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Sunday morning sleepies washed off with a hot hot shower. Cold brew & headed into work

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<div> —  <a href=""></a> // #simplicity <br> </div><span>Simplicity is<br> keeping only the items<br> that give you joy,<br> surrounding yourself with space<br> where the tendrils of the past<br> do not take foothold in your present.</span>
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Minimalism is a fascinating genre of photography and one, which can deliver some incredible and powerful photos. This is the genre where “less is more” really shines. Throughout my years of shooting, I have found some of my best photographs are minimalist in design.

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<div> —  Henry David Thoreau, <i>Journals</i> </div><span>It is the greatest of all advantages to enjoy no advantage at all.</span>
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from ‘A Darkness at Sethanon’

“Still, few things of worth are ever simple. Or easy.”

[Raymond E. Feist]

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