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British Tumblr, could you please explain your political parties for this American? I am confused. For example, I consider myself an economic moderate but a social liberal. In America, that means I still majority vote for the Democratic party (because I’m currently disgusted with even the “good” Republicans). But if I understand correctly that would still be the conservative party for the British?

I guess, who are the baddies? Which party is the British equivalent of Trump and his morons? Which party actually gives a damn about social issues and the environment?

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*This is an excerpt from Serendipity by TJ Williams (@TJWilliams95 on Wattpad). Originally posted on Wattpad. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” she steps forward hesitantly. “I’ve just seen those seagulls do some crazy things in my short time here.” Her laugh is so soft I barely hear it over the restless wind. What I do hear, however, is the lilting melody of her voice and the clarity of an accent native to London. Her voice is so familiar that I get goosebumps.

“Kaley?” I ask, incredulous.

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Rungano Nyoni is one of the most interesting young directors to watch, her film I am Not a Witch I had the pleasure of seeing at the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes - she is drawing from true stories about persecution in Africa as well as her native Zambian culture, giving a window into stories we rarely get to hear in cinema.

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And still they come….

And still they come….

Britain is still faced with the problem of illegal invaders coming across the English Channel. Those who are coming are not genuine refugees or a sort that Britain has had in the past such as from Nazi Germany, the Iron Curtain countries, Idi Amin’s Uganda or the Balkans, those were people who were and are often very grateful for Britain taking them in. Instead what we are getting are little…


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The Dig on Netflix is pretty decent, especially if anyone likes drama without any evil/bad characters nor horrific events just realistic undertones.

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Taskmaster: Series 1, Episode 1 [Melon Buffet]


We’re gonna see Romesh and Tim together: I’ve grouped them, and you’ll see why.

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Anglo-Celtic Flag

[OC] A flag for a union of/ just to represent the British and Irish Isles as an alternative to any heavily politicised Union Jack version. The white represents England and the English inhabitants of the islands who make up the majority of the population. The celtic-black represents the Celtic Nations and inhabitants stemming from Celtic culture (who make up the rest of the islands’ population). The cyan represents the sea and how they are all connected as insular nations. The knot is a Celtic symbol and represents their unity and shared connections, history and culture. 

It’s meant to be an original and un-political design for a flag, that doesn’t use any major current symbolism or incorporate already politicised flags (as the Union Jack does), but rather to just represent the people and culture that inhabit the islands - without adding so many colours and symbols that it starts to clash.

High-detail .svg version: (link must be copied and pasted - not accessible via Tumblr redirect)

Would recommend looking at it on flag pole on the following website!:

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Nordic Union Jack with the saltires of St. Andrew and St. Patrick over the cross of St. George and colours improved (made in ms paint)

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Hermione: remember that women? With the puppet?

Harry: the one that she’d slam the legs in the suit case?


Harry: or that white caravan? With Harold the Giraffe?

Hermione: To teach us the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Harry: as they pretended to drive a class full of children away…

Hermione: and noone even questioned it-


Ron, visibly confused: what…


Harry: British primary schools.

Hermione: indeed.

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£30m injection for UK’s first uncrewed fighter aircraft

£30m injection for UK’s first uncrewed fighter aircraft

The UK’s first fleet of uncrewed fighter aircraft is one step closer to reality following a £30 million contract to design and manufacture a prototype in a three-year deal supporting more than 100 jobs in Belfast.

The uncrewed combat aircraft will be designed to fly at high-speed alongside fighter jets, armed with missiles, surveillance and electronic warfare technology to provide a…


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Bloody typical that basically everywhere in britain (including my uni town) got snow except where I live smh

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