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#hope these are fine!!
futilebeauty5 days ago
so i tried to make a comeback in february and it's may now... good morning everyone except my identity crisis which i have decided to once again exhibit on tumblr dot com
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kingreywrites9 days ago
ok this might be weird but concerning the whole rapunzel wants to go on an adventure thing, do you think she wants to spend a lifetime travelling instead of being queen after plus est en vous because I recently saw I post said she should have gone with cass instead of staying with eugene because he is more of a settle down guy, so what are they trying to say here and what are your thoughts on it ?
ghsgdj trying to answer this without getting into ship stuff because honestly that's just what it is here (i have Thoughts about the idea that eugene just wants to settle down asfdhjd BEA was the first ep but it wasn't the only one 馃檭), I think the problem here is just... I don't really understand what constitutes freedom for some people
Like the idea is that if Rapunzel is queen she will not be allowed to like... go outside corona ever again? She won't be allowed to explore? And i just. in s3 she was queen in all but name, and did that stop her from having adventures and taking the balloon to go to different places and in general having time to do what she wanted? Being queen is not the same as being kept in a tower by her abuser she's literally one of the most powerful person in the world! She can do whatever she wants lmao the whole point is that now she has a choice in what she does in life!
and the other thing is, rapunzel says multiple time that she likes being princess and she likes being queen. Yeah she went through some tough stuff but actively working to make things better for people in Corona is something she loves! I do not see her wanting to just... abandon all of that, and leave, when she enjoys being there for these people she cares about
So like, often this argument revolves around the idea that Rapunzel needs to be Absolutely Free and the only way to do that is for her to leave Corona but i don't know, personally i wouldn't feel free travelling constantly? Some people do and some people don't, bottom line being that freedom doesn't come in only one single form. I think in a lot of ways we're shown that Rapunzel loves being in Corona, and that it doesn't stop her from exploring when she wants to, but that she's also enjoying her freedom when she works to better the lives of people in her kingdom?
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lichtel14 days ago
communist gang needs to address the fact that funerals are really expensive and usually not at all funded by the govt. like, you have to pay thousands of dollars JUST FOR BURIAL of your loved ones, esp if you don't permanently own any property (and owning property is becoming less and less common nowadays), even though humans have been burying our dead since before we got into agriculture... really fucked up
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forrests-waterfalla month ago
Hi! Do you have any headcanons about Little Philza? He's always seen as a parental figure, but he deserves to relax and be taken care of too!
Little!Philza Headcanons
Tumblr media
A/N ;; Gonna hope you meant DSMP!Philza, if not I apologize as that鈥檚 my default :]! And I totally agree! He definitely deserves to relax too!
Tumblr media
Regresses to around 3-7, normally 4-5!
Involuntarily and voluntarily regresses, though it鈥檚 usually involuntary
His long term caregiver is Techno (completely platonic). His his long term babysitter is Ghostbur!
Philza does get scared to regress sometimes and pushes it away but Techno is always there to tell him it鈥檚 okay and it鈥檚 a perfectly valid coping mechanism.
He鈥檚 a very quiet little and tends to signal what he wants by hand.
His favorite little thing to do is play outside and you can take that out of my cold dead hands. But actually, I really think he鈥檇 be an outside little. He just likes playing in the grass! (Though he likes the inside as well)
Like campfires fascinate him, and of course Techno has a fireplace in his wooden cottage. (Usually they have to go to a different part of the SMP in order to not be in the snow)
He collects lil things. Like he has an entire collection of colorful buttons! (Mostly given to him by Ghostbur). He keeps them all in separate little boxes under his bed
He always enjoys listening to soft melodies from a jukebox. It helps him fall asleep or just relax when he鈥檚 small.
Loves petting Steve! (If you are unaware of who Steve is, that鈥檚 Techno鈥檚 pet polar bear). Steve is just so soft, how can he resist?
He also tends to be shy around others but once he warms up to them, he鈥檚 so bubbly. He also giggles a whole lot!
Wears several different colored hats when he鈥檚 small. He just takes one off like every hour or so and puts a new one on. He just likes em <3!
He has a little journal! (Alt: agere journal) it鈥檚 green with white polka dots! He frequently draws in it with some crayons and writes down what he did that day!
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novelconceptsa month ago
As a human who has very much enjoyed your writing, I do hope that you鈥檙e able to find more happiness, and less work, in it someday. If you need to take a break to refocus and re-center, I don鈥檛 think anyone would be mad about that. I, a mere anon, don鈥檛 speak for a whole community, but you鈥檙e a person with wants, needs, desires, and only so much time in a day. Burn out is a real (and terrible) thing, even if it鈥檚 from a thing you love.
So this is one individual, who loves your writing, telling you that it鈥檚 okay to take a break if you need. The stories that you鈥檝e shared with us are so good (heartbreaking, joyous, maddening, and more), and it would be cool to continue to enjoy your writing for a while, if your brain allows. Sending you good, restful vibes.
Oh, I鈥檓 sure I could take a break--or be done altogether--and it would be all right. There are plenty of stories coming out all the time, and I鈥檝e already done...frankly more than I ever thought I would. But I would at least like to finish the few I鈥檝e got started, because I really hate having things half-finished living on my hard drive forever.聽
I do really appreciate folks letting me know I should take breaks if I need them, though, it鈥檚...something I have trouble telling myself. I have trouble believing I鈥檒l ever write again, if I let myself stop to breathe, since the last time I took a break, it lasted years. I鈥檓 trying really hard to walk the line between working constantly and working not at all, while also juggling 鈥渞eal鈥 work and depression cropping up every couple of days to tell me I鈥檓 worthless. It all creates a less-than-ideal creative playground. But I really am hopeful this is just a roadblock and not a聽鈥渨ell, had a good run, you鈥檙e back to creating nothing at all until 2025鈥 kind of thing.聽
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meme-loving-stucka month ago
sometimes im like yeah i wish i could go to therapy again and then i have thoughts like "ok i did all the self care stuff and nice little things for others yet i'm still a mean and bitter and spiteful person. now what" and im like ....., YIKES i would be a nightmare of a patient lmao
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letsgowoaha month ago
i've spent all morning thinking he wasn't going to come, trying to get ready for time with him that probably wasn't going to happen, and so far it isn't happening, but i thought it was because he just didn't want to see me, i was so sure and sad. he texted saying he was still at work and didn't know when he'd be done, and i still felt like he just didn't want to see me, that perhaps he was lying to get out of spending time with me. but he just texted me hbd complete with celebratory emojis and 馃挆 and it does so make me want to believe that he does want to see me.
but i hate how emotional i am over this, how easily i feel rejected and how much that hurts and how hard it is to trust and believe that he cares about me and wants to spend time with me. because i'm still like is it real? and there's a good chance i won't find out because he'll be too tired after he's done at work and just want to go home and sleep, which i can't fault him for, but if we don't spend time together then i just won't be able to convince myself it's true
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jaded-ghostera month ago
I guess the only thing I have to say is oh my fucking god congratulations, the fanfics were right all along
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tiny-asian-in-a-tiaraa month ago
not the timeline thinking that bts is posting thirst traps when joonie and hobi posted those selfies 馃槶馃槶馃槶 like have y鈥檃ll met any 20 year old / teenage guys before??? this is so normal pls this is why bighit censors them with stickers still聽 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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