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#poc academia

Day 3: Snowing

Pairing: Uraraka Ochako x fem!black/poc!reader

Genre: fluff to angst

Synopsis: its the first snow in Musutafu, and you decide to humor your good friend Ochako with going outside to play in it with the rest of the class.

Warnings: angst at the end, ochako x fem!black/poc!reader

A/N: I’ve never written for any of the girls before, so I wanted to switch things up for this Collab with @todorkihoe. Ochako is the first girl I’ve ever written for, and the first fic to start off my part of the winter collab. I hope you all enjoy!

    “It’s snowing!” was the first thing you heard when you woke up this morning.

    Normally you’d ignore the morning chatter and try to get you at least another hour or two of sleep in, especially since it was the weekend and Aizawa didn’t assign any training exercises to do. However, that plan went out the window when you heard a knock at your door. Already having an idea of who it was, you groaned as you peeled the blankets off of your body and made your way to the door.

    Standing there was Uraraka and Midoriya, with big wide smiles on their faces that pleaded you not to slam the door in their face. You humored them, knowing that if you didn’t another pair would come and interrupt your sleep again.

    “It’s snowing, (Y/N)!” Uraraka chirped, her smile never faltering.

    “Yes, I’m aware. I heard someone scream it earlier,” You replied, voice raspy and groggy from having just woken up.

    “The class is going outside to play in the snow. We thought maybe you’d like to come?” Midoriya asked carefully - the boy had always been intimidated by you for some reason. You were kind of taken into the Deku Squad a few weeks after being at UA, more so because of your close bond with Uraraka you developed within your short time there. The two of you shared many similarities; your family financial situation and your purpose of pursuing the hero path were the main ones. Given that you’ve become soft for the girl, you found it hard to reject their offer.

    “We can make snow angels and snowmen, and have a snowball fight too! Come on, please, (Y/N)?” Uraraka begged, his big eyes and round cheeks sealing the deal.

    “I hate it when you do that, knowing damn well I can’t say no to you,” You grumbled, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “Give me like an hour.”

    Uraraka and Midoriya congratulated their own victory before rushing off to join the rest of Class 1A getting ready to go outside. You groaned once more, closing your door to get ready.

    An hour later and you were involved in a pretty intense snowball fight between the Bakusquad and the Dekusquad. Bakugo himself had been dragged into the game last minute, but seemed to willingly take charge as captain of his team anyway if it meant they would win. If he could throw a snowball without it melting in his hand first, he’d actually be able to get in a few hits.

    Shots were thrown at each side, and the other classmates took bets on who would win. It was a hard tie, considering the pros and cons of each side - explosiveness for Bakugo and over analyzation for Deku, but also determination and planning went into each side respectively. 

    In the end it was a draw, having both of your last remaining members be hit at the same time, unable to determine who was hit first. Bakugo of course called bullshit, and retreated back into the dorms upon hearing the results of the game.

    You had gone over to help Uraraka, who had been hit pretty hard with a snowball delivered by Mina in the last second of the game. Her face was covered in bits of snow, some chunks clinging to her hair that was left out from her hat. “You okay, ‘chako?”

    Uraraka nodded, brushing off the snowflakes from her face and hair. Her face was pink, nose a burning red from the impact of the snowball. “It was a great game! Even if that last hit was a bit harsh.”

    Albeit, Uraraka did look cute with her puffed cheeks painted pink and her nose resembling that of Rudolphs.

    In fact, she looked way cuter than you had ever noticed. The way her hair framed her face perfectly even after being disheveled, the way her cheeks were the perfect tool for pouting. The way her eyes sparkled from the enjoyment of being with her friends and playing in the snow. Your stomach started churn, the feeling was unfamiliar to you. Such a small realization had hit you like a sack of bricks. But what did it mean?

    “-hey, (Y/N), did you hear me?” Uraraka voiced, bringing you from your thoughts. You felt heat creep up your neck, embarrassed that you had spaced off in front of her. 

    “Um, sorry, what was that?” You replied.

    “You spaced out for a bit, I was asking if you were okay?”

    You nodded, standing up from your crouching position. With the embarrassment settling in, you needed some sort of escape from the situation in front of you.

    “Hey, I’m gonna go put on some hot chocolate for when everyone comes back inside,” You tell her in a quick attempt to leave for the dorms. Uraraka didn’t have a chance to respond before you started walking away, leaving her confused.

    You stripped from your winter clothing once you were inside, placing your coat on the back of a dining chair before making your way to the kitchn. Your heart was thumping harshly in your chest, and your mind was racing.

    You tried to deny what your body was telling you was obvious - that you may have feelings for one of your friends.

    The friend that just so happened to have feelings for another boy in class.

    The realization hit you once again, this time in the pit of your stomach, making it ache to the point it hurt.

    A day that was supposed to be fun suddenly turned sour.

I hope I did some justice for all you ochako fans out there! She truly is a best girl!!!

If you enjoyed, please leave a like, comment, and reblog for others to see! And don’t be shy to send a request!

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Dark Academia things in daily life

  • Study dates with friends at small indie cafes that stretch for so long the owners recognize you by name
  • Online study dates replacing them until normality comes back
  • Googling works of art and learning more about it at ungodly hours because you can’t sleep
  • When someonse mentions a book that you’re interested in and now wish for the world to stop so you can read it
  • If there is a bookshelf near you (a friend’s house, a cafe, an antique shop) YOU HAVE TO CHECK EACH AND EVERY COPY ON IT
  • Collecting book quotes in a journal so messy and overused you feel like you left a part of your soul between the pages
  • Listening audiobooks on your way to everywhere but moslty university
  • If not listening to audiobooks then just taking the time to meditate or daydream or generally appreciate the walk
  • Ironing clothes and polishing shoes the night before wearing them
  • Having an art collage on your wall just above your desk for inspiration or near your bed for beautiful dreams
  • Collecting vintage clothing, furniture, trinkets and books, the more marks of use on them the better
  • Cooking and baking new recipes (although I personally fail dramatically)
  • Pressing flowers and leaves between book pages and then sticking them  on said quotes journal
  • Looking up extra classes you can take in your free time
  • Improving your Arabic calligraphy
  • Waking up at 5 am to pray al-fajer and read the Quran before starting your day
  • Listening to old Arabic music

As requested by @/bumblebeeshiddenpowwr on instagram

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I’ve been busy the last few days, so I wasn’t too active here. We need to submit our second assignment by noon tomorrow, but I stayed up to complete it and submitted it an hour back. I don’t know if it was my best work, but I need to keep my schedule free this week so that I can focus on my applications.

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Things for POC to remember:

  • You’re not ugly, you just grew up surrounded by beauty standards created by white European people.
  • Your ethnic nose is beautiful.
  • Don’t let them invalidate your struggles.
  • Your life matters and always will.
  • Do not degrade and belittle yourself for white entertainment. Do not humor them. They’ll start thinking it’s okay for them to do it to you. You are not their laughingstock.
  • Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone make you feel embarrassed of where you come from.
  • DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY. Be proud that you’re able to speak more than just your native language, even if it’s only a little bit.
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11.29.20 Thanksgiving break ends tomorrow, and it’s nice being home with family but I do miss the old stone buildings of campus and the large wooden desk in my dorm room. I recently bought a vintage-style knit sweater of my college, so maybe this will get me back in the academia mood. Time to make a cup of tea and write that chemistry lab report!

🎼- Minimal by Oatmello

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I am up super late, but I have been sending off the final batch of emails to potential supervisors, when waddaya know. I found one of my old professors from college now acting as Assistant Professor in one of my dream schools! Even more interesting is the fact that our interests kinda align, and she’s good friends with my bf’s boss!

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Whether its drinking hot chocolate in a small english cottage as the snow falls outside, or if its eating street food at a morrocan market - I want to know what your dream mood/aesthetics are!!

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my journal entries
The warm lights dancing on the falling rain, the night sky, the dark green sweater you wore, the way you jumped up when my cold fingers reached yours. I knew then what I know now and what I will know for the rest of my life, and maybe even after that. If we do meet again I will be sure to tell you, it will not be easy and I bet that you would try and make me laugh one last time before letting me down slowly, but it will be worth it, it will be worth all of it. I always wondered why people say they do not want to ruin a good thing in moments like these, if it was not ready to be ruined it would not have let me have that one moment with you, that I can say with certainty.
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Afshin Rattansi
Is your media a reflection of reality?, in a world transformed, what will make you feel safer?, isolation or community?…. Are you going the right way, or are you being being led somewhere?. In a world corrupted, you need to descend, so join us in the depths, or remain in the shallows.
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Looks like we found a thoughtless bigoted racist in the comments last night while I was asleep. This person clearly has no clue what the definition or ideology of racism is.


Prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


The belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.

When it comes to my page these ideologies are not welcome, allowed, or respected. If you find the gall within yourself to spout this stupidity on my page you just want to be blocked and I will gladly do that for you. Thank you to those who where quick to defend but please don’t waste your time talking to stupid people they will never concede.

I will say this one last time. Regardless of Race, or Ethnicity


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Read some academic papers by black people who literally said, “Fuck it I’m coining this term” and they made a substantial contribution to the field. So like I’m adding that to the list of reasons to live, I’m going to coin a term and make a huge dent in my academic field and make life so much easier for future scholars.

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