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I'm too lazy to write a full headcanon thing today, so take Haikyuu!! characters as songs in my playlist!
Steven Universe - Let Us Adore You: Tobio Kageyama, Azumane Asahi.
Saweetie - My Type: Koshi Sugawa, Yu Nishinoya, Ryunosuke Tanaka, Saeko Tanaka, Yuuji Terushima, Atsumu Miya.
Regina Spektor - Two Birds: Sawamura Daichi, Tadashi Yamaguchi, Morisuke Yaku, Takanobu Aone, Kanji Koganegawa, Wakatoshi Ushijima, Osamu Miya.
Owl City - When Can I See You Again?: Shoyo Hinata, Lev Haiba, Takeru Nakashima, Shunki Kawatabi.
Billie Eilish - my boy: Kei Tsukishima, Shimizu Kiyoko, Kozume Kenma, Tsutomu Goshiki.
Rare Americans - Brittle Bones Nicky: Keishin Ukai, Shigeru Yahaba, Kentaro Kyotani.
Ricky Montgomery - This December: Keiji Akaashi, Chikara Ennoshita.
Jack Stauber’s Micropop - Baby Hotline: Ittsetsu Takeda, Issei Matsukawa, Hajime Iwaizumi.
Disney - A Girl Worth Fighting For: Koutarou Bokuto, Takahiro Hanamaki.
Disney - When We’re Human: Tooru Oikawa, Akkiteru Tsukishima, Tetsurou Kuroo.
Lizz Robinett - English Cover of “Renai Circulation”: Hitoka Yachi, Satori Tendou.
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"I'm The Babysitter." (Haikyuu!!)
Word Count: 1,244
Warnings: None.
Headcanon: How are the Haikyuu boys with kids/babysitting?
Characters: Hinata, Oikawa, Bokuto, Tendou, Kageyama, Daichi, Terushima
Author’s Note: Kids are… all gremlins. But hey, I’m pretty good at handling gremlins, so let’s see how the HQ boys do.
Tumblr media
Shoyo Hinata:
The kids don’t take him seriously, they just think he’s just some babysitter that they can drive insane.
Hinata looks like one of the kids, so he’s not really looked at as an authority figure.
Hinata thinks he’s good with kids, because his younger sister likes him, but oh boy, the second he has to handle another child, all experience is thrown out the window.
He tries, poor kiddo tries.
Finally, after like 20 minutes of desperately running after kids trying to put forks in electrical sockets, he realizes being like a kid could work to his advantage, and he starts hatching a plan.
He takes some cookies and puts them on a paper plate, and gets some plastic cups for all the kids, filling them with milk.
He tells the kids he got the snack for them, and since he’s a ‘big kid’, he’ll let them do (mostly) whatever they want.
This way, he knows where all the kids are, and no bleach is being drank (one kid really wanted to, so he pretended to pour it, filled it with water, and gave it to the kid, said that actual bleach will make him explode)
All in all, Hinata finds a new perspective, and does… ok at taking care of kids.
Tumblr media
Tooru Oikawa:
He’s actually surprisingly good with most kids.
Since he works teaching kids volleyball in his free time, he has quite a bit of experience with little kids.
Specifically, most female kids like him, with one exception, which I’ll get to later.
That doesn’t mean he’s not just as good with other kids, even shy kids warm up to him.
Almost all kids like him… almost, except for the exception.
Cocky kids.
Loud, mean kids, the kinds of kids that always have clever comebacks. For some reason, Oikawa can’t stand these types of kids, and just gives up all around.
This is where Iwaizumi comes in, he handles these types of kids (gee, wonder where he got the experience).
I think Oikawa’s most notable trait when it comes to handling kids is helping shyer kids, he’s really good at helping kids get out of their shell and have fun.
So yeah, overall, he’s pretty good at taking care of little kids.
Tumblr media
Koutarou Bokuto:
He tries.
Is he good at entertaining kids? Absolutely.
He’s great at keeping kids distracted, happy, entertained, and laughing. It’s his speciality, and he can do it with extreme ease.
A child’s crying? Just call Bokuto over, they’ll be fine.
He even lets the kids climb on him, like he’s a massive jungle gym. The record is 7 kids at once for 12 minutes.
Is he good at taking care of children?
Pfffft- no.
He gives the kids junk food, even if he originally said no, he changes his mind the second time they ask.
If the kids wanna do something dangerous, he always has to call Akaashi to talk to the kids about why it’s not safe, because Bokuto is siding with the kids.
Kids wanna stay up late on a school night? Yolo swag, he lets them. Why not?
He is very patient with kids though, so he works well with kids that are crying non-stop (or infants in general, he could cradle a baby for hours).
So… he’s alright, not the person you call as a babysitter though.
Tumblr media
Satori Tendou:
This is just Bokuto 2.0, but without Akaashi’s guidance.
He has no sense of responsibility, so he lets the kids do whatever they want.
Correction, he helps the kids do whatever they want, he’s helping the kids set up dumb stuff that might lead them to get injured.
Tendou should be the last person on you babysitter list, right after leaving your baby home alone-
Sure, he could call Ushijima and ask for advice… or he could take all the sheets off the bed, make it into a sled, and slide down the stairs, and one of those options would be way more fun!
Movie nights with forts every night.
Forgets to help the kids brush their teeth, make sure they get to bed on time, he even forgets to feed them, the kids have to remind him.
I’m begging you, do not hire him as a babysitter, just get Ushijima to do it.
Tumblr media
Tobio Kageyama:
… he’s about as ‘ok’ as you can get.
This is who you hire if you want your kids to be safe, but have no fun.
He’s afraid to let the kids color because he doesn’t want the kids to eat the crayons, even if they’re old enough to talk and know not to do that-
The kids can’t go outside because there’s dirt everywhere, and they could get sick, and the kids have to be asleep at 8:00pm sharp.
It’s not because Kageyama doesn’t want the kids to have fun, it’s just because he’s so nervous that if he doesn’t look at a kid for one second a bomb will go off and the kid will explode and die.
He can’t handle two kids at once, so unless you only have one kid, don’t hire him.
He does chores around the house if he’s allowed to, and if the kids are asleep.
Dishes, sweeping, taking the trash out, he’s pretty good at it.
10/10 babysitter when it comes to actually babysitting, the kids will not have any fun though, so they will complain about him when he’s gone.
Tumblr media
Sawamura Daichi:
Thank god, someone who can actually babysit.
He’s great with kids! He’s seen as an authority figure, and kids still like him.
Great with communication, and making sure kids are safe and happy.
Safety is the number one thing he’s concerned about and focused on, but he’s still so good at telling kids they can’t do something and making sure they don’t get too sad about it.
He can bring kids from frustrated to laughing in a matter of seconds, it’s so fascinating to watch.
He’s good with any age of kid too, even if it’s just someone a year younger than him, all the way down to an infant.
He takes incredible care of babies, he can watch 5 at a time and do nothing wrong.
Doesn’t even yell, and hides any frustration so well-
Please, give this man a medal.
Tumblr media
Yuuji Terushima:
Do not let this man anywhere near a child, ever.
He scares kids-
Half of the kids he meets find the tongue piercing cool, the others think he’s an actual demon.
He’s just really loud and reckless, he ends up being more reckless then the kids themselves-
He doesn’t mean to be scary, he just is.
He only gets along with the kids Oikawa doesn’t, cocky kids.
A match made in heaven, honestly, they’re some of the only kids that aren’t scared of him and actually like hanging out with him.
Terushima loses track of the kids more often than he’d like to admit
He can’t cook either, so takeout it is when it comes to feeding the kids he’s watching.
Like Tendou, just hire someone else, don’t count on him to watch the kids (unless your kid’s an actual demon, then they’ll get along).
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Was really hoping Netflix taking OHSHC off was an April Fools Day prank-
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Nerved By/Scared of Physical Affection (Haikyuu)
Word Count: 1,213
Warnings: None.
Headcanon: How do the HQ handle a s/o who’s nerved by/afraid of physical affection?
Characters: Bokuto, Oikawa, Kuroo
Author’s Note: Another one for a friend (@honicup, please like, go love them as much as I do /platonic), so here we are.
Tumblr media
Koutarou Bokuto:
So it started as soon as you started dating.
Bokuto is big on PDA and just lots of love and physical affection in general, this man is not sleeping without cuddles unless he has to.
So the second he goes for a death grip hug and you instinctively step back, his heart breaks.
“Y/N? Baby? Sweetheart? Love of my life? Why’d you step back? Did you have a bad day? Do I smell bad from practice? Is that what it is?”
No sense of personal space, I don’t think he even knows what that is.
Every question you could think of, even begin to fathom, is thrown your way, and you better answer all of them.
He slowly walks up to you, as if you were a small bunny rabbit he was trying not to scare away, making sure you know where his next move is so you don’t get scared.
He thought you were fragile before, and from this day forth he will treat you like glass that has a bomb in it.
You try dismissing it at first, trying to tell him it’s just reflexes, and to no one's surprise, he’s not having it.
“Reflexes always stem from somewhere, y’know.”
Finally, you decide to just tell him, trying your best to make it make sense to someone who’s never had boundary fear in their entire life.
Bokuto listens to the best of his abilities, trying to understand where you’re coming from, putting himself in your shoes, the whole shabang.
When you’re done, he slowly extends his hand and holds yours.
He calls your nerves “love jitters”, a very literal term so he understands.
“Thank you for telling me, we’ll work on getting those love jitters out, ‘kay babydoll?”
As time goes on, he gets better at helping you relax.
His favorite thing to do is pick you up and take you to the nearest couch/bed, and just stay with you.
If there is no couch/bed nearby, he just sits with you on the floor-
You’re treated with such gentle care with him, the sense of security helps.
Poor baby just cares about you bunches.
Tumblr media
Tooru Oikawa:
*inhales* Here we go.
Just like with Bokuto, it started immediately.
He’s big on PDA, but he has a specific reason, although I can’t say what it is…
Showing you off, it’s showing you off.
This man is baffled that he scored someone like you (even though fangirls swarm him every day saying he could score anyone he wants), and he shows it off to every single person he comes in contact with.
Iwaizumi? Knows everything about you. His poor mother? Hears about you every day.
So naturally, he wants to show you off to the most important person in the world, yourself.
He goes to pick you up in a hug, and when you move out of the way, his whole being is completely shattered.
Who hurt you? He’s gonna call his lawyer, right now.
“... doll? You ok? Did you hurt yourself or something?”
You lie, saying you hurt your leg by tripping in the hallway, but he sees straight through you.
He just repeats the question, and you get the notion that he knows you’re lying.
So you take a deep breath, and begin. Telling him about how you feel about physical affection, and that everything still makes you nervous.
He never breaks eye contact with you, making sure you know he’s listening, and that nothing's gonna stop him from listening to every single thing you say.
When you finish, he cups your face with his hand, making you look right at him.
“No matter what you feel, I’ll be here to accommodate to it, ok? I’ll be here.”
And after a moment of silence goes by, he goes right back to being, well, Oikawa.
“And besides, it makes perfect sense to be nervous around someone as attractive as me. But if you’re nervous by my hotness, how do you look in the mirror without passing out?”
He tries his best to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with him.
Secretly wants you to fall asleep on him, but would never admit it-
He lets you take steps on your own, letting you know you’re doing a great job, but he’ll also step in and help you take whatever steps you know you need to take.
If you ever get too nervous and need space, Oikawa told you that the safe word is “rose”, and you can say it wherever you want for alone time.
He tells you the safe word is random, but he actually came up with ‘rose’ because he thinks of you whenever he sees them, just saying.
His favorite thing to tell you is “I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise.” and “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”
Just wants you to feel safe around him, he wants you to know he’s always there for you.
*exhales* Ok, now that that’s over, onto the next one.
Tumblr media
Tetsurou Kuroo:
What an sly piece of-
Now Kuroo already knew about your dilemma, you were really close friends with him before you started dating. So he knew about how you felt toward physical affection in a great amount of detail.
And that’s great and all, since you don’t have to painfully sit down with him and explain it to him and all that jazz.
Kuroo also knew all your favorite types of affection, and knew which ones you were particularly afraid of.
Oh boy, I’m sorry bestie, but he knows. And he’s using that to his advantage.
“Yo, N/N, remember what you said a couple months ago, before we started dating, about liking cuddles? Hm, you don’t? Oh, but I do. Come here. Now. Y/N-”
He will just grab you and force you to love him.
You don’t feel like it? You’re nervous?
“Hm, let me think about it… ha, would you look at that? I don’t care.”
He does it to be sweet, alright?
He knows you want help coming out of your shell, and his approach is doing it by force, that’s all.
Absolutely adores giving you piggy back rides, it’s his favorite.
‘Oh, you’re here? And I can just pick you up? Mine, you’re mine now. On my shoulders, come on, hold onto my face or something.’ That’s the thought process.
He understands your boundaries, and loves helping you get more comfortable with affection in all types of different ways.
He even helps you break out of your shell in general, introducing you to Nekoma and bringing you to volleyball camps so you can hang out with everyone.
Still doesn’t make you order food though, he does all the interacting with cashiers and waiters.
“Anything for my baby, now come on, My Hero just got new episodes and I already made popcorn.”
He just loves seeing you happy, and any way he can make you smile is bound to happen.
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Dating Oikawa Headcannons
Word Count: 528
Warnings: Light swearing
Headcanon: Just some headcanons for dating Tooru Oikawa!
Characters: Tooru Oikawa
Author’s Note: I actually wrote this for a really close friend, and then tweaked it a bit for y’all. Personally… I hate Oikawa. Y’all can love him all you want, but he’s one of my least favorite anime characters. So, hopefully, even though I hate him, this turned out good!
Tumblr media
If you’re shorter than him, constantly makes fun of your height, constantly.
It’s a massive ego boost for him to be able to reach stuff you can’t.
For April Fools day, he took all the step stools out of the house and put everything you used daily on the highest shelf, so he could watch you struggle to reach stuff.
He didn’t bring it down until you begged him to bring it down.
If you’re taller than him, you’re a god.
He treats you as if you are a statue sculpted by Athena.
Also just expects you to give him piggy back rides, sorry, that’s just the way it goes.
Y’all make milk bread together all the time, and he stands behind you and helps you, making cute comments when you do something right or really well.
He takes you to Lil Tykes Volleyball Classroom to meet the kids he teaches, and you watch him play and encourage the kids that they’re doing well.
Physically picks you up and drags you around a lot, especially when you’re shopping.
“Y/N, there’s a stuffed dinosaur in that store.”
“Tooru, this would be the 5th stuffed animal you’ve bought this week.”
“Oh, I thought it was Monday! Perfect, let’s go get that dinosaur.”
Hates you overworking yourself, he hates it.
Will do anything you ask, but will complain about all the stuff he does (he doesn’t ever mean it).
“Babe, I’ve made you dinner three nights in a row!”
“Tooru, baby, you didn’t let me in the kitchen so I could make dinner.”
“Because you worked so hard that day!”
“Then why are you complaining about making food?”
“... love you-”
On the other end of the spectrum, he overworks himself all the time.
He really enjoys overworking to help you though, so nothing you say is gonna stop him.
He introduces you to his team, and tells the entirety of the Seijoh team that if they even look at you wrong, they’re dead.
He came home one day really upset, and, well, for a good reason.
“Hey Tooru, what’s up?”
“I fucked up a serve.”
“Aw, I’m really sorry, but it’s only one serve!”
“No baby, you don’t understand. Iwaizumi said if I messed up I had to buy the whole team ramen, and it cost 224 dollars-”
“BAAAHAHA- Tooru, you dumbass, come on, let’s go cuddle.”
“... thank you.”
He tells you stories about games he’s played, keying you into all the other players. He even whipped out his Best Setter Award from junior high to show you.
Main love languages are physical touch and words of encouragement (also gift giving, but he’d never admit to you that he spoils you).
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Mario Kart with the Dekusquad
Word Count: 923
Warnings: None.
Headcanon: How good is the Dekusquad at playing Mario Kart, and who do they play as?
Characters: Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka, Asui.
Author’s Note: Everyone likes Mario Kart, a nice competitive game that you can play with friends, competing for the gold trophy (#notsponsored), so why not write about how the Dekusquad plays?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
Plays Luigi, or if he’s taken, Baby Luigi or Yoshi.
Not because of the green aesthetic, just because they have pretty solid stats.
The squad doesn’t leave him on character select too long, or he’ll go through every character and calculate the best possible character with the best possible cart.
He’s surprisingly bad at Mario Kart for someone who knows all the shortcuts, best places to boost, and tricks of the game.
It’s because of his horrible luck with items.
Even in last place, when you’re supposed to get good power-ups like stars and Bullet Bills, he gets a single banana or green shell.
So even when he uses all his Mario Kart knowledge, he still can’t get ahead because somehow Uraraka got a star power up and won the whole game.
Midoriya is in dead last, crossing his fingers as he approaches the item box. Everyone hears the jingle tune of the item box deciding Midoriyas fate, and everyone starts to chant for Midoriya to get a great power-up, Bullet Bill.
“Bullet Bill, Bullet Bill, Bullet Bill, Bullet Bill, Bullet Bill!!!!”
Midoriya, along with everyone else, sees the green shell that has landed in his racers hands.
Todoroki chimes in to try and liven the mood.
“At least the color matches your racer.”
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki:
Plays Toad or Shy Guy, and it is because of the aesthetic.
He prefers to just sit back and watch people play, but sometimes people will ask to race him.
Almost always it’s because someone just lost a race, and needs to play Todoroki to destress. He’s really bad at Mario Kart (because he doesn’t play much), and almost never wins, and doesn’t rage quit when he loses, so people like playing with him to destress after a hard race they lost.
He does get frustrated when a green shell hits him, because like… it’s a green shell, you have to aim that thing.
Todoroki has his race cut-off before he can cross the finish line, landing him with an 8th place spot. Asui pumps her fists in victory, crossing the finish line in 2nd place.
“Thanks, kero-kero. Losing that race to Denki made me a little angry.”
“... so… how did you win?”
“I just finished the race faster than you, Todoroki.”
“... I see… good game, Tsu.”
Tumblr media
Tenya Iida:
Plays Lakitu or Rosalina (Rosalina mainly if he’s going for stats, not just for fun).
The squad tried just not letting him see the stats, it didn’t work. He spent 2 hours going through every cart combo and character select… he settled on Lakitu.
He’s pretty good at Mario Kart, if he wins he gets super pumped about it, but if he loses he questions every decision, ever.
Iida just gets really into Mario Kart, really, really into it.
Drifting along one of the final turns in Rainbow Road, Iida’s only barely in first, followed by Uraraka. Lucky for the brunette, she throws out her red shell, hitting Iida directly, causing him to fall off the course. Iida, knowing this will cost him the race and the tournament, loses his mind. In a moment of pure rage, he throws the controller behind him, luckily being caught by Todoroki.
Uraraka, having won the race, slowly pans over to Iida. “... good race?”
Iida tries his best to come up with an answer. “IT WAS A GREAT RACE. THANK YOU URARAKA- wait did I break that controller?”
Tumblr media
Ochako Uraraka:
Plays Daisy or King Boo (King Boo because of the floating animation).
She is an absolute luck charm at Mario Kart.
Every time she picks up an item box, it’s the best item she can possibly get.
She isn’t even that good at racing, she’s just good at getting good items, it’s incredible, Midoriya has added it as a possible quirk.
The only problem is she drives off the map so frequently that she keeps losing the items she gets-
She’s perfectly fine with losing, except for one time Todoroki beat her in a race somehow, and she didn’t talk to him for 3 days.
“Uraraka, I’m sorry for beating you in that race, but I need a pencil. Can you please lend me a pencil?”
“... Midoriya-”
Tumblr media
Tsuyu Asui:
Plays Yoshi if it isn’t taken by Midoriya, Koopa Troopa, or Metal Mario.
She’s probably the best overall player, she’s got a good skill range, knows some shortcuts, plays with good stats, stays on track, and is a good sport no matter if she wins or loses.
She always gets the job of comforting the loser and supporting racers in the moment.
She also takes frequent breaks to get snacks, blankets, and pillows so the game night can really start.
The real champion of game night, honestly.
“Kero kero, good race guys, I’ll be right back.”
*five minutes later*
Midoriya pans over, who took a break from racing, and sees Asui with at least 10 blankets and 10 pillows.
He speaks up, “A-Asui! Here, let me help you carry those. Why did you bring so many?”
“Because I need them to destroy you at the Bowsers Castle race, kero. Thanks for the help carrying these!”
“... of course, Asui-”
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Hyper, Spontaneous S/O
Word Count: 508
Warnings: None.
Headcanon: How would the BNHA boys react to you being their hyper, spontaneous s/o?
Characters: Todoroki, Bakugou, Midoriya
Author’s Note: I thought this would be fun to write as a person with almost never ending energy, and I hope you like it too! Also, sorry this one’s kinda short, it was just on my mind.
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki:
Won’t take his eyes off of you, he’s deathly afraid of losing you in a crowd.
He lost you one time in a mall because you saw an anime store with plushies in it, and you completely left Todoroki’s side without warning.
You constantly just have ideas, and he loves listening to you talk about your interests and you ramble on and on about whatever you like, it balances out because he doesn’t talk much.
He’s ok with leaving the house if you suddenly find a place you want to go, just please hold his hand, he needs to know where you are.
He will buy anything you impulsively find. Anything. Anything at all, just say that word.
“Shoto, baby, I found this thing, can we bu-”
“Yes, love, we can buy it.”
“I didn’t even tell you what it is though?”
“Y/N, if it’s not the same blanket you showed me one minute ago, I will be astounded.”
“... but we can buy it, right?”
“Yes, dear.”
Katsuki Bakugou:
How… how?
You have so much energy, it’s incredible and hOW ARE YOU ACROSS THE STORE-
He loses you all the time, but he knows that you or him will find each other… sometime.
You always want to go places and look at things, and Bakugou can’t always keep up, but he tries his very, very best to make you happy and fuel your energy. He’ll never admit it, but he loves when you ramble about things you love.
Although Bakugou will make you take naps sometimes, just so you can take a little break from the energy overload.
“Y/N, come on, let’s take a nap.”
“”What, why?”
“Because you ran through the aisles of Target trying to find the dinosaur Squishmallow for half an hour, you’re tired.”
“... fine, let me get some water first.”
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
He loves that you have energy.
With you two it’s just like a tennis game of energy, both of you getting random hits of energy and doing questionable things and making (probably) risky decisions.
Like if you asked to get cake at midnight from the store? Only if Midoriya can pick up some ice cream too.
You’ll both wake up in the middle of the night and just start playing checkers or something, constant energy.
It’s really sweet, and you two will talk for hours and hours about your passions, even if the other person has no idea what any of it means.
“Psst, Izuku, you up?”
“I’ve been up for a while, Y/N, what’s on your mind?”
“An inflatable All Might I saw at Wal-Mart.”
“... Y/N…”
“You saw it aND DIDN’T BUY IT?”
“Well I didn’t know if-”
“In the car, right now, we’re going shopping.”
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Ass, Titty, Or Thighs?
Word Count: 1,970
Warnings: Talk of titties and ass, kind of a given, a little bit of swearing in Bakugou and Shinso’s.
Headcanon: Do the BNHA boys prefer ass, titties, thighs, or magical answer number 4?
Characters: Iida, Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, Midoriya, Shinso
Author’s Note: Just my take on this idea, of course you can have different opinions than me, this is just what I think!
Tumblr media
Tenya Iida:
This is a titty man.
Hear me out with this one.
He looks respectfully, obviously, this is Tenya Iida we’re talking about, but just the way they move has Iida in a different state of mind.
His favorite subject is jiggle physics (I will take myself out-).
Like, how do they move? Does it hurt? Fascinating, truly.
He doesn’t care what they look like, as long as they’re on you, the person he loves, he’s happy.
You’re watching TV in your dorm room when Iida furiously knocks on your door. Pausing your show, you get up and open the door for him.
“Hey, Iida! You need something?”
He quickly glances around your room, as if checking if someone is there, and stutters out his request.
“Ms. Y/N, i-is it ok if I may ask y-you a question I’ve prepared?”
Not seeing any harm in inviting him in, you gently crack open the door a bit more, gesturing for him to enter. Iida gladly takes the invitation and darts into your room. You sit back down on your bed, expecting him to do the same. However, Iida carefully stays standing, looking down at you. Silence starts to take its place in between the two of you, and you finally speak up.
“So, what is it you wanted to ask me?”
“U-uh, y-y-eah, right. I w-was just wondering if I could a-ask you a question about-”
He cuts himself off, almost as if choosing his follow-up words very carefully.
“A-about your… chest area.”
Now it’s your turn to blush, although not nearly as much as he is. At this point it looks like he’s melting from sweat.
“Uh, yeah, you can, is something wrong?”
“N-no! I-it’s just that I w-w-was wondering i-if they work as… comfort. The tissue in breasts is noted to be much more flexible than average, and I assumed that would lead to them being s-softer than average, but does that mean that they hurt? I’d like to test my theory, o-of course not with my hands or anything! That would be extremely disrespectful and as Kirishima would say, ‘unmanly’, but maybe there’s… another way?”
It finally clicks.
“Iida, are you trying to lay on my boobs?”
Laughing, you bring him over to lay down as he wanted, and unpause your show.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou:
So we all unanimously agree this is an ass man, right?
If we’re all in agreement, I’ll continue.
But yeah, Bakugou just screams ass man.
He always has a hand in your back pocket when you go places, or stares at your ass when you’re wearing shorts (or even when you aren’t-)
Just like Iida, it’s jiggle physics, astounding.
He’ll buy you clothes that are specifically to show off your ass-
You get ready in your outfit, Bakugou wanting to take you to a new restaurant close to campus. It wasn’t anywhere fancy, just a sushi place, so you didn’t get dolled up or anything, just some leggings and one of Bakugou’s hoodies. You call over to Bakugou, checking if he’s ready to go, and when both of you have your shoes on, you take off to try some sushi.
Upon arriving at the restaurant, Bakugou instinctively goes to put his hand in your back pocket, something he always does when you’re out. However, you opted to wear leggings, something comfortable and easy to throw on.
“Y/N, back pocket, not there, what the fuck?”
“I didn’t wear jeans.”
“Well how is everyone supposed to know you’re mine?!”
“Babe, I’m wearing your hoodie.”
“Other people don’t know that’s my hoodie.
“Katsuki, your hand is literally on my ass.”
“Well you didn’t wear something with back pockets, where else am I supposed to put my hand?!?!”
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima:
t h i g h s
This man is the actual definition of a thigh man.
He lives for your soft thighs as opposed to his super muscular ones, you just balance him out perfectly, he loves you so much.
He loves laying on your thighs, in between your thighs, with his hand on your thighs, your thighs literally only exist to be perfect and for him.
Oh and the way certain pants compliment your thighs, he would literally buy you anything you want.
Constant thigh compliments, also little kisses on them.
You and Kirishima are just laying together in his dorm, you leaning on Kirishima's shoulder, watching videos pop up on Kirishimas For You Page. Suddenly, as if TikTok knew exactly who Kirishima was and what peaks his interest, a trend came up with a guy in between his girls thighs. Next video? Yep, a girl in between her girls thighs. As soon as the videos came up Kirishima looked at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes you or anyone else on Earth had ever seen.
“Babe! Pleaaaase???”
“Not right now, baby.”
“Y/N, I’m four times stronger than you, this isn’t really up for discussion anymore.”
Before you know it, Kirishima has pinned you face up on the bed, and laid his head in between your thighs, snuggled up like a little baby in a crib.
“Kiri, I want to have a blanket on my legs, y’know.”
“Then put one on, I can’t be suffocated by sheets if my breath is taken away by your beauty.”
He’s not budging, and will probably fall asleep like that.
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki:
The next three boys are ‘magical answer number 4’ boys.
This, my friends, is a hand man.
Ah ah ah, hear me out. He loves comparing hand sizes because it makes him feel loved, no matter if your hand is bigger, smaller, or the exact same size, he just likes the feeling of bonding in a loving way.
He loves hand-holding and painting nails (yes, he lets you paint his nails, he also likes painting yours), little hand actions.
He absolutely adores tracing your hands, the outline and any scars, freckles, or crevices. He likes his hands traced as well.
It’s just such a sweet, innocent action.
You and Todoroki are just sitting in his dorm, eating cold soba he got dropped off at the house. You have little trays and are eating on his bed, just talking about whatever comes to mind. Suddenly, Todoroki finds a fitting topic he wants to talk about.
“Your hands are really nice.”
It’s a weird thing to come up with out of the blue, so you just casually dismiss it, a quick ‘thank you’, and more bites of food. Todoroki isn’t really ok with you just ending the conversation like that though, so he takes a more forward approach.
“Y/N, can I hold your hand?”
“Shoto, I need my hands to eat.”
“No, you only need one hand.”
Realizing you aren’t gonna win this battle, you slowly place your hand near him, which he swoops in and takes almost immediately. He starts tracing the outline and shape of your hand, then your wrist, then any scars or freckles, then any little crack or crevice in your hand, sometimes going over your knuckles.
“Shoto, are you going to eat your food or just look at my hands all day?”
“My food will be fine, not like it’s going to get cold, it’s cold soba.”
Yeah, he goes for the later of your suggestions.
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
Ass? Nah. Titty? Nah. Thigh? Nah.
Midoriya loves your stomach, no matter what it looks like, no matter the size, or if there’s scars there, it doesn’t matter.
He likes to pepper kisses all over your belly, and holds you around your waist whenever he can.
He likes laying on your stomach, and falling asleep like that (more than he likes to admit-)
It’s just a beautiful thing, and he loves your belly so much.
You decided to wait for Midoriya in his dorm to surprise him, he went out training today, so you thought it would be nice to see him when he gets back, even if he is tired and desperately needs a shower. Finally, when he’s half an hour late and you’re about to call him to make sure he’s ok and safe, Midoriya stumbles through the door and into his dorm, where you lay on his bed, patiently waiting for his arrival.
“‘Zuku, you’re back, finally! I was getting worried.”
“Y-Y/N! Hey! Y-you should’ve told me you were here, I would’ve finished training faster.”
“Oh, it’s ok!”
Midoriya walks over to his bed, and, exhausted from training, gently flops onto his bed, placing his head on your belly.
“Um, baby, do you want me to move so you can lay on the bed and not… on me?”
“Hm? No reason to, I’ve got my favorite pillow right here, u-unless this bothers you! Then I can totally get up and relocate.”
“No no no, it’s fine, Izuku. Just go to sleep, you’re probably tired from training for such a long time.”
Midoriya gently closes his eyes, and you carefully play with his hair, petting it every so carefully, like it’s a glass vase tilting on an uneven surface, a wrong move and everything breaks. After a while, you hear soft snores coming from your boyfriend, and decide it’s probably best if you fall asleep too.
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinso:
Kind of a stretch, hear me out.
Eyes man.
This man absolutely loves your eyes. No matter the color, shape, whatever, he just loves eyes.
How they seem to light up when you’re excited, and how they look in that one specific kind of sunlight that makes the whole world shine like gold and bronze.
He loves holding eye contact and doing your eye makeup, even if it looks bad.
Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and Shinso strongly agrees with that.
You and Shino are out at the park. The sun hasn’t quite started setting, but it will soon, in about a half-hour. Shinsou took you out to have a picnic, where he bought ramen noodles and cake and sushi for you guys to eat. Unbeknownst to you, he also brought black eyeliner, makeup remover, and a little gold eye makeup product. Granted, he had no idea how to use them, but maybe today he could learn. After you’ve both eaten, the sun is starting to set, making the whole world almost as beautiful as you, he whips out the cosmetics and explains his plan.
“Y/N, I want to try doing your eye makeup. Can I?”
It takes a good amount of time to process his request, but you agree and let him give it a shot. Laying down, he carefully crawls on top of you, pulls out the eyeliner, and focuses only on your eyes. As much as he wants to pay attention to the eyeliner applicator, for a brief moment he gets caught up in how beautiful your eyes look in the light, and slips up.
“Shit, I messed up.”
“It’s ok! Just take some makeup remover on a Q-Tip and try again, babe.”
After a couple slip ups, he finally gets the eyeliner and the little gold shimmer on your eyes, and brings you up to your feet so you’re both standing.
“Wow, you look incredible.”
“Thank you, Shinso, you look great too.”
He pecks your cheek, packs up the picnic, and you two are on your merry way, Shinso excited to look at your eyes again and again, grateful to call you his significant other.
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calicocatwrites · a year ago
“Wear My Hoodie.”
Word Count: 602
Warnings: None
Headcanon: How would the BNHA boys react to you (their s/o) wearing their hoodies? (gender neutral, they/them pronouns)
Characters: Kirishima, Bakugo
Author’s Note: Hello! This is just kinda a self-indulgent thing I wrote because Kirishima and Bakugo have been on the brain. Hope ya like it!
GIFS are not mine, however all writing is mine.
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima:
It’s manly to give you his hoodies.
Honestly, if you aren’t wearing one of his hoodies, he’ll give you little hints that he wants you to wear them.
“Hey Y/N, are you cold?” “You look uncomfortable, can I give you something else to wear?” “WEAR MY HOODIE-”
Kiri gets to a breaking point and just starts throwing them at you, insisting you wear them.
He loves that after you’re done wearing them they smell like you, so he can wear them again after you and think of you more than he already does.
One time you had his hoodie for a while, so you decided to wash it. He called you and said he’d be over soon, so you mentioned you washed his hoodie.
“Kiri, I washed the hoodie you forced onto me lent me.”
“... you what?”
“I washed the hoodie…?”
He makes you wear it for another week because no, it didn’t still smell like you.
He loves seeing you in his hoodies, no matter what the hoodie is. He just adores seeing them on you. He started buying hoodies specifically because he thought they would look good on you, but insisted on ‘keeping them’ because they were ‘his’, only to make you wear it 5 minutes later-
“Y/N, you look really good in my hoodie, you should wear it more often! Then again, you look good in anything. You really can pull anything off.”
You have to give him a hoodie fashion show once a month though-
He just loves you bunches.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo:
Always acts like he hates giving you his hoodies, will never admit that it fuels his will to live.
You? In his hoodies? Adorable Disgusting.
Will drop hints like Kirishima, but they’re unintentionally more obvious-
“Hey, you look cold, wear this.” “Oh, thank you Katsuki, but I’m not co-” “Y/N, I said wear the hoodie.” “I’m not-” “Yes you are.”
Also makes you take them back to your dorm so that you have them for longer so they smell like you, but has a hard time (like everything) communicating that.
“Just take the stupid thing back to your dorm, ‘s not like I’m gonna use it anyways.”
He makes you wear his hoodies in public a lot, it’s his way of telling people “this one is mine, I claim this one, that’s my hoodie”.
Like slapping a “Property of Katsuki Bakugo” sticker on your forehead.
He really likes hugging you when you have his hoodies on, a silent way of saying that he loves you, and since you have his hoodie on it’s like hugging a stuffed animal that belongs to him, you even smell like him.
Weird compliments when you have one of his hoodies on, he’s trying to tell you that you look nice but poor kiddo is bad at words.
“Y/N, you look incredible, it’s because of my hoodie, isn’t my fashion sense great?”
“... mhm, whatever you say, Katsuki.”
He just wants you to know that he loves you, and that you’re his.
You know what else is his? That hoodie you’re wearing.
“Well, I guess I can share just this once, but don’t go stealing my clothes, Y/N.”
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calicocatwrites · a year ago
BNHA Boys When You’re On Your Period (Bakugou, Midoriya, Kirishima, Kaminari, Todoroki)
BNHA Boys When You Wear Their Hoodies (Kirishima, Bakugou)
BNHA Boys, Ass, Titties, Thighs, or Something Else? (Iida, Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, Midoriya, Shinso)
BNHA Boys With a Hyper, Spontaneous S/O (Todoroki, Bakugou, Midoriya)
BNHA Dekusquad Playing Mario Kart (Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka, Asui)
Dating Oikawa Headcanons (Tooru Oikawa) 
Nerved By/Scared Of Physical Affection (Koutarou Bokuto, Tooru Oikawa, Tetsurou Kuroo)
“I’m The Babysitter.” (Handling Kids) (Shoyo Hinata, Tooru Oikawa, Koutarou Bokuto, Satori Tendou, Tobio Kageyama, Sawamura Daichi, Yuuji Terushima)
HQ Characters as Songs in my Playlist (a ton of characters)
TBHK: None yet!
OHSHC: None yet!
Danganronpa: None yet!
Toradora: None yet!
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calicocatwrites · a year ago
Request Rules
Before you request anything!
I do have a couple rules for what you can and can’t request, and I’d really appreciate it if you read over these rules. I won’t write your ask if you break these rules, please respect my writing boundaries.
I Will Write:
BNHA, Haikyuu!!, TBHK, Danganronpa, Toradora, and OHSHC characters! I don’t have character limitations, so anyone you would like me to write for I can do. Although I would appreciate keeping the amount of characters you request between 1-6 or 7 (I can make exceptions). The more characters you ask for, the longer it will take to write.
Y/N’s with a specific quirk, appearance, sexuality, and gender! I’m perfectly fine writing with a variety of details, all you need to do is provide them!
NSFW and SFW, headcanons or full out fics, just tell me which!
Characters with depression/anxiety/trauma, and the like.
Polyamorous relationships!
I Will Not Write:
Rape, non-consensual actions of sex, etc., you get the gist. Consent is cool kids. Also, no piss kinks or bodily functions kinks, they make me uncomfortable.
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calicocatwrites · a year ago
“I’m On My Period.”
Word Count: 1,710
Warnings: Slight mention of period blood, light swearing for Bakugo and Kaminari.
Headcanon: How would the BNHA boys react to you (their s/o) on your period? (gender neutral, they/them pronouns)
Characters: Bakugou, Midoriya, Kirishima, Denki, Todoroki
Author’s Note: My first headcanon thing! I’m not 100% sure how everything works, but hey, it’s fun. I hope this was enjoyable to read and that there weren’t any spelling or grammar mistakes, I just kinda skimmed through it afterwards.
GIFS are not mine, however all writing is mine.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo:
So Bakugo actually notices pretty quickly, he’s quite remarkable at quickly reading expressions, so he can tell something is up on the first day of your period.
Granted, he has absolutely no idea what is up, just that yes, something is up.
You just kinda seem down, and… in pain? Are you injured?
He tries reading your expression, but nothing is really working.
So he finally decides to just ask you what’s wrong.
At lunch, he kinda pulls you aside from the rest of the Bakusquad to check in on you, finally trying to figure out what has you acting all weird.
“Yo, Y/N, what’s going on with you? You’ve been acting shitty all day.”
Not wanting him to be worried, or really catch on to anything, you dismiss him. A quick “Don’t worry, Katsuki. I’m alright, don’t worry.”
Of course, Bakugo doesn’t like this answer. He finally gets around to asking you if you’re ok, and you just say that everything’s fine? Oh no no no, you get your ass back here and tell him what’s wrong.
Either way, he decides he’ll try again after school, and you both go back to sitting with Mina, Kirishima, Sero, and Denki.
A couple minutes later, of course, you need to change. So you get up, saying you have to use the bathroom, take your bookbag, and leave.
Obviously, Mina knows why you take your bag, but no one else gets it.
Looking around the table and seeing Bakugo desperately trying to grasp why you took your bag, Mina chimes in. “Poor kiddo’s on their period.”
w h a t
Poor Bakugo, had no idea what was going on. Didn’t even cross his mind that you could be on your period until Mina said so.
*click* A little lightbulb forms in Bakugos head, a wild idea has hatched.
After school, he Googles ‘how to help your s/o on their period’ (what a man) and buys chocolate, snacks, and medicine. He doesn’t buy pads/tampons because he, one, doesn’t know which ones you use, and two, doesn’t know your flow.
He waddles up to your dorm, knocks on your door, and delivers his gifts.
“Hey, ‘m sorry you’re not feeling well. I-uh-went and got you some stuff, because… well no reason. You wanna watch a movie or something, maybe?”
Y’all cuddle and watch your favorite movie, while Bakugo places his hand on your lower belly, activating his quirk ever so slightly to help the pain.
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
This boy does know what a period is, despite popular belief. He does way too much reading and researching on everything to not know what a period is.
And unlike Bakugou, he knows exactly when your period is.
He even marks the week on this calendar, just underlines it in red. He’s always prepared, constantly having your preferred menstrual product and chocolate candies at hand.
However, what Midoriya didn’t read in all his articles is that periods aren’t always consistent.
So when you wake up in the morning for school and realize your period has come a week early… you know Midoriya isn’t going to expect it.
You show up to class, in pain from the cramps, not really caring what anyone is saying, and Midoriya immediately notices.
What happened to you? Did you not get enough sleep last night?
Iida notices as well, scolding you for not sleeping enough, even though he didn’t ask how long you slept, and just assumed it was under 8 hours.
“Young L/N, please refrain from staying up late, especially on school nights!”
Midoriya pipes in. “Yeah Y/N, I have to agree with Iida, you look like you didn’t sleep at all. Are you in pain?”
And it clicks for every female student. Momo is the first to speak up.
“Oh dear, are you on your period? I have some medicine you can take if that would help.”
midoriya.exe has stopped working.
Did he miss your period? No, he couldn’t have. There’s no possible way.
“Y/N can’t be on their period, it’s not here for another week.”
“Um, Izuku, baby, why do you know that?”
“Well my calendar says so.”
Momo decides to inform him. “Midoriya, menstrual cycles aren’t always at the exact same time, they can be early or late.”
He loses it. How did he not know that? He’s read every article there was in the first 10 pages of Google, why does no one say that?
Literally sprints out of the classroom to get his little care package from his dorm room. It’s a small basket with your favorite snacks, medicine, and a handheld heating pad.
“Thank you babe, that’s very nice of you.”
After school, he makes you popcorn and take you to either his dorm or your dorm (whichever you prefer) to watch a movie or play a board/card game.
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima:
The KING of caring for his s/o.
You walk into class, and the millisecond he realizes you’re in pain, you’re bombarded with questions.
“Are you ok? What’s wrong? Is something the matter? Are you sad? Are you in pain? Mentally or physically? Can I help you? Is there anything I can do to help?”
“Kiri, I’m fine, I’m just on my period, the first day is always the worst.”
Nope. You’re not going to school today. Who decided that? Kirishima. Kirishima decided you’re not going to school today. Neither is he. Who needs school? Not him, not you.
Iida is yelling at him to stay in class as Kirishima picks you up and sprints away with you.
He takes you to his dorm, and immediately orders you food from wherever you want. He would go get it in person, but he’d rather stay here in person with you.
He plugs in a heating pad and gives it to you, he turns on your favorite movie, cuddles, makes sure you’re ok, the whole shabang.
He plays with your hair a lot, now is no exception.
No matter what your hair is like, he loves messing around with it, making little braids and curls, or just stroking your hair.
So he’ll stroke your hair while you’re sitting in his lap that he totally didn’t make you sit in (he totally did).
Makes you fall asleep in his dorm because rest is important. He treats periods like an illness where rest can help it go away.
He just loves you so much, and he wants you to know that.
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari:
This idiot-
So he found one of your used menstrual products in the trash, and legitametly had no idea what it was.
He decides that it’s a bandage for an injury, and promptly asks you about it.
“Hey Y/N, where are you injured? I saw a bandage in the trash, you should’ve told me!”
Denki no-
“Denki!! No, no, I’m just on my period.”
Um, I’m sorry, what?
He has no idea what you just said.
“No, you’re on my bed.”
So you sit him down and explain to him what a period is.
The entire time his face is just in pure shock.
That happens?!?! And you don’t lose your mind from the blood?! Incredible, fascinating, what an icon.
He tries to make up for being an absolute moron by going to the store to pick stuff up for you.
He jokingly buys you adult diapers-
But also legitimately buys you what you need, along with medicine, snacks, and a stuffed animal.
He did call you and say “I’m assuming you only use super sized, because my baby’s a winner. Kicking regular flows ass.”
“Denki, sweetheart, that’s not how it works.”
“... oh.”
You guys game together when he gets home, whatever game you want, he’s up for anything, but you do have to play one tournament in Mario Kart because he can’t live with the fact that he’s really bad at Mario Kart and wants to prove he isn’t.
What a sweet idiot-
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki:
One of the few boys who actually knows what’s going on.
When you show up to class looking just out of it, he takes a mental note, but waits until after class to turn into a fully-fledged mom.
Thanks to Fuyumi, he’s educated and understands what you need and what you want, promptly getting both with Endeavors credit card(s).
He makes you soup, fast, easy, and nice. He probably makes tomato soup.
“It looks like my scar.”
Unintentionally funny-
He makes sure you are always in his line of sight and hearing, unless you’re in the bathroom, but he makes you take your phone to the bathroom. “Just in case you decide you want something and need to text me.”
He goes to buy you menstrual products, but once he gets to the store he realizes he has no idea if you get pads or tampons. So instead of texting you, calling you, or asking a store clerk what’s used most often, he decides to buy one of every box on the shelf. He even buys a Diva Cup. Why not? Who knows, you might need a new one.
“Shoto, why did you buy… so many?”
“Well I didn’t know what you use.”
Asks Uraraka and Asui how he can be a better boyfriend while you’re on your period, he just wants to do his best for you.
What a sweet boy-
Bonus, Todoroki doesn’t know how to handle your mood swings, so when you have really hard mood swings he just kinda stares at you until you level out.
Once you’re done being… extra, he just says “I love you.”
No matter what the mood swing was, happiness, sadness, anger, hunger, no matter what, there’s always an “I love you” at the end.
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