warandpeas · 2 months ago
War and Peas in Therapy III
War and Peas in Therapy III
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violetweaver · 4 months ago
the sexual tension between a healthy portrayal of emotions vs me saying “i think i am going to die” everytime i feel a strong emotion
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thorin-is-a-cuddler · 13 days ago
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That moment when you study Sigmund Freud and you feel like a really real student of literature 📚🙉
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littlemoonbride · a month ago
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softgayboy · 4 months ago
by the way, i made a uquiz!!!
i psychoanalize you with colours
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theviralwitch · a month ago
Therapy can't fix me, I really need an exorcism
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yourfavisamilf · 2 months ago
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Sigmund Freud from Hell loves milfs!
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lavideenrose · 7 months ago
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psychologyhumor · a year ago
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Rudolf & therapy
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achillesdespair · 6 months ago
its so crazy to think of how us, humans, continuously give out a bit of ourselves in every single thing we do— the way we stand, the way we hold our cup of coffee, the adjectives we use when we describe somebody or something. just goes to show that no matter how much we try to really conceal ourselves, we can never truly hide what we really are from each other.
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psychology-daily · 2 months ago
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danskjavlarna · 3 months ago
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From Mental Disease by Peter Michaels.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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hexagr · 16 days ago
Evolutionary psychologists: People seek sex to have more sex, to reproduce, and so on. (Everyone ignores evolutionary psychologists.) Freudian psychoanalysts: People seek sex because they secretly think about their parents. (Everyone panics because Freud put a controversial spin on something incredibly mundane. The theory goes viral.)
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slowandsweet · 3 months ago
We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.
Carl Jung
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littlemoonbride · a month ago
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demonwindu · 2 months ago
jung visualized
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persona: "a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual."
ego: organizer of our thoughts and intuitions, feelings, and sensations, and has access to memories which are not repressed. jung thought ego was kind of a complex too.
complex: a partially repressed, yet highly influential cluster of charged psychic material split off from, or at odds with, the conscious "I". this is almost like a secondary ego where we have next to no control unless we know a lot about psychology.
Adonis complex
Cassandra complex
Cinderella complex
Don Juan complex
Electra complex
Father complex
God complex
Hero complex
Icarus complex
Inferiority complex
Jocasta complex
Jonah complex
Laius complex
Madonna–whore complex
Martyr/Victim complex
Medusa complex
Messianic/Messiah complex
Napoleon complex
Oedipus complex
Ophelia complex
Peter pan complex
Phaedra complex
Phaeton complex
Savior complex
Superiority complex
Superman complex
anima/animus: when our ego formed, what has been repressed becomes this. for example ne dominance automatically represses si to inferior slot. originally in jung, former, unconscious masculine side of a woman while the latter unconscious feminine side of a man. 4th slot in beebe, dual-seeking in socionics.
transcendent function: a complex going to be very biased, ego is also going to be biased but with transcendent function we can synthesize conscious and unconscious ideas and images fairly. we can untangle complexes with it. this comes from wisdom and openness and personal development and self acceptance and individuation. you won't find this in mbti or socionics.
self: the center of the total personality, which includes consciousness, the unconscious, and the ego; the Self is both the whole and the center.
puer aeternus : In Jung's conception, the puer typically leads a "provisional life" due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape. He or she covets independence and freedom, opposes boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable. this is how 3rd slot in mbti will behave, unless a ton of work spent towards it through the transcendent function.
trickster: shadow of puer aeternus. pretty much your loki function. why loki is an egoist? why loki acts like he is the best and smartest and invulnerable? because he has daddy issues. thor loved more than him or so he believes, he is not really odin's son anyways: so who the fuck needs odin or thor! not loki! so he acts like he doesn't care, he doesn't need love, he rebels, he acts like a dark puer aeternus. hides the pain and misleads by acting chaotic.
great mother / senex: basically good and bad parent.
diagram from here <- i would highly suggest you to visit this blog. you will find many other and interesting diagrams.
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woundgallery · 3 months ago
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Louise Bourgeois, Cell (Arch of Hysteria), 1992-93, plaster, steel, cast, iron and fabric, 119 x 145 x 120 inches
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mothmonologue · 2 months ago
"Freud for psychology is like Schwarzenegger for bodybuilding"
- My psychology teacher
I have never heard truer words before. My eyes are opened. It was worth going to college.
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stardustandvanilla · 7 months ago
made a quiz it will definitely make you cry! (link in the reblogs)
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psychologyhumor · 21 days ago
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