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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
courage in august. peace in august. wisdom in august. light in august. protection in august. divine aid in august. clarity in august. depth in august. beauty in august. support in august. prosperity in august. a new beginning in august.
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soothings · a year ago
repeat after me: i will not make myself small for other people's convenience.
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efemeryzm · 9 months ago
Remember, people do silly things sometimes. Don't be harsh on yourself.
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softsickgod · a year ago
Take a moment and say something kind to yourself today. Compliment yourself on managing to get out of bed. Tell yourself you did a good job getting through the day. Tell yourself you deserve to feel happy.
For those of you who are struggling too much right now and can’t say it: you’re doing wonderful. I’m so happy you’re alive and you deserve to feel all the happiness that you help others feel. Try not to overwork yourself. Dealing with your mental/physical/emotional health can be hard enough at times and I’m so proud of you for getting through these hard times.
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art-appreciation-dog · 11 months ago
Friendly Reminder for artists: It's okay if you don't have "your style" figured out!
There's a LOT of push for artists to find "their style," the One Way they like to draw Every Time, Consistently.
Yes, consistency can be necessary for some things like comics and commissions. But there's not that many benefits for having one single way you draw all the time. If you have a go-to way to draw, that's fine, but never get so comfortable that you stop trying new things!
A jack of all trades master of none, as they say, better than master of one! So keep experimenting! Try new lineart, coloring processes, shading methods! Try whole new mediums!!
If every single piece you make looks different from the last one, good. More power to you.
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thinksmiles · a year ago
I don’t want to see beauty, I want to experience beauty. I want to be beauty.
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an-undercover-bi · 11 months ago
Gentle reminder that it’s good to take a break when you need to.
In order to do the things you want to do, you need to be rested.
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nicholasmillergf · a year ago
make a playlist of your old favourite songs, cry alone, sit in the dark and stare at the ceiling when you can’t bring yourself to move. write letters you won’t send and remember the birthdays that should no longer be etched into your memory but are anyways. watch movies from your childhood and daydream in the way that makes you ache. admit you miss them, even if it’s just to yourself. it’s ok to let yourself feel sadness sometimes, just remember to breathe.
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v-yarboro · a year ago
Tumblr media
please & thank you x x
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thecountryhipster · a year ago
Don’t ever let this world take your softness. Keep moving that turtle out of the road. Don’t quit praying for the girl you just passed at the intersection who looks like she might be crying. Keep asking the waiter how he’s doing after he asks you. Don’t stop telling your best friend from childhood happy birthday. Keep allowing yourself to get choked up every year the Vietnam Veterans pass through during the Fourth of July parade. The world changes us as time goes on. Don’t let it take the softest, purest parts of you.
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honeymooncupid · 3 months ago
Sometimes all you can do is try. Even if you succeed or not, trying is already a very brave thing to do. Don't be afraid to be proud of yourself for trying.
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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
this is a gentle reminder to stop giving life to moments that no longer exist. your energy cannot change what has already passed; within the present, however, exists a multitude of opportunities that may align you with your most desired reality. focus your energy there—where you can create a life that exceeds your former way of living.
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jovalencia · 9 months ago
some show should do a battle scene with tragedy by the bee gees playing in the background<3
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emblemalt · 3 days ago
If you’ve never watched any of TFC’s videos, now might be the time to check them out
His videos were always a great mix of chill hanging-out-with-grandpa vibes, and dry humor. He loved to mine and typically walked everywhere, so you also get a whole new perspective on the server
If you want to help keep his memory alive, or just want to watch some fun, easy going videos, go take a look at his channel
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mentalhealth---awareness · a year ago
Remember that even good changes can make us feel depressed, because, as creatures of habit, we're resistant to change. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right choice.
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art-appreciation-dog · 10 months ago
💕 Don't forget to reblog and comment on art you like! It could take 5-10 seconds and you might make someone's entire day. 💕
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thinksmiles · a year ago
when you speak your boundaries, you help liberate women everywhere
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