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grassylampshade · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Another @whataboutthebard prompt, inspired by @mayastormborn! I'm a few days late for September 22, but work was shit this week. Enjoy!
Title: Fireside
Prompt: Sex Pollen (potion sex is kind of sex pollen, right?)
Pairing: Eskel/Jaskier
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: the inherent consent issues of barely-controlled lust (that's the essence of sex pollen, tho)
Read on AO3
Jaskier has just thrown another log onto the fire when Eskel ghosts back into camp. His eyes flash an eerie green gold from across the clearing and Jaskier stumbles back over a log before he realizes what manner of beast has set its sights on him.
“You scared me half to death!” Jaskier puts a hand over his heart, feeling it gallop under his breastbone. To Eskel’s silent stare, he replies, “You’re done much sooner than expected. Hunt go well?” He heads to their bags to grab the wound kit.
The moment he turns his back, Eskel is upon him, arms as tight and unyielding as hoops on a barrel. He bullies Jaskier forward against a tree and immediately starts grinding against Jaskier’s rump, erection evident even through Eskel’s heavy leather codpiece.
“What are you— Does this mean the hunt went very well or very badly?” Jaskier asks. He cranes his neck, trying to get a look at Eskel’s face, but Eskel immediately dives down to sniff and lick the column of Jasker’s throat. His movements become more urgent and his bites are progressively rougher. Eskel sucks at the delicate skin covering Jaskier’s pulse point and he growls a low, predatory sound that sends a shiver down Jaskier’s spine.
Jaskier hasn’t prepared himself for a witcher suddenly going into rut, and with the way that Eskel has snapped the laces of Jaskier’s pants without his customary respect for expensive clothing, he doubts Eskel has all his wits about him. Jaskier is not in the least bit interested in limping to the nearest town, nor is he in the mood for weathering Eskel’s hangdog face if Jaskier has to pad Scorpion’s saddle to cushion his sore arse.
“Eskel,” he snaps, stiffening in Eskel’s grip rather than hanging pliant. He waits until Eskel grunts a questioning sound. “Let go and step back.”
Eskel pauses then slowly draws his arms away as though doing it physically pains him. He doesn’t put any distance between them, but also he doesn’t pounce when Jaskier turns around. It’s too dark for Jaskier to see clearly when Eskel is backlit by the fire, so he sets his hands on Eskel’s shoulders—mindful of his spiked armor—and turns them sidelong. Eskel is bone white and his eyes are dark pits. Eskel grabs Jaskier’s hips tightly, fingers digging into the muscle. His gaze roves over all the sensitive places Jaskier likes to be touched, and Eskel licks his lips.
“Swords off. Come here,” Jaskier orders, striding briskly to the fireside. He bends down to pile their bags against the end of a convenient log and Eskel's hands immediately find his ass before one sneaks between his thighs to grope his balls from behind. Jaskier hisses with surprised pleasure but bares his teeth as if displeased.
“Did I give you permission to touch?”
Eskel withdraws his hands as though burned, but he settles them both on his own groin instead and rocks into the pressure.
“Did I give you permission to touch?” Jaskier asks again, acerbic. Eskel drops his hands more slowly, appearing confused that he doesn't have rights to his own body. They've played this game before, but the details must be obscured by the fog of lust.
“If you want me,” Jaskier explains slowly, “you belong to me. That cock, and everything attached to it”—he slowly looks Eskel up and down—“is mine.”
Eskel growls but Jaskier stands firm until, after a long, tense moment, Eskel nods. Jaskier unties Eskel's breeches quickly, but Eskel chases the touch and is left panting by the time Jaskier tosses the leather cup aside.
Eskel's prick juts out like the prow of some mighty ship. Beads of wetness glisten like seafoam and Eskel's breath catches as Jaskier reaches out to touch. At the last instant he pulls back, and he's flattered when Eskel’s cock flexes upward as if reaching for him.
“It won't hurt me, will it?” Jaskier asks. Eskel blinks, not comprehending. “Your essence,” he clarifies, “from the potion.” Eskel shakes his head stiffly. Jaskier had assumed the toxins would go out with the waste, but assumptions wouldn't have saved him from a burned hand or worse.
He reaches into Eskel’s unreasonably tight breeches to lift his balls out through the empty space where the codpiece used to be. Eskel groans with relief and Jaskier is glad he noticed so Eskel wouldn't be pinched when he sat. He drags his eyes away from the tempting sight of all of Eskel’s tender bits on display and unfurls their sleeping mats so he can guide Eskel to recline with his legs straight out in front.
“Are we safe?” Jaskier asks, and Eskel goes deathly still, looking for all the world like he is prepared to take on a dragon with his breeches flapping in the breeze. Then Eskel grunts and the watchful tension leaves him. Tension of another kind mounts; Eskel humps the air, desperate and mindless. He makes several aborted movements to grab his cock or to pull Jaskier close but restrains himself.
“Very good,” Jasker purrs, impressed. He lays across Eskel's thick thighs and feels the trembling of his muscles. Eskel's prick jumps at the praise.
“Oh it aches, doesn't it?” Jaskier croons. He licks his lips, so very close.
Eskel stares at him, hunger writ clear in the shadowed angles of his face. He squirms under Jaskier's weight and Jaskier knows Eskel could throw him down if he chose to. The thrill of power is heady and addicting.
Jaskier leans forward and breathes hot over the dusky end of Eskel's prick. Eskel grabs Jaskier’s doublet.
“Gently,” Jaskier chides before taking the plush head between his lips. Faster than he can think, Eskel drags Jaskier down and fucks into his throat. Jaskier retches and the sound startles Eskel enough that Jaskier is able to escape. Reacting on instincts of his own, he hauls off and smacks Eskel’s shaft. Eskel yelps and writhes, moaning. A fat drop of precome rolls over the light mark Jaskier left behind.
“If you're going to behave like an animal you can go out in the woods and deal with this yourself,” he says, glaring. Eskel breaks eye contact first and Jaskier takes that as acquiescence.
He spends some time licking and kissing Eskel’s length, not quite trusting Eskel’s control. The mark he left has already faded. Eskel pleads with desperate, wordless sounds, and he gently pets Jaskier’s hair and neck until Jaskier relents. He takes Eskel in for a few slow sucks, and Eskel minds his manners until Jaskier flutters his tongue at the underside of Eskel’s cockhead.
Eskel grips Jaskier by the scruff of his neck so he can’t keep bobbing his head. Without a trace of remorse, Jaskier sets his teeth to the petal-soft skin of Eskel’s cock and commences to bite with increasing pressure until Eskel gets the hint. Jaskier pushes himself up and backhands Eskel’s cock without another word. The slap is loud rather than hard, but the imprint flushes a little darker than the first. Eskel cries out and bucks his hips against nothing, not a shred of anger in him, only violent lust. Jaskier sits back and ponders what he is going to do with Eskel’s frantic energy if he has to worry one or both of them will be injured.
When he looks up at Eskel’s face again, Eskel has turned away and lifted his chin, baring his neck for Jaskier in apology. Jaskier’s heart melts.
He darts away and grabs two fist-sized rocks from those encircling the fire pit and pries them loose from their spots. The stones are pleasantly warm from the fire and he scrubs the undersides against the grass to dispense with any creepy-crawlies. He places the rocks on either side of Eskel and guides Eskel to hold onto them.
“You’re allowed to spill, but don’t let go of those until I tell you. Understood?” He watches Eskel’s fingers flex around the rocks, and hopes that a simple task and the mimicry of body heat will be enough to ground him.
Eskel squeezes the rocks so hard that muscles ripple all the way up his arms. He whimpers and closes his eyes, face twisting around his scars. His cock stands proud and dark, an odd purplish shade from the black blood in Eskel’s veins. The golden light of the fire helps somewhat, but he still appears vaguely inhuman in a way that makes Jaskier’s guts twist in shameful arousal.
Jaskier straddles Eskel’s shins and begins to suck Eskel’s cock like their lives both depend on it. He’s intentionally sloppy, coaxing thick drool from the back of his mouth forward so he can fist the remainder of Eskel’s length. He uses every trick at his disposal, massaging Eskel’s balls, humming, making eye contact, and more, all in an effort to get Eskel off as quickly as possible. Eskel’s back arches but he keeps his ass pressed firmly to the ground. Jaskier pulls back and praises him for it. As soon as Eskel’s cock is back in his mouth, Eskel comes with a shout, pulsing bitter spend over Jaskier’s tongue.
Jaskier swallows and works him through it, but instead of going soft, Eskel is as hard as he was before. His cries only grow louder the longer Jaskier toys with him. Eskel’s balls tense in Jaskier’s palm and he massages them, fingers dancing behind to tease his perineum.
Eskel grunts and curves around Jaskier, convulsing through a more powerful climax that floods Jaskier’s mouth so much he has to retreat or risk overflowing and making a mess of them both. It seems indecorous to spit onto one of their bedrolls, so he swallows thickly a few times to get it all down, then grimaces afterward the same as if he had taken a large measure of cheap spirits. He’s grateful he ate a hearty dinner while Eskel was away, or he would surely have an upset stomach after all that. Ever the showman, he extends his tongue for Eskel’s inspection, and is well pleased when Eskel dives forward to lick the taste out of his mouth.
They moan and sigh together, kissing deeply with Eskel’s hands still obediently locked on the stones. Jaskier loves nothing more than an audience under his spell. His prick swells to full arousal fast enough to have him seeing stars.
“Yes, ah, you’re so good for me,” Jaskier says, pressing against Eskel’s broad belly to get some friction of his own. “Think you can help me with this?”
There’s some clumsy shuffling as Eskel tries to move down so he can suck Jaskier off, but Jaskier’s not stupid enough to let those sharp teeth near his cock when Eskel is jumpy and lust-addled.
“I have a better idea,” he says, and drapes himself back across Eskel’s lap, his legs curled toward the fire.
He admires Eskel’s tenaciously hard prick, and shoves his trousers down to release his own. Eskel immediately reaches out for Jaskier before he stops himself and puts his hand back on the stone. There's a softening in Eskel’s features and the veins in his face are receding as the potion dissipates.
“Here, darling,” Jaskier says. He guides Eskel’s hot palm to cup him and rolls onto his belly. “Be still. Show me how sweet you are.”
Eskel hums with pleasure when Jaskier takes him in his mouth once more. Jaskier shifts until he’s comfortable, one leg bent and one straight so he can rut down into Eskel's hand. He seeks his pleasure slow and easy, and he gives Eskel pleasure even more languidly. In truth, he mostly rests Eskel's prick in his mouth, only suckling as the mood strikes him, much more interested in his own release.
He gets closer to the edge despite, or perhaps because of, the almost-too-much friction of Eskel’s callused hand. He moans and grinds a little faster, tasting a burst of salt as Eskel huffs in heavy breaths, clearly scenting the air for Jaskier’s musk.
"Good, good boy for me," he mumbles into Eskel’s hip, holding Eskel’s prick tight around the base, distracted by his own looming climax. He feels the coiled tension of Eskel’s desire, and Jaskier proudly holds the reins.
His entire body lights up, instinctive and wanton. He breathes open-mouthed and cares not at all what kinds of sounds he makes. He’s still fully dressed, a binding of his own creation, and Eskel is pinned down by the strength of Jaskier's words, and Jaskier's skin is tight, too tight, until he finally splits, ecstasy tearing him asunder.
He arches up, head falling back as he fucks Eskel's hand. His seed smooths the way and he enjoys the filthy noise his rutting makes. So too, it seems, does Eskel, who groans, nostrils flaring. His cock throbs in Jaskier's fist and Jaskier is too dazed to catch the warning signs.
Eskel grunts like he's been punched and comes, the force of it pushing past the restriction of Jaskier’s fingers. Hot ribbons spray up Jaskier’s neck and across his face, and he flinches his eyes shut just in time.
“Sorry,” Eskel says, through gritted teeth. It’s the first word he’s managed since returning from his hunt.
“Clean up your mess,” Jaskier demands. He sits up, leaning over Eskel so none of the drips will land on his own clothing. Being coated in witcher spit isn’t anywhere close to being clean, but it’s better than nothing.
Eskel laps at Jaskier eagerly, long swipes interspersed with kitten licks that Jaskier is quite certain would go on until dawn if he allowed it. He turns away and Eskel switches to cleaning Jaskier’s release off his hand, rumbling with pleasure.
When Jaskier looks down, he’s not surprised to see Eskel is still ready for more. His cock is deep red now, rather than purple, which Jaskier takes as a positive sign. As he watches, Eskel’s prick leaps and the tendons pull tight in his hips. Eskel’s muscles work rhythmically, clenching around emptiness, fucking into nothing. He leaks copiously, cockhead glistening in the firelight, and Jaskier is transfixed by the possibility of Eskel bringing himself off without a single touch.
Eskel’s face is twisted into a scowl of concentration and Jaskier can tell he’s getting frustrated, though Eskel would never, ever admit it. Perhaps if this had been prior to Eskel’s first orgasm of the night he could have done it, and Jaskier intends to find out someday.
“Next time,” he promises, and shoves Eskel, trying to shift him off the pile of baggage. Eskel almost tips over, but doesn’t catch himself. “Oh,” Jaskier says sheepishly, realizing his mistake. “You can let go now.”
Eskel tosses the rocks back toward the firepit and grabs Jaskier instead. Jaskier starts at the top of his doublet and Eskel at the bottom, and they get rid of it in record time. His shirt goes next, and when he turns to rummage through his pack, Eskel pulls his breeches and smallclothes down.
The cheeks of his ass are pressed into a tight channel for Eskel to run his cock through and when Jaskier finds a suitable balm he’s almost tempted to stay bent over. His knees twinge against the hard ground before he lets that idea get the better of him, and he elbows Eskel away so he can flip onto his back, ungainly with pants still tangled around his shins.
Eskel is sitting back on his heels, watching ravenously, fingers digging deep into his own legs. Fat drops of slick go to waste, lost in the hair on his balls or trickling into the shadowed space behind.
“C’mon, give it to me,” Jaskier urges, thrusting greased fingers between his thighs to illustrate where he wants Eskel. He kicks his feet up, and Eskel catches them, throwing both legs over his shoulder and holding them tight with one arm. His cock rams straight into the valley of Jaskier’s legs, far simpler than preparing his ass for the kind of fuck he suspects Eskel needs to scratch the itch of poison in his veins. Jaskier spares a thought for the silk of his trousers against the spikes of Eskel’s armor before he is folded in half and pinned.
Snarls and glowing eyes lend weight to their beastly mating, and Jaskier teases out a story between them.
“So wild, so fierce,” he whispers, bracing his arms on the log behind him to give some resistance. “If I hadn’t known—if you had come across me in the forest, all alone.” He thought back to his first few years as a traveling bard, startled by every snapping twig. He let his voice waver and spoke with a higher tone, like a younger man. “I would have been trapped,” he gasps in excitement and fear. “I could never have escaped from your clutches.”
Eskel’s gaze flickers warily and his pace slows. Jaskier rushes on, changing tack to find the knife’s edge between shame and eagerness. “It would be obvious you weren’t going to kill me. Once I understood what you were truly hungry for…” He squeezes his legs tightly. “Oh, I would have had my ass up like a bitch in heat.”
That has the desired effect; Eskel pummels him with bruising strength, the strain in each of Jaskier’s breaths only adding to the shared fantasy. “You’d rip my clothes off and take me right there, nothing more than spit between us. Hollow me out and make a home inside.” He lifts his rump, curving up into Eskel’s weight. “Fuck, I’d come screaming, begging for more.”
Eskel turns his head and bites hard over the thick leather cuff of Jaskier’s traveling boots. He can feel the pressure on his calf through two layers of hide and imagines those sharp fangs set into his neck. Eskel’s hips stutter and he shouts through clenched teeth, tightening down further as he spills across Jaskier’s belly.
Jaskier worms a hand between them and runs his knuckles along the underside of Eskel’s cock, his options limited in the cramped space. “You’d take me down to the ground and fuck me raw with my face in the dirt,” he says with a tenderness that would seem out of place if he were talking to anyone other than Eskel. “This fat cock splitting me open, forcing in load after load until I’m fit to burst.”
Eskel keeps slipping through the slot of Jaskier’s thighs, letting Jaskier’s words stoke the fires of his appetite. His eyes are nearly normal, though the pupils are blown wide and round.
“This clearing would stink of us for days, and so would I. You’d leave me dripping with your claim. You could hold me like this so it stayed inside.” Eskel curls his lip in a lecherous smirk, so Jaskier continues. “I’d be soaked in it, sloppy and open. Be so easy for you to slide back in.” He wiggles with delight as his own prick starts to harden. “My ass would be wet as a mermaid’s cunt. Wet like your good little bitch should be.”
Eskel puts his free arm under Jaskier’s back and lifts him so their cocks line up and rub together. They kiss, but only briefly, the strenuous position too much for either of them to hold long. Jaskier closes his eyes and is swept up by the coiling tightness in his gut, by the tingling in his limbs.
There’s a sharp pinch on his thigh and Eskel raises an eyebrow expectantly. Jaskier gasps in false offense. “What? Not enough for you?” He stares down at Eskel’s thick length frotting against his own, dwarfing his not-insignificant offering. “You’re more than enough for me,” he says nonsensically. Eskel smiles and Jaskier tries to spin together the threads of his narrative, though it’s clear Eskel is back to his usual self.
“You’d be stuck with me after that, your own little songbird. I’d perch so pretty on that sapling of yours and you’d make me sing so sweet.” He laughs and runs dirty hands over his face, giddy and exhausted. Eskel laughs with him.
“Jaskier,” he says warmly.
“Give us your fist, darling,” Jaskier encourages. “Make it a good one to finish us off and I’ll weave a bit more.” Eskel eases back and shifts his hand from Jaskier’s legs down to hold both their pricks together. The ridge of his knuckles digs into Jaskier’s belly, but Jaskier considers it a small price to pay for some good, tight friction.
“Yes, ah— yes, just like that.” Jaskier’s mind races back through the story to find the parts Eskel reacted to best. “After every hunt you’d pounce on me, like a wolf in breeding season.” He isn’t sure if wolves have a mating season, but it isn’t important. All that matters is the feel of Eskel shuddering against him. “Wild and lusty, feral and hungry.”
Eskel growls, playing the part of the vicious beast. He speeds his movements and Jaskier burns with love.
“I’d— I’d learn to get myself ready as soon as you left camp, then I’d do my chores, open and aching. Waiting.” He moans, feeling the bowstring draw tighter within his core. “Stripped bare, ass up, presenting for you.” Eskel bares his teeth at the image and Jaskier is rapidly liquifying as he approaches his peak. “Praying to any god who would listen that there were no other monsters or men around to catch me like that.”
Eskel snarls dangerously at the threat and Jaskier likes that protective streak more than he cares to admit.
“But it’s you, only you, and— please, Eskel, fuck. I’m so fucking close,” he falls to begging, unable to maintain a narrative while his cock is being tenderly, lovingly wrecked between the rough heat of Eskel’s hand and the rigid steel of his prick. “I need it, please, I need you so much it hurts.”
He keens in despair when Eskel pulls away, but Eskel moves him like a ragdoll onto his belly. He gives Jaskier a spit-slick hand to fuck into while Eskel thrusts back between his thighs, bearing him down like the brute in Jaskier’s story.
“Show me how sweet you are,” Eskel purrs, echoing Jaskier’s earlier words. “Come for me, songbird. I want to hear you.” He nips Jaskier’s neck and twists his fingers around the crown of Jaskier’s cock, and Jaskier surges underneath Eskel as waves of cold fire crest within him. He vaguely feels the rush of Eskel’s release, but by then he’s too loose to do more than hum happily and let his eyes slip closed.
He wakes up snug and dry in Eskel’s arms, and he wonders wickedly when they will take their next contract.
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taeghi · 18 hours ago
Huang Renjun and the MUGGLEBORN PREVIEW
Tumblr media
– Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have been sorted into the Ravenclaw House, congratulations! –
pairing ϟ  pureblood ravenclaw!renjun + muggleborn ravenclaw!y/n
-- word count ϟ 16894 (SO FAR)
summary ϟ  pure blood ravenclaw!renjun and muggle born ravenclaw!y/n have always despised each other. the difference in their magical blood has separated them in terms of who is the more incredible wizard, though what happens when they put that fact aside and actually get to know each other?
-- includes ϟ  enemies to lovers, hate sex, awkward tension, choking kink, oraltw!!!!!!!!!! insomnia lmao
you've always hated huang renjun.
you met him when you were two years old and decided then and there that he would be your life long enemy. the way he was so quiet yet cocky really pissed you off. the smug smirk he put on his face every time he looked at you through his circular glasses made his condescending thoughts about you crystal clear.
renjun was witty and smart, and he knew it.
he wasn't so patronizing with anyone else, solely you.
maybe it's because he's known you for sixteen years, because he knows exactly what annoys you, what you enjoy, and he knows all about your family blood line.
renjun's parents were both from pureblood ravenclaw families, dating back to generations ago. they were textbook ravenclaw's, making renjun one too.
your parents were born in the muggleworld, and stayed in the muggleworld all their lives. your father had the smallest hint of magic in his veins, allowing for you to take over his gene completely and become a witch yourself. your mother was just an ordinary muggle at heart.
renjun's and yours' parents met in college. his had just graduated from hogwarts, while yours moved into the city from some small village in the outskirts of the country.
renjun liked your parents, he thought they were sweet and caring, a little neglectful at times, but he knew that they loved all their children. renjun couldn't help but compare his bloodlines to yours. his were strong and consistent, as soon as he was born everyone knew that he was going to be deemed a powerful ravenclaw.
with yours, they never knew about the wizard world. your father had no idea that his great grandfather was a halfblood. therefore everyone was surprised when you started flying your toys around your room at a young age.
renjun's parents sat yours down and explained to them what was happening, of course they didn't really understand, but accepted you anyways. everyone, including yourself, was excited for your magic-filled future, except for renjun.
renjun liked to be different. he liked to show of his individuality, and you, his enemy, now also being a magical creature made his blood boil. of course he was only nine then, being jealous at things like this was acceptable, but this annoyance was always a little evident in him as the two of you grew up.
when you were eleven, both of you were accepted into hogwarts schooling of witchcraft and wizardry. renjun held a smile on his face when he was told the 'good news' of him not going to hogwarts alone this year, but inside he was dying a little. just when he thought he could get away from you, turns out he was now being forced to sit with you on the train ride there.
ever since you were younger, you were a bit on the shy side. like renjun, you were quiet, smart and enjoyed things that were different. you liked to be independent and held yourself on a higher platform compared to other people. you knew who you were and who you wanted to be.
you hated huang renjun, you were just more reserved about your hatred than he was about his own.
renjun liked to speak his mind, and spoke his mind he did when you were sorted into ravenclaw after him.
you will never be able to forget his little 4 foot 6, eleven year old self standing up at the ravenclaw table, his fist coming down on the table as he glared at you. his chest breathed in and out heavily as he stood there watching you smile as the sorting hat left your head.
"is there a problem mr huang?" headmaster dumbledoore asked from the front of the dining hall. every student had already been looking at renjun due to his outburst.
"how is she a ravenclaw? i'm sorry headmaster but there must be some mistake." he asked, pointing at you. you felt your shoulders curve inwards as you felt everyone looking at you again, renjun's questioning making you feel ashamed in the slightest bit.
"the sorting hat makes no mistakes mr huang, please, sit down now." dumbledore explained, smiling to you and gesturing you to the ravenclaw table. as you walked to the end of the table, you heard the rest of your new house whisper and look at you. your inner self grew combative at all their questionning whispers, but you sat down and composed yourself. infront of where you sat, renjun glared at you from across the table. you tried to rationalize his behaviours towards you, but you could only come up with the fact that renjun was jealous of you.
you tilted your head in an arrogant manner, a smirk of your own forming your lips as you stared at your childhood enemy before winking at him.
he huffed in response to your actions, turning his body away from the table to watch the rest of the sorting ceremony. you swore you could see steam rolling off of him because he was so angry.
at that moment, the whole school knew that you hated huang renjun, too.
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noteguk · 3 months ago
too much, too little | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone. 
— summary;  in which you’re always trying to keep up with Jungkook, especially when he goes from one extreme to the other.
— contents and warnings; so much smut, pwp, fluff, two different smut scenes!!, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, secret relationship, dirty talk, sex in front of a mirror, unprotected sex (don’t.), creampie, cockwarming, overstimulation, tit play, squirting 😳, forced orgasm, multiple orgasms, praise kink, dom!jk x sub!reader, mentions of cum stuffing, jk has insane stamina lol; for the other scene we have pretty soft sex!!!, so no major warnings besides being whipped 🕺
— words; 2,7k 
— author’s note; oh the duality of men… inspiring. The timeline is after bad romance for both scenes, during summer break. 
Some days, you couldn’t keep up with Jungkook. 
Ever since the first time you two slept together (under less than ideal circumstances), you could tell that there was something else burning at the edge of his touches; something fiery, needy, always on edge. He kissed you like it would never be enough, held you closer tightly, exploring your body like he both wanted to worship and ruin it. It was an insubstantial warning, something that took its time before it materialized into reality and, yet, it was there — an insatiable whisper at the back of his mind, just waiting to strike. 
The closer you two got, the more it showed, but it was only after you made it official that Jungkook actually let himself go. Regardless of the intensity that he showed, it was a rare occurrence — under very specific moments, very specific words. Something just clicked inside his head and made him realize that he would never get enough of you — and, yet, he should still try to. 
The hot summer air was unbearable around you two, intensified by the contact of his chest against your back; his hands roaming your body like he could find the secrets of the universe underneath your skin. Your bed, before so tidy, now had sheets falling over the edge, accumulating like puddles on the ground, your pillows mindlessly thrown over each other. It was in that warzone that you found yourself, moaning out his name like it was a personal prayer, doing your best and still feeling like you were failing. 
Jungkook kept both taking and providing, pushing you towards your high again and again until all that you could think about was him; all that you could utter were the broken fragments of his name. You said yes every single time, allowing him to use your body however he deemed best, making you cum on his fingers, his tongue, his cock; presenting him with everything he wanted and he still asked for more, so much more than you felt like you could give. 
By the time that Jungkook had pulled you onto his lap, your back to him and facing the large mirror at the corner of your room, you had already come four times, and you were at your absolute limit. Nevertheless, when he urged you to ride him (his voice so deep, so coated by desire), you did, using his help to bounce on his big cock as he moaned endless praises to you. 
You got high on them — his sweet words, the compliments, the strained groans you earned when you moved your hips just right, making him cum inside you one more time and dragging you into that abyss just as quickly. Everything was such a mess, you both were so sweaty, so dirty, drunk off the pleasure. And you just hung onto his voice like it was your life jacket, even if it was only making you sink deeper. 
“That’s my girl, so fucking perfect,” Jungkook moaned, breathing hard against your neck. His cock was still hard inside you, slowly softening, and you could see the white lines of his thick white cum dripping down his length, onto his balls, making a mess on your bed. His eyes darted towards the mirror, meeting yours in the reflection. “So pretty sitting on my cock like this, angel.” 
With a shivering breath, you nodded, watching as he wrapped one tattooed arm around your body, pressing you back against his toned chest. You whined at the feeling of his cock moving inside you at the change of angle; sighed at the gentle kiss that Jungkook placed on your shoulder. 
Innocently, you thought that was the last round — in all honesty, you couldn’t conceive another one. But Jungkook apparently wouldn’t stop until his stamina had run out because, within a second, two of his fingers were landing on your clit, rubbing it quickly. 
“K-Kook, wait, wait,” you sobbed, trying to maintain your body in place. Your thighs were already shaking like crazy and, even with one of his arms holding onto you, you felt like you could fall on the ground at any given second. “I j-just c-came.” 
And yet you felt like you were about to do it again, picking up right before the tidal wave of your high washed over you; the pleasure, a sharp feeling at the bottom of your spine. To tear another high from you so fast was normal considering how sensitive and overwhelmed you were, but there was also a strange pressure that you had never felt before building up just as fast, threatening to spill over. 
“One more for me, baby,” Jungkook cooed, his voice like honey, yet so sharp around the edges. He was staring at you like a crazy man, focus flickering between the movements of his fingers on your clit and your overwhelmed expression, almost pained with sensitivity. He could feel his cock hardening again just at the sight of you, at the feeling of your pussy constricting around him. “Just one more... Fuck. You look so fucking pretty when you cum, I just wanna see it again.” 
“C-Can’t,” you cried out, but didn’t make any attempt at fighting him off. You knew you were about to crack, ecstasy filling your brain. The way your legs were shaking was shameful, a loud moan breaking your thoughts. “Wait, I don’t—“ 
It all happened so fast that you couldn’t even tell what it was at first, that odd pressure releasing at the same time your walls tightened around his cock, splattering all over his inked fingers. You sobbed and whimpered as you came, Jungkook’s fingers rubbing you through your orgasm, only stopping when you landed one hand on his wrist. 
Took you a second to piece together what had occurred, your heavy-lidded eyes falling to the calamity between your legs. “Fuck, princess,” Jungkook grunted behind you, voice strained with hunger. “That’s so fucking hot, you just squirted all over my cock.” 
Your sentence felt like cotton trying to leave your mouth, mind still hazed. “I’m... sorry, I never did this before,” you said, unsure how to proceed. Your inner thighs were so wet, a mixture of his cum and your own arousal painting your skin. “God, this is so embarrassing.”
“Fucking love it, baby,” Jungkook breathed out against your skin, eyes glued to your reflection like he could eat you whole. “Did you know you could do that?”
“Do I look like I did?” You asked, throwing your head back against his shoulder. Jungkook followed your movement, placing a kiss on your cheek. You sighed. “This is so—“ 
“And I thought you couldn’t get any better,” he didn’t even let you finish, the hand that was around your waist now trailing up, up, squeezing your breast before stopping on your neck. “Such a good girl,” he praised, tilting your head to the side so you could meet his gaze. “Do it again? For me?” 
How he still wasn’t satisfied, you had no idea. If anything, your recent discovery only made the flame inside him burn brighter, all-consuming. “I… I don’t know if I can,” you admitted, a pretty pout on your lips. “I’m so tired.” 
Jungkook chuckled, his fingers squeezing your cheeks, making your pout grow. “Aw, poor thing.” He dove in, kissing you slowly. You could still taste yourself on his tongue, from when he had eaten you out earlier. “My girl’s tired.” He touched his forehead on yours, keeping eye contact. You felt like he was looking at you under a microscope, watching every blink of your eyes, every twitch of your muscles. “Let me take care of you, princess, hm? Promise I’ll treat you right.” 
Frankly, you had no fucking idea if you’d be able to take it. Even if Jungkook did all the work, you still felt a bit worn, light-headed. You wanted to, however. And the squeezing of your pussy around his cock only made it more obvious. “You will?” You asked, hopeful. 
Jungkook hummed in agreement. “Of course, you’ve been such a good girl for me,” his lips were brushing on yours as he spoke, his hand caressing your thigh, tracing faint circles on the skin. “You made my cock so hard again, baby. Can you feel it inside you? How big and heavy it is?” 
That managed to get a soft whimper from you, hips just slightly rolling against him. It was true, Jungkook was hard inside you, filling you up to the brim, begging to cum inside you again. “Y-Yes,” you stuttered. “So big.” 
“It's all yours, baby,” he said, raising his lower body just a little so you could feel him better. God, the sounds were so lewd, so wet, keeping you on edge. “Wanna try and see if you can squirt again for me, make a fucking mess on my cock?” Jungkook asked one more time, placing a kiss on your nose. Something rather cute for the filthy words leaving his mouth. You only nodded, which he didn’t appreciate. “Use your words, princess.” 
Your eyes closed for a little, mind working overtime to push those words out of your throat. “Yes, please,” you finally agreed. “Want you to cum inside me again too.”
Jungkook groaned, lips tracing down your neck, kissing your skin. “Fuck, I want that so bad,” he cursed, tentatively rutting up to you. You gasped, so tight and perfect for him. “Gonna make you drip down my cock, baby. Lay down for me.” 
And you did. 
Maybe Jungkook was too much sometimes. But you could take it. 
Other nights, you felt like you were dreaming. 
Equally as rare as the moments in which Jungkook went all-out, were the ones in which he held back almost completely. Moments in which he moved so languidly, so patiently; in which he touched as if you were made of porcelain, about to crack if given enough pressure. In those nights, he fucked you slow, deep, losing himself in the way you wrapped around him, wishing he could prolong that sensation to infinity. It wasn’t about instant gratification, it was about feeling you, having you, giving you everything you wanted and more. 
It was fire and ice, the contrast between his two moods. In some mind-bending way, it was almost more challenging to keep up with that, your body always aching for more, begging for him to move faster, to fuck you harder. You were used to Jungkook being too much — asking for a lot, taking a lot — but not so familiar with him being so calm, loving, restrained. It always felt like it was too little, like you were swimming in a lukewarm pool, a hypnotized state of bliss, until your orgasm hit you out of nowhere. 
You didn’t know what you prefered. But you didn’t really have to choose. 
Jungkook let out a shaky sigh against your skin, a slow roll of his hips that made his cock brush over your sensitive spot. Your hips fidgeted in his hold; he placed a tender kiss on your neck. “So fucking perfect, baby,” he husked out, lips dancing on your skin; hot tongue coming out to lick your pulse. “My girl’s so fucking perfect.” 
You felt like you had a fever, your orgasm building up so slowly, yet so intensely, that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. His body was pure heat on top of yours, pressing down on you, pulling you up against his chest. “Kook,” you called, voice just above a whisper. “I’m close.” 
He nodded, leaning back a little so he could kiss you. His lips were swollen against yours, gradually parting, allowing for his tongue to slip inside. The way Jungkook made out with you was dizzying, overbearing, earning a faint whimper from you as he sucked on your tongue. He moved away a little, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “You’re amazing, princess,” he praised, slightly breathless, one inked hand trailing down your arm, curling around your wrist before settling against your palm. Jungkook interlaced his fingers in yours, and smooched your lips once again. “Wanna see you cum for me.” 
“Please,” you whined back — asking for your release, asking for him to pick up the pace; anything. It felt too intimate, too vulnerable, like you could move around a little and it would all be over. You could feel his heartbeat against your breasts, his grunts echoing inside your head as you tightened around his cock. “I can’t…” 
With a tight squeeze of his hand on yours, you grounded yourself once again. “Shhh, it’s okay,” he guaranteed, “let go for me.” 
And you did, because you couldn’t hold it back any longer. Your walls fluttered around his cock as you reached your high; your sobs and moans being silenced by the sloppy crash of his lips against yours. Jungkook swallowed everything you gave him, found heaven in the muffled cries of his name, the way you were dripping down his length, making his cock throb. 
“Fuck,” he cursed out, breaking the messy kiss. His jaw was clenched, eyes closing as he started to pick up the pace a little. “Good girl... shit— gonna make me fucking cum.” 
The grip on your hand got impossibly tighter, his other hand hooking under your knee, pushing your leg up so he could get a better support. Jungkook was going faster now, but nowhere near his usual pace. Some nights, he just wanted to pay attention to your body — the little sounds you made, the bouncing of your tits, that pretty, overwhelmed look you gave him as he pounded into you. He could look at that forever, die in the way your glossy eyes stared up at him. 
It made him go a little crazy sometimes, how much he loved you. How much you felt like the first inhale of air after being underwater for too long; how your body fit his own like it was made for him. And, when he was nearing his high, he had to be careful, because all of that started to come out. “Baby, baby,” he moaned, so close that he was losing his grip on you. “Fuck, you’re so fucking perfect, made for me, so fucking pretty for me, all mine,” Jungkook was rambling a little now, gasping as your walls clenched around him again. “Shit, wish I could fuck you forever, your pussy feels so fucking good,” almost there, he thought. It was like his body was leaving him on edge, prolonging that euphoric feeling until it consumed him. “Gonna fill you up so good, baby.” 
It was your turn to hold his hand tighter, a small sob perishing in your chest. “K-Kook,” you called, voice so tiny that he almost didn’t hear at first. “P-Please, cum inside me.” 
“Yeah, baby,” He choked up. “Fuck—“ 
Jungkook came right after, his cock throbbing inside you as he released his thick cum inside your pussy. He cursed as you tightened around him again, milking every drop out of him as he tried to prolong his high, thrusting into your wet heat a few more times. 
With a final sigh, he laid on top of you, careful not to squeeze you with your weight. “You make me crazy, princess,” he mumbled against your neck, placing an affectionate kiss on your skin. His hand was still in yours, holding tightly, unwilling to let go anytime soon. “I’m so fucking lucky.” Another kiss, higher this time, on your cheek. He felt you smile, and he did the same. “So perfect for me.” 
You giggled, allowing him to kiss your lips again. “You’re so dramatic.” You pushed his sweaty hair away from his forehead. 
“I’m serious,” Jungkook said. Two, three more pecs on your mouth; his nose bumping against yours. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” 
You smiled, pulling him into a kiss. It was odd how, even when he gave you so little, Jungkook was still so much.
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captainsimagines · a month ago
Summary: There’s no simple explanation of the relationship you and Loki have. He teases you, you annoy him, he wants to kill you, you want to fuck him - wait, what? It takes several tries to actually get him to do it, but you’re pretty lucky in getting everything you want.
Pairing(s): Loki Laufeyson x (F) Reader
One-Shot (Inspired by: “Crazy in Love” by Sofia Karlberg)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Porn with Plot; mutual masturbation; dirty talk with some pet names (ex. pet, darling, minx); unprotected sex; rough sex (hair pulling, gripping, slight choking); voyeurism and exhibitionism (mild public-sex); sub/dom vibes from both characters; handjobs, oral sex; strong language; 18+ ONLY!!!
Word Count: 11,500+
A/N: This is shameless smut with some plot. I blushed way too hard to write this dude, jesus motherfuck me christ. Enjoy?
“I lost my gun.”
The God in front of you huffs and twists around to glare at you in complete disbelief. The music is still blaring down the long hallway, there are random couples kissing and grinding along the wall, and your mics aren’t working properly. As you patted yourself down - making quite a spectacle of yourself as you cupped your thighs, your ass, your waist, and your breasts - the gun was still nowhere to be found. Unzipping your jacket just a smidge, you reach down into the valley of your breasts and move them around. Hip out, shaking of the foot, stretching of the neck. Still, nothing. Obviously. “Yeah, I lost my gun.”
“How could you possibly do that? It’s a gun. It’s your main weapon,” Loki says through gritted teeth. He doesn’t look angry, more annoyed than angry, but if looks could kill…
“It’s not here,” you state the obvious. “Someone must have stole it.”
“Stark hates me. He utterly, completely, truly, absolutely hates me.”
That makes you laugh. There’s really no reason to worry: although you wouldn’t actually be considered enhanced, you did have a special skill kept secret from the general public. You lose your gun, no problem! The enemy’s gun will probably jam anyway. You trip and fall and accidentally set off an explosion? No worries! There weren’t any actual hostages or citizens nearby. You slip down the stairs? Someone just happens to be around the corner to catch you. You were lucky and relied mostly on the series of events in front of you to get you through things. It seemed only Sam and Scott truly believed in your ability; they’ve been witness to countless of weird things and how you never seem to end up with more than a scratch. Loki, on the other hand, regarded your ability as something only Gods obtain and since you were a mere mortal, your “skill” was simply coincidence. 
Rolling your eyes, you push past him and into the storage closet for some temporary cover. Loki follows you in no questions asked, but the second the door shuts he has you up against the wall with a tight grip on your upper arms. “Are you really that helpless that you lost your main weapon in the middle of a battle? How idiotic could you possibly be?”
Pushing forward with all your body weight, you shove him off. “Easy for you to say. You can conjure up your weapons. I put mine down for a second and poof.”
“You’re going to get us both killed.”
You stifle your laugh and push him back again. He isn’t really holding you all that tightly. “You’re not gonna let that happen. How embarrassing… Loki, the God of literal mischief, dying by the hands of a couple Midgardian gang members.”
He squeezes his eyes shut tightly and rolls his shoulders. His nostrils flare and he shakes out his hair, strands falling over his cheeks. You notice a braid in one of those strands and it almost makes you smile. 
“I will conjure up a blade for you, human. Do you know how to use such things?”
You blink at him, completely unimpressed. “I live with two Russian spies. Yeah, I know how to use a knife for something other than cutting meat.”
“Oh-ho,” he breathes out. “But that is what you will be doing. It’s not all that different.”
“Ew,” you grimace.
“Ew,” Loki mocks. He conjures up a silver blade, more like a dagger, and places it in your palm without so much as a look up. He pulls open the closet door and rolls his shoulders again. “I don’t know how you keep coming home alive.”
Stepping out with him, you shrug lightly. “I really don’t know either.”
“If you die one of these days, I feel as though I could have prevented it.”
“You’d feel guilty? Aw, you’re going to protect me?”
Loki stops at the corner of the hallway where the turn into the office is currently guarded. Four guards outside, five voices inside. They have machine guns, but Loki has his magic, and you are somewhat better at hand-to-hand than shooting anyway. “Not going to protect you. I feel as if I should tell the Captain or Stark to bench you permanently for risk of you accidentally shooting yourself.”
Before you could bite back, Loki rounds the corner and the fight begins. All in all, you got out with only a bruised lip. Loki didn’t need to protect you after all, but he swears the fight could have ended five minutes earlier if you had your first weapon of choice. 
You still have no idea where that gun went. 
“He’s a flirt out in the field.”
Loki makes this alarmed and scandalized noise to your far left and Bucky just about chokes on every laugh bursting from his chest. The God is sitting with his arms crossed over his chest, shoulder-length hair not doing much in covering his increasing blush, and wearing a nice, dark navy blue suit. He kind of looks like a CEO who just heard he lost millions because of his team’s split-second decision. 
“I was not flirting. I am not a flirt.”
Rolling your eyes and waving a hand in the air, you don’t even look to him as you continue speaking. “He’s absolutely lying. God, if you could hear the way he bullies me and grips my arms to throw me around -”
“That’s quite enough.” He still looks so scandalized. Tony is hiding his face behind his hands and Bucky has already excused himself from the briefing room. You can feel the God glaring daggers through your smirk. 
“I think,” Tony tries, but a quiet laugh (that sounds like a literal whine) interrupts him. He tries again, “The mission could have gone better. I applaud you for working so well together.” He takes a deep breath and tilts his head up, revealing the tears of laughter that had leaked. “You won’t have to go into the field again this month unless necessary.”
“Thank the Norns,” Loki sighs and goes to stand from his chair. He’s hoping for a quick escape, but Stark never lets him go so easily. There always had to be one mortified agent or Avenger to taunt during Friday movie nights. 
“Now hold on a second.” Tony finally catches his breath, tears no longer shining. “Y/LN, your error put the whole mission in jeopardy and while I don’t take much satisfaction in saying this -” Tony clutches his chest. “You could have gotten your partner seriously hurt. You know we can’t trust your abilities fully without more experiments. Therefore!”
Oh, great. You expected a private punishment, something Loki wouldn’t have to witness. If this was anything like the time you got stuck climbing out the bathroom window in the President’s private suite, then it would be embarrassing. 
“Extra training with Cap in hand-to-hand, Wilson will get you over your fear of heights for the hell of it, and you have two days to learn how to disassemble and put together an automatic rifle - Manchurian Candidate can help with that. Anything you don’t accomplish means you no longer get to pick dinners for Friday nights.”
It was such a mild punishment for putting a teammate’s life in danger and jeopardizing a mission. Well, to anyone who didn’t know you, at least. Steve hit hard, you were fucking terrified of heights, and rifles… really? You were one of the only ones in the compound who absolutely loved Mexican food and Friday nights were the perfect excuse to order some. You lose your day, you’ll have to suffer Steve’s choice restaurant of fish and chips again. And that place never used salt. 
As previously stated, it’s such a mild punishment. Pointless really. But it still causes your mouth to drop due to Tony’s fucking audacity. “You wouldn’t.”
“We don’t just lose our guns out in the field, Y/LN. I could take this all the way up to Fury…”
“Nope, I got it,” you stutter out really quickly. “All good.”
Tony nods happily and leaves you alone with Loki, who’s still gripping the door handle mid-exit. There was absolutely no point for him to stay and hear that, and Loki fucking knows it too, because he’s grinning from ear to ear. 
“I cannot believe you’re surprised by such a miniscule repercussion.”
“I cannot believe you’re still here.”
“Darling, to hear you’re being punished because you put my life in danger… well, it’s quite sensual wouldn’t you say?”
Standing from your seat and giving him a straight middle finger, you push past him and to the elevator. “Sensual? I’m basically being put in time-out. Don’t make it into something it’s not.”
“And what if I had actually gotten hurt?” He jogs into the elevator with you and ignores the way you quietly groan because of it. “What type of punishment would you have gotten?”
“Don’t know, don’t care. Never gotten a punishment that’s been horrible.” You’re avoiding eye contact, he notices this. He enjoys this game of cat and mouse with you. Everyday it’s something different. 
‘Loki, get your dirty feet off my dash.’
‘Loki, I swear to whatever Gods exist in this universe, I’ll poison you if you steal any more cookies from that tray.’
‘Stab me, I dare you. Natalia will kill you six different ways within the hour.’
Oh, yes. He thoroughly enjoys this. The heat in your eyes and how they widen when you’re arguing. The way you run your hand through your hair and tug near the base of your neck. The way your hip juts out when you’re the one mocking him. The tremble in your voice as it grows louder but not from nerves, rather a tremble from the strain in your throat. Tiny fists clenching and playing with your jacket zippers or picking at your cuticles. He really enjoys pushing your buttons. 
“That’s a pity. I can think of a few punishments that fit the crime.”
The elevator dings. “Oh, going all fifty shades on me?”
“I don’t understand that reference,” Loki says, catching the doors from closing as you step out onto your floor. “My punishments would be rather enjoyable.”
“Your punishments?” You push out a laugh and wave goodbye as you open your bedroom door. “In your dreams, Loki.”
Sam chooses to start a mini-series rather than put on a movie this Friday night. Bridgerton, Sam sounds out as he clicks through the home screen, Hey! There’s black people dressed as royalty in this! Fucking finally!
Tony lets you order your Mexican food anyway but reminds you that your first sparring lesson with Steve starts tomorrow. He warns you not to swallow down too many beans. 
Three episodes in and everyone is insanely intrigued. Dishes are passed around, plates piled high, and even Loki looks rather interested in the show’s plot. He mumbles over to Thor every once in a while, complimenting the attire or the delivery of some line, and it’s worrying how many times you have to hide your smile through it all. 
When the sex scenes start, everyone’s eyes are blown wide. They’re choreographed to an extreme degree and are rather long sequences. Bruce adjusts his glasses every other exaggerated moan; Natasha is recording Steve’s reaction to it all; Bucky and Sam are nodding in approval and piling food into their mouths; Thor is tilting his head and trying his best to cover Wanda’s eyes, even though she’s slapping his eyes away; Tony’s commenting on every single damn movement; and Loki, well, Loki’s looking between the screen and you. 
Everytime a scene ends, the team gets a breather. But the show is dedicated to making sex a main plotline and the team goes crazy again. Every single damn time, Loki looks over at you. 
When the Duke instructs Daphne on how to pleasure herself, you’re in need of some air. “Gonna go get more food.” Your whisper goes unheard, however, as everyone is leaning closer to the screen. 
You’re in the middle of pouring yourself more lemonade when you feel a presence behind you. Putting the lemonade down quickly, you spin on your heel with the thought of screaming about the fright. But once you’re turned all the way, Loki’s palm goes to cover your mouth and his body pushes against yours and into the counter. He’s significantly taller, much more intimidating pressed against you, and his eyes are sparkling with that mischief you’ve all become cautious of. 
He waits until you’ve stopped fidgeting to speak. “I have a punishment in mind.”
Forcibly pulling his hand away is a challenge, but he lets you overpower him. “Really? Are you serious right now?”
Your voices aren’t loud; in fact, you're practically whispering in each other’s ears. 
That sparkle shines brighter. “What? You think I was just going to let it go?”
“What in the world makes you think I would ever fuck you, Loki?”
“I haven’t even told you what my punishment entails, and yet, you’re the one who offers it,” Loki smirks. He’s all suave and confident but there’s a tint of pink reaching his cheeks. It flusters him, hearing you talk that way, but his hips are pressed against yours and he figures he still has the upper hand. 
“What do you want me to say? Fuck me? Punish me? Use me?” You seriously don’t know why you’re saying these things. The easy thing to do would be to walk away or talk louder - maybe that’ll attract attention and Loki will be too flustered to continue this spiel. 
“Keep talking like that and I promise to do all those things.”
There it is. Still, his cocky grin is making the fire in your head burn harder. Every pull of his thin upper lip simply sparks more agitation. “Bite me, Loki. I’m not someone who just fucks and drops the person.”
He shrugs almost nonchalantly. “So, don’t drop me. We’re both adults, we’re working people with cravings and desires. There doesn’t need to be more to this.” He runs his thumb along your jawline and hooks it underneath your chin, tilting your head up higher to meet your eyes. “And I would very much like to bite you.”
You’re silent for a moment, processing his words to the brim. You hadn’t had a relationship in so long (there was never any time with how often aliens fell from the sky) and no one was exactly lining up to sleep with you. So the pleasurable twinge near the base of your stomach startles you and it only pulses harder when Loki experimentally rolls his hips against yours. Widening your eyes, you refuse to look away from his forceful gaze. If you were to do that now, he’d know he has you wrapped around his finger. 
But the processing comes to halt as you realize what he has just offered. It actually makes you stifle a loud laugh. “Is a literal God of Norse mythology offering up the possibility of a ‘friends with benefits’ type deal? Is this seriously happening to me right now?”
“You’re thinking too much of it.” He doesn’t seem fazed at all. 
“And? Loki, you wanted to kill me yesterday. I wanted to kill you. And now suddenly -”
“Suddenly, I want to ravish every inch of your skin and prove that I can pleasure you.”
You study him carefully. His breath is coming out shorter than usual, his hands are gripping the sides of your hips the slightest bit tighter, and his eyes are darting back and forth between yours. Your mouth twitches into a knowing smile. “Oh my god, the show turned you on!”
He’s quiet in his movements. Stealthy, but you blame the magic mostly. Everyone is so fascinated by the show that no one hears the palms of your hands smacking to catch your weight as Loki shoves you around. His chest is now connected to your back and he makes it plainly obvious that he’s enjoying making you submit. Not that you ever would, but he’s clearly bigger and taller and can easily overpower you. Those simple checkboxes are gripping that pleasurable coil, heating it to the extreme, and threatening to snap it apart. Or maybe it already has, because there’s discomfort in your panties and it takes only a moment for you to feel your excitement pass through your bottom lips and settle on the once virgin lace. Loki has a hand covering your mouth and his other pressed firmly against your stomach. “Careful, pet. Any more teasing and I might just have to fuck you right here, right now.”
He chuckles, hot breath hitting your ear and making your eyes roll back. He continues, voice lower and hoarse. “When’s the last time you’ve been properly fucked?”
You could fight. If you even attempted to escape his hold, Loki would let you go. There would be no actual fight. But he speaks and his voice melts against your skin like candle wax and tickles your common sense dumb. “I bet it’s been ages. It’s been ages for me too, I hate to admit.”
He rolls his hips, flat against your ass, and that has you purring quietly. Your eyes dart to the door where anyone can walk through and refill their drinks and plates. One simple flap, just push open those conjoined doors, and see you bent over the counter with Loki directly behind you, at his mercy and ready to be fucked senseless. He doesn’t even give you time to respond, your purring is enough, and he dares trail his long fingers to the button of your pants. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Me fucking you on this counter while everyone watches? What would your precious Captain say? Natalia?”
He pops them open, pausing momentarily in case you fight against him or make a different type of noise. But all he feels are your rapid exhales against his hand and the roll of your hips against him. He smiles down to where he’s pressed against you, watching you work yourself up little by little, but decides not to comment directly on that. He’ll let you have your fun - he’s not a complete ass. Plus, the feeling of your plump ass against his hardening cock is bliss written in fucking devilry. 
“What would they say, hmm? I’m a hundred percent certain they would beg me for a turn.”
You moan loudly but quickly whimper in horror, eyes wide with worry that the team has finally overheard you. Loki wastes no more time, dipping his fingers into the tight constraints of your pants and your underwear to swipe an innocent finger across your folds. He’s immediately met with a growing pool of excitement that thanks him for opening your cunt apart. “Oh-ho! That’s actually exciting you? You think you’re lucky enough to keep quiet? Who would you let fuck you first? Hmm? Wilson? Barnes? Barnes hasn’t been with anyone for so long. He’d absolutely destroy you.” 
There’s both ice and fire in your head and in the next moment, that combination is drowning your legs, your arms, your freaking toes. It almost burns through your skin, begging to escape such tight confines but its inability to do so is what’s also getting you off. Loki dips his finger deeper to collect more of your fluid and circles back up to quickly find your clit. He rubs expert circles, tiny but quick, and he has to shut his eyes from crying out himself as you involuntarily buck back against him. You’re a whimpering mess and the noises are shocking him with insane excitement. He too feels too hot and too cold at the same time. It’s the first time he’s seeing you like this and he couldn’t have imagined how ravishing you would actually look. 
Now here you are, hair sticking to the light moisture of your forehead, absolutely drenched and dripping onto that poor lace Loki simply wants to bundle up and wrap around his hand as he strokes himself to completion later. He can feel your heartbeat in your clit and it’s killing him, turning him red inside and out and it takes all the willpower he has kept locked away for the last hundred years not to tug your clothing aside and fuck you rough. 
“But that’s not enough, hmm? Who else?” He’s circling quicker, relishing in the muffled squelching noises bouncing off the kitchen walls. He knows you probably hear them too even if your ears must be pounding. He feels your lips try to part behind his palm. “Who else?”
You rut faster, not caring about anything else but getting off. It’s so incredibly hot - Loki’s voice is doing it perfectly well indeed - and you’ll hate yourself in the morning but fuck it all. You haven’t gotten off with a partner in so long and feeling someone else’s fingers instead of your own was turning your brain to jelly. 
Then Loki presses his whole body down on top of you, effectively caging you underneath him and pressing your upper body against the cold granite. The coldness almost hurts your heated skin; it’s burning through your shirt. And Loki rubs fast, faster, faster and dips low to speak directly in your ear. “My brother?”
Now you try to wiggle free because what the fuck. 
“No, I don’t think I would let him have a turn. You’re mine to annoy, mine to tease.” He takes the top of your ear gently between his incisors. “Mine to fuck.”
His hand muffles your quiet screams as you come on his waiting fingers. He dips them in and collects all you can give him, spreading it over your lips and mound, and finally lets you go. He wonders if you’ll march right out of here and report him, or pretend this never happened, he doesn’t know. But you’re still bent over the granite and breathing heavily. Slowly, ever so slowly, you use whatever strength you can muster up and turn around. 
Loki takes the opportunity to take his wet fingers in his own mouth. He swirls his tongue around them, sucking and releasing them only to hold them straight and run his tongue along their length. He’s sucking his own fingers, hollowing his own cheeks around them like he would a cock, minus the deepthroating and gagging. 
He laughs when he notices how black your eyes are. “Enjoy that, darling?”
Your chest heaves and it surprises you that you can even form a coherent sentence. “What the fuck?”
“Please tell me if I overstepped.”
The disbelief on your face must have worried him, because he pauses his antics and increases the distance between the two of you. 
“I just wasn’t… expecting that.”
He hides it only slightly, but there’s genuine worry in his eyes. “If I overstepped -”
“It’s cool, uh, just go back to the show.”
He reaches out to take your hand but retracts it immediately. You give him the most awkward smile in history and haul ass to your bedroom. Loki doesn’t exactly know what to do so he rejoins the group, who are about the most oblivious people he’s ever met, and continues the show. They must have heard something… you two couldn’t have been that lucky.
It’s irrational, but Loki is the one who starts to shy away from you all week. Each glance, each ‘hello’ in the morning, each and every breath you can hear him take makes you want to pounce. It’s irrational, and sure you’ve thought about Loki this way before during some pretty desperate ruts of loneliness but oh my god, did you want to fuck him for real this time. 
It’s pretty obvious he’s avoiding you because he believes he’s misstepped. And it’s not like you’ve been trying to avoid him too. You’ve asked Thor if he noticed Loki acting strangely, sat near him whenever you found yourselves eating lunch at the same time, and even cracked a joke in his direction during a briefing. Still, Loki smiles sheepishly and politely responds. 
You’re even, irrationally, fucking angry that he’s so goddamn perfect. Gentle and kind with his attitude even after he rubbed your clit with such precision… like he was born to pleasure his partners until they saw black spots. It makes you angry that after all that talk, he shies away and expects your relationship to be awkward forever? What kind of guy - even if Loki isn’t a guy persay - does that? And you weren’t going to back down. Nope, not after knowing what his chest feels like pressed against your back, or how his long fingers feel spreading your cunt open, or how much heat his body radiated when he too was worked up. 
It’s literally not fair. 
But you’re lucky and you know that if you really doubled-down you could get him alone, easily. You allowed him his space.
The rest of the team is either in the indoor gym, out to lunch, or on the outside track when you decide enough is enough. Loki only ever spars with Thor and since Thor was getting lunch with Bruce downtown, Loki was free. 
He’s in Tony’s lab (where Tony surprisingly isn’t) and only hears you come in when you shut the door behind you. Not that it makes any difference or creates a sense of privacy - the whole room has glass walls. He pauses typing instructions into the monitor and clears his throat, bowing his head like the fucking moron he was. 
His grin spreads like it always does, from root to petal, and his eyes crinkle like he’s truly pleased to see you. “Ah, I was hoping to run into you today -”
“Were you? You sure about that?”
He blinks. “I beg your pardon?”
You almost want to copy his smile, extend your arms like you own the room, but you opt for smirking and tilting your hip outward slightly. “Beg then.”
It’s like the air is punched out of him. He wants to reel it back in because the lack of air leaves him defenseless. His shoulders are dropped like he’s leaning into them and his knees buckle. Your voice is positively doing the best things to his ego, to his fogged up brain, to his desire to have you. At that moment, he regrets ignoring you for a whole week. Because the sway of your hip, the pursed nature of your lips, even the glint in your eyes is igniting that craving he’s had for a while.  “A God doesn’t actually - “
“A God this, a God doesn’t do that, shut the hell up, Loki,” you interrupt, crowding his space and pushing him by the chest into the wall. He hits it gently, arms staying by his hips and eyes locked on yours. “A God also doesn’t break his word or shy away from a challenge,”
“Refresh my memory.”
He’s matching your smirk now. He’s accepting the challenge and there’s this wild look on his face, like he’s ready to sink his teeth into your neck or his own hand. 
“I vaguely remember you telling me not to drop you. So, what? You fuck me with your fingers and that’s it?”
“You’re testing my patience, darling.”
“Am I? You want to know how fucking thin my patience is right now?”
“I admit I’m curious.”
The audacity is what does it. Pushing against him so your leg slots in between his thighs, you place one hand near his neck and the other above his belt buckle. He hears the jingle and almost falls to his knees. Fighting with you is one thing, but fighting with happy endings? His mouth parts with a strangled whine as you palm his hardening cock through his pants, following the outline and studying his eyes as you do. He looks about ready to explode. 
“See? I can be a tease as well,” you say, praying your voice sounds as sultry as you think it does. Loki lets his eyes drift closed for a moment, sinking in the overwhelming feeling of your hand palming so gently and yet, so hard at once. It’s a combination that’s making his mind even more foggy and he forgets how to breathe with restraint.  “A week ago, I loved to tease you with my words. Let’s see if there’s an easier way…”
He opens both eyes, positively black, and almost groans when he sees you leaning in. “Darling?”
“Do you want me to stop?” You pause your movements, lips hovering his own.
“God, no.”
That’s the green light you need. You slam your lips against his and unbuckle his belt at the same time. It’s both sensual and the slightest bit sloppy, heads turning to fit the proper direction, strings of saliva connecting the two of you when you pull back for breath. You shove his pants just a little lower and stick your hand down his briefs, surprised that Loki’s wearing such casual clothing. He’s always dressed as if he’s attending some gala, but here he is so normal. At your will. “You like that? Being so exposed?” 
He whines deep in throat and tries to retract it, but the second you wrap your hand around his stiff cock he doesn’t bother. His chest heaves upward and his mouth drops open, strangled groans escaping with every dignified tug of his swollen cock. You’re still speaking but your voice seems miles away to him. “Didn’t think I’d like being exposed. It’s really scary.” 
It registers with him that you are indeed in a very public space. He looks over your shoulder to glance at the long hallways where anyone could walk past and see him, completely exposed and red and dripping, whining like an omega in heat because of a human he swore he would end up killing out of pure annoyance one day. “But look at you, hard and wanting and completely at my will.”
He’s startled into a laugh. “Your tongue is going to get you in trouble.”
“Oh, is it?” You take the chance to lick a swipe from his bottom lip to his top, pressing harder against him so the harsh rub of fabric from your jeans overstimulates him. He’s leaking from the tip, red and swollen with such a need to burst that you figure his balls must be in the same predicament. You feel all powerful with each tug, watching as Loki so desperately tries to hold himself up against the wall and resist the urge to grind against your leg. You almost wish he would. Flames are licking up his legs that cause him to sweat, and he’s bucking his hips into your hand with some primal desperation.  “Tell me, Loki. Darling… you wanna come?”
The words spilling from your mouth are making him burst at the seams. His stomach clenches involuntarily as a response and he promises himself that he’s going to box this moment with your voice and the muscle of your thigh and the grip of your hand and keep it safely hidden until the next time he needs it. “You little minx.”
“Completely exposed. Absolutely dripping. Anyone can walk past and see you.” He throws his head back against the wall and whines from both his close orgasm and the smack to his skull. This leaves his throat exposed, and he huffs out a long breath when your lips connect to the free skin. You’re marking him, he feels, and it excites him to later parade that nice purple bruise for everyone to see. “Bet there’s cameras.”
He ruts now, hips matching the pace of your hand and eagerly chasing his release. “Please.”
“Please what? Use your words.” You bite down and suck, and Loki just about yells. His chest rises and falls rapidly and his hips are losing their perfected rhythm. He’s scared his scream is going to shatter the glass. 
“Please teach me my lesson.”
Your smile grows slowly, teeth and all, and you slap one hand over his mouth and use some of his own accumulating slick at the tip of his cock to spread along his length. His eyes widen at the roughness but he finds himself wanting to thank you for covering his mouth. Your hand moves fast, twisting expertly and thumb sliding over his slit multiple types until he can’t handle it anymore. His knees do buckle but it’s your thigh pressed in between him that tells him to hold himself up. He shouts, long groans dragging out over the course of his release, all muffled from your sweaty palm keeping him quiet. His release shoots up his chest, powerful enough to even hit the skin near his collarbones, and all over your hand. You care enough not to throw him over to sensitivity, but work him long enough so he feels you throughout his orgasm. 
Once he can feel his body again, tingles just now resigning and blurry vision correcting itself, he stands straight again. He vaguely feels you tuck him back into his pants and button him back up. 
He flutters his eyes open and by the proud smile on your face, he can imagine what he looks like: fucked to bliss. You raise your hand to mouth and Loki sees his spent dripping alongside your palm and thumb. His jaw clenches and he swallows almost painfully when you lick yourself clean. He wouldn’t be opposed to having that pink tongue wrapped around his cock right about now.
You surprise him, though, by pushing him back against the wall and chuckling. “Lucky no one walked past, huh? Don’t you dare ignore me anymore.”
He sucks in a deep breath and blushes down at the floor. “Oh, darling. Never.”
“Well, would you look at that?”
The model fills in the thermometer-looking drawing with her red marker and the crowd cheers as the donations hit over five million. You roll your eyes at Tony and casually sip at your champagne. “A charity gala was completely pointless, Tony.”
“Hey, there are other charitable billionaires in the world. Doesn’t have to all come from my pocket,” Tony scoffs and cheers louder to excite the crowd. Everyone is doing their part and entertaining the guests. Steve’s buttering up the big donors and Bucky’s buttering up the wives. Thor’s getting to know the rich kids who were dragged to this event by their rich parents, and Clint’s snickering in the background each time one of those kid’s jokes flies over Thor’s head. And Loki’s just chilling at the bar, keeping a low profile as he should, but still doing the gentlemanly thing and trying to be a part of the team.
“Considering you’re one of the main reasons we’re raising money in the first place-”
“Hey, everyone uses Grand Central. Everyone was there. Don’t pin it all on me.”
“I need another drink.”
Walking to the bar seems like the most erotic thing Loki has ever caught you doing. He’s staring at you with this winning grin and it’s enough to make you weak in the knees. His suit is a dark green, tight around the thighs and biceps. His hair is loose and, dare you say, fluffed. The curls are looser than they usually are and they wave toward the same directions rather than mismatched.
He’s not the only one staring at you walking to the bar, however. Loki notices this, too. His grin turns into that famous smirk and you know he’s challenging you. Your little rendezvous the other day has only excited the both of you more: sexy looks whenever you crossed paths, heavy make-outs and petting in the corners of hallways, dialogue that would make even Thor blush. Now he’s challenging you to start the foreplay - entice him, make him jealous, let everyone know they can’t have you. You will have him tonight, you can feel it. You’re feeling lucky.
“Now, you’re the only assassin on the team that isn’t Russian.”
He seems younger than you, probably only by a year, and his eyes are a lovely milk chocolate brown that are kind. There’s, of course, that hint of want in his eyes that lets you know what his true intentions are. Blond hair perfectly styled, suit tailored as perfectly as his father’s probably, and a smile that promises nothing serious.
“Mm, don’t make any bets on that. We superheroes have tons of secrets hidden up our sleeves.”
“You’re also the only one I’ve seen beat a guy with nothing but a baseball bat.”
It’s true. You are rather… unconventional. You made a name for yourself with the younger crowd of social media. They thought you extreme but holy, completely fucking weird but good at her job. And if the other Avengers put up with you, then you were worthy enough to stan. Still, no one should be witness to your antics when you lose your gun. “God, did they get that on camera?”
The man chuckles and swishes around his drink. “Were they not supposed to?”
You smirk and cast a glance at Loki, who’s smiling around the rim of his glass. “Well, I don’t like being videotaped unless I approve beforehand.”
The man catches onto your innuendo. He blushes and smiles right back at you. “Can I buy you a drink?”
“The drinks are free. You can order me one.”
He waves the bartender down and he takes your order. In the minute you’re waiting for it, you’re half listening to what this man is saying and how Loki’s staring at you from across the bar. The champagne is placed in front of you and at the same time, Loki motions with his hand for you to get it over with. He doesn’t look jealous but rather annoyed with how slow this man is taking to get to his point.
“So, how come I don’t see you out and about as often as the others? Think I saw your friend Wanda in Vogue last month.”
“I tend to cause small mishaps everywhere I turn. It’s a skill and it’s dangerous but it hasn’t killed me yet.”
There’s a playful glint in your eye but for a stranger like him, it looks rather alarming. “Mm, you really shouldn’t trust me with a gun.”
The man pauses and squints slightly as he scans your face. “Are you yanking my chain? They wouldn’t hire you as an Avenger if you were incapable of something so simple.”
Something. So. Simple. “I’m also horrible at conversing with anyone who I’m not paid to protect.”
The man’s mouth parts as if he wants to say something else, but he can feel when the conversation isn’t a good one. “Enjoy your drink.”
At least he’s polite about it.
Loki slides his way over to your side of the bar, a pep in his step and with the widest grin he’s presented all night. “You’re gonna end up in the headlines for an entirely different reason than you want to, darling.”
“Oh, but that was fun, wasn’t it?”
Loki scoffs but there’s mountains and mountains of sarcasm in his voice. “He was a perfectly good suitor. Tall, handsome, overlooked that intimidating glare you seem to always have.”
You fake a pout, “But he didn’t even stay long enough for me to tell him it was all a joke.”
“Is it, though? You’ve lost more guns in the middle of a firefight than I care to count.”
“You know, it makes me all giddy inside that you don’t actually count them.”
He downs his drink and looks around the room before he whispers near your ear. “Are you doing anything later?”
It’s rather fun to keep this a secret from the whole team. They’re none the wiser and it always ignites a fire in the pit of your stomach whenever Loki teases you right in their presence. Any day now they can turn their heads at the right moment, strain their ears to catch the talk between you two, or walk in during another pleasurable rendezvous. But they haven’t yet, and Loki thinks he’d find it quite erotic to take you in such a public area when the time for them to know is right.
“Might go to bed early. Don’t know. Why? Want me to leave my door unlocked?”
“Tempting me, are you?”
You don’t finish your new glass and instead wink at him before leaving the gala altogether.
“Took you long enough.”
Loki’s already shedding his jacket the moment he passes through the bedroom door. “I’ll never keep you waiting again.”
It sounds like a promise because of his breathy tone and it almost makes you blush by how excited he looks. “You sure you wanna go through with all this?”
“I’m certainly not going to object.”
You give him a pointed look, “Loki.”
He takes your hands in his and caresses your knuckles. “I won’t ‘drop’ you after this. I don’t think it’d be possible for me to.”
“Too tempting for you?”
“And other things. You make me want to pull my own hair out.”
Regardless of such a gentle conversation, you know it certain that the sex isn’t going to be vanilla. “Something every lady wants to hear.”
He grins at that and pushes a strand of your hair behind your ear. He looks at you for a long moment before leaning in ever so slightly and breathing against your lips. “Let me touch you.”
“You can do a hell of a lot more than that. Don’t think me fragile.”
He smells like whiskey and cinnamon all at once. “Never, darling.”
His kisses always start off so benign, like he’s scared of hurting you or scared of building the moment up too quickly. His lips slide of yours with intent, however, and he uses his whole body to tell you of it. His hands come up to rest on your cheeks, thumbs sweeping across your soft skin, and then they rise to the first strands of hair he’s lucky enough to touch. The moment they do though, he presses his lips even harder and it’s basically a plea to taste even more of what you have to offer. You’re both breathing through your nose and trying to catch little inhales here and there whenever your lips slightly detach. He’s taking his sweet time but you know he’s only mapping out the things he’s going to do to you.
His fingers lace through all the way to the back of your neck and finally, finally, he cracks. He pulls just the slightest bit harder but it’s enough to tug your head backwards and expose your willing neck to him. A puff of air escapes your lungs but it quickly turns into a low groan when his lips reattach themselves to the sensitive skin just below your ear. He sucks and bites, body pressing you even further backward until you hit the wall. His hips are slotted against yours and just like how you restricted his access, he places his right leg in between you. With him being taller, his thigh presses against your mound deliciously. You had worn a simple cocktail dress for the gala, not really wanting to go all out for something so mundane, but it’s working wonders by allowing such easy access for Loki’s clothed thigh. He trails kisses down your throat and to your collarbones, tongue poking out every so often to trace the veins that aren’t visible to you - but to Loki. He can sense your blood rushing through your veins, he knows enough about anatomy to know where they’re located, and he follows them like a tempting path. He’s there at your neck, on your sternum, above your breasts, and then back up to your waiting lips to swallow all of your low whines.
“I want to do something,” you croak, slightly embarrassed by how gone you already sound.
You smile at how fucked out he already sounds as well. It takes all of your self-control not to rub it in his face that you, a Midgardian with a god-like skill, are making him wither under your touch.
“Go sit over there.”
Loki detaches from your lips, a lovely string of spit refusing to follow his lead. “Sit… over there?”
There’s a long couch pushed up against your wall that faces your bed. There’s a small coffee table in front of it and it looks rather comfortable for a day spent reading. But now you’re imagining Loki on that very couch, thighs spread wide and mouth parted while he has no other choice but to watch you enjoy yourself. “What? You think our little game is over?”
“I would quite like to know how I’m supposed to win.”
“Men. Always wanting to race to the finish line.”
“Don’t compare me to anyone else. As long as I can see you as you are, absolutely gorgeous, I’ll play whatever game you want.”
Locking your door as quickly as you could, you’re already stripping from the dress. Loki follows your movements with his hungry eyes but doesn’t make a move to touch. He’s waiting for instructions. A sharp tilt of your head reminds him of what they are.
The moment you’re bare, it’s heaven. The cotton of your sheets greet you, rubbing along your sensitive skin like the caress of a hand you’ve been begging for. Loki’s hands were rough, large, with slender fingers that would definitely get the job done. He’d make sure to touch every single inch of skin available to him, he’d touch every single goosebump, and once he had accomplished that first part, his fingers would continue the torture. But would it be torture? Or undeniable pleasurable sensations that are sure to get you screaming until your lungs felt as though they were punctured through? You’ve felt them once before but never inside of you. Only teasing.
Loki sheds his top layers and unbuckles his belt. He sits far enough away that you can’t really feel his presence, but close enough that you know you’re being watched.
“Touch yourself, pet. Tell me what you want.”
You already know the slope of your collarbones, the hardness of your nipples when they meet the chilled air, the dip of your hips and the shaven mound of your pubis. There’s no time to appreciate the simple things - no - your fingers immediately go to that sweet little nub in between your shaking legs. You follow his instructions promptly, dipping your fingers further in only to swipe more of your excitement higher. It does the trick and you find that you're practically dripping. There’s stickiness attached to your inner thighs, the strings of clear arousal forming a tiny bridge that connects skin to skin, wet and becoming dry all at once. Whimpering, you spread your arousal all along your inner lips and get to work.
The very fact that Loki is inches away, spread out the same way you are and gaining his pleasure from yours is distractedly erotic, and it hypes the sensations even more. Your breath hitches when he leans his head back and releases a low moan, wet lips parting and bottom lip (dare you say) shaking. His cock is throbbing, rock hard in his grasp, and each time your finger swipes at your special spot his thighs clench involuntarily. “I want… fuck, I want you to fuck me.”
He chuckles deeply and his tongue is settled on his bottom lip. “You may make me want to throw you to the nearest wolves, but seeing you spread out and needy is better than any other fantasy. Dripping, willing, absolutely begging for someone to fill you and satisfy that carnal desire God and Midgardian have alike.”
He lifts his head and meets your gaze. His eyes seem darker and there’s a thin sheet of sweat starting to appear on his forehead. His words are eating you alive. You know Loki’s a smooth talker, what with that damn silver tongue you’ve read about, but to hear it in action is overwhelming. Your fingers are just now creating a steady pace. The pleasure shoots through your clit and to the coil unraveling in your stomach, twisting and swirling with streaks of brilliant bliss that soon finds its way to your chest. Unable to contain your noises, they inch their way through your heaving chest to your dry throat and sound off in your once quiet room.
Your head rolls to the side and your heated cheek meets the cotton of your pillow. It’s almost too much. The cotton should be a welcome feeling, but it’s just making you burn faster. Your mind races, and soon the cotton is turning into the hands of a certain God you’ve come to despise and crave. It seems almost rude to imagine his pink lips trailing down your neck, bruising and sucking as he pleased, down to the valley of your breasts and wrapping around your sensitive nipples when he’s literally right there. His hand is moving faster and there’s a hint of restraint in his voice, almost like he’s covering up his own noises. He’s already leaking, red at the tip and hand finding all his special places. His chest heaves brilliantly as he tugs himself, heavy and hot, noises breather.
You aren’t much for biting, but God, did you want this God to do just that again. His hands would find a new home in your hair and they would tug, tug, pull, and fuck it if he pulled some strands loose because you’ll feel him clenching his fist around the base of your neck and pulling you up to meet him mid-thrust.
His thrusts would be…
“Fuck,” you choke and rub your clit faster. Still, you try not to apply so much pressure. If you could do this all night, you would, but the knowledge that Loki will be the one to do this in just a few minutes after you find yourself tired of the game... Your mind wanders to the image of his hand curling in your hair and pulling as he thrust into you fast and hard - would he go fast and hard? - of course he would; he’d want to fuck the disobedience out of you, the frustration he’s dealt with these past weeks. Being paired together for missions was a bad idea from the start and now you’re imagining him fucking you? Now he’s literally sitting in front of you watching as you fuck yourself?
God, if he was over you and fucking you his long hair would whip your cheeks as he pressed down. You’d be wrapped in his arms and he’d make sure your legs were secured around his waist as he lifted you and fucked you fierce -
“You’re awfully quiet for someone with such an active mind,” Loki pants and his hand slides up his shaft to pinch his red tip. He groans softly, “Tell me what you’re thinking, pet.”
The moan you let out is almost embarrassing, a whine more like, and your fingers dance through your juices nastily. Quick rolls of your sensitive clit, the sound of your arousal sticking to your fingers and thighs, hair tugging beneath your shoulders as you lifted your lower half to chase the pace. So much pleasure building, like fireworks still in your hand that you forgot to throw, gentle and jaw dropping explosions all at once-
“Fuck, yes, say my name darling.”
Just as you were an expert of your own body, he was for his. He’s running his large hand, those slender fingers, over himself so beautifully. His head is tilting back again, and he disregards possible embarrassment as he moans low and long, pace increasing each time his cock spurts another small droplet of pre-come. His rhythm stutters when he hears your sharp inhale.
“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since the first time you scolded me.”
He’s lost most of his resolve now, because instead of a verbal response he’s simply nodding quickly. It’s true. He had chewed you out in front of the whole team because you had managed to get kidnapped by the Afghan prince you were supposed to be pretending to court. Spending three days trying to escape was nothing, mere childsplay, but Loki had busted his ass those three days simply trying to communicate with you. And when you rounded the corner, skipping no less, with a simple response of “Hey! Now it’s a party!”, he had almost murdered you.
He looked so angry, so annoyed, so finished with the Avengers in general for not telling him about your little antics and behavior. So he yelled at you in front of everyone, veins bulging from his neck and finger pointed in your face that it took all your self-control not to make a dirty joke in the middle of it. Steve knew this of course, because he stood behind Loki with his lips spread so thin and mimicking with his hand near his throat for you to cut it out.
“Yeah? Gods, you should see yourself. Spread so perfectly, practically begging me to fuck you.”
“Shit,” you pant, free hand leaving the sheets to clutch at your left breast. His words hit you like a wave and you swear you can feel the pebbles on your skin and salt in your mouth. “Stop talking like that or I’ll come.”
“Why should I stop?” He swears quietly under his breath, thumb passing along his slit to collect more slick. “You said you want to come. I can make you come. I can have you withering beneath me, uncontrollable, crying from such - ah - from such ecstasy.”
You rub your clit faster, whines turning into near cries as his words hit you. Your ears hear him, your brain digests the meaning, and your body begs to be full of his cock. He has your thighs shaking. “You want that?”
He can tell you’re fighting it and it’s making him harder, if that’s possible. He can feel the coil at the base of his spine, pinching him nicely and swelling his balls with the release he so desperately wants to fill you with. The pleasure is growing inside of him, chest burning hot and prickly with the coil of arousal. He tears his gaze away from your body to lock eyes with you, and it’s deadly. “So beautiful. So fucking perfect.”
His words are literally killing you. There’s a fire tracing up higher, starting at the base of your fingertips and up your arms, tightening its grip around your clenched throat. It’s so good and bad at the same time. And again, you’re reminded that you’re literally on display, hot and wet for the one man who makes you feel like burning this whole compound down. “Loki, fuck, please.”
“Please what?” Loki groans, hopeful about your words. He wants to get an invitation, he wants inside you, he wants to be with you. It’s like a voice is teasing him, telling him it’s not just erotic desire that he’s feeling, but he pushes it down and focuses back to your withering body. Your hips are lifting themselves up now and your thighs are threatening to shut violently. “You want me to fuck you?”
A single tear escapes and quickly seeps into your ear. It tickles, but it’s faint compared to the burning heat between your legs. “Just…”
“Begging me, pet? Gods, keep doing that. Where do you want me?”
You’re reluctant to tear your hand away from yourself, but you have to see him. Lifting yourself on your elbows, you watch as he strokes his length at the same pace you had. His hair looks unruly, like he’s been running his hands through it. Maybe he’s been pulling it.
That simple thought is enough to cause you to spread your thighs even further, knees practically touching the mattress. “Come here.”
Loki doesn’t care if you took him by the neck and insulted his whole being right now. Same as you, he follows your instructions like it's second nature. He’s on you in a second, hand never leaving his cock as he keeps stroking himself to near completion. “What do you want? Tell me, darling. Tell - ah, oh - please.”
His face contorts in pleasure as he strokes the right area. You watch him, cheeks hot with a craving to put him in your mouth, in your hands, deep inside your aching heat that you’ll be able to feel him in your stomach, bottoming out and grinding against your clit with ease. “Make me yours.”
He hovers over you, one arm supporting his weight on the mattress as he dips down to capture your lips in another kiss. It’s rough and desperate and both your breathy moans are intermingling in begging pleas of release.
You were right: his hair does tickle your neck.
“Look at you. Fuck.” He aches almost painfully, climax close he can fucking taste it but he refuses to let it occur. It’s the way your mouth drops open when his hands reach below to cup your stomach, your hips, and then your bare ass that makes him inwardly praise every God he knows exists. He watches your jaw tense, eyes shut no matter how hard you try keeping them open, and neck presented like a lovely snack to his carnal cravings. He pushes your legs up higher and hooks them over his shoulders. But he doesn’t fuck you just yet, no, he lowers himself down and attaches his lips to the one place you need devoured immediately. His tongue sweeps slowly across your folds and to your clit, circling in tight figure eights and flattening against it when your whines turn extreme.
“Loki, fuck, fuck!” Your hands grip the top of his head harshly and he inhales through his nose. But he continues and presses in deeper, teeth grazing on accident and causing your hips to thrust upward and away. He has your thighs gripped tightly in his hands. Everytime your hands pull his hair he groans low and the vibration sends a prickle of pleasure throughout your thighs that they jiggle.
Loki’s enjoying this, you can tell, because he’s moaning in between your thighs and rutting against the mattress slowly. You don’t remember when he took off his pants but it’s quite a treat to see his round ass rise and fall with determined thrusts.
Loki slips one finger into your tight opening and it surprises you. His fingers are unbelievably long, not as thick, but he’s expert enough to know how to utilize such an asset. He pumps it gently and continues his smooth glides over your sensitive bud, completely thriving with each shout you give.
You’re sweet, a little salty, and so fucking perfect that Loki moans into your mound and presses in two fingers this time. He curls them and rubs against that spot that has you practically flying upward. It’s a stuttering series of ah-ah-aH’s and Loki ends up smiling against you the louder you get. If there wasn’t a party happening downstairs he knows the whole team would be piling outside your door to hear.
You’re coming with a loud scream, practically animalistic, and your knees knock against his head as they struggle to close. Loki’s mouth drops open as well, a long groan released as he continues to lap at you. The feeling has you whimpering but the sight is what gets you. He raises himself, chin shiny and lips glistening, and he gives you that fucking smile he gives whenever he’s won an argument. Except this time, he’s just made you come with the most pathetic noise you’ve ever made. You tug him close and kiss him deep, tasting yourself and openly inviting it.
“As much as I want to look at your face again when you come over my cock, it’s not in the cards.”
Before you can respond, Loki flips you over and traps you underneath him. He presses his cock into your lower back and ruts gently as he places small kisses down your neck. He pushes your hair to the side and trails more kisses down your spine.
“Alien or not, it makes sense you would enjoy this position.”
He grips your hips and lifts you to place a pillow underneath and nudges your legs apart. Your breath hitches when you feel him against your drenched cunt. He leans down, chest hot against your back, and presses a deep kiss to your cheek. “Okay?”
He’s about to fuck you raw and that still has you flushing with shyness. “Yeah,” you breathe, raising your hips as an invitation. He wastes no more time and finally pushes into you. Your breath stretches as he pushes in farther.
Pressure builds in him, pushing lovely sounds out of him that have you already clenching down around him. He hisses and thrusts deeper, allowing you to adjust to his full girth and length.
You literally feel all your muscles relax to make way for him. You feel your breath level to match his. You feel every teasing inch of him and your heart is pounding in your ears by how fucking amazing he already feels. A whimper pours from your mouth when he finally bottoms out and his hands are gripping your hips so hard you’re sure there are bruises forming. “Loki.”
He chuckles, low and deep, and takes that as signal enough. Pulling back just an inch already has your mouth parting in a silent scream. You can feel all of him, every vein and ridge, and it’s fucking delightful. He pulls out until only the cockhead is snug, and thrusts back in until his hips hit your ass. Your pants are plenty in telling him that you’re ready for him to move quicker.
Both your moans are so high, short, and repeated that the desire is just building. He’s sliding so easily, your cunt absolutely drenching his cock and clenching around him like the most heavenly vice. The intrusion of his cock sliding in and out, in and out faster and rougher, makes your toes curl and your vision hazy.
His arms move. One comes to wrap all the way around your waist while the other grips from underneath and to your neck. He isn’t choking you, his hand nearer your collarbones than anything else, but it provides a nice leverage for him to lean over further and drive his hips deeper. He plants almost slobbery kisses to your shoulders.
“This what you wanted all these weeks?” he pants, hips drilling into your pussy at such a rapid and delicious rate that he has your back arching almost painfully. You can only gasp and moan as a response, drool beginning to pool on the pillow closest to you. It’s impossible to swallow it, let alone speak through it, and you shut your eyes as another loud moan escapes your bruised lips.
“Answer me, darling,” Loki tries again, pausing his thrusts to change his hand positions again. This time he hooks his right arm underneath your waist and the other slowly pulls upward where it leaves invisible lightning strikes across each of your vertebrae. His fingers find the base of your neck and then the thickness of your hair, and he tugs you up so your back is now one with his chest. He settles you on your knees and helps you grip onto the headboard. The quick movement causes black spots to appear in your vision for only a second because then he’s pounding away again and pulling your head back by your hair to lay on his shoulder.
“Yes!” you scream, thighs vibrating from lack of strength but you’re determined to feel Loki at this wonderful angle. He’s holding you up so carefully but he’s fucking you with such a rawness that’s you’ll definitely feel this tomorrow. Throwing your head back, Loki uses this opportunity to plant a slick, hot kiss on your neck and to unleash your hips from his hold to cup your breasts instead.
“Yes, you like getting fucked by your God?”
That makes you roll your eyes but then he has you rolling your eyes to the back of your head when his thrusts pick up and begin slamming into the one place you need him to be. Fire is licking its way up your toes, to your thighs, to the middle of your chest and building such a tight coil that you’re afraid it might actually burst red and violently over your white sheets.
“We can do this all night. I have so many other things I want to do to you, and you me. You like having cock in your mouth?”
The desperation in Loki’s deep voice milks a newfound desire within you. It has you uncontrollably clenching around his thick cock and giving him his answer. “I like having cock in my mouth. But I would certainly love to see you on your knees with mine down your eager throat.”
His words are screaming in your ears. You brace your hands against the headboard and lean forward so you’re no longer pressed up against his hot chest. This way he can ram into you easily. His hand remains twisted in your hair and the tugs he’s giving are causing you to leak around his cock, wetter than you’ve ever been, hot and cold with such a need for release.
After he says it, you imagine it. You on your knees looking up at him through fluttering eyelashes, perhaps in the middle of the common room where anyone can walk in, sucking down the delicious curve of his cock with him dripping down your throat. Yeah, that has you moaning uncontrollably now.
“Please,” you pant, meeting his thrusts halfway. Loki’s leaning over you again, his cock pulsing with the need to fill you up and lick you clean again. His cheeks are red and his chest is heaving delightfully as he comes near his end as well.
“Please, what? Use your words.” He’s throwing your own words back at you, teasing you in the most unnecessary moment, because god, did you need to come. He dips his fingers into your parted mouth and you immediately suck them deep, swirling your eager tongue around his lean fingers, and you hear the nasty pop when he removes them. He plants his index and middle fingers back in between your thighs and works your nub to push you closer to edge.
It’s too much. “Oh, shit,” you whine, voice thinning. It’s like there’s a heavy bulge in the middle of your throat begging to be popped, creating such a soreness that the only cure is to yell in delight. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
A needy thrum of desperation pouring into your veins is enough to snap you from your hazy state. “Loki, please. I want to come. Make me come, please.”
His fingers work faster, pinching your nub between both fingers and it sends you howling pornographically. You’d be embarrassed if it didn’t feel so good. Loki’s mounting you, claiming you as his, fucking you with such primal desire that it takes everything not to collapse from the sheer pressure of it all.
“Fucking brilliant, darling,” Loki groans, thrusting deeper and rolling his hips against your plump ass in an effort to reach his climax. He’s watching the way you’re practically shivering from the aftershocks, flushed with sweat, cunt squeezing the ever loving devil from him. A few more deep thrusts is all it takes for him to shake with a pleasure he hasn’t experienced in nearly two hundred years. The feeling of your velvet warmth enveloping him to the point it almost squeezes painfully, your spent dripping around his cock and down your shaking thighs; it makes him shut his eyes tightly as his jaw drops and he fails to catch the low shout that escapes. He watches the space where the two of you are connected as he continues filling you to the brim. His own come is now dripping from the sides and onto his softening cock.
He pushes in a couple more times, soft and deep, just enough to extend his climax and massage you. He drags out your name once he finally reaches his end and he removes himself carefully. Before toppling onto the sheets, he tugs you over and onto your back to roll with him.
Both your chests heave, sweat glistening on every inch of available skin, and there’s white spots plaguing your vision each time you shake your head. There are strands of hair stuck to Loki’s cheeks and forehead and he looks so blissfully fucked out that you’re proud of yourself for not jumping his bones earlier. The build-up was a strung out foreplay, but the end result proved to be entirely worth it.
“Was that punishment enough?”
Your eyebrows scrunch in confusion, “Seriously? You’re still on that?”
“Oh, darling,” Loki grunts low as he rolls onto his side and tugs you into his chest. “Everytime you make a blunder, which is every day, expect to be punished accordingly.”
If only you’re lucky enough to do what you do best.
A/N: Happy weekend! xxMoni
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neoculturetravesty · 5 months ago
Under your skin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Images taken from here and here.
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader Genre: smut, pwp, romance, angst, a little bit of fluff Warnings: 18+, fuck buddy Jaehyun, unprotected sex, oral (male and female receiving), fingering, thigh riding (brief), seduction, semi-public sex/sex in risky places, reader is a slight exhibitionist (likes the risk of getting caught, not actually getting caught). Word Count: 11.3k of smut and angst 
Summary: Isn’t it really complicated when one fuck buddy starts catching feels and wanting more? But is it you or Jaehyun?
A/N: Jaehyun stans, I heard you and I had to feed you 😔✌
Tumblr media
Somehow, the two of you would always find yourself in a situation like this.
Jaehyun doesn’t know what it is. But it’s like he’s always hungry for you, although hunger doesn’t seem like a plentiful enough word for what you guys do. Like your presence isn’t just that… a presence but a pull. Like your mere scent is the Pied Piper’s tune that hypnotizes him and before he knows it, he is all over you. He thinks you feel the same. Why else would you be pressed up into him, panting a hypnotic rhythm in his ear while his hand strums into your warm desire?
“Fuck, I want you bad.” He whispers at you as if his hands weren’t conveying the message convincingly enough. So he puts them to more work, feeling your breasts over your button down shirt, pulling you closer into him till there is no gap left between your back and his chest. 
“Jaehyun, we shouldn’t.” you say weakly, but it’s not a protest as much as it is an erotic declaration. Of course you shouldn’t. Jaehyun knows it is foolish to be doing this here, in an editing room in the middle of a work shift. Of all the places you had sneaked around in before, this is perhaps the most high-risk.
Jaehyun had locked the door, at least. But was that really the most intelligent thing to do? He didn’t know. What if someone knocks? He would have to open the door and whoever enters would find you there with him. But what if he keeps it unlocked? Then whoever enters would find you there with him in a very compromising position. In the grand scheme of things, he’d much rather have the time to put you both in a more respectable stance before you were walked in on.
But he doesn’t think it would do him a fat load of good. He was somehow always hard around you. Like you were both in heat and his body betrayed his mind every single time. He would follow you like a moth to a flame, drag you to the first place he could find to sneak you away and have at you. And you would have at him back, clawing at him till he could feel you under his skin, till you were both losing yourself in throes of passion which was heightened by the fact that you shouldn’t be doing this. It was like you had said. 
“I’ve been wanting you all day. I can’t stop.” Jaehyun groans and his hand in your pants is getting more needy, two fingers pushing into you and pumping because he wants you to think that this is a good idea. That this is the best idea ever. 
“Oh, fuck…” you gasp, your head falling back on his shoulder, your hand reaching around to grab at the hair on the nape of his neck. His hand on your breasts is squeezing now, kneading at you and he grinds his horny need into you. His eyes are closed and he’s moaning with you when he says,
“Oh, baby, I wanna fuck you right here.” He’s gone, he knows he’s lost his mind, but he’d been hard all day to the thought of you. He was hard in the car when his manager drove him here. He was hard when he tried to record a song. He was hard when the producers told him that he had a different energy today. And by God, he was hard when you walked in because he hadn’t expected to see you. For a moment, he had thought that he was so sex-crazed that his wanktasies had turned to hallucinations. But you had captured his lips with yours the moment the two of you were alone and all his worries had evaporated.
“Here?” your eyes dart to the door and your ears peel to the sounds of other people right outside. 
“Yes, here. I want you like crazy, baby.” He’s pulling at the waistband of your pants now, because you haven’t said no and he’s losing his fucking mind. You sense it and fuck, it thrills you.
“Do you have a condom?” you ask him, giving in because holy, wouldn’t it be the hottest thing ever to be fucked in a place of work, right behind the backs of the people who would put your heads on a platter if you were found out?
Jaehyun groans, throwing his head back and for a moment; his hands halt their ministrations. He didn’t have a condom. Fuck, he hadn’t expected to see you today of all days, here of all places. And while he always had one on him because he’d been in a rut ever since he met you… that rut had caused his stash to run out. He hadn’t had the chance to restock and now here you were. Squirming in his arms, hypnotising him with your scent, inviting him to paradise. Fuck. His. Life.
But if he doesn’t get to fuck you today, he would go crazy, that much he knew and Jaehyun didn’t appreciate being blue-balled for very long. “Baby…” he whines, his hands grabbing at you again, his lips at your neck “... can I please fuck you like this, just this once? I need you so fucking bad.” He rolls his hips into your back as if to help his point across.
You don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the way he’s whining so fucking needily. Maybe it’s the dim lighting in this cramped space that’s clouding your better judgement. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re a couple of young, horny people in heat, grinding on each other in the workplace like degenerates. But you find yourself saying yes, despite every cell in your right mind telling you that it’s a bad idea.
You grab at his hair to get him to focus, just for a moment “If you come inside me, I’ll cut your cock off.” you warn. 
He doesn’t need a second longer because he’s pulling your panties down before you change your mind and zipping himself open. If you had wanted him to focus, you did it the wrong way, because fuck, he is so high strung right now that he thinks he might come from you pulling on his hair, threatening him with words that make his cock twitch. He needs to be inside you now.
So he aligns himself to you, holding his cock with one hand and your waist with the other and he finally eases himself in, letting out a long exhale of relief as his aching length finally sinks into your warmth. 
“Ahhhh, fuckkk!” he groans out because it feels so fucking good to put his cock to use after an entire day of being hard and not being able to do anything about it. It’s like sinking into a hot bath after you've been freezing in the cold for too long. Or finally finding the exact point to an itch that had been bothering you for hours. 
He straightens up to absorb the feeling as he whimpers in his relief and you steady yourself, placing your hand on a filing cabinet that is the only witness to your reckless dissolution. And then his arm snakes around the middle of your chest and the other around your waist; he pulls you into himself and begins fucking you like he had been fantasizing about the entire day. His head finds home on your shoulder and he’s moaning into your ear.
You’re two scoundrels, fucking each other standing up in a small editing room while people that could get you in trouble are right outside. But that just makes you reach your arm back and dig your fingertips into his hips even more. It just makes you reach out to his lips, stroke your thumb across it as you try to even out your own breaths.
“Shh… easy… we can’t get caught…” you remind him because his moans have turned to whines and he’s ramming into you and he’s gasping. He’s in a rut, he’s barely even present but his hand comes to your clit, rubbing too fast.
“I’m gonna need you to come for me, baby, because I can’t go on much longer.” he moans and you think fuck, it is much too soon. But his voice is desperate and you know you don’t have much time left so you bring your mind to the feeling of his hand rubbing your nub and you concentrate on all that is unholy.
Jaehyun’s cock, inside of you--bare, for the very time. Fuck yes, it gets you going. Yes, it felt good to squeeze around him skin to skin, it felt so fucking illicit, but fuckkk, it got you going.
“Come for me, baby, please.” he’s encouraging, no begging you in your ear, so you bring your mind back. Concentrate, you tell yourself and think of more dirty thoughts.
Jaehyun’s fingers on your clit. Strumming so urgently that you’re seeing stars. 
“Come for me, baby...”
Jaehyun arm around your belly, squeezing, directing all your desires to your core.
“Come for me…” 
Jaehyun’s breath, hot on your neck, helpless, erratic. 
“Come for me, please…”
Jaehyun’s deep voice and how it’s trembling in your ear. The fact that you’re making him tremble…
“Baby, please…”
The people outside, unassuming to your reckless fornication. People you both work for. People who brought you here for business. People who think you’re at work. 
People who could walk in any time and watch you being taken from behind. 
“Oh, baby…” you grab at his wrist to make him stop rubbing at you as you come apart on his cock and he can’t hold on much longer so he pulls out with a cry and you’re on your knees in no time, taking him in your mouth, pumping him, coaxing his release out of him and in your mouth. 
Jaehyun’s shoulders are against the filing cabinet, making it knock against the wall, his head is falling back, Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as he comes, your name on his lips.
You swallow his load, standing up to smile, giving him no chance to react as you kiss him with his salinity fresh on your tongue. You pull away but he leans in again, wanting to kiss you in gratitude now.
He helps you fix your clothes so you look less fucked out. His hands linger on your hips as you fix your bra under your top, but there’s not much you can do about how he’s crumpled the fabric of your shirt. Jaehyun had the aggression of a teenaged boy touching a girl for the first time. But you didn’t mind. It felt nice to be wanted like that.
“I think I’m addicted to you.” he confesses and you grin.
“Maybe I should stop crossing your path so you could sober up.” you tease him, tucking your shirt back in to make yourself look presentable enough to head back out. 
He smirks and somehow his eyes are lustful again as they take in your body line. You walk up to him, peck him on the lips and tap his cheek twice with your fingers.
“Stop it. Now go and clear the people away so I can sneak out.” you demand. You might be overthinking but now that your blood isn’t running hot in your veins, you think about how stupid you were being. You start dousing perfume onto yourself and digging into your purse for some gum, as if people would smell the sex on you when you walked out.
“When will I see you again?” Jaehyun asks. Today had been torture. He had spent the entire day hard as fucking nails, fantasizing about having you in every possible position his mind could come up with. He stops himself from revisiting some of those unfulfilled fantasies before he got hard again.
“I don’t know.” you say as you sling your purse over your shoulder “You’ll see me when you see me, I guess.”
Jaehyun looks up and leans in once again to kiss you. “Can I have your number this time?” he asks shamelessly.
You kiss him back and say “Not a chance. Now go before someone actually walks in.”
Jaehyun sighs at yet another failed attempt and finally gets out to trick the people into grabbing a cup of coffee, giving you the chance to sneak out and be about your way.
Tumblr media
You keep meeting like this over the next few weeks and truth be told, both of you are a little surprised that you haven't been caught yet. 
Jaehyun had a feeling someone would walk in while you were giving him head in the men’s room, but you’d gotten away with it. He could’ve sworn he felt someone peak in when he was on his knees with his head under your skirt in the storage closet. You had undeniably almost gotten busted when Jaehyun was fucking you in the back of your car in the parking lot. And you two were pretty sure some people had stopped talking to listen in on you whilst Jaehyun was balls deep in you in the changing room. 
Even right now, when Jaehyun is kissing you without inhibition at a stupid workplace blacklight party, he’s pretty sure all it would take is for someone to accidentally flip the switch on the normal lights and you’d be busted. Your hands are now in his back pocket as you fool about, peaking into every room on the floor; you hit the jackpot when you find yourselves a photobooth. It’s just as well that the machine is broken and is placed in the old break room because people aren’t paying any mind to it. But in exchange, you are only hidden by a thin veil of fabric. 
You sit on top of Jaehyun as he pushes his tongue inside your mouth, swirling it around, his hands finding purchase on your ass. He squeezes your flesh, like he was trying to grip as much of it as he possibly could and now his lips are at your breasts. He undos the top buttons of your blouse then presses his lips over your bra, where your nipples might be. 
“Fuck me, Jaehyun.” you breathe in his ear and he looks up at you, eyes wide. Even with the strange, dim light hiding most of his features, you still see the surprise on his handsome face.
“Baby…” he kisses at your jawline “Too risky.” he says with a finality that irritates you. You grind your ass on him cruelly and he hisses, his fingertips digging into you.
“But I’m so horny for you, baby.” you tell him crassly, knowing the effect it has on him. You’d never known Jaehyun to be the saintly kind and you were going to kill him if this was the moment he’d chosen to be devout.
“Y/N, your boss is right outside.” he reminds you and if you’d heard him right, you had picked up subtle tones of shock in his voice.
You grind yourself on his thighs, rolling your hips sensually all the way up to his hardness, hands cupping the sides of his neck “That’s why you should make it hard and fast.”
“Fuck…” Jaehyun watches as you hump him. His hands run down your sides and then he closes his eyes to the sensation. Before he knows it, his body is shaking and he knows that if he doesn’t do something quick, he’d cream his pants and he wasn’t sure how kindly you’d react to that accident. 
So he grits his teeth and unzips himself, but he’s gone because fuck, where in the world is his hand-eye coordination? You watch him fumble and take him in your hand instead and start pumping him.
“Condom?” you ask curtly.
“Pocket.” he replies because he’s straining his voice from trying to stay quiet to the painful, throbbing sensation between his legs.
You reach into his pocket and pull out the foil you need and roll it onto him. Like a crazed nympho, you grab his cock and start pushing it up your pussy, your panties and skirt be damned. When you’ve gotten him where you wanted him, you tug on his hair and bring your lips close to his.
“Fuck me.” you demand into his mouth and it unleashes something in him because now he grabs your hair at the base of your skull and starts fucking up into you, drawing a surprised moan out of you. 
He clamps his other hand over your mouth and you grip at his shirt, both of you lost in the decadent sensation of his cock inside of you while you’re in this photobooth, clutching at each other. The sounds of the party and the music seem to be moving into the background and thrumming in your veins at the same time, clouding your better judgement. You’re pretty sure Jaehyun has never fucked you so good because he’s pumping up into you till he’s grunting in your ear. Your own cries are muffling into his hand and when it’s too much, you wrap your hands around him and mewl into his neck instead as you find your release.
The sound of a door opening breaks through the sound of the music. You both startle, heads snapping in the direction of the disturbance. Jaheyun grabs your waist, as if to pry you off but you hold him down by the shoulders.
“Don’t stop.” you barely whisper into his ear and he nods. Like an inflamed little devil, gently coaxing, blinding, seducing him to sin. You grin at his shocked expression as you begin moving on him, squeezing yourself on his hardness on the upstrokes. You hear some shuffling of feet, like someone’s getting closer. Jaehyun’s fingers dig into your waist and you feel his anxiety but it makes you swirl your hips even more decadently. You watch as his head falls back into the wall, his eyes warning you that he’s about to come apart. 
So you clamp your hand over his mouth now and nibble at his earlobe. “Do it.” you words have come out like a breath but Jaehyun’s eyes are squeezed shut as his body twitches and his forehead presses into your shoulder, his hands wrapping tight around you as he empties himself inside of you. If he’s made a sound, it is masked over the swish of the door being shut.
You watch him as he gets his breath back and you laugh silently, the surge of what you’ve done exciting you beyond belief. Jaehyun smiles but looks off into space as if reality is slowly but surely hitting him.
You slide off of him and begin buttoning yourself up, still intoxicated by your orgasm and the thrill of almost getting caught. You’re grinning wide, but you soon realize that Jaehyun is not sharing in your euphoria. He’s ridding himself of the condom, seemingly lost in thought as he zips himself up. You peak through the curtain to make sure you’re alone before you reach out and ruffle his dark hair.
“You okay, there?” you ask as he stands up. He’s tall. You never did realize how tall he really was until right now when he’s standing this close to you. Usually, you two had no reason to stand so close to one another unless you were ripping at each other’s clothes.
“That was way too close.” he mutters and you get the feeling that he sounds slightly upset.
“Yeah, it was.” you chuckle and loop your arms around his neck to look up at him. You’re trying to keep it light but you feel the atmosphere burdening onto you. You peck his lips.
“There’s a dinner next week.” he begins, still not quite meeting your eyes. “Just a casual thing. Some of the guys are renting a barbeque place. Come with me.”
He said the last part not as an invitation or a request. He’s said it like a demand, like a reprehension. Like he wanted to be indemnified. Because the both of you know that you would never say yes under any other circumstance. You’d never given him your number. You’d never replied to any of his messages on all your socials. This was the only way you would see him, hidden away in public spaces, pressing up into his sweaty body while he gave you a few minutes of white hot pleasure.
And if you weren’t standing there feeling like you had taken advantage of the poor boy in his moment of vulnerability, you’re pretty sure you would have never uttered the following words.
“Sure, I’ll come with you.”
Jaehyun’s eyes dart to yours. Like he wasn’t sure he heard the right thing over the sound of the booming music. 
“You’ll come?” his pretty eyes are wide.
“I’ll come.” you nod your head and watch as he looks away, fighting a smile but his dimples give him away. He leans in and kisses you slow, so different from the way he’s kissed you before.
You both stay in the photobooth for a while, kissing like that. You, kissing him in apology and him, kissing you with yearning. 
Tumblr media
It just so happens that on the day of the dinner, you look the goddam prettiest you've ever looked. Jaehyun had only ever seen you in work clothes, dressed to kill every corporate kingpin that ever came your way. But here you were, with your hair down in soft waves and a delicate top on your frame and Jaehyun is pretty sure no one has ever looked as good in jeans as you do tonight. You’ve won everyone over within moments and you are working the room, mixing in with everybody. Jaehyun figured that’s what you were good at. He wasn’t sure what it was that you did for work, but he was guessing talking to people was a big part of it. It seemed so easy for you, to be in a room full of new people, Jaehyun being the only one you did know.
Did you really know him, though? Jaehyun wasn’t sure. You had a way of connecting with people like you’d known them for years, so it would be easy for him to fall into the illusion of familiarity. He supposed he didn’t know you any better than the people you were conversing with now, in this party. He observes from afar as you as you talk to one of the guys. It’s when you catch his eye from across the room and give him a smile that Jaehyun’s heart flutters and he realizes he’s in trouble.
Because this time, it wasn’t his cock that responded to you first. Jaehyun has to snigger to himself when he realizes that he’s looking at the delicate curve of your neck and wondering if you’re cold, not fantasizing about how many hickeys he could leave there. It was just as well. Jaehyun hadn’t seen any other woman ever since he started running into you. If he had to make a quick inventory of his thoughts of the past few weeks, he would find that he thought about you all the time, wondering when he’d see you next. 
Fuck, you were beautiful. That much he’d always known. But something about seeing you here, looking the way you looked, comfortably blending in with his world… it was stirring something deep within his chest that felt a bit like nostalgia and a lot like familiarity. 
So when it is time for dinner, he sits next to you just to feel close to you in this way. It would have been so easy for him to reach out and hold your hand under the table. But he doesn’t; because he couldn’t. It feels strange to him--the fact that he could, without a second thought, simply bend you over and ram his cock right up your pussy. But reaching out and holding your hand? That somehow felt… forbidden. It felt loaded, like doing it would be the start of something new and frightening and thrilling.
What was it about holding someone’s hand that was so sacred, anyway? He had touched you in a thousand other places in a thousand different ways. So, what was it about the thought of holding your hand that was making his heartbeat quicken? 
And when he’s least expecting it, you turn around and smile at him like you’d done earlier, but this time you’re so much closer. And then you take his hand and keep it in yours under the table.
He didn’t think it was possible, but Jaehyun’s heart is racing even more now and he’s pretty sure his ears are changing color from how much heat he can feel in them. You’ve turned your head once again to talk to someone across the table, but he keeps sneaking glances at you. For the first time in a long time, he feels butterflies in his stomach. He’d touched you in places that would make anyone blush, he had fucked you more times than he had fucked anyone else. But here was. Holding your hand like this for the first time, and it was making him lightheaded and giddy and yearnful all at the same time. 
He wonders if he’d be able to sleep tonight.
Tumblr media
“Meet me in the security room.” 
You’d whispered in his ear from behind before you had snuck away. You knew that Jaehyun needn’t turn around to know who had whispered to him. You also knew that he’d be in here within minutes. There were few things in life that you were sure about; the fact that Jaehyun would follow you like a moth to a flame was one of them.
What you hadn’t expected was that Jaehyun would walk in as patiently as he did. No rush, moving like he had all day instead of a few stolen moments. You didn’t expect that he would take your face in his hands so tenderly and kiss you soft. That he would pull away and look at you with eyes so kind and say
You didn’t know what to say back, because you both weren’t exactly the kind to make a lot of conversation during moments like these. More often than not, you’d be rushing to make each other cum as soon as you could before someone on the outside started missing you. You pretty much always had a ticking timer on your heads.
“Hi.” you hadn’t intended it to come out like a question, but it had. You weren’t sure why Jaehyun wasn’t doing anything. Usually by this time, he would have one hand down your pants or up your skirt, or whatever article of clothing you’d chosen to wear on that day. So why was he smiling like that at you, combing away at your hair with his fingers?
You lean in and kiss him, just to initiate something. He kisses you back, but not with the fervent energy you’re used to. He’s supporting the nape of your neck with his fingers and kissing you like he has all the time in the world. You want the kiss to build but he doesn’t take the bait and pulls away. You look at him quizzically and he looks at you softly.
“You know… the office is empty right now.” he begins in a warm tone as he strokes your cheekbones with the pads of his thumbs.
“Mhmm.” is the only thing you can say back. What did it matter if the office were empty or full or anything else? You both had always found a way to be naughty, regardless of how many people were outside.
“Mmm… the guys… the guys won’t be home either. We could… we could go home… to my place. It would be nice and comfortable.” he says and you notice the subtle nervousness in his tone. 
You stop a bit. You’re not sure what he’s asking, even though it is a simple proposition. You’re not sure what to say or how to feel about his request. And you know exactly why it is: you were much too comfortable with what you already had. You enjoyed his company precisely like this, in cramped places where he would be all up in your personal space, preferably fucking you hard enough to make you forget your own name for a few minutes. You wouldn’t know what you’d do with all the extra real estate he was offering you right now.
When you’re quiet for too long, he leans in and kisses you soft again but you speak into his lips before pulling away.
“No one… no one will be home?” you ask him carefully.
He searches your face and smiles “No one.”
“Are you sure there’s no one outside?”
He leans in and pecks your lips once again. “I’m very sure.”
You look away, just to get a moment by yourself to think. It’s the only way he’s allowing you to be alone anyway because he’s still caressing your face in a way he has never done before. Like you’re delicate and breakable and to be handled with the utmost care. You almost want to laugh in disbelief because this is the same man that takes no prisoners when he’s having at you. If you’re marked in any way after he’s done, he just kisses your pussy in apology. It’s nothing unusual, it’s just what you both know. So, why does he want you in his bed now?
“Okay, I guess let’s go.” you have no clue why you’ve said what you’ve said. It’s probably because: the logical side of you, the side that’s telling you that this is the worst idea in the world, that nothing good can come out of mixing business with pleasure; that side is tongue tied. But the reckless part of you is the one that spoke, thinking ‘What’s the worst that could happen, Y/N?’ It was a stupid choice.
But when it came to Jaehyun, none of your decisions insofar had been smart, to put it lightly.
So you’ve found yourself in his apartment as he leads you in, apologizing every time you have to step over a dirty dish on the floor or a poorly discarded (and probably used) towel. It’s a bachelor pad, alright; and you find yourself wondering how these people move around when so much of the floor space is taken up by contents of laundry baskets and kitchen sinks.
“Do you have a dog?” you ask him as you look around and tread your way in.
He looks at you sheepishly “Um, no. That’s just… umm… my roommates are really messy.” he says, rubbing the back of his head. “This is my room.”
You walk in and find that compared to the rest of the house, his room is indeed a bit cleaner, though it is probably because it is on the minimalist side. What gets you, though, is that the room has two beds placed end to end, which you suppose is one way to place furniture.
“Your… roommate… he won’t be here?” you ask to guess who the owner of the other bed is.
“Nope. Not for a while. We’re all alone.” He says and now he’s looking at you with that look in his eye once again.
So you walk over to him and lean in to kiss him. He kisses you back, but this time, he lets it build. In fact, he leads the build up. His hands move from your face to the curve of your neck to your shoulders, gently guiding you towards his bed, but you resist.
“Jae… Jaehyun?” you speak into the kiss once more. You’d been doing that a lot today, you realize.
“Hmm?” he hums, still kissing you with the same content smile he was wearing in the security room and still gently urging you to his bed with his hands.
“There’s no sheets?” you ask into the kiss, holding onto him to keep yourself from falling onto the bed, which is exactly what Jaehyun wants. But the truth is, you’ve been looking at his bed from the corner of your eye the entire time you’ve been kissing him. And you’ve been trying to angle away from it the entire time Jaehyun’s been leading you to it. You weren’t exactly a germaphobe, but right now, your silly mind was only thinking of all the things that very naked mattress might have seen.
“Mmm?” he sounds, a little confused as he turns his head to follow your line of sight. “There is a sheet. It’s fitted. Come here.” he says and goes back to kissing you. He snakes an arm to the small of your back and pulls you into him closer and you kiss him back. But then he starts leaning your body to it once again and you push a palm against his chest to stop him.
“Jaehyun, it’s just… there’s no bedding.” you word out once more and it sounds silly, even to your ears, and you have no idea why you’re bringing it up right now, when you’re smack in the middle of the heat of the moment.
“Yeah… um… yeah…” he breathes out and leans in once again to press his lips to yours and this time, you can’t really reciprocate for long enough before you’re pulling away again to say
“It’s just… I can’t be on a bed with no sheets.” you tell him and he pulls away, straightening up with an exhale of frustration. He tilts his head back, as if he’s allowing himself a moment to function like a normal person before he talks to you.
“You want me to change the sheets?” he’s still breathless, and you can tell that you’re testing a man’s patience.
“Yes, please.” you say easily, holding him at arm’s length. It’s awkward, the way the you two are softly panting from all the kissing, yet you’re standing here talking about household chores while the need for sex is throbbing between your legs. And you suppose between his legs as well.
He lets out another calming exhale before he says “Okay. Be right back.”
“Don’t forget the pillow cases.” you call after him as he rushes out of his room. You knew this was enough to test the patience of a saint. But something about treading through the apartment had made you hyper aware that you were in a bachelor pad. You don’t even have enough time to go through your phone before Jaehyun is rushing back, bedding in hand.
“Okay, here it is. Just give me a minute to make the bed.” he says and his voice is strained.
“I’ll help. Is this yours?” you ask him as you move his covers (under which you find discarded socks) and straighten his mattress out.
“I stole my housemate’s. He’s super clean, so don’t worry.” he says, laughing a bit.
You laugh as well and suddenly, you’re both giggling like two school kids as you make the bed, as if the absurdity of what you’re doing is finally kicking in. When the sheets are tucked in and the pillows are well arranged and the covers are dusted off, Jaehyun turns back to you.
“Okay, good?” he asks, pulling you into his body.
You nod “Good,” placing your hands on his shoulders.
“Good.” he repeats and scoops you up and gently places you on the freshly made bed. You both grin at each other till he’s hovering over you and you find your grin fading a bit.
It felt strange to be here like this. Jaehyun presses his lips to yours once again and this time, it makes you nervous. His hand runs up and down your bare shoulder as he begins trailing kisses along your jawline and then your neck and then your collarbone. He is taking his time. His kisses are tender. His face is soft. His smile is fond. And all of this is unsettling you. 
How many times had you fucked him before? You had lost count. He had fucked you in so many different ways and so many different places that somewhere along the way, you had stopped keeping record. But you’d never done it quite like this. Something about being so… horizontal in your desire with Jaehyun was making you nervous and uneasy. But Jaehyun.
Jaehyun seemed to be kissing your body in worship. His lips were touching your skin with so much care, like each caress meant a promise. He was undoing your shirt, button by button, and placing a kiss on each bit of skin that was exposed. He kissed at the base of your collarbone, then undid another button. He kissed on the plane of your chest and then your cleavage and then undid another. He kissed the end of your sternum and then kept trailing down till he was at the base of your navel and now the anticipation was making you hold onto the hair at the base of his skull.
He unhooks your skirt and gently tugs it down along your legs. Like he wanted it to be prolonged. And then he sits up to watch you as you lay there in your bra and panties, shirt opened up and peeled away. You’re exposed to him and he’s watching you with eyes full of want. Despite everything you’ve done with him, you find yourself shying away. Because you realize that you’ve never been this bare for him before. You’ve never been the body-conscious kind, but the way Jaehyun is looking at you with so much tenderness in his eyes--it’s making you feel some kind of way.
“Can you kiss me, Y/N?” he requests softly and you lift up to take his face in your palms. You kiss him like he’d asked but you pull away much too soon because you’re not sure how you should kiss him anymore. Unrestrained, wild and needy like you’ve always been? Or slow and sweet, like Jaehyun was being right now?
He captures your head before you let yourself fall back into the pillows and brings you to his lips once more before he breathes out
“You’re so beautiful. I wanna make you feel so good.”
You prop yourself up on your elbows as you watch him continue kissing where he had left off. The base of your navel. Your lower abdomen. Right on your mound over your panties. Then over the epicenter of your heat. Despite the confusion in your mind, you find yourself letting out a soft moan. It makes him look up hopefully. 
“Tell me when it feels good, baby.” he tells you before he begins sliding your panties down your legs. His eyes follow the trail they make before he looks at your bare sex. He goes straight for your clit, pressing open mouthed kisses on it till you find yourself flexing your knees and spreading your thighs for him. He runs his hands up and down the insides of them as his tongue laps at your folds, licking up and between them. And then his tongue is inside of you, swirling low and slow. He rubs your clit with his thumb, wanting to double your pleasure. Every so often, he peeks up through his lashes to watch your reaction to gauge his next move. 
It’s funny how being pleasured by Jaehyun on a bed is making your mind race the way it’s racing. Because you simply don’t know how to feel about this change of pace. Your need for Jaehyun was always horny and hungry and wanton. It was always explosive and wild, shining bright for a few moments and fading away just as quickly… till the next time you saw him. You had thought Jaehyun had wanted the same thing. To be fair, he hadn’t done anything to communicate otherwise. He had always followed your scent and fucked you exactly how you wanted to be fucked. You wanted nothing more, nothing less. Being with Jaehyun was thrilling. Without fail, Jaehyun would allow you to forget about all the messes in your life for a few minutes and then you both would be about your way. 
So why is he being this way now? You find yourself wishing you hadn’t followed him to his home. You could’ve had him right there, in that security room and nothing would have changed. But here he is. Kissing your pussy in his bed like he has all the time in the world. Telling you you’re beautiful. Telling you he wants to make you feel good. And here you are. Doing the one thing you hated, the one thing that made you seek out Jaehyun every time you entered the damn building: overthinking. 
You look down at the poor boy, looking up every so often to see how you’re feeling. You know you won’t be able to come like this. Not while your mind is being this way. But you also don’t want to break his spirit, so you tug at his hair and say
“Jaehyun, I want your cock inside me.”
You think you’ve managed to sound needy convincingly enough because Jaehyun’s moving up your body till his face is hovering over yours.
“Yeah?” he asks, kissing your lips.
You nod and rid him of his shirt “Please, Jaehyun.”
“Okay, baby.” he kisses your cheek and lets off just for a moment to get out of his pants. You watch him, truly in the nude for the first time, and somehow, it helps you take your mind off of your thoughts. He’s good looking by anyone’s standards. But right now, your eyes are on his happy trail that’s making your mouth water. You watch him lustfully for a while, concentrating on your animalistic desire, hoping it would chase away whatever other strings you felt Jaehyun was attaching to your arrangement.
Then he’s back, sitting on his knees between your legs, rolling a rubber down his length. You sit up, thinking that if you could just put your face down and ass up, all of this would mean a little less. But Jaehyun has pulled you into him before you’ve even had that thought and he’s kissing your lips while his fingers tuck your hair behind your ears. His hands softly slide your open shirt off of you and unhook your bra. He leads you to the pillows just like this, kissing you and hovering his body over yours. You break the kiss to breathe but he just presses his lips to your cheek now, kissing it over and over like he’s trying to communicate something through them. 
“Hold my hand.” he whispers then pulls the covers over your bodies, burying you under a warmth that is so comfortable, that your mind finally stops racing. This was nice. This was wholesome. This was comforting in the way a cup of hot chocolate was in the cold of a winter evening. It was soothing in the way a nice bath was at the end of a long day. Jaehyun’s weight, horizontal on top of you and the covers, snug over you both, shielding you from the outside world. It had a calming, lulling effect.
So you intertwine your fingers with his, the darkness under the covers helping you still your mind and just give in to the sensation Jaehyun wanted to give you tonight. 
“I’ve missed you so much,” Jaehyun says in your ear “I want you right here with me.”
Your free hand, the hand that’s not laced with his fingers finds its way to his hair. You feel his forehead and softly move his strands. You find yourself turning your head towards him and pressing a kiss to his temple.
“I am right here with you.” you tell him. It was amazing, how whispering sweet little lies in each other’s ears was making you feel as warm as it was. But now that you’d begun, you had an inkling it would be difficult to stop. The feeling was addicting.
“You promise?” Jaehyun asks and you feel his hardness press against your wet opening.
“I promise.” you stroke his hair and exhale pleasurably when he pushes his length into you.
He moves in you slow. He moans lowly as his hands come to cup the side of your neck. He kisses your cheekbone over and over, rolling his hips into you, making love to you. It was all wrong, this pace was all wrong. But you didn’t want it to stop.
“Will you always be by my side?” he asks softly. 
Under the covers, where the outside world meant nothing, where the only thing that mattered was you and him, where the only feeling that existed was pleasure and joy that this boy was giving you, it was so easy to wrap your arms around him and reply
It was probably what he wanted to hear because his lips are on yours again and he’s moving in you like he wants to give you everything, like you are the only girl in this world. So you cling to him, wrapping your arms and legs around him to close any gap that existed between your bodies. You feel every inch of him against every inch of you till you feel you are under his skin and he is under yours. You moan his name in his ear over and over because you think it would be nice for him to hear it like this. His moans are getting more erratic, more desperate and he’s burying his face in your neck and you’re digging your heels in his hips and your nails in his back and encouraging him,
“Come for me, baby. Come for me.”
Jaehyun moans in your ears and you hear him, truly hear his beautiful voice for the first time because he’s not holding back… because there’s no one to hide from. For a moment, you allow yourself to exist in this world under the covers. Where it’s you and him and his beautiful voice. Raw, needy, raspy, and loving, and he’s moaning for you. You’re the one that’s making him moan like that. You allow yourself to hold him in your arms and press your lips to his temple. 
“Come for me baby.”
You tell him again and he moves in you with more fervor. He hovers his face over yours and you watch as he works till his voice breaks into a groan and his lips are crashing into yours. You hold him close as he comes, moaning into your mouth as he releases himself inside of you and you’re lightheaded. Everything about this is making you lightheaded. 
He finally stills and the two of you stay just like that for a while. Jaehyun’s weight heavy on top of you, his pants slowly evening to breaths. These sounds of nothingness lull you and for the first time in a very long time, your mind is calm. 
You would have never moved from here if Jaehyun hadn’t pulled out of you and then flipped you over so he was cradling you in his arms, laying your head on his bare shoulder where his lips could easily press into your forehead. He pulls the covers on top of you once again and begins stroking your hair. It is much too relaxing, being here like this, being held like this, being protected like this and if it weren’t, your mind would be stirring up a storm. But your mind is calm as the ocean because you’re thinking of nothing but Jaehyun’s fingertips in your hair, rubbing patterns that are making your eyes heavy. You have a feeling Jaehyun is smiling at you, but you’re much too comfortable to check and before you know it, everything is still.
It’s the distant sound of a door being unlocked that stirs you awake. It’s like you’re drunk, because you have no idea where you are till you feel fingertips tracing along your spine. 
“Shh… go back to sleep.” a handsome voice tells you and it all comes back.
You sit up abruptly and look towards the door.
“Are your roommates back?” you ask urgently.
“They probably are. It’s okay… come here…” he tells you kindly and reaches out for you.
“Shit. How long did I sleep? What time is it?” you ask, running your fingers through your hair in agitation.
“It’s 3 a.m. Y/N, it’s okay--”
“Shit! Why didn’t you wake me up?!” you have no idea why you’re annoyed at him when you’re the one that slipped up. You suddenly realize that you’re very, very naked and you don’t remember where your clothes are.
Jaehyun reaches out to stroke your head “Shh, Y/N. Calm down. It’s your day off tomorrow and it’s my day off, too. No one’s looking for you… it’s okay…”
“Yeah, but…” you begin, agitated when you hear the door handle of his room turn. You have no idea how it happens, but you find yourself taking refuge in his arms. Like your body knew that you had a split second before someone sees you like this and instead of reaching for the covers, you have jumped into his chest. You were not this person. In a flight or fight situation, you had always been one to fight. You had never instinctually leaned into someone for comfort or protection or anything else. You were fiercely, stubbornly and painfully independent. 
Perhaps because you never expected anyone to protect you right away like Jaehyun did now. Pulling up the covers and holding you to his chest in record time before the door opens and his roommate walks in.
“Hey, you still awa-- whoaaaa…” you hear a voice and you don’t have to look to know the man has instantly turned around upon seeing what he’s walked into.
“Jungwoo, could you maybe knock?” Jaehyun snubs his roommate and it’s the first time you’ve heard his voice sound like that.
“Sorry, man. I’ll just--I’ll sleep in Mark’s room. Good night!” you wait for the sound of the door being shut before you unbury your face from his chest. His lips are on your forehead again,
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I just… I’m sorry…” you begin but trail off because there’s too much going on in your mind again. You’ve felt too many emotions in the span of two minutes. Shock, realization, irritation, agitation, bashfulness, worry. It was exhausting and you didn’t know which emotion to address anymore and all of it was deflating you and you don’t have any more words left.
“Hey.” Jaehyun holds your head and makes you look at him.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you. I know it wasn’t your fault I slept.”
“It’s okay…” he whispers and kisses your lips “Y/N, can you… can you just stay here? With me? Tonight?” he looks up at you with eyes so hopeful that you would’ve said yes if you weren’t in your right mind.
Perhaps, then, you were crazy after all because you’re nodding and laying on his chest under the covers so he could hold you once more. Because before you woke up, this was working. His arms and these covers and his breaths were working on you like Xanax, and truth be told, those couple of hours of sleep you had was the most untroubled you’d slept in a while. It’s almost a greedy, self-preservatory instinct that’s pulling you back into him because you want more of it. You want his arms to calm the storm that’s stirring in your mind.
Jaehyun holds you like this for the rest of the night, softly whispering to you till he’s fallen asleep himself. And when he wakes up in the morning, you’re gone.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun doesn’t see you the entire week. Or the week after that. Or the week after that. Or the week after that. And by the fourth week, he became sure you were gone for good.
The first week, he’d kept looking around, waiting for that seductive whisper in his ear that would invite him to paradise. He didn’t find it and it bothered him. He continued with his schedules and hoped he would run into you in at least one of them. He kept turning his head around everywhere he went, scanning every face in every room he walked into. He decided that maybe you had business somewhere else, to he tries to put his mind at ease.
The second week, he became a bit worried and wondered if you were alright. He messaged you wherever he could, hoping that this time you’d reply but to no avail. He scrolled up the line of messages he’d sent you, hoping that perhaps you had replied to at least one of them, that maybe you had left a message telling him where you were. He’s not that lucky, though. He’s tempted to go around asking for you and he eventually, he does. But all the people who’d know you aren’t close enough to you to know where you are. That’s when the bitterness sets in. Because he realizes, that’s what he is to you… another person who isn’t close enough. He had fooled himself into believing otherwise. He scoffs in disbelief for allowing himself to fall for an aloof woman. Of course, he would be that kind.
By the third week, his spirit was broken with his heart, even though he doesn’t realize it. He tries to get back on the horse because honestly, fuck you. Fuck you for thinking you could treat him like that and just disappear. Seriously, fuck you. There were so many girls out there in the world. He didn’t need you. Any one of them could make his cock wet. But when he’s locked up in a room at a house party, kissing one of them, he doesn’t know why keeps thinking of you. He keeps thinking it’s your body that’s pressing into him, not this girl’s. He keeps imagining it’s yours lips that are pressing into his, not this girl’s. He keeps picturing it’s your hand that is sliding into his pants, not this girl’s. But his mind is simply not powerful enough to replace what was real. And the girl is looking up to him and saying “Dude, why aren’t you getting hard?” when he pushes her away and makes up some bullshit excuse about being too drunk.
He goes home that night and gets in bed and lines up all the fucking porn he knows he enjoys. He grabs his meat and strokes it urgently, because fuck that. Of course he gets hard. Why wouldn’t he get hard? But when he’s watching a porn girl smiling up at her man and burying her face in his neck, he has tears stinging in his eyes because it reminds him so much of you. And that’s when he knows he’s truly fucked. He slams his laptop shut too hard and throws his forearm over his eyes and cries and laughs at the irony of it all. You had broken him. You had well and truly broken his heart and his cock. He wonders if he’d be able to use either of them ever again.
He cries himself to sleep that night until all the anger has left his body and all that remains are good memories. It’s not like he had any distinct memories with you anyway. But he holds onto how he felt when he was with you. He remembers your smile, the smell of your hair, how his heart had fluttered the first time you had held his hand at that party, how soothing it had been to hold you in his arms and believe he could keep you that one stolen night. When he finally wakes, he doesn’t feel anger or regret or yearning or anything else. He just feels closure. At least he thinks he does. Because that morning at breakfast, when Jungwoo finds a reason to stay with him to ask, “Is it because of what I saw that day?” Jaehyun is silent. He didn’t have a reason to deny it anymore. Yes, he had met a girl who had broken his heart. Tale as old as time. It had happened to a thousand boys before him. He shouldn’t hide it. And he was silly to think his friends wouldn’t pick up on him sulking for a few weeks straight. 
By the fourth week, he knows he’s never going to see you again so he decides to move on. He gets up every morning and goes to work. He occupies himself by training too hard. He practices each choreography into the night so when he gets home, his body is too tired to do much else but sleep. He goes to the studio and works hard to record his tracks. He films his videos and volunteers for every schedule his manager brings his way. He keeps himself busy and occupied and functioning. 
He sits in the building’s coffee shop alone for lunch time and mulls over the rest of the day. He had been feeling a lot better lately. He’d even been to the gym this morning and smiled at a cute girl when she complimented his grey shirt. He was getting his life back on track, he felt. He had stopped being sad and sulky and had started to appreciate the clear skies when he saw them. Things were turning around.
Suddenly, he feels a presence break through his thoughts. An arm reaches out and steals a French fry from his plate and Jaehyun doesn’t have to look up to know exactly who it is. He smelt you before you had even fully approached him. And still, Jaehyun finds himself looking up at you with his eyes wide. If his mouth was hanging open, he wouldn’t be surprised.
But you’re standing there, smiling at him.
“Hi.” you say, like it was the easiest thing to say. He had forgotten how beautiful you were. It’s not like he had any pictures of you to remember you by--just his memories. But his mind had done a poor job of committing you to those damn memories because he doesn’t remember you being this fucking beautiful. He didn’t remember your skin having that glow or your eyes having that sparkle or your smile having that mischief. Maybe women got more beautiful after they had broken a few hearts. But ‘Hi’? You had disappeared from his life without a trace and you had the audacity to say fucking hi?
“Where have you been?” Jaehyun hadn’t meant for it to come out the way it did. Like a breath. Like an accusation. Like a cry for help. As if to say ‘Look what you’ve done to me’. 
And you’re there, smiling so easily, sitting across from him, stealing another one of his fries. How could you be smiling like that and sitting there like that and eating fries? How was all of this so easy for you?
“On vacation.” you say, grinning wide.
Jaehyun’s eyes widen. He’s floored. He doesn’t know what the fuck to say. “On… vacation...” he says incredulously because he’s been here, crying into his pillow every night with a cock that doesn’t work anymore and you’ve been on fucking vacation?
“Mhmm. I wanted to see the sun. I hate this weather.” you say easily as you nibble on the end of another fry “These are so salty.” you stick your tongue out and get up and lean over the table to whisper to him, “I brought you back a present...” you say and gently tug on the collar of your shirt to show him the strap of your bra. “Meet me in the storage room,” you whisper in his ear and walk away, looking over your shoulder to smile at him like a minx. 
Jaehyun sits there, nothing short of shocked as he watches you in the flesh, walking away from him. You were never this cruel in his fantasies. When he missed you, he thought only of the sweet nothings you had whispered in his ear that night in his bed. But that wasn’t you. This was you. You were a cruel, cruel woman.
That’s why Jaehyun hates himself for following you. He hates that you’re still that fucking Pied Piper’s tune to him. He hates that his cock has finally twitched in his pants for the first time in a month. He hates himself and he hates you and he hates everything. 
So when you fling your arms around him in the storage room with that same bright smile, Jaehyun pushes you away because he can’t hide the bitterness any longer.
“I don’t want this anymore. Not like this.” he states and he looks away before the lump in his throat would turn to tears in his eyes.
But you’re still smiling. “Then how do you want it?”
“Y/N, you can’t do that. You can’t play with people’s hearts like that. You can’t sleep with me for weeks and weeks and weeks and never give me your number. You can’t avoid me every time I message you. You can’t disappear like this without telling me where you’ve been. And you can’t just come back and still expect me to follow you. Do you have any idea what I’ve been through?” Jaehyun accuses because he can’t believe you. How can you be standing here calm as fucking day after all you had done to him.
“I’m sorry I disappeared. I just needed time to think.” you walk ahead and take his hand in yours “I’m sorry.”
But Jaehyun pulls away “What did you need to think about for a month?”
“About how I would kiss you when I saw you again.” 
“What is wrong with you?! How can you be joking after all you’ve done to me?” Jaehyun can’t stay here anymore. You were unbelievable. You were cruel. You were mocking his heartbreak like it was what you had come back to do. Jaehyun turns away to leave but you grab his wrist.
“I also needed to think about how I’m in love with you.”
Jaehyun pauses before he turns. He’s not sure he’s heard you right. “What?”
“You heard me.”
“Y/N… don’t play with me like that. Please.” Jaehyun’s eyes close and this time, his tone is not one of anger or disbelief. He’s begging now. He’s requesting you to let him honorably walk away with what was left of his heart.
“I mean it, Jaehyun. I’m sorry it took me so long.” you tell him. You touch his face and his eyes open. “Let me show you.” you say, pressing your lips to his because this is the only way you and him communicate. You kiss him and smile when you find him kissing you back, in spite of the broody tantrums you’d returned to. But he pulls away suddenly, like he’s realized he’s still mad at you.
“No, not like this. We can’t keep going on like this. If you want this, you’re going to have to be my girlfriend.” he says, and you look back at him with an amused expression.
“Sure, I’ll be your girlfriend.” you say like you’re humoring him. But you mean it.
He looks at you and his eyes widen but you see his dimples appear in his cheeks “You’ll be my girlfriend?”
You nod with a patient smile “I’ll be your girlfriend. Now, do you wanna see your present or not?”
Jaehyun is mad at himself because he can’t control the way his heart is soaring in his chest or the way his smile is growing on his face. He’s mad at you. He should be mad at you for what you’ve done. But you’ve told him that you love him and that you’d be his girlfriend and it is as if the last month of misery is disappearing. He should want his indemnity. He’s almost fighting with his instinct for it. He hates his body for betraying him and soon, the happiness his body feels is taking over his mind and his need for vengeance is fading, leaving only giddy happiness behind. And you mentioning his present has his cock stirring once again and he realizes he is with you in a storage room all alone and all his fantasies are coming true.
So he takes your face in his palms and you grin like you know you’ve won and grip his shirt and kiss him deep. He holds you in his arms and kisses you with passion because aside from the joy he feels from all the rollercoaster of developments of the past few minutes, he is happy his cock is working again. Because your palm is rolling over it so deliciously it almost makes him want to bend you over and take you right there. Almost, but not quite because he’s pulling away because his right mind is still protecting his fucking pride.
“No, Y/N. We can’t keep doing this. If you’re going to be my girlfriend, we have to stop hiding away. We can’t be sneaking away in closets and security rooms anymore.” he begins and you look at him, wiping the lipgloss he smudged from the corner of your mouth.
“Okay?” you say but he’s not done.
“No, I’m serious! You’re gonna have to be my girlfriend in the proper way. You’ll have to go on dates with me and meet all my friends.”
You can’t help the amused smile that breaks across your face when you say 
“You’ll have to meet my family and give me your number and reply to all the messages I send you. You’ll have to tell me when you go out of the city and I’ll tell you when I have to go out of the city. You have to let me romance the fuck out of you.” he continues.
“In that order?” you cock an eyebrow, musing over all his demands.
“And no more of this sneaking around. You have to come over to my place and I have to come over to yours when we want sex. We can’t just fuck like this anymore. We can’t hide and fuck and then walk out like we don’t even know each other.”
“Okay…” you say and you get closer to him and begin kissing his neck, but it seems like he’s still not done.
“No, Y/N, are you even listening? We can’t do it here. Not now. Not anymore. I’m going to take you home and make you dinner and--”
“--the panties are crotchless.”
“--and the panties are crotchless. And…” Jaehyun stops “The panties are crotchless.” he tilts his head back and groans because finally, his cock is standing tall and proud in his pants. Almost as if it heard you before Jaehyun did. “The panties are fucking crotchless.” he grabs your waist and pulls you into him and begins kissing you, his hands on your ass, feeling and groping. You laugh and begin moving your palms up his shirt, feeling his bare skin that you’d missed so much.
“And one more thing…” Jaehyun pulls away again and you let out a long, frustrated groan.
“What is it now, Jaehyun?”
“I love you, too.” he says and it melts your heart.
The two of you stay in that closet so Jaehyun could unwrap his present and make love to you while you tell him that you were ready to fulfill all his demands, and any demands he would ever have of you in the future. That you would be his girlfriend in the proper sense of the word, and give him your number and meet all his friends and family, and never disappear on him ever again, all in that order. 
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021 NeoCultureTravesty. All rights reserved.
A/N: If you liked the story, I wrote an extra for my 1k notes event!
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bunnydrunk · 4 months ago
🔞 this post contains erotic writing intended for adults. do not interact with this post if you are a minor/under eighteen
😽 werewolf, heat/rut, somno (consensual), thigh sex, dirty talk, good girl, knotting, multiple orgasms
i have no clue how dog dick actually works
Your boyfriend goes into rut about once a year, and you have an agreement with him that when he does, he can use your body however he needs to while you’re asleep. The way he was eyeing you today, you had the feeling it might be getting close to that time again. That’s why you went to bed naked—to give him easier access.
You half-wake up in the dark with his arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly against his broad, warm chest. He’s hard as a rock and rutting against your ass, whimpering in your ear, urgently kneading your breasts with both huge paws.
“Mmm...” you say, warm and drowsy, brushing your hand through the fur on his arm.
“I’m so hard,” he whines, “baby, please, I need you.”
“You can have me,” you murmur, teasing. He pulls back slightly in order to slide his erection between your thighs, pressed up against your slick folds. You’re already wet from hearing how needy he is. His cock slides back and forth between your thighs, and you lie in his arms hot and half asleep, a low throb building in your pussy every time the head of his cock rubs against your clit. He thrusts faster against your slick warm folds, whining louder as your juices cover his cock, as he feels your lips clench against him.
“You’re so wet,” he moans, “it feels so good. Squeeze me tighter,” he begs, and you obey, squeezing your thighs tighter around his twitching cock, pulling him closer against your pussy, increasing the friction. He moans and gasps, then squeezes you tightly and cries out and sprays thick ropes of his cum against the sheets. It’s always like this. You’ll be changing the sheets every morning for the next week at least.
He’s still whimpering as the last of his semen spurts out of him, still thrusting. He still feels rock hard against your pussy. “I need to cum again,” he whines, sounding desperate and shameless, still pumping away between your legs. You lazily lift your leg, allowing him entrance, but he has other ideas. He rolls onto his back, carrying you with him, and deftly flips you around so that you’re lying on his stomach, head pillowed against the soft fur of his chest. Then he eases his enormous cock into you, moaning loudly as he presses into your soft wet heat. You groan with him as he slides inside, clenching around him, making him gasp and beg. You lie there comfortable and warm on top of him as he fucks you, letting him take care of himself, listening to him feel good and getting more and more turned on. His throbbing cock feels so good inside you. Your own orgasm is building and building. “I’m gonna cum…” you groan.
“Oh my god, let me knot you,” he begs, “let me knot you when you cum.”
You nod against his chest, unable to speak as your walls tremble around him and your moans grow louder and louder.
“Cum for me,” he begs, “let me feel you cum.”
You moan long and loud against his chest as your walls throb and pulse around his cock, and he throws his head back and howls as he pushes his thick knot into your hot wet core. His whole body goes taught beneath you, shaking, toes curled as he pumps load after load of his hot cum into you while your tight, trembling pussy squeezes and massages his knot.
The next night, when you wake up, you’re both lying on your sides again. Your back is pressed against his chest, and his cock is buried inside of you. He’s enthusiastically rubbing your clit, getting you wetter and wetter for him, bucking his hips in short tight thrusts that rub his knot against your sensitive entrance. He’s already got you right at the edge with no stopping it.
“I’m gonna cum,” you gasp, helpless, your whole body numb with surprise and pleasure.
“Oh my god, yes,” he begs, voice desperate, “cum on me, cum on my cock.”
Your whole body goes taught and tight, back arched, walls squeezing and pulsating around his thick length as you moan over and over. It feels so fucking good and it doesn’t stop, he keeps rubbing your clit and thrusting his cock and when the knot pops in you see stars and squeeze him even tighter, legs trembling, gasping, still cumming or maybe cumming again, you can’t tell.
“Yesss,” he whines, his teeth against your ear, “good girl, keep cumming for me, keep cumming, it feels so good.” He’s breathless, trembling. “You’re gonna make me cum, fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
Whining and whimpering, he pulls you tightly against his chest and his thrusts become erratic as he starts to empty himself into you. His knot throbs and pulsates just inside your entrance, causing even more waves of pleasure to roll through you.
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kookiecrumb · a month ago
Cock warming jungkook, but you're tired and he wants to fuck you to sleep au!
(I am suuuuuch an somnophiliac...It IS dubcon though~ anon you have my taste), so this is pure filth.
It is 3 AM where I am, so I channeled the feels. If you see a mistake, no you don't. This is raw.
May I present:
Dick Put Her Ass to Sleep Now She Callin' Me NyQuil (a kookiecrumb)
warnings: dubcon, somnophilia, pwp (18+), unprotected sex (please be safe)
Your mind is hazy as you're engulfed by the scent of your boyfriend. He's citrus-ey, but the scent matures into a mellow undertone the more you take in. His body is far too warm for you to keep your eyes awake.
"H-haaahh..." He hisses as he sinks his length into your heated cunt. you sigh out a small moan. Your boyfriend has his hands scratching your back, and you're practically purring at how good it feels to have him inside of you like this, even as your mind drifts off to a dream-like consciousness. His voice is merely a hum to you as he thrusts up, groaning and staggardly breathing. You whine and hold on tighter to his wide chest, and your fingers wander to his face and jaw, where you press your thumb against his bottom lip.
"Koo~ sleepy..." You weakly notify him. His lips curve upwards against your thumb. He feels incredibly fulfilling, pressing at your walls in the familiar and blissful way, his dick snugly immersed in your sopping cunt. He can't stop kissing at your neck, addicted to your sweet scent as he meets your hips with each tantalizing pump. You hold on to him as he takes your ear between his teeth playfully. "...mmm...yeah," you breathe, your moans slurred.
Jungkook's mouth opens in an "ah" shape, his eyebrows furrowing as he indulges in you. He twitches, and you lean back to kiss him deeply. His mouth crashes with yours, your hands traveling to his nape and tugging him towards you. You feel everything vividly, even if your sight and hearing is hindered. Something in the pit of your stomach builds, your love-drunken heart pounds.
Your hands form fists full of his shirt as he pants, and he's huffing out cusses as he chases his orgasm. You adore being his, you adored having him inside of you like this and you needed his warmth, for him to fall apart and mesh in the most perfect way with your body as you rested against him. You tense and quiver, clenching hard as his length plunges in you, his fingers lazily twitching above your clit (it's too sensitive!). You're incredibly close, mesmerized by the way your boyfriend stretches you. Your orgasm surprises you.
"Jungkoo-- Jungkook!!" You exclaim, whining loudly. You clench intensely around him, glazing his girthy dick with your juices and setting of his chain reaction. His release is intense, he holds your hips as he finishes coating you with his cum. You kiss him again, his mouth an oasis for your tired body, as you mumble something, quietly. "So lucky I'm on the're so lucky."
"Nah...that's you" he insists, but you're already fast asleep in his arms. You made a mess on his thighs, but it's a cute mess so it's okay.
requests are OPEN and encouraged!
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lavandermin · 2 months ago
next to you by day’s end | zhongli
pairing | zhongli/reader
word count | 2.8k
genre | soft, smut, developing relationship, domestic, single parent au, fluff
warning | breeding kink, overstimulation
It’s curiously unexpected. An enigma Zhongli has yet to figure out. What draws him to you? The answer has yet to come to him though he searches within himself tirelessly.
Oh, how Zhongli has grown fond of the human that lay next to him, body spent. His sweet markings were blooming on your back and neck— remainders of nights together, past and present.
Fingers softly ran over the few markings he could feel on his neck. They wouldn’t last long but somehow the gestures warmed him.
The thought sat well on his tongue, and decided it was perfectly fitting. Nothing in this world could replace these little rendezvous you both indulged in.
It goes without saying that Morax created Liyue, forged of rock and earth, to be the bustling center of commerce it is today. To many, he is seen as the creator of life in Liyue, for without the Geo Archon’s foundation— without his laws— there would be no livelihood. He was a lord sure of his work.
And yet, by odd chance or fate encounter, meeting you has gotten him into his own head. It was a harmless intrigue, truthfully. At first.
Was this the erosion he was left to succumb to now as he walked as a mortal among mortals? It was a question his mind decided to let the incoming eons decide. There was plenty of time at his disposal. And so he got more and more curious with too much time on his hands.
The creation of life. Though Zhongli has gone through countless eras, seen his fair share of lives begin and end, he couldn’t help but be vexed by the sudden interest.
Or rather, it was a fondness that gripped his heart. A heart of stone, but a heart nonetheless. Perhaps it was time that had eroded his heart to be so easily swooned by the small life he delicately cradled in one arm that fateful day.
“Miss, is everything alright?” Zhongli had asked when he first approached you, struggling to stay awake as you cradled a baby that babbled happily in your arms.
The deep voice had startled you awake, quickly sitting up straight on the bench you took up. It didn’t go unnoticed by him how you protectively held the infant closer to yourself, eyes fearfully scanning the area. They landed upon the refined gentleman before you, piercing amber eyes patient with concern.
“Ah, I’m sorry— It’s just— it’s been a long day and… haven’t gotten much sleep between shifts.” You were quick to apologize, stumbling over your words helplessly as the lack of sleep caught up to you. There was a sluggishness that fogged your mind and maybe if you were in a more rested state, your face might have been red with light embarrassment.
Though he could have walked away, the inclination to help you was stronger. Even more vexing was your trustful willingness to let him help. Perhaps it was clouded judgement from fatigue. There was some pride to have in his work to make Liyue as peaceful as it could be in the current era. And that’s how the Geo Archon found himself offering to look after the infant while you dozed off for an hour.
“Are you sure?” you asked cautiously, though the relief was a new spark in your tired eyes.
The smile that warmed his refined features put you at ease. “I assure you it's no trouble at all.”
The way your small daughter happily reached out to play with the buttons of his jacket was enough to clear any red flags. He carried himself with such a respectable and dignified grace, it made it incredibly difficult to reject his kind offer.
There the ex-archon sat, your head resting on his shoulder while he sat entertaining your tiny bundle of joy that was quickly lulled to sleep in his arms. It was a situation that remained on his mind for many days to come. In his aching heart he found a sense of peace, a sense of belonging near you.
Oh, how your sweetness gripped his heart terribly. New thoughts and ideas swirled in his mind. A family… Zhongli has seen many adepti retire and start families of their own with a newfound era of peace. Perhaps it was his turn, and such thoughts lingered as the prospect festered and boiled over in his mind. And like an act of a greater force, he wouldn’t stop running into you from then on. Zhongli learned of your hardworking mannerisms, your relentless schedule as a single mother.
“You work ceaselessly. Your daughter is very fortunate,” he comments fondly one day as you both sit by the pond on the harbor’s outskirts.
There’s a melodious laugh that erupts from your chest. “And you know far too many things, Zhongli. More than I am able to recall.”
It’s a friendly nudge you give him, both of you sitting on unspoken questions for the other. Just who really was Zhongli? And how did you end up parenting alone? Both were questions held back out of respect for one another’s privacy. For this, each of you were unspokenly grateful for.
The smile you show him is radiant, pleasant. It’s like it sees through him and pierces his heart with intense feelings he doesn’t know what to do with.
You’re entangled with each other— into each other far deeper than anticipated. A god with a soft spot for this single mother and the tiny infant that has grown quite attached to him as well. He makes it easier for you to ignore the criticisms of the city folk around you. Makes it easier to raise your daughter with the best you can offer.
And most importantly, he makes you feel like you’re not alone in this, though you keep such warm thoughts to yourself in self reassurance.
Without a doubt, Zhongli is a respectable man. When he takes you out for strolls in the harbor, he radiates an unmatched dependability. The faces you pass regard you both with utmost respect, and for a moment you feel warm and fuzzy with him leading you hand in hand and your daughter happily in his other arm.
Days that he brings you home are plenty, and when an available babysitter allows it, you let him spoil you how he wants to in the privacy of his room.
It strikes him with clamorous sweetness, tightening his chest as you turn to him under warm sheets with a tired smile.
“I love you.” The confession as your small hand laces with his leaves a comforting silence, a smile gracing his lips.
And the confession has another meaning that fills him with overwhelming emotion he manages to hide behind his calm demeanor. As an archon, love is an expression he has heard for countless millennia. The people of Liyue loved their archon and were keen on expressing it frequently. But that love and this— they were not unlike water and oil. The people loved what he blessed them with, loved the protection over their heads, loved his divine predictions… but never a love of his person.
Even in his incognito lifestyle, there was hardly a time he could say he let himself be loved like this. Many loved him for his vast knowledge, for his etiquette and upheld traditions. But love is a word with a vast array of meaning from person to person. With you, it just happened to be the form of love he never knew he had longed for.
Zhongli leans down to press a chaste kiss to your lips.
“Everyday you convince me more that you were made for me to love.” There’s a tenderness that you drown in with those glowing, amber eyes. His words never fail to make your body light with warmth.
It’s a little greedy and love-hazed the way you pull him back down against your lips. Zhongli is always ready to indulge you, never having enough of the feeling of your bodies against each other. Though your body is spent and lightly aching from the previous hour, you laugh breathily against his lips in awe at his boundless stamina.
In a sea of lush blankets, his hands find purchase on the soft flesh of your thighs once again, hands roaming your body.
It’s quickly melting into a blurred line of reverent love and desperate lust. Somehow it only serves to keep you both obsessed with the heady taste of each other’s tongues. Skin on skin is desperate on each other with fingers digging into soft flesh.
You shiver under his attention to your heaving chest, thighs slightly trembling as you rock your hips in small desperate circles on his lap. He’s at your chest like a starved man, leaving little markings here and there. Gentle hands are a stark difference to the roughness of the tongue that swirls over your nipple. There’s a certain obsession you noted with how his hands remain fascinated by the fullness of your breasts— their delicate softness as he gives them a gentle squeeze.
Your body was a wonder of the world to him, and he makes sure to dispel any insecurities you might have with soft reassurances between heated kisses.
There’s a breathy moan that escapes you as he gives a particularly harsh suck to your nipple, his cock twitching against the warmth of your pulsing walls. He pulls away from your chest with an audible, wet pop. The trail of milk that dribbles down his chin as he looks into your eyes with blown out pupils is enough to send you into a third orgasm that night. There’s an otherworldly glow in his amber eyes, and it leaves you all the more enraptured by this man you’ve deemed your lover.
He presses soft kisses along the marked skin of your shoulder, rolling his hips up to help you ride out your orgasm. The gentleness of his attention never fails to squeeze your heart with tender feelings.
“That’s—“ Suddenly you’re out of breath, a soft mewl leaving you as he experimentally takes your lactating breast back in his mouth. The act of him simultaneously grinding his hips up to meet yours leaves you panting. “Haa… haah… Z–Zhongli, you fill my mind with terrible things.”
There’s a rumbling chuckle that builds up deep within his chest as he swallows, tongue darting out to swipe over his lips. “How so?”
There’s a tremble still present in your thighs as you shift, your meek hand guiding his large hand over the soft skin just below your navel.
“I want nothing more than to bear your children. I… I don’t know your circumstances, and you don’t have to tell me either— but if I were to be a little selfish, I would want to properly start a family...” You lean in to slot your lips over his in an achingly slow kiss.“With you.”
You finish with your gaze holding his glowing one firmly. Though his silence is brief, the twitch of him still buried deep within you leaves you to assume the words made his mind wander.
Instead of answering right away, he chooses to bury himself against your soft body. Zhongli chuckles breathily against your skin as he starts a trail of butterfly kisses up your neck. “You want me to give you a child?”
There’s a darkness that swirls in his eyes when he meets yours again. It runs a shiver of anticipation up your spine.
You nod, eager despite your reddening cheeks. And whether it’s the shame of your words or the rising heat in your body, you cannot tell.
The roll of his hips against you as he flips you onto your back leaves you pleading out in a high pitched whine. “Please—“
His tongue is hot over yours as he handles you onto your side with ease, swallowing your begs and whines. There’s a mess of moans intermingling as he wordlessly obliges, an animalistic desire spurring him on.
The new angle makes a quick mess of you, his hips snapping behind you with the sound of skin on skin. There are deep moans against your neck as he sinks his teeth gently into the flesh of your shoulder, a strong hand lifting your leg up to reach a new, deeper angle. The obscene, wet squelching that fills the room only serves to turn you on more.
Zhongli is quick to help you chase your next release with small, quick circles he rubs at your clit with a free hand. There’s already noticeable twitching from your overstimulated body as you come crashing down with him.
It’s searing hot, the feeling of his come filling your womb. Zhongli pulls your face to him, kissing you roughly, greedily through the orgasm as he fills you.
It’s sticky, it’s hot, and you tremble against him as his cock continuously spurts his seed deep within you. The feeling slightly swelling with fullness makes you shudder in satisfaction and a sweet ache blooms within your chest. It leaves you a little dizzy— lightheaded feeling him stuff you full.
Labored pants fill the stuffy room as you both catch your breath, and you squirm from oversensitivity when you feel him start to leak out of you. Zhongli kisses the perspiration off of your temple, peppering your face with loving kisses as he slips out of you.
The soft praises he showers you with distract you from the blooming aches in your body. “You did well. You took me so well.”
Ever the romantic, he punctuates every praise with a peck on a different area of your body. The lust clouding you both is cleared out. These little reverent gestures are loving, innocent.
“You spoil me too much,” you joke. The comment has no bite so he smiles against the skin of your back. “I think you succeeded in wrecking me completely.”
“Perhaps you’ll get what you wanted,” he adds. There’s a teasing undertone you pick up on, but recognize that patient smile of his. He really does mean it, and for some reason it brings dusty pinks to your cheeks— not out of embarrassment, but rather overwhelming feelings for this gentle soul next to you.
Zhongli’s hand reaches from behind you to caress the skin of your stomach. The small swell is apparent and he experimentally applies a bit of pressure just to watch his come leak out between your legs.
You wince at the strange sensation, heat rising to your cheeks in a display of embarrassed reds. “A–Ah, feels weird.”
Though it has him hard once again, Zhongli is never one to ignore your limits. It’s apparent in the steadying of your breathing, and he places a tender kiss to the top of your head. Your need for rest came first.
Ever the gentleman.
“Stay like this for a while,” Zhongli requests, interlocking his fingers with yours. The small kisses he presses to your shoulders keep you pliant in his loose hold.
With your body spent, you tiredly snuggle up against him. The room is tranquil in your silence, the musk of sex still heavy in the air.
You’re the first to tiredly break the silence, body twisting just enough to face him. There’s an unreadable look in your sparkling eyes as they sleepily search his face. Zhongli blinks at you, a breathy laugh escaping him and he lays there amused by this curious mortal he is deeply entwined with— heart, body, and soul.
“I want to be with you more,” you begin. Your shy gaze falls to his hand that you gingerly take in yours. “Marry me?”
Though it catches him off guard, it doesn’t stop the rumbling laughter that ensues. It’s lighthearted and only further captures the heart of this ex-archon.
“You’re very untraditional,” Zhongli muses with a smile, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “On many occasions, as per tradition, the man is the one who asks for your hand in marriage. Long since is the time since marriages were arranged by families. But you, dearest… are in a world of your own.”
You pout despite knowing his words hold utmost sincerity and bury your face in his neck. “Ask me then.”
From your place against his chest you can feel the chuckle he lets out, a warm and pleasant deepness you’re fond of. It makes your heart flutter.
“Not necessary. My answer is already yes.” He gently tugs at your hair to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. “I’m quite fond of this untraditional method. It suits you.”
The grin that lights up your tired eyes keeps you awake just a bit longer. You reach up to place a soft kiss to his jaw.
“I love you a lot, you know?”
Your words erode his edges, and ZhonglI comes to terms with the fact that his heart has always wholeheartedly belonged to you. As a person rooted in tradition, with countless eons under his belt, you are a breath of fresh air. Perhaps you were made for him— a curious little opposite that attracted him.
He’s certain this is the destiny he was set to have. The start of a family was an unexpected route he now grew rather fond of.
“I love you most.”
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taesinferno · 5 months ago
34+35 | knj
Tumblr media
SUMMARY why is the song 34+35 so motivating for namjoon to work out to? what gives?
PAIRING namjoon x reader
GENRE smut, pwp, workout!joon, established relationship
RATE 18+
WARNINGS 69 duhh, dom!joon, daddy kink, hickies, thigh riding, spanking, submissive!reader, unprotected sex (practice safe sex yall), orgasm denial, throat fuck, really whiny reader, sweaty joon 🥵, i think thats it???
WC 3.5 k
a/n: please feel free to let me know what you think! feedback is much appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Can you stay up all night?
Fuck me till the daylight?
34 + 35
Ariana's words blared loudly in your ear as you entered the fitness center looking for your gym rat of a boyfriend. Recently, he'd picked up his workout schedule more than before, resulting in the bigger and better namtiddies you so enjoyed along with buffer everything else. You weren't complaining at all, especially since his new bodybuilding addiction had led to him showing off his higher stamina in bed, insisting on round after round just because he could. Yeah, you were perfectly fine with that.
You found him over by the weights station, sitting on the bench facing the mirror as he worked on his biceps. He was the only one still here, the late hour of the night being his preference for hitting the gym as he enjoyed the peaceful quiet. His face contorted at the effort as he grunted with every lift, sweat dripping on his forehead, his hair wet, body glistening with the exertion.
You didn't want to interrupt, loving seeing him like this. You would've taken out your phone to record a video for your own private archives, just to store away, if he hadn't looked up and caught your eyes in the mirror. His lips curved up into a smile at your expression, dazed with your head tilted, eying him hungrily. "You came for the free show?" He chuckled.
You giggled as you walked over, putting one knee on the bench behind him as you leaned over, embracing his body and feeling his taut muscles under you. "It's not fair, you're too distracting."
"Look who's talking," he snorted, reaching around to pull you into his lap after setting the weight down. "You just walk in and I loose count of how many sets I've done."
"You've two more to go," his trainer's voice suddenly sounded from behind him, returning from putting the other equipment away. Namjoon nodded obediently and picked up the weight again, gesturing for you to get off so he could finish, but you didn't budge. "Can't I stay? I won't impact your training," you pouted. You knew Namjoon could never say no to you. Which is why he sighed defeatedly, a small smile on his lips as he shook his head before looking to his trainor for approval. Once he got the okay, he secured on arm around your waist and the other gripped the weight. You were pressed against his chest closely as he started his second-to-last set.
His trainor counted each one with him, commenting words of encouragement to keep him going. But you could barely hear any of that, only background noise compared to Namjoon's grunting in your ear. His hot breath was on your neck with each exhale, and you could feel his body heating up from the excersise.
The music was the only other thing you could hear aside from Namjoon’s pants, but that's probably because you had a one-track mind at this point, the lyrics capturing exactly what you were thinking.
Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it
Imma leave it open like a door come inside it
Even though I'm wifey you could hit it like a side chick, don't need no side dick
You couldn't help the heat that flooded to your core at the sound of your boyfriend's exerted grunts in your ear, paired with his arm clutching you tightly around him, making you feel every flex of his muscles. And not to mention, you were sitting on those God-crafted thighs that had your mouth watering before you even thought about his dick. You tried to be subtle about the way you moved in his lap, trying to relieve some tension and the fire on your skin, and get comfortable without disturbing him. He may have not noticed at first, too enraptured in his gains to pay attention to anything else around him, but his dick took full notice. Enough of your wiggling his lap causing his gym shorts growing tighter and tighter around his crotch.
His arm pulled you impossibly close, leveling his mouth with your ear to growl, "What are you playing at, babygirl?"
You shivered at his deep voice, feeling the rich timbre in his chest. "What are you talking about, Daddy?" you whispered, moving again in his lap to brush against his semi-hard cock through his shorts. He let out a low groan at your movement, gripping your waist to keep you still. "I have one more set left. Be a good girl, or you're going to get punished. Understand?" He grunted lowly. You bit your lip, his tone sending another rush of heat to your core, your arousal pooling in your panties.
He switched the weight in his hands, his trainor starting his count again, oblivious to what was going on between you. Namjoon had told you to behave, to be a good girl. But how could you when he was basically making sex noises in your ear and flexing his muscles with you in his lap with a front row seat. Short answer: you couldn't.
You wrapped one arm around his neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck as you leaned in to his ear. "Why do you listen to 34 +35 when you work out, Joonie? Is it because you wanna fuck me till the daylight?" You felt him stutter in his set, almost dropping the weight, but quickly regaining his composure. He lowly uttered your name in warning, but you didn't heed it. "Is it because you wanna keep me up? Or so you can prove you can keep it up?" You gestured down to his shorts at the tent forming, becoming more obvious by the second. "Does it motivate you to get all big and strong and make the bed shake so hard the neighbors think there's an earthquake?"
"Yn," he muttered under his breath, his teeth gritted. You could feel his self-control draining as his focus fell to you rather than his workout. And you didn't mean to do it, honestly that wasn't your intention at all when you had walked into the gym. But workout Joon was irresistible, what were you supposed to do? Not rile him up in hopes he would use you as his workout instead?? That's crazy talk.
"C'mon baby," you continued, dragging your nails across his the back of his neck, "Finish your set so you can show me who I belong to." Your sentence ended with a slight whine in your voice as your own desperation showed itself. That gave him his last burst of concentration, just enough to finish the last 10 in his set before he was dropping the weight with a loud clang to the ground and lifting you up, hands on the back of your thighs. He murmured a quick thank you with a small bow to the trainor before he was practically running out of the fitness center and into the elevator that went straight up to the apartment.
"You're seriously such a brat." He growled, voice muffled as his mouth attached to your neck. You whined out his name at how he was marking you, a taste of what was to come later. "Can't be without my cock for one fucking second."
One hand hand was kneading your ass and the other held you up as he slammed you against the elevator wall. His mouth moved from your neck to your mouth, kissing you heatedly. You let out a moan as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your lips opening submissively for him.
Your frenzied makeout session was interrupted by the ding of the elevator, signaling you had reached your destination. He readjusted you in his arms as he exited and headed for the door. His lips found yours again as he walked the well-known path that was ingrained into his muscle memory. He only stopped to come up for air when he reached the door, pressing you against it while fiddling with the lock.
"Joon," you whined as the rattle of the keys continued while he tried to find the right one. "I'm trying baby, but—" his clumsiness jumped out. You huffed in his ear, throwing a mini fit at not getting what you wanted fast enough. But he was quick to put you in your place, rolling his hips against yours, making you feel his rock hard cock.
"Baby's throwing a fit, huh? You think you're cute?" Unfortunately for him, he did think you were cute. Especially when you got all whiny for his dick. It made the his cock stand right up when you pouted at him with those pretty lips and eyes. He could never deny you when you had that look, and honestly, he never really wanted to deny you.
Finally, after what felt like forever, he got the door open, pushing you both inside. He was barely able to set you down on your feet before pulling off his shirt, his chest muscles greeting you, dripping with sweat from his workout. You reached out unconsciously for his tiddies, running your hand down his body in a trance. He chuckled at your awe, and let you have a moment before he was tugging at your shirt and shorts.
"You worked hard, Joon." You panted as he towered over you, walking you backwards to the couch. "Think you got any of that left for me?" You fluttered your eyelashes for good measure to get what you wanted. Namjoon bit his lip at your insinuation, pushing you down onto the couch before hovering over you, chest heaving like the beast he was.
"Careful what you ask for, sweetheart."
Your mouth broke into a cheshire cat grin, playful eyes with a hint of determination. You wanted it all, every inch of this man standing above you right now. You pulled him down to meet your lips, reveling in the feeling of his tongue in your mouth.
He flipped you both over, instead having a seat on the couch and pulling you on top of him. "You wanted to ride my thigh so badly couldn't even wait till we got home, huh?" His voice was muffled in your neck as his hands found your hips, gripping tightly and positioning you. "Well? Show me what got you so riled up, sweetheart." He flexed his thigh under you, and you could feel it in between your legs, your arousal flooding your core. You let out a moan as you lost all sense of your surroundings and moved your hips back and forth on his muscular thighs. Your hands came up to steady themselves on his shoulders, and he leaned back, hands propped up behind his head as he watched you, a cocky smirk on his face.
"Damn, babygirl. I can already feel you soaking through your panties." He was right; your arousal was quick to make an easy slick for you on his thighs, causing you to rut frantically against him in search of stimulation to your clit. You rode his thigh like a pony, your whines and whimpers cutting through the air in symphony with the squelch of your skin. It was filthy, the way you were so desperately grinding yourself down, knot tightening your stomach.
You fell forward, losing your grip on his shoulders, as you caught yourself on his lap. Loud whimpers of his name left your lips as you chased your high, his thigh deliciously rubbing against your folds. You were breathing heavily, sweat beading on your forehead, mouth falling open. Your eyes rolled back as you found your rhythm. Your stomach tightened in anticipation, your orgasm fast-approaching.
He tilted your head up to look him in his eyes, intensely gazing down at you. You felt so dominated in the moment and he hadn't even done a thing. You could just feel your body tingle in anticipation for what you wanted him to do to you, how much you wanted him to stuff you full with his cock—
"Stop." His voice commanded. And if you hadn't been looking at him right that moment, you would've missed it for being so lost in your own pleasure. Loud whines left your throat as you begrudgingly slowed your movements. He smiled at your state—eyes wide, hair messy, lips pouty, overall fucked out. So cute.
"You were a bad girl, baby. You don't get to come yet," he reprimanded you. His tone was soft, but his words made you slump into his embrace, silently begging, big eyes watery from your robbed orgasm. "Nope. That's not gonna work this time," he tsked, but he still had to look away from your face lest he give in. "Lay down on your stomach, ass up."
You obeyed, not wanting to warrant any more punishment than you already had, but not without a bratty pout. You lay yourself across his lap, face in the throw pillow closest to you. You knew what he meant, stroking your ass cheeks so sweetly before landing a hard slap, making you yelp out at the loud smack. "Count," he ordered. You nodded meekly and whimpered out number after number as he spanked you until your ass was red, relishing in his gruff voice whispering dirty things to you. You were sufficiently wet, to say the least, at this point to take his giant cock without any prep, and you hoped he would give it to you soon. You'd been aching for its stretch ever since you first felt it press against you while you were in his lap.
"Joon—please—," you begged. He tutted and landed another slap to your reddening ass. "That's not my name, sweetheart."
"Daddy, please—," you cried out, tears welling up in your eyes, "Please fuck me—"
Namjoon looked at you in your pitiful state. You looked so desperate, pushing your ass up further into his hand. sounded so desperate to be fucked, whiny moans leaving your pretty lips. Ready to take any punishment he gave you if it meant you'd get his cock. Poor baby, he thought as he rubbed your ass soothingly, you just wanted to be fucked by daddy. He flipped you over on your back, scissoring you open as he moved to hover above, and fucked is what you were going to get.
"Sweetheart, you're already so wet," Namjoon groaned, easily sliding three fingers into your cunt. He watched his fingers thrust into you hungrily, the sight making him painfully hard in his shorts. "Just from riding my thigh? Or, does my baby like getting punished, huh? You like it when I spank you red? Is that why you were being so bratty?" You let out a high-pitched moan at his words, bucking your hips up. You were already so worked up, and his fingers felt so good inside you you were on the edge. And he was right—him spanking you had sent arousal right to your core, and you would be embarassed, but your pride was at his feet and you couldn't give less of a fuck.
Namjoon seemed to sense how close you were with your walls clenching around his fingers and decided you were ready. He pulled his shorts and underwear off, presenting you with his hard cock, red angry tip leaking with precum. He gave himself a few strokes before lining up with your entrance and pushing in.
"Ah fuck—," he grunted in your ear as you moaned at the stretch. He slid in easily, the stretch feeling so damn good. He had to pace himself, remember not to go fucking ham right away, but it was hard because your pussy felt heavenly around him, welcomingly clenching your walls around him. "Yn, baby—," He slowly pulled out and rammed back in, causing you to wrap your arms around his broad back and sink your nails in at the sudden roughness. He continued to thrust into you hard, pulling frantic moans and whimpers of his name from.
Your silk walls felt so good around him he couldn't contain himself, setting a brutal pace. You weren't much better off, clawing at his back, moving your hips up to try and meet his. He leaned over you so closely you could see the sweat glistening off his chest, his freshly worked-out biceps bulging next you as he held himself. You took a moment to appreciate post-workout Joon in all his daunting muscle glory—if he kept going at this rate, he'd be too big to fit in a damn car.
He was rutting into you so hard, putting those muscles to good use, pushing your legs up into positions that made you feel like you were working out. You vaguely made out the sound of the couch scratching against the wood floors as it shook, the coffee table next to you slightly trembling from the tremors as Joon fucked you like he paid for it. It was barely in your realm of consiousness, though, for how fast Joon's fingers were moving against your clit.
"I can feel how tightly your squeezing, baby. You're close, aren't you?" You whimpered a small 'yes' followed by a nod of your head. He chuckled at your response, "My desperate baby. Should I let you come now? Do you think you deserve it?"
You moaned out and bobbed your head quickly, trying to push up against him as you felt your orgasm nearing. He buried his face in your neck, tugging at your earlobe before growling, "Cum for me, yn."
"Fuck—Joon!" The tension in your center broke as your climax washed over you, coating his cock in your arousal. He thrust into your cunt, squelching sounds loud with the new slick you provided, mixing with your moans of pleasure as he let you ride out your high. "Good girl, yn. Cream my cock just like that," he praised, and you revelled in it, giving him everything you had.
Once you had come down from your high, he pulled out and lied back on the other end of the couch. "Cmere, baby." He beckoned. You crawled over on top of him and he pecked your lips before rearranging you both, sitting you on his face as you were now confronted with his engorged cock. You didn't hesitate to put your mouth on it immediately, trying to take in as much as you could at once. You were a bit too ambitious, choking on his huge length, before going back in at a more steady pace, using your hand to pump what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. He was at work behind you, licking you clean of your arousal, tongue lapping at your folds, trying to taste every last drop.
You took him deeper and deeper with every bob of your mouth. It wasn't long before he was groaning behind you, muttering curses under his breath while stroking your ass cheeks. "Keep doing that thing with your tongue, baby. I'm almost there," he grunted. You were spurred on by his words, now warmed up enough to try to take him all the way. You pushed your head down as far as you could, nose centimeters from his base. Namjoon let out a loud Fuck as he jolted his hips upwards, hitting the back of your throat roughly. Tears welled up in your eyes but you kept your mouth on his cock, letting him fuck up into you. He was spilling his seed inside your mouth with a moan of your name. It leaked out of your mouth, and you were taking shorter breaths, but you worked him through his orgasm like a good girl. He praised you after, stroking your gently as you pulled your mouth off his cock.
He moved you around to lay your head on top of his chest, your breaths in sync. You found his namtiddies incredibly cushioning, reaching up to squeeze one with your free hand. He chuckled at your action, kissing your forehead.
"You gave Ariana a run for her money," you mumbled against his chest. He eyes crinkled with his proud smile, pride welling up in his chest. You were a testament to your statement yourself, completely tuckered out from him fucking you, eyes heavy as your muscles finally relaxed.
"But we didn't go all night baby," he teased, strong arm pulling the throw off the back of the couch and settling it over you.
"Mm, next time." You promised, drifting off to sleep. Namjoon let out a small laugh at your determination, knowing next time, you'd have to pump yourself full of coffee before you'd have energy to stay up all night long. He was looking forward to it, though. And, yeah, you were right. He did listen to 34 + 35 purely because he would think of you, and it motivated him to get bulk up so he could fuck you whichever way you wanted it. And what about it?
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, modifications etc. allowed
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taeghi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Y/n, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await for your owl by no later than 31 July.
an nct dream smut series ⚯͛
genre : smut, angst, some fluff 
-- warnings : explicit & vulgar language, sex lol, maybe some “alcohol”
Huang Renjun and the MUGGLEBORN
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  pure blood ravenclaw!renjun + muggleborn ravenclaw!y/n
summary ϟ pure blood ravenclaw!renjun and muggle born ravenclaw!y/n have always despised each other. the difference in their magical blood has separated them in terms of who is the more incrediable wizard, though what happens when they put that fact aside and actually get to know each other? 
-- includes ϟ  enemies to lovers, hate sex, awkward tension, choking kink, oral. more to come....
♔not enrolled
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  slytherin!y/n + gryffindor!jeno
summary ϟ  sarcastic syltherin!y/n meets charming gryffindor!jeno. since draco malfoy graduated, y/n has become one of the most hated slytherin in hogwarts, yet, jeno is still infatuated with her and will do anything to be given her time of day, even if it means sabotaging his reputation by casting a particular spell to win her heart. 
-- includes ϟ  cocky jeno, possessiveness, hickey’s, spanking, dirty talk
Tumblr media
Lee Haechan and the SLYTHERIN ROYALS
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  slytherin!haechan + hufflepuff!y/n
summary ϟ  royal slytherin!haechan has an obsession with the lower class hufflepuff!y/n. haechan’s royal blood permits him to talk to anyone that his family deems unworthy; this includes y/n’s family. though they know they can’t be seen with one another, that doesn’t stop them from seeing each other in secret. what happens when the slytherin royals come for a visit and find out about the two?
-- includes ϟ  corruption kink, dom!haechan, sub!reader, dirty talk, voyeurism, secret kisses in the hallway, hand holding. 
Tumblr media
Na Jaemin and the YULE BALL
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  hufflepuff!jaemin + gryffindor!y/n
summary ϟ  hufflepuff!jaemin flirts his way into gryffindor!y/ns heart even though she thinks he’s the most annoying wizard ever. na jaemin is known as hogwarts’ sleaziest wizard, and y/n is the only witch that won’t put up with it. what will other students think when they see the two-step into the yule ball together?
-- includes ϟ  voyeurism, switch!jaemin, switch!y/n, praise kink, fingering. more to come....
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[redacted] | jjk | m | drabble
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone.
— summary; in which you are right about Jungkook’s sexual preferences, but at what cost. 
— contents and warnings; smut, pwp, badboy!jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies to lovers, dom!jk x sub!reader, the infamous [redacted] kink that was a daddy kink all along, dirty talk, begging, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, praise kink, slight possessiveness?, lil bit of edging, size kink, manhandling, jk goes a lil crazy lmao, overstimulation, oc cums twice, dumbification but not really, one (1) spank 
— words; 2,8k 
— author’s note; if you’re not keen on daddy kink I get it!! This drabble is very skippable, so don’t worry about sitting this one out 🥰
Jungkook knew you were staring: it was impossible not to. He could see you in his peripheral vision, which endlessly annoyed him, considering he couldn’t even pay attention to the task at hand — trying to absolutely destroy one of his friends in Fortnite. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he complained, twice as irritated now that he realized he had completely thrown his focus out of the window. “What the fuck are you thinking about? You’ve been staring at me for—“ 
“Don’t take what I’m about to say personally,” you interrupted him. The book you had been reading was thrown on your lap, the hem of your dress hiking up your thighs from the way you had mindlessly thrown yourself on his bed earlier. It made Jungkook think of those stupid romantic paintings he had to interpret back in high school. “But you look like someone who would have a daddy kink.”
Which might have been the quickest way to make Jungkook lose a game in history. He removed his headset, turning around on his chair to take a better look at you. If you were taken aback by his flabbergasted expression, you didn’t let it show. “What the fuck are you even talking about?” He asked. 
You shrugged, laying on your side. Romantic paintings be damned: Jungkook thought you looked dangerously inviting like that, and he was just starting to curse himself for accepting to play with his friends when you spoke up again. “Well… Do you?” 
“I don’t know, I never tried it.” He placed his headphones back, and turned around. His friend was laughing at him, accusing him of being a sore loser because of his silence. “Sounds weird.” 
“Let’s try it one of these days,” you said nonchalantly, picking your book back up. “If you don’t like it, we can just pretend it never happened.” 
“Fine,” Jungkook mumbled, waiting for his friend to start a new round. His fingers hovered over the keys for a second, before another thought popped in his head. “Do you have one?”
You decided to ignore that. “I’ll drop it, when you least expect it, it’ll be funny.” You chuckled. “Don’t worry too much about it.” 
And then the day went on as if that talk had never happened. 
One of these days took a little longer than Jungkook expected — enough for him to forget about that off-putting interaction in the first place, in fact. Which might as well have been your plan, considering how surprised he looked when you finally dropped it. 
“God, you feel so fucking good, princess,” Jungkook moaned, his head buried on the crook of your neck and hands beneath your knees, holding your legs up. His fingers were digging into your soft flesh, squeezing the way he did when he was dangerously close to tipping over. “Wanna fill you up so fucking bad.” 
“Please, yes,” you cried out, dizzy because of your growing pleasure. You could feel every ridge of his cock sliding in and out of you as he fucked you open, hitting that sweet spot that got you seeing stars. Jungkook had become an expert at finding the ways to make you cry out and, once he got it, he wouldn’t let it go. “Want that so bad.” 
He leaned back, a maniac look on his face as he looked down at where your bodies connected. Jungkook groaned at the way your wetness clung onto his length, the way your pussy wrapped tightly around him. “Yeah? Fuck, baby,” he hissed, snapping his eyes towards yours. You looked so pretty like that, laying there and letting him have his way with you. “Whose pussy’s this?” 
You whined. “Yours.” Your eyelids fluttered shut, filter long forgotten. Maybe that’s why that forsaken word dropped from your tongue so easily when you said, “It’s yours, daddy.” 
Some part of your fragmented, scrambled brain reminded you that you should probably make fun of the way Jungkook froze up at the name, his movements stilling as he stared at you like you had just grown a second head. Yet, you didn’t have time to build the words before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you, and placing his forehead against yours. 
“What did you just call me?” His voice was calm, deep, but you could tell from its sharpness that there was something else seething inside him. You didn’t know if you were scared or turned on — probably both. “Say it again, princess. Don’t be shy.” 
From the way he was looking at you, you were already starting to second guess yourself. But the need to use Jungkook’s preferences against him was stronger than any rational thought at that moment. “Daddy,” you whined — you were trying to remain composed, but with your orgasm so close and his cock digging deep inside you, you couldn’t do it. “Move, please. I’m so close.” 
No, he couldn’t do that just yet. The cogs inside Jungkook’s head were turning, dark irises glued to your face as he decided how to move on from there. His main problem now was that you were right: he didn’t know how, but you had psychoanalyzed him enough to know that he had a daddy kink, and it was just a matter of time before you decided to weaponize it against him, like you did with all the previous ones. 
Wait, claimed the scheming part of his brain: wasn’t the point of a daddy kink that he was in control? Technically, he should be the one taking advantage of that. Or he could at least try before you got the upper hand. 
“Kook,” you cried out his name, the heels of your feet digging to the base of his spine. Jungkook realized you wouldn’t put up a fight if he tried to do just that — some days you would be a brat and he might back out, but, now, you looked so needy and fucked-out that there was no way you wouldn’t fold. “Stop edging me, you know I—“ 
“That wasn’t what you called me before,” he interrupted you, and the seriousness in his tone made your stomach clench. Have you committed a terrible mistake? Probably yes. Would you do it again? Also yes. “What was it again, baby?” 
You giggled. “I knew you’d like i—“ 
Jungkook silenced you with a brusque thrust of his cock inside you, making you cry out, your lungs failing you for a second. “I asked you a question, angel. Behave now.” 
He did it once more, loving the way you shivered under him. You let out a gasp — which turned into a moan, and then a frail, yet perfectly understandable, “Daddy,” you said, “I called you daddy.” 
He dove back in and placed a small, tender kiss against your lips. “Good girl. See? It wasn’t that hard to answer,” he teased. “Ask properly now.” 
For a second you stared at him without saying a word and Jungkook just knew you were deciding whether to follow his lead or make his life a living hell. Sooner than he expected, though, you made up your mind, body relaxing against the pillows and an expression of submission all over your pretty face. Apparently it was his lucky day. “Please, daddy, fuck me. I wanna cum so bad.” 
Well, fuck. He definitely had a daddy kink. But Jungkook would deal with the implications of that another day — perhaps in one which you weren’t so obedient, because, right now, he’d take advantage of that. 
Jungkook pouted at your distress, taking one hand to cup your cheek. “Poor little thing, my princess wants to cum?” He asked, to which you nodded, looking like you weren’t all there. You were probably really close to orgasming, he realized, because even in your most submissive state, you still liked to talk back a little. He could really get used to that. “Gonna take daddy’s cock like a good girl?” 
You bit your lip, hands landing on his biceps, trying to ground yourself. “Yes,” you said. 
Jungkook tilted his head to the side, sitting back between your legs. His cock was still inside you, and the change of angle made your lips part in a silent gasp. “Yes what?” He pressed. 
This time, it came out instantly. “Yes, daddy.”
He huffed, hooking your legs over his forearms. Jungkook felt your pussy clenching around him, already so tight, and his facade almost cracked. “That’s better. Don’t make me remind you one more time,” he warned, tilting his upper body forward so your thighs were pressed against your torso. You felt his weight pushing down on you and a pathetic little whimper died on your throat. “Ask me again, baby.” 
If there’s one thing Jungkook liked when you got desperate was that you’d do anything to get some sort of relief — which probably explained why you got so mad when he edged you, considered it pushed you towards a constant state of desperation and euphoria, making you forget your esteemed social filters for a few minutes. You hated being kept on the limit of your orgasm, he knew that (and he very rarely did it), but there was something about the neediness in your voice combined with that cursed name that made him lose his mind when you begged, “Please, daddy, fuck me.” 
The second Jungkook started pounding into your pussy, you threw your head back, a loud moan falling from your lips (which made you extremely thankful for the fact that your roommate wasn’t home). You simply couldn’t filter out your noises, pleasure rising at a thunderous pace, taking you right back to where you were before it all went down. 
“I can’t— I can’t hold it,” you cried out, fighting to focus on his face, but being unable to do so. Jungkook had his gaze zeroed in on your pussy, watching as it swallowed his cock whole, opening up for him and clenching him so tightly. “I’m gonna cum, daddy, you’re so big.” 
“Just what my baby deserves, hm?” Jungkook asked, focus now slowly moving up your body, watching your tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts before finally stopping on your face. You looked so pretty under him, so fucked out and submissive, it made his chest swell up with pride. “Such a good girl. Such a perfect little pussy. Go ahead and make a mess for daddy.” 
You reached your limit right away, moaning out in bliss as you clenched around him, legs shaking and eyes rolling to the back of your head. Jungkook kept fucking you through your high, not caring for the whimpers of sensitivity that started to bubble up your throat. 
“Gonna take what daddy gives you, right?” He asked, and you simply nodded. You reached for his forearms, trying to ground yourself as his cock continued to bury itself deep inside you, teasing you further. “Words, princess.” 
“Yes, d-daddy, I can take it,” you hiccuped, fighting through your sensitivity. It was slowly starting to feel good again. “Don’t stop, please.” 
He smirked. “That’s my good girl.” 
You were so used to Jungkook that most times you forgot how big he was — his large, muscular frame looming over you quickly reminded you, however. With your green flag to keep going, he decided to change your position, removing his cock from your heat before picking you up and turning you around like you were weightless. His hands hooked around your hips and pulled your lower body upwards, your knees automatically finding support on the mattress as your back arched, ass perked up for him. 
“You just let me do whatever I want with you, don’t you?” He asked, positioning himself behind you. You whined (both at the feeling of his cock brushing against your entrance and as a poor attempt at answering his question), hands holding to the pillow in expectation. “I don’t even know how you can take me so deep, pussy’s so fucking tiny.”
A choked up moan fell from your lips when Jungkook pushed himself back inside you, pounding just as fast and hard as before. You could feel yourself getting close again, body locking up as your second orgasm approached at dangerous speed. “D-Daddy, too much,” you sobbed, pressing your face against the pillow. You were being so loud that there was no way in hell your neighbors weren’t listening to that. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna—“ 
The growl that Jungkook emitted when he felt you cumming around his cock for the second time was almost enough to make you lose it for a third time. “Fuck, that’s my good girl,” he praised, leaning forward so he could reach deeper inside you. Jungkook was losing his mind at the way your pussy tried to milk him dry, clenching around his cock desperately as you called out for him — a mixture of daddy and Kook and please that he wouldn’t forget so soon. “You were made for this, weren’t you? Made to take daddy’s cock, to cum all over it.” 
“Y-Yes, daddy,” you moaned. 
“Is that all you can think about, princess?” He asked. Jungkook wasn’t expecting for you to nod so fast, nor to see that desperate expression on your pretty face. Fuck, you looked completely ruined, totally fucked-out. There was no way he could hold back another minute. “Gonna be a good girl and take daddy’s cum? Uh? Gonna let daddy fill your pussy up?” 
You nodded again, but that wasn’t what Jungkook wanted and you knew it. The feeling of his palm coming down against your ass was hard and sharp, so unexpected that you almost lost your balance, struggling to find your voice. “Yes, d-daddy, yes,” you whined. “I need it, please.”
Jungkook groaned, raising the speed of his thrusts as his moans and curses echoed all around you, dancing inside your overstimulated brain. “Fuck, take it, baby, take everything,” he breathed out, barely giving you time to agree before he was burying himself to the hilt inside you so he could fill you up. “Shit.” 
You could feel the way Jungkook’s cum shot inside you, stuffing your pussy as he continued to prolong his pleasure. After a few more shallow thrusts, he pulled his cock from your pussy and sat back on his legs, trying to regain his breath — and probably his sense of reality as well. 
“Shit, look at that,” Jungkook commented, watching as his cum dripped out of you. As per usual, he pushed it right back in, two fingers playing with your sensitive entrance before he pulled them away again. “What do we say?”
Beyond exhausted, you rolled your body around before you answered, back against the mattress and hands resting besides your head. “Thank you, daddy,” you said, obedient as ever. 
Jungkook dove forward, hovering over you and placing a kiss against your lips. “Good girl,” he praised. “Did so well for me, angel. I’m so proud of you.” 
The next kiss was a lot deeper, more cherishing. You melted against his body, sighing happily as his hands caressed your figure, trying to bring you back down from your previous state. In the name of peace, you allowed Jungkook to take his time with you, but you couldn’t disguise the wicked spark in your eye when he pulled back. 
“You’re so funny,” you said, a smirk already creeping up on your mouth. 
Because he knew you so well, he was certain of what was going to happen. “Don’t fucking say it,” Jungkook groaned. 
You giggled, a little delirious. “What? I told you so?” You asked. “Because I totally did.” 
Jungkook frowned. He didn’t like your manic expression one bit. “You have one too.”
“Duh.” You rolled your eyes, fighting back your victorious smile. Everything went according to plan. “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t, genius.” You booped his nose, which only deepened his frown. “But you know I’m gonna make your life hell because of it, right?” 
Currently, Jungkook was feeling like the dumbest man on the planet for thinking he would take control over such a valuable piece of information. In the bedroom, perhaps, but, outside, it was your card to play. “Don’t,” he warned, dry. 
But you couldn’t care less about his threats. “It’s my secret weapon.” You wiggled your brows. “I’ll drop it when you least expect it. It’ll be funny.”
check out the rest of the bad influence collection! 
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jtargaryen18 · 11 months ago
Steve rogers with size kink (reader is smaller than him) is all i need 😭😭
Thank you for the ask. 🙏🙏🙏
This is something I haven’t tried before so... I hope you like it. 💕
Fill Me Up
Tumblr media
Warnings: Size kink, pretty much porn, Steve and reader’s first time.
You pressed a kiss into Steve’s neck as you cuddled together on the couch. You knew you were being a shit because he’d been so absorbed in the movie that you remembered being one of your father’s favorites. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Steve Rogers enjoyed nothing better than a buddy movie. It reminded him of missions with Bucky or Sam. Maybe it reminded him of his time in the army.
Paul Newman’s Butch Cassidy asked Robert Redford’s Sundance Kid, “What’s the matter with you?”
Your kiss lingered over Steve’s pulse, your tongue gently tasting the salt of his skin. His heavy arm tightened around you. His hand spanned your hip, held you to his side.
“I can’t swim,” the Kid muttered.
Butch Cassidy laughed hard before telling his younger partner, “Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill ya.”
As the characters on screen shouted and jumped off the cliff to escape, your arm slid down from Steve’s chest to his stomach. You nipped at his neck lightly with your teeth.
That earned you a muted moan and you grinned into his neck. Steve always ran warm, but more heat was coming off him now.
You enjoyed your movie date nights with Steve. You really did. Here you were all nice and cozy on Steve’s couch. But you’d been dating for a few weeks now and making out on the couch was as far as you ever got.
What did a girl have to do here?
Your hand moved further down. Just a smidge.
Steve blew out an exhale. The outline of him swollen and hard was mistakable at the front of his jeans.
“Not going to let me finish the movie, huh?” Steve didn’t sound too put out.
Chaining kisses back up to just under his ear, you teased the lobe with your tongue before gently pulling it between your lips. You enjoyed the way he shivered in your arms. It offered the perfect opportunity for you to slide your hand to its ultimate destination…
You hand wrapped around him as much as you could through the denim. Steve’s hand closed around yours. He wasn’t trying to move your hand and it was satisfying to feel his hips nudge up into it.
You moaned low into his ear and he shivered again. You liked this.
Feeling bold, you swung a leg across his lap until you straddled him. And you did take Steve off guard but in a beat that surprise changed. That blue-eyed gaze darkened, had your core heating up even more. But desire blended with something else. Uncertainty maybe?
No, no, no.
“Is this okay?” you asked innocently, leaning forward to steal a kiss from those gorgeous lips.
Steve swallowed hard but his hips rolled beneath you, making you feel the heated length of him. He wanted you. But what was going on at lightning speed in that enhanced mind of his?
When his hands slid up your thighs to grip your hips, your confidence climbed.
“It’s more than okay, sweetheart,” Steve muttered against your lips as you continued to drop kisses across his mouth and jaw, dipping down to tease his neck. “We’re just going to…”
That stopped you. “What?”
Another roll of his hips. It felt like he wanted you.
But as he struggled to explain what was in his head, doubts started creeping in from the corners of your mind. What if you were moving too fast? What if you just massively disappointed him?
His expression softened as his gaze locked with yours.
“Sweetheart, no,” Steve’s expression took on a note of concern. “God, no. Don’t even think for a minute I don’t want you.”
When you tried to move off his lap now, feeling a little unsure, he easily held you there.
“I just need to be careful with you,” he explained meaningfully.
“Steve, I understand your strength,” you told him. “I do. But you won’t hurt me… I trust you.”
Grinding down on him, you loved the way his head tipped back, his eyes slid closed for just a second.
“It’s a little more than that,” he pointed out. “Look at you… You’re tiny, sweetheart.”
“Most people next to you are,” you replied, sliding your hands up his chest.
The look he gave you next made you realize you still weren’t getting the point he was trying to make. Yeah, you barely reached Steve’s shoulder. And you weren’t very big, granted, but…
Oh. Oh.
Another roll of his hips, and this time he pushed you down harder against his cock, and you felt your panties sticking wetly to you beneath your jeans. You ached, craving him. Okay, so he was packing with a capital P. You expected no less.
“Is that why you haven’t wanted to…”
“Oh, I want to,” Steve assured you. “But I don’t want to hurt you. Not that I’ve been with a lot of women, but I’ve never been with someone your size in that way before.”
More doubts. Again, you tried to move off his lap. He held onto your hips tighter.
“I need to make sure I can keep control,” Steve explained, shifting so he was sitting up straighter. Leaning forward, he claimed your lips for a heated kiss. It lacked the care and subtlety of his usual kisses. It was lusty and deep. The shift in position had him tight against you between your thighs and you couldn’t resist grinding yourself against him as he kissed you breathless.
“I’ve got to be honest,” Steve explained in a breathy voice. He was as excited as you were, his lips burning across your jaw to your ear.
“The thought of you taking me inside you,” his voice dropped to a whisper that had you squirming in his hold, “gets me so hard. How tight will you be around my cock? Can you take all of it?”
You were gasping, grinding into him from his words alone. To this point, Steve watched his language around you and now he was talking dirty? Your hands slid up around his neck, your fingers sliding up into his hair.
His mouth painted the tender flesh of your neck with demand. One hand slid slowly up from your hip.
“You know what I’ve been thinking about since I met you?” Pulling back to look at you his blue eyes were storm dark now. “I’ve been thinking about fucking into you, wondering how long it would take me to get you soaking wet and ready for me. How long would it take to work my cock into you?”
One huge hand slid over your breast, gently squeezing. You pressed yourself against his palm, your pussy was really aching, weeping now.
“There’s only one way to find out, Steve,” you muttered breathlessly as he yanked down the neckline of your top and one bra cup too to reveal one breast.
When he got his mouth on your breast, his tongue dancing around your nipple, you gasped, fingers clutching in his hair. He stopped abruptly, hand clutching the hem of your shirt before roughly pulling it up and over your head. The hooks of your bra gave way as he ripped that away from you.
With an iron-hard arm wrapped around your back to hold you in place, Steve teased both breasts with his mouth, teasing you into a frenzy on his lap. One large hand framed one breast while his lips played with the other. You figured out fast that he liked you to pull on the silk of his hair, rewarding you with a deep moan around your nipple when you did.
His fingers plucked at the front of your jeans, pulling them open with impatience before sliding one big hand down the front, into the wet heat of your panties.
You were panting for him now. “Steve, please…”
The dirty smirk took you off guard.
“You feel so good sweetheart.” One rough fingertip traced the lightest circles around your clit, had you every inch of you in flames. “It’s a good start.”
Start? You were soaked. “Huh?”
You landed on your back on Steve’s couch the next beat, crying out in surprise. Steve tossed away your slides, peeled off your jeans with the efficiency of a SWAT team. When your brain caught up, you watched Steve push your knees apart, pressing a heated kiss to the inside of one knee.
Your fingers dug into the cushions under you, anticipation rippling through your body as his mouth blazed a trail up the inside of one thigh. Swipes of his tongue on your skin layered with careful nips of his teeth had you writhing in front of him, rolling your hips in an effort to him where you wanted him faster.
After a moment, the beautiful bastard stopped to grin at you.
“I love how desperate you are,” he whispered. “But you’re not rushing me, Sweetheart. You’re not the only one who’s been waiting for this.”
Your thighs were trembling as he continued to drop kisses on your skin, reaching your melting center. Steve nudged your covered mound with his nose gently before his hands slid up to grab your panties and peel them off. His gaze met yours as he pushed your thighs wider, spreading your bare petals apart. The scent of need rose on your body heat and Steve smiled as he lowered his head, his lips innocently pressing to your outer lips first, butterfly kisses to swollen needy flesh.
When he dove in, it took your breath away. He kissed your pussy like he would your mouth, a dirty kiss that was all lips and tongue. Steve had you dancing on the tip of his tongue as he slowly worked one, then two of his large fingers into you. The stretch wasn’t much, the burn slight. His fingers slid in and out of you so easily on the slick of your need.
All of you shook now, your back arched, your fingers plucking at your nipples. You needed relief. Steve’s gaze was on you as he took your apart with the devilish tease of his tongue, the scissoring slide of his fingers inside you.
“You’re being so good, Sweetheart,” he whispered into you. “Taking my fingers so well.”
When he eased a third finger inside you, the burn was good as your body stretched around the intrusion. Need clawed at your core, had you tightening against the sensual onslaught. Whatever he was doing with his tongue on your clit was making your crazy. When his fingers curled up against your front wall, you wailed.
Steve doubled down then, knowing you were about to blow apart. His tongue twisted in your folds, one rough finger pad stroked that secret place within you until the edges of your world started to fade to black. When your orgasm slammed through you, you thrashed and cried out in his hold. Your hands clawed at the couch, pawed at his head. And all the while Steve worked you through it, his gaze lit up in pride and lust.
Swiping at the juices staining his mouth with the back of his hand, Steve rose over you. It wasn’t lost on your that he was fully dressed while you were naked and shattered, sprawled over his couch.
“Come here,” he said quietly, scooping you up bridal style.
Carrying you into the cool darkness of his bedroom, Steve placed you on his bed before turning on the lamp on his bedside table. Already he was busy working the buttons of his shirt. Yes. By the time he pulled it out of his jeans and back over his shoulders, you were drooling. He had scars aplenty, faded silvery lines adorning his torso like a map. But they did nothing to diminish the beauty of his powerful upper body.
You slid a hand down your body, your fingers trying to quell the ache, the emptiness he left you with. Steve’s eyes were riveted to your movements, watching and licking his lips as you worked your own fingers into your aching body. Standing, he toed off his shoes, worked off his jeans and boxers.
Steve without clothes was a goddamn masterpiece. Perfect abs, slim hips. His thighs were heavily-muscled and powerful. You watched as he took himself in hand, stroking his swollen cock in a smooth motion as you marveled at its size.
All you could do was stare, fucking yourself on your own fingers. Your efforts were a poor substitute for Steve’s touch. His knowing look told you knew it too.
Steve climbed on the bed, batting your hands away and slotting himself between your quivering thighs, holding himself up on one arm. He pressed the swollen head of his cock into your wetness, sliding it gently up and down through your folds. You shivered in need, chewing your bottom lip and bracing yourself for that.
Steve paused, his breath coming fast, and his handsome face flushed. “Please tell me you’re not afraid.”
You shook your head. “Please,” was all you could mutter.
Steve pushed into you and you sucked in a breath. His heated length was wide and hard, splitting you open as he carefully sank into you. One big hand settled over your tummy as he claimed you, his thumb tenderly stroking over your clit to help ease the burn.
And it burned. But the fullness, the heat was everything. His heavy cock was the cure for the ache he’d inflicted on you and you focused on breathing as he filled you.
Steve’s gaze was fixed on the place where your bodies joined, groaning when he was fully sheathed in your heat. His eyes slid closed, his exhale a sound of pure bliss. With a whisper of your name, Steve gently ground into you.
Your body pulsed in need. You needed him to move…
His gaze was heated on you, his breath fanning against your face as he lowered himself over you to claim your mouth in a careful kiss.
“Are you okay?” he whispered against your lips.
“Yes,” you managed, gasping when he slowly slid out of you. The sting took you off guard. When he pushed back in, your walls gripped him and you rolled your hips, needing him deeper. Needing more…
Steve’s strokes were careful at first, slow.
“It’s all I can do not to come right now,” he whispered. “You’re taking my cock so well. So fucking tight.”
His large hand slid down your body, spanning your tummy. Steve moaned as he lightly pressed his hand there, his thrusts speeding up just a little.
“I can feel me in there,” Steve’s voice was low, rough. “Filling you up…”
“Steve, please. I need you.”
The pride and desire that flared in his eyes made you shiver. His heavy thighs pushed yours wider and his thumb carefully worked the center of your pleasure. His thrusts came faster, harder. Still he was careful, holding back as he moved in you, stuffing you full.
You just held on for dear life, your fingers sliding on all those muscles. Your thighs locked around his hips as he moved, plunging in and out of you and hitting spaces inside you that you didn’t know you had. You disappeared under Steve, but he kept his weight from you, loving you with lusty kisses as his lower body powered into you.
“Not going to last long,” he whispered hotly in your ear. “You feel too damn good… Need you to come.”
His hand shifted on your tummy, his thumb teasing your clit. The weight of his hand changed how he felt when slid back into you, the point he hit with the next  thrust making you cry out.
Steve’s kiss was deep and taming as he fucked you faster, hitting the same mark over and over. You shook, you begged. Your nails carved down his back until you exploded, your pussy clamping around him and pulsing as your release turned you inside out. Steve’s bedroom spun away, your cries and his blending into one ecstatic chorus as he reached his release inside you, working himself through it as you gave way.
Steve’s whisper in your ear pulled you out of sleep.
“How do you feel?”
You were sprawled across Steve’s chest, his skin still damp beneath your cheek. His heartbeat was a steady cadence in your ear. The crisp hair of his thighs beneath the one you’d slung across them felt nice.
You stretched and then you felt it. The slight ache in your thighs. The tinge of soreness deep inside you...
“Answer me, Sweetheart,” Steve’s tone was firmer, held a note of worry.
You smiled up at him. “I’m wonderful.” You were. “Probably not going to be walking straight for a couple of days... but it’s worth it.”
You bounced on his chest as he chuckled at that. “Guess it’s a good thing it’s Friday.”
“Because I don’t have to be anywhere?”
Steve nodded, looking way too pleased with himself.
“I’m going to keep you in this bed and see if I can keep you from walking straight for a week.”
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shoyoraemen · 6 months ago
be the boss / toji f.
𝖙𝖔𝖏𝖎 𝖋𝖚𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖌𝖚𝖗𝖔 𝖝 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖘𝖒𝖚𝖙
𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 2.1K words
𝖘𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖞: who you gonna call when you be feeling horny? TOJI FUSHIGURO!
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: calling toji daddy, phone sex, face-fucking
Tumblr media
TOJI STARES AT his phone screen with a laughing gleam in his eyes.
"You know exactly what you're doing, don't you?" he breathes out as you angle your phone to give him a better view of the special, personal show.
"If it can get you over here," you murmur, "Then I'll just keep doing it."
Your hand plays at the gleaming hem of red silk that hugs your figure. It's loose around your legs. The darkness of your room leaves much to Toji's... wild imagination. His eyes stray from the hand that slides between your open legs to focus on your face. He grunts as your brows furrow and your mouth falls open in a soft moan.
"You thinking of my hand between your thighs?" He chuckles, in a slight daze as you whine, pulling the edge of your dress up further to finger your own pussy. "Thinking of my fingers in your cunt, baby?"
You sigh, parting your legs wider to bare yourself to the camera. Toji aches in his pants as you pull your panties to the side to put your wet slit on display.
Caught in four fucking k.
He giddily takes a screen-shot of your fingers inside your hole. His hand slips beneath his pants to palm himself from his boxers. Horny has never felt this hot. And he's never been this hard.
On your back, you look like a fallen angel. Like Lucifer's bad, naughty sister. The phone seems to sit right between your feet, giving him a good view of the wet, swollen folds of pussy. But the room you touch yourself in is dark, and he can just barely see the way your hole convulses around your fingers.
Your back arches from the mattress you lie on as your fingers find your clit. Toji tenses, breathing labored, hunched over his phone with the screen only inches from his face. You have him mesmerized. He swallows. Imagines your cum sliding down his throat.
When you stammer his name, crying softly in pleasure as you near your high, Toji grins with jaded confidence. He can see you losing your mind to pleasure. To need. To the thought of his fingers inside you, and not yours.
"You gonna cum like that? Just thinking of my cock in your pretty little cunny? Dirty slut. Even the thought of it makes you feel so good, yeah?"
You gasp out a yes, yes daddy, panting in the empty room. He sees your shoulders tense, your head fall back further into the pillow, and decides to be a little evil. A little bit of a devil.
Because why should he let you enjoy that beautiful body of yours on your own?
"Don't cum." You don't seem to hear him. His tone lowers to a rough, commanding growl. "Don't fucking cum, (Y/N)."
You immediately slip your fingers out of your hole. You gaze down at your phone with blown pupils and a red face.
"What's wrong?" you ask in a shaky voice. "Did I do something wrong, daddy?"
Ah, you know him too well. That thing you call him... always makes him think of fucking you 'till you scream words dirty as sin.
"Wait for me. If you cum before I get there, you won't get daddy's cock." He blinks at you with the eyes of a watchful predator. Fuck, is he ready to fuck you up. "You know that I'll know if you do, don't you baby?"
"Yes daddy. B-but please, please hurry." You swipe at your slit again. He huffs, swinging a thick coat over his shoulder on his way to the door, still on the phone with you. "I want daddy to taste this."
He takes off at a brisk walk. He ends the call now, whispers that you be a good girl and wait for your daddy. He knows that you will be. He knows that it was pointless telling you, if not completely inimical, because if anything he'd only made your pussy ache more.
He knocks at your door. Chuckles to himself for a second. He's never knocked on anyone's door before. He supposes something about you has changed him. With a pussy as good as yours he guesses such changes were inevitable.
You swing the door open, hair a pretty mess, bust nearly bursting from your dress. It's a tight one on you. He shares one look with you, then gets straight to giving his good girl her reward. Desperation comes over your features. From that he knows you had obeyed him.
"Were you good for daddy?" he asks, cupping your cheek with atypical fondness as he pushes you through the door.
"Yes daddy," you answer. "I was a good girl for you."
The only affirmation he offers you is a pleased hum he lets vibrate against your mouth as he slams the door shut and shoves you up against the wall. You moan into his lips. Wrap your legs around his thick waist. He can taste your sweet lipstick.
"What do you want me to reward you with, baby?" he questions, tonguing the shell of your ear and purpling your neck with bruises for love bites. "Want me to make you cum three times? Seven? I can make it good for you."
"Anything. Anything from you daddy."
In spite of the chuffed delight he feels at your easy subservience, he really wants to make this good for you.
"You have to let daddy know what his good girl wants," he says. "Come on, tell me."
Toji pulls back to smirk down at you. You seem dazed and far out of your head. If he can fuck you up like this, he wonders how many times you've done him over with your own coquettish teases. Though he doubts he's ever shown it the way you do.
"I want to suck on daddy's cock," you tell him.
Of course you do. You have always sought his satisfaction instead of your own.
He can't say no to you this time.
You throw your gaze to the couch. It's such a filthy look Toji wonders how you can focus on a literal couch with that much indecency.
Toji slides his tongue against yours as he maneuvers you and him to the couch. His cock twitches in his pants. Anticipation boiling at an all-time high at the decadent sucking you'll give him.
Yeah. A lot of the time your mouth around his cock is all he can think of.
You press one kiss to the scar on his mouth. It's tender and sweet and everything he's ever closed himself off to. But you open him up like ripe fruit.
His coat hangs on the stand by the door. His focus diverts to the shadow of it for a second, body and mind calm. Red and white taillights brighten the glass of your door and window. A pacific serenity settles over him. Being here with you—even as you're about to deep-throat his cock in the skilled way you do with that pretty mouth of yours—lets him feel a very tiny degree of domesticity. A very tiny degree of peace.
Does he like it? Well.
"Daddy's got such a pretty girl," he compliments, sliding his thumb across your lips as you tie your hair up behind your head. "Let me do that for you."
You pull back from him in surprise. The offer is so abnormal and unexpected your instincts bring you away from him.
"What," he deadpans.
"Do you—do you even know how to—?"
"Who do you think has been keeping your hair up every time you do this?"
"Oh." A smile graces your mouth. Toji glares down at you but you only lighten up with bubbly laughter. "Sorry. Sorry, daddy. Here you go."
You hand him the hair tie. He puts your hair up with diligence, turning his nose up smugly as you touch the perfectly messy bun at the back of your head, nodding in approval.
"Daddy did a surprisingly good job," you tease.
"Keep talking like that and I'll have to shut you up with my cock, sweetheart."
"Mhm. Now let me do that myself."
It takes only seconds for you to undo his belt and unzip his fly. His breathing gets all worked up again. You blink up at him with doe-eyed innocence as you rub your face into his cock, indulging in the warmth of his length. Cheek receiving each throb of his dick.
"Something wrong, daddy?"
"Hurry. Up."
Uh oh. A little misstep on your part. Too much teasing.
You tilt your head, eyes still on him as you swallow his cock up. Your hands wrap around the fat length. You have to balance yourself on his thigh as the head of his cock taps the back of your throat. You swallow around your gag reflex. Toji breathes in sharply. Grasps your hair in a hand and patiently waits for you to finish taking him in. It is... very unlike him.
He's acting nicer than usual.
The muscles in your throat contract. Convulse. It's always been hard to suck this man's cock. It's bigger than your monthly salary.
You choke as his dick twitches in your mouth, eyes squeezing shut at the sheer girth and length of it. You struggle to breathe in through your nose. Toji notices.
"Want me to do the work for you, sweetheart?"
His question comes out as a heavy grunt as you hollow your cheeks and wrap your mouth around him tighter. You open your closed eyes, tempted to let him have his way with you.
The air pops with the sound of you pulling off his cock. You swallow through the ache in your throat and cheeks. Only three minutes in and your mouth is already exhausted.
"Fuck my face, daddy."
Toji stands and hastily adjusts your position so that your head rests against the couch. You relax your jaw and hold your smiling mouth open for him. He grips the bottom of your chin with his fingers and palm and gently taps your mouth with his cock. You widen your mouth.
The shirt wrapped around his musculature strains as he slides his cock into your mouth. His chest heaves, brows curling together as he watches himself fuck your face.  
"Yeah, good girl," he praises in a hungry voice. He fucks his cock into your mouth slowly, keen to feel every struggling gasp and gurgled swallow of your mouth. He wants to cum in your mouth then slip the white mess off your tongue to paint your face filthy with it.
Soon his thrusts go wild. He grips the back of your head with both hands, tugging at your hair with his fingers and holding your head the way he holds your ass in doggy-style.
Toji smirks through his sex-drunk haze as your eyes roll to the back of your head. Drool spills from the side of your mouth. He can't wait to see his cum mix with it. Toji angles his body so that he can hump your mouth harder. So that he doesn't fall over when you suddenly reach upward to finger his balls with skill.
"Gonna take my cum? Does my good girl wanna take it?"
You lean upward to tilt your head back, loosening your throat further so that his cock goes nearly all the way down. He moans quietly. Throws his head back as you grab the backs of his thighs and part of his ass to push his cock in deeper. Your nose brushes the hair on his pelvis, lips almost kissing the same sprouts of hair. You're taking him in so far he can't help but groan and rut into your throat with hotter fervor.
You gulp through a clogged throat as he plugs your mouth up and full of cum. Toji's own mouth falls open and he breathes out hard from around a moan as he cums. You watch as he does. He gets so vulnerable when he releases. His face contorts and he hunches over to get his dick far down your throat. You wonder if there'll be any left on your tongue. You don't want to disappoint your daddy by having no proof to show.
His cock slips out of your mouth with a delicious slide. You suck your cheeks in as he does, lips savoring the sensation of the head of his dick catching at your mouth.
"Daddy knows his girl swallowed it all up," he says, holding your cheek in one hand. "So let him give her another reward for being so good."
END NOTE: Please do not take lewd photos of your partner without their consent. Such an act shows how little respect you have for their body and their wishes. Please ask for clear consent from them before taking such photos.
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neoculturetravesty · 3 months ago
sweet little words
Tumblr media
Image adapted from here.
Pairing: Jaemin x Reader Genre: smut, pwp Warnings: 18+, praise kink, oral (male receiving), sex without a condom, riding, facial, tributes. Word Count: 2.5k
Summary: You’re not really sure you’d stop at anything, just to hear those pretty praises from your boyfriend’s lips.
A/N: Filth, filth, filth.
Tumblr media
“My baby looks so pretty like this,” Jaemin cooed at you whilst you sat nestled between his legs, smiling up at him. All you’d been doing was making out on the couch. But somehow, his sweet little words worked on you like magic and here you were, at his feet, between his knees, ready to give him anything if it meant you got to hear those addictive praises again.
You took him in your hand and stroked, looking up at him with eyes dripping honey. You watched his long lashes brushing his cheeks as he closed his eyes to the sensation. You watched the slight parting of his full lips before they turned up into a smile, then relaxed into a sigh. His eyes opened then and met with yours and whatever he saw in them made him lean over to kiss your lips one more time. He kissed you deep and thorough, making you mewl into his mouth. You felt adored in the way he held your face so longingly and in the way he moved his lips against yours so attentively. By the time he let go, all you wanted to do was please him.
“So beautiful for me. Fuck, you look so perfect on your knees like that,” he murmured, “So fucking hot.”
You had never thought you’d be the kind to need any sort of validation from anyone. Yet, here you were. Bringing your lips to a boy’s cockhead because he spoke a few pretty words to you. But what could you do? Each time he’d look into your eyes and call you his “Good girl,” your pussy would respond before your brain would and you’d be putty in his hold in every sense of the word, doing the most just to hear him croon more praises in that adoring voice of his. You suppose in a way, sitting at the foot of the couch with his cock in your mouth was a selfish act. Because you knew this would make Jaemin make the neediest sounds and call you the sweetest names, and all of it would make your pussy drip in your panties.
His fingers lovingly moved your hair back while you held his cock in your hands and began to kiss the rest of his length.
“Mmm, such a good girl for me.”
Your heart swelled in your chest the same time his cock did in your hand. Your pussy throbbed happily and that made you lick and kiss more eagerly. Then, in a moment of pure evil, you swiped your tongue against what you knew was a sensitive bit of his underside and felt the smug satisfaction when it pulled an urgent, feral groan out of him. 
“Ohhh, sweetie, easy…” he gasped at you, holding the back of your head and pulling you off for a bit. You smiled cheekily at him and peppered healing kisses of apology on the same spot, though you couldn’t say you were truly sorry. This motherfucker knew the effect his words would have on you. But you weren’t exactly powerless, either. You knew all the most sensitive parts of him to make him whimper in your hold.
You rubbed his thighs and latched your lips on his length sideways and licked in long stripes up and down, wanting him to relax. You came up just for a bit to ask him,
“Does this feel good, baby?” just to get some more motivation in your movement and he perfectly answered,
“Mhmm, my baby’s mouth feels so good on my cock. Keep going just like that, sweetie. You’re doing such a good job,” he groaned deeply, his fingertips grazing your scalp so pleasurably that you whined against his cock, making him hiss.
“Oh fuck, baby girl. I want your pretty mouth here,” he gently held you to the base of his cock. You nodded and eagerly kissed him where he wanted to be kissed, pressing your lips against him and swirling your tongue till you heard the deep moans that seemed to be reverberating through his chest. You slowly pumped his length with your hand while your mouth worked on his balls. But you wanted to hear more than just these dirty sounds.
“Do you like that?” you looked at him, urging him to keep talking and give you lots of approval that would send tingles all over your body.
“So fucking pretty. You look so perfect with your lips on my balls, princess,” he cooed and fuck, it was just the thing that made your pussy drip. You sat back and stroked him, needy and greedy.
“Yeah?” you asked because fuck, his voice sounded so fucking hot like this when it rasped in the pleasure you gave him. You just wanted him to give you these perverted words of encouragement all night, right when he was as horny as he was.
“Yeah, princess. My baby is the prettiest in the world. These perfect lips were made for sucking me,” he said and you looked into his eyes and sucked once again just to prove his point. He moaned thick, then gently pushed your hair back and held it at the nape of your neck. He used the grip to lead you to his tip, “Come here, sweetie…”
He held his cock and tapped the head heavily on your waiting mouth, still holding the back of your head in place with the other hand. You parted your lips and stole some licks, looking at him through lustful, half lidded eyes.
“So fucking hot for me. I want your sweet lips wrapped around my cock now, princess. I wanna be inside your warm mouth,” he keened, his voice loving and whiny at the same time. Fuck, that combination was lethal, because it meant that you’d stop at nothing to make him whimper, just like that. 
So of course you chose to be a little tease first. You pressed chaste, loving pecks to his engorged tip and smiled at him angelically, watching his breaths turning more erratic and his exhales turning more labored. When he could take it no more, he held your head to guide you down his length before he laid back against the couch, throwing his head back and moaning and trembling. 
Oh God, he looked so fucking hot coming undone like this that you sucked eagerly, half his length now in your mouth as you moved. You sucked steady but firm, your hands feeling up to the smooth planes of his stomach under his shirt, moaning around him, wanting him to feel the vibration from your own needy keens. When you saw him grinding back into the couch, you came up to suckle on his leaking tip, swirling your tongue around it noisily, moving your head side to side while your hand pumped the rest of his length fast.
“Baby, fuck! Ah, Y/N…” he held the top of your head to steady himself, “Oh, so dirty for me. What a pretty, dirty girl,” he gasped and you hummed against him so good that he finally lost his damn mind.
“Hold still, sweetie…” he said in a sudden, breathless warning, because now the urge to get his cock wet was blinding. He bucked his hips up and fucked into your mouth a few steady strokes, his eyes squeezed, his teeth bared; then he buried himself in you as deep as he could dare and held it in till you pushed him away and fell back on your heels, wiping your mouth, panting loudly. His sudden loss of control had you maybe a little shocked, although the drip in your panties was telling you otherwise.
“Ohhhh, baby. Oh fuck me, your throat felt so fucking good squeezing around me,” he almost yelled out and reached over to wipe your chin with his thumb. “Oh, fuck, thank you, baby girl,” he peppered noisy, loving kisses on your swollen lips, perhaps a little apologetic about what he had done. But you didn’t mind. Not if it meant that he melted at your slightest touch and gave you sweet, dirty words. He was as much in your hold as you were in his.
“Fuck me, what did I do to deserve you?” Jaemin praised you some more while you grinned wide, too fucking smug at how well you had sucked him to the point where he became a carnal, airheaded mess. 
“Such a pretty cocksucker…” he was muttering more to himself than to you now, lost in his own need to give you approval. “Come up here, princess,” he whispered when, you assumed, he had collected himself enough.
So you straddled his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him with his precum still sticky on your lips. You pushed your tongue in his mouth and couldn’t help but move your hips sensually against his hardness because his hands caressed all over your back till they came down to cup your ass. He squeezed it luxuriously, while his lips came away from yours and found home on your tits, kissing and biting over your shirt. He hooked his fingers in your panties and pushed them to the side.
“Put it in and ride me, princess,” he moaned against your chest.
“Okay, baby,” you said sweetly and lifted up a little before you slowly started sinking yourself on him. You loved how doing so made his head fall back onto the couch and pulled out another breathless whimper from him. You held the back of his head and brought it to you so you could kiss his lips while you rode him and swallow all of his moans into your mouth.
“So perfect for my cock,” he husked out and cupped your ass as you moved on him and you could tell it was getting harder for him to talk. You squeezed around him stronger and rode him faster so you’d hear in his moans what he couldn’t form into words. You moved in all the ways you knew drove him crazy till your thighs were sore and you were slowing down.
“Is my baby tired?” Jaemin cooed at you and pulled you into him so your head would rest on his shoulder. The two of you laid against the couch like that for a moment as he allowed you a break. “I’ll take over from here, baby,” he turned his head to kiss your cheek and gripped your ass to begin fucking up into you. You bit on his earlobe so he’d hear your moans up close, then leaned back to watch the contours of his face as he worked himself inside of you. Eyes scrunched closed, lips tense, telling you that he was close.
“Where does my baby want my cum?” he asked with a broken voice.
And you got an evil thought that you absolutely knew would wrap this boy around your pinky finger. “On my face.”
“Fuuuuuck… me…” Jaemin gasped out, louder than you had anticipated. You grinned wide as you saw the shock and lust thick on his face and you knew you had him. But he acted fast before you could change your mind.
“Such a dirty girl for me. Come here, baby…” he picked you up and off of his cock and laid you down so your head hung off the armrest of the couch. You stayed put for him, knowing you had pretty much driven him out of his right mind. You saw it in the inelegance with which he got up to stand behind the armrest and the way he put his swollen cockhead to your waiting lips and began pumping in, moaning filthy and without reservation. You reached back with your hands to rub his thighs to help him along as his grunts became louder and his pumps became more desperate and fuck, the sight of him losing himself standing over you was the hottest shit you had ever seen. He pulled out then, urgently stroking himself over your hanging head, his balls rubbing against your forehead while you waited and fuck, the entire situation was so dirty that you reached down and played with yourself.
He held your head up on the palm of his free hand, then breathlessly managed, “Close your eyes, baby,” before he let out the loudest groan and began shooting his warm load onto your face. He looked down at you incredulously as he painted you with this seed, grunting each time he came. You moaned with him and felt his load hitting your forehead and your cheek and your lips. You stuck your tongue out to taste him and heard him squeeze out everything he had onto you.
“Stay just like that, don’t move anything,” he panted as he coaxed your head to rest back on the armrest. “Fuck me, you look so fucking beautiful wearing my cum on your face,” he all but exclaimed out and stood back to watch his work.
You smiled though your eyes were closed, laying still like he wanted. “Can I open my eyes?”
“Just a sec, babe,” you felt him wipe the edge of his finger between your eyelids. “Okay, open. Fuck me, this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” he smiled down at you happily and you giggled.
“Can I move?” you grinned up at him.
“No, baby, just stay like this for a moment. Just let me look at you. Fuck, you look so pretty wearing my load. Oh God, such a perfect girl. So perfect,” his eyes raked all over your body like he was admiring a piece of art. It wasn’t often that you let him finish on your face. And now that you had, he wanted to prolong the moment for as long as he could. So you just smiled pretty at him and let him have his moment while he looked down appreciatively, his hands softly touching your breasts, then running over your belly. “Fuck this is the hottest you’ve ever looked for me, baby,” he whispered because watching his girl laying there pretty with his seed on her face was intensely pleasing to the most primal parts of him. 
You giggled as you saw the disbelief in his eyes, “Why don’t you take a picture? It might last longer,” you snarked, rubbing your foot onto his chest as he stood over you.
He pressed a kiss to your sole, “That’s not a bad idea,” his eyes sparkled.
“Do it, baby. Consider it an early Valentine’s present,” you teased.
“Valentines is months away.”
“Mhmm. That’s how long you’ll have to wait before you get to do this again,” you pointed to your cum-streaked face, causing him to throw his head back and groan, making you laugh out.
So take your picture he did. And you had no problem being his dirty little model, because each time you struck a perverted little pose for him, he gasped out a hundred praises, telling you how gorgeous you looked, how perfect your body was, how pretty your face looked covered in his cum and how he would tribute every single one of these pictures he took each time he was away from you and that he would even save the evidence to show you.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021 NeoCultureTravesty. All rights reserved.
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bunnydrunk · 2 months ago
🔞 this post contains erotic writing intended for adults. do not interact with this post if you are a minor/under eighteen
😌 dry humping, somnophilia 🤔 dubcon (consent not explicitly established)
Your boyfriend is a very heavy sleeper. You’re in bed together, spooning, and within five minutes he’s already out like a light. His arms are wrapped around you, and his rock-hard erection is pressed snugly into the cleft of your bare ass, straining against the fabric of his boxers. How did he fall asleep so damn fast? It’s really not fair of him to tease you like this. You start to grind backwards into his cock, gentle and teasing, not really trying to wake him up. His thick warm cock feels so nice wedged between your cheeks, even through his boxers. It twitches against you and grows even stiffer. His arms go tighter around you, pulling you closer, and he makes a low, needy sound that sends a rush of warmth down to your cunt.
He starts to thrust his hips, grinding his needy cock against your ass, gently at first but picking up speed. At first you think he must have woken up, but you say his name, asking it like a question, and he doesn’t respond. His thrusts get faster and rougher until he’s humping you uncontrollably, grabbing handfuls of your breasts and hips, and making these little desperate whimpering noises, completely unselfconscious. He wouldn’t be caught dead making noises like that if he was awake. It’s turning you on so much, your pussy is throbbing. You reach down and start playing with yourself as he ruts against you. “Cum for me, baby,” you whisper, “cum for me,” and he responds in his sleep, whining into your ear and humping even faster.
But you’re not sure if he can actually cum like this. He loses speed as he tires himself out, and his moans get more and more needy and pathetic, until he’s just barely bucking his hips, still trying to hump but out of steam, panting into your ear. You reach behind you and with a little careful maneuvering, you manage to pull his boxers down around his thighs. He moans with relief as his erection springs free and slaps against your ass, smearing precum against your lower back.
You position his cock against your entrance. As soon as he feels your soft wet folds against the head of his cock he takes over, pressing forward and slowly burying himself inside of you, moaning at the feel of you, long and loud and completely unrestrained. God, if only you could get him to be this vocal when he’s awake. His hips swing immediately back into action and he fucks you rough and messy, holding you tightly against his body as he bounces you up and down on his cock. He feels so thick inside of you and he’s hitting so deep, it feels fucking incredible. You can feel the pressure building in your cunt, you’re gonna cum, he’s gonna make you cum, and you clamp your hand over your mouth to keep yourself quiet, still not wanting to wake him up, unwilling to interrupt the loud desperate noises he’s making. You moan raggedly into your hand as you cum on his cock, squeezing him tight, and his thrusts become even wilder and then he’s moaning and gasping and filling you to the brim with his thick hot cum.
You lie spent and panting in his arms, walls still pulsing around him as he empties himself into you, whimpering into your ear. When he’s finally finished he gives a long, contented sigh as his head drops back to the pillow. Could he possibly still be asleep? You say his name again, another little question. He just mumbles incoherently and pulls you closer, snuggling up against you with his dick still inside of you. You fall asleep that way.
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misanthrxpe · a month ago
an unfinished draft i wrote a few weeks ago for something else & maybe someone will like it idk. an open character fic, i guess? (it's pure soft smut)
Tumblr media
"lean back against me, dear," he said as his hands roamed all over bare skin. "you need not do anything besides relax and enjoy it."
"but you—"
"but i will be just as satisfied watching you fall apart for me. let me take care of you, hm?" you nodded and let your head fall back onto his shoulder, exposing your breasts to him.
a small gasp left your lips when his lips hit your neck. his hands found their way to your chest, cupping and kneading them to his heart's content. the cool temperature of his rings made your dark buds harden ridiculously fast.
"what i wouldn't give to spend my days adoring your body," he sighed. "to learn exactly where to touch to get you to cry out for me. i like to imagine you do that by yourself already. do you?"
normally, a question like that would've resulted in a disgusted expression and quip about how vulgar the blond was, but you were just too needy now. needy for his tongue, his lips, his fingers—on and inside you. you would've answered any question if it meant he'd let you have your release sooner.
"yes, when you've been gone for too long."
"do your little fingers compare to this?" he pinched and tweaked your nipples. "to me?"
"gods, no!"
he brought his head up to attach his swollen lips to yours. he kissed you tenderly as his hands ran along your thighs. you felt him spread them apart and also took notice of how slick they felt.
although, you were now exposed to the cool air, your lover paid no attention to your wetness. only letting his fingers graze over your hip and navel.
"baby, please," you whine against his lips. he only smiles and continues to avoid your pussy.
ignoring your plea, he said. "the last time you made yourself cum, what did you think about?"
"how flattering, but i know you can do better than that." one of his hands massaged your inner thigh while the other toyed with your nipples some more.
you swallowed, "i thought about you catching me and punishing me for not coming to you instead."
"punish you?"
"you tied me up and made me cum so many times it hurt—with your fingers, your tongue, your dick. you even left a toy on my clit 'til i cried."
"how did i finger you? like this?" finally. finally, he let one of his fingers be swallowed by your cunt. you whimpered at the intrusion, feeling him explore the slippery walls. "you want another?"
"yes! yes, please!"
"greedy little thing," he said but gave you what you wanted.
(more here but my brain said no for now)
you tried to tell him you were close, but the words got stuck. cut off by your own moans and labored breathing. he seemed to understand anyways, "feels too good to speak? on just my fingers? what'll happen when i finally bury inside you?"
his lips brushed your ear as he continued, "i'll fuck you stupid if that's what you want. you'd like that, wouldn't you? to be so overstimulated that you can't say anything but my name?"
you almost wished you didn't love his voice so much. his words created a picture in your mind—to be pressed into his mattress, surrounded by his scent, his hands and lips all over, to be filled by him.
when your body had reached its limit, whatever came out of your mouth was unintelligible. a mixture of his name, curses, and pleas. your hips bucked up and he followed, not letting up until you were limp against him, panting and shivering.
"your beauty is unmatched, my darling," the man murmured while pressing soft kisses to your face.
"i probably look crazy."
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kookiecrumb · 10 days ago
Can you possibly do a Rockstar!Jungkook? :)
jjk|| Rock my World (Tour) [m]
Tumblr media
a/n: This is rated M for Mature readers.
so I wrote this entirely while vibing to Streets by Doja Cat. Happy Yom Kippur to all my Jewish peeps! AHAHA
warnings: explicit language, use of the word sl*t, degradation (and a sir kink)
tags: dom!jungkook x subfem!reader, rockstar!jungkook, pwp (18+), praise kink, cock worship, nipple play
He throws you against the bed in a feverous passion which engulfs the both of you in unprescedented embrace of lust and feral desire. Guitars, all kinds, line his walls and you stare in not the portraits of legendary rock stars as he rigorously undressed you, ferociously tugging random articles out of his fucking way.
His leather feels cold under your fingers, a smirk tugging at his lips as he attacks you in a flurry of chaste kisses. "Take it off, take it off..." he says under his breath, kneeling before you and tossing his jacket away from the both of you.
All of your friends have bets on how big his dick is. All of your friends, coming into that party you just ditched, bet against you.
As his fingers fumble over his belt buckle, you sit up and wedge yourself between them. His eyes lift up to meet yours and you witness the second desperation transforms into need. Your lips clash with his, his venom feeding the adrenaline in your veins. You're sure you had self control before you entered the room.
"Why are you so sweet...too sweet." He hums against your lips. His arms pulls you on his thighs and you grip on his back. His mouth dips below your collar and your eyes roll back with every tantalizing lick he paints on your skin. You spread your thighs across his and chase the demand he has over your body.
Your breath spikes as his hands squeeze you tight, forcing your heat to press against his tenting length. Your clit is already so swollen with arousal, you glide against him in desperation. You sigh out a satisfied moan as he presses down your hips and rolls his pelvis into your little cunt sensually.
Biting your lip hard, your body shivers when you feel Jungkook's calloused fingers explore your dripping folds. "Needy little thing, is all you think about getting fucked by my cock?" His voice booms against your back as his free hand grips your throat. You rut against him for friction, a mindless response to his question. You swallow.
"Yes," you hiss. "Yes, sir...yes, fuck~!" Tears form in your eyes as he watches your body search for his touch in a panicked sort of pleasure. You're numb, lost in his sex as he coats his dick in your arousal, the tip of his gorgeous cock kissing your clit while you grind hungrily. "Good slut, good little fuck toy...lose your fucking mind over it..." He growls next to your ear. His fingers dig into your thighs, intoxicating pain filling your thoughts.
His masterful fingers unlatch your bra and release your tits, the swell of your breasts gripped mindfully by the man about to fuck you senseless, the tips of his digits playing lackadaisically with your bud.
"I feel you pulsing, y/ just need me inside you so bad..." The stretch makes your mind short circuit.
His girth splits you and fills you unlike what you've felt before. You gasp, your hands finding the nape of Jungkook's head as your walls convulse around his protruding length. "Tight thing...such a tight little thing," he groans against your lips, sucking on the bottom with a wild passion. "Good girl..." he sighs as he bottoms out deep inside of you.
With his arms draped around you, his hands rub your waist as his mouth sucks thrilling marks under your chin and on your throat. A thin film of sweat covers you both. His skin glows a honey-like hue under the rays of the sun pouring in through his windows. His thumb fiddles with your clit as you adjust to such girth penetrating you.
"You fit so good," you hoarsely comment. He kisses your neck delicately, hissing quietly. A mirror above his dresser catches your eye. His tattooed arms starkly contrast your skin, his eyes fixed on where the both of you are connected. He pecks you under the ear, "You compliment me so well, doll...are we comfortable?" You hum, his thumb dragging your bottom lip.
"Pretty fucking bitch," in a mess of limbs, you two rearrange each other so that you're laying on your back. A charming grin now paints his face, his hair damp with perspiration. He pants as he plunges himself into you and back out creating a rhythm between both your bodies. Leaning forward, Jungkook pistons his cock into you in a dizzying spell. With a jolt and stutter, you cry out. "Ah, aaah~ fuck, Jungkook~!" Your cunt clenches hard around him, glazing his cock with your thick cum. With hooded eyes, jut your hips to meet his head-spinning orgasm.
Jungkook's hand weaves into yours against the mattress as he admires your afterglow. You reach to touch his face and kiss him tenderly.
@koolvrr and @koodak (bestie come look at dis)
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lavandermin · 2 months ago
would you mind | childe
pairing | childe/reader
word count | 1.9k
genre | developing relationship, light smut, complicated feelings
If ever there was a force greater than the ancient winds of old Mondstadt, it was that harbinger from Snezhnaya. All it took was one afternoon during your shift for him to gain an interest in you—a fascination maybe.
The Fatui weren’t known for a good reputation in Liyue, and it only made you a bit uneasy knowing his high ranking—a cautious approach to a stranger in higher power. You couldn’t deny him and you didn’t dare show disrespect for subtle fear of consequence.
Rumors of people getting blackmailed—or worse— from getting tangled with the Fatui spread like wildfire in the harbor. Though they were baseless accusations, they didn’t stop from simmering in the back of your mind. The ‘what if’ was a damning point your mind made. Rumors didn’t come from nowhere around these parts.
Though Childe carried a sense of danger with him, there was something about him that kept your nerves manageable. The persona he carried was very impressionable, maybe even a little irritating at times. He was a persistent one.
“Mind if I join you for lunch?”
“Sir… I work here.” He knew this, too, yet he always arrived at the tea house with the same line. Still, you were quick to tend to him.
Childe hummed, eyes grinning with him as he happily plopped down at the table you swiftly offered him. “I’ll take that as an opportunity. The usual, please.”
Just treat him like a normal patron, was a personal mantra to get you through a shift at the tea house.
You were just lucky he was well-mannered. It made dealing with him easier. There was something about him that irked you, but at the end of the day he was polite and never forced a conversation if you were busy serving others.
“You don’t seem to talk much these days,” Childe notes as he swirls the remnants of his tea in its cup. It’s nearing closing time and you keep glancing over at the clock as he makes no move to leave. He sighs dramatically, “I miss our conversations.”
It’s playful, knowing full-well you hardly ever speak to avoid trouble from your boss. Maybe you would blame it on the exhaustion of a long shift, maybe put blame on lack of sleep. The comment, however, still makes you break seriousness and you erupt in an abrupt fit of laughter you quickly fight to quiet down. Luckily you’re closing by yourself tonight.
The sound is melodic, surprising Childe as a grin grows on his face. Though your back is turned as your shoulders shake from suppressed laughter, he can see the embarrassed red at the tips of your ears.
Oh, so you did find his company entertaining.
Your back straightens, and when you turn around you’re back to keeping him at a distance with an air of seriousness. Nothing more than work and patrons.
Childe leaves after wishing you a safe trip home and thanks for the wonderful service, as usual. The briskness of the cool night air keeps his mind intrigued once more with the mystery that surrounds you. Duty in Liyue was getting quite boring, and he decided to indulge in figuring you out.
“Would you mind if I joined you for a stroll?”
The familiar ginger hair strode up matching your pace. In the bustling crowd of the harbor, his presence sticks out like the cries of seagulls overhead. Maybe it’s your paranoia, but you swear people make an effort to move away from your little bubble he now infiltrated.
Still, he’s a harbinger.
So you nod quietly.
“I’m just running errands. It’s quite boring.” The way his eyes linger on yours for a second longer has you averting your gaze. The smile he wears… since when did it make your chest squeeze?
“I’m sure not as boring as some of the tasks I’m given,” he chuckles.
“Paperwork, I’m sure,” you guess idly. The vague smile he throws you has something about it that sends chills running down your spine.
“Something like that.”
The chuckle you give him is a little nervous. You aren’t sure what tasks he gets but you aren’t sure you’re willing to find out.
“Feel free to join me if you’d like, then.”
And for the rest of the day he patiently strolls around with you around the harbor through idle chatter. From dock to dock he follows, offering to pay the entire sum of anything on your errands list. The unlimited financial power he holds both terrifies and amazes you.
From then on, his company became frequent on your errand runs. Many shop keepers at first got anxious with a Fatui agent escorting you around, but his bright charisma won them over eventually. Business was business in the end, and his tendency to let the shopkeeper ‘keep the change’ won the favor of many.
You forgot when exactly you stopped trying to shake him off altogether. Perhaps you got too complacent since there was little you could do. Some days you even enjoyed his company. Childe was a good listener on days when you were a little more talkative, and he would always answer with utmost sincerity.
Yes, you looked forward to his little greeting and chance encounters on the harbor. Part of you hated the fact that you got so comfortable with him but the louder part of you was conflicted with bubbling feelings for the harbinger. For months on end you kept those feelings suppressed in the deepest parts of your heart.
And then the storm season hit.
“Mind some company?”
The water dripped down your face, soaked clothes clinging to your form as you stood under a tree near the outskirts of the harbor. Your eyes were wide, doe-like as you peered up at the familiar voice.
“Oh, sure.” Your eyes drift back to stare absentmindedly at the puddles rippling in the rain. “I was just waiting for the rain to let up a bit so I can make it back home.”
Childe hums, his usual charismatic smile bright on his face. It’s a little dangerous, and makes your heart race. Addicting.
“You know, at this rate you’ll get sick by the time you get home. I say we just make a run for it,” he offers with a devilish grin.
The frown you give him only further amuses him. “Run? Through the pouring rain?”
“Got any better ideas?”
You sigh, the sound of pattering rain filling the silence as you weigh your options.
“Fine. Okay.”
He grins, and you surrender to letting the harbinger have his way in the rain. Through the streets you both run, footsteps cutting through puddles and crowds of people with umbrellas. It’s thrilling and you can’t help but laugh at how fun running through the rain is. You both look like lovers that got caught in an unfortunate circumstance, and your chest wells up with feelings as you watch Childe pull you through crowds and street vendors.
The storm is raging outside, rain pattering on windows that rattle softly from the wind. It’s soaked you both to the bone by the time you arrive at your little flat. The room is quiet save for the rain that relentlessly knocks on the windows.
The quiet sound of panting fills the room as you both catch your breath from running through the rain, towels draped over your heads as you try to warm up.
“It’s pretty rough out there,” Childe notes, looking out the window. “Any longer out there and the wind might have picked you up before I did.”
It’s wordless—the way you join him by the window to look out at a grey city. You give a silent hum as you finish towel-drying your hair. The expression you wear is serious, aloof as you’re unreadable in your thoughts.
Childe is the first to speak, his voice soft and sincere—perhaps a little disappointed at your return to keeping him at arm’s length. “I’ll get going then. Glad you could make it home sa—“
It comes as a surprise—the sudden kiss you give him. Your small hands pull him down by his shirt collar to meet your lips in a rushed kiss. He’s quick to return the gesture, his lips curved in a smirk against yours.
You pull away breathless, face a little flushed. The frown you wear is adorable, a pout almost. “I hate that I like you.”
Childe is at your lips again, a breathy chuckle rumbling through his chest as he cages you against the wall. “And here I was thinking I’d never woo you, what with you not liking the Fatui and all.”
You cut him off with another kiss to hide the heat rising to your face. “Stop talking.”
He laughs wholeheartedly, his body against yours as you melt against his lips. It’s needy and rough. The sounds of your soft pants and little gasps are washed away by the rumbling thunder outside.
And through the storm, you spend the night. Childe feels like he’s won—gained one step closer to knowing more about you. He wanted to know all your faces, uncover all the mysteries and unknowns you held. And through the night, he learned of your sensitivities, the little noises you made, and the gestures that made your heart leap.
He had you around his finger. But perhaps the same could be said about him.
Early morning comes, the light barely coming through the window to illuminate the dark room. From under a mess of sheets you stir, body sore. Your fingers graze over the blooming markings on your chest and neck.
Beside you Childe sleeps soundly, his broad back dusted in light freckles and scratch marks. The way he hugs the pillow makes his sleeping face look almost kid-like in innocence. You’d never think he was a war machine for an archon.
You push the sinking feeling away, and brush some hair out of his eyes. The featherlight kiss you place atop his head stirs him from his sleep.
“Mornin’. Here I thought you would be gone by now,” he mumbles groggily. With his tousled hair and sleepy smile, you find it incredibly difficult to feel annoyed.
“I live here.”
He chuckles at this, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you against him. You scramble to pull the blanket over your bare body and though he finds it amusing, he doesn’t comment on your shyness. “Would you mind if I stayed the morning, then? The rain isn’t letting up anytime soon.”
“That sounds like an awfully obvious lie,” you retort.
It’s hard to ignore the hardness that presses against your abdomen. The lack of shame on his content face irks you. Still, you don’t deny the way your body heats up once more.
“Your face is just so cute when you’re begging,” Childe teases, pressing kisses up your neck.
“Childe, sto—haah.”
In a swift motion, he has you straddling him. You can feel his hardness press against your ass, sending a shudder of anticipation through your body. The ache in your thighs tries to protest against the lust-driven haze clouding your judgement.
Childe’s hands are already massaging the soft flesh at your hips, hands waiting for permission. “What do you say, sweetheart? Another round if you can keep up?”
“Y–You have duties to tend to, don’t you?” you bring up meekly, eyes shut tight as he bites a sweet spot on your neck that hitches your breath. Slowly, your mind is losing itself, drunk on his attention again.
With a smirk against your skin, he answers simply, “They won’t mind my whereabouts in this weather.”
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