptropiCon Island - poptropica’s answer to comicon. now i did play this one for some reason but i don’t remember it too well either. i was 14 when it came out so. sounds like yu-gi-oh so good. 7/10
Arabian Nights Island - didn’t play it i think it’s just telling the story. it’s a cool story so 7/10
Galactic Hotdogs Island - what the fuck 1/10
Mystery of The Map Island - vikings are cool. island seems very short tho. 5/10
Timmy Failure Island - who the fuck. this would be more impactful if i read these fucking things but i don’t. who the fuck are you timmy. i guess it’s called failure for a reason. (that was mean sorry) 1/10
Escape from Pelican Rock Island - prison break, nice idea. you have like a twin in this one. seems a bit repetitive sometimes tho. theres like 7 days of doing similar things. 6/10
Monkey Wrench Island - it was created to be the new tutorial, i.e. an actual tutorial rather than Early Poptropica. very fast and boring, especially if you already know everything. 2/10
Crisis Caverns Island - i know nothing about this. even the wiki is incomplete. maybe that means its shit then. 1/10 the wiki doesn’t even care too much about this one.
Greek Sea Odyssey - more ancient greece is always good. you get to beat the shit out of zeus this time 8/10
Snagglemast Island - all you do is collect coins. another tutorial one. 1/10.
bonus: home island. legit just a hub. points added because you can do a lot of customisation here and pick up a pet that doesn’t cost credits. 4/10
DOUBLE BONUS: the little haunted house mini thing. very good because spooky costumes, spooky house fun little monster party. 10/10
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Fic: A Woman Scorned - Part 17
Fic: A Woman Scorned - Part 17
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Rating: R for language and smut.
Words: ~3300 words.
Summary: You’ve been sleeping with Billy Russo for a few months now. Knowing his aversion to emotional commitments, you’re satisfied with your clandestine arrangement until you catch him having dinner with Dinah Madani one night. Then it finally dawns on you. It’s not that he doesn’t want to commit, he just doesn’t want to commit to *you*.
Billy may think he knows you, but he has no idea what he’s just lost…
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15  Part 16
Part 17
Billy couldn’t stop gawking at you, wondering how it was possible you grew more beautiful each time he saw you. The red wrap dress you were wearing accentuated all your curves, and it took every bit of willpower he had not to rip it off of you and fuck you senseless right then and there. Unfortunately, he had to behave himself. Caravan was a pretty bouji place that had recently been labelled as one of the hottest restaurants in Manhattan and he had to pull a few strings to get a last-minute reservation for tonight. But seeing the smile on your face when you realized this was where you were dining had been completely worth all the hassle.
As the hostess guided the two of you to your table, he noticed a few assholes at the bar admiring you from afar. Immediately he snaked his arm around your waist to draw you in closer. You were his. If he could he’d pluck out every one of those fuckers’ eyes so they never made the mistake of looking at you again. Better yet, he’d keep you locked behind closed doors. Of course you wouldn’t agree to anything like that because you were too goddamn independent for your own good.
“What’s wrong?” you asked, taking a seat at your designated table.
Billy’s attention returned to your face as he followed suit, his gaze inhaling you in. “You look too hot. Too many assholes staring at you,” he grumbled.
The worried look on your face was replaced with a beaming smile, one that made his cock twitch.
“You’re being ridiculous” you remarked, scanning the menu.
His eyes drifted down to your chest, the swell of your soft, supple breasts just begging to be kissed and licked by him.
“Stop staring at my boobs, Billy,” you chastised even as a small smile graced your lips. “This is a proper first date. You can’t just ogle me like that. You have to behave like a gentleman.”
He quirked his eyebrow. “Sweetheart, I’ve never been that.”
“Well, try,” you ordered.
The waitress came by with the bottle of red wine you’d requested and poured some in both of your glasses. He noticed the redhead giving him a friendly smile, her green eyes lingering on him for a second too long. Fine, yeah, she may have been hot but she wasn’t you. No one was. So while he would have happily slipped her his number in the past, now the idea of being with someone who wasn’t you no longer excited him.
Once she left, he took the opportunity to move a few inches closer to you. What he really wanted was to get on his knees and bury his head between your legs, but something told him eating you out in in the crowded restaurant wouldn’t go over very well with you.
“I think she likes you.”
Hand propped on the back of your chair, he started playing with your hair. “Who?”
“Our waitress. She didn’t look at me once, her eyes were on you the entire time.”
He leaned in, ecstatic at the thought of you acting possessive. Even though you’d confessed to having feelings for him, Billy still worried you were ready to bolt at any moment. To see you jealous meant you genuinely cared and he didn’t have to worry about you leaving him. “She’s not my type. I have my eyes on someone else.”
You made a show of looking around the restaurant. “Oh, is Madani here too?”
“Funny,” he retorted, taking your hand in his.
“Your ginger’s lucky. I’m dressed way too nice or I’d take my knife and stab her with it.”
He smirked. “You’re vicious when you’re jealous.”
“I’m not jealous. I just don’t like bad service.”
“Billy, you’re hot. You know that. All the women here are checking you out. If I freaked out every time someone did that, I’d have a breakdown.”
He wanted to destroy the fucking world at the thought of someone even looking at you but apparently you were simply ambivalent about him. “So it’s that easy for you? Your brain tells you to turn off a feeling and your heart just does it?” Even to his own ears he sounded bitter. “Guess you’re not all that invested in me.”
Your eyebrow quirked up, apparently surprised by his edgy tone. “Do you want me to go nuts?”
“Just want you to give a damn.”
“You think I don’t?” you snapped. “Every time she looks at you I want to tear her hair out. Even though the rational part of me knows she’s probably just flirting with you because it’s part of her job or she’s hoping for big tips. Or maybe she really does want to fuck you. Either way, I want to punch her across the face. Happy?” You gulped down your wine.
Grinning, he squeezed your hand. “Then why not just tell me that? Why act like you don’t care?”
The agitated expression on your face was replaced with tenderness, your eyes soft. “Just because I don’t have a jealous fit doesn’t mean I don’t care. I just…” You exhaled a sigh, and he sensed this was difficult for you. “I express my emotions differently than you.”
“I noticed. You put on an act while holding everything in.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“But I want you, the real you, not the version everyone else sees.”
“It’s not that easy, Billy.”
He brought your palm to his lips. “I’d never told anyone about my mother.”
“You didn’t tell me either,” you pointed out.
“You found out anyway, and I’m so fucking glad you did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have realized I could be real with you.” He placed a tender kiss on your skin. “I don’t want to hide anything from you, Y/N.”
“Then tell me about William Rawlins.”
Your request gave him pause, his eyes roaming over your face. He’d taken painstaking measures to keep his partnership with Rawlins a secret yet you’d discovered it. “What do you want to know?”
“He gave you a lot of money.”
“I earned that money,” he said in a defensive tone. “He and I were partners for a while. Then he died.”
“You went to a lot of trouble to hide your connection to him.”
“You found out about it though.”
You shrugged your shoulders. “I’m good at what I do.”
“Yeah, too good,” he muttered. He released your hand, watching you intently. “So what do you want to know?”
You leaned in closer, your voice barely above a whisper. He was momentarily distracted by the sensation of your tits pressed against him but he forced himself to concentrate.
“What happened to Rawlins, did you have anything to do with it?”
Billy took a swig of his wine. “Why do you think that?”
You quirked your eyebrow at him. “Knifed by someone in the parking lot. They never found the guy who did it.”
“He had a lot of enemies,” he pointed out.
“Okay, so maybe I was wrong.”
He studied you for several seconds, trying to decide if he should take the leap or not. “You’re not wrong.”
Realization dawned on your face as the truth set in. “Why did you do it?”
“You sure you want to know?”
“I’m asking, aren’t I?”
So he told you, about Operation Cerberus, his role in it and the money he earned, how he’d eliminated Rawlins a year ago when the prick plotted to take out Frank and his family. To this day Frank didn’t know about Billy’s partnership with Rawlins or how close he came to dying and he intended to keep it that way.
Throughout his confession his eyes were glued to your face, gauging your reactions. The part of him determined to do anything to be a success, the one who didn’t let society’s morals get in the way of his ambitions, would never be accepted by his closest friends. Despite the myriad of reasons to have kept that side of himself hidden, he didn’t want to do that with you. Because as risky as it was to be so open with you, it was also exhilarating. There was no one in this world he’d ever been this honest with and that kind of intense connection with you was addictive. He wanted you to know everything about him, all of the dark and vicious thoughts that ran through his head, the burning ambition that kept pushing him forward. He wanted you to know him inside and out and he wanted the same from you.
Before he could prod you to speak your mind the server came by with your dishes, setting your meals on the table. The redhead took her time, all the whilst your gaze was focused on the table, avoiding his. Billy’s heart started to pound in his chest, he was suddenly filled with doubt. Had he made a mistake in telling you the truth? Did he just completely fuck this up? Every second the goddamn redhead lingered at the table felt like an eternity when all he wanted was to shake you out of your stupor.
The second the server left, he moved in on you. “Are you gonna say something?”
You finally looked at him, your forehead burrowed. “We need to do a better job of hiding your history with Rawlins. I found it, that means someone else can too.”
“You gonna help me with that?”
You shook your head ‘yes’. “Yeah, I have to. You need me.”
“What I did doesn’t bother you?”
You exhaled a heavy sigh. “Of course it does, but there’s nothing I can do about it. You’ve seen me at my worst and you didn’t judge me. I won’t do that to you either. Besides, when the universe deals you a shitty hand you’ve got to find other ways to even out your odds.”
A strange feeling of warmth flooded over him, compelling him to angle forward and kiss you on the lips.
You pulled away a second later, smiling at him as you rubbed the corner of his mouth. “This lipstick isn’t kiss-proof.”
“I don’t care.” Wicked visions of you flashed through his mind. Your bold red lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him off the way he liked it. His cum spread over your tits, your neck, your lips. The taste of your sweet, delicious cunt on his tongue as he fucked you with his mouth. The heat of your tongue against his as he rammed into you over and over-
“Stop looking at me like that,” you warned.
“Then stop looking so hot,” he snarked.
You smiled, biting down on your bottom lip.
It blew his mind how sweet and shy you were when he paid you compliments, like you didn’t expect that from him. Obviously he needed to fix that, because you deserved to know how insanely beautiful you were all the time.
“Has Anvil been okay without Rawlins?” you asked, taking a bite out of your butternut squash ravioli.
Swallowing his steak, he wiped his mouth with a napkin. “It was tough for a while but we’ve been doing pretty well the last few months.”
“You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished, Billy. You took a big risk going into business for yourself and you made it work. That’s amazing. I could never do that.”
Billy’s insides radiated with happiness. Other than Curtis and Frank he never really had people who genuinely believed in him so to have you cheering him on was exalting. Especially considering you were great at what you did and he had so much respect for you.
He poured himself and you more wine before reaching for your hand again. “I think you could. You’d make a shitload of money if you freelanced.”
You shook your head ‘no’. “No way, I’m too much of a coward to take a risk like that.” You took a sip of your wine. “Plus I get to go to Paris for work.”
“Or you could go to Paris on vacation and not work.”
“Then I’d have to pay for it,” you pointed out, grinning. “When you grow up the way I did, you learn to appreciate free things.”
Your enthusiasm was infectious, he couldn’t hep but smile back. A part of him was hoping this would be the perfect opening for you to talk more about your childhood, about everything you went through, because he desperately wanted you to trust him as much as he trusted you with his secrets.
“I’ll be there for two weeks,” you continued, oblivious to his disappointment. “We’re going to scout out locations for the new branch and-”
“We?” Billy interjected.
You cast him a quick glance. “Roger’s coming with me on the trip.”
The jealousy that struck him felt like a swift kick to his gut. Images of you and that goddamn bastard traipsing around and enjoying romantic date nights in Paris assaulted his mind. Agitated, he pulled his hand from yours. “I bet that fucker can’t wait to be alone with you.”
“Billy, come on. You can’t be serious.”
“How would you feel if I took off with someone who wanted to fuck me?”
“First of all, he doesn’t want me.”
His jaw clenched with frustration as he glared at you. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He’s thought about fucking you.”
“Even if he does, I don’t want him.” You reached out to cup his face, your voice so soft and tender in your attempts to placate him that he momentarily forgot how upset he was. “You really think I’d jeopardize what we have for a fling with Roger? I wouldn’t do that.”
“Then don’t go. Turn him down.”
Irritation flickered over your face, he could tell you were done coddling him. “Billy, you have no right to ask me that. I’d never interfere with your work.”
Underneath all that jealousy he knew you were right. As much as he despised the idea of you going away to Paris with another guy, he couldn’t demand that you not go on work trips. If you did that to him, it would annoy the fuck out of him. Yet despite his rational side recognizing he was asking for too much, he couldn’t help but feel bitter. “That asshole’s gonna make a move on you, I know it.”
“What if he does? What do you think is gonna happen?”
Hs eyes met yours, urgently seeking some kind of validation from you. “You tell me.”
“Do you think I’m going to sleep with him?”
He flinched. “Don’t talk about fucking another guy, please. You’re gonna make me lose my appetite.”
You took his hand and placed it over your left breast, probably to distract him from all the disgusting images that were running through his brain. “I wanted you so badly and even then it took me like a month to fuck you. Trust me, I’m not going to sleep with him when I’m not even attracted to him.”
Spotting the earnestness in your eyes, the knot in his stomach finally loosened. Roger may have had a hard-on for you but Billy knew you felt nothing for the fucker. He’d noticed that even at the night of the gala. So that meant he had to trust you, there was no reason not to. “Call me every night when you’re there,” he grumbled.
“Every night? You’re probably going to start blocking my calls,” you laughed.
He booped your nose. “Every. Fucking. Night.”
You beamed. “Fine.” A wicked glint flashed in your eyes, a seductive smile on your lips as you slowly moved his hand lower, his fingers now on your nipple. “Hey, just ‘cause you’re not there with me doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.”
He stroked your nipple over the fabric of your dress, enjoying how the nub hardened under his touch, the way your breath hitched in your throat when he continued his ministrations. With his other hand he tucked your hair behind your ear, whispering to you. “Phone sex is alright, but nothing beats this.” His tongue curved along the shell of your ear, and you trembled against him. “Right?”
The waitress seemed to come out of nowhere this time to ask how your meals were, and you jumped back. Disappointed, he sighed.
“Food was great. Thank you,” you replied, smiling stiffly at the redhead.
“Can I get you anything else?”
“Privacy would be great,” Billy muttered.                                                            
You kicked him under the table. “Dessert menu?”
“Sure. I’ll bring it right over,” the waitress said, taking your plates away.  
“I’ll give you all the sugar you want once we get outta here,” he murmured seductively, caressing your thigh.
You giggled, rolling your eyes. “That’s a terrible line!” You took his hand and removed it from your thigh. “Billy, I’m not sleeping with you tonight.”
“Why not?”                                                      
“Because it’s our first date and I don’t put out on the first date.”
“Now that’s a terrible line,” he fired back, mimicking your earlier tone.
“Also, we already had sex this morning.”
“So? I’m greedy. I can’t get enough of you.” There was that shy smile of yours again, and he reached out to give you a sweet peck on the cheek. “You blush every time I tease you.”
“I do?”
“Yeah, it’s adorable.”
Your cheeks grew even more red. “I’m not used to it from you. A part of me still thinks you’re bullshitting me.”
Billy stiffened. “Really?”
“I know you’re not playing me,” you reassured. “It’s on me, not you. I just have a hard time accepting when good things happen.”
The waitress came by with the dessert menu. He briefly glanced at it before ordering a slice of pecan pie while you ordered a piece of chocolate cake.
As soon as the redhead left, he broached the topic with you again. “I’m not gonna hurt you, babe. You have to believe that.”
You didn’t look at him, your eyes fixed somewhere on his chest. “I do. You were so pissed off at me last night. I honestly expected you to hit me because you were so angry. But you didn’t.”
It made him sick to his stomach that you actually thought him capable of hitting you. It hadn’t even occurred to him that you would worry about that, but of course you would. With your childhood it made perfect sense, he was just a fucking idiot who hadn’t realized how much it still impacted you. “I’m never gonna lay a hand on you. I swear.” His eyes locked with yours, hoping you can sense how much he meant those words.
“I believe you.”
His voice was insistent, his gaze boring into you. “Why did you think I would?”
Your eyes wavered from his eyes to his lips for a long time, the atmosphere thick with tension. Your facial expressions ran the gamut of painful emotions, from uncertainty to fear to sheer panic.
It finally sank in that maybe the reason you were keeping the truth from him had noting to do with if you trusted him or not. Maybe you didn’t want to be assaulted by memories from the past that caused you so much pain. The last thing he wanted was for you to experience that hell again. Regretting his demanding tone, his hands caressed down the length of your arms. “You don’t have to tell me, It’s okay.”
Your eyes brimmed with aching vulnerability as you looked up at him. “I want to… I just… give me some time, okay?” You pressed your lips against his, giving him the softest, sweetest kiss. “I’ve been looking forward to tonight for so long, I don’t want to ruin it, you know?”
His heart felt full, his mind reeling with wonderment at the thought of you truly reciprocating his feelings. His arms wrapped around you as you sank into him, burying your face in his chest. His fingers stroked the back of your hair, murmuring soft, soothing words to you. Somewhere in the distance he heard the server’s voice trying to interject, but he didn’t give a damn.  He was yours and you were his and nothing was going to ruin that. Nothing.
Part 18
A/N - I realize not much happened in this chapter but I just reallly wanted to write a dialogue heavy part where they simply get to know and enjoy each other. I think they’ve earned some fluff. LOL.
As always, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Please let me know your thoughts.
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thesims2comics · 4 days ago
any chance of rating the posters? cue eyes emoji
*cracks knuckles* let's GO!
(I've included some posters from the EPs and APs, otherwise this would be a very short list of like 4 posters)
Tumblr media
Engineered Angst Full poster: 5/10. what's going on here?? Is the person in front going to an eye doctor with funky walls? And why does she kinds look like a Urbz DS render? So many question, no answers
Tumblr media
Engineered Angst Red: 6/10. Better than the previous one imo, I like the sims' facial expression a lot! And this is a me problem, but it kind of reminds me of the promo clips of the virtual boy?? Y'know that nintendo console that only used red and black as its colors? Still pretty cool though!
Tumblr media
Searing Indifference: 7/10 Angsty teen poster number 3. Honestly? Iconic, this is one of those posters that I still remember from playing the game when I was younger. I've always thought it was a band poster though. Nonetheless, it's a very cheesy poster but I just can't rate this any lower
Tumblr media
"Civic Idol" by Adora Wall Arts: 7/10 AMAZING POSTER!! I'd say it's the best "emo/edgy" poster in the game. I'd only like to know what the hell that humanoid thing is. Also, the red thing looks wonky and apparently the white stripes are meant to say "Civic Idol". But the skyline and the moon look so great and the red stripe makes it look like dangerous and egdy. Kudos for the amazing composition of this one
Tumblr media
Pets poster: 5/10. Cursed. For some reason, this poster looks much more jankier and pixelated than the others, even the basegame ones. Kinda simple, but it sorta does the job (Fun fact: this is one of the few posters that have variants! Which redeems it)
Tumblr media
Revolutionary Rebellion poster: 8/10. Really cool! I love the hard red with the black and white and is much less crispier than some other posters. In the build&buy description it says that we should check out the Sim with the moustache but honestly, I have no idea what that's about. At least it looks pretty nice! Kent, Nervous and Moustache Mercutio is my fave rockband
Tumblr media
"It's Reggae, Mon" Poster: 9/10. Really pretty!! I love the posing of this guy and with the sun flare and background it's one of the most beautiful posters available! Also, seeing the previous music posters' description, I thought the devs would've made fun of the genre since they also did that with the teenage angst posters. But I think it's actually really nice and cool what they wrote about reggae music so I've included it for you to read
Tumblr media
"Fists of Bunny" poster: 8/10. I think this might be an anime reference or something? Or is this what the Social Bunny does when he's not with a sim? Just anime kicking in the Void? I don't get the reference, but it does look cool! Would I hang this up in my actual room? Probably yeah! And I like that it's the Social Bunny, we don't see the guy that often in the Build&Buy
Tumblr media
Inverted Vertigo, Cover art: 5/10. What the hell is going on here??? Hands??? light strokes? Some people? A face??? This reminds when I discovered blending layers in a drawing program for the first time honestly.
Tumblr media
All the alien posters: 8/10 Tumblr limits me to only upload 10 images, so these guys are getting grouped. Hell yeah! Alien posters! These look cool as hell, HD quality next to the pets poster. I don't know how to feel about the way too human alien head on the left though, it kinda freaks me out, because for the sims 2 this is far too realistic. And apparently the guy on the surfboard is PT#9 cousin, RT#66 surfing through the galaxy, good for him! These posters are rad as hell in my opinion, especially after some rather small and pixelated ones.
That's gonna be it for the poster review! There's an image limit of 10 and because I have the Super Collection I don't have all the posters, so there isn't gonna be a part 2 from me. If anyone else feels like completing this list with all the posters form the Ultimate Collection or make their own review with the posters, feel free to do so!
These were just my opinions on the posters, if you have others thoughts on the posters that's fine, your opinion is valid!
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xaeyrnofnbe · 3 months ago
(this is like. a joke or whatever. i did this because i thought it would be funny. also it’s only gonna be the people i’m familiar enough with, so not every member will be listed)
dream smp members rated based off of how good of a furry i think they’d be
dream, george and sapnap: 4/10. they’d be funny but i also think they’d be kinda weird about it.
badboyhalo and skeppy are a 9/10 they’d have the best fursonas and would probably have fursuits with some sort of matching detail. like something on their fursuits would be the others main color. it would be adorable and hilarious.
awesamdude: 5/10 i think he’d have one of those cool scary fursuits and like fifty fursonas. almost all of them are edgy but he never leans into it when fursuiting.
antfrost. 10/10 warrior cat fans are literally just diluted furries.
jack manifold is like a 3/10 he’d have one of those generic like wolf or husky fursonas that every other furry has. he’d be the life of the party though and his fursuit acting would be off the charts. everybody would want a picture with grey-and-white canine #127
nihachu: 10/10 she’d have the coolest most unique looking fursona and like so many fursuits from the best makers. like they’d be ranging from cute pink toony cats to those cool creepy realistic canine suits. maybe a dragon one too.
wilbur soot is a 8/10 he would probably commission a lot of art and have a good number of fursuits but he’d only ever go to cons and meetups in his skulldog mini partial. it’s revivebur themed. i also think he’d change his fursona like every other week. most of them are pretty ridiculous.
philza: 8/10 he would have one fursona that he’s had since like middle school and it’s some sort of hybrid fantasy creature. he wouldn’t have a fursuit but he’d be a fantastic fursuit handler. definitely a big furry protector and gives a lot of advice when it comes to making fursonas and taking care of fursuits.
technoblade: 6/10 only really a furry by technicality, doesn’t really participate in any furry activities but would have a sick fursuit. wilbur got it for him.
tommyinnit: 9/10 there’s a fine line between an animal person and a furry. he’d have a super unique but simple fursona, i think it’d probably be a dog. yeahyeahyeah you might think it’d be a cow or something, no. he’d have a cute and toony dog fursona that is literally just him. like a yellow/blond and white dog with big floppy ears and a bandana. the only reason he’s not a 10/10 is because he’d probably be REALLY active on tiktok.
tubbo: probably a 5/10 like he could go either way. he’d probably be a pretty chill furry y’know like not be super into cons and fursuit meetups and stuff but like he’d have at least a mini partial fursuit of like… probably something cool actually. his fursona would be one of those popular original species like a manokit or a protogen. maybe even a dutch angel dragon.
ranboo is a 7/10 he’d be really annoying and extra about it but he’d support a lot of artists. he’s got like several different versions of the same fursuit from throughout the years and it’s like a dragon dog or something. maybe a dragon cat but i don’t think he’d risk it. literally everyone would be able to recognize his fursona because it’s really well designed but like there’s a negative attachment to it. he’d be cringe as hell if enabled, i think.
quackity: 6/10 he’d be a weird one but would have a really cool fursuit of his fursona that’s like a really cool original species he made that has a lot of lore. nobody would be able to tell that he put so much effort into it though because the character would be the stupidest most insane thing ever.
karl jacobs: 10/10 would have a cute and simple but distinct cat fursona, i don’t know if he would have a fursuit or not but he’d be really active in the community. everyone would love him and his dumb cat sona. if he did have a fursuit he’d put so much life into it when acting that the character would be completely separate from him.
eret: 8/10 your average cool furry. they’d have one of those fursuits that are lowkey kinda…… but they’d be overall a chill and supportive furry i think.
foolish: 5/10 probably kind of annoying but still alright. his fursona would either be something super crazy over the top cool or something kind of generic and boring.
fundy: 0/10
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ponett · 3 months ago
Hi! I was looking through some really really old reblogs from, like, 6-7 years ago or so, and realized that I sometimes added passive aggressive teenager-thinks-they're-witty comments to your posts, mostly because I think you made more """social justice""" (ugh) posts than anyone else I followed. I'm sorry that you had to deal with people like me. It was never intended to be a genuine retort so much as edgy teenager commentary, but it must have been annoying. I really enjoyed your work then and still do now, and have appreciated the commentary you do occasionally give us here over the years - now with less cringey reblogs. I think you are a nice person!
to be honest i do not specifically remember your comments based on this description, but i do appreciate this!
i think a lot of us go through a phase like this where we were starting to see actual progressive politics online for the first time and we just didn't know how to reconcile it with our existing worldviews. i was definitely there when i was like 18, as someone who had previously gotten most of my politics from like, the daily show. that was my model for what "correct" political discourse looked like. and then all of a sudden i start running into actual leftists on tumblr and i'm like "well, i'd definitely consider myself progressive, i'm bi and a democrat, but i think some folks might be taking it a little far with this anti-capitalism stuff and the way they talk about social justice... and the democratic party isn't THAT bad, they should be nicer......" and then over time i realized that i'd just been exposed to a very limited range of political views and that a lot of what i'd believed was just, wrong
it takes some serious self-reflection to move past that, and a lot of people instead double down and go to very dark places when their views are challenged. so i'm glad you were able to grow and change, and i appreciate the apology (even if, again, i don't remember the specific comments, it's fine lol don't worry about it)
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mauesartetc · a month ago
Do you think helluva boss/hazbin hotel needs some horror elements?
I think they need to know what they're tying to be more than anything. It's like Helluva Boss originally wanted to be a comedy, but in recent episodes the laughs have been overshadowed by soap-opera-esque melodrama. And if it had been clear they wanted to make a dramedy all along, that's fine, but the writing's tone has been inconsistent for the whole season.
Let's look at the first season of an adult animated dramedy that handles this well (and one that Helluva Boss obviously wants to emulate): BoJack Horseman. From the very beginning, we get hints that the show's subject matter will get progressively more emotional and contemplative. While the first few episodes stumble with the humor a bit, unsure of how much edginess is appropriate for the story, the nuggets of drama are on point.
The first episode involves such wacky shenanigans as Todd being threatened with death if he doesn't host a quinceanera, BoJack failing to learn from past mistakes and vomiting up cotton candy, and even a cutaway gag (whoa).
But when BoJack meets Diane, she overshares about how and why she's so awkward at parties (freaking out because, y'know, she's awkward at parties). Then the conversation naturally flows into how BoJack is responsible for his own happiness, a fact he finds depressing.
Earlier in the episode, BoJack has a panic attack at the thought that he's a "washed-up hack", and that's how everyone will see him if his memoir isn't good.
Notice a pattern?
These are all moments of vulnerability. They show the characters' unfiltered thoughts regarding their emotional struggles, and these allow the audience to form deep connections with them. Who can't relate to being unsure and afraid? We've all been there.
Helluva Boss fluctuates wildly with how often it lets its characters be vulnerable, and when it does, the vulnerability doesn't amount to much. Stolas was vulnerable with Octavia in Episode 2, but that simply tossed their relationship back to square one rather than letting it evolve. Octavia was on good terms with her dad as a kid, then she wasn't, now she is again, with no nuance whatsoever. Loona was vulnerable with Blitzo when she blew up at him in the next episode, which resulted in... basically nothing. If you look at how Blitzo treats her three episodes later, it's clear he didn't learn squat from that experience.
The most vulnerability we get to see is in Episode 6, and even then, the problems expressed in Blitzo and Moxxie's trip-out sequence are ones we wouldn't have known they had unless the song told us. If the writing could've shown examples in previous installments, this moment would've made a much stronger impact.
And because there's no emotional buildup through the season, Blitzo crying at the end of Episode 7 comes off as melodrama. It's so forced and inauthentic, and it's hard to feel sorry for Blitzo when he's spent the majority of his time on screen being shitty to others. I have a hunch the only reason the scene exists is because Ozzie's is the penultimate episode of the season. Viv Medrano saw how these episodes in BoJack were really dark and dramatic and thought, "I can do that too!" without understanding the setup required to make them effective.
If I had a line graph to represent emotional vulnerability in both shows, it'd look like this:
Tumblr media
Notice how BoJack's progression is smooth and gradual until it hits you hard, while Helluva's is choppy, uncalculated, and all over the place. It's less of a roller coaster ride and more of a psychokinetic supervillain tossing you around like a ragdoll. One builds suspense and investment in a satisfying way; the other, not so much.
Hazbin and Helluva need to establish some tonal consistency before they even think about adding more horror stuff.
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sweeter-innocence-fics · 10 months ago
Learn To Love Again - Chapter Three: Dirty Talk
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Work Summary: You have a hard time letting go. Pietro helps you out. An exploration of kink with Pietro Maximoff. Each chapter from chapter 2 onwards will be a different kink.
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11…
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3449
Read on AO3. 
Taglist info.
It had been two weeks since the bondage incident, and you hadn’t had sex with Pietro since. He assured you that he wasn’t afraid of you, that you hadn’t hurt him, that he didn’t think you were going to lose control again, and you believed him, but he was still handling you like you were made of glass. You still spent most nights with him, but he’d just kiss you and hold you and play with your hair, his hands never venturing below your waist. It had been okay at first, but you were starting to grow restless and edgy.
“Why don’t you seduce him?” asked Nat unhelpfully when you recounted your problem to her.
Your mouth fell open. “What?”
“You know…” Nat rolled her eyes. “Rose petals. Candles. Lingerie. The whole shebang.”
“I’ve never…” You contemplated your words carefully, unsure how to say what you wanted to say. “I’ve never done ‘the whole shebang’.”
Nat snorted. “Well, you already have your boyfriend wrapped around your finger, so this should be easy,” she said.
“Pietro isn’t my boyfriend.” The words were out of your mouth before you even had a chance to think about them.
Nat narrowed her eyes at you. “What exactly is he, if not your boyfriend?”
“He’s my…” The word ‘lover’ floated to forefront of your mind, but you pushed it away, wrinkling your nose. “… friend. Who I sleep with sometimes.”
“You just told me that you haven’t had sex with him in two weeks but I know the two of you are sharing a bed more often than not. Are you telling me that you’re sharing beds platonically?”
“I…” You thought about the way he held you. You thought about the way he kissed you, and smoothed his fingers through your hair, and traced patterns on your skin with a fingertip. You thought about the way he’d touch you so tenderly every time the two of you shared a bed, regardless if you were having sex or not. “No. Not platonically.”
“So you’re sharing a bed with him romantically?” she probed.
You just shrugged. “Maybe.”
“So he’s not just your friend who you sleep with sometimes.”
“I guess not.”
“You’re hopeless,” said Nat, making a frustrated noise. “Come on. Let’s go get lunch, and then I’ll take you shopping. My treat.”
Nat had helped you set it all up. More specifically, Nat had lit candles while you hurriedly tidied your bedroom and changed into the lingerie set you’d bought earlier. She’d wanted to do rose petals too, but you’d vetoed that idea, already feeling like this was too much. You’d never put yourself out there for anyone like this before.
You had been fine while she was there to hype you up, but now she was gone, and you were left staring in the mirror, picking at all of the things you hated about yourself. You had half a mind to text Pietro that you were tired and you didn’t wanna hang out tonight, but in truth, you did really want to see him.
You’d invited him to your room under the pretence of a movie night. A big part of you wanted to slip into some comfy pyjamas, blow out the candles and do that instead of what you were actually planning to do. But you wanted him. As much as you were afraid of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable, you missed the way he touched you. So here you were, wearing make-up and pretty lingerie and the highest heels you owned, hoping that you were enough.
Your phone buzzed, breaking you from your thoughts. There was no more time to be anxious. It was a text from Pietro:
do you want me to bring anything? popcorn?
You texted back:
no, I’ve got it covered. just bring yourself x
You agonised a little bit over that ‘x’ at the end, but if you were going to take a leap here, you might as well dive all the way in.
cool, should I come over now? x
Barely five seconds after you texted back ‘sure x’, there was a knock on your door. Everything with Pietro was always so immediate. Taking a deep, steadying breath, you opened the door.
Pietro looked good. He was wearing jeans and a pale blue shirt that really brought out his eyes, and his hair was, as always, artfully tousled. He was smiling, but as he took in what you were wearing, his jaw dropped.
“Prinţesă?” He was holding his hands out in front of him like he wished he had something he could give you, but he had nothing, so instead you took his empty hands and pulled him towards you. He came willingly, letting you pull him into a kiss. You heard him kicking the door closed behind him. His hands went straight to your waist, smoothing his fingertips over the fabric there. You shivered, pulling away just enough to look him in the eyes.
“Hi,” you said.
“Hi.” He was looking down at you fondly, and your heart ached. “Is this a special occasion?”
“No.” You wrapped your arms around his neck. You were grateful for his steady presence, because you always felt a little off-balance in heels. “I just missed you.”
“Have I gone somewhere?” he asked, looking confused. You leaned back so that you could see his face clearly, and he could see yours. If you were doing this, then you were doing this right, and that meant being honest with him.
“Things have been different since… since the blackout. We haven’t…” You let your voice trail off, but he took your meaning. He kissed your lips once, gentle and chaste. You leant into it, but he was already pulling back.
“You seemed pretty freaked out after the blackout,” he said. “I wanted to take things slow until you were sure you were ready.”
“I am ready,” you said, nodding vigorously.
“You sure?”
“Very sure.” You started pulling him backwards towards the bed, almost stumbling in your heels. He laughed at your enthusiasm, moving wherever you guided him. You turned him around and pushed him onto the bed.
“Wait, wait,” he said as you climbed into his lap. He was still laughing, and it was the most beautiful sound.
“What?” You were laughing too, pressing open-mouthed kisses to his neck. You felt giddy.  
“I want to see you. You put a lot of effort into this, so I want to fully appreciate it.” He sat up, bringing you with him. He gently pushed you back onto your feet with his hands on your hips. “Your tits look so incredible right now.” He pressed kisses along your collarbone, practically resting his chin on your breasts. “Turn around for me.”
Pushing away shyness, you turned on the spot, and Pietro grabbed your hips again when you were facing away from him. You let out a soft, high pitched gasp when you felt him pressing kisses to one ass cheek.
“Piet,” you giggled, and then he bit you, and you gasped again.
“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he murmured, tugging on your panties to reveal more of your ass. You felt his lips against you again. “I can’t believe I get to do this.” He pulled you back into his lap, and started nibbling on your ear. It tickled, but it also felt good. You groaned and leaned back into him, feeling his erection on your bare thigh through his jeans. “How do you feel?”
“So turned on,” you said breathlessly. “And kinda slutty.”
Pietro’s hand, which had been creeping up your thigh, paused, and his other hand gently tilted your face back to look him in the eye.
“Is that right?” He looked amused. You nodded. “Are you gonna be a good little slut for me tonight?”
“Yes,” you said softly. “I love it when you talk dirty to me.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”
“Yes, really.”
“What if I told you,” he murmured, his lips touching your ear, “that I can’t stop thinking about the last time we had sex.” You leant into him, grinding back against his crotch. His breath hitched in a very satisfying way. “You on your hands and knees in front of me. Taking my cock so well. The noises you made when you came.” His hand slipped down the front of your panties, touching you. “It’s a real travesty that the first time I made you cum, I couldn’t even see your face.”
“Piet,” you groaned. You were torn between grinding forward onto his hand or back against his dick. With his free hand, he gripped the bottom of your camisole, and with your assistance, pulled it off over your head. You were left in just panties and heels, and he was still fully clothed. You turned, pushing him back down onto the bed and straddling him. He reached for you, touching every part of you that he could reach while you unbuttoned his shirt. He pulled his shirt the rest of the way off and you started to kiss your way down his body.
You ended up on your knees on the floor. You unbuckled his jeans, and he sat up, cupping your face. For a moment, you thought he was going to tell you to stop, but instead he just groaned your name. Taking that as a good sign, you pulled down his jeans until they were pooling around his knees. You always loved this moment, when you could see the outline of his cock fighting the confines of his underwear, so desperate to be free.
You wrapped your lips around it through the fabric, and Pietro inhaled sharply. He laced his fingers through your hair, very gently holding your head in place. You looked up at him through your lashes, and you felt his dick twitch against your mouth.
“Dragă,” he groaned. His other hand cupped your cheek.
“Hm?” You licked the shape of his dick through the fabric of his underwear, and his eyes fell shut. His grip on your hair tightened just a little bit, just enough to sting, but not enough to really hurt.
“You’re such a little tease,” he murmured. “On your knees for me. Not giving me what I want.”
“And what do you want?” you asked, smiling coyly up at him. He lifted your chin up with two fingers, forcing you to look him in the eye.
“I want to make you scream.”
“Well then…” You looked up at him, cocking your head to one side. “What are you waiting for?”
You’re not entirely sure what happened next. One moment you were on your knees in front of him, and the next you were flat on your back on the bed and he was pressing kisses to the inside of your thighs.
“Piet,” you groaned. He sunk his teeth into the soft, sensitive flesh, and instinctively, your legs clamped around him. He held you close, biting and sucking, and then laying soothing kisses over the same spot. You barely had time to recover from this onslaught before he was sliding your panties to the side and licking a long strip from your vagina to your clit.
“Mm, dragă, you taste so good.” His mouth was centimetres from your pussy as he spoke, and you felt his breath against you. You trembled. He hooked both of your legs over his shoulders and dove back in. “You look so hot like this in your panties and your heels. Such a good little slut for me, aren’t you? You’re my little slut, aren’t you dragă?”
“I’m your little slut,” you agreed. Satisfied by your answer, he slid a finger inside you, and because of the way your legs were curled around him, it pressed right against your g-spot. “Pietro. Fuck.”
“So wet for me. Spread open and willing and moaning like a whore.” His fingernails dug into the outside of your thigh and you gasped. “Tell me, dragă, do you do this for all the boys? Do you spread your legs for them as easily as you do for me?”
“No.” You shook your head. Your voice came out shakily. “It’s just for you. I’m only a slut for you.”
His lips wrapped around your clit, and he began to suck. Your toes curled in your heels, and your fingers gripped his hair, and pulling him closer. He pressed a second finger into you and your head fell back, eyes closing involuntarily as you bucked into him.
“Please, Pietro…”
“Please what?” He slowed, but didn’t move from his position.
“I need your cock. Please.” You watched the smile spread across his face, and you pushed him affectionately with one hand. “Don’t look at me like that.”
“Like what?” he asked, still smiling.
“Like…” Like you really like me. “I don’t know.” You flushed pink, and covered your face with your hands.
“Hey…” You felt Pietro moving, and then felt his hands on your wrists. He didn’t try to pull your hands away, but his hands were like a gentle request for you to look at him. You obliged. He was hovering above you now, looking down at you with concern. “Is this alright? Is this too much?”
“No, it’s good,” you said quickly. “I like it.”
“You would tell me if I said something wrong, right? If I took it too far?”
“You haven’t said anything wrong,” you said. “And I like it when you call me your slut. I really do.” He smiled down at you again, a wicked smile this time.
“Good,” he said. “Because you are my slut.”
“Yes, I am your slut, Pietro. Now fuck me.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
You watched him turn into a blur for half a second, and then he was kneeling between your legs again, naked now and wearing a condom. He slid your panties to the side again and lined himself up, and then he pushed inside you.
“Fuck…” you groaned, feeling the stretch as he filled you.
“Mm, so tight for me,” he gasped. You clenched around him, and his breath hitched. Your eyes met, and he smirked at you. He leant forward so that his face was close to yours, and hooked your legs over his shoulder so you were folded in half. At this angle, every thrust hit your g-spot. Looking up at him, you could see your high heels behind his head. There was something oddly arousing about the sight.
“Fuck, Piet.”
“You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you prinţesă?”
“You like it when I treat you like the slut you are?”
“Mhm.” He thrust deeper, and your eyes fell closed.
“Nuh-uh,” said Pietro, one hand on your face suddenly. “I want you to look at me. I want to see how good I make you feel.” You opened your eyes again, and looked into his bright blue ones. “Keep them open.”
His thumb pressed against your clit, and vibrated, which made you jump. Pietro’s eyes fell closed briefly at the sensation, but he quickly opened them again.
“You make me feel so good, prinţesă,” he murmured. His nose was almost touching yours now. His free hand squeezed your breast. “I could do this forever.”
“I’d let you,” you said.
“Of course you would,” he said. “You’re my own personal whore.” That one took you by surprise. Your whole body trembled, and you realised you were close. Pietro seemed to realise it too, because his thrusts sped up, his thumb pressing more insistently on your clit. You gasped out his name. “Cum for me, baby. I want to see you cum. Don’t close your eyes.”
Struggling with the effort of keeping your eyes open, your orgasm overtook you, curling your toes and pulling Pietro impossibly closer with your legs. He fucked you through it, harder and deeper than before. The entire time, he didn’t break eye contact with you, and when you clenched around him, his hips started to stutter. The moan that escaped him in that moment would stay with you in your every fantasy. You cupped his face, and maintained eye contact as he came too.
After a moment, his body stilled. He was still leaning over you as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes were closed now, and he was leaning his cheek into your hand. You stroked a thumb over his cheekbone, feeling how soft and smooth his skin was, a hint of stubble scratching at the heel of your palm. His eyes flickered open. You stared up at him. Pietro’s eyes had a way of making you feel like he was probing into your soul. Slowly, he leant forward and captured your lips in a kiss.
You lay there for a little while, holding each other. He kissed your lips again, and then buried his face into your neck. Your breathing slowed. His body was a solid weight on top of you, holding you in place.
“How are you feeling?” he asked directly into your neck. His words vibrated through your skin, tickling you.
“Like I want to take these shoes off.”
He pulled back from you, grinning, and carefully removed your shoes. His hands stroked soothingly down your calves.
“I’m gonna go get cleaned up,” you said, and he released you, watching you pull on a robe and disappear into your ensuite bathroom.
You stripped off your robe and panties, and then used the bathroom and cleaned yourself up with baby wipes. You removed your make-up, and pulled your hair back away from your face in a ponytail. The woman that you saw in the mirror was practically glowing. You barely recognised her. Her eyes were bright and there was a smile that she could barely keep off her face. Finally, you pulled on clean panties and pyjamas, and went back out into your bedroom.
Pietro was sitting on your bed, holding a rose. He was wearing pyjamas too, looking just as bright-eyed and happy as the woman in the mirror did. As you entered, he crossed the room in two strides and handed you the flower.
“Did you just go and get this while I was in the bathroom?”
“Yes,” he said. “If I’d known earlier that we were doing this tonight I would’ve bought you a whole bouquet, but this is all I had time for.”
You put one hand on his chest, right over his heart. Through his t-shirt, and the layers of skin and muscle and bone, you could feel it thudding beneath your fingers. It sounded fast. You didn’t know if Pietro was excited, or if this was just his default. Giving you a slightly bemused look, he wrapped his arms around you.
“Yes, mea draga?”
“Are you my boyfriend?”
His eyebrows drew together, and he opened his mouth, but instead of words, what came out sounded more like a cough. You waited, watching him. His hands found your hips. Under your hand, his heart was racing even faster, so maybe what you’d felt before was his default. He gripped your hips, and you realised that he was using your body to anchor himself in place.
Eventually, he said, “I… I didn’t realise we hadn’t… we hadn’t…” He looked lost. Your free hand came up and touched his face, and he leant into it instinctively.
“Hadn’t what?”
“Hadn’t… established… us?” Pietro’s English was fluent, but sometimes, when he was nervous, the words would come out strained, like he was going back to translating everything in his head and every word tasted foreign on his tongue.
“Maybe I should rephrase the question.” You moved closer, crowding into his space. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” His eyes were wide. He was looking at you like he thought this might be a trick question.
He spent a long moment of looking at you, trying to discern your intentions, and then finally, “Yes.”
“Good,” you said. “Then you’re my boyfriend.” His face softened, and you pulled him into a kiss again. Your lips parted against his, inviting him in, and he took the opportunity, pushing his tongue into your mouth. He kissed you, hot and open-mouthed and dirty, and you clung to him, feeling every inch of his anxiety evaporate.
That night, he took good care of you. After what happened the night of the blackout, when you had got upset, he didn’t want to risk that happening again. Pietro knew better than most people about the lows that came after the highs, so he was there to give you everything you needed until he was sure you were okay. You fell asleep on his chest, with his heartbeat your steady lullaby.
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boldlyvoid · 12 months ago
the guy at the rock show
Tumblr media
she/they reader x Spencer Reid
request for @boba-king-iroh ♥︎
summary: Y/N lost their parents when they were 17, finding a new home and solace in Penelope Garcia and taking the Garcia name. They're the top forensic specialist in D.C, in a band and they drive a motorcycle... not to mention they are madly in love with the cute doctor who works with their sister.
warnings: fluff, mutual pining, getting together, love confessions, friends to lovers, idiots in love, PDA, secret relationships
word count: 5666
a/n: there will be a smutty part 2 eventually because I can't not do that
Read on Ao3 here!
Taking Garcia’s last name wasn’t something they had to think hard about, Penelope basically raised them; she was like a sister, a best friend and a mother, even a bit of a fairy godmother to Y/N.
They met when Y/N was 17, they were sitting at a support group for dead parents in D.C. Right beside the lovely, overly cheerful, always helpful, Penelope Garcia. At first, Y/N couldn’t stand her, wondering how a person like that could be running a group for mourning people, it made her sick.
It wasn’t until she heard Penelope’s story for the first time, knowing how similar it sounded to her own and how, actually, you can take your grief and turn it into something beautiful. After the meeting, they pulled Penelope aside and gave her a big hug and a thank you.
It was the start of a lovely friendship, one Y/N didn’t know they needed until they were smothered in all the love you could possibly imagine.
The age gap between them wasn’t too big, Penelope was 10 years older than them which meant she was always one step ahead of Y/N and full of advice. Be it fashion, boys, girls and everything in between. They bonded in a way that was unbreakable, they were each other's family.
Penelope even helped her get into med school before she eventually switched to forensic science. Taking on the FBI academy, unlike Penelope, and joining the bureau officially. Penelope was there for her every single step of the way, making her career possible. She loved her dearly and wanted Y/N to succeed more than anyone in the world.
Getting to introduce herself to people as Agent Y/N Garcia, not to be confused with technical analyst Garcia, was one of the best feelings in the world.
Not many people ever mistook them, however, for whatever Penelope was, Y/N was the exact opposite.
Y/N preferred all black everything, she didn’t enjoy partying or close contact or the in-your-face-ness of Penelope’s way of life, she loved her band and motorcycle and being alone. They were quote-unquote edgy, not just for effect, but because it was how they felt the most comfortable, it was who they were and they liked it that way.
They were possibly the best Forensic Specialist the FBI had, keeping her in DC for all the most important cases. Helping her avoid Penelope and the BAU team as much as possible. They were great people, she didn’t hate them at all, it was just a lot of energy that they didn’t have to give to 7 other people all day long.
Spencer was the only one she could tolerate. Rather, he was the one she wanted to spend the most time with, even more than Penelope. He understood Y/N in a way others didn’t.
He was also quiet, like them, he didn’t pick on them or call them mini Garcia, baby-baby girl, or infant as some of them started to call her more recently.
He called them Y/N, he talked to them about star trek whenever he was visiting Penny, and he respected their pronouns. Using both she and they interchangeably, when he spoke of them, unlike most people who only used she and her because it made more sense in their small brains.
However, she wasn’t the only one who got teased. Spencer did as well, almost more because he was around the BAU team constantly. She hated hearing them bully him, he didn’t even count it as bullying but it’s basically what it was sometimes.
They put him down, they didn’t clue him in on things, they called out his stims and didn’t let him finish his sentences, especially when it had to do with his hyper-fixations. He was the brightest light in the room and they just picked his brain till he wasn’t useful anymore, before trying to turn out the light. It made Y/N furious.
They got called Mr and misses genius when they were on a scene together, remembering the first time she ever had a case with the BAU which was also the first time she snapped at someone for being mean to Spencer.
Someone asked Spencer a serious question, to which he did his fucking job and answered. Giving as much detail as humanly possible, being the absolute genius he is and should be praised for, only to have Emily poke him in the cheek and say; “wow, he’s so life-like?”
“Well yeah, cause he’s a fucking human who deserves respect from the people who use his brain all day,” Y/N cursed under their breath from the crime scene, just loud enough for everyone to hear.
Leaving the sweetest man on earth to find them later and give them a hug. Thanking them for all that they do, and appreciating what he has to offer. That’s when she realized she liked him, more than just the guy who sometimes sleeps on her couch because he’s friends with her sister.
It was difficult being surrounded by men unlike Spencer, specifically the older men in her field who didn’t understand anything outside of money, guns, and violence. The worst part of the job being the politics in the background; the hierarchy and ass-kissing all because she worked in the nation's capital.
They were sure it was probably better in a smaller facility, a local police station where no one knew her and they could finally have some peace and quiet.
But she’d miss Penelope, and Spencer too for that matter.
At first, they’d hide in their room when Penelope brought him over for movie nights or when he crashed on the couch after bringing her home drunk from the bar. In the early days, she worried that he was going to be her new boyfriend, taking all of Penelope’s free time and leaving Y/N with nothing.
But then he started coming over all the time just to hang out, sitting on the couch with nothing to say, being the third wheel while Y/N and Penelope spent time together. For the last 7 years.
Over that time they had many conversations alone, she learned that he was really smart, he was a lot younger than most of the team because he blew through high school by the time he was 13, and he was genuinely the sweetest man in the whole entire world.
One time, Penelope was running late when Spencer showed up at the door with chips and candy, ready to watch his weekly movie with his friend. Only she wasn’t going to make it home in time, and Y/N didn’t want him to have to go back to his apartment all alone.
“You can come in and watch it with me if you wanted to?” She offered, smiling softly. “What was it you picked for tonight?”
“It was Penelope’s night to choose, so you can pick instead if you want?” Spencer offered right back, walking in like he owned the place.
He was more confident now than he was in the beginning, but that was probably because he was 23 and she was 18.
Back then he’d barely look at her and sometimes he’d shake when they made eye contact or when she got drunk and hugged him goodbye after a long night with Penelope. He was like that with Penny in the early days of their friendship too, apparently, so she didn’t feel too bad about it.
He warmed up eventually, making her wait 7 years for him to do something about the growing feelings they both shared.
“You like Marvel movies right?” She bit the inside of her lip as she waited for his answer. Watching him walk around the kitchen for a bowl that he could put his snacks in.
“Yeah they’re great, I haven’t watched past the second Thor, I think the next one is another Captain America?” he’s all smiles as he joins her on the couch, closer than normal, as close as he’d sit with Penelope, but then again she was a cuddler and Y/N wasn’t.
Sometimes Y/N would come out of her room to find Spencer’s head on Penelope’s lap, resting on a pillow as she ran her fingers through his hair to soothe his perfect mind after a long day. A few times she’s walked in on him crying or even sound asleep in her arms. They had a friendship Y/N admired, they were each other's person.
They comforted each other in the exact way they needed it; Penelope giving him the physical touch he craved and he would often compliment her. He was always telling her she was the best and buying her gifts to show his appreciation, calling her the most beautiful and smartest person he knew. He knew that she needed to hear it, needed the reassurance that she was still a good person and he made her believe it.
It made Y/N love him more seeing how much he cared for her sister.
“The winter soldier is the best!” She gushed, sitting close so they could share the chips as she waited for the movie to load up.
He was very quiet when he watched movies, smiling and laughing at the right parts but typically he paid so much attention it was like he was a statue. Y/N spent more time glancing at him than the actual movie.
“Is there something on my face?” Spencer asked, nervous when he noticed her glance at him for the 100th time that night.
“Oh, no you don’t,” she panicked lightly, swallowing quickly before looking away.
“I don’t know, I just think you’re fascinating,” she whispered because then she didn’t really say it, and it didn’t really count.
“Oh,” he smiled softly, leaving it at that and forcing his attention back on the movie.
After a while, Spencer started to get even closer. He put the bowl on the coffee table and sat back almost on top of her, reaching an arm behind the couch so that Y/N was right against his side. He had done it with Penelope before, confident in this little living room, almost forgetting it was Y/N beside him.
Y/N rested her hand on his knee, rubbing her thumb over his jeans in a soft little circle as she pretended to watch the movie. More concerned with Spencer’s breathing and the feeling of his hand inching towards their shoulder than anything else.
Then they heard keys at the front door. Pulling away from each other quickly to curl up on opposite sides of the couch and pretend they weren’t just cuddling.
“Hey, you still came!” Penelope cheered, a little drunk from whatever she was doing before.
“I’d never miss a night with the Garcia’s,” Spencer smiled at her, looking calm and collected as ever while Y/N turned bright pink.
“Oh, I love Bucky! Oh my god let me go change and I’ll come watch too!”
That was just the first time they ended up cuddling, certainly not the last.
It wasn’t often that Penelope was too busy to spend time with Y/N, rather the contrary. Sometimes Y/N had to beg her to leave her be at certain events. Like when their band was playing at any of the local bars and Penny started inviting everyone she knew to come and watch her sister play.
It was embarrassing, to say the least, but Y/N loved her support.
When Y/N peaked her head out to see the crowd before a show, normally Penelope was sitting in the front with a drink and at least 4 friends, cheering and chanting their name, ready to rock out to their covers.
Tonight she didn’t see Penelope at all, she knew she wouldn’t, Penelope was in London visiting Emily with Derek for the second time in the past year, leaving no one to come to the monthly show Y/N’s band put on, or so she thought.
Spencer came all by himself.
He was sitting in the front, at a table with a bowl of pretzels and a ginger ale, not interested in the drinking or the socializing, just there to support Y/N. It made her feel giddy, like a schoolchild seeing their crush at recess.
It was so nice of him that it gave her butterflies, and normally that didn’t happen. They could go on and play a show in front of ten thousand people and feel nothing, but the second Spencer Reid was there to cheer them on, they were a mess.
“What song are we doing first again?” Y/N asked Evie, their lead singer and best friend outside of work.
“Who are they?”
Y/N was taken aback, “What?”
“You’ve never been nervous, who came to see you?” Evie clarified her question.
“No one, for fuck sake, I thought we left all the profilers at home tonight?” she sighed, shaking the nerves out of their body as they jumped up and down lightly.
They paced back and forth for a few minutes to wear down the nerves but only managing to make herself sweat to death and discard the leather jacket she always wore on stage. She walked in a circle aimlessly, remembering the setlist in their mind and how the spotlights typically made it so they couldn’t see the crowd anyway so it’s not like she could fuck up by making eye contact with him.
And it’s not like it was the first time he had seen her play, Spencer comes every month with Penelope, he liked a lot of the music they covered from when he was an emo teen in university. They’ve bonded over it before sharing albums and records back and forth, but she was still scared shitless at the prospect of him caring about her enough to come alone.
Especially when he hated being in situations like this in the first place.
It was their turn to go on, the manager of the bar gathering them and telling them to go on and so Y/N started walking towards the stage door, only to be pulled back harshly by Evie’s cold hands.
“Don’t forget your sticks, god who do you wanna fuck so bad it makes you this stupid?” She placed the drumsticks in Y/N’s hands, “get it together.”
“Sorry, it’s the guy in the sweater vest, front row,” they whispered in response, putting their head down and heading to the stage before she could tease them about it.
“The Forensic Lyricists are here once again folks!” The Manager introduced them to the crown, “get ready for them to dig up some classics!” Always the same dumb joke before every show.
Opening with crushcrushcrush by Paramore, thank god she remembered, it was an easy song to play as they warmed up and pushed the nerves away. They could play it in their sleep, with their eyes closed, and so that's what they did.
Eyes closed, mouthing the words as the adrenaline of the night took over the anxiety and made them go insane, like most nights. They didn’t need drinks or drugs to feel hyped at most shows, all she needed was a smile from penny and a good luck text from Spencer.
Playing by memory until she felt more confident and then getting into it. “They taped over your mouth, Scribbled out the truth with their lies, your little spies…”
“Crush, crush, crush, crush crush two, three, four!!” Y/N sung backup for each chorus, finally getting into it.
“Nothing compares to, a quiet evening alone! Just the one, two! of us who's counting on! That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again.”
They tried their hardest to push the images of that night on the couch with Spencer out of their mind as they sang along, trying to harmonize and cover the backup for Evie as best as she could.
“Let’s be more than this now!”
She always took the bridge, as the drummer and the most passionate one, it only made sense. Y/N always got the crowd on their feet, roaring along as they jumped to the beat.
“Rock and roll, baby, Don't you know that we're all alone now? I need something to sing about. Rock and roll, hey! Don't you know, baby, we're all alone now? I need something to sing about! Rock and roll, hey! Don't you know, baby, we're all alone now? Give me something to sing about!”
“Nothing compares to, a quiet evening alone! Just the one, two! of us who's counting on! That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again, let’s be more than, noOoo!”
She had a crush on Spencer fucking Reid and one now noticed as they tried their hardest to focus on the words when all that came to mind right now was his body heat and how good he smelled and how nice it was that he came to support them.
“Nothing compares to, a quiet evening alone! Just the one, two! of us who's counting on! That never happens, I guess I'm dreaming again, Let’s be more than this, more than thiiiiiis, oooooooh, mmmmmmhmmm,” she sang the ending of the song along with Evie, their harmony sounding more perfect than any performance before.
Critics always said the performance is better when you mean the words you’re singing. With that, they accepted their crush on Doctor Spencer Reid after 7 long years of knowing him. They pushed through nerves so that they could go and see him after and do something about it, now that Penelope wasn’t home to tease her for it.
Leading right into Dear Maria, Count Me In. Their bass player, Kat taking the lead for her favourite song. Being an all ‘girl’ punk band was her idea, and now they all enjoyed taking turns singing their favourite songs in front of mostly strangers, once a month.
Every single song made her think of Spencer in some way as she remembered the rest of the set, it had 5 songs in total and each one included at least one reference to something she knew about Spencer.
It was hard to not think about him while he stood at the edge of the stage with everyone and bopped his head along to the beat, a smile growing on his face as he also noticed the little references to them in the songs.
The Rock Show by Blink182 was going to hit a little too close to home as she sang the words all but to him, making eye contact with him as he moved to the best spot to see them play, much like Penelope would do every time.
She didn’t realize how much this song actually represented her life before tonight, starting to sing her song alone while Spencer watched. Deciding on the spot to dedicate it to him in the most fucking obvious way possible, taking her chances because he must have come for a reason.
“Hanging out behind the club on the weekends. Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends, I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour, I remember that it's the first time that I saw him there!”
Spencer was smiling then, noticing the lyric change as they made eye contact, nodding along as he watched. Genuinely enjoying himself and the show, it was lovely to see. She couldn’t help but smile against the mic as she sang and played. Wondering how his face will change with the next verse she watched him from the corner of her eye.
Her bandmates turning to see her as they played their guitars, nodding in agreement at the lyric change, they knew what she was up to. It wasn’t the first time they used the stage to bring someone home with them.
“He's getting kicked out of school cause he's failing. I’m kinda nervous, cause I’m sure all his friends hate me! He’s the one, he'll always be there, I took his hand and I’ll make it I swear,
“Because I fell in love with the guy at the rock show! He said what? and I told him that I didn't know. He's so cool, gonna sneak in through his window. Everything's better when he's around. Can’t wait until my parent goes out of town, I fell in love with the guy at the rock show!”
Spencer’s smile was priceless, it made them even more confident to sing all the words, wanting him with zero shame, it’s not like anyone who knew him would know about this.
“When we said we were gonna move to Vegas I remember the look your mother gave us 17 without a purpose or direction We don't owe anyone a fuckin’ explanation”
“Because I fell in love with the guy at the rock show! He said what? and I told him that I didn't know. He's so cool, gonna sneak in through his window. Everything's better when he's around. Can’t wait until my parent goes out of town, I fell in love with the guy at the rock show!” Making the softest eye contact with him, they moved their whole body to play to him.
“Black and white picture of him on my wall, I waited for his call, he always kept me waiting, and if I ever got another chance I'd still ask him to dance, because he kept me waiting!”
“I fell in love with the guy at the rock show! He said what? and I told him that I didn't know. He's so cool, gonna sneak in through his window. Everything's better when he's around. Can’t wait until my parent goes out of town,”
“I fell in love with the guy at the rock show!” She had never been this passionate while playing this song in all the years they had played it together.
Her bandmates taking the lead singing, “with the guy at the rock show!”
“I’ll never forget you,” she sang in the middle of their chants, “I’ll never forget you, I’ll never forget you, I’ll never forget tonight, I’ll never forget tonight…”
She shot a wink at him before turning back in her seat to face the drum set the best way. The last two songs were Evie’s and Kat’s, she covered the backup vocals, making the occasional glance towards Spence as she thought of him.
Counting down the minutes till she could go see him.
Come a little closer by cage the elephant, an obvious title with lyrics that would clearly bring every memory of brushed hands against lower backs as they slipped past each other in crowded rooms, lingering as long as possible before they were gone again. Goodnight hugs when Penelope was already asleep and he could hold her a big longer and tighter, resting his head on her shoulder while she rubbed his back and breathed him in. And that night on the couch, not to mention all the mornings she walked in on him sleeping peacefully, brushing the hair out of his face, softly, in the hopes he didn’t wake up.
“Come a little closer, then you'll see, Come on, come on, come on, Things aren't always what they seem to be… Do you understand the things you been seein' Come on, come on, come on! Do you understand the things that you've been dreaming… Come a little closer, then you'll see! Come a little closer, then you'll see!”
And even when he did she had a coffee ready for him when he sat up and smiled, giving them a few hours alone before Penelope would wake up. Talking all morning about star trek and dr. Who, smacking his knee as he made jokes that genuinely made them laugh while trying to keep her voice down so they didn’t wake Penelope.
Not many people made her feel like that in her life.
“Come a little closer, then you'll see! Come a little closer, then you'll see!” Staring at him, enticing him to do it the next time they had the chance.
The intro to I’d Do Anything by simple plan was one of her favourites to play, smiling wide as she began to drum as her best friends sang the words.
Waiting for the chorus to sing the words at Spencer, really sending the message, he wasn’t dumb, not in the slightest, he would get it. He had to, she had already been so obvious there was no turning back now.
“This could be the one last chance to make you understand,”
Her arms were starting to hurt as she played along with the most energy she has had in years, playing like a teenager whose parents just died and she needed to hit something, once again. It was freeing, playing with what she could only imagine was love in her chest instead of anger. It’s how she was supposed to play.
"I’d do anything Just to hold you in my arms To try to make you laugh Cuz somehow I can’t put you in the past I’d do anything Just to fall asleep with you Will you remember me? Cuz I know I won’t forget you,"
Focusing on the drumming and ignoring the lyrics as her bandmates covered the lyrics, letting her go hog fucking wild on the drum set, almost kicking the chair out from under herself as they kept going. Joining for the chorus again before beating the shit out of her drum set.
I close my eyes And all I see is you I close my eyes I try to sleep I can't forget you Na na na And I'd do anything for you Na na na Naaaaaaa
“I’d do anything!” She closed her eyes as she pushes the words past her vocal cords, again and again, passionately playing the drums as her hair flew all over the place, worried she might break the sticks as she played.
“Cause I know I won't forget yoooou!” She plays the end of the song, snapping the left drumstick in half before throwing the right one into the crowd, right into Spencer’s hand, sending him a wink before saying goodbye to the crowd.
Sweaty as hell from playing the drums, they brushed their long black hair back behind their ears and in a low ponytail so it would fit under her motorcycle helmet on the way home. Putting their leather jacket back on and heading into the main bar to find Spencer.
“Hey,” he smiled as she walked towards him, the drumstick now resting in his pocket as he approached her.
“I can’t believe you came here all by yourself?” Y/N laughed slightly before pulling him into a thank-you hug.
“I wouldn’t miss it, I’ve been coming for a year now, it’s always a great time,” his smile was perfect, his teeth were so white and straight and she wondered how they’d feel against her neck.
“It’s been that long?” She pretended that she didn’t notice, biting their lip as he ran the calculations in his mind.
He nodded with a soft, pressed-lipped smile, the Spencer classic. “Yep, it’s been exactly 14 months straight now.”
“I know you don’t like bars and loud noises and people you don’t know, or germs which makes this like a nightmare of yours I guess because of the close proximity of people and the germs being spread as everyone screams in a crowd,” she ranted before he was pulling her into another hug, “so this means a lot to me,” she finished her thought beside his ear for only him to hear.
“Anytime,” he whispered as he held her, his arm on her back and chin resting on her shoulder.
“Did you need a ride home?” She offered, thinking about how nice it would be for him to wrap his arms around their body as he sat behind her on Patsy, her motorcycle.
“Yeah, unless you wanted to go to your place and watch another movie? I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting,” he spoke just loud enough to be heard over the music.
“Yeah, I’d love that, it’s been lonely while Penny’s gone,” a smile erupting on her face as she got the reference, “come on then.”
She took his hand in hers, interlocking their fingers and dragging him backstage towards her locker. She had a space to keep her things for practice and other shows she did during the week, keeping an extra helmet and jacket in the locker for nights like this, however, normally it was a cute stranger. Not the man she’s been crushing on since she was a teenager.
“Oh, you brought Patsy,” Spencer’s face went white.
“Did you not want to ride her? Come on, everyone wants to ride her at least once,” Y/N teased him as she put the helmet in his free hand.
Her bandmates staring at her with proud smiles as she took the guy from the rock show home; the one in the sweater vest from the front, the one who was the most into the whole show, they both gave Y/N a wave and a smile as they slipped out the backstage door.
They walked out to the parking lot, still hand in hand with their helmets in the other. Stopping at her dark purple Suzuki GS650 GT, it was her most prized possession because it used to belong to her parents.
She put her hair in the right spot before putting the helmet on, sitting down and starting the engine, revving it for everyone in the lot to see as Spencer put his helmet on and threw a leg over the seat, nervous as ever.
He fit behind her perfectly, just enough room on the seat for his chest to press against her back as he placed his hands gingerly on her hips. It made her laugh.
“You’re going to want to hold on better than that pretty boy,” she teased him before revving the engine once more, kicking the kickstand up and speeding out of the parking lot.
Spencer gripped her tightly as she took off down the street, taking the longest route possible to her home. She didn’t hit a single red light for at least 5 blocks, zooming through traffic as Spencer squeezed the life out of her.
He felt amazing, his hands were so big as he fully wrapped around her, reaching around completely so his right hand was on her left hip and vice versa. He was so close she could feel his heartbeat against her back.
He was nervous, he flinched every time she turned and held on even tighter somehow.
So she did another lap of the block, around the park’s bend so she could lean the bike as far as possible as Spencer’s fingers dug into her hips fiercely. Breathing deep enough that she could hear him over the engine, but he wanted her to keep going. Not ready to let go of her yet, this is the closest they had ever been to each other.
When she finally pulled into the parking lot of their apartment complex, they bumped over the curb and his hand grazed Y/N’s boob, he pulled back so fast it was barely there, she just shook her head and laughed. Parking the bike and putting the kickstand back down.
Spencer let out a sigh, relaxing against her as he rested his chin on her shoulder again.
“Have fun?”
“Surprisingly, yes,” he laughed, his voice deep and dry from breathing with his mouth open, it was cute.
He got off first when his legs were finally able to work again, still vibrating from the rev of the engine he walked like Ariel when she got her legs. It was priceless, no one has reacted like that after getting a ride from them, not even Penelope.
She took her helmet off while still on the bike, shaking her hair out of the ponytail as provocatively as possible before getting off. Spencer’s jaw fell open once more as he watched, breathlessly, just as she expected.
Either he liked them before and never told them, or he was going to start now.
Either way, it excited Y/N to their core, taking his hand once more and leading him inside, this time they could be as close as they wanted to and no one was going to walk in on it. She stopped at her locked apartment door, looking at Spencer as softly as possible so he’d know her feelings were real.
“I know this will cause the teasing we already get to skyrocket, so if you wanted to keep it between us, I fully understand,” she whispered.
“Is that what you want?”
He was so sweet it made her heartache, never before had anyone made her feel like this; like she wasn’t in control of her body or mind, like an override in the system her brain and heart chose Spencer and there was no stopping them.
“I just told a whole bar of people that I’m in love with the guy at the rock show before taking you home in front of everyone,” she laughed, “I don’t care if people know, I just hate when they tease us, they belittle everything we do like we’re 17 forever, it’s not fun for me.”
“I hate it too,” he pressed his lips together awkwardly once more, “I’d like to keep you to myself for a while.”
She cupped his face in her hands and pulled in, pressing her lips against his as they both tried to repress their tightlipped smiles. Finally, finally kissing after all those years staring at each other's lips while they explained something, passionately as ever with the most attentive ears.
“Exactly, me too,” she smiled wider as she pulled back from him, unlocking the front door and pulling him inside for that movie he mentioned.
tag list: @shemarmooresfedora @spencers-dria @spookyspence @reidsfish @manuosorioh @mochionly @samuel-de-champagne-problems @jswessie187 (dm me if you want me to remove you)
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baronessblixen · 7 months ago
Prompt - Mulder does something to celebrate Samanthas birthday every year, and this is the first time he has invited Scully
Old prompt and exactly what I felt like writing today. Set in season 7. Tagging @today-in-fic and @xffictober2021
Wc: 1260
Fictober Day 16
What I Wish For You
“Do you have any plans on Sunday?” Mulder asks her Friday afternoon, just as she’s about to go home.
He’s been edgy all day and now she wonders if he’s had to built up his courage to ask her this. He looks into her direction, but is avoiding her eyes. Shy, bashful Mulder makes her smile.
“Another very early or very late birthday present?” She teases, smiling back at him.
“Something like that,” he says, sounding wistful. “So, do you? Have plans?”
“I’m free,” she says. “What is it you have planned?”
“It’s a surprise, Scully.” His whole face relaxes and there’s his signature grin, the one that makes her knees weak and her insides gooey. “Pick you up at 2 pm?”
“Can’t wait.”
“Oh, and Scully? Wear something warm.”
She pushes her lips out and gives him an inquisitive look before she leaves and Mulder just laughs.
Mulder knocks on her door on Sunday at 1.57 pm, his hands deep in his pockets, his expression unreadable.
“You’re early,” she says, locking the door behind her. She pockets her keys in her large coat, waiting for him to take the lead. “You’re never early.”
“It’s a special day,” he says, putting his hand on the small of her back. She doesn’t feel it through all the layers of clothes but knowing it’s there, knowing he’s there with her, reassures her.
Mulder has a picnic basket and several blankets in the car, making Scully wonder what he has planned. Considering how he asked her, and judging by the way all of this looks, she wonders if this is it: their first official date. Or half official, since he didn’t ask her out on a date, not in so many words.
They’ve been inching closer to a real date ever since the night they played baseball and shared ice cream (real ice cream that time) afterwards. Ex-girlfriends, artifacts and a botched brain surgery got in the way of them moving forwards.
She glances over at him, like she’s done so many times. There’s an absent-minded smile on his face, as if he were not just going somewhere physically, but in his mind, too. She wants to know where he’s going. Where they are going. But she trusts Mulder and trust the journey. She relaxes and leans back into the seat, sighing contently.
“We’re almost there,” he says.
Oh, she sure hopes so.
“Fort Washington, Mulder?” Scully asks after they’ve parked the car.
He merely nods, handing her the blankets while he takes out the picnic basket. “Have you ever been?”
“I think I have. It must have been years ago. My dad, he… he liked that kind of historical side.”
“So did mine,” Mulder says. “Samantha did, too.”
There’s nobody else in the picnic area, the cold, gloomy November working in their favor. Mulder grins at her upon seeing the empty tables.
“Which table would you like, Ms. Scully?”
She pretends to think about it and points at one. Mulder, like a waiter, bows his head and walks towards it.
“I hope you’re hungry,” he says, taking out sandwiches and putting them on small, colorful plates. Scully stares at them, surprised.
“Did you make these?” She asks, picking up a sandwich.
He nods. “I did. Here, I brought you something to sit on, so it won’t be too cold.” His thoughtfulness warms her heart. She barely feels the crisp air as they sit down opposite each other, both wrapped in blankets, both of them with healthy, rosy cheeks.
“What’s on this sandwich?” Scully asks, turning it this way and that.
“Try it.” He watches her closely, an enigmatic smile on his face. Scully takes one more look at the sandwich before she bites into it. Flavors explode in her mouth and her eyes shoot open wide.
“What is this?” She asks, chewing, trying to identify the different ingredients.
“Sam’s favorite sandwich. It has chips, salsa and because I first made it when I was about ten years old and didn’t know what was what, a pinch of cinnamon. You like it?”
“I…” She thinks about it, taking another bite. “I do,” she says honestly. “It’s different but… it’s good.”
“Today would have been her birthday,” Mulder says, his voice soft.
“Oh Mulder.” She puts down the sandwich and squeezes his hand. How could she have missed today’s date? How could she have not realized it when he asked her on Friday. “I’m so sorry.”
“She would have turned 34 today. Can you imagine?” It’s a rhetorical question. His eyes are looking into a present that doesn’t exist, never had a chance to be. It’s a present where Samantha was never taken, where she grew up as his little sister; one where she lived. Tears press against Scully’s eyes. She never met Samantha, but she wishes she did.
“I’ve been doing this every year,” Mulder keeps going, now looking at her. His eyes are full of tears, too, and she wishes she could take the pain away from him.
“Coming here?”
He shakes his head slowly. “Celebrating her birthday. The first few years were more… for her first birthday after, I- I went to a carnival. I knew she would have loved it. I went on all the rides and ate too much cotton candy. That’s what she would have done. I was sick all night. My dad got angry at me. How could I do this on Sam’s birthday, you know? He didn’t understand.”
Scully squeezes his hand again; it’s all she can do. “What else have you done?” She asks, wanting to hear more.
“Went to the movies when I thought it might be a movie she’d be interested in, went shopping, had lavish cakes and I got stupidly drunk on her 21st birthday. It got more difficult after. Most years I just… who would she be? All I know is the little girl she once was.”
“I think she would have liked this,” Scully says, trying to keep her tears at bay. “She would have loved everything, Mulder. Simply because it was you, her big brother, doing it for her.”
“You think so?” His voice is pained, and no matter how much he tries not to cry, he has no chance. The tears stream down his face and Scully can no longer stay on her side of the table. She rushes over and hugs him close.
“I know so,” she says, stroking his back. “We will find her, Mulder. We will find out what happened to her.” She knows she shouldn’t promise him this; it’s been 25 years. But she wants this so much – for him. She wants him to heal, to find his peace. And she will do everything in her power to make it happen.
“Today’s her birthday,” she goes on. “Let’s make it a wish.”
“I brought a candle,” Mulder says. He breaks the hug and quickly wipes his eyes, reminding her of the 12-year-old boy who had to grow up in one gruesome night. With shaky hands, he puts the candle on a cupcake and lights it.
“Do it together?” He asks her, his teary eyes full of hope.
“On the count of three,” Scully say. “One, two… three.” They blow out of the candle in perfect unison and watch the smoke rise into the blue-grey sky above them.
“Thank you for being here,” Mulder says, interlacing their fingers.
“Thank you for inviting me.”
She prays that their wish comes true; she prays that one day they will find out what happened to Samantha Mulder.
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crimesnewronan · 9 months ago
adam/ronan for that pairing ask game?
Oh I've been WAITING for this one
proposes - It would be ronan. I think adam isn't obsessed with the idea of marriage after seeing how it went for his parents but Ronan Couple-photo-as-his-lockscreen Lynch? Raised alongside Declan "by the time we're married" lynch?? Absolutely. He's been planning his proposal since adam fixed the pig.
shops for groceries - Both of them. Together <3. fighting in aisle 3 because ronan wants to spend like 30 bucks on different sugar-based cereals because hes a teenage boy who can't cook and adam thinks (rightly so) that that is batshit crazy.
kills the spiders - Adam. Ronan would use the cup and paper method to safely remove the spider while also cussing it out like it personally killed his father and threatening to burn down the house if it comes back in.
comes home drunk at 3am - It would be ronan....
remembers to feed the fish - Ronan. Adam has too much on his mind and we've seen how carefully ronan looks after all his dream creatures. those fish would be so well fed.
initiates duets - honestly i don't see it for them... they would need outside pressure, maybe from mathew or blue.
falls asleep first - Adam. He's dead tired 24/7 and ronan is an insomniac. I think adam falls asleep EVERYWHERE. (often on ronan's shoulder.) During movies, on lunch breaks, at monmouth, in the booths at nino's, adam is PASSED TF OUT. Honestly Ronan is just glad adam can grab a bit of sleep and always holds reallly still so he doesn't wake him up.
plans spontaneous trips - Usually ronan. He's famous for pulling adam away for midnight drives when adam starts getting over stressed and edgy. He usually just drives until the smooth roads and soft wind sounds put adam to sleep. But if Adam pulls up at the barns with the dream motorcycle on a day ronan isn't expecting him?? Ronan is an absolute gonner.
wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - I think sleep is such a precious and limited resource for both of them, neither would want to take it from the other. but if adam were to roll out of bed looking for something sweet at night i don't think ronan would be far behind him.
sends the other unsolicited nudes - Ronan. I think they started as a joke but slowly became unironic...
brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - Also Ronan.
comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - Adam. I feel like the adam's main internal conflict is wanting and not allowing himself to want. and sometimes he'll stop and stand there just... looking. (much to his own embarrassment.) Of course if Ronan is there he'll act like its him who wants to go in and somehow con adam into leaving with a fresh muffin or a bag of chocolate.
blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - This is ABSOLUTELY ronan. But i think that adam would start doing it too to make fun of him and that ronan would find it disturbingly hot on him.
killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - this is adam at peak "creepily clever". He would kill the guy and hide the body and no one would ever know.
wears the least clothing around the house - Ronan (derogatory)
has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - RONAN!! (affectionate) and I think adam would too once he gets a little more comfortable with affection.
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tmmyhug · a year ago
Would you be okay with making a rec list of some of those fanfics that deserve more attention? I'm always on the hunt for more and there are some incredible stories out there in niche fandoms.
sure! off the top of my head here are some of my favorites :) I keep my standards pretty high so sorry if they’re already well known. and these are just the ones that come to mind atm - there are so many more out there.
1. young god by @chrysalizzm (132k word series, sequel unfinished)
with utter sincerity: if any fic deserves to blow up so much that it gets read by ccs like heat waves did, it’s this one (with the author’s permission ofc). this is my favorite fic in this fandom right now. I want this printed and bound and illustrated and in my bookshelf. perfectly encapsulates so much of what makes dream smp dream smp. gorgeously fleshed out character relationships, doesn’t skimp out on the smaller creators, some of the most brilliant worldbuilding I’ve ever seen. practically poetry. an absolute MUST read no matter which characters are your favorites. if you need more convincing, this is the comment I left on it.
Tumblr media
2. everything by blue000jay, but specifically:
previously, on other people’s heartache: 25k pov study of tubbo, niki, and eret in the manberg-pogtopia days. absolutely gorgeous. as someone who never really got into niki or eret’s characters, this fic made me fall in love with their perspectives. if you’re nostalgic for the old dream smp days, this’ll do it for you. really highlights some of the overlooked aspects of that point in the story.
antarctic adage: 50k antarctic empire sbi. pinnacle of the sbi ae aesthetic. does a genius job of laying the groundwork of their little found family, with all their strengths and flaws and love for each other, and ends by transitioning into the beginning of the dsmp storyline. I consider this personal canon.
battery city: 70k words of zombies!! sbi classic zombie apoc au. dystopia found family for the soul. some of the best philza I’ve ever read. so much clingy duo. surprise appearances by the dream team and a buncha others I won’t spoil. the ending will make you all gooey in the inside. series; part 2 unfinished.
3. it is just the way of the world by anetherealmelody: 71k unfinished PLATONIC SOULMATES SBI HECK YEA. techno pov. the plot is awesome. the way the author weaves relationships together and drops little hints and clues throughout the chapters - mwah. so much fun to read. some of the funniest sbi banter. everything else by them is golden as well.
4. if i’m found, i’ll end up lost by @transandor: 14k of pure poetry. this was the first fic in this fandom that really got me in the gut. if there’s any way to describe it, it’s just, quite frankly, beautiful. the way he writes emotion makes me want to cry. the way he describes scenery makes me want to fly. part 1 is one of my all time favorite clingy duo fics. part 2 (dream-centric) is what I reread at 3 am when I want to be put through the emotional equivalent of a dryer and come out all warm and fuzzy.
5. eros ≠ storge by idyllSunset: 12k sbi mcc4 oneshot. funny, angsty, adorable - the whole package. and man, this author?? this author could describe paint drying and I would read it. one of the best grasps of communicating emotion through imagery I’ve ever seen. this goes for everything by them - I haven’t read it all but when I do, it leaves me feeling like I should have cried but also deeply, wholly content for reasons I can’t quite name. wholly recommend all their sbi stuff.
hoo boy, this is getting long, okay one more -
6. everything by meridies (can’t speak for the dnf, haven’t read it, but) especially these:
no place like home: I think most folks know this one. 41k words of classic sbi foster family, featuring brand new argumentative baby brother tommy, edgy problem child wilbur, jealous bookish techno, and an exhausted phil who gets attached too quickly and just wants to keep the three of them from ripping each other apart. doesn’t skip the clingy duo either. meridies, my beloved.
how fast the evening passes: 37k, classic sbi foster family part 2 electric boogaloo: everyone’s grown up and hates each other for different reasons now! just kidding, they all love each other very much but suck at communicating. heavy on the angst but leaves you with a wonderful sense of optimism and hope. best author when it comes to digging up sbi’s nitty gritty lil flaws, finding scenarios that make them worse, turning them against each other, and then shoving them all in a car and sending it headlong down the bumpy road to healing. meridies my BELOVED.
7. I know I said one more but I just remembered - @fensandmarshes. oh goodness. I haven’t read everything by them but what I have? absolute brilliance. I’ll make it quick, but shoutout to these in particular:
when our hearts beat slow together (feels like i'm home): 8k sbi wingfic, crimebois centric. want fluff? look no further. softest series you’ll ever read, guaranteed. it’s a giant fluffy blanket and I want to curl up in it and go to sleep.
rent free: 8k of feel good irl sbi but with ~telepathy~. slightly cracky, very sweet and funny. excellent characterization. also I didn’t know there was a part 2 when did that show up oh gosh I have to read it immediately-
we all got to the modern era through different varieties of time bullshit and now we're a family again pog: 13k sbi immortal/time travel/reincarnation/god au. or something. idk, they’re all immortal one way or another. will have you bawling one chapter and clutching your stomach with laughter the next. so creative. excellent phil pov. and the tommy pov sequel is a GEM.
and a lot of what I’ve recommended is long so here are some short ones - their two oneshots of a c!tommy c!wilbur afterlife reunion - lay down your dying breath, too heavy to rise (2.7k, good big bro wilbur!) and asphodel (4.8k, watch out wilbur’s evil oh god). both are incredible.
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thetimecrystal · a month ago
blind channel as dnd characters
made with just the player’s handbook!
technically since they are all musicians, they could all be bards but i decided to try and be more creative with it and try to use what i know about their personalities
niko - (mountain) dwarf fighter
my stomach first said dwarf for niko and that stuck, especially with other’s opinion! they are short and solid, much like niko, loyal, stubborn and slow to forget those who wronged them. plus very clan minded! (which to me, is very similar to how niko is very family minded)
i chose mountain dwarf specifically because the description of strong and hardy, accustomed to a difficult life in rugged terrain just felt right (i know oulo isn’t thaaat far north but yk. Vibes)
a fighter is a master of martial combat, skilled with a variety of weapons and armor. as for his fighting style, i am thinking either dueling or protection. and for his martial archetype, i am thinking champion! this means that his focus is on the development of raw physical power honed to deadly perection.
suggested stats: strength: 19, dexterity: 9, constitution: 15, intelligence: 11, wisdom: 13, charisma: 12
joel - human rogue
humans are like a potato, they can kinda do anything! definitely more curious than other races and while they cannot live as long as elves or dwarfs, they aren’t all squishy. i kinda also cannot see joel as anything but a human.
humans are also among the races you see the most,  the same with dwarfes, elves and halflings!
a rouge is pure stealth and sneakiness. they’re the types who will hide and deal damage in the shadows, and also look for traps and investigate for that a lot. and they’re the edgy choice, which is why i feel like it works with joel a lot (edgelord (affectionate)) 
for a rogue archetype, i’d suggest assassin! they especially focus on using stealth, poison and disguise to most efficienly take out their enemies.
also if i wanted to include critical role content, having joel as a blood hunter would too be super cool
suggested stats: strength: 14, dexterity: 16, constitution: 16, intelligence: 14, wisdom: 7, charisma: 15
joonas - (high, moon) elf warlock
elven folk are focused on nature and magic, and among other things, the good things in life. they appear to be hauntingly beautiful and more slender than a human being.
a high elf has a keen mind and i chose moon specifically for their more friendly and less reclusive nature. plus sun elves have a bit of a superiority complex over being elves and i cannot see joonas as being all hoity toity over his race.
a warlock is a wielder of magic that is derived from a bargain with an extraplanar entity (not a god, but instead a demon, a devil, a fey noble or alien entities to mention a few)
i also thought a warlock because they are both charisma based and with a focus on getting to know said patron more, they are both more within combat than a wizard and a lot less book-ish than them too. i feel like this works a lot with joonas, who are definitely a charmer but also has a more organized and clever side to him underneath that.
as for pacts and what his patron is, i think pact of the blade and his patron being a lord or lady of the fey.
your pact is a gift that your patron gives you when you reach a certain level (level 3), and  i’m imagining joonas getting a type of blade or sword. i do kind of want it to be a scimitartho. that’s be so fucking cool.
a lord or lady of the fey means his patron is a fairy-like creature, who has lived for long before any sort of humanoid creature was made and has the secrets to prove it. their favours may be focused on settling age-old grudges or getting more magical power.
suggested stats: strength: 7, dexterity: 13, constitution: 14, intelligence: 8, wisdom: 9, charisma: 16 
aleksi - (forest) gnome cleric
a gnome is also a small sized creature, but make up for their size in energy and enthusiasm! gnomes are alive for three to five centuries and they want to fill each moment with the wonders of the world around them.
even though gnomes are punny pranksters, they also are skilled within their choice of engineering, alchemy, tinkering and invention.
i chose for him to be a forest gnome because i kinda cannot see aleksi as a rock gnome, and i want him to be able to speak with small forest animals?
i first wanted to make aleksi a bard but after thinking a bit, i felt like a cleric made more sense.
they’re the healers and get their magic from the god they believe in. but there is a specific domain i feel like aleksi would fall under, trickery domain, because he is a little menace.
but gods of trickery, think like loki, are mischief-makers and always cause chaos wherever they go. their clerics are a disruptive force within the world and they prefer subterfuge, pranks, deception and theft rather than direct confrontation
suggested stats: strength: 8, dexterity: 14, constitution: 15, intelligence: 15, wisdom: 18, charisma: 12
olli - (lightfoot) halfling monk
halflings are the dnd version of hobbits, so think of the normal hobbit traits and apply that here!
for a subrace, i’d probably choose lightfoot. they have an easier time hiding and are usually more prone to wanderlust than others of the race, which usually focus on their small patch of land
monks are masters of martial arts, harnessing the power of the body in pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection.
they’re kinda like ninjas in the way, also with a lot of movement abilities they gain as they level up, like being able to run up walls and slow fall
i kinda want to make olli a monk of the cobalt soul (like beauregard from the mighty nein) but i just wanted to focus on what is in the phb, so instead my suggestion is way of the open hand, which focuses on martial arts and mastering that! monks in general are like fucking monsters but the damage this way can deal seems WILD
suggested stats: strength: 11, dexterity: 20, constitution: 14, intelligence: 11, wisdom: 11, charisma: 11
tommi - human barbarian
again, a human is adaptable and has a can do-attitude, which surprises the other races as they are the youngest race and lives the shortest lives. they also have an ambition unlike other races.
now, i kept thinking through what race tommi should be, and i almost settled on half orc, but it just really did not feel right. and when i cannot decide, defaulting on the potato of races just felt right.
a barbarian is a fierce warrior of primitive background who can enter a battle rage. a rage means a power that fuels not just battle frenzy but also reflexes, resilience and their strength. imagine tommi wielding a giant battle axe!?
out of the primal paths in the phb, i think path of the totem warrior with bears as a totem animal makes most sense for him. this means that he takes on certain traits of bears.
suggested stats: strength: 17, dexterity: 10, constitution: 15, intelligence: 11, wisdom: 12, charisma: 8
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bugshelfs · a year ago
Boys (Corpse x MALE!Reader)
VERY excited for this prompt! here is where i acknowledge corpse irl is straight: (pause to acknowledge). and here is where i write a piece of fiction that corpse has expressed he’s ok with!
Please do a Corpse x male!reader - if you write for males but if not then GN will be okay ^^ - where reader is very edgy, wears techwear 24/7 and is taller than Corpse.
I’m not seeing enough male reader/GN fics where the reader is just as edgy if not edgier than Corpse—
you met corpse at a gas station, but he’s still cute. no corona ;)
warnings: minimal food talk, maybe swearing but i can’t remember lmao
The day you met Corpse had you both stopped in your tracks.
Well, admittedly, Corpse was more so. You pride yourself on being able to keep it together, but Corpse has always been a dweeb who just tries his best - and often fails - to play it cool. This was obvious from the moment you’d met him, literally bumping into him at a gas station as you were both on your phones walking towards each other.
Your phone survived the accident, but Corpse’s clattered to the floor. You tore your eyes away from your screen as soon as your bodies made contact and immediately picked up his phone from the floor. “I’m so sorry,” you said, inspecting his phone. It’s fine, save for one long crack across the top left, thankfully missing the front camera entirely. You handed it to him, and finally noticed him staring up at you with wide eyes. “I’m sorry,” you repeated, confused.
He cleared his throat. “All good,” he replied, voice muffled just slightly by the fabric mask over his mouth. It’s deeper than you’d expected, and you startled a little at it, but he didn’t seem to notice. “Uh, it’s my fault too.”
“Well, you know,” you replied, shrugging. “There’s no place like twitter dot com.” You quirked a smile as you flashed your phone, displaying the Twitter timeline open on the screen. 
He laughed, opening his phone to show that he’d been on Twitter too. “Uh, I’m Corpse,” he said.
You smiled at him, maybe more bashful than intended. “Y/N,” you replied, sticking out your hand to shake. “Nice to meet you.”
“You too,” he said, and as your hands met, a blush threatened the outer corner of your cheeks. His hands were… really nice. “Even if you broke my phone,” he teased.
You laughed, already feeling the tension between you two melt. “You’re just as much to blame here, Corpsie.”
As it turned out, your cars were parked next to one another’s at the pumping station, so you walked there together. You talked the whole way through picking up an armful of candy as he got a collection of energy drinks apparently for him and his friend Dave, and you kept talking while you finished putting gas in your car. And then you kept talking afterwards too, until Dave reached over and shouted out the open car window, “Dude, just ask for his number already!”
You grinned and Corpse blushed. “I’m sorry,” he said, turning to you, but you shook your head, still smiling at him happily. It was cute. “Look, if it’s too forward, I’m really sorry, but - I don’t usually get along with people this easily. Maybe we could… do this again?”
“Sure,” you agreed easily. You told yourself it’s only because you didn’t mind it, not that it was too hard to say no to that hopeful look in his eyes and that you didn’t want to forget how cute he sounded when he laughed. “Give me your phone.”
“You might crack it again,” Corpse replied, but he handed you the phone anyway. You rolled your eyes as you typed in your number, adding a heart next to your contact name.
A week later, after texting and calling and FaceTiming nonstop, finally he asked you out. He took you to get boba, and you had dinner at his place, and when he dropped you off at yours, he stood on the front porch, only a few inches between you.
“I had fun tonight,” you said. There was something exhilarating about it, how he craned his neck to look at you, eyes scanning over your face nonstop like he was trying to read something off of your skin. To break the tension, you softly added, “Even if you did keep making fun of my pants.”
Corpse laughed, a breathless thing. He reached out to pull at one of the straps hanging down, letting it fling back gently against your leg with a dull smacking noise. “I just don’t get why there’s so many straps. And pockets.”
You leaned in. You told yourself - and later, him - it was because you wanted him to shut up about your stupid pants, but you and Corpse both knew the truth.
When Corpse asked if you would be his boyfriend, you got the upgrade: access to the streamer room. You’d known, in your dating period, that he was an ‘internet personality’, as he very vaguely described it, but the lack of details he was willing to share discouraged you from sleuthing around on the internet. Of course, when he finally let you in a little more, thanks to his million followers, you blended in. Nobody knew that you, the random account simping in his replies, was the same guy whose hand made its way into Corpse’s Instagram stories more than once.
Your favorite thing maybe ever was seeing when Corpse posted pictures of him holding your hand. Most of the time, you didn’t even notice him taking the photos, but it was sweet, how your nails matched and he had sweater paws while you had tattoos. Even as a faceless YouTuber, it meant something to you that he was still proud of your relationship. His fans got a kick out of it too, nicknaming you Corpse Boyfriend.
But now, the real boyfriend test. He invited you to stream with him while he played Phasmophobia. You would talk to chat and ghosts as needed, and Corpse would do most of the heavy lifting. Of course you were nervous, but you never let on about it.
Well, Corpse knew you pretty well. When he asked if you were sure you were ready, and you said duh, bro, of course, he said, “Don’t bro me.” (He still kissed you though.)
“Corpse Husband, did you bring Corpse Boyfriend?” Corpse read aloud from the chat while they were waiting to get started with the game. “You guys have been hearing rumors? Well, lucky you, I did! I want you guys to meet N/N.”
“Hey,” you said, smiling at Corpse. “I wanna start my presence on this channel by telling all two hundred thousand of you that I’m taller than Corpse.”
“That’s the most important thing?” Corpse laughs at you. “You’re like, maybe two inches taller.”
“Don’t lie to your fans, Husband. You’re at least three inches shorter.”
“Two,” he insists playfully. “And that’s the hill I’ll die on. Boyfriend.”
A few days later, when Dave comes over to hang out, you make him measure the two of you and force Corpse to post the lines on the wall as evidence. Three inches, he captions. Boyfriend wins :(
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crackheadgeminibby · a year ago
pairing: chris evans x black!reader
warnings: age gap, language
word count: 2k
a/n: this lowkey sucks and i’m sorry for that but i really wanted to post it🤭
i do not consent to my work being copied in any way, shape or form or reposted on any other platform
not my picture
Tumblr media
You’re sitting on your couch, eating popcorn and watch Fresh Prince reruns when your phone starts to ring. As expected.
“Y/N, where the hell are you? You said you would come.” You groan loudly. “I know, but I started to feel kind of sick and I didn’t want to get everyone else sick, you know?”
There’s a pause at the other end of the phone for a couple of seconds before, “You’re such a liar. You’re never sick.” You roll your eyes at that. Of course he would know that.
Ah yes, Scott Evans, your best friend of multiple years. You had met in college and practically hated each other at first. You both were very sarcastic people and it annoyed each of you in the beginning, but you ended bonding because you were the only people that really understood each other’s humour.
“Fine, I just didn’t want to come, okay? I’m tired and I just wanted to chill at home.”
“But Y/N, you never miss the mid-summer barbeque. My mom keeps asking when you’re getting here. And I freaking miss you. Just like pop over and eat a burger or something than you can go back to your popcorn and your cat boyfriend.”
“Hey! Leave Mr. Business alone, he didn’t go anything to you.”
Scott bursts into laughter at that.
“Okay, okay, sorry Mr. Business. But Y/N, seriously, please, just come for a while.”
You groan even louder than the first time, “Fine. But I’m eating a hot-dog and fruit salad and then I’m leaving.”
“Yes! Okay, see you in 30!”
You hang up the phone and reluctantly get up from your couch, headed to take a shower.
You normally didn’t mind going to Lisa’s house because you adored Scott’s family. Since the beginning, they had all been so nice and welcoming to you. Well, you know, except Chris.
Chris and you did not get along, to say the least. He annoyed the shit out of you, always showing up with a new bimbo on his arm, making out like there’s no tomorrow in front of everybody. Like, literally. Every single time you saw him, he was with a new girl. He also spent the entire time you were at the house taking digs at you. Always for different reasons, which kudos for the originality, but they were always increasingly mean. This meant that you could never stay too long when Chris was there or you would lose your shit, like at that one Christmas dinner. Oof, bad memories.
As you’re standing in front of your closet, you contemplate all of your summer clothes. You end up deciding on a sheer long sleeve top and black dress. You rapidly do your hair and makeup as you hear Scott sending multiple texts, probably asking where you are.
You finally arrive at the house about 45 minutes later. You immediately head to the backyard, where lively noise and soft music are coming from.
As soon as you get in the backyard, you spot Scott, sitting on a chair, beer in hand, talking with his mom.
When he sees you, his face lights up and he excitedly waves you over.
“Hi guys!”
“Y/N! We were starting to think that you weren’t going to show up!”
You laugh slightly, “You know me, always have to make an entrance and all!”
You sit down on a chair next to them and listen distractedly as they continue with their conversation.
As you’re starting to think about getting yourself to eat, Chris enters the backyard with another one of his hook-ups, as on schedule. You roll your eyes slightly as you tell Scott and Lisa that you’ll be right back and head to the food table.
You’re distracted by the customization of your food and don’t realize that your seat is now occupied by your least favorite Evans.
“Um, excuse me. I was sitting there.”
Chris barely spares you a glance as his hook-up looks at you, offended, and scoffs. “So? There’s plenty of chairs in the backyard.”
“Okay, well, this chair has my phone on it so obviously I was going to come back to sit here, so move.”
Chris makes a mocking pout at you and says, “Oh, you’re right, sorry.” He then rolls his eyes and smirks, “Or not.”
You grind your jaw and swallow your pride. There’s no need to make a scene. You give Chris the fakest smile you can muster and bend down to take your phone from the chair’s drink holder and turn around to sit on the other side of the pool.
Unfortunately for you, this gives you a direct view of Chris’ make-out session. You shudder and groan as you direct your attention to the children playing in the pool.
After eating, you head to the cooler to get a beer but, of course, it’s empty.
Knowing that Scott always keeps a secret stash of his favorite beers in the basement, you leave your plate and phone on the chair before heading inside. As you go down the stairs, you remember that they didn’t have any light down here. Would have been pretty smart to bring your phone but, oh well, too late.
You get a bottle from the fridge before cracking it open on the door. You’re about to go back upstairs when a sound surprises you and you let out a scream while throwing a punch out in the dark.
“Ow, you hit my face! What the fuck is your problem?”
Of course it would be him.
“Well, you scared the shit out of me so not my fault.”
You skirt around him and head back upstairs. However, before you can pass through the kitchen and head back to the backyard, you feel a hand around your arm.
“Wait. I wanna talk to you for a second.”
You turn around and shake your arm out of his grip. You take a sip of your beer while you wait for him to speak. Chris sighs loudly before asking, “Why do you hate me?”
You choke on your beer before looking at him with wide eyes.
“Excuse me?”
“You’re always super rude to me whenever you see me, and you always leave parties after like an hour when I’m here.”
“Okay, so we’re doing this.” Chris frowns in confusion at this.
“First of all, I don’t hate you, you just really annoy me. You’re always showing up with a new girl, always more plastic than the one before. You’re always eating their faces in front of everyone, which like, ew. And you’re the one that’s rude to me, by the way, so…”
You shrug and are ready to down your beer and leave when Chris whispers, “Wait, you don’t like that?”
“Why the fuck would I want to see you making out with a different girl every few weeks?”
“But Scott said that-” When he realizes what he’s saying, he stops abruptly and puts a hand in front of his mouth.
You tilt your head in confusion, “Scott said what?”
“Umm… Well, he said that… Uh, you liked bad boys?’
You feel heat making its way from your belly all the way up to your cheeks. You were attracted to the more edgy ones but what the hell did that have to do with anything?
“Well… I thought that, you know, if I was like that, you would like me?”
Realization hits you and you mutter, “Oh my God, I’m way too sober for this shit.”
You gulp down the rest of your beer and try to think of what to say when you hear, “Baby, come back outside.”
Chris’ date saunters into the kitchen and glares at you as she practically hangs herself from his arm.
“Yeah, um, good luck with that,” you gesture to the girl next to Chris and finish with, “and I’m gonna go.”
You put your beer bottle in the trash and head to the backyard. You get your phone and rapidly say by to Scott and Lisa before practically running out to your car.
Tumblr media
Once you’re back home, back in your pyjamas and watching TV, you ponder over your short conversation with Chris. It kind of made sense that he suddenly started acting all macho around you. The first few times you had met Chris, he had been pretty nice to you but was very reserved. You just assumed that fame had gotten to his head and that’s why he had started acting like that. You roll your eyes as you remember that Chris had said that he was acting like that because of Scott.
you, 6:45pm:
so why exactly and in what circumstances did you reveal my type to chris?
You put your phone down but almost immediately receive a response.
scott, 6:45pm:
I didn’t know you guys could have a conversation without murdering each other.
I don’t even remember talking about this with him
you, 6:46pm:
he told me that you told him that i liked “bad boys”
scott, 6:46pm:
Oh, that
I’m pretty sure I told him that like 15 years ago when you met him
You frown at this. He’s been acting like a dumbass for 15 years and for what? You shake your head as you look for Chris’ name in your phone contacts.
you, 6:47pm:
where are you right now?
You put your phone down and head to the kitchen to make yourself a quick snack to eat. As you’re washing the things you used, you hear a text message coming in.
christopher, 7:03pm:
I just got home.
you, 7:03pm:
we need to talk, come over
You were kind of nervous. Chris had never come inside your house and you were sure that he would have plenty to say about it, but you were not in the mood at all.
About 15 minutes later, you hear your doorbell ring. You exhale slowly before opening the door and stepping aside to let Chris in.
He walks in and looks around before turning back to you and saying, “It’s pretty.” You could feel that he was different from the other times you had seen each other.
You mutter a “thanks” and motion for Chris to follow you in the living room.
“Okay, so you said that Scott told you the type of guys that I liked but you didn’t say why he told you that.”
“Um, I asked him, a long time ago.”
“Well, you know…”
You start to get annoyed and reply, “No, I don’t know, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here right now, would you?”
Chris exhales loudly before responding, “I thought you were beautiful and smart, and I liked you and I wanted to be like the other guys you liked.”
“I- huh?”
“At first, I thought it would make you laugh or something but then you didn’t react so I thought that if I was a little mean, you would notice me but then it didn’t work so I thought that I would try to make you jealous and here we are.”
You look at Chris with your mouth agape as you try to register what he just said.
“That seems rather cliché, no?”
“Yeah, I know, it was dumb and weird, but I didn’t know what else to do to make you notice me.”
“I don’t really know what to say, to be honest…”
“How about I take out sometime and you can get to know the real me?”
“Umm… I guess?”
Chris gets up, a grin on his face, as he heads towards your front door.
“I’ll text you then.”
As you hear Chris start his car and leave, you’re still sitting on the couch, completely shocked.
What the fuck just happened?
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rainxox0 · 7 months ago
Someone Strange : Dexter Morgan x Reader (Part 2)
This is part 2/3.
This part is both fluffy and angsty, so beware.
There are talks of a suicide attempt in this part.
What goes through Dexter Morgan's head?
Some people might've pondered that question. You sure did.
While you had the best of times with him, it was hard to pass up on the fact that he gave you an "off" feeling, like he wasn't quite there.
Perhaps it was a disconnection from society? You understood that well.
You were pondering all these things as you lied in a hospital bed, the beeping of machines keeping you awake.
Remember when you found out the person at the door wasn't Dexter?
You had no idea who it was, as the person wore a mask. You assumed they were male by their height. The person was exceptionally tall.
The person had shot you three times in the stomach.
Thankfully, they didn't finish the job. Someone from another room had overheard the noise, and it was thanks to her that you were alive.
Maybe if this had happened at a different time, you would've accepted death. Before you got into true crime, finding your passion, you had nothing to live for. Dysfunctional families and years of bullying didn't do well for your psyche.
Though, you had the last laugh. Right?
News of what happened to you spread like wildfire. Pretty soon, it seemed like every edgy teen was confessing to being at fault for you attack.
Not only that, but the media was all over you at the moment. Everyone wanted your perspective on what happened. It was more painful than the gunshots, to be honest.
Debra was one of the only two people that you actually wanted to see. The woman was almost in hysterics when she came to visit, which you didn't expect. You two had only been friends for a couple of days.
The other person you wanted to see was Dexter.
Your thoughts were completely focused on him. You just couldn't get the man out of your head. However, the more you thought about him, the more of a mystery he became.
Something told you he was bad news. Thanks to your interactions with criminals, you had a pretty good sense of judgment. You could usually tell when someone was bullshitting.
That little voice in your head had nothing but suspicions about Dexter. Quite honestly, you've never met anyone that unnerved you more. You felt as if he was hiding something behind those soft eyes.
The fact Dexter hadn't visited you hurt you more than it should've.
You were about to drift off to sleep when you heard your door open. You faced away from the door, your eyes closed.
"Y/N? Are you awake?"
It was Dexter.
You didn't respond. Part of you wanted to see where this would go.
You could hear him sitting in one of the chairs in your room. A sigh escaped his lips.
"I'm sorry I didn't come sooner," he whispered, "This never should've happened."
You didn't move.
"The guy should've been caught already. We've been on his trail for way too long. More people are just going to get hurt,"
You didn't open your eyes.
"I was supposed to find him. I can't forgive him for this. I'll find him, I promise. He'll pay,"
You didn't react.
Eventually, you managed to fall asleep.
When you awoke, you found Dexter still sitting in the chair. He was sleeping. The clock in your room read 7:30. Usually, you didn't wake up this early.
You were able to sit up, the gunshots having healed enough.
He woke up almost immediately. Part of you thought he wasn't sleeping at all.
"Hey, Y/N. I came here last night, if you're wondering," he explained, even though you already knew.
"Thanks, Dex," you smiled, "I hope I didn't worry you too much."
Dexter frowned, "You're apologizing for getting shot?"
Before you could respond, Dexter stood up and made his way over to the left side of your bed, kneeling down beside you.
"We'll find him, I promise you,"
You smiled, "I wouldn't doubt it for a second."
You put your hand on his, taking him aback.
"You know, Dex, I like you a lot," you sheepishly mumbled, "so I was wondering... When I get out of here, do you want to go out?"
There was silence between you two before Dexter chuckled, "Sounds like a good time."
Dexter took your hand. What you thought was going to be a wholesome moment turned into something else when he turned your arm over, revealing a large, vertical scar on your arm.
"What's this from?"
You narrowed your eyes, "Why?"
"Oh come on, Y/N,"
You sighed, "Before I made a name for myself, I wasn't in the best state mentally. Tried offing myself in a bathtub. Didn't work, obviously. During my stay in the hospital, I was gifted a true crime book from my friend. I've been hooked ever since."
"I assume it gave you comfort?" He asked. You nodded.
"Being around psychos can be oddly therapeutic," you laughed, "I came here to learn about the Bay Harbor Butcher. Everyone goes on about how evil he is. Quite honestly, meeting so many evil people just made me agree with him more."
Dexter's reaction wasn't what you expected. His face contorted into what seemed to be pain. He shook his head.
"Are you okay?" You questioned.
"No, Y/N. Not at all,"
"What do you mean?"
Dexter laughed, standing up. His eyes were strangely cold, as if someone else had completely taken over, "I was going to kill you, you know. I thought you'd be in my way. Though, you're just so much like me, aren't you? I can't bring myself to do it."
Your eyes widened in realization.
"You're the Bay Harbor Butcher."
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lesbean-zelda · 9 months ago
introducing, Keeping Up With the Links AU
ok it’s probably not exactly as you think but I made a fun modern/family AU with some Links and stuff!! mostly because modern AUs are fun and I’m always craving the Links being happy and having families!! now there are some Links I haven’t done yet, mainly Skyward Sword Link and his fiancée Zelda (and their baby Fi!) and some that I just don’t know how to place into the AU... the Zeldas and stuff are kinda separate so I’ll think about that later....
anyway, here’s what I call the ranch household!
Tumblr media
I’ll introduce them in order from left to right!
Palon, Twilight Princess Link, 15 years old: (yes, I know his name means big stick in Spanish, yes it is intentional) Named in the according to the naming scheme used for his grandfather Talon and his mother Malon, he hates his real name and prefers to be called Twilight instead (Twi for short). He’s the generic angsty teen at 15 years old, even though his parents support him unconditionally he believes that nobody, except for one of the ranch’s horses truly understands him. Even though he does enjoy hard music and dresses in an edgy way, he’s really a country boy at heart. He is Timeos’ and Malon’s biological child, and their firstborn
Timeos, Ocarina of Time Link, 40 years old: Timeos is the father of the family, he loves his kids more than anything. He says he used to be quite adventurous in his teenage years, but ended up settling down quite soon after with Malon. His childhood wasn’t the kindest to him, so he is determined to give his kids the best he can do, though he sometimes has a hard time understanding their emotions. He mostly works around on the ranch, and in his free time he enjoys fishing and grilling, you know, the generic dad stuff.
Malon, Ocarina of Time Malon, 40 years old: Malon was born on the ranch her family now lives on, and she’s a kindhearted mother. She loves horses and singing, and is a wonderful cook! she is always there to listen to her kids, but when it comes to work on the ranch she can be quite lazy. Malon was friends with Ilmar’ and Aryll’s parents before their death, so when their grandmother could no longer take care of them, she happily took them in as her own. On the weekends, she offers horse riding lessons!
Ilmar, Wind Waker Link, 7 years old: Ilmar is the adopted son of the family. His and Aryll’s parents died when they both were too young to fully understand what had happened. They were taken care of by their grandmother until she got ill due to her age and could no longer take care of the two. Ilmar is an adventurous boy who loves the ocean, having lived by the beach before moving to the ranch. He dreams of being a pirate when he grows up, and loves reading stories about them.
Aryll, Wind Waker Aryll (duh), 5 years old: Aryll is the adopted daughter of the family, and Ilmar’s biological sister. She follows her older brother everywhere and tries to mimic everything he does. Like Ilmar, Aryll loves the sea, but more than that she loves birds! Malon always has to have seeds or breadcrumbs in her purse when going out anywhere, just so Aryll can feed the birds they pass by. Because of this, the birds around town have grown to know her and fly around her begging for food when she’s around. She’s even gotten to hug the birds, which Malon wasn’t too happy about not knowing where they’ve been..
Valon, Breath of the Wild Link, 2 years old: Timeos’ and Malon’s second biological child. Valon, too was named in the same vein as his eldest brother. Valon is still a toddler, so not much can be said about him yet, other than that he will put anything and everything in his mouth and that he heavily dislikes wearing pants. Even though he is already 2 years old, he has not said his first words yet. Doctors told Timeos and Malon that he will likely remain non-verbal, but will find other ways to communicate.
then..! a not very canon (in AU) name to call them, but I call them the downfall bros!
Tumblr media
again, I will introduce them from left to right!
Ravio, a Link Between Worlds Ravio (again, duh), 14 years old: Ravio is the twin brother of Arthur and the younger brother of Reid. He is very talkative and always thinking of sneaky ways to earn a bit of money. He really enjoys cute stuff like bunnies! He and Arthur are identical twins, so to differentiate himself more from his brother, he dyed his hair a dark colour with the help of Reid. Ravio tends to steal Reid’s old CDs, and sell them to Twi. He doesn’t listen to them himself though, because he is scared of the screaming in death metal.
Arthur, a Link Between Worlds Link, 14 years old: Arthur, is short for Art, which is the nickname he most often goes by because of his love for drawing. he is a quiet kid, quite the opposite to his twin brother. He has no idea how to dress himself, which Reid often picks on him for. He enjoys drawing, and is very interested in street art and graffiti. Though, he is too scared to try it out for himself as usually that requires doing something that isn’t allowed.
Reid, a Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle games Link, 20 years old: Reid is the older brother of Ravio and Arthur. Their parents are often away on work related trips, so the twins get dumped on him to babysit. Reid enjoys exploring abandoned and scary places, such as caves and “haunted” houses. He says he doesn’t take his brothers with him on these adventures because they’d be too scared because they’re such wussies, which is partially true, but really he just worries for their safety, as these places can be unstable. Reid has a large social media following, but not for the content of him exploring scary places. His following is mostly there due to his alternative style and a few one-off videos of him lip-syncing to music he likes. Reid often changes his hair-colour between pink, his natural colour, and his natural colour with pink stripes. His constant teasing of the twins aside, he truly loves his brothers. 
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hauntedhumanbadlands · 4 months ago
Just A Hired Gun
Robert MacCready x NB!Reader
Tumblr media
synopsis - After a fight with raiders in the commonwealth goes terribly wrong, Robert J. MacCready and (Y/N) find themselves injured in a motel. MacCready and (Y/N), frustrated from the fight, let out their anger on each other, with shocking admissions following.
warnings - Classic Fallout stuff - cursing, being injured, blood, kind of angst. I DID NOT PROOF READ LMFAO.
word count - 1703
Tumblr media
The world is a bitch - it’s a pretty edgy statement, but in this world it really was. Constantly running for your life, dodging bullets, and reloading a weapon wasn’t just physically draining, but mentally too. It was no wonder after a long day of clearing out raiders for a job, MacCready and (Y/N) found themselves exhausted.
“I mean we made it out alive, I suppose that’s got to count for something?” (Y/N) pleaded, holding the door to a local motel open for a pissed off MacCready. The motel was less than clean, a far cry from the comfort of the Dugout Inn. Heck, it made even the Hotel Rexford look like a dream.
“Oh yeah, alive is a great fuc-, a great fricking word for it.” MacCready hissed, clutching his side. “Just please get me somewhere to lay down!”
(Y/N) sighed and nodded. Robert was right, the mission went terribly. It had been a job from the bulletin board in the Dugout Inn, it seemed simple enough; clear out raiders from abandoned housing unit near some shitty farm.
The mission ended up taking (Y/N) and MacCready a decent walk out of the commonwealth, and was worse than thought: raiders stronger than seen in the commonwealth, with no fears or regard for anything. They must’ve been high out of their minds.
But now the fight left the duo injured and stranded. This motel, a crude little place half a mile from the commonwealth was their saving grace. It almost made Robert laugh - almost - if he wasn’t beyond pissed.
To him, you always treated this lifestyle like a game. Sure, he had no room to talk - originally being a hired gun, and often dancing with his own life - but he swore that this was different.
Gambling your life wasn’t fair to him, if (Y/N) died, what would he do? Robert couldn’t live with himself if another person he cared about died. But it didn’t matter, as far as (Y/N) knew, he was just mad he got hurt.
As MacCready settled himself down on some stiff arm chair in the lobby, (Y/N) trotted themselves up to the receptionist desk.
“You two seem a long way from home.” The ghoul at the desk commented, glancing from (Y/N) to Robert. “Looking for a room?”
“We’re close enough, just need a good rest. Any room with two beds?”
The ghoul glanced at the available rooms on their clipboard and scoffed, “Nope. 3 rooms available, all one bed. 10 caps per night.”
(Y/N) was about to argue with the lady, but after turning a glance to Robert, they sighed, muttered something under their lips, and pulled 10 caps out of her bag, sliding it on the counter. The ghoul smiled, sliding a single key with the number 7 engraved on it.
Quickly, MacCready and (Y/N) made it to their room. The room was slightly more appealing than the lobby, dimly lit from the glow of a sunset outside, cream colored walls (although probably originally white), and some salvaged dark oak furniture.
“Lay down, I have a stimpak and some bandages. I’ll patch you up.” (Y/N) merely muttered. The thought of an irritated MacCready upset (Y/N). MacCready was a complex man, a very striking personality - although polite and reserved with strangers, the duo had been traveling for awhile. (Y/N) got to fully experience a more sarcastic, emotionally driven Robert.
Robert grunted slightly as he laid down, no protests to (Y/N) fixing him up. The silence was tense, (Y/N) not wanting to piss MacCready off, and MacCready not knowing when to let this fake pissed act go.
After 10 minutes of wrapping Robert up, (Y/N) finished. Promptly standing up and packing the supplies they had out in their bag. (Y/N) shuffled across the room, going through the loot in their bag and mindlessly doing activities to hopefully miss Roberts gaze.
(Y/N) felt bad. After some thought, they guessed it really was their fault. I mean, they didn’t need the money, (Y/N) just wanted to thrill. They were bored. On top of that, they didn’t have to bring MacCready there either. They could’ve gone alone. MacCready didn’t have to be there, yet he still got hurt.
God, (Y/N) felt so stupid. So incredibly stupid. What an idiot for putting MacCready’s life at risk just because they wanted the thrill. After everything they had gone through? It seemed like a bad piece of faith for them. For their friendship.
“I’m sorry.” (Y/N) pushed out. Robert’s head immediately snapped towards them, shocked at the sudden statement.
“For?” He questioned. Honestly he didn’t know, the anger he presented was really a falsity. Was (Y/N) really under the assumption he was mad at them?
“For getting you hurt. For being stupid. I shouldn’t have brought us out here. We didn’t need the caps, and even if I did really wanna go, I could’ve left you be.” Their words barreled out, no filter from the nervous wreck they were. (Y/N)‘s eyes slightly glossed over, the thought of their guilt sunk deep and deeper.
MacCready, didn’t know what to say. He felt guilty. The silence resurfaced in the room. (Y/N) looked up from the ground, baffled that he had yet to say anything. MacCready sighed, this was so stupid to him.
“You’re reckless. That’s all it is.” He finally sighed out, sitting himself up to face (Y/N). (Y/N)‘ s face scrunched up.
“Oh…” (Y/N) breathed out, MacCready internally sighed, knowing he had probably overstepped with such a simple statement. “You’re the one sitting on the bed with half your ribs broken!”
“Okay, but I tried to be thoughtful about the situation! I planned out a way into the building! But no, (Y/N), you had to barrel in and set off like 5 different turrets at once!“ At this point, MacCready had stood up and beelined it slowly towards (Y/N) as he spoke, his body trembling with anger, red as a tomato. “Leaving me, to take care of it and make sure you don’t KILL yourself! I always have to take care of you!”
(Y/N) was trembling, MacCreadys rather larger frame towering over theirs. Tears threatened to fall from their eyes, “Who in this world ever asked you to take care of me? I’m fine on my own. I admitted my way of doing it was really shitty, but you’re no better than me! And you’re my hired gun MacCready, just do your job.”
Silence fell over the duo. The room was tense. (Y/N) felt almost claustrophobic with the lack of space between themselves and MacCready. The pair were alarmingly close, bodies mere inches apart.
Robert backed away upon realizing, if he wasn’t so mad he would be sheepish and blushing, but God, what a shitty thing you could say, he thought.
“Is that all I am to you?” He breathed out.
That hurt, a lot. Robert spent countless nights, racking his brain with the thought of (Y/N). The way their smile lit up a room, how their hair was always groomed to perfection, how their eyes lit up when they talked about some meaningless mission they had gone on without him. How kind and forgiving they were, how they would always extent a hand to those who needed it, even if they didn’t deserve it.
Sometimes, in moments like these, he felt like a charity. Like (Y/N) was only pitying the single father. He couldn’t even begin to face (Y/N).
“Robert listen, I-“
“No. Don’t ‘Robert’ me. Do you know how that feels? What you just said?” MacCready choked out, tears welling in his eyes, he promptly turned away and slugged himself back to the bed, sitting himself down, with a baffled (Y/N) frozen in their spot across the (albeit small) room.
MacCready paused, waiting for (Y/N) to say something. But nothing ever came. And it was the right choice, something so simple, left the grown man in shambles. It had reasoning too, why was he nothing but a killer to (Y/N)? After all the effort and care he spent into every moment that he found himself at their side, why was he just a hired gun?
Robert sighed again, burying his face in his hands, “I know the way I word things suck. I try to be as straightforward as possible but it doesn’t seem to work with you.” He winced out, cringing at the simplification of his feelings, “I watch your back because you’ve done nothing but do the same for me, watch your back because…I honestly don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt (Y/N).”
(Y/N) slowly found themselves back at MacCreadys side, sitting on the creaky bed. They searched for the right thing to say to Mac. (Y/N) honestly didn’t know if they should speak. So they didn’t.
“I bust my ass for you, because I do genuinely care about you. Sure, by all technicalities you’re my boss, but in my heart, you’re a lot more than that. I would say you’re my friend but, if I’m gonna be honest…” Robert cracked a small pitiful smile, turning to look at (Y/N), eyes red from fresh tears.
(Y/N) took MacCreadys hand in their own, staring at the ground. “I care about you a lot too, y’know. More than you’ll ever know.”
“Oh yeah?” MacCready chuckled out.
“Yeah. And you are more than a hired gun. You’re way more than that to me. I’m sorry, I….I shouldn’t have said that.” (Y/N) turned to finally face Robert, a look of regret on their face.
Robert cracked another small smile and squeezed their hand, “I don’t know if I should say this, (Y/N), but….I do love you. That’s why I can’t stand to see you hurt yourself.”
“I love you too. I always have, I just didn’t know if you were allowed to fall in love with someone you hired.” (Y/N) said in a joking tone, pretending to ponder the question. Robert let out a heartfelt laugh.
The silence felt better. The room felt lively. All they could do was smile, “You should lay down y’know, I don’t think getting into a physical then verbal fight is good for anything you got going on.” (Y/N) suggested.
Robert nodded, slowly laying down and getting himself as comfortable as he could. (Y/N) sat on the edge of the bed still, watching him intently.
He chuckled at them, “You should sleep too y’know. I wasn’t the only one in a fire fight. It’s getting dark.”
“I suppose,” (Y/N) began, “Do you mind me laying next to you or anything?”
“Couldn’t care less, I think I need you next to me. Y’know, it’ll help me feel better.” He teased, scooting over for (Y/N) to lay. (Y/N) of course accepted, slowly and lightly placing themself next to the injured man. “You can come close, I wont bite you.” Robert chuckled out.
“I don’t believe that.” (Y/N) laughed, cuddling up against the bigger man.
Tumblr media
a/n - Second fic I’ve ever posted. Still nerve wracking! I tried a really hard to make this in character, I haven’t played Fallout in awhile, I really need to. Also, gif not mine! Also this is very obviously FO4 Mac.
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average-spooky · 4 months ago
Scary Month au
Can’t believe I made an entire Spooky month au based on a fnf mod I was thinking of but here we are
So fuck my spooky month shift au huh I’m still using the designs for Skid and Pump because I got attached to them Scary month is almost the same shit as an inverted au, again, almost
Okay so the principal thing is that Skid and Pump, obviously, don’t like spooky month The joke is that all the episodes take place on Halloween (or October), so they have to go through spooky shit all the time The thing is that they’re just trying to do normal things (First episode is them wanting to hang out outside, second episode is them just trying to get candy, that type of things), you know, the dynamic of the character that wants a normal life but weird things keep happening around them
Skid is more careless about the danger, like “Oh great! Another monster/God/Omnipotent creature! Just great! Pump is the one that get easily scared of the things, but still the most mature one that just wants to keep them both safe and is the one saving them most of the time
But they’re still kids, they are still happy and innocent not edgy mfs who swear 24/7 or something, they like candy and dolls and draw Also they’re always holding hands when they’re outside, not because of ship or anything is just because things are scary on October for Pump and he gets scared easily, like not every time two kids hold hands it’s because of romance, I just thought It would be platonically cute B(
Now about what I have about the other characters:
-Lila-. She is unintentionally neglective and is also very serious, but she still loves Skid and obviously cares about him and his friend
-Pump´s parents-. There’s nothing about them right now because we don’t know anything about them more that they are almost never on home and they don’t answer the phone
-Susie-. Very happy and cheerful, very permissive with Skid and Pump and supportive, shows more her concern about them, still a streamer
-MR. Wonder-. He’s happier but he’s still old, so he keeps sleeping a lot
-Jaune-. More concerned than chill about Skid and Pump, the one not letting them drink spoiled milk
Kevin-. Loves his job and selling candy to kids, chill person, doesn’t get nervous when he sees the police even if he did something illegal
Jack-. Serious police officer that takes his job a little bit to serious and doesn’t get easily nervous
Jhon-. Doesn’t smoke, it’s more chill about the house and cult thing, probably doesn’t takes his jobs as serious as he should
Ross and Rob-. They’re the real bullys here, the ones actually trying to harm Skid and Pump, they send them to the mansion not knowing Roy’s Uncle would be there (other way the wouldn’t, they’re still Rob and Ross)
Roy-. Imagine Sun (From fnaf security breach) trying to be a bully, that’s it, that’s his character, yelled at Rob and Ross after realizing they send the kids with his Uncle
Uncle-. A bitch that acts nice and like a good uncle getting Skid and Pump to trust on him seconds before Eyes appeared
Radford-. Hates his job AND his coworker, doesn’t care about the kids, probably a bad and/or absent brother
Rick-. Loves working, likes his coworker and cares about the kids, he just sold some kids beer because he’s a dumbass adult (kinda)
Patty-. Idk, happier, we don’t know so much about her yet
Frank-. Doesn’t like to kidnap kids but he doesn’t have a choice (somehow…?), definitely more friendly with the kids he’s not going to kidnap, damn that sounded darker than I thought-
Dexter-. An asshole since the start
Happy fella-. An asshole even bigger that plays nice with his victims instead of going full anger mood whenever he talks
Eyes-. Just nicer
Moloch-. Nice at first but goes apeshit on the episode 3
Kid-. Idk man I don’t even know their gender-
Not sure if I forgot someone
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rumblelibrary · 11 months ago
The Diary of Doctor Laszlo Kreizler
Chapter 1
Synopsis: Alienist’s notes are private, sometimes gruesome, secrets of others and of himself.Those pages belongs to secrecy and decadence, have a glimpse to this world made of drafts, notes, accidents and reflections. Or maybe it is you the only person that should ever reach for it.
Tumblr media
While you read this imagine Laszlo mostly at the end of his day, scraping the ideas and the thoughts, adjusting previous notes with additions, closing the day behind himself with a couple of sentences while sitting in his evening robe, a good glass of whiskey and his glasses bridged almost at the tip of his nose. Or maybe imagine yourself, you sneaky thing, reach for it from a far shelf.
Word count: 3k
Warnings: listen, this is the set of ideas and confessions of a man living in the 1890’s. Most of them will be outdated, rough, even deprecating in some analysis of the roles of men, women and social status, religion, etc.So be prepared, my point is to make Laszlo reflect upon those topics, but to be as faithful as I can to his time. Mention of death, mutilation, self harm and a minor depiction of a fight. Psychologically troubled young children ahead! Author’s note: I am a nerd for a good Victorian novel and a sexy Alienist.I have always been charmed by Laszlo’s mind and inner conflicts. So I took the chance and tried to have a run into that rollercoaster.  The story is placed between season 1 and season 2.
Diary belonging to Dr. Laszlo Kreizler.  This is a professional book of annotations over medical treatments of an alienist toward his patients. Do not disclose and send it back to the address if found: Kreizler’s Institute, xxxxxx, New York City (NY) L.K.
Tumblr media
Samuel Griswold Goodrich, Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom (c1859). Contributed for digitization by University Library, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Schiller in his “Die Weltweisen” wrote: So long as philosophy keeps together the structure of the Universe so long does it maintain the world’s machinery by hunger and love. From the philosopher point of view sexual life takes a subordinate position in human’s life, from recent studies pushed by European philosophers, everything is about sexuality and its development. I like to think of the experience of being an alienist as the process of Queen Penelope that, while waiting for her husband Ulysses return, undoes her craftwork every night. I undo the fabulous constructs of people’s beliefs to go back to the rough sketch that stands at the beginning of their loss, their complex, their pain. Maybe that’s why working with children is so motivating and fascinating. They can be saved and yet, I am well aware, some of those sketches already traced in their young lives equal to scars that not even the most advanced theories could cure. But I can sooth them. I can prevent them the torment, the anguish, the recollection at night of those monsters. I feel like a poet would be a better alienist than a philosopher, but I have got no poetry nor philosophy in my veins, but the cold experience of the razor blade judgment of Life itself.
Today I observed a fight among the children at the Institute. Age range between 10 and 12. Boys. The fight was over the possession of a side of the playground, the territory of a pack  of youngsters formed under the name of Steven. Peculiar lad, coming from a military background finds comfort in replicating the schemes he lived in his family. He takes the role of the Father/Captain of the team and subjects children that come from a similar background story, but do not posses his same attitude to the command. All quiet on the front, until the space he declared is own spot got affected by the presence of others.  Intruders. I knowingly let the events unfold to see how Steven would react to his challenged authority. His reaction was, at first, worded, a sketch, a stage-play of an action he witnessed over and over, and he knew the part so well that some of the contending kids lowered their stance against him. Among considering to mildly intervene into this pyramid scheme of authority, another boy, Jan, calls himself on the role of the educator and hero of the masses and proceeds to unfold a wild and well assessed punch on the newly declared dictator face. Balance is established again. No need for me to arbitrate, once more the laws of nature seem to apply to children as in a state of nature.
Meet John Moore over lunch. His job at the newspaper is picking up, he is charmed by the spirits and the wits that he finds in his shared office with all the other writers. He mentions many, goes on and on over qualities and troubles, gossips and tendencies, and even little scandals here and there. To be aware of all those details gives me no interest, but to see a dear friend so invested clearly gives me something to pick up. To consider also the amount of details and the way he describes this or that member of the journal, I can do a small exercise of analysis. It is almost too easy because John is painfully genuine, even some of the kids at the institute would beat him hands down in a battle of lies. The more he likes somebody, the more he goes on about all the details and the characteristics, often letting aside the physical appearance. When he doesn’t like somebody he has a couple of adjectives for the wits and around four or five for the physical aspects that usually indulge on some repulsive idiosyncrasies.  John is a man that painfully fits in the storyline of The Picture of Dorian Gray: to him physical beauty is spiritual beauty and, of course, the other way around. This part of him surely intrigues me, makes me want to tease more from him. But, as a friend, it concerns me as John is way too prone to purposelessly decide that somebody with good eyes is also a good human being, which is a very romantic and admirably naive way of judging matters. I noticed some names that keep repeating in his narration. I dread that it is synonymous of a soon encounter from my side with the objects of his admiration. Fetiches, I dare to say, that I will have to annihilate before they sediment into his mind, perpetuating a narration that soon sees John being mislead by others.
Reserved: Tickets for the Eroica, Symphony n. 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Thursday evening.
Note on the show: the first movement lacked the pathos needed to begin with, I am not sure that the guest orchestra really managed to portray the wider emotional ground needed to withstand the whole representation. As the evening progressed there were some outstanding performances by the cellists. Still not approving the choice of reprising the early quick finale movement against the lengthy set of variations and fugue that we are used to in presence of the Eroica. Underwhelming the performance of the horn and oboe, vital in the comprehension of the genius of Beethoven. 
Niki is a new addition of the Institute, quite old for the standards. He is already 16, he will leave when summer ends to some expensive college his family meant him to stay. His parents expect me to make him “normal” in the time we are allowed together.  He is Austrian and I let him act it out like I don’t understand German for the first week of hist stay until today. I believe I hit his pride, which is good, in the moment I answered back to one of his sneaky comments. Now he knows. He is not safe from me, he doesn’t like it. The young man has a tendency to danger, risky tasks and edgy situations. In his mother’s own words “Niki is not afraid of anything”. The phrase didn’t raise any excitement in the father, rather some sort of painful acceptance that is role as the alpha male of the house is probably not only being challenged, but  already diminished, if not abolished. I have taken in consideration that Niki will break himself a bone or two in the process of the therapy, probably out of the spite of boredom or rebellion. It took him less than few days to turn himself into an outcast among the outcasts, which only drives me closer to analyse the complexity of his narcissistic wall of self defence. I gave him a physical challenge to lift a certain weight, he is a pretty skinny one, he didn’t like the challenge, but I am sure he will take it. He is a brainy guy, he hates to be questioned on unfamiliar ground. He won’t sleep at night thinking about it.  A challenge, in this first phase, can only bring me closer to the ease of his pains. To continue the observation.
It is a sad privilege of medicine, in particular the one I practice, to be able to witness the weaknesses of the human nature and the reverse side of life. Nevertheless, I oblige this same privilege of the study as life moves into shades of darkness. To be aware of it gives more solace to my soul than to be victim of patiently waiting for the inevitable unfolding of the events. To be able to understand more about psychology would bring more comfort and elevation to any human being, the times might not be there yet, but eventually something will move into the direction of a more wholesome approach.
Dinner meeting with Sara Howard, at the restaurant Jardin Des Cygnes, 7 pm sharp.  Do not expect to reach the dessert. Do not know if John will be participating due to undeniable tension among the two and the fatal despise of John over French cuisine.
The case that Sara unfolded tonight to my ears feels more and more like pulled out from some gothic book or from the mind of a Roman historian that needed to justify the godly origins of an Emperor. One killing, apparently random, a very constructed iconography over the body. Signs and insults, shapes and drawings. Is this a work of art? Does the killer wants his victim to be his Mona Lisa? His David? I am charmed and destabilised. If this was a murder like any other, then why to spend so much time into it? Based on the description the act of killing itself was quick: a sharp cut over the throat, almost like not wanting to ruin too much the surface to use as base for, what? I keep rerunning those symbols over and over as Sara described them to me, my mind is flooded with the designs of greek philosophers that needed to explain themselves why the sky is above our head and never collapses on us. Hilarious how, no matter the science advancement, in the mind of many the sky stands inevitably overt their shoulders, suffocates them, brings them to a death of the soul and not of the body. Is all this graphic charade indeed only a form to scream for attention?  To stress the eyes of an unaware viewer? It seems ridiculously elaborate, a scream for attention would be quick, it would be like guided by instinct, not reasoning, craftwork. Any man with a knife can paint in blood red the walls of a room and that’s asking for attention. That is the primal howl: look at me! I am here! But this one.  I don’t know yet.
Spent the early morning reading anew my copy of The Metamorphosis by Ovid. Didn’t touch it in a long time and I got bedazzled by the world of terrible sensuality, anger and selfishness of those gods and mortals. I think back at all the deviances and weaknesses of human kind and I try to relate it to all of those humanoid figures. Niki would be a minotaur, the lonesome son left in the labyrinth and his strive for success is his bull’s head. Or maybe a centaur, because of his wits and strategic thinking. I might keep up the process, maybe this is the way to understand my patients better, to understand the killer better. Must remember not to romanticise it. Greek gods were probably the first form of self indulging of a society that needed gods to be forgiving and allowing favours and punishments, but only in exchange of sacrifices. But the sacrifice never comes from the God’s will, but from the will of the man that perpetuates the act of killing. To sacrifice someone or something is the sadistic response to a lack of love deeply inherited in human mind that becomes neurotic. Is the killer giving the God of his own neurosis a body to feast upon? 
I talked with Jan this morning. The young boy is about 10, but he acts like a full grown adult. I could easily asses that’s the reason why he could challenge Steven in that fight. Two children mimicking adults situations they know too well. Jan is son of an industrial man, but he is also son of the dialectics of the industrial revolution. He sounds like he swallowed some of those books about working class rights and communism, probably pushed by a resentful surrounding (mother?uncle? the midwife?) over the social role of his father. As much as incredibly smart and lectured, Jan lost most of his early occasions in life by spending a considerable amount of time using his fists. The anger ever present in the young boy always surprises me, he seems to be holding a power, a strength of a full grown man in those tiny arms. Nevertheless, he is already the tallest of the group. He is surely an idealist, which makes him also tragically fragile. His strength mixed with his heart of gold can make him the best of the heroes or the worst of the villains. He apologised for the fight, he specified how he didn’t like the sound of Steven’s voice, more than the sound, the level of pitch.  I can’t stand somebody shouting orders, I just don’t listen anymore. He is so mature even about his own feelings, almost a gentleman in his chivalry toward the weaker children, honest with his open heart and resentful against any form of injustice.  I am not spared by his ways, he would come at me whenever he feels like I was being partial over some of the kids, his sense of justice blinds him and transform a perfectly balanced boy into a ranging animal.
Ordered book, to be delivered around tomorrow evening: Introduction à la méthode de Léonard de Vinci by Paul Valéry. Suddenly feeling myself as a gross ignorant in art themes. I always regarded myself aware of the artistic personalities and tendencies of present and past, but this new amount of perceptions over the human figure and the human body leads me to document myself more. I could ask John for advice, but he wouldn’t take things at matter that seriously. I can almost hear him say how I can make gruesome a pleasant topic such as art. I should probably wait to see the body to push any further aesthetic study, but I find myself not being able to stop. I reckon, I can allow myself a vice or two.
Today I saw the body of the killed man, courtesy of the Isaacson's. To be fair, I had underestimated it. In Sara’s descriptions, probably due to her more analytic mind, all the charm of the representation got lost in favour of a less cryptic and reasonable understanding of the act. Sara got what some alienists will call a masculine mind, which I don’t perfectly agree on. If I apply that same approach John would be a very feminine mind, all wrapped up in romanticising even the ugliest. I guess that dividing the world in “fragile and gentle” and “strong and powerful” is just easier to explain the fluctuation of something that doesn’t need a real name or a category like human inclinations on thoughts.  I got a feverish sense of patience by looking at the body. Each symbol traced with sapient slowness, dense of the time that the killer spent with the body. That is a work of hours, he had time and meaning. He had resources and was able to spend not less than the time he needed to reach, a vision? An ideal? A message? Is it the message meant to be understood? Am I supposed to unravel it or it is maybe just the way the killer communicates within himself? And if I do decifrate the code, will that bring me closer to him? Or to his next victim?
Reminder: ask John to replicate all the symbols on the bodies in the correct measure and order. It might be needed some hard convincing. Addition: scheduled meeting, his house, 3 pm.
It wasn’t a day like any other when I met you. Or maybe it was, and that’s why I got so struck by it and now I am here playing it over and over through what my memory clung on so desperately. In my own experience, life was often similar to swimming in a lake. Those rich, dense lakes in the north of (illegible cancelled word) were my father used to bring us during summer. I still feel the pull, the draw down toward the abyss. It ashamed me, in a way, the fear that such a simple feeling aroused in my young mind, unaware nevertheless, that such a feeling would follow me through all my existence. It was a prophecy and, like most of the prophecies, was a riddle. I cradle in my heart the charm of those days, the mindless happiness. The foolish feeling of freedom. Little I knew that freedom would be taken away from me that soon, that the body that used to navigate me over the dense waters, helping me to fight the haul toward the unknown, would become my own cage. That day. Today. The day where I met you, the day I was afloat.  The child gasping for air felt the wrench become a gentle push and now he is floating on his back over the scary waters of reality and malice. It gave me relief and it gave me terror, because since that very moment I knew that I would never be able to move on from the sight of you. From the feeling of your eyes lingering on me. From the smile you so easily shone upon me. From the whiff of imported perfume that hit me when you turned on side exploding that swan like neck. And nothing, not even my stern look, could dim that wave of hope that your sole presence washed over me. The abyss roars, calls me to a home of damnation and terror and curses my name and yet you repeated that hell-bound name of mine after me and I felt safe.
John told me so much about you, it feels like I have always known you.
The rope is gone from my neck, the guillotine won’t fall on me, I am spared, I am free.
I have read your latest article, I am thrilled to help with the case.
I am in disbelief.
Your voice.
Dr. Kreizler
How dare you? How dare you to come into my life, to appear, like a vision, mystical, in a way I despised at University when all those theology students talked about the divine. In this very moment I can’t recollect much of what you said, something about the case, about going with John at the obituary. It feels confusing, I feel overstimulated, my memory fails me, I am not sure anymore. I write these few lines and it is passed the hour of the witches and I wish, I demand, to never see you again, because life should never grant hope to a condemned man. 
Tumblr media
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randomidiocyncrazies · a year ago
Tumblr media
lol honestly i think the crackship of Shadow and Manager Oka could be interesting if you like, approached it from the angle of Shadow’s two wildly different personas and how he reconciles them (or not)
Shadow took the bat for his flower shop manager (the poor girl didn’t even get a name...), but 1) that doesn’t automatically make him ‘deserve her’ like she’s a prize for going a good thing, and more importantly 2) he’s also always hiding a part of himself from her—i get that he can’t come right out and talk about S, because it’s a dangerous illegal underground race, but he could’ve at least told her about the non-illegal skating?
on the one hand, you’re not supposed to overshare, especially in a work environment, but in a small shop like that they def chatted about other stuff, which imo is how he knows she likes strong men in ep 7. but instead of telling her what he likes (skateboarding), he frames it according to her interests (”you like strong people, and i’m uh working out now”); while understandable, it’s not exactly encouraging in a potential long-term romantic relationship imo?
since this is a story created by people, which means someone deliberately made decisions about what we see and how things are framed, i feel like Hiromi/Shadow would’ve at least mentioned skateboarding to her, or at least show us some implication that he had told her before, if they’re gonna end up together—especially with skating used as a metaphor of love throughout the series. you shouldn’t be hiding your hobbies/interests to your LI, so that fact that they never really talked about their hobbies when they share screen time might indicate that she doesn’t really have the pressing desire to know him on a more personal level? with him never saying anything about skating with her, the flower shop manager only ever knows him as “Hiromi-chan" and has no idea about Shadow
(of course, i’d be happy if they did get together! but a part of me would be wondering how he tells her about Shadow, if he ever does; if he doesn’t, either the secret or the relationship has to go in a long term relationship imo, so probably she’ll find out or he’ll tell her eventually)
unlike with the flower shop manager, with Oka there’s no need to hide one of his personas, and neither persona would really 'overpower’ the other too much in their interactions, if that makes sense? like, Oka knows of S, but it seems like he’s a casual fan of it. while there may be some initial surprise about Shadow’s everyday persona, i don’t think it’d be too hard for Oka to come to terms with reconciling cocky edgy Shadow with gentle Hiromi; likewise, Shadow doesn’t have to keep his S activities a secret, but Oka’s also not invested in S like a hardcore fan/groupie is, so he doesn’t have the pressure to always be the Shadow persona in Oka’s company either
(tbh i don’t actually see the Shadow + Oka interaction really as ship tease b/c it’s just basic manners to bring a gift, but it’s a fun thought exercise and their potential dynamic has its claws in me once i started thinking about it...)
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