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A goddamn polock NY cop seems to need to know how well I “Know New York”. He also needs to hear that nothing is what it seems or sounds. It’s called: his ass is only half human and he knows it. That’s why Christian Polocks where deported in droves from Northern Europe. When someone pops out his kind/race in those parts: they call that “Born with something wrong with them”. American Polock = Scandanagger.

Not at all do I know NYC. I know how to use Bing and Google maps. I also know the physical location of each website I use incase someone needs a bullet put in them.

I have passed through NYC once while en-route to Kansas from Bangor to answer your question.

Americans are expected to like, love, and give a shit about NYC. We are expected to know each burro of the city and their maps like the back of our hands incase we are kidnapped and held hostage in that city.

I am not in that city.

I am in Vancouver Washington.

Someone slap NYC with a lawsuit and tell their officers to step the fuck off and work within their own jurisdictions.

Oh and instruct their children to learn the geography of the rest of the nation.

Too: can/may we have more paliperdone made out of the children of NYC & Seasame Street since it seems that I am expected to live there?

Seriously, if a pimp or player from the snuff scene, or even one of their jokes walked up to me wearing a Snufalufogus Costume: I would scream and reach for a pistol.

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Anna Ancher - The Artist’s Mother Ane Hedvig Brøndum in the Blue Room, 1909, oil on canvas

This painting depicts Anna’s mother, Ana Brøndum. Anna’s parents owned the Brøndum’s Inn, which became a common meeting place for young artists and writers.

Anna Ancher (1859 – 1935) was a Danish visual artist who worked with oil and pastel. Anna was born and raised in the remote fishing settlement of Skagen, the northernmost part of Denmark. Anna integrated the training and influences she had acquired while abroad with the local subjects and scenery of Skagen. Anna was masterful in observing natural light and made bold choices in colour. She experimented with the simplification of subjects and backgrounds, and the integration of shadows and reflected light. She drew and painted the local people in their homes, gardens and places of work. Her friendships and familiarity with the locals enabled an intamacy to shine through her works.

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The journey began in August 2018 when me as a masters student went on to mark an adventurous semester in Norway as part of my curriculum. I was excited as hell to be entering Europe for the first time in my life. Oh boy trust me I was having butterflies throughout the journey. I landed in the beautiful city of Bergen. Got my stuff and reached this very hostel room where I began the story from. The room was completely empty as though untouched by any sort of human life form. Slowly and steadily I settled all my stuff and there it was looking like a normal student dorm again ! Weird how a small touch of things can make so much difference to the surroundings of a place. And from there I started life in a Scandinavian country, far far away from home, in a new place where I did not know even a single human being. Waiting for new friends and experiences to come into my life. I had big aspirations, only to realize that some had to be pivoted and moved on from (coming along in further posts)


It was this day and the day 5 months later in December 2018 when I had finished packing my stuff from my hostel room when I looked around the room. It seemed as empty as it was the day I entered as though all my time and moments spent here had gone up in a puff. It was again to its default settings of empty. That’s when it struck me how fragile our presence is on earth. One moment we might be feeling like everything revolves around us when in reality nothing will change if we are gone. Everything will come back to how it originally was with no sign that it was ever touched or experienced by us.

To be continued…..

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💃 big shout out to @vivi_s_world_k3 the dance 🔥 🔥 .

SONG - Champs on ice

ARTISTS - @keithmurrayrap @iamladyice @wyise_2100 @thegrimeviolinist @thesingingviolinist @iamtiap @jskychat @pisees @josephineandtheartizans
#dance #hiphop #dancing #finland #scandanavia #finnishdance #instamood #instadance #darkmic #tiktok#freestyle #champsonice #dancer #dhq #queen #twerkqueen #hiphopdance #champs #ice #keithmurray #ladyice

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Are sirens sometimes called nixies? Because they sort of have the same actions

Sirens are from Greek Mythology and are depicted as birds with women’s heads (much like harpies) and scaly feet, or women with bird legs, or simply beautiful women without wings or bird features. Originally said to be either male or female they became almost exclusively female around the 5th Century B.C.

Despite always being depicted as beings that lured mariners, they were often shown as being in flower filled meadows by the Greeks rather than as Sea Deities. It was Roman writers who linked them more closely to the sea by christening them as daughters of Phorcys. As birds it was merely their voices which were entrancing, making the decision to use birds rather straightforward. But as simply beautiful women on rocky sea isles, their bodies also became associated with the ability to lure sailors in.

Nixies on the other hand are more common in Germanic and Scandinavian Folkore. Said to be shape shifting water spirits who could take on many different forms, they are closely related to the Scottish Kelpie which could transform into a horse like creature which would entice a rider onto its back before diving to the bottom of the lake or river and drowning them to eat. There were many different names and variations on them in different parts of Europe, however the Germanic names are Nixe, for the females, and Nix for the males.

To be honest, Nixies are probably more closely related to merfolk and undines than they are to Sirens in mythology, despite the similarities of their activities.

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