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I will never understand how certain things exist. I mean, psychologically speaking I do but… we don’t need this ? Why are there wars, oppression, rape, greedy people who have a complete disregard for others’ lives, and the list is long. We live in a world where there are things such as cakes, kittens and scented candles and you’re telling me people are tearing each other apart for money instead of enjoying all these lovely treasures we’ve been given ? That’s awful. How about we do some crochet as we talk about our favourite TV shows, or do each other’s nails, or just even enjoy some cheesecake on our own with a fluffy blanket and some soft music, it’s much better and the purpose of life is moments like those.

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Originally posted by konkretegifs

Simplicity in life is super undervalued

When we have less clutter, then it shows in ourselves

We feel much lighter

We feel more clear

Need to frequently unpack everything

Getting too comfortable amongst all these packages 📦 in our lives causes discomfort

We won’t realise the cause of this discomfort is the messy package lying in our minds & homes

Unpack all this mess

Dump and reorganise

Repackage ur in a simpler format

Easy to use and keep a tab on

Repeat this process as often as we feel uneasy of our being

Simplicity is not one time process

Simplicity is life.

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if you’re a fan, great. if not, move along.

i am currently re-watching the series on nf and a line stuck out and hit me in the head like, yo! it doesn’t necessarily apply to me, per se, but it sort of does. i am not a mother of my own blood, but a step mom. or was. (what are you called when you break up (the father) and then a few months later, work on reconciling?? are you still ‘mom’ in that child’s eyes??)

“…how much of yourself are you willing to give up.”

this can (and does) apply to many things. in this case it was regarding a child. a child that was given up for adoption by an - at the time - “sophomore” in high school and given (adopted by) to a woman who gave her own daughter up for adoption 16 years prior.

 it’s a line that i would definitely ask myself should i ever decide to mother a child in some form; birth, adoption, foster care, etc. so many options out there and still so many children without homes or families. i don’t think humans really ask themselves that question because, we’re all pretty selfish in our own despicable ways and worst of all, deny it. you see, there is plenty that you should give up if you decide to birth a child and raise them as your own. no one else is going to do it for you… because, e v e r y  little step you take, e v e r y small choice you make, e v e r y out of state/city/country move you desire then follow through, e v e r y word you say WILL IMPACT YOUR CHILD’S LIFE FOREVER. don’t fool yourself into thinking that your happiness is important, because it isn’t. happiness is a choice.. and your CLEAR choice is to guide your own flesh and blood towards happiness, trust, honesty, love (of ALL kinds, not just hetero/homo/bi but FREE love), hygiene, cleanliness, organization, education.. i can go on. but i won’t. i’ve said my peace. those who read this, eat it up… it’s some good ass fuckin’ humble pie, man…………………………………………..peace.

no go piss off and be with your kid, jackass. (not intended toward any animal or human, just truth)

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