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#montero (cmbyn)
adreamoflemons · 7 months ago
freddie mercury in 1975: beelzebub has a devil put aside for me!
lil nas x in 2021:
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gaytransanarchist · 6 months ago
olivia rodrigo and lil nas x are single handedly bringing back good music videos and i think that’s beautiful
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Look, you're free to believe that all gays go to hell, but we're not all the same. Some of us will be twerking on Satan, some of us will be discussing hell's archival system with the Supreme Life President of Hell, Astfgl
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harayaan-mo-sila · 8 months ago
crowley, still crawly, wandering around eden in 4004 b.c.: hey whats this pole doing here? looks sliperry slidy. and they sound like theyre having a party down there...
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aqua-cultured · 7 months ago
the montero album (on Spotify at least) now has 3 tracks:
- Montero original flavor
- Montero "But Lil Nas X Is Silent The Entire Time"
and (while hilarious), keep an eye out for any of them disappearing - particularly that third one; its literally an instrumental version of the song and will be a proverbial canary that shows, for all their hee-ing and haw-ing, it's not the "glorification of Satan" or whatever bullshit conservatives have a problem with - it's the fact that a gay Black man created something successful
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trickstergaybriel · 6 months ago
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"I LAP DANCE FOR SATAN" cross-stitch piece and HONEYBEE FACE MASKS are now available for purchase in my etsy shop!
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hashtagimanartist · 8 months ago
oh my PLEASE HELP my tumblr refreshed before i could click on
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i beg
drop the url
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here is where i sc it from
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gandalfs-mommy-milkers · 2 months ago
stream montero on soundcloud right now!
soundcloud gives more money to its artists than any other streaming platform.
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transcript under the cut
On 1 st April, SoundCloud implemented the fan-powered royalties, thanks to which indie artists can benefit directly from their fans and subscribers. This money-making system is far more transparent for musicians than royalties options offered by other music streaming services.
Soundcloud will be the first streaming service to pay artists with the money of subscribers who have actually listened to the artist. Other major music services such as Spotify and Apple Music now collect their users' money and often spend the most on the artists with the greatest success. As a user, you actually paid musicians you never listened to. Many unions and artists have been criticizing this system for years. It favors stars and leaves little for the smaller musicians.
That is why Soundcloud on April 1 has launched the fan-powered royalties system. In this model, the user pays only the artists to whom he or she listens. “Artists are now better equipped to grow their careers by forging deeper connections with their most dedicated fans,” said Soundcloud CEO Michael Weissman. "Fans can now directly influence how their favorite artists are paid."
Even though not every artist on SoundCloud will get fan-powered royalties (about a fifth of them enrolled in the new monetization programs), it’s a step in a good direction. Another streaming service that has been pushing for fair pay systems for years is Deezer but they have been struggling to get the major labels to agree to a pilot. It's no surprise that big record companies are likely to oppose the fan-powered system: through the current system, they can make huge profits. If you'd like to support the artists you actually listen to with your paid subscription, Soundcloud may be your go-to streaming service. Read more about our Soundcloud vs Spotify comparison to see what both services have to offer.
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cherry-flavored-content · 8 months ago
British people have only 2 "comebacks" to being insulted by Americans and not only are they super insensitive but they can't even use them right.
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I'm sorry, honest question here, why tf would Lil Nas X come to Britain for free healthcare? Is he planning on being beaten up while he's there? At least the shooting "comeback" would've been more applicable (but also more insensitive) even if it would be inaccurate. Also Americans are calling themselves fat and you're still mad the fuck?
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