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#they are living in my head rent free bro

Daisy:I’m washing me and my clothes bitch I’m washing me and my clothes

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Mario and Peach take care of the Links and Zelda.

They have to deal with Screaming,broken pots,constant Jjba music and house fires.

It started off with Peach seeing Zelda sad so Peach immediately resorted to adoption. The Links broke into their house late at night and live there now.

Mario never wants kids again.

Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.

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every so often i remember that someone qrted a tweet i made on priv (which shouldnt be possible) calling me and my gf the best love or smth idr and and it makes me equally puzzled and amused at the same time. i could see that someone had qrted bc twitter implemented that feature but it was a priv account i couldnt see so i didnt know what they said but theres like under 30 ppl following my priv. and im too lazy to figure out who did it and soft block them but if ur reading this rn: are you an insane person. would you like to talk about it

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Divine/Patron AU that has been living in my head rent free for literal months

  • consider an au where Wilbur, Techno, and Dream are all blessed by the personifications of the 3 minecraft dimensions (overworld, nether and end respectively)
  • they arent children of these gods, they arent vessels to be possessed either
  • they are vassals instead
  • they serve their patron gods and do their bidding
  • ill say this right of the bat, these are not benevolent dieties in fact quite the opposite (we will get to that later)
  • these 3 dieties are the creators of their respective dimensions, they are the ones who spawn the mobs, generate the terrain etc etc
  • the problem is that minecraft is an infinite sandbox right? so they in turn must spend infinite amounts of their energy maintaining the existing worlds as well as creating new ones
  • its no problem cos they are gods right? but heres the catch
  • these dieties are not all powerful, they DONT have infinite energy
  • these dieties are powered by entropy, their power of creation is rooted in destruction
  • thats where the vassals come in
  • the vassals are agents of chaos and destruction (which is exactly why team chaos aka techno, wilbur and dream are the vassals)
  • they cause death and destruction because the resulting entropy is what feeds their respective Patron’s powers
  • vassals arent chosen, they arent born, instead they are created
  • they are blessed by the gods and have certain abilities but thats a whole other post so lets just continue on to my explainations on whos patron is whos.
  • Technoblade’s patron is the Nether God aka THE BLOOD GOD!!! This one is fairly obvious with the popular hc that Techno is either part or fully piglin as well as his famous catch phrase blood for the blood god. Well what place is as red and as bloody as the Nether!
  • Dream’s patron is the End God (I don’t actually have another name for the end god but ill think of something). The reason why I assigned Dream the End Diety is because as a speed runner he’s been in the end more often than a lot of people and he’s killed more ender dragons than most. Also I love the hc that Dream wears a mask because hes part enderman that way he can avoid getting aggro’d by peoples eye contact)
  • last but not the least mr Wilbur Soot’s patron is the Overworld Diety aka the Sky God (wink wink nudge nudge not so subtle reference to Wil’s sky blovk series) This is largely because of his 100 player videos where hes just a terrifying god who causes so much destruction (Funfact this entire au spawned from me trying to connect Wil’s 100 player vids to DSMP!Wilbur’s corruption arc) I think the Overworld is very fitting for Wilbur just like how the Overworld has tons of biomes, is very diversed and very varied, Wilbur is also a man of many personas (argbur, incelbur, etc), many skills and many ideas.

This au was made to provide an alternative motivation to Wil, Techno and Dream (aka team Chaos) on why they were on Chaos’ side during the war and why they wanted to blow up L'Manberg but this works outside dsmp canon too! (Also because i really really like the concept of team chaos and wanted to see more of their dynamic)

Hopefully this was coherent lol. If any of you somehow found this brainrot interesting, dont be afraid to ask me questions!! Im more than willing to provide more info!! (like seriously i would love love love to tell yall more about this au, i have a lot of pages filled with worldbuilding, plot bunnies and idea dumps)

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Gm to the crackhead who chose god over shiro

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I went to dig in the archives (aka my mom’s facebook) just for you 🙃 ok so yes, in 2017 I think, we were living in the UK and my dad had a conference sooo we went it was great I loved it ksjsjsjajs


ft. my teddy bear living his best life // a crab from an aquarium // the pastel de nata thingy // ✨ aesthetic✨

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