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#supreme Family

Stephen is definitely the type of parent who would take offense to Peter shaving his curls off despite having contributed absolutely nothing to his hair

Tony: sweetie, it will grow back -

Stephen: how am I supposed to recognize my adorable son??

What am I supposed to card my hands through now, huh?? Huh???

Deep down he’s just crying because he looks a lot more mature that way and by god he’s not ready for that

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Peter: Synonyms are weird because if you invite someone to your “cottage in the forest”, that sounds nice and cozy, but if I invite you to my “cabin in the woods”, you’re going to die.

Stephen: My favorite one is “butt dial” and “booty call”.

Wong: It’s called connotation.

Tony: Also, “forgive me, father, I have sinned” vs “sorry daddy, I’ve been naughty”.

Rhodey: Great news! Language is now canceled!

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Harley: Hey, what disease do you have?
Stephen: What? I'm completely healthy?
Harley, impressed: Really? That's risky, but I respect it.
Stephen: How is that-?
Harley: Since sixth grade I've made sure to constantly have the common cold, so I can't get anything more serious.
Stephen: what- Harley, do you seriously think you can only have one illness at a time???
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Stephen: don’t rank your children by their intelligence or beauty! That’s barbaric!

Stephen: rank them by height instead. At 38,5 inches, Sophia is currently the runt of the family. If she doesn’t eat her vegetables and grown to acceptable size, I may have to leave her for the fairies.

Peter: mom?

Stephen: yes, 5’8”?

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Peter P: *disappointed* they don't even have a dalmatian here
Tony: would you two stop with the dalmatians already?
Harley: well it would be nice to see one in its natural habitat!
Stephen: for the last time, they're not indigenous to firehouses
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