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reuripotte · 2 months ago
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Deleted Scene photo
Spider-Man No Way Home (2021) dir. Jon Watts
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greengoblinswifey · 3 months ago
So this was originally posted on my wattpad(paulwalkerswidow22) but I decided to also post it here :)
Warnings: Threesome, Voyeurism, Anal(m+f)
You'd been working at Oscorp for a solid three years as the secretary and had been witness to your bosses Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius' competitive nature. This 'rivalry' blossomed even more when you began dating Norman a year ago. You never asked if they were this competitive before you began working at Oscorp but it sure was rampant with you there. Sometimes you felt as if you were coming between their friendship as you were the main thing they butted heads over but you brushed it off, lowkey liking the remarks Otto made referring to you. 
You walked to Otto's lab to give him your completed manuscripts for the day and as always he flirted with you.
"I bet I can make you scream so much louder than he can Y/N," he said frankly, "Do you get as wet for him as you do for me?"
You gave him a middle finger as your response as your boyfriend, Norman walked in.
He gave you a kiss and slapped your ass, an act that made Otto feral.
"Is he bothering you again darling?" Norman asked into the kiss.
"When is he not?" 
"I'm just saying, I can make her feel so much better than you ever could," Otto interjected.
It was like this almost everyday on the job, it was entertaining to say the least but you did get curious about his statements. There was a rumour going around that his dick was ten inches once, it was extreme but you did wonder about the legitimacy. 
You and Norman left, hand in hand and went about the rest of your day, laughing and arguing with Otto in between.
At around seven, Norman had sent everyone home and only you, him and Otto were left in the building. 
You sat in Norman's lap, your head leaned back against his chest as he typed away. "I think I have an idea princess," he said.
Before you could inquire, he flipped you around, wrapped your legs around him, cleared his desk but not before pressing a button on the telephone to indicate that Otto was needed in his office.
Norman laid you down and attached his lips to yours, tongues dancing together as you felt his bulge against your crotch.
He rode your dress up to your waist and tore your panties, throwing it aside and collected your juices on his fingers then used it as lubrication, inserting two fingers inside you. 
You forget all about Norman requesting Otto to come to his office until he cleared his throat at the door. You gasped and your eyes widened but Norman continued to finger fuck you infront of him.
Otto's jaw hung low as he watched the sight before him, the growing bulge painfully visible in his black pants.
You clenched around Norman as you looked over at Otto, licking your lips.
"You're free to take care of that little problem you have down there while you're here," Norman said, pointing at his friend's bulge. With that, he freed his painfully hard cock from his pants and spread the pre cum over it, pumping himself.
Your eyes widened at the size of him. He looked big. The rumour was definitely true. He seemed to be an inch bigger than Norman which was quite impressive in your eyes. 
Otto continued to pump himself as Norman's fingers went in and out of you rapidly. He rubbed circles on your hood which caused a moan to escape your lips.
"Sweet sounds she makes doesn't she?" Norman asked rhetorically.
Right when you were about to cum, he took his fingers from your soaking cunt. 
"Not so fast sweets," he said as he pulled you in for a hungry kiss.
"Hm, all that talk these past few months Otto, why don't you come and prove yourself? Norman sneered, "Fuck my girl, make her moan your name."
Otto made his way over to you as Norman stepped aside. He looked into your eyes as if to ask for consent and you smirked and nodded, curious to feel his largeness inside you.
He spat on your cunt and used his spit to rub it all over before slowly entering your folds. You let out a pornographic moan as he stretched you and picked up the pace.
"Guess I really can make Y/N moan," Otto said, causing your boyfriend to chuckle as he played with his balls.
You fingernails dug cresent moons into Otto's back as he brought himself out of you only to slam back in with full force. He looked down at your lower abdomen smirking as he saw his cock moving. 
The stretch was insane and you felt amazing, you couldn't get enough of it. He was hitting all the right spots and now you were desperate for a release.
"Gonna cum little slut?" Norman asked you, as that familiar look of pre orgasm came on your face.
You didn't respond as you were too engulfed with the feeling of the tip of Otto's cock touching your cervix over and over.
You knew this was a competition between your boyfriend and his friend and to push it further and push Norman's buttons, you moaned Otto's name.
"Oh fuck, fucking hell, I- I'm gonna cum Otto!" you cried.
And with that, you came all over Otto's cock, screaming his name and pulling him into an intimate hug. 
Coming down from your high, you pulled him into a kiss and explored his mouth with your tongue, loving the taste of him. Norman sat in his chair, watching as you sloppily made out and pumped his shaft. He threw his head back and tightened his hold on his cock as you swirled and sucked on Otto's tongue.
"Not so fast baby, I want you to cum in my mouth," you said to Norman, motioning for him to come towards you.
You got off Norman's desk and went on your knees as both him and Otto came to you with their cocks out. You couldn't possibly fit both of them in your mouth so you decided to blow them individually. 
You swirled your tongue over Norman's mushroom as you fondled Otto's balls then moved to his shaft, pumping it up and down slowly. Your boyfriend grabbed a fistful of your silk pressed hair and face fucked you, throwing his head back. You continued to pump Otto's cock, and took Norman out of your mouth, ready to now take Otto in. You began pumping Norman as your head bobbed on his friend's cock, savoring their sweet tastes on your tongue. You moaned which sent a vibration throughout Otto's whole body, causing him to also let out a moan. You hollowed your cheeks and continued to bob your head at a faster pace, desperate to make Otto cum in your mouth. He took hold of your hair and pushed himself into the back of your throat causing you to gag and tears roll down your brown cheeks. You just knew the next morning you were going to have a sore throat. Otto continued to face fuck you, moaning, until you felt his warm load shoot down your throat. You wasted no time in swallowing it all as he dragged you up from knees causing you to let go of Norman's cock and pull you in for a kiss. 
"Now I want you both to fill my holes at the same time," you said, pulling the men by their ties. 
Hearing this, they quickly rid themselves of their undergarments. Norman laid down on his desk, pulling you on top of him while Otto stood at the foot of the table. You arched your back to give Otto a good view and position of your ass and Norman a good position for your soaking pussy.
As if planned, they simultaneously entered your holes, causing you to let out a hybrid of a gasp and moan. You'd never felt this full in your entire life. 
They both went at a fast pace as Norman slammed into your pussy repeatedly, causing tears of pain and pleasure to roll down your cheeks. Otto slapped your ass cheek as he picked up the pace and slammed in and out your ass. 
"Fuuuck," you moaned.
"You like us fucking your tight little holes huh?" Norman asked, his hand on your throat while he ruthlessly thrusted upwards into you.
"Yes, I like your cocks in my holes," you moaned.
You were enjoying every minute of this.
"Your little ass is so tight for me Y/N, bet Norman couldn't fuck it like this," Otto said, slapping your ass cheek once more, causing you to moan.
They both picked up their pace even faster, and that familiar knot in your stomach began building up. You began clenching around their cocks which caused them to both hold on to you. Norman kissing your soft lips and Otto sucking on your neck as you convulsed and came all over them. 
None of them stopped however and they both continued thrusting into your holes until Norman's cock twitched and his warm cum coated your walls.
You threw your head back onto Otto's chest but he just pushed your neck into a kiss from Norman and continued thrusting in your ass. He let out a moan as he came inside your ass and collapsed in the chair. 
All that could be heard for a while were your pants and the cars passing by on the busy New York street. 
You sighed in contempt, looking down to see Otto and Norman's cum leaking out of your ass and pussy. You felt filthy and you loved it. 
"Fuck Otto, you lived up to what you've been saying, that was amazing..both of you," you said, Norman stroking your hair. 
"That tight little ass belongs to me now," Otto replied.
"And that warm, tight pussy belongs to me," Norman interjected.
You smiled at the both of them, laying in comfortable silence on Norman's chest. 
Tumblr media
Not my gif!
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trash-gobby · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the ship i thought they would pander to vs. the ship that has actually dominated nwh lol 😂 (am i wrong that they might make a good throuple though????)
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more-pictures-please · 4 months ago
Another sh-tpost
Bully Maguire: - "Doc Ock". Sounds like "do cock". Did your husband named you like that?
Doctor Octopus: - wait, "Doc Ock"?
Bully Maguire: (throws him a newspaper) - see ya, chump. (goes away)
Doctor Octopus: (reads) -...goddamn, Norman, they know about our secret.
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huffle-ego · 23 days ago
My favorite thing about Octogoblin fanfic writers and that we all collectively agree that Norman calls Otto's actuators a marvel
It's a cute way to Express Norman's admiration for Otto's creations and it's great pun for the company name, Marvel 😂
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7spaceace7 · 4 months ago
I would like to personally thank greengreed on AO3 for not only creating the first Octogoblin fic on the site (est. 2019), but also making TWENTY THREE TOTAL FICS OF THEM
What a legend, godspeed wherever you are
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cricket-moth · 4 months ago
@benji-the-art-blog I’m so sorry I just
Tumblr media
and then
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it’s just my hand slipped you see
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80s-ghost-boy · 4 months ago
Saw someone on Twitter say green goblin x doc ock is the worst thing to come from no way home dropping. Yeah, sure it is... if you're a fucking COWARD
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hallowhyena · 4 months ago
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the only art i have to offer atm is english class doodles
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thessm04 · 25 days ago
Norman: Honey?
Otto: Yes, dear?
Norman: I did something awful.
Otto: Do you wanna talk about it?
Norman: Nah
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spockalenko · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
All I'm saying is that they deserve so much time together and the fact that these four have scenes of them that were cut ( a. the 15 mins of Ock and Goblin bridge scene and b. the suit-cape switcheroo in IW ) makes me cry.
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reuripotte · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alfred and Willem behind the scenes
Spider-man No Way Home (2021) dir. Jon Watts
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greengoblinswifey · 3 months ago
Their Toy
Summary: You visit your boyfriends, Norman and Otto at work to get dicked down.
Warnings: Oral(m + f receiving), threesome, tiny praise and degrading kink, a little Norman and Otto action, face slapping(once).
Tumblr media
You arrived at Oscorp with a basket of fruits and in a sundress, no panties and bra underneath. It was a regular occurrence for you to visit your boyfriends, Otto and Norman to bring lunch...who were you kidding, you came for the hot office sex, the lunch was just an excuse. 
During this time, they would usually be in the board room, discussing boring work stuff. As you arrived inside, you locked the door and close the blinds.
"Hello sweetheart," Otto said, as you made your way over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You then walked over to Norman and gave him a kiss. He pulled you into a hug and squeezed your ass.
"No panties? Came to get your tight little hole fucked?" he smirked.
"Mhm, I've been horny all morning," you replied.
"Well, let's give you what you're here for," Otto said as he walked over to you and Norman. He hiked your dress up and lifted you onto the table. You began loosening his tie as his lips pressed against your neck. Otto's lips were on your neck, leaving deep red marks, Norman's lips on yours. You moaned into Norman's mouth and he took this chance to slip his tongue in, tasting wine and strawberries on your tongue. They pulled away and helped you out of your dress leaving you naked on the desk they had their meetings.
"Our little fucktoy" Otto smiled, and brought his lips to your nipples while Norman attended to the other. Your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as their warm mouths engulfed your areola. You pulled them off your breasts and brought their faces together, their lips connecting. Otto's hands ran through Norman's slicked back hair as their tongues danced together. Your fingers went to your clit, rubbing it as you watched them. 
Otto moved to Norman's neck, sucking on it as you watched on, inserting two fingers into your hole. When you were satisfied with your juices coating them, you pushed your finger into Norman's mouth. Otto got down on his knees and licked your slit, your toes curling at the sensation. While his tongue licked and fucked your hole, you unzipped Norman's pants and pulled out his very hard length. Before you could suck him off though, he squeezed your jaw and tilted your face upwards.
"Beg to suck my cock, tell me how much you want it down your throat."
You couldn't focus on his words with Otto's tongue working on your pussy. His mouth covered your clit as he sucked on it, your hands gripping his black hair.
Your pleasure was interrupted by a slap on your cheek from Norman. "Didn't think you heard me sweetheart, I said beg for my cock. Tell me how much you want it down your throat," he commanded.
"P-please ah-" you moaned, as Otto pushed a finger inside your entrance, "Please fuck my throat, I need it so bad."
Norman chuckled and held a fistful of your hair in his hand then slammed into your mouth. You moaned as he hit the back of your throat and Otto's fingers pumped in and out of your wet pussy. Norman thrusted his hips into your mouth, then pulled Otto up from your pussy. Norman's tongue sucked on Otto's tasting your sweet juices in his mouth before shoving him back down to your wet cunt. With your throat being fucked and Otto's fingers pumping and curling inside you, you came with a loud moan. Otto licked up your juices as you shook on the desk. Norman pulled his cock out your mouth and they were replaced with Otto's fingers that were coated with your cum. 
Norman turned his attention to your aching pussy while Otto was ready to get his release in your warm mouth. They both entered your holes simultaneously, Otto gripping your hair and fucking your throat while Norman pounded into your pussy. You moaned as Norman hit your sweet spot continuously, sending vibrations through Otto's cock. He gripped Otto's neck and pulled him into another sensual kiss that brought him over the edge. He rubbed your clit as he slammed into you, his release coating your walls as you squeezed around him, moaning and milking his cock of every last drop of sperm. You came right after him, your pussy juices squirting on the desk and all over his cock.
"Fuck," Norman moaned, watching as your throat was still being fucked, "that's a good girl, you have no idea how good this cunt feels and how good you are with that mouth."
Otto's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he emptied his load down your throat and you collapsed on the table as he let go of your hair. 
Your eyes widened as you heard a knock at the door.
"Uh, Dr. Osborn and Dr. Octavius, Mr. Osborn and Mr. Parker are here to see you," Felicia said. 
"Be right there!" they shouted.
Otto and Norman held back a chuckle as they zipped up their pants and fixed their suits. You quickly put back on your sundress and took up the basket. You wiped your face with a napkin but what was the point, you were sure the whole building including the boys had heard you being fucked. You quickly wiped up the cum stained table with a piece of napkin then took a deep breath, unlocking the door and walking out. 
"Harry, Peter," you said, greeting them. They didn't answer, a look of horror on their faces. 
Norman and Otto walked out and greeted the boys. "Well, I guess I'll be on my way, I'll see you boys tonight for round two," you smiled.
Harry and Peter's eyes widened as they dramatically gagged. As you walked away, Norman could see his cum dripping down your wobbly legs. 
Tumblr media
A/N: Not my GIFs! And I'm taking requests for Otto, Norman and Tobey!Peter <3
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harryhartmybeloved · 4 months ago
Legit just thinking about writing an octogoblin fic for the fun of it :3
Tumblr media
They're so cute please-
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more-pictures-please · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
It's like a mirror of this meme (sorry, I can't remember who create it):
Tumblr media
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huffle-ego · 3 months ago
A Second Chance: Part 3
Spiderman: No Way Home spoilders
Part 2
Part 4
An hour had passed since Peter brought Norman and Otto to his and MJ's home and Otto was still treating Norman's wound, having wrapped him up and was now suturing Norman's side. MJ and Peter were now watching them from the kitchen, sitting at the dining table. Peter had helped pull the shard out of Norman's side and kept it from bleeding but Otto took over after he finished cleaning his minor wounds. He thanked Peter for his help and informed him that if he needed any more help he'd let him know, so Peter joined MJ at the table, letting the older man help heal his friend.
Peter looked from them to his wife who kept her eyes on the two former villains, studying them closely, her features unreadable to him. He was quiet for a moment, thinking of what to say next. "I... I know this was so sudden... and must be pretty confusing and I know you have a lot of questions, but I'll answer them any way that I can."
MJ turned to Peter, studying his features for a second looking from one eye to the other before she sighed, ready for answers. "How are they alive? What happened within the three days you were gone?"
Peter thought long and hard about how to answer her question, not sure where to begin. "You're gonna think it sounds crazy," he shook his head with a laugh, before feeling her take his hand, causing him to look down at her hand, then back at her.
"Try me." She whispered, waiting for him to speak.
He gave her a nod, looking down at her hand once more, seeing the ring that his Aunt May gave to him to propose to her, causing him to hold her hand tightly beginning to tell her everything that he knew.
MJ listened closely as Peter told her what happened. How he was walking home from work when he was suddenly pulled into a parallel universe just like his own but had their own Peter Parker, who was much younger than him. How a wizard named Doctor Strange from the younger Peter's universe brought villains who knew that Peter Parker was Spiderman to that universe, including Norman and Otto who had been dead for two decades. How the young Peter tried to change the villains' fate by curing them of their ailments with the help of him and another Peter from another universe that was pulled in just like him. He told her everything and she listened quietly, nodding her head as he spoke.
"And then we were sent back to our universe," Peter finished, looking back at Norman and Otto. "Peter 1 with me and Peter 3s managed to save Otto, Norman, and the other villains... and that's why they are alive in our living room right now... and that it... that's all I know."
MJ gave him a nod, shaking her head as she looked down. "Wow," She whispered with a half-laugh. "That's... a lot to take in. Can't imagine how confusing it must have been for you."
Peter chuckled, smiling at his wife. "You're right... it's been a weird few days."
MJ looked from Peter to Otto and Norman, quiet for a moment, thinking over what to ask next before she spoke, turning back to Peter. "Is that why you didn't answer any of my calls? Is that why I couldn't reach you?"
Peter only shrugged, nodding his head. "I believe so," He agreed, looking from the ground back to MJ. "Believe me, I did try to get a hold of you during those three days but every time I tried to call you, someone else with your number would pick up, which meant I couldn't reach you from that universe so I spent those few days trying to figure out what was going on and trying to find Peter 1. I'm sorry that I worried you. I didn't think that this kind of thing would happen... hell I didn't even know that the multiverse was a real thing until I was sucked into it."
"It's okay, Peter," She smiled, rubbing the top of Peter's hand with her thumb. "I understand a little better now... must have been an interesting few days."
"It was," Peter agreed, shaking his head before looking up at MJ with a bright smile. "You should have been there MJ. You would have loved the other Peters... I had a blast with the little time I had with them. It was nice meeting other people with spider powers."
MJ could only smile, giving his hand a tight squeeze. "That does sound like it was a blast... what were they like? The other Peters?"
"Oh they were the best," Peter began with a chuckle. "They were so much like me yet so different at the same time. Oh, and I was the only one of the two that have organic webbing! The other two had web shooters that they made themselves... You should have seen their face when I shot my web out without a web shooter. Peter three was the second oldest out of us three. He had low self-esteem but he was super funny and witty and Peter one was the youngest. God, he's a brilliant young man, super-intelligent, and his spider suits were so advanced... one of them was made from nanotechnology!" He exclaimed in excitement, looking up at MJ who just smiled at him. He then let out a sigh, looking at the ground as he continued to speak. "It was like meeting your younger brothers for the first time. Both were super kind and carrying, risking their lives for the villains."
All MJ could do was smile, looking from the ground to Peter. "I'm glad you got to meet your brothers. They sound amazing, heroic, and kind, like you."
"They are... because of them, Norman and Otto can have a second chance in life," he whispered, watching as she turned from him to the two former villains. He watched her for a few seconds, before casting his eyes to the ground, beginning to speak once more. "I know I'm putting us at risk for bringing them here, and I know that the Green Goblin and Doc Ock have done terrible things but Norman and Otto are not bad people. They just made horrible decisions that turned them into something they were not. And now they have a second chance to be better and if they were found out and the police take them away for crimes they didn't mean to commit I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try to help them... so that's why I brought them here. Here, at least I know that they are safe and can have a chance at a better life," He paused, turning back to the two men on the couch, watching as Otto carefully stitched Norman up. "They've been through so much... both of them."
MJ thought long and hard of his words, looking from her husband to Norman and Otto. She could tell now that they were no longer dangerous. They were completely different from the murderous villains she had encountered all those years ago. So she sighed, closing her eyes. "... They can stay," she whispered, turning to Peter who looked at her in shock. "One can take the couch or they could share the spare bedroom if they'd like... and they can stay as long as they need."
"Thank you, MJ," Peter whispered with a smile, pulling her hand close to his face, giving the top of her hand a light kiss. "Just until I can figure something out for them."
"Okay," She smiled, holding the side of his face. "I meant it when I said that you were kind and heroic... always helping others in need."
"I try to be." He whispered casting his head down bashfully.
"Well you're Spiderman," She shrugged with a smile. "It's what you do."
Peter just smiled, pulling her into a hug, kissing her cheek as he hugged her close. They both just stayed like this for a while MJ resting her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
Otto saw the two in the corner of his eye, giving them a small yet sad smile. He used to hold his Rosie like that on quiet evenings when they had free time from their work. He would occasionally read to her from a poetry book he bought with her favorite poems that she had read over the years. He was glad that Peter had finally found love, and hoped that he didn't lose her like he lost his. Norman suddenly hissed pulling him out of his thoughts, causing him to look down, remembering that he was still suturing his wound. "Sorry got... lost in thought," He apologized, going back to sewing Norman up.
"It's okay," Norman whispered giving him a small smile, ignoring the pain from the needle. "I don't know how to thank you and Peter enough for this-"
"You don't have to thank us, Norman," Otto began, still focusing on Norman's wound as he spoke. "I would do anything for an old friend."
He was quiet for a moment, watching as Otto worked carefully, almost halfway through the stitching. After a minute of sitting in silence, Norman decided to break it with a small conversation. "How... How is Rosie doing?" He questioned, not noticing his sudden pause, looking down with solemn features. "She'll probably be shocked to see you. Maybe you can try looking for her."
Otto was quiet for a moment, his heart falling into the pit of his stomach before he shook his head. "She... She died, Norman," He whispered, his actuators drooping behind him. "She's been gone for a long time."
Norman's features soften studying Otto's solemn features, watching him in stunned silence a feeling of dread forming in his chest as he shook his head. "She... She died?" He whispered, watching as Otto gave him a nod, still not looking at him. "... How?"
"It was my fault," Otto began, pain clear in his voice as he spoke. "... She was there when the reactor malfunctioned, started pulling the building in around it and a piece of glass came flying at her... Killing her instantly.'
Norman could not believe what he was hearing, sweet Rosie whom he met through Otto in college... was dead. "Oh Otto, I... I'm so sorry I-"
"Don't apologize Norman," Otto shook his head clearing his throat going back to suturing. "You didn't know... it's fine."
Norman could tell he was trying to keep it together and was close to breaking so he dropped the subject, not wanting to upset his friend. He was silent for a long time before his attention was brought to the headless actuator that Otto called Larry who was low to the ground at his feet, sparking every now. Suddenly a memory flashed through his mind, a memory that was not his own... but Green Goblin's memory. In it, Green Goblin was flying through the air, snatching what looked like the box from the wizard, Strange, and about to fly away with it when something caught his glider causing him to turn around to see that it was Otto using the very same actuator to keep him from flying away as Strange snatched the box back with a glowing whip. While the six-armed had his eyes on the wizard, Goblin spun his glider around and cut into the actuator, causing it to let go, Otto's pained voice filling his ears.
Norman cringed at the memory, squinting his eyes shut trying to push the memory back. Ever since they made it to Peter's apartment he had been getting memories of Goblin's but only in flashes, sometimes they were just of Goblin speaking, saying things to someone but not enough to know who he was talking to or to make sense of it. Now he's getting scenes, looking through Goblin's eyes as if it were his own memory. Guilt started to flow through him as he looked down at the injured actuator, feeling it brush up against his leg every now in then like it was confirming that Norman was still there. He remained silent for a moment, looking down at the mechanical limb in shame before he spoke. "Can... you feel that?" Norman asked Otto, pointing to the broken actuator.
Otto paused, looking from Norman to the broken actuator who began to curl close to him, causing him to frown. He slowly nod his head as he spoke, resting his hand on the actuator. "A little," he explained giving it a gentle pat. "It's like a phantom pain if that makes sense... It hurt a lot when it happened but it's not as bad now."
This made Norman feel a little worse, beginning to lean into the couch looking down in shame. "Otto... I-"
"Don't apologize for something that's far from your control," Otto interrupted, taking a pair of scissors and cutting the needle off the thread before placing a hand on Norman's arm, his injured actuator beginning to curl around Norman's leg, Otto was now looking up at Norman with sincereness in his eyes. "You weren't the one that hurt me or Larry, Okay?... Goblin did it not you."
Norman couldn't look at Otto, wanting to believe his friend but finding it very hard. He decided to drop it with a sigh, nodding his head, before looking at his stitched side. "Thank you for patching me up Otto," he thanked him for the hundredth time that night.
"Of course. Now," Otto smiled, taking a blanket that MJ gave to him before motioning for Norman to lean up. He watched as Norman blinked, leaning up a bit, hissing from the pain in his side. Otto then wrapped the blanket tightly around his friend, making sure that his chest was covered with the blanket. "Warm-up and rest. Doctors orders."
Norman let out a half-hearted chuckle, wrapping the blanket around himself. "Yes sir." He whispered with a sigh, snuggling into the blanket, careful not to move so much because of his ribs.
"And as for you," Otto then pointed to Peter who looked at him in confusion, blinking at him. "Come in here so that I can treat you."
Peter blinked looking from him to a confused MJ. He chuckled a bit before turning back to Otto. "Treat me? I'm perfectly fine Otto-"
"Don't think I haven't noticed you holding your backside in secret, Peter," Otto began with sternness in his voice, almost like a parent to their son, as he took off his dirty doctors gloves, putting on a fresh pair, before pulling out another needle and a fresh rag, dousing it in water. "Now bring a chair over and I'll clean and sow up your wound."
Peter could only sigh, giving MJ a light peck on her hand before getting up, hissing in pain finally not hiding it anymore as he held his side, lifting a chair and bringing it into the living room.
"I'll go make some tea," MJ offered before turning to Norman and Otto. "Would you like some tea?"
"That would be nice. Thank you, sweetheart," Otto smiled, while Norman just quietly nod his head, watching as she gave them a nod and a smile before going into the kitchen to put a pot of water on the stove. Otto then turned to Peter who placed the chair in front of him before turning around in the chair, lifting his shirt to show his back, covered in blood-stained webbing, indicating that he used his webs to keep his wound from bleeding or being in the way. But this didn't look like the first time that he has done this because a had a few more scars on his back and side. "Oh Peter, you're gonna get yourself killed one of these days."
"Otto, I'm fine really." Peter tried to protest, hissing when Otto began to clean the webbing off with the rag.
"You say that now until you get a severe infection," Otto argued back, cleaning the webbing back but the longer he looked at the wound the more he realized how clean it was, causing him to shrug. "Well, it's a good thing you patched it up with your webbing. It helped keep it clean mostly and helped clot the blood."
"Yeah, it's because spider's web is rich in vitamin K and that helps with clotting," Peter began with a small smile turning to Otto who looked up at him. "And spiders web is a natural antiseptic, which is why the wound is clean."
"Yes precisely, very good Peter," Otto smiled, going back to cleaning the webbing off the wound, feeling like a proud dad, still not over how brilliant Peter was. "But I'm still going to suture it just in case."
Norman could only listen to the two in silence, trying to pay attention to the conversation but couldn't. Unable to keep his eyes off the wound on Peter's backside, a voice spoke in his head.
Poor Peter... Too weak to send me home to die.
No... I just want to kill you myself.
Suddenly another memory of Goblin flashed through Norman's mind. It was of Goblin, getting beaten to death by Peter 1, punching him over and over until he fell to his knees, unable to get up due to exhaustion. The next thing he saw was the young Peter, dragging his glider toward him, murder clear in his eyes as he lifted it over his head about to stab him with the blades when his Peter came out of nowhere, stopping him from doing so. A few seconds after his Peter managed to get him to drop the glider before Goblin stabbed him right in the back.
Norman quietly gasped, wrapping the blanket around him tighter, squinting his eyes shut, shaking his head of the memory, a feeling of dread going through him, unable to shake the murder in the young boy's eyes.
He was trying to kill me?
Before he could think about it any further he jumped when he heard something being set next to him, causing him to turn in fear seeing that it was MJ setting a coffee cup full of tea next to him on a coffee table.
"Here's yours," She whispered, giving him a small smile but she soon frowned noticing how jumpy he was, looking at her in shock. "Are you alright?"
This got Peter and Otto's attention causing Norman to quickly calm down, not wanting to alarm them. So he looked up at MJ giving her a shaky smile, taking the cup from the coffee table. "I'm quite alright... Thank you for the tea." He whispered, beginning to sip the tea, trying to calm his nerves.
MJ only gave him a nod and a smile but Peter and Otto noticed something was up, Otto noticing how shaky he was, and avoided their gaze, just keeping the cup of tea to his lips. He then smiled when MJ brought him and Peter some tea putting it on a large coffee table in front of the couch. "Thank you, dear," He whispered before his actuator, Flo reached for the coffee cup, bringing it to Otto's lips who went back to working on Peter. "Just one more stitch and... done," He then used the scissors to cut the needle off the thread, before grabbing a patch from the first aid with the actuator, Moe. He then grabbed it with his human hands, peeling the patch and sticking it on the wound to keep it covered. "You are all set, dear boy."
"Thank you," Peter whispered with a sigh, lowering his shirt, before turning to the headless actuator, seeing that the missing head was set to the side next to the coffee table. "So what are we gonna do about that?"
Otto looked from Peter two Larry's head, watching as Larry's body started to hover about his missing head, causing him to sigh. "Well, I'm gonna have to repair the wiring and replace some parts," He began shrugging his shoulders, shaking his head. "But I'm not sure you have the right equipment that could-"
Otto suddenly paused hearing an odd, mechanical, sparking sound causing him to look down. He froze, watching as Larry placed himself next to his broken piece, red particles of metal beginning to reach for the broken piece. This got Norman, MJ, and Peter's attention, watching as the red metal began got reattach the head almost like it was fixing itself.
Peter watched in stunned silence as the actuator began to fix itself, causing him to turn to Otto who looked just as stunned. "Your actuators can fix themselves?"
"I... I didn't design them that way, I don't know why it's-" Otto paused, also seeing wisps of gold along with the red. "Young Peter's nanotech... some of the nanotechnology must have not returned to his suit," he then looked back down at Larry, the nanotech beginning to replace the broken parts. "That's what's fixing him."
Peter turned from Otto to the actuator, along with the others watched as the nanotech began fixing the wiring, causing Larry's eye to glow white once more, moving each claw-like he was checking his movements. After the wire was fixed, the red and gold metal wrapped around the arm, replacing the broken column. Slowly the arm was fixed, causing Otto to sigh as the phantom pain began to subside, only further confirming that the arm was now healed. Suddenly Larry sprung up chirping happily turning toward his owner shaking proudly, showing Otto the fixed area that now had a red and golden ring around one of the columns. Otto could only smile, petting the fixed area, feeling as Larry leaned into his hand. "Good work Larry," He complimented, petting Larry's claw. "Looks good."
"So... So he's fixed?" Norman shyly asked, looking at Otto for confirmation, who gave him a nod, causing him to sigh in relief, looking back at the actuator. He then paused as the actuator turned to him, opening his claw to look at Norman. Suddenly it chirped happily reaching for the injured man. The actuator then examined his wounds before ducking under one of his hands resting its claw under his hand, causing him to stare in confusion, turning to Otto in question. "What's he doing?"
"He's happy to finally see that you're okay," Otto answered with a smile, watching as Norman's confused features soften as he looked at him. "He couldn't see without his eye so that's why he was adamant to carry you so that felt that you're alright."
Norman looked from Otto to the actuator with a small smile. "You were worried about me huh?" He asked, watching as the actuator turned to him. "So you don't hold any animosity toward me?"
Larry suddenly opened its claw gently wrapping them around his chest almost like he was hugging him. This caused Norman to chuckle watching as it pulled away and rest on his hands forcing him to pet him like a giant cat wanting attention, a low hum filling their ears. "I'll take that as a no." Norman smiled, petting Larry with both his hands, smiling at his happy chirping.
Otto could only smile watching as the other actuators began to swarm Norman, surrounding him almost like they were jealous of Larry getting all of the attention. He watched as Norman gave them even pets so that they didn't feel left out. But he paused noticing that Norman began staring off, his smile slowly leaving his face, causing Otto to frown. He had been like that ever since they got to Peter and MJ's apartment, noticing that he was flinching or shaking his head, looking around with shock and slight fear in his eyes. So he turned to Peter who picked up on the sudden mood change. "Peter, MJ, forgive me but could you give us a moment, please?"
"Oh yeah sure, uh MJ," He then turned to his wife, taking her hand. "Could you help me get the spare bedroom ready?"
"Yes, of course." She whispered with a smile, looking from Norman and Otto with a nod before following Peter.
Otto gave the two a thankful smile, watching as they left the living room before turning to Norman who was still petting the actuators, starring off with sad eyes a look of crestfallen in his features. This caused Otto to sigh, sitting right next to Norman who wouldn't look at him, still petting Larry who rested his claw in his lap. The six-armed man was quiet for a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder, frowning when Norman flinched, looking at him with wide eyes before calming down, realizing who was touching him. Otto tilt his head at his friend, being gentle as he spoke. "What's wrong? You've been like this ever since we got here," he pointed out, waiting for an answer but Norman was tightlipped still focusing on Larry. Otto froze, studying Norman closely. "Goblin isn't talking to you, is he? He's he still here?"
"No, No He's gone... at least I think," Norman quickly answered, looking away from Otto as he thought long and hard. "I don't hear him speaking to me anymore so I think he's gone."
This caused Otto to sigh in relief. "Thank goodness... but that still doesn't answer my question," He whispered, watching as Norman cast his eyes to the ground worry in his features. Otto then gave Norman's shoulder a gentle squeeze, getting his attention. "You can talk to me, Norman... whatever it is you can tell me."
Norman was quiet for a moment, squinting his eyes shut with a sigh, looking down at Larry, beginning to pet him again, who just hummed in his lap. "I keep getting flashbacks," He began shaking his head as he spoke. "Memories... memories that aren't my own... they're his... Goblin's," He looked up at Otto who was listening to him closely, nodding his head. "I saw what he made me do to Larry, how he snatched the box and placed a pumpkin bomb in the middle of it, destroying the box." Norman began to speak faster, shaking his head as he spoke his anxiety beginning to spike. "I saw how he made me sideswipe young Peter in mid-air trying to save his MJ, and I saw how young Peter tried to... to kill me, beating me to death about to stab me with the glider until our Peter stopped him and even then I saw that he made me stab him in return! I-"
"Calm down, Norman," he whispered, holding his shoulders watching as he turned to him with so much fear and confusion in his eyes, seeing that he was trying to piece the memories together and he dreads for what's to come if he does. "Just try not to think of it too much right now, You'll only get yourself worked up and what you need is rest-"
"But that's all I can think about, Otto!" He exclaimed, pulling away from Otto, curling into the couch holding his blanket close as he shook his head. "The look that the young Peter gave me... the hate in his eyes as he tried to kill me... I can't get it out of my head," He paused, before slowly turning to Otto who looked at him in sadness. "Otto?... If I ask you a question, will you answer me honestly?"
Otto could tell what was coming and he dread it, not ready for Norman to know, wanting to protect him from the truth. "... That depends on what the question is."
Norman paused for a moment, casting his eyes to the ground as he spoke. "What did I do... when Green Goblin took over me? I know he destroyed the box but that shouldn't have been enough to make the younger Peter hate me... not enough to want to kill me-"
"That's not important right now, Norman," Otto was quick to say shaking his head as he spoke. "You're injured and need rest-"
"What. Did. I. Do. Otto?"
"Norman please," Otto begged, looking up at Norman in sadness who looked at him in clear annoyance. "You don't need to know right now-"
"Why won't anyone tell me?!" Norman suddenly snapped, causing the actuators to jump, fleeing back to their owner, looking at Norman in worry but he was too shaken up to notice. "What did I do?! What have I done to make Peter hate me?! Why are people dancing around me?! I have a right to know don't I? So what did I do? why was he so angry? Why did he want to kill me? Where the hell was his Aunt May? What did I-?"
Norman suddenly froze, starring off as Goblin's memories started to flash through his mind. Memories of him, body-slamming Peter through six floors of the condominium. Of him standing over a beaten-up Peter, choking him with his bare hands, hearing the vile voice of Goblin as he spoke.
Your weakness Peter is morality. It's choking you. Can't you feel it!?
... No
Then the memory changed to him standing over Peter, looking at his Aunt May who glared at him, able to feel the anger grow inside of Goblin as he glared back at the woman.
Norman was right... He got it from you. That pathetic sickness!
Dread filled Norman as he watched memory play through his mind, watching as he grabbed a hold of Peter's head, forcing him to look at his Aunt May who braced herself for a fight, feeling as Goblin grinned upon seeing his glider outside, that his Aunt failed to see.
No, don't tell me...
He tried to fix me... Now I'm gonna fix you.
No, please!
Then the memory showed as the glider suddenly crashed through the entrance ramming right into May, stabbing her with the blade before knocking her to the ground.
Norman suddenly gasped like he was coming up for air, backing up into the couch with wide eyes. He began to breathe heavily, pain in his features as he shook his head. "... No... It-It can't be true!"
"Norman?" Otto questioned watching as Norman shook his head, his eyes becoming glassy causing him to worry. "Was it another memory?... what did you see?"
Norman couldn't speak slowly looking down at his shaky hands still able to feel his hands around young Peter's throat, choking the life out of him. He let out a shaky gasp, shaking his head, beginning to hug himself. "Oh God Otto... what have I done?"
Otto froze, watching as his friend curled in on himself beginning to hyperventilate, realizing that he put the pieces together... realizing what Green Goblin did.
Norman shook his head, grabbing at his hair beginning to freak out. It all made sense to Norman now. Why Peter hated him, why he wanted to kill him so badly,... why his Aunt May wasn't there... It was because of him, a familiar sentence finally making sense to him causing him to tremble in fear.
She was there because of you. I may have struck the blow. But you... You are the one that killed her.
"I killed her," he whispered in a trembled, pained voice, pulling at his hair as he shook his head. "I killed her! I killed his Aunt May! I-"
"Norman?... Norman, look at me," Otto suddenly ordered grabbing his shoulders, forcing him to let go of his hair, and stare at him in shock and fear, on the brink of tears. "You didn't kill her... do you hear me? Goblin did... Goblin destroyed the box... not you!" he whispered carefully watching as Norman looked at him in pain and worry, but was still listening to him. "You weren't in control. You are not Green Goblin... He was the one that did it not you... and he's gone now so he won't hurt another soul ever again... You're free."
Norman could only stare at him in silence, he stopped trembling but his features were still full of pain. He slowly looked down as Otto pulled away, letting him wrap the blanket around him tightly, curling into the couch, unable to look at his friend next to him, his guilt unwavering, unable to get the look of Peter's pain upon seeing him practically send his Aunt to her early grave, unable to shake the anger and hate in his eyes when he looked at him. Norman wished that he died back in his universe, that way he wouldn't be filled with so much guilt and sadness.
Otto looked at his friend, with pain-filled in his features. He sighed, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't think about it too much right now. You're exhausted and need rest."
Norman gave him a nod, but remained silent, his look of shame and regret unchanging in his features, still unable to think over anything else than the fact that he cause a young child so much pain and suffering.
"Okay, the spare bedroom is all set up," Peter began as he walked back in with MJ, but his smile wavered upon seeing Norman, causing him to look at him in worry. "... You okay, Norman?"
Otto looked at Norman before turning to Peter and MJ as he began to speak. "He-"
"Don't worry, Peter," Norman interrupted, hugging the blanket around himself as he cast his eyes to the ground. "I'll be alright."
Peter gave him a nod before walking into the living room, sitting in the chair that he brought in, MJ following him insuit. "Well, I'm... sure you two have a lot of questions. You are two decades into the future so I could only imagine how confusing that is for you, so if you have any questions I'll answer them the best that I can."
Both were quiet for a moment, before Norman looked up, a sliver of hope forming in his eyes as he looked up at Peter. "Are... Are you still friends with my son, Harry?" he began in a small voice, failing to notice as Peter's smile fell at his words. "What is he doing these days and where can I find him? He'll probably be surprised to know that I'm back," he nervously chuckled, but his chuckle died down when he noticed that Peter was starring at him in shock. He blinked in confusion before looking at MJ who had her hand on her mouth. This caused him to shake his head, looking over at Otto who was just as confused. "Why... Why are you staring at me like that?... where is Harry?"
Peter let out a shakey sigh resting his elbows on his lap, rubbing his hands together. "I'm sorry Norman but... But Harry has been... dead for 17 years."
Dread took over Norman as he looked at Peter, his words playing over and over in his head on loop like a broken record. "Dead?... No... no, he can't be dead... that... that can't be true!"
"I'm... I'm afraid it is." Peter whispered, unable to look at the father.
"No... no... Oh God, not my boy," Norman's voice broke shaking his head as tears began to form in his eyes, pressing a hand over his mouth as he choked on his voice. "Not my son!"
Otto began to rub Norman's back with one hand while holding his hand with the other, trying to comfort his friend who was in distress, who was trying to suppress his sobs but failing to do so. He then turned to MJ and Peter, who watched Norman in sadness. Peter began to tear up himself while MJ comfort him, tears streaming down her face as well.
Norman only gasped, his body trembling as he looked up at Peter. "What... what happened?" he asked his voice cracking as he spoke, looking between him and MJ, wanting to know what they know. "What happened to my boy?"
Peter sighed holding his hands together tightly, feeling as MJ placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "After... After you died," Peter began, getting Norman's attention. "I brought you to your home as Spiderman and Harry walked in on me placing your body in your lounge chair... he blamed me for your death and resented me for it... and when he found out that I was Spiderman, he resented me even more... wanting revenge for your death."
Norman listened carefully, his features softening upon listening to Peter's story.
"He then found out you were the Green Goblin and used the Goblin serum on himself and used your weapons against me," Peter explained, a few tears streaming down his face.
"Did... did you kill him?" Norman whispered, looking up at Peter with wide eyes.
Peter frantically shook his head. "No... no, I didn't kill him," Peter answered watching as Norman sighed, looking at him in sadness, still wanting to know how he died. "But, MJ was in danger, being kidnapped by an alien made of black goo... a symbiote along with Flint Marko so I needed help... and your son came to aid... He died... protecting me from the symbiote."
Norman looked at the spiderman in sadness, nodding his head, beginning to tear up again as he spoke. "So he... He died a hero?" Norman's voice broke causing him to cover his mouth with his fist, trying so hard not to break down in front of them.
Peter let out a shakey gasp, giving Norman a sad smile, nodding his head. "He did... he died a hero."
"And he was very brave," MJ added, sniffling as she spoke.
Norman nods his head, looking at the two in sadness before casting his eyes to the ground, letting out a shaky sigh, trying to calm down. He still couldn't believe it... his son... was gone and had been gone for years... like him... it wasn't fair... why does he get to live and his son doesn't?
"I'm so sorry, Norman," Peter whispered in shame, tears streaming down his face as he spoke. "No father should have to go through this... Believe me, I would take his place in a heartbeat... I feel regret to this day that it was him instead of me-"
"Don't say that Peter, Please," Norman interrupted before placing a hand on Peter's upper arm, causing the younger man to freeze. "I don't blame you for what happened... It's not your fault this happened... and I'm glad you're still here."
Peter gave him a nod, before looking down with a shaky sigh. "I just... wish he was here too, you know?" He whispered with a sniffle looking up at Norman with a sad smile.
Norman nod his head, a new set of tears streaming down his face as he spoke. "So do I... You're were always a good friend to him Peter... Never doubt that."
Otto watched his friend in sadness, his eyes becoming glassy as well but were hidden under his sunglasses. He looked over to his friend who had pulled away from Peter using the palm of his hands to wipe the tears from his face. The six-armed man frowned, placing a hand on his friend's back who leaned into his touch, trying to compose himself.
Norman looked down with a blank expression, wrapping the blanket around him further, sniffling before he spoke. "Thank you, for the tea Mary Jane and thank you both for... for letting us stay but do you mind if I excuse myself? I... I need to be alone."
"Yes of course," MJ whispered, walking up to Norman, taking his arm, helping him up, and leading him out of the room. "I'll show you the spare bedroom."
Otto watched as Norman thanked her, letting her lead him to the room, having never seen his friend look so small and frail before in all his life of knowing him, causing him to frown. He slowly turned from them to Peter, who was starring off, wiping his tears away. Otto then reached for the younger man, placing a hand on his leg while one of his actuators rested on his shoulder, getting his attention. "My condolences for your friend, Peter," He whispered. "He was a good man."
Peter nods his head, patting Otto's actuator giving him a sad smile. "Thank you... he was."
While Otto comforted Peter in the living room, MJ led Norman down the hall to the spare bedroom that was at the end of the hall. She opened the door leading him into the room. "This is the spare bedroom where you'll be staying," She whispered, revealing a pretty spacious room when a large bed pushed in the middle of the bed, a dresser on each side of the bed and a closet at the end, and one window in the middle of the wall. "It's much I'm afraid."
"It's perfect, thank you, dear," Norman whispered, giving her a sad smile before walking in, holding the blanket tightly around himself as he sat on the left side of the bed, looking around.
"You're welcome... if you need to use the restroom the bathroom is down the hall to the left," She whispered pointing down the hall, receiving a nod and a smile from Norman before he frowned, turning from her, beginning to stare at the wall. She watched him for a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder, getting his attention. "I'm so sorry for your loss, Norman," She began watching as he cast his eyes to the ground. "He was a good man... and friend."
"Thank you... Mary Jane." Norman whispered with a shaky sigh, looking up at her with sadness. "Thank you for being there for him... you and Peter."
"Of course," She whispered, before taking her hand away, wiping her face with her hand as she began to walk out. "You just get some rest, okay?... have a good night."
With that she left the door ajar, leaving Norman alone who just crawled into bed, pulling the bed covers over his shoulders, beginning to stare at the wall once more, slowly going numb as guilt and pain took over him.
A few hours had passed and Peter stuck his head into the spare bedroom to check on Norman who had not moved from that spot. He just kept starring at the wall, almost like he was in a state of shock that he couldn't shake out of. This caused Peter to frown as backed out of the doorway, heading down the hall to the living room. He entered the living room seeing Otto and MJ sitting at the coffee table drinking another cup of tea, making small talk when Peter got their attention.
Otto turned to Peter, before setting his cup down, sitting up as he looked at him. "How is he?" he questioned in worry, talking about Norman.
"He's starring at the wall still," Peter sighed with a frown, receiving a sad nod from the former villain. "He won't budge."
"He's been through a lot for the past couple of days," Otto whispered, receiving a nod of agreement from Peter. Otto then turned to the clock on the wall seeing that it was almost three in the morning, causing him to sigh. "Well, it's getting late... I don't want to keep you both up... Thank you for the tea and for giving us a place to  stay but I should be getting ready for bed."
"Would you like to take the couch?" MJ asked, getting his attention. "I could get some spare blankets for you."
"Thank you, dear, but I'll share the spare bedroom with Norman," He answered with a sad smile. "We've both shared a room in college before and besides I... don't want to leave him alone right now."
She gave him a nod and a smile. "I understand," she said, before placing a hand on his shoulder. "Have a good night."
"You too," He whispered before turning to Peter patting him on his shoulder. "You have a good night dear boy. Rest your side and take it easy."
"I will. You and Norman get some rest as well." Peter smiled, picking up the dining room chair beginning to carry it back into the kitchen.
Otto gave them one last smile before leaving them alone, heading down the hall to the spare bedroom. Peter then placed the chair back in the kitchen before feeling as MJ wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his back. This caused him to smile, holding her arms in his own with a sigh.
"Let's get you to bed," She whispered, kissing his shoulder, giving him a tight squeeze. "You must be exhausted."
"You're right about that," he chuckled, following her down the hall to their room, taking her hand into his own. "Should call off work tomorrow. Tell them I need a few days off."
"Well, you do need a break," MJ added, opening the door to their room, both walking into their room. "After the few days, you went through you deserve it."
Otto watched the couple through the cracked door, watching as they closed their door behind him causing him to smile before he gently closed his and Norman's door. He then paused, hearing the sound of stifled sobbing, causing him to turn around and what he saw as soon as he turned around broke his heart.
Norman was on the left corner of the bed and facing the wall, hugging himself as he let out heart-wrenching sobs unable to stop, his body trembling as he cried. He had been like that since Peter last checked on him, finally breaking down unable to hold it in anymore, his guilt only building up until he couldn't hold back any longer. It was all his fault, everything that has happened over the past few days was because of him. He was the reason that the spell went wrong again, causing everyone that ever loved young Peter to forget him, he was the reason all of the villains turned on him, almost ruining their chances at redemption... and he was the reason that young Peter lost his Aunt, his only blood family he had left and to top it all off, his only son Harry... was dead and even that was his fault too.
Norman should have stayed restrained. He should insist on being locked up until he was cured and now a poor boy is left with no family because of him. Hell he should have listened to Dr. Stromm, he should have brought the performance enhancers back to formula, he should have never taken that drug. If he didn't, his son would probably still be alive and he wouldn't have been brought to young Peter's universe and wouldn't reak havoc as the Green Goblin. He continued to sob curling in on himself, grabbing at his head as he wept. He felt like he could cry for hours in silence, feeling that he didn't deserve to be here. Hell, he knew he didn't deserve to be here, he didn't deserve to weep over Harry's or Aunt May's death... he was the reason they were gone in the first place. He would have continued to sob when he suddenly felt something cold on his shoulder, causing him to gasp, flinching away as he sprung up from the bed, looking up in shock to see Otto looking at him with sympathy in his features, reaching out with his top right actuator, Flo that now rested on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Norman," Otto whispered, walking close, sitting on his side of the bed. "It's just me."
Norman's lower lip started to quiver as he squint his eyes shut, beginning to sob again. "Otto," he whispered through his sobbing, holding Flo's claw close as he sobbed.
Otto then got into bed using his other three actuators to pick up Norman, pulling him to his side of the bed. He felt as Norman suddenly clung to him, hugging him close as he sobbed into his chest, gripping his trench coat tightly as he hid into his chest. "Sh, sh," Otto said in a hushed whisper, beginning to rub his back gently, his actuators wrapping around them protectively. "It's okay Norman... it's okay."
"It hurts so much," Norman sobbed out squinting his eyes tightly, shaking his head as he sobbed, feeling as Otto rubbed circles into his back, careful not to press down too much to hurt his ribs.
"I know it does," Otto whispered, looking down at his friend with sadness in his features.
"I know I should have insisted on keeping myself restrained," Norman shook his head, pulling away to look at Otto. "I know I should have been locked up until I was cured but... but when I saw you in the state that you were in... It broke my heart seeing my friend that way... I had to help... I had to make sure you were cured first," he squint his eyes shut, tears streaming down his face as he spoke. "I thought I could hold him back... I thought I could control him long enough to make the cure... but I was wrong... now a boy's Aunt is dead because of me!" he sobbed into Otto's chest his hands curling into his friend's trench coat.
"Don't say that," Otto whispered, shaking his head, hugging him close. "Please don't say that."
"It's all my fault, Otto," Norman argued, squinting his eyes shut as spoke. "I killed his Aunt and now he has no family because of me... and if I'd put the performance enhancers back to formula, then maybe my son would still be alive... I killed my son," Norman began to pull away, his features grim as he looked down. "I don't deserve to be here... I should be dead... You were right... I turned myself into a God damn monster-"
"No," Otto interrupted, holding his shoulders firmly yet gently, snapping him out of his dark thoughts. "You listen to me right now... this is not your fault. I already told you... this was Goblin's fault, not yours. Goblin was the one that did those awful things, not you," He watched as Norman cast his eyes downward, unable to look at him. "Norman look at me," he demanded watching as he hesitated before slowly looking up at him. "You are not a monster... and you deserve to be here just as much as anyone else here."
Norman remained silent, tears still streaming down his face, listening to him as he spoke.
"You're good man, Norman," Otto began, rubbing his shoulders to comfort him. "Yes, you can be cold at times, and yes you have made mistakes... but you were always kind and cared for the people you had close to you," He then paused watching as Norman looked up at him with so much pain in his eyes it broke Otto's heart. "You deserve a second chance Norman... and now that you're free of Goblin you have that chance to be better... It will be hard... but I'll be there for you through every step of the way."
Norman's lip quivered once more as he let out a sob, pulling Otto into a hug once more, hiding into his chest as he shook his head, feeling as Otto's actuators began to wrap around him, humming softly. "I don't know what I'd do without you," he whispered crying into his chest. "I don't deserve you."
"Don't say that, Norman. You don't deserve to be alone with this heartache," Otto whispered, rubbing his back once more, leaning back in the bed, letting Norman lay on his chest as he continued to sob, letting him get it out of his system. "Try to calm down, Norman... I've got you."
After a while, Norman had cried himself to sleep and was now laying on top of Otto's chest, being wrapped in his trench coat and covered up in a blanket, and was snoring soundly, curling his fingers around his turtle neck sweater. Otto ran his leather-gloved fingers through Norman's fluffy hair, a frown sketched into his features, looking down at the smaller man in sympathy. He hated seeing Norman like this. A long time ago, Otto had known Norman to be confident, able to strike fear into those around him. Now he didn't recognize the man in front of him. This man was now a fragile broken man full of regret and pain. He let out a sigh, moving his hair out of his face, smiling when he suddenly sighed, snuggling his head into his chest. He knew that the past few days were hard on Norman. He had been through so much in so little time and he knew it was gonna be a while before he got the Norman he once knew back again. But from that moment on he vowed to be there for him. "Don't worry Norman," he whispered, using one of his actuators to cover Norman's shoulder with the bedsheet. "You'll get through this, and I'll be right here helping every step of the way... I promise to protect you... I'll always be by your side... I won't leave you alone... ever again."
He smiled as Norman yawned, reaching out and pulling one of his actuators into his grasp, hugging them close causing the actuator to hum happily. Otto could only chuckle before he let out a yawn, his eyes beginning to flutter close. "Sleep well... Norman." He whispered before slowly falling asleep, holding Norman close as he slept.
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parkers-place · 4 months ago
Norman x Otto Moodboard
Tumblr media
I was trying to go for a Hatefuck/dubcon/noncon vibe between the pair. bruises, bitemarks and hickeys are prominent and there’s lots of force between them. 
some songs that came to mind while making this were as follows: 
Hatef--ck // The Bravery Closer // Nine Inch Nails I Hate U // Simon Curtis  Animal Impulses // IAMX
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7spaceace7 · 3 months ago
Norman never thought he'd get to a place like this in his life: somewhere he didn't have to constantly uphold the image of a billionaire, or keep the secret of being a murderous villain. Instead, all he had to worry about was making sure the salmon dinner was properly cooked and delicious.
Of course, that can be a bit troublesome when your lover decides to interrupt with a dance.
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