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#ask me anons

Hello, guys..

Any talks or feedbacks ? :’)

Assignments and works are getting too much because of which I can’t write. I am waiting for the vacation break

(as if, we will get one but still…)

*bitter laugh*

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Have a single Oc?

Poos si tengo algunos oc’s solteros ù3ú 👌✨pero siempre muestro el proceso de dibujo en mi servidor de discord xD

Weeeell, I do have some single characters ù3ú 👌✨ but I always show the drawing process on my discord server xD

Algunos les falta hacer una referencia bien decente ūwū (va tardar un poco en sacar a los nuevos oc’s ya aquí en Tumblr, Twitter y instagram .3.)

Some of them need to make a decent reference ūwū (it will take a while to get the new oc’s out here on Tumblr, Twitter and instagram .3.)


Originally posted by viska-chan

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Whenever you can, hand make something yourself. Being self sufficient is powerful. The pride and honor you will feel after a project is completed is unimaginable. Always attempt to make something before you look to purchase if you can. Keep your craft and your trade strong, and work with your hands whenever possible. Learn from those who are more experienced, and practice until you get it right. The reward is well worth it.

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I hope all of you are doing well إن شاء الله

If anyone has any questions, feel free to let me know I’ll try my best to answer them.


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A grandes rasgos, un chico con el que estaba saliendo hace varios años, como 5, fue a recogerme a mi escuela y vaya, en cuanto nos vimos nos empezamos a besar hasta que nos subimos a su auto. Manejó unas cuadras y en una calle medio vacía seguimos calentándonos, pero al final no pasó nada porque yo tenía que volver a clases, empezó a pasar gente y nos desesperamos 😂💖

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Esta creo que ya la conteste, asi que daré una respuesta diferente 😏

Lo más atrevido que he hecho fue casi casiii tener sexo en un auto a plena luz del día, pero no se pudo y lo más atrevido que quiero hacer es tener sexo en algún lugar público jsjsjs ❤️

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JAJAJA, you’re the blowjob mijo 😂 creo que nunca he mentido sobre mi nombre uwu y en cuatro si me gusta, pero no por cualquiera, so, better luck next time 💕

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87.  Te gustaría participar en un trió.

Digamos que el chico que me gusta me metió la idea de hacer un trío y aceptaría, siempre y cuando sea con él jajaja 💕

93. Has fantaseado con tu mejor amiga.

Mejor amiga no, mejor amigo sí, pero no fue reciente, ya tiene bastante de eso

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Sí, me gusta que al inicio me masturben y me miren a los ojos, aunque sí lo hacen bien claramente no voy a poder tener los ojos abiertos porque estaría muy ocupada gimiendo, jajaja 💕

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I love this question.

Yes, I did, and it was actually a bit frightening. To have such a huge mental shift, mine seemingly being almost out of nowhere, took a lot of coping, revamping, and adjustments. It caused me to have a brand new perspective on almost any situation I encountered, but honestly I wouldn’t change it.

I now find myself less biased, less offended at things, more understanding, more able to say things without fear of response, and more able to see the other side of things. The only thing I think it has caused outside of that is I do have less patience when it comes to entitlement and others who take things to that egotistical place. But at the same time, it also makes it easier for me to talk about those things without becoming heated or shutting down.

It was definitely surreal and something that took me a long time to be comfortable with, seeing as I had to reset a lot of my taught behaviors.

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To Those of You in Constant Pain

Living with a chronic pain condition can be hell. It can be lonely. It can be isolating. It can be dark. It can be hopeless. At times you see no way out, no future, nothing to live for. Living your life, day to day, based on whether or not you will even be able to get out of bed that day is terrifying. Putting a fake smile on every day because people see you as an attention seeker is bleak. Fighting an invisible battle that the government doesn’t take seriously is soul crushing.

Living with a chronic condition is hard. Sometimes, you wonder what the point of going on is. Why should we keep living a life that’s only going to bring us unimaginable pain and force us to go through it alone?

Because that is our mission. We come into our lives with a specific purpose and goal in mind. Sometimes, that goal is to learn lessons. Lessons of love, patience, independence, or sometimes dependence, strength and courage. All of these things can be learned from these types of conditions.

Sometimes, the things that are the most cruel and unfair are the things that are the most important for us to experience. This is coming from someone who actually has a chronic pain condition that there is currently no cure for. I have asked myself these questions many times. I’ve thought of ending it all and going home. I’ve given up in the past and let my condition define my life and my mentality. But through it all, I’ve grown, and I’ve realized that there is a point and there is a reason and I can get through this the way my higher self originally intended.

This condition has both destroyed, and rebuilt my life. It has brought me closer to my gods and my family. It has taught me to be brave, and has pulled strength out of me that I didn’t even know was there. I still struggle to get out of bed some days, I still cry, I still get angry at times, and I still have bouts of depression. But that’s okay. It is okay to feel that way from time to time, and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise.

But the point is to not let it consume you. Experience those feelings, let them go, and work to bring your mind back to a place of acceptance and determination. Adapt, live in the best way you can. Find something meaningful to do with yourself if you are limited. That’s what I try and do every day, even when I feel like it’s too hard and there is no point. I always come back to it at the end of the day. I always still try and be a beacon for those who need help, even while dealing with my own darkness.

My wife, as well as the gods I work with - Loki, Lilith, Lucifer, Abraxas, Moloch and Baldr in particular - have always been there reminding me that I have a purpose and that I cannot let this condition win. I cannot let my own demons win. I am always reminded that I have an entire family standing behind me, even if it isn’t the family I started here with. And that is the biggest help of all.

So when you feel hopeless, when you’re in pain, when you don’t see the point, when you fall and are struggling to get up off of the floor, look up. Look to your family, your friends, your deities, your guides, your communities. Because they will always be kneeling beside you, hands reached out, ready to pick you back up again and remind you why it is so important that you keep fighting.

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