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#stony headcanons

Aahh, thank you so much for the ask! 💖

Since I’m planning on incorporating a whole bunch of kisses in the new installment of my Pieces-verse, I’ll give you some headcanons for them, okay? ♥️

Tony was never one for kissing much before Steve. In fact, before Steve he could probably count on one hand the amount of times that kissing didn’t lead straight to sex. But when Steve slowly slipped his arm around his waist at the end of their first date and so shyly asked if he could kiss him, Tony just about melted. He’d never had anyone ask him such a thing before, so sincerely. And then the kiss itself, just the lightest brush of Steve’s lips across Tony’s, but still enough to electrify him like he’d never felt before.

If that sounds cheesy, it’s because Tony thought it 😆.

As their relationship progressed, Tony discovered that Steve rarely passed up an opportunity to kiss him. Cheek kisses, temple kisses, forehead kisses (Tony’s favourites), and of course, all the different types of lip kisses, whether they led to something more or not. For Tony, kissing became almost more intimate than sex.

For Steve, Tony was the first man he’d ever kissed, so he spent hours researching and even practicing with his pillow (he is the man with the plan, right? 😉) before their first date. He was so nervous beforehand, but that quickly melted away with Tony’s enthuastic response ♥️.

He loves it when Tony stands up on his tiptoes to reach his lips, or when he grabs a handful of Steve’s shirt to pull him down. And his knees always go weak whenever Tony kisses that certain spot just below his jaw 😍.

This was so much fun, thank you! 💖💖

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Happy FFWF!! 💝

I cannot pick one favourite character!

So I’ll do one for my top three instead 😎


He carries a sketchbook and pencil with him everywhere. On Avengers missions he keeps them hidden inside the special pocket that Tony designed into his uniform 💖.


He absolutely loves being sandwiched between his boys for movie nights. With Steve behind him and Peter next to him, he can both feel Steve’s heart beating against his back and run his fingers through Peter’s unruly curls whenever he wants, both of which are physical reminders that he’s not alone 💖


While he always rolls his eyes whenever he sees his dads being affectionate, he secretly loves it. He loves the fact that he has two dads who obviously love each other and aren’t afraid to show it.

He also far prefers to read while tucked up into the corner of his room, near the ceiling, and has on many an occasion scared the snot out of one or both of his dads 😆

This was fun, thank you!

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Hey sweet anon, thank you so much for the ask! 💖

Because of their enhancements, I’ve always headcanoned that neither Steve nor Peter can get sick with any conventional illnesses. They both, however, can become injured, and while we’ve seen a bit of evidence about how not good of a patient Steve is when he’s injured, unfortunately for Tony, Peter’s pretty much the same. Both of Tony’s boys are very impatient with injuries, believing themselves to be almost infallible, which results in them both driving poor Tony mad with trying to keep them still long enough to just heal already. If it’s just Peter who’s hurt then Steve helps him, echoing Tony’s reminders that even with his enhancements he still needs to allow himself time to heal. But Steve’ll be damned if he’ll take his own advice, often forcing Tony to threaten to hold him down with one of his suits in order to keep him still.

This was so fun! Thank you so much again! 💖

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(mafia-related violence and gore warning)

  • In his defence, Tony hasn’t had anything to do with the business for several years. Yeah, he might have known about it, but it was Howard’s operation and Tony was quite happy to pretend he knew nothing about it.
  • The Carbonell name had always suited him much more, anyway. 
  • And then Howard gets killed in a shootout. That kinda sucks; not so much because Howard was dead (good riddance), but it meant that Tony was called up to head the business. That part wasn’t great.
  • Steve and Tony had met in the park, of all places. Tony had needed to get away from the office and Steve was walking his dog. (If Tony is ever asked, the dog definitely tripped him up. It wasn’t the other way round. Nope. Shut up.)
  • And, okay, maybe Tony never talked about the family business, but in his defence Steve’s parents had been a nurse and a soldier. Pretty honourable professions. It was just a lot easier to say that Tony had lost his parents than it was to get into the whole story and admit was his family was.

And then the kidnapping:

  • Steve’s never been kidnapped before. He’s had a lot of things done to him in his life, but kidnapping is new. 
  • Except, it’s not really that new. It’s pretty much the same as being mugged and beaten up. The only real difference is that he’s taken to a new location. Yeah, he’s tied to a chair, but the boys in his neighbourhood used to tie him to a street lamp so he knows how to break bonds. 
  • It’s the gunfire that really throws him for a loop. That’s pretty serious. He hasn’t been shot before. Bucky got shot once, so at least he knows how to clean wounds if it comes to that, he tells himself. 
  • And then the men start asking about Tony. Except they’re asking about Tony Stark, and Steve doesn’t know a Tony Stark. He knows that his husband changed his name as a teenager, but that still doesn’t explain what’s going on. All Steve knows is that something pretty damn serious is going on and he isn’t about to drop his husband in it. 
  • Even if Tony is already deep in it, Steve knows where his loyalty lies. And it’s not to the man with a gun to his forehead. 
  • Pushing that far from his mind, Steve manages to fight his way out pretty easily. It’s not really that hard - he had taken boxing lessons as a kid, karate as a teen, and started a self-defence class at college when he overheard some of his female friends saying they didn’t feel safe walking home alone in the dark. He can bench 300+ lbs - and even more when he’s pissed
  • And, boy, is he pissed…

The rescue:

  • Tony doesn’t know when people will learn that word travels fast between gangs. Steve hasn’t even been gone for a full 12 hours before Tony hears where he was. Amateurs
  • With his heart beating almost out of his chest and a team of his most trusted, Tony storms the warehouse, expecting to find the very worst. Images of Steve battered and bruised flood his mind and he thinks he might be sick. Kicking the door down, guns in both hands, Tony braces himself to look and see… Steve alive and well and standing in a room full of dead operatives?
  • “Hi, sweetheart,” Steve drawls, twirling a knife in one hand, a steady stream of blood dripping from a cut above his eye, “fancy meeting you here. Going to introduce me to your friends?”
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Let’s say everything doesn’t go to shit and Bucky returns after CAWS. How does Tony deal with Steve’s attention being split? Is there any jealousy? Maybe Steve and Bucky were an item in the old days: how would Tony feel about that?

Hmmm… mmmmmmm….. That one’s tricky. Cause, you see, Tony does believe that everyone can and should have friends and important people outside of one’s relationship. But Bucky? Bucky is special. He and Steve have known each other forever. They were are best friends. And Bucky has one major advantage – he knew the real Steve, before he got buff and confident and well… Captain America.

And Tony won’t ever have that. He won’t ever know that part of Steve as well as Bucky does. And it troubles him and they talk about it a lot – but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Cause whatever has or has not been between Steve and Bucky lies in the past and Tony is Steve’s here and now and that’s all Tony wants to be. And he’s happy that Steve got his best friend back, he really is.


On a little less serious note: I wrote a fic once about Steve making Tony meet Bucky for the first time (in a casual setting, not like on the battle field). Bear in mind though that I wrote these fics years ago so 1. In-universe details are not up to date at all and 2. My style of writing was really cringy at times, I better apologize to all of you right now before you go and read.

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What's your headcanon about Steve and Tony coming out to the press as a couple?

So it was definitely Pepper the one who brought it up, simply because neither of them had thought of it.

Tony immediately agreed that they needed to announce before rumors got out of control (knowing well enough from experience how obnoxious the press could be), though Steve didn’t really get it. It’s not that he cared if people knew, he just didn’t get why they had to announce something that was still relatively new and thought the world could just kinda find out.

Anyways, it was also the fact that they had to announce that Steve wasn’t straight. The world knew Tony was pansexual (even if the world didn’t usually acknowledge it), but even though there was no indication that Steve was straight, except for the rumored romance between him and Peggy during WW2, it was assumed he was straight.

While Pepper and Tony were discussing the best possible way to announce (much to Steve’s dismay bc it was cutting into his and Tony’s rare exclusively cuddle time), no one thought that Steve being on his phone was a bad thing, until…..

Natasha came in the room asking “Hey Steve, did you mean to send out that tweet?”

Steve just nodded his head, still staring at his phone, while Tony and Pepper looked confused. The looked up the tweet and it said

“Just thought everyone should know I’m super gay for Tony Stark and very happily in a relationship with my precious, overly caffeinated-genius #loveislove”

send me your headcanons!

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aaaaaaand i’m back at it with the headcanons

this time….picnic!stony

no peter, sorry my dudes

  • okay straight-up you know tony brought wine
  • he didn’t even hesitate when packing the basket
    • yes he’s packing the basket
    • steve protested but tony was having none of it
    • “tony, just let me pack th-” “listen up baseball cap, i’m packing the basket. go pick out a good spot to sit”
  • steve picks out a really picturesque spot at the top of a hill and under a tree
  • they lay out the typical checkered blanket and set down the basket
  • tony pulls out the wine
    • steve chokes
    • “you don’t drink wine at picnics” “who said this was your average picnic?”
    • tony waggles his eyebrows
      • steve chokes again
  • they end up just having a nice conversation about how beautiful the park is
  • there are kids playing, their parents are watching
  • steve lays down and looks at the clouds
  • within seconds tony is laying his head on steve’s chest
  • “that one looks like a rabbit” “oh, i see a fish” “that kind of looks like thor”
  • steve sits there and listens silently, chuckling all the while
  • eventually he joins in
  • “that’s not thor, that’s banner” “that is not banner! banner is smaller!” 
  • it’s a cute, fluffy time, and they’re both very grateful for it
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Tony + cheeks (you chose which ones ;) )

(I chose face, because we talked about the other set of cheeks already, haw haw)

There are reasons why Steve likes his Tony a bit on the chubby size, and one of those reasons how full and healthy looking his face becomes. Steve just can’t help but to pepper kisses onto the soft cheeks, delighted by the squeaks and wriggling as Tony tries to get away, yelping that “it tickles”. It is cute spot and cheek kisses or blowing a raspberry on them always make Tony giggle and curl in himself. On a scale from 1-10, Tony’s cheeks are an 8.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon

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I love the idea that even a after being together for yrs tony still gets flustered by Steve's muscles & gorgeousness & he stutters & get distracted when Steve shows up topless while Tony's on the phone or at breakfast Just flustered tony & smug steve

I love this. I agree that even if they are together for years and years, there will still be moments where just looking at Steve can take Tony’s breath away.

Steve is smug about it, because he once asked Tony why he gets still gets so flustered whenever Steve walks around shirtless. Steve still blushes when he remembers Tony’s answer.

“There is no way that anyone could ever become bored or complacent with the level of hot you are at Steve. Seriously if there comes a day where I don’t drool while watching you then assume that I am dead, or being mind controlled. They could use you as a Skrull detector for me. If I don’t get hard just from seeing you take your shirt off, then it’s not me it’s a Skrull and you should panic”.

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Hi I love your blog, but i had a question? I do not understand why the points in Steve as Dad post mean Steve is dad? My mother does all of the things on the list too (maybe no for directions and baseball) - is that not right? Is that dad things in America?

Yeah I get you :) it was a cheeky take on dad stereotypes, mostly the funny ones and the heartwarming ones (I am Asian living in asia btw but also lived in US for some time) and the avengers tease them about it (they do the same in the comics when they call them mom and dad, they tease tony and steve about parent stereotypes and them being unruly children) but ultimately the list isn’t serious, of course. I imagine cheeky Peter making this list :))

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And can’t help but imagine Steve/Tony as each of the romantic subplots.
-Tony asks to see Steve’s sketchbook and oops they’re all of Tony
-Tony and Steve have been secretly in love with each other for years and Nick Fury sits them down and tells them to tell each other (that they want to have lots of sex and babies)
-Steve finally confesses his love to Tony in a Christmas card, because if you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you, eh? (bonus: Tony dancing through the Tower)
-kid!Tony is desperately in love with the coolest boy at school, Steve, and sets out to learn how to play drums to impress him
-Tony resolves to go to America to find love. He finds Steve.
-Bonus: an aging Tony realizes Rhodey is actually the queerplatonic love of his life.

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Where everyone is born with either no birthmark, or a birthmark that grows with them, forming the name of their soulmate over time. Some people say that this happens because the future is unpredictable; the name may change, but the soul does not.

Steve Rogers is a Nameless, born without a mark on his frail little body. Part of what he fights for is for equality… to remove the stigma from all people, including the Nameless like himself. He can fight all he wants.

No one will be waiting for him if he doesn’t come home.

Bucky tries to convince him that that isn’t exactly how it works, but it is hard to believe someone with a name on the inside of their arm. In fact, despite all of his fighting, he constantly is made insecure about the fact that he has no known soulmate. Until he meets Peggy.

Peggy believes in him even when everyone else has given up. Even though Steve doesn’t know whether or not she has a name on her body, he is drawn to her. He starts to feel like maybe, just maybe… Bucky was right. Maybe he could still have a chance at a happy, love filled future like everyone else.

This doesn’t stop him from going through with everything with the same level of determination as before, however. After the serum, as Captain America, he continues to give his all to the war. He still winds up in the ice.

He doesn’t come home, even though there’s someone waiting for him now.

Tony Stark, however, is born with a very distinctive mark on his back. Already, there’s a distinguished “S” in the spot. It starts out as a mark of pride for his parents, but it quickly turns sour. Howard thinks he’s seeing things when the letters spread and form, starting to spell out “Steven”. Jarvis tells him to give it time because the odds of what he is thinking are too out there to bet on just yet.

Howard’s drinking gets even worse when he’s given false hope that Steve might be alive. He begins searching for him with a new vigor… burning himself out and making his feelings of resentment – maybe even jealousy – towards Tony more and more obvious.

Little Tony doesn’t understand why, despite all of the amazing things he has heard about Captain America, this is a bad thing. Did he do something wrong by being born with Steve’s name on his back? When he looks at all of the memorabilia/listens to Howard’s old stories, he can’t help but be hopeful. 

Maybe he will be found.

By the time Tony is a teen, however, he has already started to follow in Howard’s footsteps. He’s completely given up on everything related to Steven Grant Rogers. Maybe he still has a few items stashed away in secret, but, for the most part… every trace has been washed away. He even tries to remove the name from his back after his parents die. Repeatedly.

Eventually, Tony settles on just covering up the name the hard way, hiding it from view. None of his one night stands gets to see it, and Obie never does. Tony can’t risk being hated again by a father figure again, even if it just leads him into being manipulated.

Even Rhodey has never seen it. He knows what name is on Tony’s back, but he’s never seen it unobscured. Rhodey keeps it a secret for Tony, letting Tony go along with the lie that he’s a Nameless. This fucking soulmate crap is the biggest load of shit Tony has ever heard of.

Because Tony Stark would rather be Nameless than cursed.

Pepper sees it. Once. Just once, but that’s all it takes to put their relationship on the rocks. Especially once Steve is found.

So, there’s Tony, floundering to save his relationship with Pepper… and desperately trying to figure out what to do about the Avengers Initiative. What does he do about how horribly their first impressions went? Was the great Captain America really like that… or… had Tony just rubbed him the wrong way like he does everyone?

Then there’s the shocker that the propaganda had covered up. Steve was Nameless. Steve didn’t have some name from his time that he had to leave behind. He had nothing.

The man out of time wasn’t meant to make it to this time originally.

Steve, though, would be floored to find out one day that someone has his name on their body. Holy shit. Bucky was right. Not only was he right, but… Steve felt drawn to someone again, but, this time, he knew whether or not they had a name on their body. He knew so much more than he could ever hope to have known about Peggy.

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so i passed out last night(severe dehydration+nausea from PMS+missing 2 meals) and ended up breaking the ceramic soap dish on my shower wall. with my head. i have a mild concussion now but i still have to go to school in a few hours and give a speech tomorrow. 

please send me a bunch of fluffy(or even angsty idgf) headcanons for any marvel ships. stucky. stony. clintasha. stevesam. janethor. mattfoggy.

gimme headcanons i am a small bean in pan

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Rachel: *hands Quinn a bottle of water*

Quinn: *drinking it* thanks, what’s this for ?

Rachel: Santana says you get thirsty around me

Quinn: *chokes on water*

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