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#fire truck
catchymemes · a year ago
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taylormademadman · 18 days ago
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Firetruck Car Hauler 
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lovestereo · a month ago
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pogphotoarchives · 6 months ago
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Fire fighters pose on Raton Fire Department truck
Photographer: Robert L. Campbell Date: ca. 1910 - 1920s Negative Number: HP.2015.26.241
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eugenesisland · 2 months ago
Willys Jeep fire pumper
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subtextread · a year ago
Okay here’s the whole thing. Kibum’s favorite NCT songs. Thank you king 👑
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taylormademadman · 14 days ago
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izussparkyspark · 5 months ago
Dabi x FEM! reader " Fire Truck Game" (short!)
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TW! ~ mentions of rape, angst
light smut!!
dictionary= the fire truck game- basically it's a game where you allow your partner to touch you wherever but when you say red light they are meant to stop, but when you do say "red light" they will say "fire trucks don't stop for red lights" and they will end up raping or sexually assaulting you...
this was not read through, so there might be a lot of spelling erros
you were the one girl Dabi had found himself obsessing over recently, you presented yourself with an innocent persona, tending to his needs and often helping with his wounds.
Dabi saw you as an easy person to manipulate and keep under his watch, he stayed up imagining scenarios about you while using a fleshlight to simulate the feeling of being inside you...
one night when the rest of the LOV was out collecting info on the hero's, he suggested playing a game called 'the fire truck game' knowing exactly what he was going to do to you, usually, he would never think of doing this to the person he held such strong feelings for, but the thought of rejection would just take too much of a toll on him...
he explained the game to you,
Dabi: so what's going to happen is I'm going to touch you, but whenever I make you uncomfortable you say red light alright
y/n: Ok, I think I get it
you say with a smile, but little did dabi know you already knew of the game and you weren't going to let something like this slide, how could he go so low as t attempt to rape you! he was absolutely disgusting to you now, and had lost all respect for him..
he started touching you in simple places such as your knee, your hair, etc, but as time went on he traveled up your legs, and up your shirt.
y/n: Dabi. red light
Dabi: fire trucks don't stop for red lights y/n, I thought you knew this she said chucking, his breathing becoming more rapid thinking about taking you for himself..
still trapped in his thoughts he didn't notice you raising your hand and it nearing his face with an incredible amount of force
his face whipping around, finally coming to his senses he is met with an excruciatingly painful slap
y/n: that is their intended purpose after all
y/n: don't you dare try to pull this of shit ever again
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dancing-wombat · 20 days ago
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Town of Lincoln Ontario
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eugenesisland · 3 months ago
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1959 International B170 Series
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