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viktoriakomova · 20 hours ago
is it wrong of me to say that i want to see brian have this kind of success with an athlete that isnt his own daughter before i jump on the iconic unproblematic miracle worker genius coach bandwagon?
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princessanneftw · 13 hours ago
I really like Sir Timothy, he seems to be so kind
Ah yes, the most unproblematic boi to ever exist in the brf. A cinnamon roll, if you will.
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goawfma · a year ago
Tumblr media
whom im saving when the race war starts
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michaun · 2 years ago
Jenna Marbles has this series on her channel where she reacts to memes of herself that fans have made and she doesn’t make any money off them she does it to show her appreciation to her fans who make them because she knows they don’t make any money either also there’s someone in Russia that reuploads her videos in full and they dub them over in Russian and not only does Jenna know about this she thinks it’s cool that someone would take the time to do that and she refuses to copyright any of them and she is very wary of making any merch because the last company that she tried to work with straight up stole one of her fan’s artwork and now she doesn’t trust any merch company and I think that’s so awesome who’s like that on YouTube anymore? someone that is aware that the people who watch their videos are the reason they have been successful and who still makes content to entertain those people not just get their money brava
EDIT: hey y'all so I'm gonna stop making posts like this cause it comes across as tho I think Jenna is some"uwu perfect unproblematic fave" when her earlier content was honestly just as offensive as any other youtubers at that time and it's not fair of me to sit here and hold her to a different standard than anybody else
the biggest problem was that nicki minaj video she did (you can watch here) where she does blackface and you can believe that "it's just a tan" thing all you want but the fact that she never looked that dark in ANY other video???????
I casually watched Jenna way back in like 2010-2012 and I missed that nicki video (pretty sure she deleted it like right away) but I did stop watching her and I only recently remembered that it was because she was INCREDIBLY misogynistic like REALLY BAD I was no saint back then especially with slut shaming but she was on another level
and she's never really made an official apology about any of it just deleted/privated the videos and changed up her content and has talked a tiny bit here and there about how she regrets things she's said in past videos
while I personally deeply enjoy Jenna now and believe she changed along with her content and I'm still gonna make the occasional post about her and Julien I'm not gonna be making posts that make it seem as tho I excuse her past mistakes and I totally understand ppl not wanting anything to do with her
just wanted to clear that up
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who-is-a-heretic-now · 2 years ago
Jenna Marbles minding her own business and enjoying her vacation while YouTube collapses in on itself
Tumblr media
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star-anise · 2 years ago
So what I’ve learned from the past couple months of being really loud about being a bi woman on Tumblr is: A lot of young/new LGBT+ people on this site do not understand that some of the stuff they’re saying comes across to other LGBT+ people as offensive, aggressive, or threatening. And when they actually find out the history and context, a lot of them go, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I never meant to say that.”
Like, “queer is a slur”: I get the impression that people saying this are like... oh, how I might react if I heard someone refer to all gay men as “f*gs”. Like, “Oh wow, that’s a super loaded word with a bunch of negative freight behind it, are you really sure you want to put that word on people who are still very raw and would be alarmed, upset, or offended if they heard you call them it, no matter what you intended?”
So they’re really surprised when self-described queers respond with a LOT of hostility to what feels like a well-intentioned reminder that some people might not like it. 
That’s because there’s a history of “political lesbians”, like Sheila Jeffreys, who believe that no matter their sexual orientation, women should cut off all social contact with men, who are fundamentally evil, and only date the “correct” sex, which is other women. Political lesbians claim that relationships between women, especially ones that don’t contain lust, are fundamentally pure, good, and  unproblematic. They therefore regard most of the LGBT community with deep suspicion, because its members are either way too into sex, into the wrong kind of sex, into sex with men, are men themselves, or somehow challenge the very definitions of sex and gender. 
When “queer theory” arrived in the 1980s and 1990s as an organized attempt by many diverse LGBT+ people in academia to sit down and talk about the social oppressions they face, political lesbians like Jeffreys attacked it harshly, publishing articles like “The Queer Disappearance of Lesbians”, arguing that because queer theory said it was okay to be a man or stop being a man or want to have sex with a man, it was fundamentally evil and destructive. And this attitude has echoed through the years; many LGBT+ people have experience being harshly criticized by radical feminists because being anything but a cis “gold star lesbian” (another phrase that gives me war flashbacks) was considered patriarchal, oppressive, and basically evil.
And when those arguments happened, “queer” was a good umbrella to shelter under, even when people didn’t know the intricacies of academic queer theory; people who identified as “queer” were more likely to be accepting and understanding, and “queer” was often the only label or community bisexual and nonbinary people didn’t get chased out of. If someone didn’t disagree that people got to call themselves queer, but didn’t want to be called queer themselves, they could just say “I don’t like being called queer” and that was that. Being “queer” was to being LGBT as being a “feminist” was to being a woman; it was opt-in.
But this history isn’t evident when these interactions happen. We don’t sit down and say, “Okay, so forty years ago there was this woman named Sheila, and...” Instead we queers go POP! like pufferfish, instantly on the defensive, a red haze descending over our vision, and bellow, “DO NOT TELL ME WHAT WORDS I CANNOT USE,” because we cannot find a way to say, “This word is so vital and precious to me, I wouldn’t be alive in the same way if I lost it.” And then the people who just pointed out that this word has a history, JEEZ, way to overreact, go away very confused and off-put, because they were just trying to say.
But I’ve found that once this is explained, a lot of people go, “Oh wow, okay, I did NOT mean to insinuate that, I didn’t realize that I was also saying something with a lot of painful freight to it.”
And that? That gives me hope for the future.
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jacobtheloofah · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
im bringing this to tumblr cuz lets face the facts
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bruinhilda · 3 years ago
As a library worker, there’s something I want to say to you.
You do not have to apologize for the books you choose to read.
At all.  To anyone.  You owe nobody any explanations; you need no excuse or “good reason” to be reading the book.
You do not have to be ashamed for wanting to read “bad” books.  You wanna read Twilight?  We got Twilight.  Need a banal, cookie-cutter-plot mystery or thriller?  Those are always fun.  Our regulars check them out by the towering stack.  Ask Betty for recommendations; she’s read them all.  50 Shades of Oh Fucking No?  We’ve got it, we even got it in large print.  Have fun.  Check out the rest of our porn too.  Oh, and the sex manuals are a MUST if you want to “experiment” yourself.  Don’t be afraid to ask; they’re here for a reason.
Want to read a book written by a huge asshole everyone hates and agree was a monster?  Yeah, we have those.  No, we don’t think you’re an asshole for wanting to know what was actually written in there, or judging things for yourself.
You are not too old for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Babysitter’s Club, or Captain Underpants.  You are not too young for Sherlock Holmes.  There’s nothing wrong with a boy reading The Princess Academy or Sweet Valley High.  There’s nothing wrong with a girl being into The Hardy Boys or Artemis Fowl instead.
You do not have to pull the shame face and offer me an excuse when you check out your books.  I don’t care if I got so angry at that book I threw it against a wall when I read it: you have the right to read it, and enjoy it if it’s enjoyable for you.  THAT’S WHY THE LIBRARY HAS IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.  If we only stocked pure, unproblematic literature everyone approved of, by authors of unquestionable virtue, we wouldn’t have any books at all.  Or music.  Or movies.  It would be utterly fucking boring.  And it certainly wouldn’t be a library.
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mens-rights-activia · a year ago
Anyway, here’s why this is the best meme of the 2010’s
Tumblr media
This meme is an internet staple that managed to be versatile, unproblematic, inclusive, and best of all one of the greatest examples of a shitpost. The humour was not in the grandeur, not in the references, not in the junxapositioning of labled words, nor in the relatability of it all. The humour is in the simplicity, the artistic composition of the original image, the three course meal of fashion that was served by the subject, and of course, the iconic pose that changed the way we see one’s hands clasped together with one’s feet shoulder-width apart.
This meme is a reflection of the average: middle class life in the ‘burbs; taking pictures at everyday landmarks such as the uneven sidewalk by your house or the tree you almost crashed into when you just got your learners permit; wearing your favourite matching top and bottom in a picture to show off the 18k gold plated wristwatch and loafers your nana got you for your birthday; the grandest joys in the most average of things.
In a way, I think deep down, we all know that Luciano did not actually have to do it to em, but we, as a society, are better off because he did
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alphataurislut · 6 months ago
"stan this unproblematic king instead!" i will murder all of you with my bare hands
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exemplarybehaviour · 6 months ago
you know what? fuck it (unproblematics your fave)
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ngrogu · 5 months ago
Leia and Han definitely thought that this was a phase, Ben wanting to be Mandalorian. Like, his Uncle Din is mysterious and stoic and cool and can shoot a womp rat at 100 paces. And anyone can be Mandalorian? You just have to take the creed you don’t even have to be born there? Of course Ben wants to be like him. 
Din and Luke are happily together, but this is the biggest thing they disagree on. (They’re normal, they disagree on many things. They have many civil and eventually resolved discussions about how many frog eggs grogu can/should ethically consume in a day.)
Luke’s entire life purpose is rebuilding the jedi order
Luke adores his nephew
Luke also senses in his nephew—in whispers and cold flashes that make his stomach sink—the dark side
Luke is terrified of training his nephew and messing up
Luke wonders if Ben doesn’t want to be a Jedi because of...him? Because of what he knows about Luke and his past and his destiny? Because of his grandfather? How much does Ben really understand any of this?
Did I say this was an argument between Luke and Din sorry it’s just Luke having 8 conversations with himself which carom around his mind from trying not to take this personally (a) to being absolutely petrified of failing (b)  to being proud of his husband because who wouldn’t want to be like Din (c) i mean look at him (Din: hey) Luke wonders if trepidation is a good thing—is Jedi stoicism akin to arrogance? Is that why we fell? I’ll have to consult some texts on this—
(Meanwhile) Din: (feeding grogu frog eggs) ya i guess he can take the creed
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thewolfofthestars · a year ago
You know what? No. No, Hatsune Miku did not write Harry Potter.
J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. And we need to accept that.
Harry Potter isn't some pure unproblematic beacon of perfection that we can just choose to erase the scummy author from and enjoy without guilt. Harry Potter is very much rooted in Rowling's view of the world. The blatant antisemitism in the portrayal of the goblins, the entire race of slave creatures that actually really like being slaves and Hermione's attempts to free them are largely played off as a joke, the almost complete dearth of canon characters of color (and then when she does put canonical characters of color in, they're... Nagini...), the complete lack of respect for other cultures (the Japanese wizarding school literally translates to "Magic Place" in Japanese, Cho Chang is not even remotely a proper Chinese name, don't get me started on her usage of Native American folklore), the almost complete lack of LGBTQ+ characters, the "Dumbledore is gay!" baiting, the lycanthropy-as-HIV metaphor that involves one of the werewolves intentionally infecting as many people as he can, with a preference for targeting children, no less...
These are all very much present in Harry Potter. They're not things you can just ignore. And they're there because Rowling wrote them in.
I know you read Harry Potter as a kid and loved it. I know when you read Harry Potter as a kid you probably didn't even notice how shitty all this stuff was. I certainly didn't. But you can't go back to that time. You can't go back to when you were 10, when you were consuming this media and loving it uncritically without notice or regard for its more problematic elements. You can't go back to being a kid again.
And that's okay. It doesn't mean you're required to wholeheartedly condemn this important part of your childhood. You can still enjoy these books while acknowledging that they've got some really shitty things in them. You can enjoy Harry Potter as a mature adult. You don't have to be a kid again to like it. And you're perfectly allowed to hate on Rowling for her shittiness, past and present, while still loving Harry Potter.
So don't say Harry Potter was written by Hatsune Miku. It wasn't. It was written by J. K. Rowling, warts and all.
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pearltiare · a year ago
what we’re not going to do is judge women for looking up to Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, two unproblematic queens, because they’re deemed as “cliche” or “mainstream” ; meanwhile, men are over here idolizing other mediocre men who have physically and sexually abused women and think it’s acceptable because “we should separate art from the artist”
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roach-works · a year ago
queer pride
so, in honor of pride month: please remember that ‘queer’ has been a fully reclaimed, non-slur identity for decades now, and queer studies is a legitimate academic term, and it’s only been in the last decade that TERFs have pushed to reclassify it as a ‘slur’ starting in online spaces. 
because ‘queer’ is such a broad and flexible term, it’s much harder for bigoted, trans-exclusive, bi-phobic, a-phobic people to interrogate the queer community and try to divide it into who deserves respect and who deserves to be expelled. the queer community is extremely diverse, extremely accepting, and it’s entirely opt-in. no one can say you’re not really queer, because if you say you’re queer, you are. 
this is extremely frustrating to terfs, who want a very narrow and rigidly policed LGB community (minus the T, A, and Q+, of course), so they have been working to reclassify queer as a slur. they target young isolated girls online, and take advantage of their earnest desire to be helpful and unproblematic, and they get them to repeat ‘queer is a slur’, and it’s incredibly sad and frustrating for us queers to deal with.
lesbian, gay, and queer are all slurs. they’ve all been used to insult us. and they’re all reclaimed. people that don’t want to be called queer don’t have to be, but tagging posts with q*slur is an insult to everyone who identifies as queer. breaking into posts where queer people call themselves and each other queer and refer to the queer community of queers who call themselves that to let us know that ‘queer is a slur’ is itself bigoted, TERF-aligned behavior. 
please reblog this post, and accept that queer is a valid term with decades of history and millions of proudly self-identified people. the next time you see someone say ‘queer is a slur’, let them know that phrase is manufactured and propagated by TERFs as an attack on the queer community. we’ll all have a much happier pride month if we stand up for each other against the real sources of hatred, rather than letting them get us to chew on each other for another year. 
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