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Prepositions: Chapter 15

In which both master and servant have a lot to think about.

My lord.’ The butler sighed somewhere above him. ‘Your bath. If you please, sir.’

‘Piss off and make some scones.’

‘I see,’ said the butler. ‘You are still uncomfortable.’

There was no reply to that.

‘I shall take more care next time, sir.’

Oh. And would there be a next time ? Ciel tightened the line of his body, and felt the ache. No. No. He couldn’t think about it.

‘If this is the case, my lord, I shall have to carry you.’

Ciel lay still. And the warm bulk of blankets were flicked quietly back from his body. He wondered for a heartbeat. Could he disappear?


Read it HERE. 

I know it’s been a while. But this one is twice the usual length, and it took a bit of effort. I hope you enjoy it, kiddos.

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Damn, thank you— 

 And yes. I read and enjoy romantic Sebaciel– not so much in canon, but in an AU where Ciel might not be so damaged, and Sebastian might be capable of something genuine. Because under my seventeen blistered layers of irony and misguided attempts at edginess, I’m just a squishy little baby who likes cupcakes and antiques and holding hands. Honestly, though, I do enjoy the dynamics between them as personality types, and not simply the hopelessly cruel toxic pining lol– so I’m not averse to the idea of them being happy together in different circumstances. 

One day I might write a tiny little bit of actual Sebaciel romance, if you’d like. Once Prep is finished. And if I’m honest, their relationship in Prep might become a tiny little bit more intimate than I’d planned. But it will never be exactly healthy, so it would be fun to try something less dreadful too XD 

 Maybe a modern AU? Maybe canon, but a glimpse of the sort of relationship Ciel NEEDS? Let me know what you’d find the most interesting…

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A little update on my writing schedule… apparently my hyperfocus is a symptom of ADHD and possibly it’s not healthy?? To sit for six hours reading or writing or drawing and forget to eat?? Or something?? Ugh.

Anyway, I’m trying to fit in a lot more time for balanced activities, and as a result the next update for Prepositions will be the middle to end of July. NoS will be some time next week.

The upside is that I might post the occasional bit of art along the way XD 

Thanks for your patience, my good people. 

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OK! Like always I feel very weird and happy to finish an artwork. This one was hella fun to work on. I spent so much time with @amanitus discussing this piece, she was integral part of the process and I can’t thank her enough to commission me! I feel so honored T_T!

It’s an illustration for her fanfiction Prepositions

If you don’t read it yet and like fanfictions settled in canon verse, I can only recommend you to start! It’s my all time favourite <3. It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s smexy. Ciel ”where is my cake Sebastian?” Phantomhive is a little cute brat  and Sebastian is a big demon dumbass :DDDD. I love it soooooo much!


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In which Ciel gets cake, and a bad dog gets a collar.

Ciel hadn’t known what he’d expected Sebastian to do. Or say.

But he looked at the tense line of the demon’s broad shoulders and remembered the dog. The black dog, a long time ago, its heavy neck shoved hard under his father’s strong hand, dragged to the front door for poking its sharp nose into a piece of fallen cake. Punished for scavenging. And even at ten years old Ciel had watched the dog’s slinking shame in fascination, in a roil of regret and a surge of satisfaction.

This was like that. But this was better.

Ciel felt Sebastian’s fingers brush at his ankles and he glanced down.

‘No,’ he said. ‘Don’t touch me.’

And Sebastian stopped. Obedient. Ciel watched the flare of the demon’s thin nostrils, and he waited. And Sebastian put his hands back on his own knees, and didn’t look up at him. And the thrill rippled all the way down to Ciel’s knees.


It’s late. But it’s here. You can find it on A03.

And damn, it was a fun one to write…

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Hi! For decidere you’ll see the preposition di being used most often. Decidere di + noun translates to “to determine”, whereas di + infinitive translates to “to decide to”.

La prossima partita deciderà le sorti del campionato = the next match will determine the fortunes of the championship

Ho deciso di cenare ora = I’ve decided to eat dinner now

Decidersi takes a, per, or a + infinitive and it’s slightly different than just decidere. It sort of translates to “to make up one’s mind” and it’s used in contexts where your decision is also the resolution to something. For example, if you’ve been feeling doubtful about something and finally take a decision, that is because you ti sei deciso, you’ve made up your mind.

Ti decidi a parlare? [idiomatic] = are you going to speak? (

Mi sono deciso a vendere l’appartamento = I’ve made up my mind: I’m selling the flat (more literally: I’ve decided to sell the flat)

Non sa mai decidersi [idiomatic] = s/he can never make up her/his mind (about someone who’s always hesitant and irresolute)

Non riesco a decidermi = I can’t make up my mind

Dopo molte incertezze mi sono deciso per un’alimentazione senza carne = after many uncertainties I’ve decided on a meat-free diet

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er den mest vanlige preposisjonen for å uttrykke at noen eier noe. Spesielt ved personnavn bruker vi til i uttrykk der vi også kan ha genitiv.

  • Boka til Kari er delagt. (Karis bok er delagt.)
  • Vi kan låne bilen til Per. (Vi kan låne Pers bil.)
  • Barnehage til barna er stengt i morgen.
  • Vi passer på det store huset til Abdul. 
  • Mora til Mimmi er 60 år.
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