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#ask me anons
(anna/twilight) miss nut im so sad because my father told me about homework i don't like it my teacher ruined my life i don't like little kids cartoon pleas help me "cries"

I know that you may not want to do the homework, buut you should get it done first before anything, that way your father won’t be mad at you for not doing it


Anon: (Anna / Twilight) Senorita Nut, estoy tan triste que mi padre me hablo de la tarea. No me gusta. Mi maestra arruino mi vida. No me gustan los dibujos animados de ninos pequenos, por favor ayudame

Nutcracker: Siento que deberias hacer la tarea

Mi respuesta: Se que es posible que no quieras hacer la tarea, peroo debes hacerla antes que nada, de esa manera tu padre no se enojara contigo por no hacerlo.


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B C D I for the ask me 馃ぉ

B - I don’t like talking on the phone so avoid it best I can, but pretty sure last person was my mother

C - I had a smooch yesterday

D - I prefer the ladies

I - I felt a pang of jealousy yesterday because I was thinking about someone and jealous of those who got to spend time with them. Not full on jealousy tho 🤷

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always wear a mask! 馃樂 馃 always keep your social distance from these human monkeys especially the big head Dib..

do NOT wear a mask unless you work at the HOSPITALS or you have GERMS!!! they are NOT effective!!! if you become INFECTED, you are of NO USE to ZIM!!!

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I can picture Jeff two ways him being awkward and thinking he’s bad at eating pussy but I also picture him being super confident (cause he is) and just all over you and not stopping. I think Jeff can act shy and and conservative but I think he gets in moods where he a total king machine. Ya know you get what I’m saying

Good grief I change my mind he honestly is a fucking machine when he’s in the mood 🤤

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4 6 15

4. What’s something you really want right now?

To continue binge watching The 100 with my fiancée.

6. Do you like the beach?

I hate sand but I like going to the beach and just sitting there.. even though I get bored quickly and don’t like getting into the water. 100% prefer pools.

15. Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?

Either Or honestly. I feel bad because the animals are enclosed and away from their actual natural habitat but it is a learning experience and Art Museums are very interesting

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Bingo X Reader anonymous requested.

Can you Teach Me (Bingo x Reader )

A high school talent show is happening, for this weeks talent show it will feature some of the most comedic, musical interest and artistry in dance by 13 students. Bingo was in the talent show. Showing off his drumer skills. As you walked on to class on your way from lunch. You saw his name on the poster as one of the talented members. He was going to be drumming in front of the school audience. Your heart beated fast as intecpation of seeing him tonight filled your soul. You had a deep crush on Bingo. Not to mention he was in your on of your bio class. He had straight A’s on all of the tests. Bingo was the kind of student that loved to learn. As you walked Bingo by passed you laughing and having fun with friends Drooper, Fleagle and Snorky. You turned to face him and say your sorry. Bingo stopped and looked at you and smiled. “You are fine. Hey aren’t you in my bio class with Mrs. Morrison? ” You nodded real quickly without a sound. You simply kept staring at him while your cheeks began to warm. “Well…I am going to be in a talent show.” You cut him off.

“I know. I’ll be there.” He simply smiled again chuckling a bit.

“I am glad you are coming. I was just…going to ask.” Drooper smiled while looking at Bingo.

“Yeah…I will…be with you….seeing you. I will see you tonight at the talent show. Good luck.” You smiled and walked away.

The Talent Show

You sat in the front row because you got here early. You watched the other students practice and warm up before the show. 30 minutes past and the show started. Bingo was up first. You smiled as the name rolled off on the microphone. Bingo stepped up and sat down on the black stool behind the set of drums. He sighed as he prepared him self for the music que. You simply smiled up at him and gave him a thumbs up. He winked at you. Does Bingo know you have had a crush on him forever? Does he know you be flirting with him for a while?

Bingo started with the music. Banging and drumming out the tunes. Loudly it filled your souls with thunderous beats and filled your ears with amazing sound. Bingo was playing his heart out to the point the audience stood up clapping as he was getting into it. Once he was done he stood up and tossed the sticks over to the crowd. You got one and held it up with a smile that filled his heart. The now sweaty Bingo smiled and tried to ask you a question. “Will you go out with me? ” You tried to make out what he was saying and your hand was placed behind your ear signaling him.

“What?” You mouthed. Bingo took a bowl and came down off the stage and headed over to you.

“Will you go out with me?” The question rolled off from his tongue that made your heart melt. You nod and answered him with a simple.

“Yes. I will. ” He gave you a hug and walked backwards smiling at you while biting his bottom lip. Your face flushed with redness.

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Θέλετε να μου στείλετε φουλ προσωπικές ερωτήσεις σε ανων ορ γουατεβερ (λαικ έξτρα σπαισι κτλ) μπας και ξεβαρεθούμε ποτε γαμω την καραντίνα μου;

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Do you like peonies, ranunculus or carnations?

All three are beautiful but peonies are my personal favorite. 

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Jeff once said that he could count the number of people that he's slept with on his hands, do you think that's true? lmao cause idk

I’m so blind for Jeff, so I trust a lot of things he says are true to a certain extent.

But I also see that as believable, regardless of how attractive he is and can get anyone he wants, I don’t see him throwing himself around like that. I believe he has morals and respects himself. I also see him as this awkward ass guy when it comes to someone he honestly like.

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Snuggle specifics: you like to cuddle right? Big or little Spoon? Perfect cuddle scenario?

I prefer big spoon, though little spoon is nice sometimes too. My favorite position though are laying flat on my back with a guy snuggling into me and putting his hand on my chest. 

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